Humilation at the Power Exchange

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Hi everyone! This is my first story ever and I really like it. I’m not sure I should continue though so please, read and rate, and if you have time please review! I’d like to get some assurance that I should continue writing! 🙂 Thanks a lot! Love you all!


Now that Elsie was here it seemed stupid to leave. What if someone notice the woman in the corner sneak out before she ever really participated? Besides, she had come here for a reason, and it wasn’t just so she could sneak out moments later due to a bad case of nervousness.

No. Elsie was going to stay, and experience one of the greatest sexual thrills of the San Francisco Bay Area, known as the Power Exchange.

Elsie was a twenty year old accounting student who had recently learned that the dark desires she had had since she was a teenager was in fact a widely recognized form of sexual perversion, BDSM. After the posting of her own add on Collarme she found just what she was looking for. Which had led her to this first night at the infamous Power Exchange.

The building was painted a florescent yellow which was odd compared to the wide dark street it sat on. A few streetlamps helped the customers see the sleeping bums before stepping on them. Barely one car would pass in a matter of minutes, because when it was this late out, everyone knew what was going on in the building with blackened windows.

The bouncer had let her in at about 11pm and she gave over her long trench to the coat check. This was what she was supposed to do. Twelve hours ago Elsie received an email from her online Master. A man who she had never met before and who she soon would. Now that the time was coming up she was nervous, afraid even. What if he wasn’t what she wanted? What if she failed him? What if he didn’t like her?


You will meet me at the Power Exchange this Saturday. You will be wearing the lacy white underwear set I sent you before, a white garter belt, and white thigh-highs. Heels. No shorter then four inches. White as well.

I want your medium black plug firmly in your ass, and your vibrator, the cordless one, in your pussy.

I will be checking.


Now here she was, and the toys inside her made her all the more self conscious. Already men stared at her; it was easy to see the round ends of her plug and vibrator through her sheer panties. Men in towels around their waists watched her, many with their hands stroking their cock under the towels.

Elsie was a good looking girl. A bit plain of face, but with soft skin, crazy long eyelashes and a woman’s gorgeous hourglass figure, she couldn’t be ugly. Years of skinny girls making her feel bad didn’t stop her from being the sexy curved woman that real men crave. Luscious hips, a trim waist and huge breasts were all hers özbek escort to claim. Her hair was a rich brown that curled down in soft waves past her shoulder blades, and her eyes a dusky brown and green mix. She stood out among the other women not only because she was alone and in all white, but also her figure separated her from the beautiful and skinny and the large and beefy women.

Many women, and some men wore collars, thick banded leather and metal chokers around their necks. Some with rings; others with studs or words written on them to declare their state of ‘owned’.

Elsie was still nervous, holding the control for her vibrator in her hand, playing with it, like it was some kind of distraction to help her forget what was going on and the sexual energy that was already permeating the place. For a moment it worked, until she remembered she was playing with a control for a vibrator that was lodged in her pussy awaiting the ministrations of her Master.

The thought made her cream a little into her panties.

Suddenly, long fingered and strong hands turned her around and pressed her against the wall. The voice she knew so well from the phone and webcam sessions breezed into her ear. “Hello sweet pussy girl. Lets see if your ready for this, eh? Spread your thighs.”

So shocked, and truthfully, hot, Elsie nodded and spread her legs open some, when he clicked his tongue in disapproval over her lack of enthusiasm he used his own hands to push them apart. His dark brown fingers like a stain on her pure white skin.

Ramsey was a second generation African American, making him as dark and delicious as her favorite chocolate. He had high cheekbones and a strong bone structure. His body was thickly corded with toned muscle, his nipples darker against their already dark background.

He was well over six feet tall, and the boots he wore made him even taller. He was dressed in tight black pants, fingerless black gloves over his hands, and black army boots. Dog tags jingled slightly against his naked chest.

“You’ve been waiting for me haven’t you my good girl?” his voice was rich and deep, with a soft southern drawl that made her pussy wet and her legs tremble.



“Yes, um, Master.” Being nervous and turned on at the same time had an effect on her speech, making Ramsey chuckle as he pressed his body against hers, pushing her more firmly against the wall.

“Don’t forget again pussy-girl or I might have to punish you.”

Swallowing hard, Elsie nodded while Ramsey ran his hands down from her shoulders to her hips, he hooked a finger inside her panties and stroked her ass.

“Let’s see if you obeyed me shall we?”

His hands dipped farther and he slowly pulled her panties down over her ass, making her mecidiyeköy escort feel the soft fabric whisper over her in the promise of exposure. Just enough, resting on top of her thighs. He put a finger between her legs and pressed up against the end of her vibrator, making her gasp in surprise.

