Another Late Night



Another late night. How many had there been in her career? Sure, her college accounting profs had mentioned it but it didn’t register to a 22 year old.

“Oh well,” she thought.

Now that most of the others had gone home it was fairly quiet. Perhaps that is why she was startled by the knock on her door frame and she looked up to see a tall young man. He was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt that said “College Guy Movers.”

“Excuse me ma-am,” he said politely. “I didn’t think there would be anyone here this evening. We have to move furniture to the new office down the hall. We’ll try to be quiet.”

“Oh great, I’ll never get anything done now with all this racket,” she thought.

But instead, she smiled and said “Ok, thank you. I’m sure it will be fine.”

She couldn’t help admiring the attractive young man though and as he turned to leave her eyes were drawn to the back of his jeans as they molded around his tight, lean back-side. She laughed at herself, realizing she was old enough to be his grandmother.

Still…she could enjoy the view.

As she returned to her spreadsheets she was occasionally distracted as her thoughts went back to the image of the young man’s tight body. She surprised herself by noticing the warmth rising naturally between her legs and feeling her nipples stiffen against the fabric of her bra cups.

She felt naughty and forced herself back to her work.

From time to time to there was some muffled sounds in the hall but she had to admit the noise was pretty tolerable for the job they were doing. As her distraction got the best of her she decided to stretch her legs and check up on the move. As she entered the hall she saw the open door of the office two doors down the hall and walked the short distance and peered in. Amid cardboard packing material and ropes and straps she noticed several items of high-quality office furniture.

“At least the new tenant has good taste,” she thought.

As she looked inside she was startled by a voice behind her, saying “Excuse me ma’am.”

She turned to see two more handsome young men, struggling with a large credenza. She noticed the bulges in their arms as the struggled to find a way to maneuver the awkwardly long piece into the 90 degree turn at the door.

She moved quickly aside and stepped away from the door and walked back to her office feeling bad that she had bothered their work and also for being “caught” snooping. To make herself feel better she returned to her office kitchen and grabbed a six pack of cold bottled water. She walked back down the hall and now it was her turn to knock at the door jamb.

As the three young men noticed her they escort bayan bursa stopped what they were doing and turned to face her. It was then that she noticed that although all three of the young men were attractive, one of them had the build of a football player. His T shirt bulged at the arms but her eyes betrayed her by dropping to a massive bulge below his belt.

She quickly composed herself and offered the young men the cold bottles.

She hoped that they had noticed her gaze. Hopefully her jacket covered her rock hard nipples, she thought.

Returning to her work was difficult. She could not get the images of the young men out of her mind.

“What is wrong with you?” she chastised herself. She had some success with bringing her brain back to her work but as she moved she realized other parts of her body were not so easily controlled, she could feel the wetness of her cotton panties.

An hour went by and she realized the activity in the hall had quieted. She stood and walked to the hallway and noticed that the door to the new office was open but the lights were out. Her curiosity got the best of her and she stepped through the open door. As she reached to find the light switch, she gasped as a strong hand grasped her arm and quickly twisted it behind her. Her arm was raised forcefully but not painfully and she was guided three steps forward into the dark room. Before she could make a sound more hands grabbed her and a soft cloth was tied over her mouth and another over her eyes.

Her heart was pounding and she struggled against the strong grip but she knew there was no hope. She quieted herself and decided to wait for an opportunity to slip her captors.

She felt someone lean toward her ear. A soft voice said “We saw you checking us out. We know what you want.”

She felt strong arms lift her completely off the floor and she was laid gently on a flat surface, perhaps a table or desk. She felt her skirt raised above her waist and she suddenly realized how vulnerable she was. She felt soft cords tied around her ankles and her legs were spread and tied.

As she struggled she felt soft hands caressing her legs and skilled fingers tracing up her thighs. She was surprised to find herself responding to the touch and she relaxed and the familiar warmth returned between her legs. Her struggles eased.

She felt deft fingers find the waist band of her panty hose and as she felt it lifted away from her body she felt the nylon part suddenly as they were cut away. With almost surgical precision her pantyhose was sliced away from her hips.

She felt the fingers again between her legs and then a voice exclaimed bursa sinirsiz eskort “You guys were right, her panties are soaked.”

