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The Diary of Jewel Delacroix Ch. 03

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Before we begin here are the usual disclaimers; this is porn, you must be over 18 to read this. If not, go away and come back when you are old enough. If you are old enough and this style of erotica isn’t to your liking, then go find some erotica that is. You’re an adult, life is short, find porn you like and read that instead, but if this is a style you enjoy, then feel free to comment and provide constructive criticism and feedback. I need to grow as an author and honest constructive criticism is always welcome.


Phoebe Mills placed the flash drive into her computer. After first making a copy to her laptop and uploading a second copy to her secure encrypted server she opened the file and began to read:

Dear Diary,

I’m not sure where to begin, so perhaps I should just begin at the beginning, or at least, the beginning that is relevant to who I became and where I am now.

My name is, or was, Jules Verne Macleod. Jules Verne because my father was a fan of the author, and MacLeod was our family surname. Or so I thought. Later I would discover that this was not the case.

But since that’s who I thought I was before this whole tragedy began, it’s still the truth as I knew it. I lived a normal life in Moose Lake Minnesota. Yes, there really is such a place as Moose Lake. It was a typical small town America and it was the only life I knew. I grew up attending public school. I participated in all the usual school activities such as football and hockey, but also swimming in the lake in the summer, and working the usual summer jobs in stores, and on farms, and even driving a truck for iron ore mines near the area. I was a good student, nearly making honor society, and I think I was well liked by my classmates.

What do I look like? People always ask that. Still, it is a good question; I was only 5’9″ when everything changed, and had actually stopped growing. I was always thin though, barely weighing 140 pounds. My love for swimming had always kept me thin and my muscles toned.

I know. You’re thinking I mentioned football. Well, in a small town, everyone is needed to fill out the team, and even though I was small, at least I was fast. I played offense as wide receiver, and defense as a tight end. Eventually I would come to hate the very thought of those position titles as they were sometimes used to humiliate me.

I also have, had, what I thought was a normal family. A sister, one year younger than me, but when growing up people actually thought we could’ve been twins. Not because she was masculine, but because I was rather…androgynous.

I, we, actually looked a lot more like our mother than our father. We even all had the same brunette color hair. After graduation I had let it grow long, down to my shoulders, during that last summer. Once, when the three of us; me, my sister and mom were walking together at the mall one of the store attendants actually confused us all for sisters. I was embarrassed of course, and my sister did tease me no end! Yeah, like I said, Androgynous.

My father on the other hand, was a man’s man. I always hoped I would grow up to be like him, and have always been secretly disappointed when I didn’t. At times I really felt that I got the short end of the stick, ending up looking more like my mom than him. He stood at 6’6″ and weighed nearly 240 or 250 pounds. No, he wasn’t fat at all, quite the opposite, he was muscular and fit. I suppose he could’ve had any woman he wanted. Many women had flirted with him, openly, even in my presence, but he only had eyes for my mother.

And then there was my younger brother. I liked to call him my little brother but physically that was far from true. He was the true fraternal twin to my sister. He was also the one who took altyazılı porno after dad. I think my brother was pretty much bigger, taller and stronger than me from the time he turned 12. Sometimes life isn’t fair, you know?

What did my dad do for a living you ask? Well, he was a financial planner, pretty much the only one in town and the only one for several of the small surrounding towns as well. He worked for himself in his own office, and I guess he was pretty good at it too. Over the years, thanks to word of mouth and plain old hard work he had built up a successful business. We never seemed to want for anything and he even bought me, my brother and my sister cars for our 16th birthdays.

Our mom never had to work if she didn’t want to, and because of that she was able to spend time in charities and school functions and raising the family. I never knew her to be sad or unhappy unless dad was off traveling for work. She’d always be worried and when I asked her why it bothered her she said it was just silly irrational fears.

So it was a normal small town life. I had plans to go to college and was spending the last summer at home, just goofing off and enjoying life, when life came crashing down around me.

