Magikal Goods

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“Hello? Anyone here?”

Sam closed the door behind him, and gazed around the labyrinth of shelves for the owner. For the last twelve years, Magikal Goods was run by a man named Karlus. He was a loner, not talking much outside of making a deal. But lately, he’d been even more reserved. People would walk in wanting to haggle, and he’s just aggressively point to the price on the item until they’d either pay it, or walk out. Truth be told, Sam would have liked to avoid the shop all together in the future. But he needed Emberwood for a healing potion, and this was the only alchemical shop in town.

He made his way through the dusty shelves and racks of ingredients, searching for what he needed. Truth be told, it didn’t look like fresh product had been put out in weeks. Maybe months. Half the shelves were bare; the others had pieces in varying degrees of neglect or decay. Maybe he’d finally kicked the bucket. Sam took a few hesitant steps forward and ran the counter bell.

“Go away.” Came a voice from the back room. It was separated from the rest of the store by a frayed, discoloured curtain. Surprisingly, the voice was female. Sam didn’t know Karlus was married.

“Uhh, sorry. But I need an ingredient for a potion. Could you help me?”

“Not now,” the voice returned, “Come back tomorrow.”

“I’m sorry,” Sam slowly made his way around to the other side of the counter. He stopped just by the edge of the curtain, “But I need Emberwood today. The cows at my farms are very sick.”

“Don’t come in here!” The voice shrieked. “Very delicate experiments going on. Do not interfere.” It was then that Sam heard another voice. It was whimpering, as if in pain. Sam couldn’t take this charade anymore. He burst through the curtain.

What he saw, he was not prepared for.

A man stood bolt upright, completely naked and shivering. His cock, painfully erect, was dwarfed by the enormous pair of testicles than hung from him pendulously. The melon-sized endowments churned, and his face scrunched up as a fountain of cum poured forth into a large cauldron of some kind. Superficially, he resembled Karlus. But the shop proprietor was many years older than the young man who stood before him. And nobody in the village had mentioned such a strange medical condition.

The cauldron itself was being swirled by a woman of pale red skin. Small, diminutive wings hung from her back, and her exposed bare chest was pierced in several places. A tail with a spaded head curled around her legs like a serpent, ready to strike. She turned to look at Sam, while her other hand reached towards Karlus. Her fingers danced, and pink light flew from her grasp to the other man. His orgasm redoubled, pouring litres of thick, white cum into the pot.

“A demon!” Sam cried, recognising her description from the many tales his elders had told him from the holy books. They were creatures of incredible power, sworn to corrupt the world of men with their schemes and fel magic. He had to warn people, warn the whole town about this!

But as he turned to run, his legs wouldn’t budge.

“You’re not going anywhere, my little nosy friend.” The demoness said, her voice sultry and low. Sam struggled and pulled, but it’s as if his legs were glued to the spot.

“W-what do you want from me, you fiend?!”

The demon laughed, then chanted a few cursed words and snapped her fingers. A purple vortex of energy flared to life in behind her, hanging in the air like a wound in the fabric of space.

“Well, I wanted you to not come back here and see my evil plan, for starters. But since that’s not an option, I guess I want you to come with me.”

She motioned with her finger to follow, and his legs started moving again on their own. They pulled him towards the tear. He squeezed his eyes shut, and felt his skin tingle and buzz for a moment. He opened one eye.

They were no longer in the magic shop. They were in some kind of vast manor house, with many halls leading in different directions, and a grand central staircase that lead up to a balcony of sorts. Light filtered in from stain-glass windows, like the kind you’d find in a church. But instead of holy figures and scenes from history, the glass portrayed disgusting acts of carnal lust. He quickly looked away, lest he get corrupted.

On the walls were beautiful landscapes of places he’d only heard about in passing. Beaches, prairies, ice-covered tundra and wind-swept desert. The floor was covered in the furs of animals long since considered extinct, or close to it. As he marveled Avrupalı porno at the opulence of it all, the demon glided up a short incline to a gaudy, jewel-encrusted throne. “Well, what do you think?

