Jennifer’s Jewellery Shoot

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This story arose from some e-mail correspondence with a reader who mentioned that she had some very specific fetishes, and that she didn’t think that anyone else would find a story about them to be hot. I took that as a challenge, so here goes…

Times were tough for aspiring young models. Of course, times are always tough for aspiring young models. It was particularly tough for Jennifer because she was trying to build her modelling career while attending UCSD. But she was somehow managing to keep a roof overhead and her student loans to a minimum. Besides, it was always easier to diet when the cupboards were virtually empty anyway.

Jennifer got the call on a Thursday night. It was supposed to be a Saturday jewellery job, but it was way out in the suburbs. The money was significantly higher than usual for a jewellery shoot, but she didn’t have a car so she’d had to turn the job down. That was a problem. The client had specifically asked for an Asian model with medium breasts, and she was the best fit the agency had. She thought it funny that they were worried about the breasts, but she decided there must be necklaces in the shoot, and they wanted an appealing background. When she told her agent why she had to turn it down, he had strong-armed the client into sending a limo. It was her first limo.

“High end job. High end requirements. High end perks.” He’d said

And so it was that at 11:00 on Saturday morning a long white limo pulled up in front of her building. The driver opened the door for her and took her hand to guide her into the seat. When he closed the door behind her, the hot morning air was gone. Replaced by the cool sweet smell of air conditioned leather. The intercom buzzed, and the driver told her to enjoy a glass of chilled champagne from the open bottle in the silver ice bucket.

“How can you call anything made out of silver a bucket?” she thought to herself

It was not her custom to drink much at all, let alone before lunch, but swept up in the opulence, she decided to indulge herself. So as the limo cruised smoothly down the freeway, she poured herself a glass of the sparkling wine and lay back to enjoy the luxury. Time slipped quickly by as she sipped the wine and daydreamed of a time when this would be a commonplace occurrence, so she was surprised to see that it was approaching 2:00 when they left the freeway and entered the “burbs”.

She had a moment of concern as they pulled into the parking lot of one of those small industrial malls, but then she looked around at the inside of the posh limo, and remembered that since her agency always vetted every client, and she knew that everything would be OK. They pulled up in front of a single unit identified by a simple sign as BD Enterprises. It looked classy enough. Out of force of habit, she reached for the door handle but before she could pull it, the door opened and the driver stood there, holding out his hand smiling.

“Here ma’am, allow me to help you out.” This as he took her hand to guide her out of her back seat haven.

As she stood, the wine and the heat hit her at once and she stumbled. The chauffeur was quick to react and grabbed her by the waist to keep her from toppling over.

“Careful there ma’am.” he admonished. “I think you may have had a bit too much of the bubbly”

She still felt a bit unstable and was glad when he extended his elbow for her to take as they moved from the limo to the door.

“GET IT TOGETHER GIRL!” She screamed to herself. “You’ll never get another chance if you blow this now.”

The two guys who met them inside were rather unremarkable, not at all what she expected, but they were very friendly and welcoming. They even offered her another drink which, in her current state, she knew enough to decline, particularly since there didn’t seem to be any food around to soak up the alcohol. After the introductions, handshakes, and requisite small talk, they moved through the office into the back room. There were two professional looking photo studios, one fitted with video. She had expected to see some dressing rooms, make-up area, and perhaps a wardrobe area, but the rest of the building was full of shelves stacked with boxes.

“OK Jennifer, We might as well get started.” Enthused Duane. “Jake, go back to the office and bring us the products.”

Now she was really confused. She had taken care to wear one of her best half cup underwire bras to provide some cleavage as a backdrop to any necklaces that might be part of the shoot, but, expecting to be supplied with appropriate wardrobe, she had simply pulled a scooped-necked tee over her head. The confusion was not reduced when Jake returned with a stack of boxes and no clothing.

“Excuse me Duane.” She began. “Is there a wardrobe, a particular dress or top you want me to start with?”

“Wardrobe? Particular dress?” He laughed. “No deary, just strip to the waist and let’s get on with it.”

Strip to the waist? Had she heard him correctly?

“Sorry? I was told this was a jewellery shoot. Why would I need to strip to the waist?” xslot she inquired

“Jewellery?” laughed Duane who was quickly joined by the others. “There’s no jewellery here deary, We sell BDSM gear and today’s shoot is all about bits and gags. So just strip and let’s get on with it. We’re burning daylight.” This with a bit of annoyance.

“I’m sorry.” She began. “I don’t do that kind of modelling. I was told this was a jewellery shoot. If you don’t mind, I’ll just head back out to the car and you can take me back home. I’m sure the agency can find you a suitable replacement for next week.”

“BULLSHIT” howled Duane. “I’ve got a lot of money tied up in this escapade today and if you want to default on our agreement, you can damn well WALK home.”

She was stunned. She certainly had no objection to showing some cleavage, or the side of her breast for that matter, but her most risqué appearance to date had been a topless shot with a professional she had known and trusted for years, where her breasts were almost completely covered by her hands. She wished she hadn’t had the champagne. It was affecting her clarity. What was she going to do? This entire thing was a complete misunderstanding. She was here for a jewellery photo shoot, not some BDSM fetish crap. Surely there was some compromise that could be made.

“Duane,” She started in a soothing tone,” Duane, surely we can come to some…”

“Some WHAT?” he yelled. “I’m out $5K and if you don’t model this stuff Today, RIGHT FUCKING NOW, I am going to charge it all back to you. You signed a contract didn’t you.”

OH GOD. She couldn’t even afford a cab ride back home, let alone to pay that penalty. She certainly couldn’t walk all the way back home either. What to do, what to do? Damn that champagne. She couldn’t think straight, couldn’t weigh her options, couldn’t even think of any other options.

“O..O..OK.” She stammered. “B..B..But you have to make sure my nips don’t show in the final pictures, and that’s non-negotiable.” This as she started to regain her confidence.

“Done. Now let’s get this show on the road girlie. Get that damn top off and let’s get going.”

Jennifer realized that she was trapped. There was no way out. It was going to happen and there was nothing, absolutely nothing, she could do to save her dignity. She looked around the room and saw that all the men’s eyes were glued to her. A sudden rush of embarrassment caused her face to flush. She was the only woman in the place and she was about to go topless. As if in a dream, she crossed her arms across her waist and pulled her tee over her head in one smooth motion. No sense in letting them know she was terrified.

The sudden intake of breath by every man in the place disturbed her, and her face went red hot with embarrassment.

“OK.” She announced. “Let’s get this show on the road.”

“Yeah. Right. As soon as you drop the bra honey”

Oh God he was serious. There didn’t seem to be an option. Her trembling hands slowly climbed to the clasp on the front and then, quick, like pulling off a band aid, she opened her bra and threw it on the table with her tee. The instant the cool air hit them, her nipples stood rigidly at attention. The men’s eyes were riveted to her firm high tits. If she hadn’t already been beet red, she would have blushed. As it was, all she could do was cross her arms over her chest to try to maintain some semblance of dignity.

“OK. Let’s get going people.” exclaimed Duane. “Tom, hand me the B215.”

Jennifer’s eyes widened as she saw Tom pick up a leather strap with a bright red rubber ball in the middle. Duane took it and moved behind her.

“Open wide” This as he reached over her head and pulled the ball portion into her mouth.

Then he had fastened the the buckle tightly behind her head, stretching her lips and pulling the ball firmly into her mouth. He moved around to look at his handiwork, reached his hand up and gave the ball a little push back into her mouth, and when he was satisfied with the fit, he told her to move into the photo studio.

She had never worn a gag before, never played any BDSM games, never been submissive. But this did kind of remind her of a time…. NO. She couldn’t think of that now. She had to get through this and get out of here.

“Arms down deary.”

Why did he keep calling her deary, and honey? It was demeaning. She had a name, why wouldn’t he use it. As these thoughts were running through her mind, she almost didn’t notice that they had started taking pictures. Jennifer raised her hands to cover her exposed breasts from the camera lens, but Duane stopped her with a stern shout. The leather strap was pulling the corners of her mouth back causing her lips to close around the ball so she couldn’t form words. When she tried to tell them not to shoot with her nipples showing, all that came out were unintelligible grunts and huffing. She reached behind her neck to undo the gag, but when she did the photographer started snapping wildly.

“Nice.” sneered Duane. “But don’t you even think of trying xslot Giriş to take it off.”

Jennifer’s mouth was filling with saliva and with her jaw stretched, she couldn’t swallow. A trickle of drool escaped her mouth, ran down her chin and dripped onto her chest. Once again there was a frenzy of pictures. She had never felt so humiliated as she did in that moment. Topless, gagged, and drooling. Never so humiliated, and yet just a little bit excited.

After about 15 minutes of shooting, Duane walked over and removed the gag and tossed her a towel to wipe the drool off her chest. Jennifer reached up and massaged both sides of her face to relieve the tension in her jaw muscles. When she could finally talk, she squared off with Duane.

“I said not to show my nipples.” She hissed. “You are shooting my whole upper body”

“I agreed not to show them in the final product. I’ll put a star over your nips if you’re going to be such a prude” Duane sneered back.

A similar scenario played out repeatedly for the next two hours, with more and and more complex gags. The most complex devices took more than one man to fasten to her head. Her jaw was aching from being held open for so long. She had been stretched by balls, rings, bits, spreaders, and even one that expanded with a squeeze bulb until her cheeks hurt. Her taste buds had been assailed with a wide array of rubber, latex, leather, and wood. She had never let any of her lovers put a gag on her, either figuratively or literally, and yet there was something tickling the back of her mind, something slightly arousing about this whole scenario. No don’t think of that now.

When they brought out the first metal gag, It all rushed in on her. Her eyes locked onto it and her mind returned to that time. To the orthodontist who had fitted her with the braces. The mere thought if it caused her pussy to contract involuntarily and she felt herself start to lubricate. It had all seemed too weird to her at the time and so she had driven it to the back of her mind, but now, standing topless in front of all these men looking at that gleaming metal, it all came rushing back, and it hit her like a truck.

“Oh no.” She moaned “Oh no c..c.. no you can’t. Not that one. Please.”

She had become so compliant that the men were totally taken aback by her reaction. All eyes were locked on her as she stood there trying to form a sentence, and failing. Duane was the first to realize that something was amiss and he pressed his advantage.

“Oh YES deary” He growled “And there’s three more after this.”

Those words shocked Jennifer into action, and she started to move, but not quick enough. Duane was on her in a heartbeat. She never saw where the cuffs came from, but she certainly felt them tighten on her wrists, pulling her arms back and presenting her breasts to the men. Helpless, she started to plead with Duane, but his only answer was to grab her shoulders and tell Jake to put it on her.

Her pulse quickened and her pussy throbbed as Jake approached with the metal gag. As he lifted it towards her mouth, she started to struggle and shake her head until Duane shook her shoulders.

“Hey Honey, settle down. You don’t want us to chip those pretty straight teeth with this hard metal gag do you?” And then as she stopped struggling “That’s a good girl. Open wide.”

Those words…The metal moving towards her mouth. She couldn’t stop the flood of memories…

It started when she was 18. She was walking down the street and as she passed the second-hand book store she had glanced in the window. She had no idea who John Norman was, had never even heard of Gor, but the cover art on the book in the window stopped her dead in her tracks. The girl in the picture wore a thick metal collar. She was chained, on her knees. Submissive. Jennifer stood on the sidewalk, staring through the window. A sudden chill ran through her, followed by an intense heat which centered in her groin. She didn’t know why, or how, but that picture touched her soul. She quickly entered the store and arranged to purchase the book. It was only $5 but she would have paid a hundred to have that book.

Book in hand, she rushed straight home and into her room. Her parents were very strict and she couldn’t let them see the book. Not that book. Not with that cover picture. In the secrecy of her room she opened the book and began to read. The words she read were like nothing she had ever imagined.

“Earth girl, captured by intergalactic slavers, awakens on a strange planet. She looks up to see three moons, one large, two small. Her ankles are chained, but even more horrifying, her neck is encircled by a collar of steel, to which a chain is attached. And so begins her adventure, as a slave girl of Gor.”

She couldn’t put the book down until she had devoured every word. In the ensuing weeks, she had re-read the book until she had it committed to memory.

It wasn’t too long after that, her parents finally had the insurance package to cover the orthodontic work she’d needed since her wisdom xslot Güncel Giriş teeth had been removed. They made an appointment, decided on a plan of treatment, and soon enough, Jennifer was laying back in the chair with her mouth wide open.

“That’s a good girl. Open wide”

She had thought the Orthodontist was kind of hot, but when he showed her the metal braces he was going to fit into her mouth, her tummy had flip flopped. OMG. This man was going to fit all that metal into her mouth, and make her keep it there. It wasn’t a collar, but it was metal and she wouldn’t be able to take it off after he installed it. As that thought passed through her mind, she felt a tingle in her pussy and the beginnings of arousal. As the braces were fitted, the arousal increased, and by the time he was ready to tighten the wires, she was squirming in the chair.

“Are you doing OK there Jennifer?” He asked kindly “Am I hurting you?”

“Oh no. I’m OK”

But as she formed the words she could feel all the metal he had placed in her mouth, and it spiked her arousal to a new level. She started to get up. She needed to leave before the smell of her juices gave her away, but he gently guided her back into the chair.

“Oh no you don’t young lady. I still have to tighten the wires.”

She spent the next 10 minutes squirming in the chair as he adjusted the braces. As he applied his “mouth bondage” to her

“Any pain? Am I making them too tight?” He asked.

“Oh no, Sir. Tighter is OK.” she replied, and then felt her insides melt as he increased the tension…

When she came back to the present, she realized that she had been standing motionless staring into space.. Everyone was looking at her.

“You OK honey?” Duane asked, a bit concerned. “You kind of zoned out on us for a minute there. Open wide.”

Still half in a daze, she did exactly as she was told and then felt it. The gleaming metal clicking on her teeth. The pressure keeping her mouth open. And as Jake fastened the straps tight behind her head, her pussy flooded with juice.

When Duane moved away from her, she heard the rapid fire clicking of the camera, almost as in a dream. Her nipples were impossibly hard, both her mouth and her pussy were drooling, and they were capturing it all with their camera.

As they inserted the second of the metal gags she groaned her arousal.

“Mmmmm. Somebody’s starting to enjoy herself.” Laughed Duane.

She could feel her moisture seeping into her slacks. She knew that at any minute now they would smell her and if this kept up there would be a dark wet patch for them to see too. She had never been this humiliated before, and yet never so aroused. She could do nothing but stand there and leak from both ends as the men watched and the photographer moved around her to capture the scene from all angles.

