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First Time Husband Loves Wife

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It had been a long and frustrating day. Dan was tired. He hated dealing with those idiots at his job, but it brought home money. The only highlight of his day was his wife, Sara. He enjoyed coming home to her, and lately things had gotten even better for him. His wife believe it or not had come to HIM asking if they could switch their lifestyle around. She wanted to participate in BDSM, and was willing to do whatever she needed for him, what a find. He was so thankful that he had a wife like her. The fact that she was willing to give herself up to him completely was just a stroke to his ego. He really had that wife that most guys dream of having. She was smart and beautiful and sexy even if she was overweight. He loved her big fat ass, and those titties, who could not love those. Yes, there were definitely some advantages to having a big wife that was willing to do anything and everything to please her husband. Today was the day. Dan knew his wife was interested in the more sadistic side of things, but so far he hadn’t been able to really do anything except spank her. He had pissed on her once, and made her swallow it, but he hadn’t been up for doing anything else. Tonight, he was frustrated enough after everything that happened at his job that he figured it was about time to take advantage of her willingness to be his slave and guinea pig.

When Dan came home and opened the door, his wife was sitting on the couch reading some story online. She had been doing that a lot lately. Even though he had gotten her to start getting up early in the morning to make him a hot breakfast, make sure she made his lunch, have her clean the house once a week, pick up after him, do all the laundry, cook a meal for him every night, he was kind of tired of her reading these dirty stories. He was sick of her spending so much time on the computer. So, tonight he decided to do something about it.

“What are you doing bitch? Get off that computer and go fix my dinner … NOW!!”

“Dan, what is wrong with you. Don’t treat me like that; I’m almost done…..”

Dan slapped her across the face, “I don’t have time for your stupid little remarks bitch. I said I wanted you to fix dinner now. I’m hungry, and you are going to get your fat ass in that kitchen now, and fix my dinner. Later, we are going to make sure that you know who is in control, now MOVE!”

Sara wasn’t sure if Dan was really pissed or he was playing some kind of scene with her, so she decided to go ahead and do what he asked, either way, her face was already hurting, and she was hungry too. So, she went into the kitchen and started making dinner. Dan went into the bedroom and stripped off his clothes and got into the shower, thinking things were going better than he thought. Even though his wife was strong willed, she was following his desires very well. He wanted to make sure that this was a night she never forgot, and he wanted to make sure that at the end of the night she knew who was in control. In the past she had spouted off at him with that smart mouth of hers, well, now she had given him his chance to make her pay. She told him she wanted to be dominated and hurt and humiliated, he was going to do it. He’d always wanted to.

Sara was in the kitchen unsure of what was up with her husband. Was this some game of his, or was he finally following through on her desires to be a submissive. She’d been trying with all her might to do everything she could for him, but he just accepted her extra efforts and let it go. He wasn’t really taking any control over stuff. She heard the shower shut off, and she hoped that he would continue with his dominating power.

Dan walked into the kitchen dried off but still naked. He was more comfortable this way, why should he dress. When he saw what she was making, his frustration grew. They had had hamburger so many times in a row he was sick of it. He knew that was the only meat they had, but she could try and be creative. She went to culinary arts training. So, with an evil glint in his eye, he grabbed a metal spoon from the drawer. Turning on the gas burner, lighting the flame and sticking the spoon into the flame, he watched her eyes widen in speculation and slight fear of what he was doing. ‘Oh he thought, it won’t hurt… not much anyway. Turning off the burner, he turned his body towards her holding the spoon. He let a few minutes go buy, so he wouldn’t hurt her too badly, then walking slowly towards her, until she pushed up against the counter. He lifted her shirt, and put the spoon on her stomach. He was surprised how much he enjoyed her scream of pain as the heat seared her skin. He smiled, knowing this was just the beginning. “Set the table, and put the food on, and tomorrow night sex hikayeleri I expect a little more thought to go into what we have for dinner, bitch!” He walked into the dining room and gathered some candles as she set the table. He smiled a knowing smile as he lit three candles. She was in such a hurry to do as he wanted, she didn’t even realize what he was planning.

