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The Care Girls Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 – Magical nail varnish

She half heatedly expects you to refuse, any normal boy would, but you’re different and she knows you’ll do anything to stay in her company tonight. She looks at your pathetic girlish frame and how you sit like a sissy. A cruel smile spreads across her face. Like the other girls at school she rather likes ridiculing you and is amazed with the power that she held over you. She begins to wonder how useful you could be to her.

As you ponder her question she skips into the kitchen and returns with a chilled bottle of champagne and two tall glasses.

‘Where did you get that?’ you ask.

‘It’s from the Wilson’s fridge. They’ve got lots, they won’t miss this one tiny bottle.’ She ceremoniously uncorks it and pours you a glass. The bubbles go up your nose and the alcohol makes you squivvy.

‘Ok,’ you say.

‘When I’m getting ready for a special date, champagne never goes amiss. It makes me so relaxed. Getting ready is the best bit. Every girl loves spending the day in front of the mirror, adding a little shadow here or a spot of gloss there.’ she giggles. ‘It’s what being a teenage girl is all about.’

You take another sip and to your surprise you like the idea of having your nails painted. You’ve never been pampered like this before and you sit crossed legged close to Becky in front of the roaring fire. You enjoy her company and particularly appreciate the opportunity to sit so close. Hardly able to contain your excitement you study her beautiful body and inhale her gorgeously fragrant perfume. It’s a small price to pay you consider, paying no thought as to how you’re going to remove the polish later. Excitedly you watch her every move as she expertly paints her own nails.

‘I love doing this,’ she tells you. Finally she’s finished, it’s your turn and she holds your left hand gently and clips your nails with some scissors. Next she sharpens them with a diamante crystal nail file working from the outer edge in. You laugh – it tickles. Paying the sort of attention your nails have never seen before she shapes your cuticles then buffs them gently to enhance their natural shine. She then repeats the process on your other hand. You stare at them amazed at there transformation. Your fingers have magically become long, slender and feminine. Becky titters. Next she applies a high-quality basecoat. Then once dry she applies not one but two coats of pretty polish.

‘Don’t they look gorgeous?’

You agree, your nails do look fabulous and for a moment you ensest porno want to keep them like this forever. Then it happens – A strange sensation sweeps through your body and as you stare open mouthed at your new beautiful nails you feel every aspect of masculinity drain from your body. What magical property does the polish possess? What strange spell is Becky weaving? You gaze down at your pretty nails and hazily dream that tonight you’re actually a girl and that Becky is your best girl friend. This very night you’re loyal girlfriends behaving just like girls. Amazingly she seems to sense your thoughts and her attitude changes. She treats you differently, not like the nerdy homework helper that you’ve recently become or one of the hunky boy friends that she dates but as a girlfriend. You giggle nervously scared what may happen next. That said you’re still surprised when, showing no embarrassment, she straightens her strikingly long legs out on the carpet and reaches up her skirt. You cant believe your eyes and hold your breath as if swimming. Slowly she eases her silky hold-ups down her legs. Your eyes pop out of your head and your little cock tremors.

‘Excuse me,’ she says, ‘hope you don’t mind. I want to paint my toe nails now.’

You don’t mind in the slightest and she knows it, teasingly sliding her sheer nylons seductively down her slender thighs.

They rasp alluringly as she looks at the clock on the wall. ‘Its late – You really should be going now,’

You stare as if struck dumb as she majestically pulls them off her feet. Your tongue hangs from your open mouth. You feel hungry like a wolf. She smiles warmly. ‘You will get me into trouble – so if you’re still here by the time I’ve finished my toes I’ll do yours next.’

You laugh, assuming she’s kidding. She wasn’t.

‘Take off your shoes and socks or go home.’ She says in an authoritative manner as she expertly paints her last toe. ‘Remember what I said. It’s this or go.’

Do you tell her to grow up and jump her bones or do you obediently obey her, wanting to be feminised some more?

You slip your socks off and roll your trouser legs up.

‘Don’t be shy, she says. ‘It’s hot by this fire, take your trousers completely off and show me your muscular legs.’

You know your legs are not muscular. In fact they’re similar to hers. Long, slender and totally hairless. But you’re awash with excitement for what might be so you enthusiastically unclasp your belt. She smirks as you support your asyalı porno weight with one hand and raise your bottom off the luxurious carpet. You take a deep breath and cautiously pull them down over your hips. Becky’s smile broadens as she helps pull them off your legs with a swift tug. Not surprisingly her sweet smile turns to a grin as she examines your feminine legs and underwear.

