Last Night was Crazy, Thanks

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Sarah and Matt were driving to Vancouver for the weekend. She drove as Matt slept in the passenger seat beside her. It was a Friday night, and they got stuck in a little traffic as they drove north out of Seattle.

Sarah, bored, glanced at Matt and noticed a tent forming in his shorts. She reached her hand up inside his shorts and squeezed his cock, feeling the heat of it as it started to throb. She started to stroke him slowly, running her thumb over his head as she ran her hand up and down his shaft. She waded through stop and go, sneaking glances at him as he stirred softly in his sleep.

After stroking him for about half an hour, Matt groaned gently and came all over her hand. The huge load caught her completely off guard, and she got off at the next exit to clean him up with some napkins. He was still asleep and she licked the last bit of cum off of his cock before getting out to stretch her legs. As she stood up, she realized how wet that made her.

Sarah got back in the car with a cup of coffee as Matt was just waking up. She leaned in and kissed him deeply. “Good morning, sleepy head.”

Matt looked around, confused. “Why are we stopped?” he asked, gently stoking his own cock.

“I wanted to get some coffee, and I had to clean you up.”

“What? Wait, did I have a wet dream?”

“You came in your sleep, but I did help you out a little bit. What were you dreaming about?”

Matt groaned and stretched. “Well thank you, but let me think for a minute.”

Sarah started the car and they start rolling to the highway. Matt was quiet for a moment and then the dream hit him. He smiled a wicked smile as he leaned toward Sarah, slipping his fingers under her skirt. As he touched her clit, he realized how much she enjoyed getting him off. He whispers his dream into her ear.

“I was sitting in an unfamiliar room in a chair facing a bed. There was nothing tying me down, but I couldn’t move at all. You were sitting on the bed in front of me with a young guy standing in front of you with a huge hard on. You pulled him close to your face by the waist band. You watched me while you removed his shorts to reveal his short, fat cock. It was so thick that when you gripped it there was at least an inch separating your fingers. You stroked it and you two smiled at each other. You knew he wouldn’t last long and you wanted him buried in your pussy. I was still motionless, all I could do was watch. This guy was obviously a virgin as he clumsily played with your tits and pussy. You reveled in his eagerness, I could see the desire turning you on. You pushed him flat on the bed and licked him from his balls to the tip of his cock. You hovered over his dick and looked back at me as you lowered yourself onto his thick cock. You groaned with deep satisfaction. That’s when I came, and that’s the last thing I remember from it.”

In the car, Matt was rubbing Sarah furiously. She bit her lip as the car swerved gently. She was so close, but begged him to stop. “We’re gonna crash,” she said as she tried to pull his hands away. The effort was wasted as Matt continued, ignoring her please.

“Then pull over,” Matt instructed. They passed a sign that indicated that the next exit was a mile away. Sarah agreed to stop.

They stopped just off the exit and Sarah turned off the car. They both jumped out and met at the front of the car. Without saying a word he dropped to his knees and unbuttoned her jeans. Instantly, Sarah’s jeans and panties were around her ankles and she was pressed to the hood of the car. She could feel the heat of the engine all over her as she felt his tongue slip inside of her. As fast as she was stripped and pushed against the car, his cock was inside of her. It took no more than five strokes before she was cumming. As her body and mind finished spasming she heard the honk of a horn and a bunch of young men jeering. Apparently they enjoyed the show. She pulled her pants up quickly and Matt and Sarah rushed back into the car and sped back to the highway.

They made quiet conversation for the rest of the way up. At one point Matt mentioned that every one of those guys was going to go home and jerk-off thinking about fucking Sarah like that. The idea got into the back of Sarah’s head but she tried to pass the whole thing off as no big deal, even though it was secretly turning her on.

They arrived in Vancouver and went straight to the hotel. They barely made it to the elevator before Matt was all over her. As she tried to open the door to the room he was behind her, grinding into her while his Anadolu Yakası Sınırsız Escort hands grabbed at her breasts and he kissed the back of her neck.

