New Friends and So Much More Ch. 02

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A few days later I got another email from Vince with his idea. He told me how the two of them had always wanted to have someone take shots of them during love making but Fiona was just too shy to do it. She considered it borderline swinging and was something she refused to descend to. Even though she posted such explicit pictures and discussed them with admirers, public exposure, even with close friends just didn’t happen.

Vince’s idea was to bring her to a secluded spot he had picked out and have me hide nearby to shoot a kind of voyeur series. Fiona would not be aware of the setup and Vince wouldn’t be sure where I would be hidden either. He sent me a map indicating the exact location so I could go there in advance and figure out angles, lighting and cover. He said that they would approach by boat, anchor and come ashore by dingy around four o’clock.

I let Gina in on the plan and she thought it would be fun. She did say though that we’d both better watch out for when Fiona was told, the whole thing could go very south, very fast if she’s as shy as Vince says. With Vince’s info, we set out to the location to check things out and make plans. Vince had done his work well, it was a great spot. He had picked a secluded part of a huge new public waterfront conservation that had just opened a month earlier. It was still pretty empty because of its size and the fact that the public hadn’t discovered it yet. Gina and I would have to come back some time and scout out some new spots for our shoots.

I had Gina stand in the little sheltered clearing that Vince had marked with an ‘X’ on the map and then took up a position behind a small dune covered with bushes. This seemed an ideal spot to start because the dune was just high enough for me to crawl behind to adjust my view by almost forty-five degrees if needed. The light at four o’clock was perfect and would be off to the side until about six. After six it would in the foreground and I would need a new location if I was still shooting. There was another dune a few feet away that would put the sun to my right again but getting to it might expose me to Fiona. I made a mental note of that.

With all my scheming and planning I had failed to notice that Gina had stripped down and was now standing stark naked in Vince’s spot.

As she saw my startled look she yelled out, “About time Sherlock! I was starting to think I was losing my touch or that maybe the prospect of shooting the lovely Fiona had you all distracted”

“Not to worry,” I said, “it would take a lot more than that to distract me from that body hon.”

But that wasn’t the whole truth. I was developing a strong attachment to Fiona although I knew I would never act on it. I turned the camera on and began shooting her from all the different angles that I was planning to use with Vince and Fiona. Gina lay down on the sand, bent her legs then spread them wide and started rub her clit occasionally slipping a couple of fingers into her wet pussy. From twenty-five feet way I could just barely hear the squishing sounds of her fingers at work or maybe I was just being wishful.

Satisfied that I had shot her from every angle I could use during the voyeur shoot, I picked up my camera bag and walked over to her still shooting as I approached. As she lay there rubbing and writhing and moaning I Put down the bag and camera, undid my belt and pants sliding them to the ground with my boxers. Gina quickly rose to her knees grabbed my cock and started to suck the head hard and fast while pumping the shaft with her hand. Her other hand was grabbing my ass cheek roughly clenching and pulling me toward her. I guess we can skip the foreplay I chuckled to myself as I removed my shirt and stepped out of my clothes on the ground.

Gently laying Gina back on the sand I got on top of her and effortlessly slid into her warm dripping pussy. Boy she was wet. There would be no low and slow riding today, it was straight into fast ramming and deep penetration. She moaned, lifting her legs high and back to give me better access to her love hole. I came very quickly with a mind numbing burst that actually hurt.

Suddenly, I was distracted by the sound of voices nearby. While Gina and I were fans of public nudity we hadn’t evolved to public sex in front of strangers yet. We both jumped for our clothes but a little too late, because the next sound we heard was a loud ‘oh my God’

This was followed by even louder giggling. Scrambling to finish dressing I stood to see three young women running away quickly. As they did, one of them looked back over her shoulder and yelled ‘SORRY.’

Straightening out our clothes we both had a good laugh and set out for home. When we arrived I sent an email to Vince telling him all systems go for the shoot. I related to him how I had told Gina about our plans and how the two of us had scoped out the site and taken a few test shots that were attached. I told him that we had even baptized the spot for good luck. His reply came back quickly bursa escort that he would be thinking of me getting Gina’s juices running as he fucked Fiona on the same spot.

Finally the day arrived for the clandestine voyeur shoot. I set out for the site in the early afternoon leaving plenty of time to arrive before Vince and Fiona. Settling in upon arrival at 3:30, I checked out my equipment behind the dune. I had rented a 400mm telephoto zoom lens for the occasion and I was itching to try it out. With it, I hoped to zoom in to her clit from behind the dune. The thought of doing that made my dick hard and uncomfortable in my jeans, so I changed into a loose pair of swim trunks. A few more test shots for lighting and position and I was ready but four o’clock came and went without Vince.

At twenty past four I was beginning to get nervous and disappointed but I decided to stick it out until five. I didn’t have to wait much longer though as I saw a boat approaching. I immediately started shooting pictures; I wanted to get the whole story from the beginning. I could see Vince at the helm and Fiona standing at the bow wearing a skimpy bikini. As the boat drew near to shore I heard the splash of the anchor and could see Vince pulling in the dingy that he had in tow. The two climbed into the small boat and Vince rowed them to shore. All the while I took pictures thanking myself for renting the super zoom.

After landing, they both walked up to the clearing carrying a basket and other stuff I couldn’t quite make out. Fiona grabbed a blanket and spread it out in almost exactly the spot Vince had marked. Then she knelt and took out a bottle of wine from the basket, opened it and filled a couple of glasses. As she did this Vince was busy setting up his camera on a tripod to take some remote controlled shots of their fun.

With everything in place Vince lay down on the blanket next to Fiona and I started to take shots in earnest. I had lots of memory cards with me so I was going to shoot as many shots as I needed to guarantee a good result. Even though I had a little bit of high ground it still wasn’t the best angle and I crawled another ten feet over to give myself a better view.

Emerging again from the dune I took a few more shots. I could see them just lying there talking and sipping their wine. I used this pause to take a better look at them both. They both seemed somehow smaller than I thought but it was difficult to tell for sure being so far away. He was early middle aged and had very good muscle tone with no extra body fat at all. I had never seen his face before now and he had the look of someone who liked to laugh a lot with flashing eyes and a well-groomed handlebar moustache. Fiona was Fiona, pound for pound one of the sexiest woman I had ever seen. What blew me away was how much more beautiful she was in person. She wasn’t wearing her wig and that also turned me on.

Pretty soon the occasional kiss became longer, deeper and more frequent and with my trusty lens I was able to zoom in close and catch the emotion and occasional tongue action. I was getting warm just watching. Soon Vince stood to undress and I got a great three quarter profile of his impressive shaft sticking out and up a little. Fiona was quick to her knees just like Gina had been days before and pounced on his waiting cock. As she did he leaned forward pulling the strings to her top and freed her large silky mounds as they dropped and bounced ever so softly. They were now in a different position and I needed to crawl back to my first location for better shots. Once again emerging from behind the dune I resumed capturing every juicy detail of Fiona’s expert blow job; her body as it moved and swayed and Vince as he caressed her head sometimes grabbing it at the sides as he face fucked her.

This continued for some time until Vince crouched to his knees while helping her to lie back on the blanket. He lined her up so that her spread legs and pussy were facing right at the dune and me. Then he pulled the remaining strings on her bikini bottom and tossed it aside. I zoomed in and tried for that clit close up but the lens couldn’t get in that far. I was still able see clearly the sopping wetness of her swollen pussy lips and got every detail of Vince finger fucking her and massaging her vagina as she bucked and moaned louder and louder. At times she would lift her ass a foot off the ground and quake.

Finally he rolled on top of her driving his cock home and Fiona made a really sexy growling sound as he slid his full length in. I wanted to see more, to see that great big hunk of meat push its way in between her legs but I just couldn’t see in my current position. Once again I crawled to a better vantage point and caught a good profile of the two as Vince pounded Fiona’s pussy. Fiona raised her legs, each hand holding a bent knee pulling them back and arching her pelvis upwards, making room for Vince’s pile driver. Finally, I was getting some good shots of his cock sliding in and out of bursa otele gelen escort her. The sun pierced through the trees and made patterns of light on their skin that was now shiny with sweat.