As dinner ended, Sara got up and cleared the table. Knowing that Dan was in some mood, she decided she had better make his lunch and clean up the kitchen before he got really mad. Dan went into to watch Jeopardy on the TV, knowing she was cleaning because she was wondering if he would get upset with her again. When she finished cleaning up the kitchen, Sara went into the living room and sat down gingerly, wondering what to do. Dan ignored her, watching his show while thinking of what to do to her next. The candles were still burning. Finally, at the end of his show, he turned to her, and said “Go strip off all of your clothes and step into the shower.” She did as he said without questioning, afraid, but delighted. Dan walked in after her, and decided the first course of action was to relieve his bladder. “Kneel, whore,” he said. She did. He stood up on the side of the shower and began peeing all over her hair, face, and tits, watching as the yellow liquid ran down her body. “Open your mouth, you dirty whore.” She did without question. He put his cock inside of her mouth and held her nose closed, she had no escape. She had to swallow, gagging and trying desperately to get air…..he loved it. As the flow of his urine ceased, he let go of her nose, she took in great gulping breaths, trying desperately to breathe and not puke all over. “Stand up bitch, and clean yourself off, I don’t want my piss all over me when I fuck you, ya dirty whore.” She stood up and turned on the shower, as her back was turned, she smiled a smile of pure contentment. He was treating her like shit, but she felt like his beloved princess.

Dan sat on the toilet seat watching his Sara clean off his piss. It felt great doing this, letting out the frustrations of his day on his big beautiful wife. He felt the power he had never been given surge through his body. His wife was so special, giving him this power and domination over her was something that took total trust, faith, and love.

As Sara finished cleaning up she went to turn off the shower and step out, but Dan commanded she stay put and leave the shower running. She did so willingly and with slight trepidation. He left and went into the kitchen. He came back with a funnel, the Vaseline and a butt plug. She started to get the idea that he was going to fulfill one of her deepest fantasies — a homemade enema. “Bend over bitch, and put your butt into the air facing the shower head.” Sara bent over hiding a smile of glee, knowing it would be uncomfortable was half the fun for her. Dan greased up the tip of the funnel with the Vaseline, and put some on her ass. He slowly inserted the funnel without any warm up penetration from his finger. He wanted her to experience as much pleasure pain as he could give her. She was his princess after all.

Sara stood in the shower, bent in half feeling the funnel going into her asshole. She knew it would hurt less if she relaxed, so she took a deep breath and let it out. The funnel slipped in without any problems. Dan pulled her back towards the shower spray and watched as water started landing in the funnel. He watched as it slowly disappeared into her ass. He could hear her grunts. He knew she was enjoying it, and he knew he would know when she couldn’t handle any more. Slowly, Sara started feeling the warm water seeping into her ass, and she felt her gut filling. Once she got to the point where it was very uncomfortable she started telling Dan, “Ok, that is enough. I can’t take anymore.” He just smiled, knowing he was going to fill her to breaking point whether she thought she could handle it or not. After all, wasn’t part of the point being sadistic and cruel and humiliating to her. She started squirming, uncomfortable feeling that she was going to shit herself any minute. Her ass muscles were clenching, trying to push out the intrusion into her system. Finally, he shut off the water, pulling out the funnel as quickly as possible, he inserted the butt plug, some thing she had never had inside her before. She screamed. He smiled.

“Now bitch, you know who is in charge. You can take a shit when I say you can. Dry yourself off and go lay down on your back on the bed.” As she lay on the bed, he strapped her hands and ankles down to the bed. Now, she was at his mercy. Knowing it would be even harder for her if she were blind folded; he got porno hikayeleri the blind fold and put it on her. Some like to gag their submissive, but he didn’t. He wanted to hear of scream of pain that she had in her, so he left her mouth free of any gag. Sara tensed, not sure what to expect, but hoping that she would enjoy whatever was planned. She knew that all she had to do was say the word and he would stop, but she was enjoying every moment of her husband’s newly found power trip.