As she felt her panties cut away, strong hands lifted her hips and the fabric was removed. She tensed as she knew what would follow but was surprised that her arousal continued and she felt as if the intent was not to harm her. She felt the cloth around her mouth loosened and removed.

She felt motion at her thighs and gentle probing fingers massaged and caressed her wet lips. She began to rock her hips reflexively and when she felt warm cheeks against her thigh, she tensed. She felt warm breath and as a warm, wet tongue began to probe her drenched pussy her mind drifted far away from the office building.

The lips, fingers and tongue were masterful and her body was no longer controlled by her mind. She craved more and as she felt her orgasm build, the pace would slow and her passion would subside. She felt frustration but intense arousal.

Now she could no longer relax and as she felt her hips thrust toward the probing tongue she had to find relief. She felt a presence next to her head and something warm was placed gently against her cheek. A warm hand touched her and turned her head and a voice said quietly “Open your mouth”. In her trance-like state she complied instantly and she felt a hard full cock placed gently in her mouth. Her passion caused her to close her lips hungrily around it.

As the cock hardened and began to move in and out the master between her legs continued with new intensity and she felt her body rise to orgasm and knew there would be no stopping this time. Her lips closed tightly around the hard cock and her hips rocked uncontrollably as an intense orgasm came over her. Her mouth grasped hungrily at the offered cock and she felt the warm flood of cum in her mouth. She was like a demon possessed and felt the warm fluid flow down her throat and around her lips onto the hard surface below.

She felt the cock gently withdrawn and as her breathing settled she felt a warm cloth refresh her mouth and lips. Gentle hands massaged her.

As she recovered she heard a voice close to her ear again say “You want more don’t you?”

Her nature was to scream and run from the room but the demon inside her surprised her as her voice said only “Yes.”

She felt hands help her up and off the hard surface and helped her stand until she felt steady.

Another voice said “I bet she has great tits, I want to see them.”

She felt hands remove her jacket and unbutton her blouse. Hands cupped her breasts and she felt the nipples stiffen. She escort bayan was amazed that not only was she no longer fearful, she wanted to show these men her breasts. She wanted to be exposed! The fingers behind her were not nearly as deft as those that had pleased her and she soon felt the fabric cut in frustration. The ruined bra was pulled aside and she felt her breasts ease away.

She heard a low gasp and heard “I told you guys she had a nice rack.” She was recovering her passion and now firm hands grasped her shoulders and pushed her to her knees. She knew what was coming and was inspired instead of fearful.

A warm cock was placed near her lips and without being asked she placed her lips around it and began to work back and forth. She realized her hands were not restrained and she began to stroke the cock and caress the tight young balls. She soon felt the body tense and she pulled her lips away and pulled the cock against her tits. As she felt him spasm the warm flood of cum flowed over her chest.

Almost instantly, another body was in front of her and she found herself pleased to find an enormous cock. She relished it and realized she had wanted it since she first saw it.

She willingly placed it in her mouth and as it swelled to incredible size she took it as a challenge to handle it between her lips. This man was more demanding and he felt a hand now at the back of her head. Little did he know that she needed no encouragement!

She gave her best attention of lips, tongue and fingers and soon she felt him rock at the knees and she knew he was close. She held her position and as the huge flood of sperm shot in her mouth she stayed with it and only a little escaped down her chin. She felt completely spent.

As her breathing slowed she realized she heard no sounds. She reached around at the back of her head and unfastened the blindfold. Her eyes adjusted to a dark room with only a dim light to the open door of the private bath for this office.

She stood, regained her balance and now began to focus on what had just happened. Thinking quickly, she grabbed the ruined clothing and put on the blouse and jacket. She removed what was left of her pantyhose and remembered she had a spare pair in her purse. She moved down the quiet hall and entered her office and closed the door.

She felt shock but strange excitement and empowerment after the events of the evening. She cleaned up, repaired her makeup and closed the office. As she drove home she hoped Dan would not notice the lack of a bra under her jacket. She felt stimulated by the think fabric of her blouse as it moved against her tired nipples though!

As she entered the house, she heard Dan call to her “how was work Honey?”

“Great” she said and realized she really meant it this time.

As she went to change her clothes she heard Dan’s iPhone chime.

Dan looked down at the text.

“We got great video. I’ll send it to your computer. I hope you enjoy it.”

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