The last one. She was almost done. Almost done in more ways than one. The last one was a one piece metal bit. It had bends on the outside to fit in the corners of her mouth, holding them in a permanent smile, and a big bend with a downward tilt which pushed on the back half of her tongue forcing it down to the bottom of her mouth, effectively immobilizing it. When it had been fitted, she had a kind of slack jawed smile that was very appealing. She could close her lips, but she couldn’t lose the smile.

This time when Jake was done tightening the straps, he stepped back just a bit and reached out with one thick finger. He wet it in her drool and started to gently paint her lips with it. Again and again he wet his finger and slowly, sensuously drew the moisture around her lips. When he slid his finger between her lips and ran it along her perfect straight teeth, she lost it.

The orgasm that shook her was like nothing she had ever experienced. Her whole body tensed and then released repeatedly. She lost complete control and if it hadn’t been for Duane still holding her arms she would have fallen face first on the floor. Grunting and groaning, screaming, lost in her orgasm, she did not see the men watching, but they never moved their eyes away from the spectacle. Jake’s finger left her lips and he pinched one of her nipples with each hand, twisting and pulling as she continued to spasm. She was riding the crest of an unending wave. She groaned, gasped, and squirted her juice into her slacks. All while the camera recorded her debasement.

The intensity of her orgasm caused her to lose consciousness. Duane and Jake, picked her up and moved her to the couch. The cuffs and gag were removed, and she was covered with a light blanket. Nobody else moved.

“What in Hell was that all about?” Followed by silence.

“I’ve never in all my life seen anything like that, even on the Internet”

Slowly, Jennifer floated back to reality. Her jaw and shoulders ached. Every other muscle in her body felt weak and used up. As she began to come to consciousness, she started to recall what had happened. The embarrassment and humiliation washed over her, causing her to sob into her arm. Then, she panicked. What had they done to her after the performance? Had they raped her? She jumped and quickly reached down to find that she still had her slacks on. They were soaked with her juices and she couldn’t wear them home, but they were still on and she hadn’t been raped.

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Jamie and Amby Ch. 01

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It’s been awhile since Jamie had a session of female domination. He and Amby started out as amateurs and experimented with each other. Over time, Amby got better at the femdom game, and Jamie learned new tricks and ways to cum with prostate stimulation. He’ll never forget the first day Amby made him squirt; it was surreal. He’d never heard of a guy purely squirting without cumming. Now, he was driving to her house for a day of female domination, and he was overly excited.

He wore a butt plug on the way over. Every so often, he would clench his ass muscles, and feel the sensitivity the plug created in his anus. At times, he would find himself rubbing his dick through his swim trunks, and would have to stop himself. With a plug in his ass, he could easily pop on the drive over. Jamie hadn’t masturbated in a little over a week, a great feat for him. He wasn’t addicted to sex, but he would cum at least a few times a week; and at least once a day when really horny. He took a deep breath as he continued the drive over.

Once Jamie arrived at Amby’s house, he walked over to the back porch like usual. He brought with him a backpack and a duffle bag. The backpack had a few items for entertainment, but the real fun was in his duffle bag. It was packed with bondage gear and all of his favorite toys. Jamie stripped down, placed his clothes into his backpack, and walked up to Amby’s sliding door completely naked. He knocked on the door, and Amby calmly walked over.

Amby saw Jamie standing there naked around the pool, in the patio area. She says, “What are you doing naked?”

“I just wanted to be ready for you, Mistress.”

Amby hurries Jamie along. “Just get in before someone sees you.” Jamie walks in, and Amby looks at his ass as he enters. She notices the butt plug. “Have you been wearing that butt plug this whole time?”

“Yes, Mistress. I was very horny and needed something to keep me under control on the way over.”

“Get over here now, slave!”

Jamie drops his bag and walks over to Amby. “Yes, Mistress?”

“Sit outside near the pool. Get on your hands and knees. I’m going to see what toys you brought with you this time.” Jamie does as he’s told. He gets on all fours and waits for Amby to return. She comes out into patio area, kneels next to Jamie, and pushes his head down to the floor. He instantly raises his ass up into the air as he lowers his head. He can hear xslot Amby lubing up a toy. Excitement starts building in his chest. Amby presses on the plug, and Jamie slightly moans, wanting the pleasure so badly. Amby teases him, making him wait for it. Then, she pulls the plug out. Before Jamie can make a sound, Amby presses the toy against his ass, nearly forcing the first entry of the day.

Amby isn’t holding back. Jamie had been a bad slave, giving himself minimal pleasure on his way over. He feels a couple inches, then 6, then all 12″ of his favorite jelly dong enters his ass in moments. He moans loudly, and Amby starts pounding his ass without pause. She gives him all 12″, fast and hard. Jamie uncontrollably moans and squeals outside. “I’m gonna, I’m gonna—”

Amby pulls all 12″ out of Jamie’s ass at once. “No, bitch. A good slut earns her orgasm.” She walks away from Jamie and says, “Stay there, just like that until I get back.” Jamie sits there, with his ass up and exposed, waiting.

Amby comes back out. “Come inside before I get my crops and whip you.” Jamie gets up and walks inside. “Now come with me to the couch. You’re gonna be a good lil’ slave and please your mistress while she enjoys some TV. I was watching my program when you showed up.” Amby grabs Jamie by his dick and leads him over to the couch. She sits him down on the floor. At first, Jamie didn’t notice, but Amby’s pants and panties are off. “Well, slut? This pussy isn’t going to lick itself. Make me cum.”

Jamie places his hands on Amby’s thighs and traces them to her pussy lips. He lowers his mouth, and she says. “No hands. A good pussy licker only needs to use their tongue. You’re good at eating pussy, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress.” Jamie lowers his mouth down to Amby’s pussy, and starts licking at the lips. Amby lets out a sharp breath, but that’s all. Jamie continues to lick her pussy lips up to her clit, and starts lapping at it. Amby softly moans. Then, Jamie starts licking it more, faster, and moves his head with each lick. He sucks on her clit and lips, licking her pussy like a dog.

Amby starts moaning more and turns off the TV. She grabs Jamie by the back of the head and holds his head down, pressing his mouth where she wants to be licked. He keeps licking her and she moans loudly. Her hips shake and she pushes Jamie away. “Good girl,” Amby says. “Now, sit here naked while I finish my xslot Giriş show.” Jamie sits on the couch next to her in silence. Afterwards, Amby looks at Jamie up and down. “Let’s go for a swim. You get in, and I’ll join you soon.” Jamie nods and enters Amby’s pool, still naked, and waits for Amby. Soon, Amby enters the pool, wearing a small bikini. She floats over to Jamie and pushes him against the wall. She immediately starts grinding his dick, knowing he’s not allowed to fuck her.

“Turn around, slave.” Jamie does so, and Amby pushes him against the wall again. “Aim your dick at the jet and pull your skin back.” Jamie complies, letting the jet tickle the head of his dick. Amby grabs his ass and opens his cheeks. She slowly enters a finger into his ass and starts to finger him, rubbing his prostate. She grabs hold of his ass with her hand, causing him to ride her fingers as she moves them back and forth. Jamie starts to give little, soft moans. Amby presses deeper. “Moan for me. Louder.” Jamie lets out several moans, and Amby laughs. “Gooooood.”

Amby turns Jamie around. He didn’t realize it, but she took off her bikini. She grabs his dick, noticing how hard it is. She spreads her legs and starts teasing Jamie, rubbing her pussy on the head of his dick and along the shaft. She presses his dick against her pussy, knowing it’s nearly impossible to get it in without some force when in the water. She continues to tease him, making him want to fuck her, knowing he can’t. She starts stroking his dick, and in intervals she grabs his balls; 50% pleasure, 50% just enough grip to stop any chance of orgasm.

“Sit up, slave. I’m going to give you a gift.” Jamie sits up at the edge of the pool, and Amby spreads his legs. “Since you’ve been such a good slut, I’m going to do you a favor. I’m going to suck that pretty clit of yours. But you’re not allowed to cum, or else. Got it?” Jamie nods his head. Amby pulls his legs around her shoulders and starts sucking his dick. It feels so good as she licks and sucks the head, working it in and out of her mouth, bobbing her head. Jamie can’t help but keep himself from moaning loudly. Amby can feel his dick engorging, and that just makes her want to lick and suck it more. She grabs the foreskin and pulls it all the way back. She sucks hard on his dick as she slowly pulls it out of her mouth.

Jamie completely loses control of his dick, and xslot Güncel Giriş he busts a nut. He cums his first big load of the day all over Amby’s face and tits. She submerges herself in the pool to clean off the cum, and then comes back up. “Bitch, what did I say? Did I say you could cum? No, I didn’t. Get up, you’re coming with me.” Jamie stands up. Amby gets out of the pool and grabs him tightly by the balls. She pulls him along as she walks out of the pool and over to the fence around her ranch. She pushes Jamie against it. “Stay there.” Jamie stands there, his naked body pressed against the fence, waiting for Amby’s next order. She comes back with rope, cuffs, and straps; she ties Jamie to the fence. Then, she goes into her horse stables.

Amby returns with a crop. “Bad girls get punished.” Jamie says nothing. Amby starts to smack his ass lightly, taunting him. But soon, she hits him harder with the crop. She make marks on his ass, and tells him to beg.

“Mercy, Mistress. Mercy!”

“Oh you want mercy? Okay, I’ll give you mercy.” She smacks his ass again and walks into the house. She comes back out wearing nothing but a strap on harness with an 8″ dildo attachment. It’s thick, veiny, and shaped like a dick. She instantly bends Jamie over and starts fucking him roughly. “Is this what you had in mind when you asked for mercy, slut?” Jamie can only answer pleasure-filled moans.

Amby continues to fuck Jamie. “You better not cum unless I say you can, bitch. Or next time I’m gonna make you bleed with that crop.” She fucks him deep, and pulls on his hips. She gets all 8″ inside him, and fucks himfaster. Jamie can feel the pressure building after each anal orgasm. His dick starts leaking profusely with thick pre-cum.

“Mistress can I please cum? I can’t hold it any longer.”

“Oh you want to cum? Okay. Come with me.” Amby unties Jamie and grabs his dick. She pulls him to the front of her house and onto the porch. “Cum here for all to see.”


“Oh, you can’t take orders? Okay, I’ll fix that.” Amby bends Jamie over on the porch and starts fucking him again. “I said cum, slut. Make yourself cum.”

As she continues to fuck Jamie, he grabs his dick. Amby knows he hates having to make himself cum when getting fucked, but this is punishment. She continues to fuck him; his ass spasms, and he cums another heavy load onto the porch. Amby pulls out. “Good girl.” She turns him around and gets on her knees. She sucks his dick and plays with his ass and taint. She sucks until she’s certain she’s captured every last drop. “Now, come inside. This is just the beginning of your punishment. I’m gonna milk you dry.”

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It Started with a Garage Sale

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The idea started when we were at a huge garage sale in a neighboring town. As soon as I saw the box I knew that it had a lot of potential and that I had to buy it no matter what the price. As I dragged it up the the woman who was running the sale Sam stopped me and asked me what I’d found. I showed her the box and started to pull out the pieces of leather, the belts, snaps, dog collars, and show them to her.

She rolled her eyes and asked what did I think I was going to do with this stuff, but I think she already knew, when I just said that I had ideas. When it was out turn to check out I was surprised to find that they only wanted $10 for the whole box full, and it I wanted some of the tools that were for leather working it would only be another $10 for those as well. I said sure and already knew that this would be the best $20 that I would ever spend.

We spent the rest of the morning checking out other garage sales, but my mind was occupied with the possibilities of using the leather belts and things that I had bought.

We got back home around 2 pm and while Sam was busy sorting though some of the things she’d bought I quietly went down to my work shop and started to sort through the leather pieces.

Time passed quickly and when Sam called me for supper I had no idea that 4 hours had already passed. While we ate our meal she asked me if I was having fun, and what was I inventing now? She had a twinkle in her eye when she asked me that and I’m sure she realized that I was putting together something that would be used in our sex play.

About 8pm that evening I told her that I’d gotten something ready, and suggested that she take a nice hot bath a relax for awhile. As soon as she was finished I hopped into the shower and then met her in the bedroom. She looked at me and asked me if I had something ready to show her yet, and asked about what had I put together. I then asked her if she was ready to try it out without any questions and with a little laugh she nodded her head.

I quickly ran down to the basement and brought up a several pieces of leather that had rings and clips attached to them. I asked her to stand and placed a wide belt around her waist and buckled it in the back. I then took the two smaller pieces and buckled them around each wrist. They reminded me of the 70’s style wide leather watch bands that used to be popular back then, but instead of holding a watch these had a metal ring attached to them.

The belt had a clip, like a dog chain clip on each side so that when I clipped her wrist bands to the clip her hands we held at her waist with her elbows behind her. This position helped to arch her back a bit and left her little tits proudly sticking out as if they were asking to be seen and used by whoever might be in front of her.

I then took another length out and buckled it around her neck much like a dog collar would fit. She thought this was pretty funny and even barked and growled at me a couple of times. Since she was playing along with the “pet dog” theme I clipped on a leash and walked her around the bedroom a couple of times.

By then she tried to reach the clips on her waist but because of their position she couldn’t reach either of the clips and couldn’t reach across her body to unfasten them either. There was no way she could slide the belt around and it would have been impossible for her to reach the buckle in the back. I was satisfied that the “belt” I had created for her was a perfect fit.

I wanted to try out my creation a bit so I picked up the lease and with a little pull she followed me out of the bedroom and down the stairs to the living room. We went slow so she wouldn’t trip, but she could hold on to the railing a bit as we walked down the steps. When we were in the living room I just walked to the front door and after I switched off the security light brought her outside.

She hadn’t said a word until then, but as she stopped on the front steps she said she didn’t want he neighbors to see her naked in the front yard. I asked her for a quick lap around the house and she said ok. We moved quietly in the dark and although the neighbors lights were on they didn’t see us. I walked her into the garage and helped her get into the front seat of our car. She still wasn’t sure what was going on, but as I buckled her in I also told her I was going to get the keys.

She was pretty helpless sitting in the seat as she couldn’t reach the button to unfasten her seat belt, so she waited until I came back. I asked her where she would like to go so people could see her naked. She only said somewhere that I don’t know anyone. I asked if she wanted a blanket or anything and although I think she really wanted to cover up she shook her head no. She was getting turned on by the xslot thought of this adventure and by not having a blanket to cover up with she would be forced into exposing herself to others.