The picture was so beautiful I temporarily lost sight of my goal and started going for the great art shot. A screaming orgasm from Fiona brought me quickly back to the path though. I looked around nervously to see if anyone was about and thankfully we were still quite alone. It started to look like they were winding down. Then Vince pulled out, came around on his knees beside Fiona and I could only guess what he was doing because there was only a quarter profile of him and her face was now blocked.

I couldn’t go back to my first position because the sun had moved. Seeing my chance I darted as quietly as I could over to the other dune. I was once again treated to a great view of Vince on his knees and Fiona on her side, propped up on one arm and getting the face fucking of her life. Vince’s head leaned back as a look of agony distorted his face and he came. Fiona was taking it all like a good soldier only spilling a little stream that drooled along her cheek and dripped in a thin ribbon to the blanket. She drew her head back and continued to stroke his cock until it began to soften.

She pushed herself up and walked around looking for her bikini. I had to stop shooting and take cover as her search brought her close in my direction but then Vince called her back pointing to the location of her suit. She took a box of wet naps from the basket and after offering a few to Vince took some herself and cleaned up before putting her suit back on. Vince said something to her as he tapped his watch and in no time they had packed up and left for the boat.

I waited until the boat was long gone before I emerged from behind the dune and strolled back to the the rest of my gear. I was horny, I mean really horny. Sure this wasn’t my first rodeo, Gina and I had had a few sessions taking pictures of our friends fooling around but this was different. All the planning and intrigue plus the tension and fear of being caught, it all combined to make a really sex-charged experience. I dropped my trunks and sat back down on the warm sand and began to review my shots as I stroked my cock. I was very happy with the results and in no time I was spewing cum on the sand. Relieved, I packed up and headed for home.

When I returned home, Gina was waiting at the door to ask me how it went. I told her to hold on for a few minutes and she could see for herself. She squealed excitedly as we both headed for the den and the computer. After downloading over 350 shots, I set the Adobe software to review mode and began to sift through the them all. I was very pleased with what I was seeing. The majority of the shots were well framed, focused and well lit.

As we moved from shot to shot watching the action grow more and more intense Gina said she really felt like a voyeur peeping in at a very private moment. It was extremely erotic and we were both getting more and more turned on as the images scrolled by. Gina was only wearing a tee-shirt with panties. I, on the other hand, was still fully dressed and my rock hard cock was straining at the zipper of my jeans. I told Gina to wait while I went to the washroom and when I returned all I had on was a smile. As we continued to watch the show and Gina caught sight of Vince’s magnificent cock and let out a spontaneous “OOOOoooo!”

“Yeah, I know,” I said, “that is some serious man meat.”

“You don’t have to pretend you’re not intrigued on my account. I know down in your heart you’d probably love to try it out,” I continued.

Gina looked back at me in surprise, “You’re right,” she said, “it really does turns me on, just like Fiona’s incredible body turns you on. So I guess we’re even.”

“It doesn’t mean I’ll be acting on it anytime soon, but he really does have a beautiful big cock, bigger than your friend Wil’s and I really did love jerking him off,” she went on with a smile.

“I loved watching you do it as well,” I admitted, “but Vince isn’t a lifelong friend even though we have become very close over the past months.”

“I’m not so sure how I’d feel having him stuff all that meat in you. He might spoil you for me,” I added.

“Whoa,” she shot back. “Who said anything about fucking? I’d love to see him up close and definitely touch and maybe even taste but that’s it. I really don’t want to cross that line.”

“Besides you’d never have to worry,” she said consolingly, “the way you give head is so mind blowing, I’m sure you could give Vince a run for his money with Fiona.”

We continued to review the shots and soon Gina’s fingers were in her underwear softly stoking her sex. Slowly running her fingers up and down her wet labia and every now and then stopping to tease her clit. She was becoming a serious distraction to the picture show. I had begun to slowly rub the tip of my cock bursa türbanlı escort with my fingers as we both watched the amazing sex show unroll on the screen.

Finally I just couldn’t stand it any longer and stood up. I grabbed Gina by the shoulders and aimed my dick at her mouth. Without hesitation she open up and let me in to her warm wet mouth and she began to suck and bob her head. I grabbed the back of her head and face fucked her faster and faster until I could feel that familiar sensation building in my testicles. I pounded and pounded her mouth and finally it felt as if it were coming from way down in my feet then up through my body in an epic explosion that almost took my knees out. Gina just kept swallowing and swallowing and jerking my cock as she sucked the head and swallowed some more. I began to wobble backwards towards my chair when she looked up into my eyes and wagged her index finger from side to side.

“Uh-uh buckaroo, it’s my turn and make it good, you’ve got me super horny and I want multiples. Get at it!”

When it comes to oral I have never needed an invitation to get in there, it’s my favourite part of sex. It’s always been that way for me. I was hooked the first time I smelled and tasted a woman’s sex and experienced the joy and excitement I could bring to her. I can never seem to get enough and Gina usually has to shop me because she’s either become too sensitive or just can’t cum anymore.

As shaken as I was from my incredible orgasm I happily maneuvered Gina over to the couch and after lying her down, I crawled up in between her legs and buried my face in her juicy cunt. Her lips were soaked and swollen and her clit was peeking out from under its little hood. I licked her outer lips thoroughly moving in to address her tasty and soft inner lips. I love the feeling of running my tongue in the crease between the inner and outer lips, it feels so good.

After giving her lips sufficient attention a taste of her deeper juices was now in order as I tongue fucked her over and over and deeper and deeper until my tongue hurt from stretching out as far as I could. Replacing my tongue with two fingers I slid in up and behind her pelvic bone and began to massage her G-spot with increasing pressure. All the while my tongue curled around her clit and I began to suck it like a delicious little candy. After a few minutes of this Gina began to show signs of an impending orgasm but I wanted her to have a really big one and slowed down, softening up the pressure on her clit at the same time.

When she calmed down I resumed the treatment driving her back up the wall again only to slow down once more. I repeated this twice again until she screamed that she had had enough and was going to kill me if she didn’t cum soon. So once again I increased the pressure and speed but this time sent her right over the top as she screamed so loud I was sure the neighbours heard. She arched her back and raised her pelvis up high as I supported her ass with my hand. In another moment she collapsed whining and gasping for air.

As she relaxed and gathered herself I slowly finger fucked her making sure to keep clear of her hyper sensitive clit. After a while I put both hands under her ass and raised her up toward my mouth. I began to lick her gently once more, still taking care to avoid that all too sensitive clit. As she began to respond I slid my hands down her legs to her knees and raised them up and back to expose more of her pussy and her lovely ass. Her ass cheeks were parted and I could see her tight little rosebud. I stuck out my tongue to draw ever bigger circles around her bud. Every now and then I would stop and come back to the centre and explore her tight little sphincter.

Soon her body began to react again and it was time to revisit her clit. This time I would start from the back of her ass running my tongue all the way through the crack, up across her pussy and ending up at her clit with a soft sucking motion. I found this was always effective with Gina. I did this again and again, faster and faster until Gina again screamed out “damn you, finish me!” I happily obliged and concentrating on her sore little clit, I sent her back over the top bucking and grinding her sex in my face.

Now she was spent but I wasn’t. My cock had once again come to full alert. I slid up on top of her and effortlessly slid my cock deep into her sopping wet pussy. Slowly, ever so slowly I slipped the full length in then out, in then out, savouring every sensation, in then out. Gina has the ability to contract the walls of her vagina very tightly with every back stroke. Her wetness, her warmth, her frequent muscle contractions were ecstasy. It was as if there was a little hand in there hanging on to me, tying to hold me back, every time I pulled outward.

It wasn’t long before I could once again feel the coming eruption. I didn’t want to speed up but I did start to thrust harder and as deep as I could, trying to stretch out the feelings for as long as possible. Soon there was no more holding back as my cock began to spurt stream after slippery hot stream of cum into her pussy. Once again she bucked like a wild animal and moaned as she experienced yet another orgasm. I collapsed beside her and we both just lay there smiling and catching our breath.

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Two Sisters, One Second

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Anri Okita

This is an edited version of the original. A comment mentioned that the ending of the original didn’t really fit and after reading it a few times, I realized he/she was right and I changed it. I hope you enjoy.

“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get – only with what you are expecting to give – which is everything.” – Katharine Hepburn, Me: Stories of My Life

Love can be defined in a infinite number of ways.