“This place here is my dimensional abode,” she continued, “Separate from your plane, it’s home to my many projects and trophies.”

Sam couldn’t help but quake in fear. “You’ve come to take over the town, haven’t you dark one?”

“Well you’re a smart lad. Yes, as a matter of fact, I have. And it’s Lexa, by the way. Dark One is so formal.” She smiled and winked, but when she saw that Sam wasn’t in a joking mood, she sighed and continued her explanation, “Your friend Karlus the shopkeep tried to trap me, using my power as a source of magical fuel for his experiments. But it backfired, and I got all his power instead. I was kind to him, considering what a transgression he made. Mostly because I need his jizz. The cum from a Summoner is one of the critical ingredients I need to make my Thralling Broth.”

“You’re making a soup out of his…his-” Sam’s face flushed, his religious upbringing preventing him from uttering the right word.

“Not really. It’s a mind control stew, more like it. I’m going to pour it into the town’s water supply. Soon, everyone who drinks from it will be my mindless slave.”

Sam was shocked. “Somebody will stop you…I don’t know who. The mayor maybe…or the city guards!”

She nodded and slid off her throne. “I was kind of hoping you’d say that. Follow me, I have a few things to show you.”

The demon strutted down one of the long corridors that led off from the main foyer. Feeling control back in his limbs, he reluctantly followed behind her. He was nervous, but he didn’t wish to be controlled again like he was in the shop.

They walked into a small parlour. Long, comfortable couches sat next to a series of bookshelves. From out of nowhere scampered a man on all fours. He was completely naked, save for a little spiked collar around his neck.

“This here’s Mikey, your former mayor.” She pointed at a thin-waisted waif of a man, who crawled towards Lexa. His tongue hung from his mouth as he panted, like a dog. As he moved, Sam watched him leave a trail of clear liquid in his wake. “I moved all the nerves in his penis to his tongue, and made him act like a dog. Every single breath is like someone is licking the tip of his cock. He pants like that to keep the sensation down, but it doesn’t help. Not really. He’s constantly aroused, leaving a trail of pre-cum from his limp dick wherever he goes.” She pet the man’s head, and he moved to lick her pussy. But she shooed him off, spanking his ass as he sped away, leaving an extra-large puddle of pre in his wake.

“Mayor Michael Fitzgerald? But I heard he disappeared!”

“Indeed he did. Right into my bedroom. Oh, he’s such a wonderful pussy-eater. I let him go for hours. The problem is when his flaccid dick drips on the bedsheets, but I make him lick that up too. The only way he can have a real orgasm now is if I pound his ass with a dildo to reach his prostate. It’s been about two months since I did that, though. Two months without a proper orgasm. Can you imagine? I certainly can’t.”

“But the mayor was over 60! That man couldn’t have been older than 19!”

“Another alteration. The same one I performed on the humble shopkeep, you’ll remember. Everything’s so much more fun when they’re young and nubile, don’t you think?”

They continued, walking past the parlour to a large kitchen. A huge banquet table sat with table settings prepared. Off to the side, several glass cases held an assortment of cutlery and silverware for any occasion. In between these cabinets was a very sad looking man.

He was roped to some kind of upended table. His arms and legs were tied up tight, spread wide. He wore a mail shirt and breeches, but with the crotch portion cut out. There sat the smallest penis Sam had ever seen. Barely two inches long, the little pecker almost made him laugh, if not for the defeated grimace on the man who owned it.

“And your captain of the guard. Tybalt, was it?” She asked the man, fingering the ropes around his arms.

“Let me go, you demonic harlot! I’ll swear by the gods, I’ll…” The guard said, his bluster coming to an abrupt end.

“You’re in no position to make demands. You see, Sam, this here’s my own, personal cum-pump. Now, I’m a touch thirsty. Would you mind getting hard, Tybalt dear?” She smiled and pulled a glass from the display. Amazingly, Video porno the captain’s penis quickly engorged and stood erect. Erect as it would get, at least.

