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Bible Black

I managed to duck out of class and make it to the elevator without her seeing me. Or so I thought until a small hand with red fingernails shot in between the doors preventing them from closing. “Hold the door for me!” I heard her say.

I hit the ‘open’ button and let her step inside. “Wow! That was really close,” she said as she shuffled her books and stepped inside. As I expected, she stood right next to me—much too close for my comfort. “I didn’t even see you leave,” she said.

“Oh, I just wanted to get out of the room before everyone stood up and blocked the door.”

“Oh, okay,” she said. It was just the two us as the elevator began descending. Just seconds later, she reached out and hit the stop button.

“Oh, shit. Here we go,” I thought to myself.

The elevator stopped moving and Allison turned to me and said, “I have a question. What is it going to take to get you to get into my pants? Seriously. What is it going to take?”

Allison Black-Nicholson was a married, 26-year old blonde who was finally attending college some eight years after graduating from high school. I was just shy of 22 and had very recently been discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps after serving four years on active duty. I was engaged to a woman I’d met in South Carolina; a woman who nearly joined the Mormon Church but whom I rescued before she make the same mistake I’d made some seven years earlier. I’d recently resolved to get the hell out of that mess and I took her with me.

We drove across the country pulling a little U-Haul trailer behind her Toyota Corolla to my home state of Washington. We moved into our first apartment and were planning on getting married as soon as her divorce was final. She’d been married for many years to a verbally abusive alcoholic and she’d always dreamed of finding someone who would treat her well and love her. She finally got up the nerve to leave him and I was that lucky guy who came along at just the right time. I was hopelessly in love with her for two reasons. The first was she was 28 and hot as hell. The second was she understood all of my sexual wants and needs and was all-too-happy to fulfill them. I wrote about our real-life story in Making Changes and Offering Me Claire. Because smoking is so hugely unpopular with all but those who share my fetish, I’m leaving that out of this story but my ex-wife did indeed start smoking when she was 28 and all of that is covered in the stories I just mentioned. This will be a smoke-free story. I promise.

The young married woman named Allison, her actual first name, is also real as is the part about her dogged pursuit of yours truly. She was the last girl I had sex with before marrying my now ex-wife and until after we separated with the exception of Claire, although I didn’t tell her about my one-time tryst with Allison until nearly a year later. I’m not sure why I even told her, but I did. Her reaction was surprising. I woke her up and told her I had to tell her something. After I explained what happened she asked me, “Do you love her?” I told her I did not. “Do you have feelings for her?” Again, I said I didn’t. “Then it’s no big deal. Go back to sleep.” Wow. Crisis averted.

Allison began pursuing me from the first day of class. She ‘just happened’ to find out where I lived and would drive by every morning as I walked to class to see if, you know, I might need a ride—or something. She flirted with me endlessly and asked me out numerous times even though I told her I was engaged. She said, “So what? I’m married so that’s fine with me.”

I could see the huge ring on her finger and when I mentioned it she told me her husband was a great guy but she needed…more than he could provide. She even showed me a picture of him one day and he was a very good looking guy. Reluctantly, I agreed to have lunch with her once and from then on, she was absolutely relentless. She started waiting outside my apartment and would watch to see if my fiancee was home. Anytime he left to go somewhere, there would be a knock on my door. I resisted every single advance until she came in one evening wearing something that just knocked my socks off. As I written about many times, I have a HUGE thing for ribbed-knit tops/sweaters and the one she wore that evening made me want to reach out and start fondling her large, soft, C-cup boobs. In just minutes, we were in bed and I was fucking the shit out of her. She was screaming, “Put it to me, baby!” and I did.

For the first time in my life, I felt guilty as sin when we were finished. I told her this had to end, but that didn’t stop her from coming around after that. The only thing that did was her finally finding another, more willing guy to meet her needs. Whew….

This is a story of something that might have happened looking back on my ex-wife’s proclivity to do anything and everything to please me as she was becoming a true submissive who got off by being obedient. Had Allison’s husband been willing, this might just have taken place, even though I saw Allison as tuzla escort a bullet to be dodged rather than as an opportunity to be embraced. But it’s fun to think about ‘what if.’ With that in mind….