He pushed on her full stomach, making her grunt and moan, knowing she was full of that warm water. He pushed a little harder. She felt the pain throughout her body. It felt as if she had diarrhea and she better head for the bathroom, but she couldn’t she was tied down to the bed, and the butt plug was plugging her asshole. He left the room brought in one of the candles. He blew it out. She could smell the smoke coming off of the candle, and she had an idea of what he was going to use on her next. Dan stood there contemplating where to pour the wax. He didn’t want to damage anything, and he wanted her to be able to heal without a lot of people taking notice of burn scars. Looking over her beautiful body, he smiled. The thighs, he thought, would be the perfect place. So slowly he moved the candle over her right thigh and tipped it. He watched in fascination as the wax dripped onto her big milky white thigh. She screamed a scream full of pain. He knew she was enjoying it, if she wasn’t she would have already used the safe word. ‘Oh fuck,’ he thought, ‘this is so hot. I love having this control, and marking her, knowing she bears the mark of her master.’ He never realized that he would get this much pleasure out of hurting his princess, but he realized his cock was standing straight up hard as could be. ‘Oh yes,’ he thought, ‘this was a new beginning to their new life. Now that I know I can do it and enjoy it, I want to do it more.’

As Dan reveled in his new found power and elation, Sara lay on the bed feeling the wax burn then harden. He was doing it. He was fulfilling her darkest desires, and if she didn’t know any better, he was enjoying it too. She laid on the bed her gut full and uncomfortable making her squirm, a burn on her stomach from the spoon and now wax burns on her thigh. What was he going to do next, she wondered?

Slowly, Dan walked around the bed admiring his sacrifice. She might be his wife, but she had sacrificed her will and life into his hands, what a rush. He decided to spank her. He knew how much she craved that. So, he put himself in a good position, and brought his hand down on her left tit, she jumped yelping. “That is not the response I want, slut,” Dan said. “I want you to count the slaps and then thank me for allowing you this pleasure. If you loose count or forget to count or thank me, there will be more pain for you.”

“Yes, my lord,” Sara meekly responded.

“Since that was a practice swing, counting starts now, and remember to thank me, bitch.” Dan brought his hand down again on her tit, “One, thank you for this pleasure my lord,” was her dutiful reply. Dan grinned; he was on top of the world. She was his. He slapped her again, only this time on her full gut. “Ugh, two, thank you for this pleasure my lord.” Over and over he slapped her on both of her tits, and her stomach even her thighs. Her body was a nice rosy red by the time he stopped smacking her with his hand.

Sara breathed a sigh of relief thinking it was over, so she was unprepared for what came next. Smack, down came the hard wooden paddle, right on her pierced nipple. “AAAHhhh,” Sara screamed. She forgot to count and thank him. “You bitch, you forgot to thank me, now, you will have to pay with even more pain.” He left her lying on the bed as he rummaged through his toy bin. There they were, the nipple clamps. He brought out the purple nipple clamps that were like small clothes pins with feathers attached to the ends. He knew she wouldn’t be expecting this. He put them on her nipples at the same time, and she gasped in surprise realizing what was happening. He had not used these on her since her nipple had been pierced, god, it hurt. She was begging then. “Please, Please, I can’t take it on my piercing. It is too much.”

Dan wanting to make sure that she was ok said, “You know the word slut. If you can’t handle it and need relief you must say the word to end the play tonight.”

Sara didn’t want the play to end. She wanted it to continue, but she didn’t know if she could take this earth shattering pain in her nipple. Knowing that this was the first time her husband had been able to let loose and really enjoy this side of humiliation, she decided to not say anything. As she seks hikayeleri was thinking this through, Dan left the room. He went into the kitchen and rummaged around for a bit, giving her time. When he came back, he asked, “Are you ready to continue now, my pet? Or are we finished for the evening.”