We drove around for what seemed like both hours and seconds, but in reality was only about 20 minutes. I did enjoy driving along the freeway and when I would pull along side a semi or pick up truck I would turn on the map reading light on her side of the car and expose her nakedness. By the time we turned around and started towards home Sam was squirming in her seat and looked like she was ready to explode. I certainly felt the same way but left the map light on all the way back home.

When we got back into the house I unsnapped one of her wrists so she could take care of her seat belt and get out of the car and into the house. When we got up to the bedroom she asked if I would reattach her wrist again as she was kind of enjoying the feeling of not being able to control things and wanted to finish off the evening the war it had started.

After hooking her up again I spent a few minutes caressing her, rubbing her body and playing with her tits. She looked frustrated by not being able to return any of the caresses but when I asked she still wanted to stay hooked up to the belt. Eventually I pushed her onto her back and started to kiss and lick her body from her lips, taking extra time with her little tits and down to her pussy.

She was so turned on by now that it didn’t take more that a few seconds and she was having an orgasm. I knew that she has been turned on by being shown off while on our ride, but I hadn’t realized how excited she really was.

After she settled down a bit I helped her sit up and then move to the floor. All I had to say was “your turn” and she quickly sucked my cock into her mouth. Previously when she’d given me blow jobs she’s always used one hand as well, but this time her hands were held down so she could only use her mouth. She did her best, but I almost felt like she was fucking me with her mouth instead of sucking me off.

Just as I was ready to cum I pulled out and sprayed her face with my cum. This isn’t something new, but this was the first time she couldn’t direct it to the side with her hands, or get up and wipe it off right away. Although she tried to catch most of it with her mouth a good amount covered her face and dripped onto her little tits.

At this time I just let her sit in front of me enjoying the feeling of having used my wife as I wanted to, and the fact that she enjoyed too it was all the better. The cum was starting to dry by now so I helped her up and unfastened her collar and her belt. I took off the rest of her clips and leather and she went into the bathroom to clean up. I tossed the belt into the corner with the thought I’d deal with it tomorrow.

After we snuggled up in bed and had kissed and hugged goodnight she asked me when I was going to use the belt again. I thought maybe she wouldn’t allow me to use it again so I asked her when would she like to use it again. I barely heard her, and made her repeat her response which was “soon.”

As often happens with great ideas and plans life gets in the way. I had fully intended to take out the belt and use it on Sam in the next few days, even if it was just around the house. But a few weeks went by instead. On a Friday before work I asked her she’d like to wear her belt tonight and she responded by telling me that she’s been waiting for me to ask. I called her from work and told her that I’d be home early so we could get an early start to our evening or fun.

I was trying to tease her a little, and to see what she might be up for that night, and to my surprise she indicated that she wanted to do more than last time. She told me to hurry home as as when she gets her belt on she feels like she’s being put on display and enjoys the submission that goes with it. She said she wants to be shown off and wants to be used in ways that she hasn’t allowed before. Needless to say I cut the rest of my work day really short.

I called Sam on my way home and she said she was going to bathe to be ready when I arrived. I was closer to home that she thought and as I went up to the bathroom she was still soaking in the tub. After some kisses and caresses I helped her shave her pussy nice and bare. When she got out of the tub I went into the bedroom and picked up the belt and brought it to her.

She turned her back to me as I slipped it around her waist and buckled the back. She was ready to be hooked up as I buckled the wrist bands and hooked them to her waist. I fastened the collar around her neck and then we went down the stairs. Since it was late afternoon I think she though I was once again going to lead her outside xslot Giriş and around the house. But instead I brought her to the front door and after wrapping the leash around the railing clipped it onto her collar.

She was now fastened to the railing right inside the front door. I left her there for a few minutes and I went to the basement and came back with another piece of leather. Unlike the heavy leather belt this was very soft and I had cut two holes in it so that it could serve as a mask to hide her identity a bit. I slipped it on and tied it in the back. She asked me what it was for, and I told her I didn’t want anyone to recognize her somewhere else.

We discussed what we should do next, and what we might do that evening. She was very reluctant to offer suggestions so I finally asked her if she was willing to have sex with other guys. Of course I was disappointed she said no, but she did agree to let me show her off as much as I wanted, and she finally said that I could let some men touch her if I wanted.

That started a discussion about how could we do that and still be safe enough so it wouldn’t get out of hand. I finally suggested that the only was for me to keep it safe was to have it happen here in the house, but she didn’t like that idea. I finally told her that I had a plan and after a moment of looking through the phone book ordered a pizza for delivery from a place that we had never used before.

As Sam listened to my phone conversation she didn’t believe me at first. But then she she also heard me call for a Chinese food delivery she knew I was serious about what was going to happen. All in all I called about a dozen places, but only 5 of them said that they delivered to our neighborhood. The delivery times were spread out over the next 2 hours so I thought that our evening would be quite filled with activity.

I told her that at least 5 different people would be bringing us food in the next two hours and it was my desire to show her naked body to all of them. I asked her if she wanted them to touch her too and she quietly said yes.

Within minutes our first delivery arrived and Sam was standing at the door nude the money clutched tightly in her hand. She opened the door wide with her left hand and asked the driver to come in. Although I couldn’t see him I could tell he must have been shocked as I heard Sam respond “yes, I’m all right” and would you like to come in. He finally came in the door holding the pizza in front of himself like it was being used to keep space between himself and my naked wife.

Sam waved the money at him and he finally noticed her trying to hand him the payment for the pizza. About the same time I walked over to take the food from him and he got even more afraid of what was going on. I asked him if he liked the “tip” we were showing off to him and he muttered something I couldn’t quite hear. I asked him if he’d like to touch her and I did get a clear yes this time. He quickly ran his hands over her body and eventually found his way to her freshly shaved pussy. He lingered there for a little while and then grabbed his change and turned around and left.

By then Sam was starting to laugh at his nervousness and she made some wise cracks about my scaring him off. She also said she had to use the bathroom and if I didn’t let her loose she’s make a mess right there. I wasn’t sure if she’d come back of not, but almost a quickly as I unhooked her she was back waiting for me to hook her up again. I asked her if she was having fun yet and she replied that she came back didn’t she.

It wasn’t long before the next order arrived and the delivery played out almost exactly as the first one had. However, this guy spent a couple more minutes playing with her body and didn’t seem as anxious to get back to work. I could tell that Sam was really getting turned on and I think that if he would have kept rubbing her pussy for another minute or two that she would have orgasmed.

I kissed her and caressed her to make sure that she was staying in a very aroused state. I also kept giving her a drink of red wine now and then which helped to loosen her up a bit. As we heard the next car pull into the driveway I was surprised to hear Sam say “I want to do more this time.” I didn’t have time to ask “what more” before the doorbell rang and Sam had the door open and the delivery guy was already in the house. She took the food from him and quickly set it down on the floor and told him that she was the tip if he’d like to feel her up for awhile. He looked at me and after I gave him the go ahead and he immediately grabbed Sam by the tits and pulled her towards him.

He looked like either he hadn’t had much chance to play with a women’s breasts before, or he just liked to be xslot Güncel Giriş a bit rough as he seemed to be mauling her little tits. He was literally sucking on them and chewing on them as he squeezed and pinched her nipples. When he tried to back away Sam had a hold of his belt and was busy getting his pants pulled down around his knees. Although she was somewhat restricted by the belt she managed to get his cock out and was stroking it the best she could as he continued his assault on her tits.

It didn’t take long for him and with quick jerk, and a bite on her left breast, he started to cum. His first spurt of cum managed to spray across both of Sam’s thighs but the rest of it just trickled onto the floor or onto this pants. He seemed really embarrassed then and quickly pulled up his pants and without even taking any money with him he bolted out of the door and back to his car.

As he was running back to the car Sam said “that was fun” and laughed when I told her he didn’t even take the money for the food. She thought that a hand job was pretty easy payment for what we’d ordered. We talked about if she should clean up or not, but when it came down to it she was playing the slut and as a slut she could stay dirty.

I asked her if she was ready to fuck the next guy and although I expected a huge argument to my surprise said yes.

I went to the bedroom and brought back a box of condoms just as the next car pulled in. Once again Sam eagerly met the delivery guy and the door and asked him to come in. He looked very nervous as he looked at me, and the belt and collar that kept Sam in place but he couldn’t keep his eyes off of Sam’s naked body. I told him that everything was cool and don’t worry about a thing.

It was then that Sam surprised me by telling him that she was supposed to pay him for the food, but she didn’t have any money. He just kept staring at her and after seeing the box of condoms got a big grin on his face and nodded. By now Sam was busy undoing the guys belt and when the sound of her taking down his zipper happened I knew that she was ready to get fucked by anyone that walked in the door. She wanked his cock a couple of times but he was already stiff as he could get. She handed him a condom and he quickly rolled it down his cock.

Without wasting anymore time Sam turned around and leaned over the railing as she presented her ass to him so they could do it doggy style. This was about all the movement Sam had with the belt and even then had to hold on so she didn’t lose her balance and fall over.

With one quick motion our delivery guy shoved his cock into Sam’s shaved pussy. It was obvious that she was very excited since with the very first thrust her pussy was making wet sloppy sounds. I’ll give this guy credit, although he’d only been in the house a minute we was ready to go and he was managing to last long enough that I knew Sam was getting something out of it at well.

Just as he started to grab her hips and pound even harder the front door opened. This was the last delivery of food that I’d ordered. In Sam’s haste to get the previous guy into the house and get his cock into her she’d forgotten to close the front door. The last guy walked in and without saying a word started to take off his pants. He dropped his pants on the floor and walked around to Sam’s face and offered his cock to her mouth. I wasn’t sure what she would do, but without any hesitation she opened up and allowed him into her mouth. He had could tell she wasn’t going to help out much due to being belted in place so he grabbed handful of hair on the back of her head and started to fuck her mouth. The guy who had just finished fucking her pussy watched as our latest delivery fucked her throat like it was a cunt.

Since Sam was bent over at the waist and was facing her newest sex partner all she had to do was tilt her head up and he had a clear passage for his cock to go as far down her throat as he could push it. Sam gagged several times as he pushed every bit he had into her mouth but she took all he had. After several more moments he also couldn’t take any more and with a last hard thrust tried to get every drop of cum down her throat. Sam tried to swallow it all, but as he kept his cock shoved deep into her mouth she gagged and coughed cum up through her nose.

After everyone calmed down a bit both of the delivery guys offered to stay around awhile but I told them we were done. As they drove away I unhooked Sam and took off her belt and leash. We had several days worth of food sitting on the counter and she said she was starving and wanted to eat. She asked if she was still my slut, and I of course said yes, to which she said then she wouldn’t wash up yet since she was still a whore.

As we sampled some of the food we discussed the events of the night. She finally admitted that if we do this again she’d like to have sex with all of the delivery guys, and not just one or two. I assured her that I could arrange that, and even more if she’s willing.

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Irina’s Nasty Surprise

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This story continues on from “Irina Is Sent to School”. This chapter works as a stand-alone story.


Valeriya prided herself that she could turn any boy or girl into an obedient slave given time. So was gratified that during the course, Irina had discovered a previously unknown submissive side to her personality. She would now make an extremely attractive slave or ‘companion’.

Irina had felt surge of confidence as she changed from her skimpy uniform into her normal Chanel. As she put on her earrings and pearl chocker, she realised how much they meant to her. She looked great and knew it. All the tutors and her fellow students had congregated on the veranda as Valeriya presented her with a certificate that she was now qualified as a ‘Domestic slave’. The atmosphere was happy and relaxed.

As Irina circulated, she displayed her old easy charm; having a nice word and appropriate joke for everyone. It was such a relief to be back in control.

As she looked on, Valeriya realised how much she had grown to like Irina. So it was heartening that Irina responded to her heartfelt hug. Valeriya desperately hoped this might mean her affection was reciprocated. It deeply saddened her that they were very unlikely ever to meet again. But losing your favourite students was the curse of every devoted teacher.

After the final goodbyes, Irina was relieved to get into the back of the Mercedes. Kirill, the chauffeur, was normally chatty; in fact, he tended to be so ingratiating it irritated. But this time he was thankfully silent. Either Sergei had told him to be quiet or he was at last learning some emotional sensitivity. This suited Irina, she had a lot to think about. She hoped what she had been through would not filter down to the servants’ quarters. It would not be seemly for them to know ‘the lady of the house’ had been trained as a sex-slave and had been forced to prostitute herself in the most humiliating fashion. She would let it be known she had been attending a seminar on nineteenth century Russian literature, that should satisfy their curiosity.

As she sat back she wondered what effect the course would have on her relationship with Sergei. Was he angry or horny? She gazed at her ‘Certificate of submissiveness’. It had been a hard fortnight, but she could not suppress a feeling of pride that she had survived the course. She hoped that Sergei would appreciate her efforts and wondered if she could expect a present; a diamond, another Rolex or perhaps a trip to Paris.

Irina was tired by the time they arrived home. She grabbed her Louis Vuitton bag and made for the front door. Dmitry, their butler was on duty, but instead of the effusive welcome he normally gave Irina, he merely said, “Miss Natasha has asked to speak to you. Would you please follow me?” Irina was not in the mood to talk to the tart; doubtless she was going to beg for her job. Irina had already decided that she would have to go and that was the end of it.

Dmitry knocked on the door of Irina’s private quarters. What the hell was Natasha doing in her room? As she was about to bollock the girl she noticed the changes, the room had been redecorated in her absence … no, it was just all Irina’s personal possessions had been removed.

Natasha was wearing her gym kit showing off her near perfect body. She stood in the middle of the room, hands on hips, clearly confident of her position, “Ah, Irina, good to see you. You will find that there have been a few changes here since you left. The first is that Sergei and I have become an item. He said we were just made for each other. We have just got back from a romantic week in Paris; long walks, wonderful restaurants and even better sex. You should see some of the dresses Sergei bought for me. As you know he can be so sweet. I don’t think I have ever been so in love. Anyway Sergei thought you are a little old to take over my place on the G650, so we agreed you could become my maid.”

Irina was speechless, the little bitch going behind her back. She wondered how long the whore had been fucking Sergei before she had got this commitment out of him. The ingratitude, she had always been nice to the girl. OK she could never remember her name but whenever she had noticed the slut she had said ‘thank you’ and made the sort of banal conversation you were expected to make to servants. Now she was to be her maid, she couldn’t believe it. Irina took a deep breath, there was no point making a scene, as there was nothing Sergei hated more than ‘bitch arguments’.