It’s easy to point to the cause of it all; of our getting caught I should say. It started easily enough. It was a hot summer day and a weekend. Dad didn’t have any appointments and the weather was beautiful so we all went to the lake to go swimming. Going to the lake is actually a lot of fun. Days like this and you can run into almost all of your friends and have a great time. In fact, we were having a great time, one of the happiest days I can remember, until the accident.

I can’t remember who yelled it, but the shout “My god, she’s drowning!” from the shoreline caught everyone’s attention. I looked around and saw a small kid disappear under the water. I took off, swimming as fast as I could. Did I say I was on the swim team? Well I was. Varsity no less. I made it to where she disappeared and then dove under, looking everywhere, until I found her, a little kid about 7 or 8 maybe and grabbed onto her and hauled as fast as I could for the surface. I doubt I was under for more than a minute so I was surprised when I came up and my dad was there. Together we brought her to the shore where my little brother met us. I was totally exhausted from the effort so he and my dad both started CPR. It was only a few seconds when she sputtered and started breathing on her own again. She woke up and started crying for her mommy.


Jewel paused to flex her hand as writers’ cramp began to affect her wrist. She would have preferred to write at her personal desk in her salon but her husband had insisted she write at the side table of the library this day.

Jewel glanced over at her husband as he sat on the couch, reading the newspaper, sections and sheets strewn about as he discarded them when finished.

Jewel knew that her husband was staging a scene. She had been directed to wear only a sheer knee length tulle petticoat over her lace bra and lace panties, a sheer camisole, and a sheer white peignoir over that; all in virginal white. She had her cock tucked back and held captive by a white thong so as to preserve the illusion of a V shape and flat front of her pubis. Needless to say anyone who gave any scrutiny or more than just a passing glance at her appearance would notice the outfit provided almost no modesty.

“This is practically indecent.” Jewel had complained to Leanne earlier, as she was made to dress herself for the morning event.

Naturally Leanne dismissed her concerns.

“This is your home your grace and you may dress as you please within these walls.”

“But what about zenci porno the staff?” Jewel protested.

Leanne finished tying a large white bow around Jewels brunette hair, which she had arranged to cascade loosely down her back. The ribbon from the bow had first been wrapped flat around her neck and throat where it would serve as a choker and to keep her ponytail in place.

“What about them? They work for you. It’s not their place to judge or question you.”

Jewel gave up. She knew further complaints wouldn’t do any good. And the household staff may not judge or question but she knew the gossip would be embarrassing enough. She slipped on her white marabou kitten heel slippers over her stocking clad feet.

Stockings, Jewel thought irritatedly, always stockings; this time thigh highs with silicon bands in the lace hem so they would stay up by themselves. Jewel noted that during the mandatory mirror review she could see the hems of her stockings and her panties through the layers of tulle of the petticoat.

Jewel was then escorted by Leanne to the Library, her practiced walk and sway of her hips giving a delicate flip of the hem of her petticoat as it flared out gracefully below her hips with each step.

Her husband meanwhile was already there and as was impeccably dressed in a suit and tie, unusual for this early in the day and on a Sunday. As he read his paper he occasionally sipped hot coffee.

Jewel knew that the image her husband wanted was of a husband and wife relaxing together on an early Sunday morning. Image was important to the count and Jewel knew it was in her best interest to cooperate.

She gently massaged her hands and thoughts of her latest disciplinary session for talking back flitted across her minds eye. Jewel wanted to avoid another caning and her participation in these scenes was mandatory.

Writing would have been easier if she was allowed to type using a word processor or computer, but the ancient laws stipulated her personal diary had to be hand written on paper to receive the protections that were lawfully afforded her as a noble and as an arranged bride.

Jewel shifted in her seat slightly. She knew she needed to hold her pose as directed but her need to stretch from sitting still for so long could no longer be ignored. She had been arranged specifically to be viewed when someone entered the library. Her feet crossed at the ankles, her legs both to one side of the chair, the chair turned away from the desk slightly so she was positioned facing partially toward the door and then twisting elegantly and leaning oh so slightly to her right side against the side table in order to be able to write in her diary.