“He was so full of moxie and strength when he found out about my little operation. But even he couldn’t resist my power. It only took a few spells to turn his huge, virile manhood into a malfunctioning, premature-shooting cocklet. When he started cumming before he even stuck his dick inside me, that’s when we began our little wager.”

She lightly tapped the guard’s flared head, and he let out a bestial grunt. “Now, you know the deal. If you don’t come within 30 seconds, I’ll free you! I’ll even give you back some of your precious dick. And if you do, well, let’s not think about that. Now start counting. Because here we go.” She started stroking him, and immediately he started moaning like a village whore. It took only about a dozen quick, little pumps before his dick started squirting. The guard hung his head in shame as he emptied his balls into Lexa’s waiting glass.

She cooed gently as she milked him. “That’s it. Let it all out. Good boy! That took even less time than before. Could it be that you’re actually getting more pathetic with each session?”

As the glass quickly filled, Tybalt spoke again. “It’s your magic. You made me like this.”

“No sweetie. You did. You know the rules!” As she took a sip of cum, her fingers danced a pattern in the air. The guard moaned again, this time a deep, depressing wail. His dick, already small, began to shrink back into himself. He lost nearly an inch before it stopped, leaving him with little more than a head and a little shaft, almost an inch long all told.

“There we go. See? That wasn’t so bad. You don’t have much cock left, though. Maybe I’ll reduce the width next time. Give you a nice, cute little clitty that cums from just thinking of my pussy. Won’t that be great?”

The captain murmured into his chest.

The demon raised her hands once more. “I said, won’t that be GREAT.” Her voice dripped with malice.

“Y-yes,” Tybalt stuttered, “I would l-love a girlish little clitty that spurts whenever you want it to. I am yours.”

Lexa harrumphed, but she put her hand back down and took another long pull from the glass. “This one’ll be mourning his lost manhood for a while. Let’s keep moving.”

They climbed a staircase, and walked past a dozen different doors. Proud labels etched in their wood declared their purpose. Toy Room, Whip Room, and a room calling itself The Game Room. Sam had no desire to learn what a demon like Lexa does for fun.

“Here is my bedroom. I’ve spent a lot of time in there, let me assure you. The last person I want to show you is quite special. Gini, could you come out here?”

A statuesque girl not much older than Sam strolled out from a room opposite the demon’s bedroom. She wore a plaid skirt, a tiny shirt, and no bra. Her huge tits were barely contained by the fabric, and they visibly bounced as she walked.

“What is it, mistress? Another filthy man who needs to understand your rules?”

Lexa nodded. “Just so. If you could make him spurt and swallow his load, I bet he’d see the error of his ways.”

Gini licked her lips. “That I can do. Just relax, interloper. Your cock is no match for my wet, velvety tongue. It’s undefeated in sexual combat.”

She pulled down his trousers and without any ceremony, gobbled up his dick. He quickly hardened, unable to resist her utterly divine mouth. All he could do was run his fingers through her hair as she bobbed up and down, quickly bringing him close to orgasm.

“I bet you’ll never guess who this was.” She drained the rest of her glass and set it on a small lampstand beside her.

“W-who was-” He managed, the sucking sounds Gini made making him lose even more control.

“Oh nobody. Just the Archbiship of Caldebra Province, Father Giovann.”

Sam’s eyes went wide, but Gini chose that exact moment to suck on his tip with all her might. He couldn’t hold back, even if he wanted to. His cock spasmed, and every single drop of cum he shot landed right in the grateful, victorious mouth of Gini. She slurped it all down.

“That’s a good girl Gini. You show him who runs this town.”

“I did a good job, right? Can I…Can I?” The cumslut asked, desperation in her voice.

Lexa smirked, and mussed the slutty girl’s hair up with her hand. The demon woman leaned in close, right up to her ear, and breathed a single word.