“Now please remove your watch and all your jewellery. I will keep it for the time being.” Irina obeyed as if in a trance, “Dmitry will take you to your room. Your uniform is in the cupboard. Change and be back in ten minutes, so we can go through your schedule.”

Irina went to pick up her bag, but Natasha was too quick, “No Irina. I will take care of this.”

Irina just managed to say, “Yes of course,” before Dmitry gently took her arm and led her out of the xslot room. Vladimir and Kirill followed them up the stairs, looking almost theatrically thuggish. Irina was stunned by what she had heard. Instinctively she turned to Dmitry hoping for some advice or perhaps the admission that this was all a joke. But he spoke first, “Irina, I do hope you will not give me any trouble. From now on, you will call me ‘Sir’. You are to be under my supervision when Miss Natasha is away. She has told me to treat you like any other junior maid, so you must not expect any favours. You have much to learn about life ‘below stairs’, but with some discipline I am sure we can make you into at least an adequate maidservant.”

Irina could not reply and merely followed Dmitry as he led her to a room on the top floor. She was shocked; it was little more than a cell with a barred window at one end and a door that could only be locked from the outside at the other. It was about twenty feet long and eight wide and had little in the way of comforts with bare wood flooring and whitewashed walls. There was a small shower cubicle to the right of the door, beside this was a toilet, a wash basin and then a cheap chest of draws and a cupboard with a single bed at the end of the room. Irina swallowed hard, she prided herself on never losing her cool, but this was awful.

She needed to think and think quickly. As soon as Dmitry left, Irina stripped off and got in the shower. Natasha could only have moved into her old room at Sergei’s invitation. It was also obvious from Dmitry’s demeanour that he knew she had been superseded. They were clearly both confident that Irina would never regain her authority. She knew that there was absolutely no chance of escape as Sergei had phobia about security and the house was better guarded than most countries’ gold reserves. So the only way of sorting this out was to speak directly to Sergei, ideally talk him round to taking her back, if not at least getting him to allow her to leave.

Irina skipped out of the shower and quickly dried herself with a tiny towel that felt like sandpaper. Sergei’s car wasn’t in the drive so she reached for her phone … but it wasn’t in her handbag. She had called Valeriya a few minutes before she got home, so Dmitry must have removed it when she was talking to Natasha. She knew she would just have to accept the situation in the short term and pray Sergei returned soon.

Realising the door had a peephole she did not feel comfortable walking around naked and went to the chest of draws. It was filled with black underwear, but this was not the elegant silk Irina was used to, it was all very brief and was made of polyester satin. Most of the other drawers were empty, except that of the bedside cabinet which was full of sex toys. Masses of them. Irina noticed a dozens of condoms, creams, restraints and two vibrators, one of which was huge. Did Natasha really think that this was how she would spend her off-duty hours?

Irina sat on the bed and took her head in her hands. She knew her relationship with Sergei had been going through a rocky patch but she thought the course had been a warning, not an opportunity to get rid of her. Now she had to serve her replacement in his bed. She would have to submit and put the Cartwright and Palmer training into practice much sooner than she anticipated.

Opening the cupboard she found five identical black satin maids’ outfits. She struggled into one of the dresses. It had puff-ball sleeves, a tight elasticated waist, a plunging neckline and was very short indeed, coming down a mere inch or so below her crotch. This required her to adjust her suspenders in the hope of keeping her stocking tops covered. However much she pulled at the dress it was still terribly brief. She knew she must get used to crouching down to pick up anything, as the smallest bend of the back exposed her bottom. She tied the small white satin apron around her waist and took a deep breath. Time to face the music.

Irina ran down to Natasha’s room desperately hoping that the other servants would not see her in her skimpy uniform. It would simply be too humiliating.

When Irina entered the room, she found Natasha was going through the contents of her bag. She had piled all of Irina’s Cartwright and Palmer stuff to one side and her designer clothes on the other. Natasha looked up, enjoying Irina’s evident embarrassment, but attempting to appear irritated said, “You’re late. I said ten minutes.”

“Sorry, Natasha.”

“Irina, remember your station. You will call me ‘Mistress’ from now on.” She continued in a firmer voice, “Stand up straight when I am talking to you!”

“Sorry, Mistress.” Irina immediately brought her legs together, put her hands behind her back and tried to look respectful. She did not know what to expect from her employer but did not want to provoke her.

“Now, let’s start with some ground rules; one, you will be on duty whenever I need you; two, you will only xslot Giriş speak when spoken to; three, you will be clean and well presented at all times; four, you will be respectful and curtsey to all visitors; five, you will be obedient and instantly obey any orders given by Sergei or myself, even those of a sexual nature; six, you are not permitted to use the telephone or received visitors and lastly, as my maid you will keep my rooms spotless, run errands, do my laundry and help me dress in the evenings. If you fail in your duties, you will be subject to corporal punishment. Understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.” This was even worse than Irina had anticipated.

Natasha returned to Irina’s luggage and picked up some brief satin shorts, “Irina did you really have to wear these at Slave school?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I told Sergei that school would do you good. He was always going on about your moods and how you never gave him any peace. He has seemed so much happier now I am here to look after him. You can take your slave clothes. I will get the rest washed and return them if you ever need them. It’s really lucky we are the same size, I hope you don’t mind but Sergei said I could take any of your clothes I wanted.”

Irina’s eye was caught by a moving image on the TV and was stunned when she recognised herself gagged being fucked by Arkady. The camera had zoomed in on her face, capturing her intense pain, she couldn’t believe it. Before she could say anything Natasha said, “Sergei loved the DVD. He didn’t know you were so kinky. Arkady said you were the first prostitute who had ever allowed him to do absolutely anything he wanted to her, no matter how painful or degrading. He thought there was a definite niche for you at the cheap end of the market. Now, let me have a good look at you.”

Natasha circled around inspecting her new servant. She then lifted the back of Irina’s dress, and felt the taut satin of her panties against her firm buttocks. She slid her hands between Irina’s legs, feeling her heat. She owned this girl and they both knew it. Natasha whispered, “I do hope we will be friends.”

Irina did not resist the caresses and answered, “Yes, Mistress I will try to be good. But don’t you think my uniform is a bit short?”

Natasha knew she was right, the dress was very, very short and the bitch was going to wear it, but she answered breezily, “Nonsense, you look fine. You will soon get used to it.”

Natasha picked up a stainless steel collar and indicated that Irina should kneel. As she secured it around her neck she said, “Irina, you must wear this at all times. You understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“In case you are wondering, it says, ‘The personal property of Natasha Petrovna’. Sergei and I got it in Paris. We thought you would look rather sweet in it.”

Irina hated herself but the uncertainty was just gnawing at her, she just had to know, “Mistress, can I ask when Sergei decided to get rid of me?”

Natasha turned with a feigned sympathetic smile, “Irina, you really must remember to call him ‘Master’ now. But if you really want to know it was after your trip to Mustique. You just pushed him too far. ‘Slave school’ was my idea. I thought properly trained, you would be useful around the house. Sergei liked the idea of having someone who could provide guests and business associates with ‘intimate services’. Things will be different, but I am sure you will get to enjoy your new job.”

So Irina became Natasha’s personal servant and was constantly at her beck and call. Natasha took great pleasure in training her new toy in the duties of a maid. She explained how she should stand waiting attentively for instructions, how to serve drinks and how to curtsey to guests. For times when Natasha did not need her personally she drew up a schedule of work. This involved serving meals, various household chores and a great deal of cleaning.

It quickly became evident that Irina’s maids outfit was not suitable for housework, so Natasha had Irina wear her Cartwright and Palmer shorts and T shirt. Later she got some new T shirts with ‘Natasha’s maid’ embroidered on them. Natasha had no end of fun surfing the web for ever tighter shorts for her maid. Several times a week Irina was summoned, told to strip and model Natasha’s latest find. Natasha also looked for more uniforms for her maid in different designs and materials, she particularly liked a pale pink version she found.

If Irina thought that the cleaning would be nominal, she was sadly mistaken. Natasha had her working away hour after hour. Each morning Natasha would inspect the work done by ‘her little scrubber’ on previous day and if she thought it wasn’t up to scratch she would lead her to the servants’ quarters. Irina would then bend over the kitchen table and pull down her shorts, or lift her dress and pull down her panties if she was in her maid’s uniform. Then in front of all the other servants Dmitry would cane her, normally with xslot Güncel Giriş six strokes, but sometimes more if Natasha believed Irina had not been polite or had been particularly idle. Sometimes Natasha would suggest that Irina do a forfeit instead of receiving the caning; these varied from inserting golf balls into her pussy (she was warned that next time it would be a baseball), to doing the housework naked for a day to blowing one of the visiting tradesmen. The servants immensely enjoyed the ritual humiliation of their former mistress. Occasionally Sergei would even look in to watch the sport.

Irina’s torment was worse when Natasha was away, as she came under Dmitry’s supervision and he took great delight in humiliating her. The other servants were not sympathetic. All the petty resentments surfaced from when she was ‘the lady of the house’. They seemed to enjoy watching her being humiliated. Dmitry had seen the DVD when she offered herself to Arkady and told Irina to her face he thought she was a tart. The other servants had seen bits of it or least heard about her antics. They must have assumed that Sergei had got rid of her for her infidelity.

Irina barely saw Sergei, it seemed someone was not giving him ‘respect’ and this was taking some time to deal with. She had decided to plead with him to be allowed to work for his Escort agency. She knew she must have seriously offended him, but surely he would not expect her to serve Natasha indefinitely. She planned to play on his greed telling him how much she could earn for him by spreading her legs. The plan was then to keep her nose clean for a few months and then skip the country. There were several ex-boyfriends who would help her out.


“Irina we are having a party tonight. Present yourself in your best maid’s uniform at my room at 6.30.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Natasha was already dressed in one of Irina’s favourite Versace outfits when she arrived, “Lift your dress.”

Irina did so revealing her normal brief panties. “No, they won’t do. We are meant to be entertaining. Wear these.”

The thong was the briefest Irina had ever seen, it was only really two bits of thin elastic covered in black lace. It was tiny. She slipped down her knickers and put it on. Natasha made her stand with her dress around her waist as she examined her. After loosening the front of the dress a little, she made Irina sit in front of her mirror and redid her makeup. This involved painting her lips in the brightest scarlet imaginable, greatly increasing the quantity of eyeliner and mascara. Irina had to admit Natasha was talented and in a way she knew she looked very attractive, the difficulty was she looked like a whore, as Natasha no doubt intended.

The cook had chilled the champagne and the vodka and gave Irina a huge tray to hold. She stood as straight as possible as the smallest bend of her legs made her dress ride up to reveal her underwear.

Irina hoped that the guests would not look at a lowly maid as they circulated and gossiped. To start with her luck held, people she had once called her friends barely looked at her. She kept her eyes lowered, and prayed. One after another they took their glasses of champagne without even glancing at her. But it couldn’t last, the wife of one of Sergei’s lawyers thanked her and Irina saw the shock of recognition in her eyes. The lady did not say anything and merely wandered off to talk to her friends, but gossip like this was like gold dust. Irina gradually saw other wives look over at her. Some staring to be sure, yes it really was her and she was wearing the shortest of dresses. Then their husbands. Now they all recognised her. Irina a maid! In a micro skirt and that makeup! How she had fallen, Irina would have treated many of these people with good natured contempt a few weeks ago. Now they were staring at her speculating on why Sergei was humiliating her or if she had always been a cheap whore and they had somehow misinterpreted her status in the past.

Finally the last glass of champagne was taken and Irina rushed for the kitchen. So quickly she almost knocked into Natasha.

“Things going well Irina?” she asked in what sounded like an unnaturally loud voice.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Natasha dropped her clutch bag, “Irina, be a darling and bend over and pick it up for me, this Versace dress is so tight.”

Irina felt her dress fall forward as she bent down revealing her tiny thong and perfect bottom. This was the excuse people had been waiting for, there was a huge wave of laughter. What had been a secret a minute ago was now on everyone’s lips. Irina was quite literally a laughing stock. She rushed out, ignoring Natasha. Getting to the kitchen she slammed the door, but as she looked up she saw one of the bloody security guards with another tray of champagne. Fight or submission? Much as she wanted to fight she knew it was not an option. Irina gave herself a minute to get her breath back and took the tray.

This time she no longer lowered her eyes; she smiled (somehow) and met her old friends’ looks, nodding at those she recognised. She was trying to say, I am quite happy looking like a cheap whore in front of you all, in fact I can not think of a better way of spending the evening.

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Shopping for High Heels

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This is a short true story which although has no overt sexual content is one which many cross dressers may relate to.

I began cross dressing many many years ago and found that I enjoyed the sluttier side of dressing – which you may be able to tell from my stories! I adore high heels (the higher the better!) and love the look and feel of both PVC and leather and how wearing it makes me feel.

I doubt that many people who know me would guess this and this is how I would like it to stay as I think that very few, if any, of my friends would understand the sexual thrill which I got from dressing….although there are one or two who I could picture dressing up like a little bitch for!

I know that I am not gay but when dressed I always got urges to act as the slut that I was dressed like and would very often end up with dildo or vibrator in my mouth, ass or both!

I have been in a loving relationship with a girl for the last few years and she does not know about my little fetish. I would also never wish for her to find out as I know that it is not something which she would like and perhaps not even accept.

Some time ago I got rid of all of my clothes but recently I have been getting the desire to wear high heels again – my stories were supposed to be a release from dressing not a catalyst to do so!

In addition to my dressing I also discovered the excitement of putting myself into compromising positions where there was a chance that I might get caught or humiliated in front of a stranger.

I discovered this thrill after having been out drinking one night with friends. On getting home I was feeling horny and so put on one of my slutty outfits before going outside and taking a walk around the area where I used to live.

It was not something which I planned but it felt so exciting to be outside dressed and being night time hearing nothing but the clicking of my high heels on the pavement wondering if at any time a stranger may walk around a corner and see me.

As I say though – I gave that all up and am now in a loving relationship. My urges though recently returned and I felt the need to be humiliated in a way that only a cross dresser knows –

I was away for the weekend without my girlfriend and on xslot the drive back home I stopped at a shopping centre (a mall to those across the Atlantic!). Looking around I saw a women’s clothes shop which had some very slutty high heels in the window so I went in and headed straight to the shoe section.

The shop was quite quiet but there was a girl restocking the shoes and tidying the area up.

After looking for a few minutes I got her attention and pointed out a pair of 6″ black patent heels with a 2″ platform. I asked the girl if they had any larger sizes out the back. She asked me which colour (they had light pink as well) and so I asked her to check for both. She came back a minute or so later and said that they only had small sizes before she walked away.