“Please, continue my lord,” was her meek reply.

“As you wish, my pet,” and then he put an ice cube on each distended nipple. Sara arched off the bed as much as she could being tied down, and gasped in pure pleasure pain. Dan just continued to let the ice melt over each nipple, and he even put an ice cube up her pussy, helping to control her growing heat. She was writhing on the bed, obviously in pain, but she didn’t say the word. So, after the ice cubes had melted, he picked up the paddle once again and said, “Remember my pet, you must count and thank me for each stroke.” “Yes, my lord.”

Dan, hearing her reply, brought the paddle up into the air and back down on her pierced clamped nipple and heard her scream echo throughout the room. She very quietly and humbly said, “One, thank you for this pleasure, my lord,” all the while gasping for air. Dan didn’t want her to be in too much pain, so he moved on to her other nipple, full belly, and her thighs. Once he was satisfied with the twenty smacks of the paddle, he picked up the belt. He brought it down across her tits, causing a burning sensation on Sara’s chest. The bitch still didn’t say the word. So, he continued belting her for twenty-five strokes moving up and down her body leaving welts and even rosier than was there before.

Sara was feeling several different sensations. Her pussy had felt the aching cold when her master had shoved the piece of ice into it. She wanted to push it out, but she feared the punishment would be much worse. Her nipples although mostly numb could still feel every aching blow master delivered. Their heightened awareness caused by the clamps and the ice. Her belly was still full with the water and the outside felt like it was on fire. Her thighs burned with the wax and the redness from a thorough spanking. He was doing a fabulous job she thought, especially for his first time. She was in heaven. He loved her. He was giving her the things no one else ever could, and she knew that in being his submissive wife, she was giving him every ounce of her soul.

Dan realized that he no longer wished to cause pain. He knew her pleasure was high, and his was also. Wanting to feel her moist mouth, he straddled her face, taking off the nipple clamps as he did. The blood flow back to her nipples was a pain in and of itself. She gasped, knowing that he was proud of her performance thus far. As she took in a gulp of air, he shoved his cock down her throat. She had long been accustomed to taking his entire length inside of her. It was after all, a common practice, as his favorite thing for her to do was blow him. He held her head on either side and used his legs to push in and pull out of her wet, hot mouth. He loved that she took all of him. It was a sensation like none other. When he felt that he was about to cum, he pulled out, causing her to whimper. “Hold on my princess, we are not done. I wish to put my seed deep into your cunt.” Dan got off the bed and untied her ankles. He knew it would be a better and more thorough fucking if he could bend her legs.

He climbed on, mounting his twat with gusto, shoving in with one forceful thrust. She was wet and hot and ready. He loved the feeling of her cunt walls wrapped around his thick cock. He loved knowing he filled her completely. She had one of those cunts that came all over when she had an orgasm. He was one of the lucky ones. She would cum with gusto shooting out her liquid all over his cock. He mounted her with more gusto thinking about her cumming. Today would be a day where he would get her to give the white cream ejaculate from her clit. He loved knowing she had so much pleasure she shot out white cream.

Sara was in heaven. He had finally put his weight on her, thrusting into her with his hard cock. She knew that she was close, but she loved to cum at the same time as her master. She knew that was the way he would want it. His thrusting became faster and harder. He was riding her now. He was making sure she knew he was in control, riding her as if she was his animal, to fuck any time he chose. With that thought her master said, “I’m cumming slut, you better cum too,” and with that Sara started cumming all over her master’s pistoning cock. He filled her with his seed, knowing she could get pregnant, wanting it. Someday, he wanted a milk cow for his own personal pleasure.

Dan slowly got off of Sara, knowing she was sore, but proud of his abilities to perform as well as her performance. He untied her wrists, and shifted her on the bed so he could lie next to her. He pulled her into his waiting arms, putting her head on his chest. “I love you, Sara, my princess,” and they both fell asleep.

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