“I don’t mean to be rude, but you don’t listen well. I told you I’m engaged. I love my fiancee. I’m not interested in anyone else and especially in a married woman. So please, I’m asking you as nicely as I can, stop bothering me.”

The elevator started moving again when she said, “If you had any idea what I could do to you, you wouldn’t call it ‘bothering you’ ever again.”

I sighed and told her, “Look, you’re incredibly attractive. That’s not at issue. I also don’t really care that you’re married. What I do care about is how I’m really in love with someone else and she’s everything I’ve ever hoped to find in a woman. So no matter how good you are in bed, that wouldn’t be enough because you’re not her.”

The elevator came to a stop and just before it opened she said, “I may not be her but I promise you you’d be calling out my name before we’re through. I’m not giving up and you can take that to the bank.”

The doors opened, she stepped out, and I rode it back up to the third floor just to avoid talking to her for the rest of the day.

“How was school, honey?” Karen asked me when she got home from work.

“Good. Lots of homework but I’m enjoying it. It’s finally good to be going to school after putting it off for the last four years.”

She came over and put her arms around me and said, “Well, your parents didn’t have the money to send you and I can’t imagine majoring in engineering and working a full-time job to put yourself through school. You’re studying all the time as it is. Not that I mind…too much. I would like to get some attention once in a while, though.”

“Honey, we’ve made love every night this week,” I told her. Her killer smile slayed me.

“Yeah…but sometimes a girl needs some…extra attention. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. Do you?” she teased as her hand slid down inside my jeans.

“I’ve got hours of homework, honey. I can’t right now.” And I really did. Between calculus, physics, and engineering classes, I was in the library or studying at home while she was at work nearly every hour I wasn’t in class or in lab.

“But you have something I want really, really want bad,” she insisted. “I can’t do this by myself,” she pouted. “Please? Please let me have it. It can be a quickie this time. I promise.”

“Uh-huh. For you, a quickie means half an hour.”

“We don’t have to take that long.” She was kissing me and fondling me and I decided to try something new.

“You sure?” I asked.

“Uh-huh. Very sure.”

“Okay, deal.” I reached up and ripped the buttons off her blouse. Her eyes opened wide, but I could tell it really turned her on. I picked her up, carried her to the bedroom, and tore her pants and panties off. Without any foreplay I mounted her and took her with no warmup. I wasn’t too worried about hurting her as I knew she was already soaking wet. Once she got it in her mind she wanted sex, she was drenched. Normally, we spent a lot of time on foreplay kissing, petting, giving each other oral and taking a very long time. This time, I didn’t even try to hold back. I just drilled her and hammered her until I came.

I wasn’t even aware she was screaming and calling out, “Yes! Oh, God…YES!!!” as I hammered her. I didn’t even know she’d had an orgasm herself when I withdrew and said, “Was that quick enough?”

I thought I’d won the game until she told me she loved it and that she came when I did. I rolled over and exhaled and said, “You’re fucking insatiable!”

She rolled over on top of me and said, “I know. Wanna do it again?”

I didn’t tell her about Allison or the elevator or any of her attempts to get me to fuck her. I was fully confident I could deal with this and make her go away. Uh, yeah. Wrong!

Two days later, Karen dropped me off on her way to work and I was walking the last half mile to campus. Right on cue, there was Allison. She rolled down the passenger window and said, “Hey, there! Can I give you a ride? It’s awfully cold this morning.”

Cars were passing her as she drove along at 3mph. “I met your fiancee yesterday. She’s nice. And she’s beautiful, too.”

I stopped and turned toward her car and said, “Are you insane? What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Nothing is wrong with me. I just wanted to check out the competition. I wanted to find out what it was keeping you from me. Now I understand.”

“So you’re giving up?” I said bitterly.

“Hardly! I just needed to see what I was up against. Not only am I not giving up, I have an idea I think you’ll like. Come on! Get in. Let’s talk, okay?”

Physically, Allison was every bit as attractive as Karen, but unlike most men, I preferred brunettes to blondes and Allison was indeed very blonde. göztepe escort But as blondes go, she was hot as hell. But so was Karen and she had great hair and everything else I liked in a woman. I’d had more than my share of nice-looking girls to include several older, married women, one of whom was my creative writing teacher in high school. Finding hot women was easy. Finding a hot woman who enjoyed all of my own sexual fantasies was quite another. Karen was all those things. Allison was an unknown quantity while what little I did know told me I should run like hell unless I wanted to find a bunny rabbit boiling in a pot on my stove one day. Nevertheless, I looked left then right and decided to get in.