“Vibrator, check.” Sliding back towards him he grasped the end of her plug. “Anal plug, check.” Giving it a twist she moaned and pressed against the cool wall, cooling her breasts and her flushed face.

His hands moved on, swiping against the crotch of her panties. “And you’re already creaming your panties? What a little slut you are. Looking forward to seeing your black master torment you publicly got your cunny so wet you’ve soaked your panties. I need to do something about that.”

Sliding her panties off all the way he stuck them into his pocket before turning her around.

“Please… I don’t…” In public without panties? Everyone able to see her dripping pussy? Elsie didn’t think she could handle it and tried to hide behind her Master, receding into the shadow of the wall. “Please.”

Smiling, Ramsey just looked at her for a moment. Elsie was well aware that begging only turned him on all the more, and that deep inside she wanted this humiliation. Just like he wanted to give it to her, he wanted to feed his own sexual energy off her erotic humiliation. Knowing this, and him, as she did, Elsie went quiet.

Smiling once more Ramsey unhooked her bra and let her tits fall out. Light pink nipples against creamy white skin. Leaning forward his tongue licked up her nipple and sucked on it, causing delightful moans. Hooking her bra over his belt he grasped her arm and pulled her up from the wall.

“I know walking will be hard for you, especially in front of all these people. But keep your ass and pussy clenched. I don’t want to lose a toy to the floor.”

Taking the control from her hand he examined it for a moment before turning her vibrator on to a low level before moving her a bit in front of him.

“Now walk, to the room, up at your left.”

Burning with glorious humiliation, and with a great bit of difficulty she walked in her four and a half inch heels towards the room. She had to go slow, clenching her muscles as she walked. Elsie got many cat calls but at least no one touched her. Perhaps that had to do with the large and in shape black man that was so obviously her Master walking behind her. Giving the evil eye to anyone who thought about touching his white pussy.

“In here.” He motioned to the room she was to enter and then to a circular couch in the center of the room. “Lay upon it.”

Struggling, as sitting was hard with these toys in her, already made slick by her juices, Elsie managed to sit down and then lay down on the bed. The material azeri escort sticking to her slick body. Ramsey just watched, along with a large crowd of men and women who lined the walls and filled the doorway.

“Open your legs.” Elsie complied.

“Now, your going to lay there and not touch yourself, no matter what I do. And you are not to come without permission or I’ll spank that pretty pussy of yours. Do you understand?”

No words were necessary. Elsie just nodded. She closed her eyes for a moment; Elsie could feel the crowd’s eyes staring at her exposed breasts and open pussy. She was going to be a good show with her legs splayed open the way they were. As she waited the vibrator jumped to medium speed, and for a moment she tried to close her legs, but Ramsey just slapped her thigh and she opened them again.

The end of the vibrator was bobbing a little, moving in her pussy. Her cum leaked down over it, slicking the plug in her ass. Noticing this Ramsey moved in. Grabbing a pillow off a settee he stuck it under her ass and pushed her legs farther apart. While the vibrator work he slowly pulled out then pushed her plug back into her asshole.

Elsie cried out when she realized what he was going to do to her. Being double penetrated by toys like this in front of so many was by far the most erotic and kinky thing she had ever done in her life. It made her pussy gush and her brain turn off.

Unexpectedly he flipped the vibrator up onto high and the noise increased tenfold from it’s motor. Elsie tried to grasp at something to ground her so she wouldn’t come. Her eyes opened leadenly and she looked up at her Master. “Please.” She whispered, “Please let me come.”

Ramsey looked up, arching a dark brow. “Who are you?”

“I’m your cunt-girl Master.”

“Why do you serve me?”

“Because I need your control in my life Master.”

“Whose pussy is this?” He punctuated the words with a quick spank to her mound.

“Yours Master!”

“Come slut.” Switching his hand from the plug to the vibrator he plunged it in and out of her pussy while a mind shattering orgasm ripped across her body. Making her legs spasm and her delicate back arch. It lasted for a couple minutes, and he did not stop pumping her cunny.

When it was over and she lay, sweat-slicked on the couch, he got up and slide the toys from inside her and lay them by her as he got on the couch with her to gather her up in his arms. The crowd quickly realized the show was over and moved on to two men face fucking and whipping a woman.

Exhausted by her first outing and the ordeal he had put her through, Elsie looked up at her Master. He smiled, affection in his eyes and strength in the arms he wrapped around her, pulling her close to his chest and kissing her lips.

“What a good girl.”

Though this first meeting and trial at the Power Exchange was over, their personal relationship was just starting, and neither one could be more pleased with the other. The Master for getting a willing and sweet submissive, and the submissive for getting a strong and gentle Master.

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