1. A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.

2. A feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.

3. Sexual passion or desire.

4. A person toward whom love is felt; beloved person; sweetheart

For me, love is all these things. Love is when you look at someone, you feel warm and tingly inside. When you are close to that person, you want to touch that person, you want to hold that person close. When that person kisses you, when that person holds your hand or even when that person smiles, your hart skips a beat, everything around you seems to vanish, nothing else matters anymore. Only that perfect creature, that perfect mix of looks and personality that sits in front of you.

Love is when you can’t contain your emotions, your actions. Love is when you have the need to embrace, to kiss, to give your entire soul. That tender touch, that soft skin, those divine lips and that godlike love making. Love is perfection.

Hi, my name is Lana and I’m here to tell you a story. A story about how one second can change your life. This is the story of how my sister and I fell in love.

It was a hot day. A really hot day. Sun shining, beautiful weather, but being the silent, indoors girl I am, I stayed inside. I was 18 years old and had just finished high school. Window open, sitting on the bed, controller in my hand, Xbox 360 on, playing a first person shooter. That’s what I liked to do. You probably wouldn’t tell by my looks, but inside I’m a bit of a geek. Games, books, movies, computers, comic books you name it. The closet against the farthest wall in my room was half filled with comic books and half filled with normal books, mostly sci-fi and fantasy and I had another small cabinet filled with games. This got me the attention of 90% of the boys in class. I could understand why. Either most girls didn’t play video games or they just didn’t talk about it. But even with all the attention, I never dated one. I guess I just wasn’t interested in them. Because of that I began to think that I may have been a lesbian, but it was the same with the girls. No one seemed interesting. I came to the conclusion that I just hadn’t found anyone fun yet.

“Still loving those video games huh?”

I jumped at the sudden noise. I looked over my shoulder.

“Brianna!” I jumped off the bed and hugged my sister. My sister was three years older than me. She just finished college without any problems and now came back home looking for a job. “It’s been way too long.” Her college was far away from home so she stayed there. I would only see her on school breaks or special occasions like Christmas or new year. Last time I saw her was in April for my birthday. She came all that way to surprise me.

My loud reaction may not suggest that I’m a quiet person, but that’s because it was my sister. We were always close. I mean, we did have some fights like normal siblings had, but those things were quickly forgotten. If I ever had any problems in school or whatever, she was the person to go to. When we were little we were inseparable.

“Congratulations on passing your finals sis.” I said.

She hugged me back. “Thanks Lana. You too.”

I let her go. “So, tell me about your last months in college.”

She chuckled. “Tonight Lana. Mom and dad will be gone, I’ll make you your favorite spaghetti and then we’ll talk.”

I grinned. “Thanks.” I made a motion towards the TV. “You wanna play something?”

She walked over to my Xbox, took the second controller and let herself fall on my bed. “Sure you can handle the disappointment?” she joked. I threw my pillow at her and we both laughed.

Six o’clock downstairs in the living room. Our parents were packed and ready to leave. They were going on a trip through parts of Europe and they would be gone for a month. They had a flight around 9 o’clock and it was a long drive to the airport. They hugged us both. “Okay, there’s food in the fridge, if you need something just…”

“Mom, mom,” my sister cut her off and smiled, “we’re adults, we can take care of ourselves. There’s no need to worry.”

She nodded. “Yes, I know, I’m sorry. I’m just going to miss you.”

“We’re going to miss you too mom.” I answered.

She hugged us again and they took off. “Bye.”


They loaded their stuff in our dad’s car and left mom’s car behind so we… well so Brianna could drive somewhere if one of us needed to be somewhere. We waved again and they were gone.

I wasn’t as close with my parents zonguldak escort as I was with my sister. Don’t get me wrong, I loved them, I couldn’t have wished for better parents, and I had some serious talks with my mom from time to time, but it wasn’t the same like with Brianna. Brianna always seemed to understand me more. Maybe because she was younger.

“Well then,” my sister said as they faded out of view, “I guess I’ll start on that spaghetti.”

I lay the table and after about forty minutes, dinner was served. My mouth watered at the aroma of spaghetti bolognaise. I rolled a bunch of spaghetti onto my fork and put it in my mouth. Delicious.

“So Brianna, tell my about your last months in college.” I mumbled with a mouth full of food.

She giggled. “What?”

Oh. I bit on the spaghetti and swallowed it. “Sorry,” I grinned, “tell me about college.”

“Well, not much to tell since the last time I saw you really. Just that I passed my finals. The last few weeks were a lot of studying so there wasn’t much room for other activities.” I nodded. “But what about you? You finished high school. How did it go?”

“It was pretty easy for the most part. I had a little trouble with math but nothing serious.”

“And now what? Are you going to go to college?”

“I don’t know, it seems like fun and it’s probably the smart thing to do, but I’m not sure yet.” I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life.

She took my hand and squeezed it. “Well, whatever you do, I’m here for you.”

I smiled. “Thanks sis.”

She grinned. “And how are things in the love department. Any romances?”

I shrugged. “Same old same old, still single.”

“How is that possible? You’re a beautiful girl and you’re a geek. Any boy would kill to be with you.”

I shrugged again. “I don’t know, I just don’t go out much and the boys in my class just didn’t seem interesting to me.”

“Well don’t worry, you’ll find someone,” she said smiling.

I chuckled. “I’m not worrying sis, I’m happy with what I have now. And what about you? Didn’t you have a boyfriend?”

“No that’s over?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. What happened?”

“I found out he was cheating on my so I broke up with him.”

“What a jerk.” She agreed. “I hope you find someone better sis, you deserve a lot more.”

She leaned over and kissed my forehead. “Thanks Lana, that means a lot to me.”

The discussion about our love interests ended and took other turns. We talked about our parents, just like with me, she hadn’t seen them in a long time, we talked about whatever we could come up with. Well, she did most of the talking. She’s not as quiet and shy as I am, in fact she’s way more open and outgoing. She can stand her own, but she would never hurt anybody. She’s always so sweet and playful, but when it’s necessary, she can be very serious. When dinner was finished, we did the dishes, watched a movie and went to bed.

I woke up the next morning, took some clothes out of my closet and made my way to the bathroom. I put my hand on the doorknob, twisted it and when I pushed the door open I had to close my eyes to let out a big yawn.

“Uhm, good morning.”

My eyes shot open immediately. My sister was sitting on a chair, naked, one leg on the side of the bathtub and a razor in one of her hands. I was startled and couldn’t move. My eyes flashed over her body. She had what looked like from here about B-sized breasts, a flat tummy and a trimmed patch of pubic hair. Her vagina was covered by her other leg. My eyes were glued to her body and then realizing I had been staring too long, I covered my eyes. My head had never been so red before and I became very nervous.

“Oh… sorry sis. I… I…” and practically ran out of the bathroom. Shit. I had forgotten she was here. Her body flashed before my eyes. Wow, I thought to myself, she has a stunning body. I hit myself on the head. NO, don’t think that, she’s your sister, stop. How long had I stared at her? I couldn’t have been longer than a second, could it? No, no maybe she didn’t even notice me staring. No she didn’t, I’m sure of it. Suddenly she came out of the bathroom. How long have I been standing here?

“Like what you saw?” she grinned.

I let out a nervous chuckle. “I… euhm… I forgot you had to use the bathroom too. Sorry.”

She laughed and waved my apology away. “Don’t sweat it.” Then she came closer to me and pinched my butt. “I’ll see you naked one day too, and then we’ll be even.” She smiled and walked away.

She was playing with me, I knew it. As we were growing up and hit puberty she began making sexual jokes from time to time. She would joke around like that sometimes. It didn’t mean anything… did it? Did she notice me staring? I tried to shake it off and entered the bathroom. I was washing myself and her naked body flashed before me again, but now I felt this tingling in my stomach and my vagina itched. What was going on? Then I saw it. Her pink panties she wore yesterday. bursa escort They were lying there, on top of the dirty laundry. My body moved on its own. What was going on? I grabbed her panties. The silk fabric felt so soft in my hands. I had the same panties but in a different color, why did hers feel so good? The next thing I knew, I was sniffing them. The aroma was amazing. I couldn’t even begin to describe what it smelled like. I rubbed it against my cheek.

What was I doing? I threw them back on the laundry. Why was I doing this? Why did I have this feeling in my stomach, why did my vagina itch? Was it because I saw her naked body for one second? That’s not possible, and besides, she’s my sister, it’s wrong. There’s rules, there’s…. My hand was already reaching for it again. No! I filled the sink with ice cold water and splashed it on my face.

