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Enduring Dreams of Submission Ch. 02

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Chapter Two

It was actually an hour and twenty minutes when the phone rang again. The other three women did the same thing. It was a statement of their independence. By disobeying just a tiny bit, they still retained some control over the situation they found themselves in when it was time to make the return call. Reina did that too, the first couple of times I told her to call me at a certain time. It’s natural. I understand it. The punishment is still the same.

“Hi. This is Karen Kelly. I thought very deeply about what you said and, if you will accept me, I want to continue with what has been started. No….. I need to continue with what I have chosen to start with you. I hhhave to continue with what I have started with you.”

Her voice was extremely shaky and quivering, and then she began to openly cry. I let her cry without any interference. The crying turned to deep sobbing moans and then slowly began to subside until she was finished.

“I’m sorry Sir. I didn’t want to do that with you on the phone. I just felt a million pounds lift up off of my shoulders and I just lost it. That is the first time I have cried in several years. I’m so embarrassed.”

“There is absolutely no need to feel embarrassed Karen Kelly. That was positive proof of your sincerity and you have my permission to cry any time you feel the need to release your emotions. Are you ready to continue now or do you need some more time?”

“Please let me continue Sir. If I stop now I may never get started again.”

“I will accept that. I think you have more inner strength that you realize. Are you ready for the questions?”

“Yes Sir. I am.”

“You have called me ‘Sir’ several times now. Why?”

“I am looking up to you as someone who might be helping me find something that I really do need to find for my life to grow any further. Saying ‘Sir’ to anyone is not natural to me. Saying it to you seems to be quite easy. Please don’t ask me to explain that because I probably can’t at the moment.”

“Do you like to masturbate?”

“I love to masturbate.”

Are you still naked?

“Yes I am.”

“Are you willing to obey whatever I tell you to do no matter what it is that you will be doing?”

“Yes I am.”

“Do you want to obey me without question or hesitation?”

“Most definitely.”

“Are you afraid of me or what I may have you do or do to you?”

“Very much so”

“Are you willing to make a commitment to participating in and experiencing the many areas of submission that I will require of you?”

“Yes I am Sir.”

“Do you need to experience total submission?”

“Yes I do. I don’t think I will ever find happiness and fulfillment until I deal with all of these desires and fantasies that have been soooo overwhelming my thoughts for the last few years. I I at least need to come face to face with them and then be able to chose what I want or need when I understand what they are.”

“Is this what you want deep down in your heart and soul?”

“Yes Sir, it is.”

“When you look out your living room window, what do you see?”

“My apartment overlooks a park across the street.”

“Hold the phone in your right hand, stand in front of the window, spread your legs wide apart, and begin masturbating your pussy with your left hand.”

This will be her first confrontation with what I call the ‘committee of 12’ that is inside if every person’s head. That voice that is always trying to tell you what is right and wrong according to its distorted version of reality. The voice that always seems to get you into more trouble then out of it. The voice that tells a sober alcoholic that one drink won’t hurt them at all and not to worry about it.

I heard an intake of her breath and, after a few seconds of silence, a long exhale of air that had the sound of “Yes Sir” in it.

“I am standing in front of my window and I am fingering my pussy.”

“Are you petrified with fear and scared out of your wits that someone you know will see you?”

“Absolutely. I’m scared to death that anyone might see me!”

“Are your nipples hard and is your pussy wet with excitement?”

“I have long nipples and they are standing up at full mast. And yes, my pussy is very very mobil porno wet at the moment.”

“Do you understand that you are doing this to please me and because I told you to do so?”

“Yes Sir. I do”

“Do you want to continue standing there for another two minutes while you finger fuck your pussy?”

“Yes Sir. I actually do want to do that. I’m surprised at myself. Really surprised.”

“I want you to stop right now. Close the curtains. Put a simple straight backed chair in the middle of the living room facing the front window. Spread your legs wide open with your ass on the front edge of the chair and put two fingers back inside of you. Do not move your fingers or your hand at all.”

“Yes Sir.” I hear her shuffling about again and then she says, “I am as you ordered Sir.”

“Lesson number one in learning submission. You obeyed me and stood in front of the window to please me. I stopped you when you told me that it was exciting you to be fingering your pussy in front of the open window. You sat on the chair and put two fingers inside of you to obey me. Obeying me is pleasing me. I told you to not move your fingers or hand because that would please you. The object of submission is not your pleasure. It is only to please me. If I were there watching you do this, it might please me to be watching you masturbate. Since I am not, your pleasure is of absolutely no consequence at this time. Do you understand what I have just told you?”