Placing her pen across her diary she flexed her legs and sat up perfectly straight. Arms reaching upward over her head to stretch out her back and neck she took a deep breath, her chest and full breasts swelling with air and then relaxing.

Jewel noticed her movement had attracted the attention of her husband. She smiled at him politely as he looked over his newspaper at her. She waited a moment to see if he would call her over as she had been trained to do, before he returned his attention to the paper. Jewel resumed her pose, grateful for the moment that he hadn’t called her over to service him or sit next to him. She had no time to spare for blow jobs or being groped, she had too much writing to do.


I couldn’t really take it all in at first. I had just reacted automatically and I had saved a drowning child! People were patting me and my dad and my brother on the back and calling us heroes. Later we were watching the TV news and even saw our pictures put up as the local reporter told the story. I remember how aldatma porno excited I was, but for some reason dad wasn’t.

The next morning he was just as somber. Our pictures were in the local paper. I was proud and excited at first but as I read the story was shocked, angry, and a bit crestfallen. The story gave my dad and little brother credit for saving the girl. There was even a photo where you saw them performing CPR and I was nowhere to be seen.

I was seriously annoyed further by my little brother as he began to tease me of how he was the one to have saved the girl.

I couldn’t understand dad’s lack of excitement over doing something so good. Instead he and mom were talking about taking a spontaneous trip with us off camping somewhere. They both agreed that we’d all leave tomorrow morning.

The police arriving at our door that night provided me the first clue that the life I thought I was living wasn’t quite as normal as I had believed. The local sheriff informed us that he had a warrant for dad’s arrest. Then they took him away.

The long and the short of it was that Dad was wanted in a foreign country for fraud and embezzling money from the Government of Allegoria. Unless he fought extradition he was going to be deported by the end of the week. You can imagine what the papers said the next day.

Through it all he stayed calm. We had the chance to visit him. It was rather emotional for all of us. Mom and my sister were crying. I guess I was in a bit of shock. I asked him “How did it happen?” He tried to answer, but eventually shrugged his shoulders and simply said “I ran afoul of some powerful people.”

Dad fought extradition but was deported. Mom immediately took charge and announced that we were all going to Allegoria to be with dad and to fight the charges in court. She said the public nature of his arrest and the friends he made here in America would guarantee that he got a public trial, and if he was able to bring the facts out in court that he stood a good chance of being acquitted.

I never thought of staying home. I had a girlfriend, but we hadn’t ever done anything other than kiss, not that I wasn’t willing to go further. College would still be there when I got back. My friends were all moving on after high school. For my brother, sister and me it seemed like an exciting and scary adventure to support our dad. After all, we knew him better than anyone. There’s no way he could be guilty of anything.


“Your Grace, your guest has arrived.” Joffrey the butler intoned blandly.

Jewel looked up from her writing. She waited for the unspoken cues from her husband directing her for what he wanted her to do.

Count Delacroix rose from his seat on the couch and shook hands with the stranger. When the count waved her over, Jewel gracefully closed her diary, rose from her seat and walked over to greet the guest. Playing the dutiful wife and countess as her husband expected.

Jewel flushed with embarrassment as the stranger looked over her appearance undoubtedly noticing the lack of modesty her attire provided. Jewel saw that he was particularly focused on her breasts barely visible by the inadequate concealment of her lace bra, camisole and peignoir. Typical man, to stare at breasts like that, Jewel thought. She was grateful when her husband dismissed her so he could conduct his business meeting with the stranger alone.

“Darling, please turn on the light on your way out and shut the door.” Her husband commanded.

Jewel wondered why he needed the light on as there was plenty of light from the windows but she knew better than to question her husband in the presence of guests.

Jewel was grateful to be dismissed, and as she retrieved her diary from the side table she held it against her chest, crossing her arms over it to provide her bosom coverage from the strangers leers. She didn’t even mind that she wasn’t told the stranger’s name during the introductions. Another of her husband’s secret meetings, she thought, uncaringly.

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