The largest size which they had in that shoe were a UK 7 and I knew that they were too small for me. I also know that a UK 8 are too small but longing for a moment of humiliation I picked up a pair of very high sexy tan wedges and walked towards the till with them.

The girl who I had asked about the shoes was stood there talking to the girl behind the till (I think that they were the only two people working) and as I got close the girl serving went to take the shoes from me. Instead of giving them to her though I asked if it would be OK for me to try them on, looking towards the changing rooms as I asked.

She hesitated for a split second but then said that that was fine so I turned and walked towards what were in effect the women’s changing rooms (remember that this shop only sells women’s clothes).

As I walked in I was really hoping that a woman would be walking out and would see me with the shoes but as I said the shop was really quiet so this did not happen. I went into a booth and pulled the curtain across before slipping one of my trainers off and hoping that the shoe would fit.

As expected the sexy wedge was just a little too small for me but really I knew that anyway. Putting my trainer back on I walked out of the changing rooms still holding the shoes and put them back on the shelf.

At this point I could easily have left the shop but wanting to prolong my agony for a little longer I went back to the till and told the girl serving xslot Giriş that they had been too small and that I had put them back on the shelf. In reply she told me that she had found that those ones pinched a little and asked if I had found the same!

I said that they were a little too small and that I couldn’t get in them but that I had asked about larger sizes – turning to the other girl who was still stood there.

The girl serving said that they only went up to a size 8 but that they may soon be starting to get size 9’s as some other women’s shops were starting to do so. Then to both my embarrassment and pleasure the two girls started suggesting other women’s shops that might have larger sizes!

They suggested a shop which I knew carried some larger sizes and I said that I had already looked there but that the shoes were not exactly sexy (flat shoes!). The girl behind the till agreed and asked me what I was looking for.

I told her that I was looking for a shoe with a high heel and that I thought anything below 4″ should be classed as flats! As I said this I could feel myself going red and the girl simply smiled and suggested a couple more shops that I could try.

I thanked the two girls for their help, turned and walked out of the shop knowing that my face was still red as I left and wishing that I could have overheard what the girls were now saying.

The next day I was on the outskirts of London for a work meeting and as I drove down the busy high street I saw what looked like an independent shoe shop which had all sorts of high heels in the window.

My meeting finished early and so with the thrill that I had experienced the previous day still in my mind I tried to remember where I had seen the shop.

My heart skipped as I saw the shop and I knew what I had to do. Pulling into a supermarket car park a little further on I parked up and began to walk back.

As I entered the shop I could see that it was very small and only sold women’s shoes. In the shop I could see an Asian girl and another lady who I assumed was her mother. There was also a girl (maybe 19 or 20) serving them.

With the girl serving the women I looked around and saw a section on the wall where there xslot Güncel Giriş were all sorts of sexy high heels.

Whilst looking at the shoes and picking a few pairs up I noticed the Asian girl looking at me as she was paying at the till. As she and her mother left the phone rang and it was answered by a man who came from out of the back. He gave the phone to the girl and seeing me came over and asked if I needed any help.

I pointed to the sexy heels and asked what the largest sizes were which they stocked. He said that they only went to 8 and asked if there were any that I liked! I pointed to some sexy 6″ heels which had spikes on them and he said that they were very popular.

Knowing that they wouldn’t fit I picked up some 6″ slingbacks in a black velvet like material and asked if he had any size 8’s. The man said that he would go and check and very shortly came back with a box. The shoes again had a 2″ platform and as I took them from the box I could see that they were a very small looking size 8.

After looking at them for a little bit I said that I thought that they may be a bit small and handed them back to him.

As he took the box and turned away though the urge to put myself in a humiliating position again came over me and I asked if it would be OK for me to try them on!

He turned and smiled and said that that was fine and handed me the box. Being a shoe shop there was obviously no changing room and so I took box from him and took a seat on one of the chairs in the middle of the shop.

When I had been talking to the man I had had my back to the rest of the shop and when I turned to take a seat I saw that there was now a woman picking up some of the sexy shoes that I had been doing the same too just a few minutes ago.

Wearing a suit, shirt and tie I sat down and slipped my shoe off before trying to put my foot into the sexy sling back shoe.

Looking up I could see that the woman had now turned her head slightly and was looking at me from the corner of her eye. The man was also looking and it gave me a huge thrill to know that these two strangers were watching a well dressed man (me!) trying on skyscraper heels in the middle of a women’s shoe shop.

Even though the shoes were slingbacks they would not fit and so I put the shoes back into the box and gave them back to the man after putting my shoe back on. I thanked him and walked from the shop feeling so turned on by what I had just put myself through and imagining how I could push it further.

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In The Red Room Pt. 01

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This is an ongoing confession, a detailed account of a perpetual fantasy I one day hope to live out. A private obsession, not so much about my needs, but about you, the submissive reading these words. If you’re perfect, my needs will be met.


PART ONE: Are You My Dream submissive?

Most women and girls reading this will be fantasists. That’s okay, I’m writing these words for you, too. I hope they make you wet and absolutely dripping for my presence inside your mind and body. I hope you spread your legs and push your favorite toy deep into your aching fuckhole, 500 times. I hope you hook two fingers in your pussy and grind on your g-spot for as long as you can. I hope you spread your slick flower wide open and stroke that most sensitive quadrant of your clit. I want your bean swollen and pulsing and throbbing to be licked and sucked. And if you’re feeling wild, nobody will know if you practice choking on that big fat dildo you bought online. Please, masturbate for me, cum for me, say my name on the crest of an orgasmic wave. Wolf Daddy, fuck me, fuck me.

Are you married and can never tell? In a vanilla relationship without getting wet? A college student wondering if she’s just day-dreaming, or whether she wants to feel her knees on that hardwood floor for real. Maybe your single and waiting and waiting for the right Dom to serve. Or, are you being a naughty schoolgirl who shouldn’t be here? If so, you better leave now, but if you stay, my advice is to gather as much information as possible…and keep on day-dreaming until The Man says you can. I know it’s a drag, but that’s just the way it is.

You sexy fuckin’ fantasists might choose to overlook my darker desires, but that’s okay, it’s a measure of your stature, as a fantasist. I too, remain a fantasist. In the past, I’ve had moderate success with enthusiastic partners, but I’m prepared to wait as long as it takes to find My Cunt. It’s a term of endearment. The fantasists among you might shiver at such a bold name, but those who truly want to serve will know, Cunt is the rank of high office, the queen of the Red Room, and reserved xslot for those who are passionate and eager to kneel and worship.

To all the women and girls who aim to step into the world of sexual service within a real relationship, be very careful. Get to know your Dom. Meet in person without sex a few times to gauge his integrity. You know he has a dark, mean and brutal mind, but that doesn’t mean you need to serve a thug. A true Dom, in my opinion, is a gentleman. In the Red Room I will reduce you to nothing and pry into the source of your sense of worthlessness, but outside, I’m a Dom who has total respect for his sub. Your total obedience defies how fair I am outside the Red Room. Even if your obedience is noticed in public, nobody sees any fear in your eyes, only pride and respect, because when I’m not using you like rape doll, I’m your doting Daddy who protects you. However, a word of caution, I’m a skilled brat tamer.

The “worthlessness” of My Cunt is a sexual concept, usually born of real life trauma, yet I’m not seeking someone who truly believes they’re worthless or is crippled with anxieties. As a Dom and sub, we “go there”, and when life calls for it, we revert to something like ordinary to the outside world. Only in the Red Room will my Dark Daddy rise, although, you will be spending a great deal of time in the Red Room. Especially when you’re questioning your perfection by assuming the position and waiting. In the “waiting”, as you face a dressing mirror, you’ll only have your reflection and the whispered audio of my voice telling you what you are. It’s a time to spend with yourself, to see yourself, and to mentally assert yourself to your upcoming duties.

Your “basic duty” as My Cunt is to always be obedient. You’re always on a learning curve, always trying to do better. You’re always trying harder, to go longer, to go deeper, to please me no matter what I ask of you. It’s important I see an increasingly devoted effort from you to be perfect. You’re a work of art, and between us you’ll one day deserve that important name I gave you. Cunt.

Your “passion”, whatever it might xslot Giriş be right now, needs to become Daddy’s Cock before a Cunt on her knees gets what she needs. It’s sounds counter-intuitive to the dark arts in my mind, but I adore women, and the perfect woman is you. It’s YOUR need to be on your knees in the Red Room that lights my fire. It’s YOUR need to be made nothing that gives me the right to use you as I deem fit. It’s YOUR deviant desire to take all I can give that fires my passion to be the Dom I need to be. I am the Daddy, I make the rules, you do as your told, but none of it is worth anything unless you are of that emotional and psychological disposition to WANT by abuse again and again and again. Now, do you see how rare you are? Sorry fantasists, but now do you see how hard you are to find? Do you see how you are the real star? The star of my dark desires. I put you on a pedestal, even though I allow you no power. Do you see how it needs to work? I’m not sure many Dom’s understand that. Be wary of too much aggression.

So, be careful, thugs abound. A real Dom cares about you. Get his measure before he measures you with his brutal cock.

Some of you may be thinking…perfect? Maybe your physicality is holding you back from blooming into the sexual world you need. But my only requirements would be – 5′ 9″ or shorter with a pretty face. Don’t get me wrong, I have a preference, but the most important physicality is your brain, because sex is 90% psychological. The tease, the temptation, the tension, the words, the threat, the anticipation, the waiting, the conversations. It’s not because I’m not picky, it’s because I know if you ever get to the Red Room, no matter what condition you’re in, by month three you’ll be like me – svelte and fit. Yoga, diet, no gym. Because no matter you’re shape, My Cunt will need to be reasonably fit to meet my demands. So, I rarely vegetate in front of the TV and I don’t munch cookies, just your asshole and pussy, whenever I need dessert. I’m not a fitness guy, but sex and clothes and the exploration of bodies is so much sexier when all the shapes are in the xslot Güncel Giriş right place. And I never complain, always on a positive wave – I have no time for poor-me feelings and a sense of entitlement. Ego is forbidden, which might sound unfair coming from a Dom, but that’s why YOU need to WANT it, and become a skilled actress who makes me believe you don’t. My ego is too small to be a Dom without your submissive desires driving me on. My Cunt must be able to play the game on my level. Chess, not checkers.

Before I cum thinking about your gaping mouth, you need to know the “focus” of your expected adoration. Do I need to write it? Of course, your focus is my handsome, uncut cock. If you don’t feel so inclined at this time, it’s okay to be a fantasist, but My Cunt must learn to be in awe of my manhood. Cherish it. You need to make a needy attachment to it, like a little girl who cries for her woobie. It’s for you to take care of now, to wash, to arouse, to suckle and suck and choke on. Your eyes must show me your need to feel the shaft against your cheek, and those tears that reveal how hard your trying when you swallow me whole. Can you take the head of a cock into the narrows of your throat? If not, basic training will be provided. In fact, a virgin like that is very exciting, but probably a fantasist when she finds out what the narrows of her throat means. It takes strength, the will and bravery to wear a man’s cock, balls-deep. And, of course, you always want to impress me, and you will learn, if you don’t already, that my cock is the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted, or will ever taste. Better than the cherry popsicle you sucked on as a giddy tween. But now the sugar is my precum for you to play with. Use my prick and round your pout with the tip and make your mouth shine with Daddy’s lipgloss. You want my cum, it’s your addiction, show me how much you crave it.

Training, discipline and rewards provided.

I wonder, are you My Cunt? Keep reading, whether fantasist or true sub, this confession is ongoing and nothing good ever happened in a hurry, especially sex. A gentleman Dom artist wants to take as much time as possible with his Cunt muse. I’m going to fuck you in super-slow-motion until your sexually exhausted and liberated into your secret dreams of serving a Dom like me.

Tell me how wet you are.