“Yes, I do understand.”

“Yes what, I do understand.”

‘Yes Sir, I do understand.

“Learning submission involves pain, punishment, humiliation, embarrassment, fear, obedience, faith, trust, love, fulfillment and commitment without question. Do you honestly accept this at this time?”

“I fully accept whatever is necessary. Whether or not I can successfully deal with everything you have mentioned will only be known by making the attempt.”

“Do you trust me?”

“I don’t know yet Sir.”

“If I told you to stand at the entrance of your local grocery store, strip naked, and masturbate for 2 minutes, would you do so?”

“If you told me to do that I would make the attempt. I don’t really know at this time if I could or not. I can tell you that I want to do that if you want me to. I’m not very confident that I would be very successful with that command. I don’t believe that you would have me do anything that would bring me harm but I don’t really know you and my trust in you has not had any time to develop. I don’t know what the future will bring.”

“That is a very good answer little one.”

“Thank you Sir.”

“If I told you right now to take a needle and pierce your left nipple, would you do it?”

“If that is what you want me to do right now, I will do it for you?”

“Karen Kelly, your answers have told me a great deal about you. I have this inner instinct that tells me that you have been honest with me and that is extremely important. You must always be honest with me. I have decided to invite you to my home for a day. Will you accept that offer?”

“I will gladly accept that offer Sir. I’m scared to death of doing that but I am also so happy that you have decided to accept me.”

“I haven’t accepted you yet Karen Kelly. I have only approved your responses during this first major step in your life. My acceptance of you will be much easier than your acceptance of all that will be required of you in the future. Reina will bring you out here on Saturday. That will give you several days to think about what you have told me and what you have chosen to do. You can call her at any time and cancel. You can call me at any time, also to cancel, or to ask me any questions you may have that come to mind in the next few days. You may call at 6:00 on any of these days to ask these questions and at no other time.”

“Thank you so much Sir. I don’t know what to say.”

“I don’t want you to say anything. Get a pen and paper and write down what I want you to do every day until Saturday and what I want you to do in preparation of your visit on that day.”

“I’ll be right back.”

She was gone about 30 seconds. I could hear her fumbling with papers near the phone and then she was back.

“I’m back. Go ahead alman porno with what you want me to do.”

“Write all of this down in full. If you fail to complete any of the first part you will not be allowed to continue. Tell me if I am speaking too fast for you. I will also email them to you. You do have an email address do you not?”

“Yes Sir. I do.”

“Here are you commands for the week and for your training, should you be accepted. Very few have been accepted in the past so again, I make no promises in your case. It will be entirely up to you and how you respond.”

You will shave your pussy immediately after this phone call ends and you will shave it as often as necessary to keep it completely smooth at all times. Hair remover may work well for you. I’ll leave that up to you. This includes any hair around your asshole too. You will also masturbate for five minutes every hour as I told you earlier for the rest of this evening.

Each night, beginning tomorrow at exactly 8:30 p.m., you will sit on a chair in the middle of your living room and masturbate with your fingers. At exactly 9:00, you will call me and ask me for permission to cum. You will stay on the phone with me until you do cum. I may not allow you to cum at all. I want to hear the sounds of your sexual pleasure but you are not to talk to me during most of this. Just before you cum you will ask again for permission to do so. After you cum, if I allow it, you will say “thank you Sir for allowing me to cum for you”. I may ask you a few questions. When I tell you we are done, you will hang up immediately. You are not to touch yourself at any other time for any reason except to bath. I will ask you. If you do you are to tell me and you will be punished at our meeting on Saturday. If you touch yourself and lie about it to me, you might just as well forget about this adventure you have asked for because you will have destroyed any possibility of finding what it is you are seeking from me. A submissive who lies is absolutely useless,

You are to remain naked at all times while in your apartment.

On Friday, you will go to your local adult store and buy a toy with which you will use to masturbate for me on Saturday. Don’t make it something common like a vibrator. Use your imagination and bring something that shows your ability to go outside of the norm.

Write down three sexual acts that you want to perform for me and one that you want to perform for Reina. The three for me will only involve you but the one for Reina can involve her in the performance if you so chose to do so. Be prepared to act out any one or all of these four performances should I chose for you to do so. This will always remain an option for my personal pleasure.