After I got myself together and put on my clothes I made my way down, a bit reluctant. Brianna was sitting on the couch and when I entered she smiled at me like nothing happened. My eyes scanned her body again and automatically, my mind was stripping her naked. A pretty face, breasts, a flat tummy, slender legs, but her vagina was covered by her leg again. My stomach felt tingly again and I felt myself getting a little wet. I couldn’t react so I quickly made my way to the kitchen to eat my breakfast. Wow, I thought to myself, this is gonna be one hell of a month.

The rest of the day, and the rest of the week for that matter were kind of a blur. I spent most of the week in my room. That’s what I usually did when I she wasn’t home, but when she was home, normally I’d be downstairs hanging out with her. But I couldn’t. Every time I saw her I felt the same tingle in my stomach. Whenever we’d go out shopping or something like that, I would get nervous for some reason and I wouldn’t talk that much. It wasn’t my typical behavior around her and I’m sure she must have noticed something was wrong, but even if she did, she didn’t say anything.

“Do you have any plans for today?” she asked as we ate breakfast the next week.

“No, why?”

“Well, since it’s beautiful weather, how about we go to the beach? We could lay back and relax in the sun a bit. And the water will feel good.”

“I don’t know sis, you know I’m not a fan of crowded places.”

She took my hand. “Please,” she widened her brown eyes to form these puppy eyes I could never resist. “as a favor to me. We’ll go lay somewhere a bit quiet and if you want, you can bring a book.”

“Fine,” she seemed happy with my answer, “but only because you asked me to.” It wasn’t because the beach would be crowded that I didn’t want to go. I always liked the beach when I was younger, and if that meant more people around me than I was comfortable with, I didn’t mind. I didn’t want to go because I would see my sister in her bathing suit. I couldn’t get her out of my head. Her naked body kept flashing before my eyes, and even though she would be wearing her bathing suit, it would be enough for me to stare at her again. To feel a bit uncomfortable and to feel guilty for looking at my sister, my own blood.

“Thanks sis,” she said and stood up, “I guess we’ll better go put our bathing suits on.”

“We’re leaving the house in our bathing suits?”

She laughed. “No silly, put your clothes on top of them. That way we won’t have to get changed on the beach and there won’t be any creeps staring at us.”

I chuckled. “Okay, now I understand.” She smiled and ran upstairs. But there will be one creep staring at you sis, I thought, me. I ate the rest of my breakfast, put on my blue two piece bikini bathing suit in my room, covered it with my regular clothes, packed whatever I needed and went back downstairs. Brianna was already jumping up and down, very excited. We put our stuff in the trunk of the car and drove off.

The beach wasn’t so crowded like I thought it would be, and that made me happier, but it still took us a while before we found a place that was relatively quiet. Sweat was already pouring down our skin when we set foot on the sand. Brianna laid out her towel on the sand, while I folded out my beach chair. I had a towel myself, but I brought a book and it was easier for me to read in the chair. I was busy setting up the beach umbrella when my attention was drawn to her. She was taking off her clothes. She pulled up her tank top to reveal her flat tummy. It looked so smooth. Then, a pink bikini top faded into view. It matched perfectly with her brown eyes and bright blonde hair. And as if she was teasing me… no, more like torturing me, she turned a bit, her back towards me and started pulling off her short skirt, bending forward as she does it. She slowly revealed her pink bikini panties. It didn’t cover her whole butt, part of her butt cheeks were bare naked. I practically drooled right there and then. When she turned around to get some sun block, I quickly turned to the umbrella, pretending I was busy… hoping she malatya escort didn’t see me stare.

God dammit Lana, I thought to myself as Brianna put on sun block, stop staring, she’s your sister for crying out loud. I put on sun block myself and sat down in the chair. By now my sister had put on her dark sunglasses, her eyes were impossible to see, and was laying back, relaxing in the sun. My eyes were already going over her body, I couldn’t stop myself. Long, slender legs, perfect hips, a smooth tummy, hills on her chest that formed her breasts and a perfect face. Another tingling in my stomach and vagina.

People said we looked somewhat alike, but I disagreed. While she had bright blonde hair, mine was a bit darker. That was the only thing I found to be somewhat similar. Where she had brown eyes, I had bright blue. I had a bit of a small nose which I didn’t really like, but most people thought it was cute. I also had thinner lips than my sister. And where she had a natural athletic body, I didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, most people said I had a stunning figure and some of the girls in class were jealous, but I always thought that Brianna had a better body. And she had around what looked like B-sized breasts perhaps even C and I had A-sized ones. Overall, I couldn’t really complain about my body.

I lay down in the chair and took out my book, a fantasy novel about dragons and stuff. I didn’t put on my sunglasses because it would be almost impossible to read the letters. I constrained myself from looking at her. I kept thinking she was my sister and that I wasn’t allowed to do that. It was really hard, but I managed for the most part… at least until after a while she asked me something.

“Hey sis,” she began as she turned around on her front, her breasts swinging sideways as she did it, “do you mind putting some sun block on my back?”

No, no, no. Don’t ask me that Brianna. I managed to smile. “Sure sis,” I said with a wavery voice. I got up, straddled her legs and squirted some sun block on my hands. My arms moved towards her lower back. Her skin felt so soft and so delicate under my fingers. Again, tingling in my stomach. Her body was hot from the sun and my fingers just melted in her skin. I rubbed her lower back for way too long before moving on to her upper back. Even her shoulders felt both fragile and strong. So soft, so smooth. My hands were glued to her body.

“Sis?” she suddenly said.


“Would you mind putting some on my legs and butt too?”

I froze. Come on, say something. “Euhm…”

“You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.”

But that was the problem. I wanted to do it, but for the wrong reasons. I tried to speak but my throat was blocked. I swallowed and tried to hide my nervousness. “Sure, no problem… I mean, what are sisters for, right?”

she smiled. “Thanks Lana.”

My body shaking, I got off her legs, spread them and got on my knees between them. With trembling hands I squeezed some sun block on my hands and moved towards one of her calves. So far so good, I said to myself, these are just your sister’s calves, there’s nothing erotic about that. Done with both her calves, I moved upwards towards her thighs. This was getting harder. So soft and smooth, just like the rest of her body. Then came both the best and worst part. Her butt.

I squeezed some more sun block on my even more trembling hands and moved them towards her tush. My heart was pounding and sweat was dripping down my forehead. I almost gasped at the softness of her cheeks. My sister definitely didn’t have a big butt, in fact it looked firm, but I had never been so wrong before. They were like jelly, my fingers sank down her flesh. I caught myself just holding her butt in my hands, not moving them and spreading the sun block. I took a deep breath and moved. My fingers dug even deeper. I had to keep myself from pinching it. One of my fingers slipped under the fabric and accidentally brushed her hole. I swear I heard a small moan. I literally got lost in her tush. My hands kept moving on their own, not wanting to stop, not wanting to let go. She felt so perfect.

“Sis,” she smiled and pulled me out of my trance that was the wonderful feeling of her behind, “I think I have enough sun block there now.”

I blushed again, harder than ever before. “Oh yeah,” I said, quickly taking my hands off her butt and making my way back to my chair while trying to talk to her, falling over my words, “sorry.”

She didn’t say anything and just grinned before putting her head back down, facing me, and relaxing again. I took my book, but I had trouble reading. I constantly lost attention and kept glancing at Brianna, especially her butt. I knew I sat there a long time, but I hadn’t even read a single page yet before she said something. I heard a distant voice, but my mind and gaze were fixed on her body.

“Sis.” she said with a louder voice.

I almost jumped out of my chair. Oh God, I was staring again wasn’t I. She saw me, she definitely saw me. Oh God, I’m screwed. No, no she probably didn’t see me. “Yeah?” I said, dreading her answer.

“I asked if you wanted to go swimming.”

“Oh, sorry, I was… I was a bit focused on my book,” I lied, “but sure, sounds like fun.” And maybe it would get her out of my head.

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Professor Mistress Ch. 06

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Has themes of bondage and non-con.

“Baby, you got to get up now love,” I was floating somewhere nice, somewhere that made the clouds seem like they would be harsh to the touch. I felt someone against my back, naked, and I started to open my eyes. I was greeted with a beautiful smiling Browning. I smiled back, careless about the past I incurred as her wrath in my life. She stroked my face and neck.