They fell into the room and he was on top of her before the door was closed. He worked her up and down. His hands were all over her, touching her everywhere. Almost instantly, she was naked and they rolled on the floor together. His cock pressed on her clit. She was so wet her juices soaked his cock before he even entered her. One moment his mouth was smashed against hers, his tongue tickling her lips. The next moment he was grinding his fingers in and out of her while he nibbled on her neck. He continued for ten minutes, constantly changing the way he pleasured her. He did everything from licking her slowly from her toes to her clit, teased her nipples, sucked on her earlobes, and flipped her over to rub his cock against her asshole. He slid his cock down, poised to enter her, then stopped and told her he was going to take a shower.

She was laid on the floor, naked and abruptly abandoned. She decided to use her charms to get laid, rather than wait for all of the things he had promised to do to her “later.” She entered the bathroom and bent forward over the sink, facing the mirror and giving him an amazing view of her ass and pussy. She began to finger herself slowly, gently rubbing the area around her slit before penetrating herself with her middle finger and slowly extracting it. She made eye contact in the mirror as she sucked the juices from her finger.

“You can do that all you want, but I’m not fucking you until later.”

She continued and he noticed her checking to see if he was watching or not. He was, of course, but he was doing so nonchalantly and showing little interest. This only fueled her fire and she started to do it more quickly and audibly.

“Would you stop moaning and shower, we have reservations in half an hour.”

“Just a quickie,” she begged, wiggling her ass enticingly.

“I said later.” He laughed, knowing how bad she wanted it and how much she was going to enjoy it later. Defeated, she gave up and got in the shower. He washed her off and teased her a little, and she quickly grabbed his cock, hoping it was a sign that he had changed his mind. He shook his head and rinsed off.

“Tonight is going to be a lot of fun,” he said as he dried off and left the room. Frustrated and annoyed, she stayed in the shower for another thirty minutes, until Matt started yelling to hurry because they were going to be late.

“Just call them and tell them we’ll be there in twenty minutes, they’ll hold the reservation, she said as she emerged from the bathroom.

Matt’s jaw dropped. Sarah looked stunning in a black lace garter, with lacey black briefs and a bustier that lifted her C-cup tits just right. He was speechless.

“I just have to put my dress and shoes on, then we’ll go.” Sarah watched Matt as she grabbed her shoes, noticing the growing erection in his pants. Now that he wanted her, the tables had turned and she enjoyed the power swing.

She allowed Matt to run his hands up her back for a few seconds before echoing his earlier sentiments and saying, “You can do that all you want but I’m not fucking you until later.”

They head to the elevator, Sarah wearing a sexy black dress with a plunging neckline and a devastating slit up the to her thigh, and Matt wearing a suit, complete with painful erection. They hailed a cab and, the whole way to the restaurant, Matt ran his hands up and down Sarah’s thighs while she stared out the window and pretended not to notice., secretly loving his puppy-like desperation and obvious desire for her.

Dinner was fun and romantic, and they each enjoyed a few glasses of wine. They were both tipsy and getting handsy under the table, enjoying a few private gropes as the check came. Matt paid and Sarah whispered that she wanted to dance a little and have another drink before they locked themselves away for the rest of the weekend. Matt agreed, but only because he was enjoying the agony of being forced to wait.

They went next door to a dance club. The place was packed with people, dancing and grinding on each other to the pulsating beat. They went to the bar and Matt ordered a round, but before the drinks arrived, the bartender brought a drink for Sarah, sent from a quiet looking guy across the bar who looked barely 21. Sarah smiled and waved at him, then glanced at Matt to see his surprise.

Their drinks came and she grabbed both of hers and Anadolu Yakası Suriyeli Escort sauntered down the bar to talk to you young admirer, making sure that Matt was watching the whole thing. Matt, suddenly thrown into a weird place devoid of his usual self-assurance, hung back and watched as the guy flirted and she tried to hide her ring. He slammed his drink and set it down.