“This is so great!” she squealed. “Okay, I’ve been racking my brain and I came up with this really great idea. I know you keep telling me you don’t want me, but once you hear this, you’ll be able to have your wife and eat me, too!” She laughed at her lame stab at humor, looked over at me and smiled and said, “Cal, you’re gonna love this, I promise!”

She found a parking spot and kept on talking. Fifteen minutes later I found myself saying, “Um…okay. Go ahead and give that a try. If it works, I might just be interested. If not, you have to agree to cease and desist. Deal?”

“Deal!” she said gleefully. “Well, maybe.”

She leaned over indicating she wanted me to kiss her and I just laughed. “Uh-uh. You’re gonna have to earn that,” I told her.

“Bastard,” she said with a pout. “Okay. Fine. It’s game on and I’m gonna get what I want,” she said as she looked at my crotch.

“You’re such a lady,” I said. I made the mistake of smiling which I later learned only emboldened her by giving her hope.

The following evening Karen said, “Guess what? I met the nicest girl at work the other day and we really hit it off. She came back in this afternoon and we ended up having lunch together.”

I closed my book and said, “Oh, really? Who is she?”

“Her name is Allison. She’s a very pretty blonde. I think you’d like her.”

“How pretty are we talking about?” I said pretending to be interested to gauge her reaction.

“Not that pretty,” she said feigning jealousy. “No, that’s not true. She really is that pretty. I think I might be a little jealous of her if I thought you knew her. Speaking of which, she says she goes to Green River Community College, too.”

“Huh. A lot of young people do,” I said disinterestedly.

“But she’s older than the average freshman,” Karen told me.

“There a lot of people in the 30’s and 40’s going back to school, honey. It’s not that unusual.”

“She isn’t that old. I think she’s about my age. Maybe a bit younger.”

“What’s that?” I said. I looked up as though she’d pushed a magic button. She knew I liked older women and although she wasn’t overly jealous, she hated it when I checked out MILFs anytime we were together. Karen wasn’t quite old enough to be considered a MILF, but she loved having a younger lover and she could be very possessive at times. “Did you say ‘older woman’?” I looked all around as though there might be one in our living room.

“You’re incorrigible!” she teased. “She’s really nice and she asked if we’d like to get together sometime.”

“We as in ‘you and me’ with her and…is she married?”

“Yes she is, and she showed me a picture of her husband. He’s as handsome as she is cute so I’m not worried about her trying to steal you away from me.” She was teasing but not completely.

“So is that something you’d like to do?” I asked nonchalantly.

“I think it might be fun. You know, maybe dinner and drinks or something. What do you think, honey?” she asked hopefully.

“You know how busy I am and that’ll eat up another 2-3 hours where we can’t…you know.”

“Hon-ney!” she pouted. “That’s mean.” She came over and sat on my lap. “You can fit them in and then…fit inside of me, can’t you?” She was pushing her soft melons into my face underneath the sweater she was wearing.

“You’re incorrigible,” I said as I reached up and honked her. I was only kidding as I squeezed her boobs once, but that was all it took to get her motor running and once it was running, there was only one way to turn it off.

“Mmmm. That feels nice.” She let me keep playing with her then said almost apologetically, “Can you take me like you did the other day? That was amazing! I haven’t stopped thinking about since you did it.”

“I’m not destroying a sweater,” I teased. “A blouse is one thing, but a sweater?”

“I’ll let you cum all over it,” she said in a little girl’s voice. She could feel me growing hard.

“Jesus! You’re a freakin’ nympho!” I told her as she kept pushing her sweater puppets into my face.

“Well…you know what to do to make me go away—for a little while anyway.” She was positively wicked—and I loved it. Five minutes later she was on the bed panting, filled with my cum, and I was free to get back to finishing my never-ending üsküdar escort homework.

The next morning, Allison pulled alongside me, slowed down, opened her window, and called out, “Hey, handsome. See you at my place tonight!” She smiled and blew me a kiss and drove off.