“We have to find something for you to wear,” if Browning were capable of blushing, I knew she would have right then, “I was a little too excited earlier. I nodded and bit my lip at the memory. I didn’t even care that I had also let Dean fuck me. It was mindblowing. And I trusted Browning to not push my limits too far, and I was rewarded with multiple orgasms.

“Good thing someone already started stocking,” I heard Shawna moan near my ear. There was no way I could go for another round but my body wasn’t asking for permission.

“We could always just let you be naked all of the time?” Browning teased with a smile that made my life feel light again. I smiled back a little too enthusiastically.

“Oh I think she likes it, new uniform?” Shawna breathed in my ear again as I bit my lip against the sensations building.

“Oh no love, you have to take it easy, we can’t break you on your first day, we have to save that for opening night,” Browning never stopped rubbing my naked flesh from neck to mound. Shawna groaned as she got up placing her hand on my hip to assist her. I could hear her wrestling through some drawers and clothes.

“We could always just save money and have her live upstairs you know,” they both chuckled.

“What do you mean live upstairs?” I shuddered as Browning tickled near my lips again.

“Surely you didn’t leave out the penthouse did you?” Shawna chastised.

“It wasn’t ready, and you trust my methods don’t you?” her fingers tickled my lips again, this time I was surprised she hadn’t noticed that I was already wet.

“Of course I trust your methods, they are my favorite,” I could sense her winking when she admitted that. “Alright now, both of you, up, let’s go.” Browning stood and held her hand out to me as I shakily got to my feet. Even after a small nap, my legs still felt like jello. They both smiled at the evidence.

“Come back tomorrow at the same time, and we’ll try something new,” Browning started getting dressed as I stood naked waiting for someone to give me clothes to wear.

“These shall fit,” Shawna held back a giggle, “Well enough.” I took the clothes she handed me and noticed her amusement was because of how promiscuous the clothes were. Short in all the right places and tighter in all the others. I didn’t mind, I would wear anything that wouldn’t get me legally in trouble just to get to my bed sooner. Browning walked me out as Shawna disappeared the opposite way upstairs, presumably to this penthouse I had yet to have the privilege of seeing.

“Same time tomorrow, and new dress, code, no panties,” she started to turn away from the door, but turned back before the door closed, “no panties ever again.” She smiled as my face turned red, probably from embarrassment and excitement combined.

It was difficult to focus on classes thinking of what could possibly be in store for me at the club later. If being tied to a cross and mercilessly fucked into pure bliss was just the beginning, I was more than happy to oblige throwing myself to my death in that pleasure. Sanity be damned, I wanted more. Browning was much better at being discreet in class and not making small moments of eye contact with me. I missed them but I also understood that we couldn’t be obvious or draw attention to ourselves. Shawna had said she was risking everything by having contact with me. And somewhere deep inside, I knew I was as well. Going to all of my classes without panties on was also exhilarating. A few seconds of even thinking about, thinking about that cross, made me wet, and the realization that anyone could smell me or my wetness would be evident only made it more exciting.

I had a couple hours between classes and when I needed to be at the club which I threw myself into class work. I had a nudging feeling that this was going to become a routine for me somehow. And nothing had ever made my body feel so in tune with my mind and soul.

As I walked to the club it felt like I was living someone else’s life. Someone’s life who hadn’t been motivated by death but motivated by life. When I walked in, Dean greeted me with a huge smile. I never really found myself attracted to men as much as I was women, but this man clearly had skills. The memory made my cheeks blushed which seemed to only spur him on more.

“Oh there you are my darling showstopper, I am so delighted you decided to come back, I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I do,” the implications fethiye escort in his words made my insides tingle with anticipation. “Browning is waiting for you upstairs, we are almost ahead of schedule to open next weekend, I know you will be ready by then, showstopper.” I wanted to ask what that nickname was all about but I had been told several times I would be the top performer. And my understanding of those duties so far, made me want it even if I never got paid. But I wasn’t going to admit that to anyone. I could tell things were well on there way as I made my way upstairs. It almost looked like a club that was complete and closed on the weekdays at this point. I couldn’t imagine what else would need to be completed in less than two weeks time but it was going to look impressive.

I floated my way back to the room I thought I would find Browning in. She was leaning over something that looked like a modified gym bench split at lots of different angles.

“Oh perfect timing darling,” she motioned me in with excited hands, “come please you are going to love this.” I walked towards her as she took my bag off and threw it on the bed.

“Strip,” she commanded but it felt more like a request, although we both knew it wasn’t. I was a little disappointed she wasn’t wearing her heels and corset as last time, but she looked stunning nonetheless. She had on tight leather pants, healed boots composed of multiple straps, and a purple button down, buttoned mostly, down. I couldn’t help my eyes rake up and down her body as I glanced at the door but started to take off my jacket anyway. I shrugged out of my shirt as well and then slipped off my sneakers, following them with my jeans. I couldn’t help but notice she was as enthralled with my body as I was with hers.

We were both silent for a moment as I stood in my bra sans panties as requested as she stared at my pussy. I hoped she couldn’t tell it was wet already but by her concentration, she either did, or was hoping it was. I peeled off my bra slowly hoping to keep her attention just a bit longer. She pulled my by the hand over to the contraption she had been inspecting when I arrived.

“This is for you, tonight, we are going for stamina. First, drink this,” she handed me a bottle of water that was room temperature. I took a sip and she quipped an eye at me, “all of it now love, you’re going to need it. I chugged it eagerly ready for whatever plan she had for me as her eyes trained on my throat with each gulp. When I finished she took the bottle from my hands then pointed at one end of the contraption.

“Kneel her,” the end she was indicating looked a bicycle seat but at a weird angle. I knelt down in front of it as she ushered me further up.

“You want this part to be touching just above,” she stroked my clit and found satisfaction at the wetness and my shivering response. I moved closer to where she indicated as she moved my ankles a little, pulling my feet back to lay straight. Then I felt large metal clamps close just above my ankles. One at a time. She messaged my shoulders, “remember your safe word, at any time.” With that statement she pushed my shoulders down so I would be leaning over. The placement of the previously thought to be seat was evident now as it supported my hips and barely put pressure on my clit.

She adjusted a couple bars until my tits fit right in between them as she pushed me further down. The weight of my own body resting comfortably between my ribs clavicles. There were several other components to this contraption that I couldn’t even begin to assign a task for. She then pulled up a U shaped cushion piece and adjusted it to hold my head looking straight in front of me, the weight of my head benign supported off my neck. She ran her hand down my back and across to my wrist lifting it straight back and up slightly. I felt more metal clasp under my wrist. She repeated the same with the other hand as my arms formed a T shape but arched further from the ground than perpendicular.

I had no idea what was in store for me but my pussy was on board as my own juices started to form enough to show on my thighs. She then put some straps around my ribs constricting me from being able to lift my lower body at all. A sudden slap on my ass had me gasp out a sensual moan that surprised even myself. I could hear her chuckle now as she ran her hands up and down my thighs. I could hear parts cranking and moving as my knees were slowly spread further from each other. She ran her whole hand roughly from clit to ass and I

almost cam right then. I could feel now the ropes around my midsection would keep me from squirming away from whatever sensations she had in mind.

She stood in front of me now, hands on her hips, admiring me like a work of art. She smiled with achievement at my positioning alanya escort and bent down to kiss me hard on the lips like she was claiming me. And I wanted her to claim me.

“Tonight is about stamina, and of course, multiple orgasms, remember your safe word, you can use it at any time and everything will stop ok?” she was serious now and it only turned me on more as I accepted.

“Yes, mistress,” my voice was so husky I almost didn’t recognize it. She went back behind me and I heard her rustling around again. I was anxious to see what she was doing but the lack of visibility I think was part of the hype. I heard a click and then felt my brain cease.

The section that was holding my lower hips up starting vibrating. It was directly on my clit but it was close enough that I could feel my bud responding right away. I had to remind myself to breath as another surprise slap came down on my ass. Then three more. Each one felt like she was shoving a dildo in me. It was a mix between pain and height of pleasure. Then she grabbed both cheeks and spread them apart harshly. I could feel her breath on my pussy as I wished I could push myself back onto her mouth but I couldn’t move an inch. She lightly slapped my lips and I swear I had a small orgasm at the contact. She licked me finally from clit to asshole and I shook as much as I could tied up.

