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He stood there leaning against the counter. His one leg crossed over the other. The remote held in his right hand. His lips forming into a small smile as he watched her.

There she was, completely naked, and bent over the wooden horse, which had been made specifically for her. Well more to fit her because specifically this contraption was made for him and was made for the one purpose, which he would finally get to today.

His smile broadening at that thought of what was about to occur. His cock hardening in his black pants. He has to shift it in order to ease the slight ache, which had formed only because of that specific thought. Shaking his head to clear the thought and reminding himself the main event would come later and in due time. Right now he was enjoying just standing there, watching her.

He would turn up the remote every so often. The dildo, which was embedded in her now wet cunt, would vibrate a bit faster.

During this time, her moans would increase in volume and intensity.

He would then turn it back down a notch when he knew she was nearing that peak, ensuring she wouldn’t cum, at least not yet. That also would be saved for later.

He was actually enjoying this sight. Her body bent over the horse and tethered to it. Her back arched. Small beads of sweat forming on her smooth silky skin. Her knees pulled up and bent underneath of her. This position forcing her ass up higher in the air, which gave him the full fantastic view of both her holes. Her full breasts were hanging down. They slightly swayed back and forth as her body rocked on the horse. Her nipples were hard and red. They were being pulled, stretched and extended by the clamps he had placed on them.

He knew each vibration from the dildo in her cunt made her body quiver. The clamps had increased the pressure on her already red nipples. He knew this made her even hotter, more needy, and hornier.

He knew exactly and specifically what turned her on the most, even though she would vehemently deny it all when not in this aroused needy state.

He got a sadistic joy from seeing her so helpless and at his complete mercy, at his whim even. He knew she secretly enjoyed it just as much as he did.

He reveled in the fact that she would trust him so much to allow him to put her in this position.

He let his thoughts drift to a few hours before….

He had stood in this same room. Gliding his fingers and hands over his new ‘toy’. The feel of the wood was smooth and cool to his touch. He had examined every inch of it to ensure not one area of it was course or rough. He didn’t want any splintered wood puncturing her skin.

He was just imagining her being bent over and tied to it when his doorbell rang.

He couldn’t recall a time where he had flown up the stairs that fast before.

He had flung open the door. Grabbed Betturkey her by the arm and wrenched her inside his home. He had almost knocked her off of her heels as she stumbled inside towards him.

Her eyes sought his. The reflection was a mixture of slight fear and amusement mirrored in them. Her full lips parted to speak.

He placed his index finger against them. Silencing her as he shook his head from side to side indicating she was not to speak.

She immediately fell into the role she so dearly loved to play with him. She demurely dropped her gaze from his.

He pecked her quickly on both her cheeks. Dropped a lingering kiss upon her lips and nipped her nose. His arms holding her in a safe embrace the entire time.

He lifted her chin with his one finger. Looked directly into her beautiful sparkling light blue eyes and winked at her. He swiftly grabbed her forearm and pulled her towards the basement. Stopping her at the top of the stairs. He shed her of all of her clothes. Haphazardly letting them fall to the floor in a rumpled heap.

He rimmed his lips as his eyes roamed up and down her curvaceous naked form.

She blushed a deep crimson red as his eyes inspected and explored every inch of her nakedness. Her body shivered from the cold air of the room.

He propelled her down the stairs quickly.

A remindful “Shhh” coming from him as he heard her surprised gasp.

The ‘toy’ had entered into her line of sight.

He tugged her forcefully over to it. Allowing her only a moment or two to look at it. He pulled her closer, positioned her on it, and securing her to it.

Reminding her yet again to not speak a word.

And now here they were…

He had envisioned this for such a long time. He had wanted it for even longer. Had craved and desired it so badly he could almost taste it at certain points. Of course they had discussed it, sort of; at least in a playful teasing way.

She hadn’t seemed opposed to the idea but when he had attempted the act, she had allowed him only to get so far. She would move or shift suddenly. His cock would end up someplace else, not that he minded.

But today, oh no, today there would be no shifting, no moving, and no resisting at all from her.

He was finally going to take what he wanted. Do it nice and hard like he had always desired and envisioned. He had made sure of it this time. It was a lock.

His thoughts were interrupted by her sudden squeals, which brought him back to the present moment.

During his thinking, his fingers had unconsciously turned the remote up to its highest speed.

She was now panting hard. Her skin was covered in a sheen of sweat. She was almost begging him to let her cum but couldn’t quite get the words out. The vibrations from the deeply embedded dildo were making Betturkey Giriş her moan and groan and gasp too much.

He turned off the remote. Tossed it onto the counter. Shed his trousers as he walked over to her,

He heard her soft groan of protest or was it relief? He wasn’t sure but he chuckled nonetheless.