‘Oh! They’re so pretty,’ she says with surprise pointing to your pastel coloured briefs and you wish you’d worn something more masculine. Again unbeknown to you she’s pleased with the commanding power she has over you and is now convinced you’d do anything for her. And she’s right.

‘Nice pins,’ she says running her perfectly manicured hands up and down your legs. ‘Do you shave or wax them.’ She feels her own. ‘Oh! compared to mine they’re so soft.’

‘I don’t do either,’ you scoff. You’re embarrassed to admit that you’re a late developer.

‘They’re very long and slender, you shouldn’t keep them under wraps.’

‘I don’t like shorts.’ You say nervously.

‘Me neither,’ she chuckles ‘I much prefer skirts. The shorter the better. If you’ve got them flaunt them, That’s what I say.’ And as if to underline the statement she seductively crosses and uncrosses her legs like Sharon Stone, flashing you a tantalising glimpse of her lacy panties. You blush and with her varnished toenails now fully dried she kneels in front of you and places a small piece of cotton wool between each of your own toes. She carefully applies the varnish to your little toenails and whoosh! the strange feminine sensation sweeps over you again like a brush. You take a deep breath, inhale the intoxicating fumes and revel in the feminine smell of the varnish. Your normally flaccid little cock twitches and strains against your briefs. You’re not familiar with the sensation and begin to panic.

Becky sees your growing pleasure. ‘Isn’t this fun?’ she says, ‘you’re just like a sister. I feel I can talk to you like no other boy I know.’

Initially you’re delighted with the compliment but then it dawns on you – she’s looking at you as if a girl not a boy. Panic spreads, what should you do, and yet you love the attention and her company even if she’s thinking of you as a sissy. But you don’t have long to contemplate your fate.

She paints your last toe and looks at you suggestively.

‘Stand up,’ she says, ‘I want to try an experiment.’

You do as she directs and are flabbergasted as she unclips gizli çekim porno her floaty skirt and with a slow steady motion unfolds it from her narrow waist as if unwrapping a special present.

You gasp and struggle to conceal your growing pleasure in your briefs. She’s a babe. And she’s stripping just for you. This is your perfect fantasy. Never before had you seen such a sight. She’s so firm, so slender. And her panties are so delicate and lacy. You feel yourself dribble. You know every boy in your school would be envious of what you see yet your cock hasn’t fully raised to the occasion.

‘Darling,’ She asks coyly, ‘I would love to see you wearing this skirt. I want to see if this has the same remarkable effect on you as my polish.’ As she holds her light weight skirt towards you your docile cock springs to attention as if woken from a life long sleep.

‘I’ve always had a crush on boys in skirts.’ She says.

You grin, your cock throbs wildly. You’re unsure if she’s telling the truth or kidding but you’ve no chance to refuse as she quickly wraps the floral skirt around your slim waist. You look dumbfounded but are unable to speak as she clips it securely behind you.

‘I’m right! It’s amazing, what a wonderful fit,’ she says. ‘It’s perfect. We must be a similar size and oh wow! You look gorgeous with a capital G. It’s so you and so flattering. It highlights your long slender legs perfectly. No wonder you dislike shorts. Go on, do me a twirl.’

In a state of shock you twist daintily round sending the skirt flying outward, exposing your thighs and briefs. The sensations not unpleasant but apprehension begins to show on your face as your reborn cock stiffens. You turn crimson as it clearly shows under the skirt. ‘

‘I, I, I can’t be seen in this,’ you stutter reaching behind for the skirts clasp. But Becky’s quick to react cupping your trembling hands in hers drawing them to her firm pouting breast.

‘Don’t, baby,’ she says firmly. ‘Leave it on. For me please. It suits you so well and…’ she smirks innocently. ‘It really turns me on.’

You gaze at her, mouth open. heart pounding as she runs her petit hands all over her sexy body. You’re helpless. Resistance is futile. She flashes her pearly white teeth again. You cringe. What a dilemma – You enjoy Becky’s company and are determined to please but even you think this is crossing the boundaries of friendship as you begin to feel decidedly kinky.

Becky knows what to do and she sucks a manicured finger coyly. ‘I’ll let you stay a little longer, darling.’

You melt. It’s tempting. You want to stay.

What do you do? Stay or leave? If you stay, keep reading and unleash your feminine feelings. if you go, stop reading loser. Keep kidding yourself and remain a frustrated nerd the rest of your life.

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