I heard more motion and whined at the loss of her touch. Then I felt something touch my entrance ever so slightly but not move any further. Then I understood what the other levers and bars were for from back there. Slowly, almost painfully, I felt a dildo push its way inside me. I screamed out in pleasure before it was even fully in. My toes curled and my hands wanted to make fists. It pushed further inside me than I ever thought something could go. That paired with the still vibrating pulse on my lower belly and my brain no longer had thoughts. The huge dildo was slipping in and out now, clearly covered in my own juices.

It started to pick up pace and I could hear the sloshing of it entering and exiting my pussy. I groaned and had to make sure I kept breathing. I had completely forgotten that Browning was even in the room. But when I saw her my heart soared too. She was doing this to me, and I never wanted it to stop. And it didn’t. It settled on a pace that was just enough to produce the squishing my juices still. I moaned again, my eyes fluttering closed, even though all I wanted to do was keep the enthralled hypnotic smile on Browning’s face.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of that,” she knelt in front me now, taking my face in a forceful kiss that made me want to die right there. I could feel her moaning too at the contact. I then felt something soft slide over my face as she tied it behind my head. She put a blindfold on me.

I couldn’t tell how long it had been but I was covered in sweat now as this machine knew just how to stay at a pace that wouldn’t give me release. The added senses heightened with my loss of sight. I didn’t know how I wasn’t cumming more between the pulsing on my lower stomach and the huge dildo sloshing in and out. I had no idea where Browning was and although I wanted to share this moment with her more personally, I knew she was there enjoying herself just as much if not more than me. I felt a breath on my ear before I heard her speak.

“We are going to try something new, but I think you will love the orgasm you’ve been hovering around. Remember your safeword,” I thought it was a little silly that she kept bringing it back up but it also warmed my heart and calmed my soul down more than I wanted to admit.

“As the dildo slowed down, I felt another one press up against my asshole. I had never done anal before, but I was so deperate for release I was willing to try anything right now.

“Just remember to relax, it is going to hurt, but then it will feel good, so, so, good,” I could hear her own arousal as the dildo slowly pushed its way inside my ass. I instinctively wanted to pull away but I was immobile to. She was right, it hurt, I felt tears burning my eyes and I was thankful for the blindfold. I didn’t want to disappoint her and more than I trusted her that it would stop hurting soon. It felt like minutes but was probably combined less than one before the whole length of the dildo was inside of me. It fought with the dildo in my pussy every other pulse. When it finally reached depth, the one inside my pussy stopped, I was now full in both holes as my walls contracted around both but my orgasm was ripped away when they stopped. I had never been so turned on and frustrated at the same time.

Suddenly there was a hand on my mouth pushing it open. I obliged quickly not caring what was happening if it got the dildos to start moving again. I felt another dildo in my mouth, although this one manavgat escort felt different than the other two inside me. The one in my mouth started moving in and out slowly, tickling the back of my throat and threatening to choke me. I was about to protest when both dildos slid all the way out of me slowly. I felt like a piece of my newly found heaven went with them as I whimpered at the one in my mouth. I felt a hand on my cheek stroking it, “That’s it baby, you sure know how to pick them Browning.” I didn’t know who was speaking but it was clear it was their dick in my mouth and not a dildo. I had given blowjobs before but I never enjoyed them. I was about to speak around the dick when both dildos thrust back into me simultaneously.

I screamed in pleasure at the action as the vibrating below my stomach picked up a notch. I felt like I was straddling a jackhammer. Except I was being jackhammered in all three ends. That thought alone sent me over the edge as both dildos pumped in and out of my quickly now. I was grateful once again for the bonds that held me because I lost complete control of my body then. Evern centimeter of me shook as much as it could in place. The man in my mouth burst along with me. As his member came out of my mouth I swallowed then took in deep breaths waiting for the slowly shaky come down. But I was in no such luck.

The dildos pumping in and out of me didn’t stop, not for one moment. I didn’t even finish coming down from an orgasm when I felt another, larger one boil to the surface. I screamed as I squirted all over myself and the machine. Browning was suddenly in front of me with both hands on my cheeks.

“Remember your safe word, keep breathing,” she was calm in this moment when I felt like I had no control over anything. It was the longest orgasm I had ever had. I was starting to come down again when another one flexed through me as I felt every single bind dig into me as my body throttled itself again. My toes curled and wouldn’t let go. There was no way that even running the longest marathon, twice, was as taxing as this machine. I was coming down again for what time I couldn’t even count anymore. I took in another large breath as I squirted all over myself again. I never thought feeling this slutty could feel so good. As my body came to the end of that orgasm I felt a huge cramp hitting my calf from my toes curling.

“Snowman!” I couldn’t help but scream out. Not two seconds later, everything stopped and the dildos came out slowly.

“Breath baby, keep taking deep breaths,” I could hear Browning as she took off the binds on my legs first and worked the cramp with her hands. It was almost as pleasurable as an orgams. It helped that my juices had lubricated my skin like message oil. When my leg stopped flexing, she undid the ties on my torso then hands so fast, I felt weak for having been held down by something so easily undone. She took off the blind fold then helped me up with both hands. I could barely stand and once the contraption wasn’t between us, she lifted me off my feet and carried me. My arms clung around her as I burrowed into her neck. Her scent and her strength were anchors to my sanity right now.

“Sh baby it’s ok, here drink,” she laid me on the bed, never pulling my arms from around her but producing a straw in front of me. I drank greedily until the need to breath took over again. She laid beside me stroking my face and neck gently while cooing quietly. I pulled her towards me and put our foreheads together, I was still breathing heavy and she was still petting me all over.

“That was,” I had to stop for a breath, “the greatest thing,” I wanted to say ever, but for some reasons tears sprang to my eyes without thought.

“Hey you’re ok, I’ve got you, she rolled me on top of her and squeezed me tight as I clung onto her for help.

“What’s,” I sniffled between a sob, “happening, I was happy, this is happy, why do I feel hollow now? That was the greatest moment of my life why do I feel like I wanna die now?” I was so confused and vulnerable and overcome with sadness, but I didn’t feel sad.

“Well,” she rolled us again so she could wrap herself around me from behind and rested her head on my shoulder as she continued, her warm breath another calming factor.

“Sometimes when you get to extreme highs, especially suddenly or without practice, your body can think it needs to equilibrate, and it will go just as low as it was high. I have never seen it happen this dramatically to someone before who wasn’t already familiar with it. I’m sorry I should have talked to you about it, but no one,” I could feel her tears hitting my shoulder and parts of my hair now. It made me feel worse that I was also making her sad now too. “No one, has even given themselves to me so easily before, never trusted me so much,” I couldn’t tell if her sadness was reminiscing or slight joy. I clutched the parts of her wrapped around me harder in acknowledgement and begrudging satisfaction. I didn’t want her to be sad, but having her admit that this was an experience for her as emotional as it was for me, was something I knew I would never forget, and nothing else had ever made me happier.

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Uncle Bob Ch. 03

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I’ve had lots of requests for Chapter 3, and I have 2 excuses for the long delay in publishing it. Firstly, life got in the way. Secondly, my editor, the venerable Copperskink, is such a hard task-master, and made me re-write bits. (Actually, I think it’s a lot better now, so thanks a million, Vic).

So in this chapter, things start to get a little bit complicated for our horny uncle and his insatiable niece… Enjoy (and that’s an order!)

________________________ _______________________

Chapter 3 – Sunday Morning

The next morning, I woke up with Stacey still asleep. I went downstairs, fixed us breakfast and took it up to the bedroom on a tray. Stacey opened her eyes dreamily.

“Hey, Uncle Bob. Good morning.”

“Good morning, sweetie. How did you sleep?”

“After my butt-hole got back to its normal shape, pretty good thanks. How about you?”

I set the tray down by the bedside. “Well, my balls are still aching. I couldn’t believe I could come so many times.” After our first ass-fucking, she had insisted we repeat the exercise with her on top and a vibrator on her clit. Amazingly, she came twice before I did — though I’m sure that was only because my balls were pretty dry by then. A quick visit to the bathroom and then she got me to lick her out — she came again — and then she sucked me off before we both cleaned up and then fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Stacey giggled. “Oh Uncle Bob, I think they’re gonna ache a lot more. Now you’ve shown me how good sex is, I keep, like, wanting more and more. But first, this breakfast looks way yummy. Is that fresh orange juice? Hey, awesome!”