You will be dressed in a skirt and blouse and will not be wearing panties or bra when you arrive here Saturday. You are to never wear panties or bra in my presence at any time unless I have given you specific permission or instructions to do so.

The only purpose in a submissive’s life is to please her Master. That is the only thought you can have at any time. That is your objective. It will take a lot of training for you to learn that to the point where it becomes automatic. That is to be your only desire and your only need. You are to come to terms with that in some form before Saturday. Any pleasure of any kind that you will experience from this day forth will be at my discretion and at my command. You will experience pleasure only when I want you to experience pleasure and only when I have given you permission to do so.

Prepare yourself to stand in front of me and state all of your needs, desires, and fantasies and to beg me to take control of your sexuality in every way. You will be prepared to ask me to take control of your life in general. I may not require you to do this on Saturday but I will at some point in the near future so you must be prepared, no matter if or when this event should happen.

You will be asked to tell me your deepest desires and fantasies that you have never told anybody about. You will tell them to me in detail. They are to be scenarios that you have always wanted to try but have never had the courage or opportunity to participate in or perform. There alexis texas porno will be no limit on how many you describe to me but there will be a minimum of three. For each scenario that I find acceptable after the required three, you will be rewarded. I may reject one or more of your first three so be prepared for that. You must understand that there is a big difference between playing at submission and actually dealing with your most deeply guarded secrets that will no longer be secret.

Never forget, in your mind and in your heart, that I will never intentionally allow you to be harmed in any way by another person or by any personal performance that will have repercussions at a later time. Your safety is my vow to you. I will allow you pain. Pain is not harm. Harm is malicious. Pain is not. Pain is what you will become devoted to experiencing as it is one of the most powerful means of expressing your commitment and determination to please me in every way possible. Humiliation will be a common experience. Humiliation and embarrassment are the results of your concentrating on what others are seeing you perform rather than remembering that your only goal is to please me. Submission is pleasure and joy received for being allowed to perform for me and to please me through the act of giving yourself to me. This may take a while to understand. When you do, I want you to tell me instantly, no matter what you are doing at the time. It may never come at all. In this case you may be seeking domination rather than submission. Should this be the case, we will have to adjust your direction. You may not be capable of dealing with either domination or submission. That is totally acceptable. No one can force you to do anything. Never forget that. Anything and everything that you perform or experience as a submissive or as a dominated slave is done so by your choice and your desire and your need. Never forget that for that is the most vitally important aspect of your personal decision to make the call to me today. Love and trust and uninhibited joy can only be achieved through personal commitment. That’s basically true of just about everything in life.

Punishment is for failing to please me or failing in performing what is expected and required of you or failing in your submission in any way. Punishment can come in many forms from pain to humiliation to emotional turmoil. Punishment will also be taught as a means of extreme pleasure and orgasmic release. Deliberate failure of any kind will be met with punishment meant to teach you otherwise and meant to cause you severe but temporary pain as a means of reinforcing the lesson needed to be learned.

Your submission will require you to obey laws, rules, requests and commands of all types. You will do so without question. You will obey immediately. Hesitation means you are thinking rather than responding. A submissive does not think unless her Master tells her to do so. A submissive only responds to her Master at all times.

“I realize that this an awful lot to absorb at one time. I doubt that you have been able to write all of the above even though I gave it to you slowly. I will give you a copy of all 12 statements when you arrive Saturday if necessary but the email should be satisfactory in this case. You can ask me any question at that time when you are allow to do so. The first six are to be obeyed immediately. Most of the second 6 will be learned over time should I decide to accept you for further training. All will depend totally on you. There is nothing that you have to do. There is only everything that you want to do. We will be “TALKING” a great deal at first. Reina will be here to help you part of the time.”

“Will I be hearing from you each day and will I be seeing you Saturday at 12:00 noon?”

“Yes Sir, you most certainly will be hearing from me and seeing me. Thank you.”

“Do you have the first six parts written exactly as I spoke them to you?”

“Yes Sir. I can write shorthand and have all 12 word for word.”

“You are full of surprises my pet.”

“Don’t you know it!!! And I want you to know that I have already begun trusting you.”

“Would you like me to give you a nickname?”

“What nickname do you have in mind?”

“There are lots of possibilities. I will give you one when an appropriate name comes to mind. I think I will let you earn your nickname. You may even earn several”

“You are full of surprises too Sir.”

“Don’t you know it……. Now hang up the phone and begin your first command”

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