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Efemine Pasifle

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Efemine Pasifle

Alper üni 1. sınıf ta okuyan izmirli hafif efemine tarzında, ablası ve eniştesiyle yaşayan biriydi.Neredeyse 1 hafta boyu dersten çıkıp onunla chatte bulusup saatler boyu konuşuyorduk.Ben artık buluşma zamanı gelmedimi diye sorunca alper en son ev arkadaşı tarafından aldatıldığı için karamsar olduğunu yazdı.Buna cevaben bende zevki yaşamayı öğren bu hayatı zevki için yaşa deyince biraz daha ılımlı davranmaya başladı.Ben artık chatten çıkıyorum seni şurda 5 dk kadar bekleyecem gelirsen beraber evime geçeriz gelmezsen kendin bilirsin deyip üstümdekileri tarif ettim.Alperde 15 dk olsun hazırlanayım bari yazıp aynı anda kapattık.
Alperin evi çok uzak değildi.Biraz oyalandıktan sonra dediğim yere geldim ve onu beklemeye başladım.5 dk kadar bekledikten sonra yanıma tarife uyan eşofmanın içinde kıvırtarak yürüyen biri yaklaşmaya başladı.Tam yanıma gelip merhaba fırat ben alper dedi.Tokalaşma faslından sonra eve doğru yürümeye başladık.Alper öyle kıvırtıyorduki kalçasını ana yoldan yanyana yürümek yerine ara sokaklardan yürümeyi tercih ettim.Yol boyuda karşılıklı sorular sorup birbirimizi daha fazla tanıma şansı bulmuştuk.Kısa sürede eve gelip hemen içeri geçtik.
Odaya geçerken bile kıvırtınca bende yavaş kıvırtsana biraz arkanda millet seni izliyordu yol boyu deyince alper böyle yürümekten hoşlanıyorum.İlk başlarda bilerek yapıyordum ama artık kendiliğinden oluyor dedi.Ablan enişten bişey demiyormu deyince yok biliyorlar zaten durumumu ben 11 yaşından bu yana böyleyim dedi.Bir süre daha konuştuktan sonra alper lavaboyu sordu yerini gösterdim.Zaman geldi diye düşünüp alper lavabodayken odama gidip pantolon dan kurtulayım dedim.Pantolon ve boxerımı çıkartmış şortumu giyecektimki alperin kapıdan bana baktığını gördüm.Kusura bakma pantolon sıktı birazda şortumu giyip içeri gelecektim deyince alper odaya dalıp boşver iyi oldu benim çıkartmama gerek kalmadı deyip eliyle penisimi tutup sıvazlama başladı.
Bir yandan kendine doğru penisimi çekiyor diğer taraftanda ayakta öpüşüyorduk. Bende ellerimle kalçalarını okşuyor arada sıkıp gevşetiyordum.Kalın dudakları sayesinde öpüşmeyi iyi beceriyordu.Dudaklarımı vantuz gibi içine çekiyor o anlarda nefesimi kesiyordu resmen.Bir süre bu şekilde ayakta kaldıktan sonra alper kendini soymaya başladı.Yatağa doğru geldiğimizde 2 mizde çıplak haldeydik.Beni yatağa itip kendiside üzerime uzandı.Ve sevişmeye devam ettik. Konuşurken ön sevişmeyi çok sevdiğini bildiğimden ben sadece alpere ayak uydurmaya çalışıyordum.Alper dudaklarımdan göğüsüme gelmiş arada başını dişleyip yalıyor bazende başını dudaklarıyla içine çekip bırakıyordu.Göğüslerim acımaya başladığı için alperin başını tutup penisime doğru itince alper de karşı koymadan hemen penisimin hizasına kadar çekildi.
Sertleşmiş penisimi gövdesinden tutup biraz bakıp bu kadar kalın penisle hiç yapmamıştım dedi ve sonra başını ağzına alıp yalamaya başladı.Dudaklarının harika kalınlığı aletimdede etki göstermeye başlamıştı.Şimdiye kadar alper gibi oral yaparken zevk aldığım kimseyi görmedim gerçekten ağzındayken beni benden alıyordu.Aldığım zevkten dolayı 5 dk içinde zevke gelmiş alpere geliyorum diyemeden ağzındayken boşalmaya başlamıştım.Alperin kızacağını düşünmüştüm ama alper boşalma anımda aletimi çıkarmak yerine dahada şevke gelmiş eliyle en diptekileri bile çıkartıp ağzına hepsini doldurvermişti.Başını geri çekip ağzını açarak yuttuğunu gösterince çok zevk aldım kusura bakma böyle oral yapanını görmedim boşalıyorum bile diyemedim dedim.Alper tadı çok güzeldi boşalma zamanının geldiği zaten belliydi ayakların titriyordu ağzıma boşalmanı istedim sorun yok güzeldi deyince rahatladım.
Alperin bu jesti karşısında benimde ona zevk aldırmam lazımdı.Hemen yerimden kalkıp alperi sırtı yatağa gelecek şekilde yatırdım.Bacaklarının arasından deliğine doğru yönelip dilimle masaja başlayınca alper kendinden geçmeye başladı.Bende aynı o gibi şehvetle önümde duran pırıl pırıl haldeki deliğine yumulmaya başladım.Dilimi deliğinden içeri her sokuşumda alper başımı tutup iyice sokmam için itmeye başlıyordu.Arada parmaklarımı deliğine doğru götürüyor hafifçe baskı yaparak deliğinin daha da genişlemesini sağlıyordum. Artık deliği tamamen genişlemiş 3 parmağımı aynı anda rahatça alır hale gelmişti.Yerimden doğrulup hafif sert haldeki penisimi alperin ağzına verdim.Alper yine süper sekilde yalıyor bende deliğinin daralmasını önlemek için parmaklarımı yine sokup çıkartıyordum.Kısa sürede kazık gibi hale gelince hemen alperi 4 ayak pozisyonuna getirip arkasına geçtim.
Aletimi tuttuğum gibi deliğine itmemle başını bir hamlede sokuverdim.Belinden tutup kendime doğru çekmemlede hepsi deliğin içindeydi.Acı varmı diye sorunca alper biraz bu şekilde kalırmısın dedi.Bende hareketsiz olarak kalırken alper kendi kendine hareketlerle öne arkaya gidip gelmeye başladı.İyice hızlandığını görünce belinden tekrar kavrayıp ben başladım sokup çıkarmaya.Seri şekilde yapmamla alper ohhlamaya zevk almaya başladı.Devam et sik beni sok hepsini diye söylenirken ben iyice hızlanmış şap şap sesleri eşliğinde var gücümle alperi sikmeye devam ettim.Sanki makinaymışcasına hızlı hızlı sokup çıkarırken yorulduğumu anlayan alper beni yatırıp üzerime çıktı.Aleti tuttuğu gibi üstüne oturarak bu sefer o hızlı şekilde zıplamaya başladı.Kendini öyle bastırıyorduki resmen aletim deliğinin çeperine değiyor hissi veriyordu bana.4-5 dk alper üstte kaldıktan sonra onu ters döndürüp sırtı bana doğru gelecek şekilde üzerime yatırdım.Bacaklarını tutup alttan pompalamaya başladığım.Var gücümle sokup çıkarıyor arada hepsini çekip bir hamlede tekrar en dibe doğru iterek zevkin doruğuna çıkarıyordum 2mizide.
Alperin ağırlığı artık iyice belli ediyorduki üstümden indirip yatağın ucuna kadar getirdim.Ellerini yatağa dayatıp belini bükmemle aletimi deliğine tekrardan itmeye başladım.Artık kendimizden geçmiştik resmen.Alper herhalde titremesinden anladığım kadarıyla 2 kez falan boşalmıştı ama ben hala girip çıkıyordumki yeter boşal artık deyince peki deyip dahada hızlandım.1-2 dk kadar daha siktikten sonra son kez şiddetle deliğine yüklendiğim gibi tüm döllerimi deliğinin içine bırakmam bir oldu.Biraz içinde durduktan sonra aletimi çıkardım ve alperin yanına uzandım.Alper süperdi inanılmaz zevk aldım yazışmalarımızda dediğin gibiymiş zevk almak lazımmış deyip aletime yumuldu ve kalan dölleride ağzıyla temizledi.
Yerinden kalktığı gibi lavaboya koştu.5 dk sonra geldiğinde yanıma uzanıp teşekkür ederek tekrardan öpmeye başladı.Aletim kalkınca yuhh daha yeni yaptık ammada azmışsın deyince ben doyumsuzum biraz bu aralar partnerde bulamadığımdan yapamadım bu yüzden kalkıp duruyor dedim.Aslında bende 1 tur daha istiyorum ama saat çok geç olmuş bugünlük yeterlimi deyince bende yapmak isterim ama zor durumda kalmanı istemem istersen arayıp haber et dedim.Böyle emrivakileri sevmezler yarın kalmak için gelirim deyince bende tamam dedim.Telefon numaralarımızı birbirimize verip onu uğurladım.Alperle o günden sonra 4 yıl boyu o gidene kadar devamlı görüştük.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Uyandığımda yatakta Batuhanı kontrol ettim uyuyor mu yoksa uyandı mı diye. Telefonuma baktım, saat sabahın dokuzu ve Batuhan daha uyanmamıştı. Kendisinin bir kölesi olduğumdan ve bundan da birşekilde zevk almaya başladığımdan dolayı onu özel bir şekilde uyandırmak istedim. Aşağı doğru eğildim beni kendine aşık ettiren yarak karşımdaydı, onu emmek yalamak istiyordum, yüzümün her yerinde hisetmek onu boğazımın derinliklerinde hisetmek istiyorum. Kokusunu içime çekmek istiyorum, ben bunları düşünrken sikini tutup sikiyle suratıma vurdu uyanmıştı.
-Orospum benim günaydın
-Günaydın efendim
-Hadi mutfağa sana ben kahvaltı hazırlacam kendi elerimle özel soslu, gülerek söyledi
Birlikte mutfağa indik, ikimiz de çıplaktık bana öpücük verdi ve beni salona gönderi. Yaklaşık 1 saat sonra bana mutfaktan seslendi yemek hazır dedi. Mutfağa doğru yürümeye başladım, içeriye girince Batuhan benim için yumurta kırmıştı ve kendine de farklı bir görüntü de yumurta kırmıştı. Bu detay ilgimi çekse de sessimi çıkarmadım gösterdiği yere oturdum.
-Yemeye başlayabilirsin kölem
-Teşekkür ederim efendim
-Bu hayatı beğendin mi?
-Sana karşı dürüst olacam ilk başta sevgili olalım dediğinde birkaç normal sex yapıp sıkılırsın diye düşünmüştüm ama sen hem sevgilim oldun hem de efendim ve ben bu hayattan gerçekten hoşlandım efendim
-Yalnız bu hayatın bazı kuralları var
-Nedir efendim
-Birazdan sana anlatacağım kuralları hayatında yaşamak istiyormusun yani ne olduklarını bilmeden uygulamak istiyormusun gerçi fazla seçim şansında yok
-Evet isterim Efendim
– o zaman başlıyoruz….
Tüm dikkatime ona verdim bu kurallar neler olduklarını gerçekten merak ediyordum.
“Kural 1 Saygı; bana saygı duyacaksın, yaptıklarıma, kararlarıma, Kendi kendine sürekli efendime karşı saygılı olmalıyım karşısında saygısızlık etmemeliyim demelisin, Her eve geldiğimde önümde diz çökmelisin. Kural 2 İletişim; Benimle sürekli iletişim halinde olacaksın anlamadıklarını soracaksın, bana karşı dürüst olacaksın, Yalanlarının bedeli ağır olur haberin olsun.Kural 3 Sahiplenme; Beni sahiplenecek bana tapacaksın, beni çağırırken efendim yada sahip diyeceksin tabi okulda ismimle hitap edeceksin ve okul dışında ortamlarda aşkım diye hitap edeceksin. Kural 4 Emirler; Benim tüm emirlerime karşı gelmeden harfiyen uygulayacaksın bunun için yaşayacaksın, Hayatında başka hiç birşey bu kadar önemli olmayacak, bu emirleri uygularken zevkle ve büyük bir şehvetle yapacaksın, Kural 5 Limit; herhangi bir limit yok tam itaat edeceksin. Kural 6 ödül ve ceza; Ne kadar iyi itaat edersen ona göre süprizlerim olacak ama emirlerimi uyguluyamassan cezalarım olacak. Kural 7 Konuşma; Kesinlikle sözümü kesmeyeceksin ve izin verirsem konuşacaksın, Kural 8 Aşk; bana aşık olacak benim için ölümü bile göze alacaksın, bir de benimle evlenecek ve ömür boyu kölem ve eşim olacaksın”
Konuşması bittiğinde ona baktım konuşmadan, oda bana bakıyordu. İkimizde birbirimize bakarken kendi kendime sorular sormaya başladım bu benim öğrencim, yıllardır beni kontrol edecek bir eş aradım ama bu omuydu yani 20 yaşında delikanlı mı, peki ya aileme ne diyecektim anne bu kocam 20 yaşında ben de 36 yaşındayım mı diyecem bu şekilde kendi kendime düşünürken aklıma bi soru takıldı.
-Peki çocuğumuz olmasını istiyormusun?
-KArımda olacaksın yani tabiyki çocuğumuz olacak
Böyle bir hayatı istiyordum ama her zaman korkuyordum bu sefer korkmak yok ne kadar eğlenmiştim son defa ben Batuhanın kölesi olmalıym, bunları düşünürken diz çöktüm başımı eğdim ve lütfen benim efendim ol erkeğim ol kocam ol sana yalvarıyorum, dedim.
-Kölem artık benimsin kaldır kafanı ve hazırladığım yemeği yemeye devam et bitir o tabağı.
Yemeğimi bitirip efendime baktım şimdi ne olacak diye.
-Spermli yumurtayı umarım beğenmişsindir
-Çok güzel olmuş efendim hayatımda yediğim en güzel yumurtaydı.
-Bugünün şerefine seni sikecem ama götten
-Efendim siz nasıl isterseniz yalnız uzun zamandır götten sikişmedim lütfen nazik olurmusunuz.
Oturduğu yerden kalkarak yanıma geldi, suratıma sert bir tokat attı.
– Sana mı soracam nasıl sikeceğimi Orospuçocuğu
Hafiften gözlerim doldu ağlamak üzereydimi, tekrardan konuşmaya başladı
-Tuvalete git diz çök ve beni orda bekle dedi.
Dediğini yaptım tuvalete gidip dizçöktüm ve onu bekliyordum odama girdiğini duydum bişeyler karıştırıyordu yanıma geldi tuvalete işemeye başladı hafif dışarı sıçratıyordu kenarlara da işiyordu bilerek yapıyordu, sifonu çekmedi beni tuvalete doğru köpek pozisyonuna getirerek sikine krem sürdü arkama geçtti göt deliğine doğru yarağıını hizaladı, yarağının başını sokmuştu uzun zaman olmuştu hafif bir acı hissettim ama bişey diyemedim saçımdan tuttu ve yüzümü tuvaletin kenarına sürdü. Yüzümle temizliyordu tuvaleti tüm yüzüme bulaştı. Hayla başı içerdeydi yavaş yavaş sokamsı için dua ediyordum ama birden kökledi hepsi giremedi ama canım çok yandı çığlık attım kafamdan tuttu tuvaletin içine soktu, birdaha kökledi artık hızlı hızlı göttümden sikiyordu. kendimi rahat bıraksamda bunu başaramıyordum ve canım acıyordu gerçekten. Daha da hızlandı artık boşalacaktı anlamıştım birden götümden çıktı ve saçlarıma boşaldı. Yarağı inmemişti ve birden amıma kökledi bu sefer amımdan hayvan gibi sikiyordu kendimi kaybediyordum az önceki acı gitmiş şimdi de amımın verdiği zevkle nefes nefese kalmıştım. Azönce bir an önce boşalmasını isteyen ben şimdide boşalmaması için dua ediyordum. İçime boşalmaya başladı, Korunuyordum bu yüzden bunun tadını çıkarmam gerekiyordu. Boşaldıktan sonra beni yere itti o şekilde oturmamı emretti kendisi de duşa girdi duş almaya başladı. Sonrasında bana temizlen ve salona gel dedi. Duş aldım, iyice temizlendikten sonra sonra kurulanıp yanına gittim ve karşısında ayakta dikiliyordum, bana oturmamı emretmesini bekliyordum.
-Evet efendim
-Artık korunmayacaksın, hamile kalmanı istiyorum
-Bu benim hayalim efendim sahibim tarafından hamile kalmak yalnız babam ve annemin tepkisi iyi olmaz efendim onları üzmek istemem
-Sen ne kadar salaksın, az önce daha karım olacaksın dedik ya sana gerizekalı
Karşısında kıpkırmızı oldum utanarak bir soru sordum
-Efendim gerçekten evlenecekmyiz?
Ayağa kalktı yanıma geldi yüzüme bir daha tokat attı
-Kölemsen sana bu konularda şaka yapmayacağımı anlaman gerek yoksa karım olmak istemiyormusun
Karşısında çaresiz bir şekilde yere diz çöktüm ağlayarak
-Lütfen sonsuza kadar efendim ol kocam ol sahibim ol hatta çalışma ben çalışırım benim maaşım ikimize de yeter ne istersen yaparım sana yalvarıyorum
Koltuğa geçip oturdu yüzüme bakarak geç haftaya okul için planlarını yap dedi.
Ayağa kalkıp çalışma odasına giderken arkamdan seslenerek “Azra 2 saatin var daha çok işimiz var birde kilo verme şişko seni öyle beğeniyorum” dedi. Bende ona Emredersiniz dedim ve çalışma odasına girdim.