Gini moaned lewdly, her fingers fanning her clit through her skirt. She lifted it to get more contact, and Sam watched with strange arousal as the woman who had just sucked him off squirted in her own orgasm. A sticky, clear liquid shot from her pussy to the ground, quickly forming a pool at her knees. Her slit spasmed around her rubbing fingers as she lost all control, falling onto her back in the puddle as the waves of pleasure rode over her.

“I never knew girls could do that.” Sam said innocently. Lexa laughed.

“Neither did he, until I made her like this. She’ll be down for a while yet. Almost through with the tour.”

As they walked, Sam realized they were approaching the main foyer again. He needed to know his fate, no matter how grisly.

“Why are you showing me these…horrors?” Sam said, his mind lingering on ‘wonders’ a little too long for his liking.

“Think of them like warnings. Each one of those men displeased me in some way. So I made them my puppets, my playthings. You, on the other hand, just walked through a curtain at the wrong time. I can’t really fault you for that.”

“So you’ll let me go?”

“Oh I didn’t say that. Y’see, with Karlus needed for my alchemical needs, I’m going to need someone to run the front of the shop. Someone to tidy it up, put out product, and accept deliveries. Magikal Goods needs to look like a proper store, if I’m going to use it as cover for my magical misdeeds. And that’s where you come in.”

“Me? But I have a-“

“A farm, yes, I know. Let your family deal with that. From now on, you are no longer Sam of Grove’s Keep. Now you’ll be…” She trailed off as her hands moved. Sam felt his body light up, and all of a sudden the world got smaller. No, he was shrinking! His hair got longer too, and his masculine figure slowly turned into the desirable curves of a young woman. Two small mounds, perfect and firm, pushed out from his chest. But as he plunged his hand into his now loose trousers, he still found his cock. Smaller, and hairless, but still very much present. He breathed a sigh of relief, and giggled at his new high pitched voice.

“Yeah, I’m letting you keep that. For now. Displease me, and you’ll have a bottomless pussy just like the slutty nympho back there. Your name is now…Faera. You’ll manage the store for me. If anyone asks, say you’re Karlus’ niece. You look the part, anyways.”

“Please, anything!” Sam, now Faera, pleaded. “Just don’t hurt me!”

“Oh relax, I’m not going to kill you. In fact, I think you’ll grow to like this part.” Her hands moved again, and Faera looked down. Her old clothes disintegrated in a shower of pink sparks, and something else appeared. A strange mass had formed around her pelvis, encapsulating her member and her now bulging rear. The mass coalesced into a pair of panties, ebony black, made of some kind of elastic material. “These are my own design. They’re alive, and partially intelligent. Go ahead, think about cleaning the store.”

Faera obeyed. She pictured herself sweeping the dust off the floor. Immediately, the garment began to vibrate.

“Oh!” She cooed, caught off guard by how great it felt.

“See? It feels even better when you actually do it. These panties will keep you busy cleaning, stocking, and sorting. And guess what happens when you make a sale?”

The stockgirl gasped. It felt like there was a mouth inside the panties, sucking her off! It didn’t take long before she came, her cum sucked up into the underwear without a trace.

“Those panties will stay on for the foreseeable future. Feel free to, ehm, relieve yourself while wearing them. They devour excrement for fuel. Be warned though, they may try to make your muscles atrophy, and force you lose control of your bladder altogether. It may feel good for a while to helplessly leak into your panties, but potty training is a bitch the second time around.”

She nodded to her new boss, still confused by this whole emotional rollercoaster. But she smiled as her panties disappeared under a cute little blouse and skirt combination. She imagined all the things that needed fixing in the shop, and couldn’t help but squirm as Lexa led her back to the portal and her new life.


Benj strolled into brightly lit store. He marvelled at how full the shelves were, practically overloaded with all manner of ingredients for incantations and alchemy. Completely lost as to where to begin, he walked over to the teller at the back. A fairly attractive girl, but with a curious look of detached bliss on her face. Benj thought he heard a gentle hissing noise, but it stopped when he but his hand on the counter’s bell.

“Oh, hello!” The girl said, blushing. “Sorry, I was miles away. Welcome to Magikal Goods. How can I help you?”

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