We ate, and kissed and hugged a little, and she put some boysenberry jam on her nipples which I duly licked off — and kept licking long after all the jam was gone. I could have gone straight to fucking her, but I thought I’d take it a little slower, so I turned her over and gave her one of Bob’s patent back-rubs.

Now these back-rubs have, on many occasions, induced feelings of well-being and increasing levels of lust in the ladies who have received them — shit; let’s just say it gets the girls horny. True, one or two have fallen asleep, but that depends on the circumstances and the techniques. Some stroking, fingernail-work and what I think is called ‘petrossage’, applied to the right parts of the body and mixed with some tongue-work seems to do the job pretty well on most gals.

Stacey was no exception. I started on her shoulders, kissing and licking the back of her neck as I ran my palms across her back and my fingernails down the backs of her arms.

“Ooh, Uncle Bob! That makes me go all tingly!” she giggled.

I teased the insides of her elbows, first with my nails and then with my tongue, blowing gently on the wet skin. Then back up her arms and shoulders, down across her back in light, even strokes, then tracing her spine with my tongue, breathing on the wet skin. I gently stroked her ass-cheeks, dipping my tongue to lick between them and at her perineum. She moaned softly.

I continued down her thighs, all the while just enjoying the softness of her skin, the young tightness of her body. I licked and stroked her inner thighs, and every little gasp and moan made my cock harder. I teased the backs of her knees with my mouth while I slid my hands under her legs, stroking her shins, the fronts of her knees and her thighs. I dipped lower, teasing and sucking her toes, making her giggle and squirm with the tickling. Then slowly up again, homing in, leaving wet trails with my tongue along the insides of her thighs.

When I finally made contact with her pussy, she was wet. But I pulled back, turned her over, and kept away from that little cleft, instead keeping up the soft sweeps across her concave stomach, her prominent hip-bones, and smooth, slender thighs, all the while slipping in a few long strokes of the tongue on that silky skin.

By now, her eyes were closed, and she was cupping and stroking her tiny, sweet titties. I knew that she would be very wet when I finally made contact. And she was. I slowly homed in, tantalizing right at the tops of her thighs and over that sweet mound above her slit, spiraling inwards, teasing the outer lips and tasting the juices already flowing there. I edged ever closer to her darker-pink slit, slowly, slowly teasing, lapping, tracing outlines with my tongue. Finally, I gently probed that delightful pink valley, starting at its rim and pressing only a little deeper with each pass along its length.

My slow progress towards the delicious liquid feast that was spread out before me required every ounce of my patience. For Stacey, it was exquisite torment. My palms held her thighs wide apart as she moaned and squealed and wriggled and pushed to make me go deeper in, more quickly. But I held back, tantalizing, teasing every millimeter of the way. When my tongue finally traced the cleft between her neat, rose-pink inner lips, she let out a sweet, intensely erotic batman escort cry.

She moaned and sighed and squealed and gasped a lot more as I traced every soft contour with my tongue, pecked at the soft flesh gently with my lips, even grazed the sensitive surfaces with my teeth. I rimmed and probed her tight little butt-hole, I lapped at the nectar flowing generously from her hot, fragrant vagina. I traced every little crinkle and curve, lapping, sucking, probing deeply, fucking her with my tongue. But I stayed back, away from the one spot that most craved attention. Until I was ready.

When I surprised her with a swift, soft stroke up and under the clitoral hood, her hips bucked so violently that her pubic bone nearly socked me in the mouth. But I held her down with my hands on that silky skin on the insides of her thighs and returned to my feast, lapping, tasting, but always tantalizing. And every few moments, a surprise lick, occasionally a soft suck, on that sweet, sweet rosebud of a clit..

At last, Stacey could take my teasing no longer. She grabbed the back of my head with both hands, forcing her pussy up against my mouth, spreading her thighs wide to maximize the contact between my mouth and her most sensitive areas.

And she screamed. I mean, it was a cry like I’ve never heard a girl make before — at least not in bed with me. It was beautiful and scary at the same time. Recognizing it as a sign of extreme release, I kept on — in fact, Stacey’s hands in my hair wouldn’t let me do anything else. And that first high-pitched burst of sound was followed by more squeals and cries and moans and gasps and noises that just didn’t sound human.

After nearly a minute of clutching at each other, I finally emerged from between her thighs. She was literally sobbing, reaching for each breath. Her body seemed to be trembling from the intensity of her climax. Her face had that post-orgasmic aura that makes all women in that state look more beautiful — and she was gorgeous to start with.

As for me, my face was covered in her juices. Her orgasm had been so intense that she had gushed all over my chin as I sucked and licked her clitoris. My hair must have looked pretty strange, as she’d sunk her hands into it, trying to force my face harder onto her open pussy. But I was smiling, as I’d just done something pretty special for someone who was pretty special.

I slid up the bed, reaching for a tissue to wipe my face before settling down beside her. Her chest was still heaving with the exertion of her orgasm, and she turned to me and opened her eyes dreamily, like someone just coming down from some glorious drug trip. To me, she had never looked more beautiful. I took her in my arms and she lazily snuggled up against me.

“Uncle Bob”, she said at last, dreamily. “That was — awesome! Truly, truly awesome! I’ve never come so hard for so long. That was way, way — awesome!”

Her experience hadn’t improved her vocabulary, but what the fuck? She loved what I’d done, and that was cool by me.

We stayed like that while she slowly drifted down from her orgasmic peak. Then she reached down and took hold of my cock, still semi hard from the thrill of eating her sweet pussy, and looked up with one of her naughty little smiles.

“Hey, Uncle Bob. It’s, like, so your turn. Where do you want to put this? I think my butthole is still a little sore from last night, but my cooze is nice and juicy, or I can, like, suck you off again.”

I was instantly hard. I looked down at the glistening pink skin around her pussy, and knew what I wanted more than anything. She saw where I was looking and her grin widened.

“I know what you want!” she said in a sort of sing-song voice like she was in the school yard. She shuffled back onto the bed, placed her hands on the insides of her knees and opened her slim thighs so wide that they were almost flat on the bed. She lifted her head to have a look at her pussy, gaping wide open, wet and pink. She looked up at me and saw I was looking in the same place.

“Do you like my pussy, Uncle Bob? Would you — would you like to — to fuck it, Uncle Bob?” She said the word with a sort of child-like emphasis as if she knew it was a word she shouldn’t use but she wanted to be naughty.

Fuck, I wanted to be naughty too. I wanted to stick my dick in that sweet hole and, and… “Stacey, baby, I’d love to.”

I reached out for a condom from the bedside.

“Uncle Bob? Could we, like, do it, like — without — the condom? Only — only…”

“Stacey, I can’t. If I come inside you I could make you pregnant, and that would ruin everything.”

“No, Uncle Bob. Couldn’t you just, like, pull out before you shoot your load and give it to me like in the porno movies? I so wanna see you shoot your cum all over me. That would be awesome.”

“Stacey, if I do that, I don’t think I’ll last long enough inside you to make you come.”

“That’s okay, Uncle yalova escort Bob. I just came like sooo hard that I don’t think I can come again for like – forever. So, like, this is just for you. Is that cool?”

So I was faced with quite a choice: get the feel of a delicious hot, wet, silky, tight pussy around my cock, skin to skin, and run the risk that I’d lose control and come inside her, or — oh fuck it, it wasn’t really a choice at all.

I scuttled across the bed and shimmied between her legs, placing my arms on either side of her. She still held her knees wide apart, and I was mesmerized by that pink wet slit and that inviting little pink, shiny hole. I hovered my dick just inches above it, wanting to savor the moment a little longer.

Stacey looked up at me with a serious expression on her face. “Uncle Bob, I’m like, wide open for you now. Are you gonna stick your dick inside me? I wanna see it go in. I wanna feel it. It feels so awesome when you — when you fuck me, Uncle Bob. I so wanna feel the skin of your dick opening up my cooze.”

