Trust Me



After a month of racking his brain, James finally decided on a suitable anniversary gift for his girlfriend Andrea. They had been together for two years and he wanted their second anniversary together to be something she could never forget.

They had shared many fantasies together, some involving anonymous partners, some involving light bondage. James thought to himself, “why not combine them?” Just the thought of giving her such a gift had him extremely excited.

The following Saturday came, the big day. James had a hard time containing himself. He was giddy with excitement. The day was spent shopping and laughing. A nice lunch and an afternoon movie finished the day out for them. On the way home James decides to let her know about the evening.

“I have something special planned for you tonight Gorgeous.”

“And just what would that be?” asks Andrea.

“It wouldn’t be as special if I told you now.” Replied James

Andrea spent the rest of the evening trying to grill the secret from James. All he would say was “I promise you will never forget tonight.”

After a romantic dinner, finishing off the wine and an exchange of gifts, James decides to get things rolling. Taking Andrea upstairs he whispers in her ear if she is ready for her surprise.

“Are you kidding? I ‘ve been on pins and needles all day!” she exclaimed.

“Do you trust me?” he asks.


“Do you trust me?” he asks again.

“Of course” she replies.

James reaches into his pocket and pulls adıyaman escort out a silk scarf. As he ties it around her eyes suing it for a blindfold he says to her “Happy Anniversary Gorgeous.”

The pet name James uses for Andrea comes from her lithe 118 pound, 5 foot 4 inch frame, flowing black hair and stunning green eyes. She was the epitome of beauty and the object of many men and quite a few women’s lusty fantasies.

After leading her up to the bedroom James slowly kisses every inch of her body as he takes her clothes off. By now Andrea is ready for anything James has in mind, or so she thinks. She is gently pushed back onto the bed and he lies on top of her, still kissing her. Then she notices he begins to tie her hands to the bedpost with soft scarves. With her hands bound James moves to tie her feet to the other posts. Licking his way up her legs he explains to Andrea what he has in store for her.

“I have spent the past month trying to figure out how to make tonight the most memorable for you Gorgeous.” Slowly he licks all around her dripping sex. Andrea moans and writhes against the scarves as he does this. “I think I have something planned that you will enjoy.”

Slowly James begins to lick her outer lips. Moving his tongue in between the folds Andrea tries to move her pussy closer to his mouth and take more of his tongue. As Andrea begins to moan she feels something against her cheek. Startled, she asks James what is happening.

“Like adıyaman escort bayan I said Gorgeous, I wanted tonight to be something you would always remember. Just enjoy it.”

Andrea then feels a cock sliding up her cheek to press against her lips. She thinks to herself “what the Hell, you only live once” and opens her mouth to suck her new friend. With James working on her pussy and clit with his mouth, it wasn’t long before she was moaning around the cock in her mouth. After being sent into a shuddering orgasm by his talented mouth, James works himself into her pussy before she has a chance to totally recover from it.

James had to work on the rhythm for a few minutes so as not to dislodge Andrea’s oral friend. Once a steady rhythm was set, James manipulated Andrea’s clit while giving her a steady fucking. After being so worked up from all the planning and anticipation, it didn’t take long before James spent his load inside Andrea’s tight pussy. Only a couple of minutes after that Andrea was treated to a mouthful of warm cum, which she drank down eagerly.

Thinking she was done and sighing contently, Andrea smiled. That’s when it happened. Her pussy was then nudged open by another hard cock. Before she could even protest what was happening, yet another was fed into her open mouth. A pair of hands began massaging her breasts as James whispered in her ear.

“You had always told me one of your fantasies was to be fucked my multiple people, so I figured escort adıyaman this would be a great gift. The blindfold was MY fantasy, so you couldn’t see who is fucking you.”

Thinking that if this was a dream then she didn’t want to wake up, Andrea threw herself completely into the night’s activities. She redoubled her efforts sucking the cock in her mouth as she was being royally fucked. The man taking her mouth had some staying power, outlasting the one in her pussy. After having another shot of semen sent into her pussy, she felt a mouth licking and sucking everything out of her.

Even with the blood pounding in her ears and the noise of her own moans Andrea could still hear something in the room sounding like sex other than with her. After receiving another mouthful of cum, she was surprised that instead of getting a hard dick in her mouth, she received a wet pussy. Never having been with a woman, but always being curious, Andrea just did what she liked having done to her.

Also, from the taste of fresh semen in her new friend’s pussy, Andrea guessed where the sounds of sex came from. Within just a few minutes both women were having mind blowing orgasms.

Exhausted from the past few hours, Andrea wouldn’t have moved even if she could. After a few minutes she felt her feet being untied, then her hands. Finally the blindfold was removed and she had to blink a few times to rid herself of the blurriness. When her eyes focused and she looked around the room she only saw James.

“Where did everybody go?”

“Where did who go?” asks James with a Cheshire cat-like grin.

“Only all the people who just fucked me!” she replied.

“The mystery is part of the fun Gorgeous.”

Kissing her softly James pulls her close to him.

Returning the kiss Andrea can only wonder what she can do for his birthday to get back at him.

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