He realized she was now exactly where he wanted her to be. She was teetering right on the edge of cumming,

She wouldn’t care how hard he fucked her or where. She’d just want to be fucked.

He knew this stage of hers and he absolutely loved it. It was at this point he could get her to do anything and everything he wanted and asked of her, with no hesitation or protests. She was in the ‘zone’.

He squats beside her. Threads his fingers through her tousled hair, which he always found to be so sexy, and brush it over her one shoulder. He then kisses her bared shoulder.

He removes the dildo from her now dripping cunt. He whispers into her ear, “Still no words at all. Make all the noises you want, but no words. Understand?”

She parts her lips to answer and then remembers to not speak. She nods her consent. Her eyes catch his briefly.

He can see the pleading in them. He smiles at her. Run his fingers across her cheek. She nuzzles against his hand His affectionate gesture letting her know she’ll get what she wants so badly at this point.

He then thinks to himself, “Just not ‘where’ you think is all,” as he chuckles again.

He moves to stand behind her. He circles his fingertips along her slick back, before raking his nails down her spine.

She softly moans as his fingers make contact with her back. She groans as he rakes his nails down her spine.

He positions his other hand under her. Sliding his fingers up and down her bare smooth very wet slick slit. He can feel the heat radiate from her drenched cunt against his palm.

She whimpers as his fingers tease along her damp soaked folds. Her body shudders in need. She clenches her hands and curls her toes.

He collects some of her hot juice, which has dripped from her cunt, onto his fingers. He slowly glides his pussy juice coated fingers up the crack of her ass and lubes her tight puckered hole.

She inhales a breath and holds it.

He watches as her entire body tenses.

He can read her thoughts at this point. He knows exactly what she’s thinking but he refuses to verbally confirm or deny it. “She’ll find out soon enough,” he thinks.

He steps in closer to her. Places his left hand flat on the small of her back. Grabs his rock hard shaft with his right hand. Positions the smooth head of his cock at her puckered hole. Pushes and presses against it. He feels her ass clench.

He quietly but yet firmly demands she relax.

She expels a few slow breaths of Betturkey Güncel Giriş air.

He seizes the exact moment of her second expelled breath and pushes the head of his dick into her ass.

He feels the tightness of her ass surround and squeeze the tip of his cock. He pushes a bit more of it into her ass. The tip encounters her rim of resistance as he sinks more of his length into her ass.

She sucks in her breath. She holds it as he rams a few more inches of his rock hard cock into her ass, shoving it roughly past her tight rim. She wants to scream. She wants to ask him “To stop. That it hurts.” She bites down hard on her bottom lip instead and closes her eyes. She feels her ass being stretched by his throbbing thick hard cock. She desperately hopes for the burning sensation to dispense.

He grips her hips and sinks the last few inches of his cock into her tight ass. The sensation of her ass muscles surrounding his cock makes him groan.

“Fuckkkkkk. So dam tight and so dam good,” he thinks.

He stays still for a few minutes. Savoring the moment of having his entire cock buried in her tight perfectly round little ass. The heat of her sopping cunt warms his heavy sacs.

He feels his cock harden and swell in her tight passage. He allows her a few moments to adjust. He knows, at least for him, it won’t be long now.

She starts to breath again.

He does a few slow short thrusts in and out of her tight ass till he can’t stand it anymore.

He digs his fingertips into the fleshy globes of her round ass and proceeds to ram his cock in and out of her tight passage. His balls slap against her sopping cunt with each thrust.

He glances down between them and can see his shaft driving in and out of her puckered hole. The sight drives him over the edge as he growls loudly. He thrusts harder and faster. He can’t even hear her screams and whimpers as he roughly fucks her ass.

All he cares about at this point is fucking her tight hole and letting his cum shoot into it.

He repositions his hands upon her ass. He pulls his cock out so just the head remains buried in her tight tunnel.

She expels a few breaths indicating sounds of relief. Her body relaxes some. She believes he is done fucking her ass.

He raises his right hand and lands a few sharp hard smacks upon her ass cheek.

She yelps with each crack.

Her flesh instantly turns pink then red as he lands a few more well placed smacks upon them.

He places his hands back upon her hips. Digs his fingers into her skin and with one final hard thrust, reburies the entire throbbing hard mass into her ass.

The squeal from her unlike anything he’s ever heard from her crashes upon his ears. His cock erupts deep in her bowels.

He leans over her and bites into her shoulder as another surge of his thick hot cum jettisons into her.

He feels her body quake and quiver. He actually hears the splash of her cum as it splatters onto the floor.

He releases her flesh from his teeth, lays his head upon her wet skin and smiles.

He knew she’d enjoy a good hard ass fucking.

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