Deciding he had had enough, Matt started to head over to her but lost her in the crowd. Now he was concerned, thinking he should have given it to her when he had the chance. He wondered where they went, and how this not-so-smooth looking guy had disappeared with his wife. Matt squeezed his way to the balcony and spotted her in that sexy dress. The young guy was all over her, and she was grinding into him in such an overtly sexual manner, it drove Matt nuts. He could see her scanning the crowd.

Matt watched for a few minutes, until he was insane with rage and ready to tear this guy limb from limb. Sarah, however, spotted him and saw the look in his eyes. She stared for just a second and then turned her head toward his. She ran her hand up his back, his neck, and into his hair. She whispered into his ear and kissed his neck. She ran her hands down his front, grabbed his hand, and left the dance floor.

Matt started moving immediately, hoping to cut them off, and caught up to them in a quiet booth. The young man was on her left and Matt sat on Sarah’s right. Sarah introduced them, and an awkward silence followed. Matt stared at her, confused, and Sarah leaned over to him. “I want you both tonight,” she whispered.

The new guy was exceedingly quiet, a bit shit, intelligent, and clearly inexperienced with women. Matt was shocked. The three of them made small talk, Matt and Sarah barely touched as the other guy possessively ran his hand up and down Sarah’s back, rubbed her thighs, and whispered in her ear.

After a few minutes of personal backgrounds and job talk, Matt went to the bar for another round. When he came back, Sarah smiled at Matt as the young guy squeezed one of her tits with the arm thrown around her shoulder. He was clearly bothered to see that Matt has returned, thinking of him as just another cock block.

The young guy did not want to leave for fear of losing his hard won prize, but nature took over. He eventually had to excuse himself, stating several times that he would be right back. Sarah leaned closer to Matt and grabbed his crotch. “What do you think?” she asked. Matt’s cock was rock hard.

“He’s eager,” he replied, “is this what you want?”

“Yes, he’s so desperate it’s making me soaked.”

“Do you want to invite him back or should I?”

“You do it.”

After a few minutes he returned, obviously relieved to see that Sarah had not left. Matt got straight to the point. “We are about to head back to our room for some after drinks, do you want to join us?” The young guy was stunned, then destroyed, then propped back up, and finally confused. He paused, then nodded his head yes.

Matt went outside to get a cab, Sarah and the other guy dragging behind as he desperately tried to convince her to skip Matt’s “after hours” invitation and go home with him. Sarah smiled and told him that she promised it would be fun.

They all got in the cab and went back to the hotel, the young guy clearly annoyed. When they got back to the room, he immediately cornered Sarah on the couch as Matt poured three glasses of wine and brought them over, just as the guy was suggesting to Sarah that this was boring and that she should come back to his house.

Matt sat beside them. “Look, dude, if you haven’t noticed,” Matt held Sarah’s hand up next to his own, “we’re married. And she wants us both tonight.”

Sarah smiled at the young man’s confused expression. “So are you in or out?”

After a moment or two of shocked silence, he chokes out, “Yes.”

Sarah’s smile widened, and the two guys smiled back. Matt gestured for Sarah to come sit on his lap across from the young man. Matt hiked up his dress to give the guy a good look at her nylons. He ran his hands across her pussy and up the front of her dress. He kissed her neck and removed the shoulder straps of the dress. She grinded her ass into his cock as he unzipped her. She stood and let her dress fall to the floor.

She sat back on Matt’s lap, feeling his cock pulsing against her. Trembling, she gestured toward the young man as Matt slid his hands into her panties. Matt kissed and nibbled the back of her Anadolu Yakası İranlı Escort neck as he heard the unbuckling of the other man’s belt. His heart was racing and he was shocked at how wet Sarah’s pussy was.

Sarah pulled the man’s pants and shorts to his ankles and gasped. His cock was about as long as Matt’s, but much thicker. Matt whispered, “That is really going to fill you up later,” as Sarah kissed his cock’s head. She told him that he had a beautiful cock and ran her tongue up and down it.