Kısa not: Bunu yazarken hasta olmuştum, çok güzel olup olmadığını kestiremedim umarım beğenirsiniz, birde yorum yaparsanız beğenip beğenmediğinizi en azından bir sonraki hikayem daha da güzel olabilir…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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Üvey Abimle Grup Sikişi Yaptık! (Nilay 22 Y., Sams

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Üvey Abimle Grup Sikişi Yaptık! (Nilay 22 Y., Sams

Merhaba arkadaşlar, ben Nilay, sizlere daha önce 69 Kaymakgibi Sikilen Amlar Sitesinde üvey abimle aramızda geçen aşkı ve sikişi anlatmıştım. Üvey abimle olan ilişkimi birtek en yakın arkadaşım Nesrin biliyordu, o da sürekli bize katılmak istediğini söylüyor, ama ben yüz vermiyordum. Fakat bu Nesrin orusbusu kafasına koymuş, illa ki aramıza girecek. Abim aslında böyle birşeye dünden hazır, ama ben yok olmaz diyordum. Nesrinin halasının oğlu Fırat var, Nesrin ona hep ‘Abi’ der, Fıratla da abim çok yakın kankalar, yedikleri içtikleri ayrı gitmez. Fırat abi evlenmiş ve eşiyle bir yıl kadar evli kalmış, fakat anlaşamamışlar ve boşanmışlardı.

Nesrin birgün Fırat abiye, “Sana birşey söyleyeceğim, ama kimseye söyleme!” diyor, o da, “Tamam söylemem!” diyor, yemin ediyor. Nesrin de abimle benim ilişkimi Fırat abiye anlatıyor ve Fırat abinin ağzı açık kalıyor, “Yok kız olamaz! Yalan söylüyorsun!” diyor. Nesrin de yemin ediyor. Fırat abi, “Vay anasına, çok ilginç! Ama ben bu öğrendiğimi kankama söylemem gerek, benim bildiğimi bilmeli, ben ondan şimdiye kadar hiçbir şey gizlemedim, o benden neden gizlemiş, bunun hesabını ona sorarım!” diyor. Nesrin Fırat abiye yalvarıyor, “Ne olur abi söyleme, Nilay benle konuşmaz birdaha, bana küser!” diyor. Fırat abi, “Yok, soracağım!” diye diretiyor. Nesrinin o zaman aklına bir hinlik gelmiş, “Madem soracaksın abi, öyleyse bir akşam bizimkiler veya sizinkiler evde olmadığı zaman onları davet edelim ve bu konuları konuşalım!” diyor. Fırat abi de, “Bak bu iyi fikir!” diyor, kabul ediyor.

Birkaç gün sonra Fırat abi abimi gördüğünde, “Kanka bu akşam gel de oturalım, bizimkiler evde yok, bir Nesrin bir de ben varım, gelirken Nilayı da getir Nesrin de sıkılmamış olur.” demiş. Abim de beni aradı, “Akşam hazırlan Fıratlara gidiyoruz, bizi davet etti, Nesrin de ordaymış.” dedi. Ben bir anlam veremedim ama, “Tamam abi!” dedim. O akşam hazırlandım, sanki başımıza geleceklerden haberim varmış gibi en seksi iç çamaşırlarımı ve elbiselerimi giydim ve abimle Fırat abilere misafirliğe gittik. Kapıda bizi Fırat abi ve Nesrin karşıladı. Nesrinin de benden aşağı kalır yanı yoktu, o da çok seksi ve zarif giyinmişti. Fırat abi abime Nesrinle beni işaret ederek, “Kanka şunlara bakarmısın, birbirleriyle şıklık yarışına girmişler, göz kamaştırıyorlar!” dedi. Abim de, “Ama ikisine de yakışmış!” dedi. Nesrin bir sürü yemek hazırlamış, onunla yemekleri servis yaptık. Mutfaktayken Nesrin bana bir ara, “Bu akşam sana bir sürprizim var…” deyip, ısrarlarıma rağmen cümlenin sonunu getirmedi.

Yemeklerimizi yedik oturma odasına geçtik. Ben abimin yanına, Nesrin de Fırat abinin yanına oturdu. Kahvelerimizi içerken ordan burdan konuşmaya başladık. Ama hep konuşmalar ya benim, ya da Nesrinin üzerinde dönüp dolaşıyordu. Fırat abi dolaptan bir büyük şişe Rakı getirdi, biz de Nesrinle biraz meyva hazırladık ortaya ve içmeye başladık. Birkaç dubleden sonra Fırat abi abime, “Bunları evlendirmeyelim kanka, evlendirirsek kıskanırız ve zorumuza gider!” deyince, abim de, “Ben zaten Nilaya evliliği yasakladım!” dedi. Bunun üzerine Fırat abi, “Biliyorum kanka, herşeyden haberim var!” dedi. Abim şaşırmıştı, “Neden haberin var?” dedi. Fırat abi de, “Aslında sana dargınım kanka, ben senden hiçbir şey saklamadım, ama sen benden sakladın, Nilayla aşk yaşadığınızı biliyorum!” dedi. Abimle birlikte ben de kıpkırmızı oldum ve Nesrine, “Dayanamadın yumurtladın, değil mi?” dedim. Nesrin de pişkin pişkin, “Evet söyledim, çünkü sizleri çok seviyoruz, bizden utanmanıza çekinmenize gerek yok!” dedi. Abim Fırat abiye, “Kanka sana karşı mahçup oldum, sen şimdi beni ahlaksız biri olarak görürsün!” dedi. Fırat abi de, “Olur mu kanka, asla öyle düşünmem, bana göre bunlar normal şeyler!” dedi.

Abim de, “Normal şeyler diyorsun da, peki sen yaparmısın böyle bir şey? Mesela Nesrinle?” dedi. Fırat abi, “Valla bilmiyorum ki, şimdiye kadar böyle birşeyi hiç düşünmedim…” dedi. Abim de, “Şimdi düşün işte, bak Nesrin yanında, mesela onu öpermisin?” dedi. Fırat abi de Nesrin de şaşırmışlardı ve ne diyeceklerini, ne yapacaklarını bilemediler. Fırat abinin şaşkınlığı geçince, “Öperim tabii, ama bunu Nesrin de istemeli!” dedi. Ben hemen lafa girdim ve Nesrine, “Kız topu sana attılar, haydi bakalım, söz sende!” dedim. Nesrin bir iki saniye düşündükten sonra, “İsterim… ama siz varsınız, sizin yanınızda olmaz, utanırım!” dedi. Benim kafa çakır ya, hemen abimin dudaklarında yapışıp öptüm ve “Bak biz sizin yanınızda öpüştük! Haydi şimdi siz de öpüşün!” dedim. Fırat abiyle Nesrin akıllarınca bize oyun kurmuşlardı, şimdi o oyunun içinde kendileri kalmıştı. Abim de Fırat abiye ısrar ederek, “Haydi kanka, görelim marifetini!” dedi. Fırat abi Nesrini kendine çekti ve dudaklarından kısaca öptü bıraktı ve “Hiç de zor değilmiş!” dedi. Nesrinin kafa da çakır, eteğini hafif yukarı çekerek Fırat abinin kucağına oturdu ve dudaklarına bir yapıştı ve çok iştahlı bir şekilde öpüşmeye başladılar…

Deli gibi öpüşürlerken Fırat abi de Nesrinin göğüslerini ve kalçalarını okuşuyordu. Nesrin kırmızı iç çamaşırı giymişti. Biz de abimle öpüşmeye başladık, aynı vaziyette bende eteğimi yukarı topladım ve abimin kucağına oturdum, deli gibi öpüşüyorduk. Ben beyaz dantelli iç çamaşırı giymiştim. Artık karşılıklı koltuklarda öpüşüyorduk. Abim benim üstümdeki elbiselerimi çıkarırken, Fırat abi de Nesrinin üzerini çıkarıyordu. Nesrin de ben de sadece iç çamaşırları ile kalmıştık. Fırat abi abime, “Kanka burada rahat olmuyor, yatak odasına gidelim!” dedi. Hep birlikte kalktık. Yatak odasına giderken Nesrinle benim başımız hafiften dönüyordu ve sallanarak yürüyorduk. Erkekler henüz soyunmamıştı, odaya vardığımızda ayakta ben abimi soyarken, Nesrin de Fırat abiyi soydu. Şimdi hepimiz de de iç çamaşırlarımızla kalmıştık. Yanyanaydık, ilkönce ben abimin külodunu indirdim, sonra Nesrin Fırat abininkini indirdi, biz eğildik abilerimizin siklerini yalamaya başladık. Bu arada Fırat abi bir benim başımı abimin sikine bastırıyordu, bir Nesrinin başını kendi sikine…

Biraz saksodan sonra, abim Fırat abiye, “Kanka bu amına koduğumun oruspularını bu gece yarrağa doyuralım!” dedi. Fırat abi de, “Doyuracağız ortak, sen merak etme!” dedi. Sonra bizi yatağa yanyana sırtüstü yatırdılar ve kasıklarımızdan tutarak yatağın kenarına çektiler, onlar ayakta, abim bana, Fırat abi de Nesrine sokmak için pozisyon aldılar. Nesrin daha bakireydi, “Fırat abi ilk erkeğim sen olacaksın, ikinci erkeğim de kankan olacak, ona göre!” dedi. Fırat abi de, “Olacak olacak merak etme, sen önce benim karım ol şimdi!” deyip Nesrine bir soktu, Nesrinin çığlığına ben bile irkildim. O sırada abim de bana soktu, bizi öyle bir sikiyorlardı ki, sanki yarışmaya girmişler, en iyi sikiciyi seçiyorlar gibiydiler…

Belli bir zaman sonra abim Fırat abiye, “Ortak eş değişelim mi?” dedi. Fırat abi de, “Tamam ortak, haydi!” dedi ve üstümüzden çekildiler, biz Nesrinle aynı vaziyette yatıyoruz. Fırat abinin siki kanlıydı, o kanlı sikini amıma öyle bir soktu ki, o anda kendimi sanki benim de kızlığım yeni bozulmuş gibi hissettim. Abmin yarağı Fırat abinin yarağından az kalındı, abim de Nesrinin kanlı amına yarağını soktukça Nesrin daha da sesli bağırmaya ve inlemeye başladı. O gece yediğimiz yarağın hesabını tutamadım, sabaha kadar Nesrinle benim sikilmedik yerimizi bırakmadılar. Aklınıza gelecek her pozisyonda ve her delikten siktiler bizi. Bir ara abimle Fırat abi Nesrini tost yaptılar, Nesrini bağırta bağırta amdan götten aynı anda siktiler. Sonra da ben aynı anda 2 yarak yemenin zevkine vardım. İki yarağı birden yemeyen kadın bence çok şey kaçırıyor, onun zevkine varmayan hayatında seksi tam tatmamıştır…

Hepinizi öptüm!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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Efe ile Nilin Hikayesi..18

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Efe ile Nilin Hikayesi..18
Ben gece vardiyasında çalışırken, eşim Nil’in sabaha kadar komşumuzun oğlu Mert ile seviştiği, sabahında benim yanımda tekrar beraber olduğu o müthiş gecenin ertesi günleri Mert’i beklemekle geçti. Karım durmadan bana onu soruyordu,

“Efe, Mert neden gelmedi? Neden aramadı bu çocuk? Senin haberin var mı? Yoksa ters bir şey mi söyledin sevgilime? Doğruyu söyle…” Ben de,

“Sevgilim, yok işte… Evine mi gideyim? Oğlunuz nerede, neden karımı becermeye gelmedi diye sorayım mı? Sabret biraz… Elbette öğreniriz…” diye ikna etmeye, yatıştırmaya çalışıyordum karımı…

İki gün sonra akşam Nil’in telefonu çaldı. Eline alıp baktığında gözleri parladı karımın, hemen açtı. Mert arıyordu. Özürler diliyor, işyerinden acele seminere gönderdiklerini, vedalaşmaya bile fırsat bulamadığını söylüyordu. Karım kırılmış, soğuk, bir iki cümle kinayeli konuştu önce, sonra oğlan neler anlattıysa yumuşadı. Gülümsemeye başladı, telefonun hoparlörünü açtı,

“Sesi açtım, kocam da dinliyor Mert… Ne zaman geleceksin aşkım?”

“Bir iki hafta buradayım Nil… Ama biliyor musun, seni çok özledim bebeğim.”

“Yaa…” Şuh bir kahkaha attı karım… Eminim oğlanın ilikleri erimiştir o seksi kahkahayı duyunca… “Beni mi özledin? Yoksa başka şeyleri mi?”

“Her şeyini özledim. Seni, güzelliğini, taş gibi vücudunu… Ateşli sevişmelerini…”

“Başka başka?”

“Her şeyini diyorum ulan sana… Seni sikmeyi özledim. Amcığının sıcaklığını… Darlığını… Suyunun tadını… Köfte dudaklarını öpmeyi… Klitorisini kabartıp yalamayı, emmeyi… Götünün deliğini bile özledim aşkım… Offff ulan off… Şimdi yanında olsam… Amcığına benim malafatı gömsem… Yatırıp kaysam, domaltıp siksem seni… Amının suyunu emsem, hortumlasam…”

“Hop… Dur bakalım Mert bey…” diye söze karıştım. “Kocası da dinliyor dedik sana… Sen durmadan karımı nasıl sikip sokacağını anlatıyorsun…”

“Ah abi… Sen cennetliksin biliyor musun? Senin sayende ilk defa evli bir kadını korkmadan sikebiliyorum. Bugüne kadar siktiklerimden pek zevk alamıyordum. Şimdi kocası gelecek, yakalayacak, basacak, olay çıkacak diye korkumdan…”

“Vay puşt vay… Demek evli kadınları sikmeyi seviyorsun ha? Benim karımı siktiğin gibi…?”

“Öyle deme abi… Benim malı biliyorsun sen de… Allah yapısı işte, vücut da var, tip desen öyle… Bir tane sikiyorum, kulaktan kulağa yayılıyor anasını sikeyim. Duyan geliyor. Tadına bakan bir daha bakayım diyor.”