Karen called me seconds later and said, “Hey, there! Just wanted to let you know we’ll be going to Allison’s tonight for dinner so I wanted to give you as much advance notice as possible.”

“When did she tell you this?” I asked her.

“Oh, she just called me not five minutes ago,” Karen revealed.

“I see. Okay. Dinner. Tonight. Allison’s. Got it. Thanks, honey.”

“You’re welcome and I’ll be picking up a bottle of wine for us today. Love you!” I told her I loved her, too, then hit ‘end call.’

I was walking onto the campus by then and thought, “Damn, she’s actually doing this!”

Trying to pull this off without it blowing up in our faces was fraught with all kinds of problems not the least of which was keeping up the ruse Allison and I didn’t even know each other. Any little slip up could let the cat out of the bag and create more problems than I wanted to deal with.

Later than evening when we arrived at their home, Allison answered the door. She saw Karen and said, “Hey! Come in, please!” She hugged my wife then said, “This must be your husband.” She leaned toward Karen and said, “You’re right. He is a hunk.”

Karen was hugging her husband and she said back to Allison, “Yours, too!”

“Who says ‘hunk’ anymore?” I thought to myself but just smiled and let her hug me hello. The kiss on the cheek was a little much, but no one noticed or cared if they had. I shook hands with her husband, Dean, and he really was a very nice-looking guy.

We sat down to talk while Allison poured us all a glass of wine. I started by saying, “So you know Karen from work. Whatever brought you to a tariff services company? Do you guys do a lot of shipping or something?”

Allison didn’t bat any eye. She said, “I was there looking for another business and I saw your wife at the front desk of Tariff Services and went in to ask her for help. We started chatting and we really hit it off.”

“Huh, how convenient,” I said.

Karen shot me a look that meant to say, “What was that all about?” Instead she said, “I was really busy at the time and wanted her to leave me alone but when she mentioned Green River I told her my husband went there and she waited for me to finish what I was doing and, well, here we are!”

Allison cocked her head a bit and said, “Hey, wait a minute. Don’t you walk uphill to school every morning? I’m sure I’ve passed you now that you mention it.”

Well played. “Uh, yeah, that’s the only cardio I get. I tend to be a gym rat who only lifts and if I don’t walk that hill, I don’t get any aerobic exercise.”

“It’s pretty obvious you’re in the gym a lot. Karen, you’re a very lucky girl.”

“I couldn’t agree more. I love my handsome, young husband,” she said as she reached over and took my hand.

“Oh, right! You said you guys are six or seven years apart. You’re quite the cradle robber. Dean and I are the same age. Well, he’s actually a whole six months older and I never let him forget it, right honey?”

“Among other things,” he replied. He was smiling but it was obvious there was some kind of tension between them.

We made small talk throughout dinner with the girls mostly talking to each other while Dean and I shared war stories. He’d been in the Navy several years before I was in the Marine Corps. He got and out and went to work for Boeing as an avionics technician while I was studying to become an aerospace engineer with the goal of working on military jet aircraft down the road.

We were all enjoying a second glass of wine after dinner and chatting when Allison said, “So you guys aren’t married, right?”

Karen and I looked at one another and I said, “No. We’re waiting on her divorce to be finalized. Without going into detail, her soon-to-be ex-husband didn’t know how to appreciate a woman this beautiful and this amazing.” Karen squeezed my hand and mouthed the words, “I love you!”

“Ah, isn’t that adorable, honey?” Allison said to Dean. “I wish we still said sweet things like that, don’t you?” He cut his eyes her way but didn’t answer. “We’ve been married almost eight years now. We were high school sweethearts and got married the day after we graduated. We love each other but things can get, you know, kind of…stale.”

“Well, we haven’t had that problem, have we, honey?” I asked Karen.

Karen was very um…active…in bed and we had no such issues. Even so, she was a southern girl (without the thick accent) raised not to talk about those kinds of things in public. All she said was, “No, we definitely don’t have that problem.” She smiled but everyone could tell she was a bit uncomfortable saying anything about that topic.

Allison looked over at Dean and gave him an almost imperceptible nod of some kind. He seemed to understand his cue and said, “We’ve been kind of talking about trying some new things. You know, to kind of maybe spice things up in that department.” He was smiling too, but as with Karen, it was easy to see it wasn’t flowing naturally.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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