The young man was clean shaven, and Sarah took a minute to inspect his package. His balls were full and tight, clearly not far from cumming. Sarah took his entire cock in her mouth as Matt unhooked her bra. The young man reached down to play with her hard nipples, moaning softly as Sarah started to bob her head up and down along the length of his shaft. Matt played with her clit faster.

Suddenly Sarah stood up and started pushing the young man towards the bed. “Take off your shirt,” she told him, then turned to Matt. “Strip,” she ordered her husband.

The young man hit the bed and Sarah was immediately blowing him and playing with his balls. Matt took off her panties, leaving Sarah wearing nothing but her nylons. She was on all fours sucking his cock when she felt Matt’s tongue inside of her as his fingers once again found her clit. Before Matt could really get going, he heard the sounds of the young man moaning as he approached climaxed. Matt slipped his finger inside her and moved back to watch, knowing how much Sarah enjoyed sucking him off. The young man cums, his eyes widening with pleasure as he filled Sarah’s mouth with more cum than she could swallow. To Matt, it seemed to go on for an eternity. “Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow…” he groans, then collapses back on to the bed.

Sarah wiped her chin and moved up towards him. Matt entered her from behind as she laid on her side. She kissed the young man and said, “That was your warm-up, I can’t wait to have you inside me.”

She then turned to Matt and said, “Now you, come on and fuck me.” Matt began fucking her slowly, feeling her wet pussy slide up and down his cock. He could see it in her eyes that she would not last long. She grabbed Matt’s hand and put it on her clit. The young man slid down and began sucking her tits. Matt leaned down to kiss her, pushing his cock deep inside her, just as she started to cum.

Sarah exploded for what seemed like five minutes. She grabbed Matt’s ass, holding him inside of her as she screamed out in ecstasy. When she was finished, she laid flat on the bed, panting softly. Matt and the other guy laid on either side of her and each began to suck on a tit and slid their hands down to Sarah’s crotch. Sarah laid back, enjoying the simultaneous pleasure the two men provided.

After a few minutes, she was as intense as before and she asked them both to lay back. She laid on her back, took both of their cocks in her hands, and started stroking. She closed her eyes periodically to enjoy the feeling of two hard cocks in her palms.

She started sucking Matt, but the young man was immediately jealous of the attention Matt was getting. He put his fat cock in Sarah’s face and she pushed him away, telling him to lay back on the bed and wait his turn. He does so, and Sarah kissed Matt deeply before squatting over the young man. She grabbed his dick and rubbed it on her clit before plunging it deep inside her. It was thicker than any cock Sarah had ever had inside her and she stopped for just a moment, feeling it fill her up. The young man’s hands grabbed her ass and bounced her up and down on his thick cock.

Sarah grabbed Matt’s cock, but could do little with it as she groaned in ecstasy from the young man’s dick. As she came, the young man bounced her up and down vigorously and she pumped Matt furiously. She started bucking and convulsing, screaming out with pleasure. Matt had never seen her like this.

She collapsed and Matt helped the young man roll her over so that he could pound her from behind. Sarah was on another planet, the only noises coming from her were gasps for breath and deep guttural moans of satisfaction. Matt knelt next to her, stroking his cock as he watched Sarah start to re-awaken, ready for another orgasm.

Matt kissed her neck and told her to cum for him. Her breathing got harder, and her pussy spasmed around the young man’s cock. “Oh God I’m cumming,” she moaned, and that single gasp caused the young man to cum inside of her, collapsing back on to the bed. Sarah looked sleepily up at Matt, on the verge himself, and smiled. She wrapped her lips around his cock, and he stroked himself off into her mouth, draining himself of everything he had left.

The three of them collapsed onto the bed and almost immediately fell asleep. In the morning, Matt and Sarah awoke to what felt like a dream and a note that said, “Last night was crazy, thanks!”

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