“Aynı bana yaptığın gibi aşkım… Amcığıma sikinin tadını bir tattırdın, gece rüyalarıma giriyor şimdi… Her gece beni sikiyorsun rüyamda…”

“Ama hakkaten maşallahın var Mert… Karıcığımı mahvetmişsin o gece… Gerçi ben de gördüm ya nasıl sikiştiğini… Namussuz herif, nasıl da pompaladın karımın amcığını… Kol gibi sokup çıkardın zavallı karıma…”

“Ama abi… Senin karın da yabana atılır mı yaa…?”

“Niye? Çok mu güzel benim karım?”

“Güzel de laf mı abi? Siz evlenip taşındığınızdan beri hastayım senin karına ben… O seksilik… O cilveli hareketler… O süzgün bakışlar… Giydiği mini mini etekler, dekoltesinden görünen memeleri… Apartmanın kapısında az mı bekledim iş çıkış saatlerinde… Karın gelsin de arkasından merdivenlerden çıkayım, mini eteğinden güzel bacaklarını göreyim diye…”

“Hiç merak etmedin mi oğlum? Asansör varken neden merdivenlerden çıkıyor bu karı diye sormadın mı? Seni görür görmez neden merdivenlerden çıkıyordu biliyor musun? Amını götünü sana göstersin diye aptal… Sen karımın mini eteğinden bacaklarını seyret diye… Karım senin dikkatini çeksin, kendini sana beğendirsin diye uğraştık hep…”

”Offf abi off… Senin karın var ya… Tam sikmelik karı… Ne şanslı adamsın yaa…”

“Ben şanslıyım da… Karım aynı şeyi söyleyemiyor maalesef Mert… Benim vaziyeti biliyorsun. Pipi meselesi…”

“Üzme kendini abi… Ben varım. İkimiz beraber sikeriz Nil’i… Bir güzel doyururuz karıcığını… Namerde muhtaç etmeyiz, merak etme…”

“Aman Mert…” diye lafa karıştı karım… “Deminden beri sizi dinliyorum. Konuşup konuşup azdırdınız beni… Hadi gel sik çok istiyorsan… Amcığım sulandı. Kalk gel hadi… Kocamla beraber sikin beni…” Amını parmaklayıp duruyordu eli külodunun içinde…

“Ah sevgilim… Yaramı deşme… Zaten yarrağım taş gibi oldu şu anda… Gecenin bu saatinde otelden dışarı çıkıp sikmelik orospu aratacaksın bana…”

“Karım var Mert… Tam sikmelik orospu şu anda… Halini bir görsen… Amcığını parmaklayıp duruyor. Dur sen, vibratörü alayıp geleyim bari… Önden arkadan sikeyim senin sevgilini… Sen de dinle…”

Dediğim gibi yaptım. Karımı belime bağladığım vibratörle siktim uzun uzun… Karımın kopardığı zevk feryatlarını telefonda Mert’e de dinlettik. Telefonu kapatıp kamerasını açtım. Vibratörü karımın amcığına sokup çıkarırken yakın plan ortağıma da gösterdim.

Zevkten baygın hale gelmiş, kendinden geçmiş karımın şehvet dolu yüzünü, orgazm oluşunu, benim pipimi emip beni de boşaltırken sikimi nasıl yaladığını izlettim. Mert de bize bakarak otuzbir çekti. Üçümüz telefonda grup seks yaptık bir güzel…

Aradan bir kaç gün geçti. Karımın doğum günü yaklaşıyordu. Ben her zamanki gibi, biyolojik ve ürolojik eksikliğimi karımı maddi şeylerle mutlu ederek kapatma felsefeme uygun olarak güzel bir hediye bakıyordum. Öyle bir hediye almalıydım ki, karıcığım sevinçten uçmalı, çok sevinmeli, mutlu olmalıydı.

İnternette alışveriş sitelerinde bakınıyor, işten çıkıp çarşıları, AVM.leri dolaşıyor, bir türlü güzel, değişik bir hediye beğenemiyordum. Zaman da kalmamıştı. Acele ediyordum. Yine bir öğle arası hem yemek yemek, hem de karıma hediye bakmak için alışveriş merkezine gitmiştim. Avare avare dükkanları dolaşıyordum.

Birden bire benim amcaoğluyla burun buruna geliverdim. Ahmet… Öyle bir karşılaşma ki, ne görmezden gelebilirdik birbirimizi, ne geçip gidebilirdik. Öylece karşı karşıya kaldık. Kısa bir süre bakıştıktan sonra hareketlendim,

“Ahmet… Nerelerdesin yahu?” diye sorarak kollarımı açtım. O da bana uydu, birbirimize sarılıp konuşmaya başladık. Bir sıcaklık, bir sohbet…

“Efe, gel şu kafeye oturalım da öyle konuşalım. Ayak üstü olmaz.” diyerek beni biraz ilerideki kafeye oturttu. Birer bira söyledik, sohbete başladık.

Konuşuyorduk ama, benim aklımda hep o eski ergenliğimizdeki homoseksüel ilişkimiz, beni becerişi, yetmez gibi benimle evlenmeden önce karımı sikmesi vardı hep…

Kendi sikmekle kalmamış, bir de Hasan’la beraber grup seks yapmıştı puşt herif… İki erkek beraber sikmişlerdi karıcığımı… Hatta karımı döllemiş, hamile bile bırakmışlardı.

Grup seks olayını düşünüp iki erkeğin arasında karımın sikilişini hayal edince birden beynimde bir ampul yanıverdi. Hey… Grup seks… Karımın doğum günü… Doğum günü hediyesi… İkibuçuk erkek, ortamızda güzel karım… Diğer ikisinin yanında buçuk erkek ben oluyorum doğal olarak… Neden olmasın?

Ahmet durmadan konuşuyor, düğüne neden gelmediği konusunda bir sürü palavra anlatıyordu bana… Oysa benim aklımda bambaşka şeyler dolanıyordu. Şeytanca planlar… Onun bana bakan kara gözlerine, konuşup bana bir şeyler anlatırken kıpırdayıp duran dudaklarına, gülünce meydana çıkan bembeyaz dişlerine bakıyordum.

Ulan, yakışıklı herifti benim amca oğlu be… Hala sporcu, hala atletik, hala yakışıklı… Upuzun boy, geniş omuzlar, üçgen vücut… Gömleğinin yakasından görünen geniş göğsünün simsiyah kılları…

Garson yok, birer tane bira daha almaya gidiyor bize… Giderken arkasından bakıyorum. Erkek gibi erkek yürüyor… Daracık kalçası, altına giydiği dar kotunun önündeki göze batan kabarıklık, şişkinlik…

Ahh… Ben biliyorum o şişkinliğin nasıl bir şey olduğunu… Kalkınca nasıl bir canavara dönüştüğünü… Altıma giydiğim annemin tangasını kenara sıyırıp götüme sokarken… Kremli kremli götümün deliğinde canımı yakarak kayarken… O dönem uzun bıraktığım saçlarıma arkamdan asılıp kasıklarını benim kalçalarımda şaplata şaplata beni sikerken… Yakından biliyorum.

Offf… Süründüğüm cart kırmızı rujlu dudaklarımla yalayıp emerken bulaştırdığım kırmızı ruj izleriyle boyanmış o güzel yarrağı… Ne de yakışır bu herif karımın yatağına… Orospu karım, ağzının tadını biliyormuş. Helal olsun karıma, böyle yakışıklı herife siktirmiş kendini…

“Hasan nerelerde amcaoğlu?” diye soruverdim birden, pat diye… Konuşup anlatırken lafını kesip direkt sormuştum. Sustu. Şaşırıp kaldı. Kekeledi,

“Hasan mı? Hangi Hasan?”

Kıvırıyordu. Oysa bal gibi biliyordu. Beni görünce karımı hatırlamaması, karımı hatırlayınca Hasan’la beraber, ikisi birden karımı nasıl siktiklerini unutması mümkün mü? Dimdik baktım. O da gözlerime baktı. Bildiğimi bildi.

“Şey… Buralarda… Evlenmişti, buraya taşındı. Görüşüyoruz ara sıra…”

“Evli ha? Nil’i siktiğiniz gibi, ara sıra Hasan’ın karısını da sikiyor musun? Toplanıp grup seks yapıyor musunuz?”

“Ne diyorsun sen amcaoğlu? Ne sikmesinden bahsediyorsun? Hasan’ı nereden tanıyorsun sen?”

“Ya, bırak numara yapmayı Ahmet… Nil her şeyi anlattı bana… Babanı, seni, Hasan’ı… Sizin evdeki sevişmelerinizi… Grup olaylarını… Ha, sen sormadan ben söyleyeyim. Ben de ona seninle olan ilişkimizi, aramızda geçenleri anlattım. Uzun uzun… En incesinden… Senin beni nasıl becerdiğini… Siktiğini… Her şeyi biliyor karım, ben de onun her şeyini biliyorum…”

“Eee? Hasan’ı neden soruyorsun? O nereden çıktı?”

“Amcaoğlu, beni biliyorsun. Daha doğrusu küçük Efe’yi… Ne kadar küçük olduğunu… Benim seksi, güzel karımın doğum günü yakında… Bugün ona çok seveceği, mutlu olacağı bir doğum günü hediyesi bakıyordum. Karşıma sen çıkıverdin.”

“Sonuç?” diye sordu merakla… “Ne anlatıyorsun Efe? Çözemedim ben…’

“Seni görünce aklıma düştü işte… Sevgili karımın doğum gününde sen bize gelsen… Hasan’ı da getirsen yanında… Nil’e güzel bir doğum günü partisi düzenlesek… Sürpriz… Çok şaşırsa sizi görünce… Bayılsa… Mutlu olsa… Ne dersin bu fikrime? Güzel olmaz mı?”

“Efe, sen ciddi misin?” Şaşırmıştı iyice… Benden beklemiyordu bunu…

“Çok ciddiyim birader… Dedim ya, açığımı böyle kapatıyorum. Ara sıra sürprizler yapıp sevindiriyorum karımı… Ne diyorsun planıma? Gelecek misiniz?”

“Şey… Bilmem ki… Ne diyeceğimi bilemiyorum.”

“Nil aynı eskisi gibi amcaoğlu… Nasıl sikip bıraktıysan körpeyi, aynı öyle duruyor. Hele benim ufaklıkla evli olunca… Az kullanılmış, yıpranmamış, hırpalanmamış vaziyette… Hatta artık daha bir seksi, daha bir orospu, yatakta daha bir muhteşem… Doymak bilmiyor. Yetişemiyorum onun hızına… Amına koyduğumun nemfomanyak karısını sabaha kadar siksem doyuramıyorum. O konuda şüphen olmasın.”

“Biliyorum Efe… Ah, zampara babam olmasaydı, onu önce babam sikmeseydi, inan ben evlenirdim onunla… Muhteşem seksi bir karın var senin…”

“Ee… Anlaştık öyleyse… Geliyorsunuz değil mi? Janti giyinin ama… Takım elbise filan istiyorum. Ben de Nil’i hazırlarım. Tam ağzınıza layık, giydirip süslerim küçük orospumu… Sabaha kadar sikeriz beraber…”

“Efe… Manyaksın sen oğlum… Harbiden seks manyağı olmuşsun. Hatta boynuzlu pezevengin teki olmuşsun lan… Vay anasını siktiğimin çocuğu… Karını siktirmek istiyorsun ha?”

“Evet, isterik karımı size siktirmek istiyorum. Ortanıza alıp bir güzel sikin benim güzel karımı…”

“Bu güzel teklifi reddetmek aptallık olur zaten, sen istedikten sonra… Merak etme, senin o azgın karını yarak manyağı yaparız. Hasan zaten duyunca koşa koşa gelir. İkimiz beraber evire çevire sikeriz senin karıcığını, üzme kendini sen…”

“Ne yapayım oğlum… Ben de böyle zevk alıyorum işte… Karımı siktirerek… O mutlu olunca ben de mutlu oluyorum. Baksana Ahmet… Bizim evde, annemlerin yatağında beni ilk siktiğin o günü hatırlıyor musun?”

“Unutulur mu be… Nasıl da kadın gibi giyinip gelivermiştin yanıma… Saçlar uzun, kıl tüy çıkmamış daha, götün başın parlak, seksi çamaşırlar üstünde, bir de orospu karılar gibi abartı makyaj yapmıştın… Tam bir fahişe gibiydin o gün…”

“Unutulur mu desene… Ne günler yaşadık be Ahmet… Kızkardeşinin okul formaları mı kaldı bana giydirmediğin, mini etekleri mi… Onun ekose minilerini, okul çoraplarını, pembe dantelli külotlarını giydirip giydirip siktin beni…”

“Eh, benim de fantazilerim vardı o günlerde… Kızkardeşimle ilgili… Orospu kuzenin, okuldan geldiğinde mini eteklerini çıkarmadan evin içinde dolaşıyordu. Bir frikikler veriyordu ki bana, abisine… Göre göre şıllığın bütün külotlarını ezberlemiştim…

Ne otuzbirler çektim o kirli, am kokulu külotlarını koklaya koklaya… Sen olmasan, kalkmış yarağımı indirmesen, ona ne yapardım bilmiyorum artık… Orospu kardeşim bana kendini siktirmek için yapıyordu mutlaka… Sikilemeden sağlam kaldı zavallı kızkardeşim, senin yüzünden…”

“Hani baban o gün yakalayıp engel olmasa, tokadı dayağı basmasa, ben de ibne olup çıkacaktım sayende… Kim derdi ki, gün gelecek benim karımı da sikeceksin diye… Biliyor musun, bazen Nil’le yaşadıklarımızı, başımızdan geçenleri konuşuyoruz da… Karı koca, ikimiz de senin sikini yedik lan… Beni siktin, karımı siktin… Ne bereketli yarak varmış sende oğlum… Karım anlata anlata bitiremedi senin sikişini…”

“Eh, doğum gününde yine tattırırım karına yarağımı Efecim… Hem niye bekliyoruz ki… Hemen bugün, hatta şimdi gidelim, tadına bakayım karının… Eskileri anlata anlata sikimi kaldırdın lan ibne… İndirmem lazım bunu… Oh, hadi gidelim, karını bir güzel sikivereyim.”

“Yoo… İşin orasına bakarsan ben de azdım. Benim de sikim kalktı. Götümün deliği sızlıyor o günleri hatırlayınca… Ama sen iştahını doğum gününe sakla. O gün gizlice alıcam sizi eve… Karımın haberi olmayacak. Sen benim sürpriz doğum günü paketimsin. Hasan da öyle… İki güzel yarak hediye edicem karıma… Ona göre…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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