How the fuck was I gonna last ten seconds with Stacey talking to me like this? The touch of her wet pussy against my cock as I moved lower was so luscious that I knew that this had to be fast and furious. As the head of my cock pressed into the entrance of her tight little cunt, I closed my eyes and conjured up a picture of Dubya at his most inane. My desperate lust eased back a notch. “Raise the pie higher, put food on your families,” Dubya said in my head.

“Fuck me Uncle Bob — fuck me hard” Stacey said in my ear. “Don’t tease, Uncle Bob. Stick that nice, big cock inside me.” My lust ramped back up a further notch and a half. Fuck! This was just impossible!

‘Okay, okay’ I thought. ‘Just go for it!’

So I did. I slid my cock into Stacey’s slick, wet, juicy, hot, silky, ever-so-tight little teenage cunt as slowly and as gently and as deeply as I could. It was, as Stacey would have said, awesome. She was still almost as tight as the first time I’d fucked her, not thirty-six hours earlier, but her nervousness was gone and she was more relaxed, plus I now had direct contact of skin on wet, silky skin, without the rubber. And she rose up to meet me, pushing her pussy toward me.

“Oh, yes, yes!” she was gasping, “fill me, Uncle Bob, fill me up with cock. Fuck me sooo deep!”

I opened my eyes — I hadn’t dared look at her so far for fear of shooting my load on entry – and she was in that ‘sexual rapture’ position, head thrown back, eyes half closed, mouth open. I guessed that most of it was from the excitement of the situation and the fact that she was, well, coming down from coming. I couldn’t imagine that one thrust of my cock could do all that.

Once again I closed my eyes and called on Dubya. “We’re making the right decisions to bring the solution to an end,” he gabbled. “A person is just another opinion,” he opined. “Our nation must come together to unite,” he waffled. And all the while his inane expression was there, behind my eyes, willing me not to lose it, to keep thrusting and — and keep thrusting.

And sweet fucking Jesus it felt glorious. You see, a tight, virgin cunt or asshole is gonna feel great under any circumstances, especially when you’re watching and feeling and hearing its oh-so-pretty little owner wriggling and gasping and moaning as you give and receive pleasure. But felt from the inside of a rubber tube, sex is — well, a bit rubbery. Skin-on-skin is where it’s really at, and this was skin on such amazing skin that it was like losing my virginity all over again. Except that time, I lasted for less than one complete thrust, and fortunately I was wearing a rubber, or else I’d be a mother-fucking daddy instead of a niece-fucking uncle by now.

“Stacey, baby” I gasped, after barely a minute of some of the most divine fucking I’ve ever felt, “I dunno how long I can last. Your sweet little c… your tight little pussy is making it… really hard… not to come…”

“Oooh, Uncle Bob, it feels so good. I love the feeling of your cock inside my cooze. Oooh it’s so big! Oh, fuck me harder….”

“Stacey! Please! If you keep… saying things like that…. I’m gonna come really soon…”

I bent forward and pressed my mouth to hers, hoping that the kiss would be less of a trigger to my oh-so-near orgasm than her words. My eyes closed again, and there was good ol’ Dubya. “You teach a child to read, and he or her will be able to pass a literacy test.” Cool — I could last another few seconds. “Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?” I was learning — learning to control my impulses. Maybe another thirty seconds before I blew my load. “One of the great things about books is sometimes there are some fantastic pictures.” I had to avoid the fantastic pictures in my head — the ones of my cute, sexy niece, her skinny, smooth little body spread-eagled under me, massaging my cock deep inside her juicy, wet, little cunt….

OH ordu escort FUCK!

I pulled my hips back and up as rapidly as I could. Just in time, my cock swung into position above her belly-button and unleashed a thick stream of off-white goo all over her titties. As my body felt the overwhelming onrush of a huge orgasm, I hollowed my back and the next spurt arced higher, landing on her sweet face, across her lips and her open mouth. Even as the third and fourth spasms shot forth more sticky cum, she raised herself on her elbows, positioning her face to receive the bursts. My God, my cute niece was playing the porn star — and the performance merited an Oscar!

I think there are few sights more sexy than a pretty face covered with cum. That’s why almost every porn shoot has to end with a facial, and why there are so many websites dedicated to that particular image. Only, it’s even better when the face is heartbreakingly sweet and pretty, and it’s smiling up at you, and it’s your cum that’s all over it.

“Oh Uncle Bob, that was, like, awesome! You were shooting cum all over me for like, ages, and it’s all thick and gooey and like…” she licked her lips “real yummy too! Hey, how do I look? Is it, like, way porno?”

“Stacey, you look beautiful and very, very sexy!”

“Yeah, but like, is it way sexy in a slutty sort of way?”

Fuck. “Stacey, like I said yesterday, when you want to be, you’re my slut princess. Is that what you want?”

“Oh yeah, that’s so cool! Hey…”

She sat up and turned so she could see her reflection more clearly in the mirror we’d arranged at the bedside last night.

“Way to go, Uncle Bob! I look way porno with cum all over my face and my boobies and leaking out of my mouth and stuff! Hey, next time, can we, like, do it with the video on?”

I was amazed at the transformation in my sweet, previously innocent little darling. I still couldn’t believe this was happening. I lay down on her skinny little body and hugged her hard, kissing her hungrily. I got my cum smeared all over my face and body, and some in my mouth, but hey, it’s good to share.

“Uncle Bob — I love you so much. You’re so sweet.” She said, smiling up at me when at last I broke the kiss.

Hmmm — sweet? A guy who fucks his niece — including up the ass — and covers her delicate, silky skin in thick blobs of cum doesn’t sound sweet to me. But hey, I wasn’t about to argue with my slut-princess.

Everything seemed pretty good — amazing, in fact. I’d had a weekend of some of the best sex ever with someone I loved deeply — even though not previously in that way. We still had a lot of the day ahead of us, and a secret relationship which, if we could keep it a secret, could give us both a lot of pleasure in the future.

I gave her another kiss, then I got up to go to the bathroom to clean up. I looked out of the window, and the world looked really good. There was not a cloud in the sky. The sun was shining, the birds were singing — even the flowers in my front yard were looking pretty — thanks to Stacey watering them after I’d forgotten.

And there was a black Porsche 911 with the top down, cruising up the street towards my house. With Dolores at the wheel. Stacey’s mom.

There are certain moments in your life when you think, “Oh fuck — I’m dead.” This was definitely one of them. In fewer than two minutes, Dolores would be ringing my door bell. What would she find? Let’s see…

Firstly, there’s her eighteen-year-old daughter in my bed, naked and covered with cum. My cum.

Then there’s my bedroom, littered with discarded clothes, used condoms, a butt-plug, a tube of lube — y’know, stuff… Oh, and a breakfast tray for two people.

Then there’s Stacey’s room. Bed un-slept-in, and on the bed a bunch of very unsuitable, very slutty-looking clothes and a bag full of goodies from the sex store.

Downstairs, in the kitchen, last night’s dinner things, including an empty wine bottle and a wineglass with slutty-red lipstick marks to show I’d been giving Stacey alcohol, and that she had been inappropriately made-up at the time.

And in the lounge, a hard-core DVD by the TV and a video camera still hooked up, ready to re-show the epic porno of me fucking Dolores’ daughter up the ass. Twice.

So I had fewer than two minutes to save my sorry ass. And Stacey’s. Fuck!

So, where could I take Dolores when I opened the door for her? Certainly not upstairs. The kitchen was the least bad place, but she could see straight through to the lounge and would spot the camera and DVD box with her lawyer’s eagle eyes.

And even if we avoided that, there would be the conversation. “Hi, Robert” she would say. She always called me by my full name. “What have you been doing all morning?” It was nearly eleven.

“Oh, you know, not a lot. Just eating your daughter’s pussy, fucking her bareback and spraying her with cum. You know — the usual.” Hmmm.

I’m not really the best guy in a crisis, but for a moment time seemed to stand still, and my mind free-wheeled. Where to take her? Nowhere in the house was suitable. Hey, the pool-deck! If I could get her outside, that would stop her seeing the evidence. And I could pretend we’d been at the pool all morning.

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Prince Karlirn Qirlian pushed the hood of his parka back and shook his head, sending silver hair swirling around his face snapping with small sparks of blue magic. Standing inside the human compound as the rest of his entourage scrambled in out of the storm, he felt too irritated to care much about being an inconvenience to the monks of this particular order, or even care what order they were from. It wasn’t his fault that the uncontrolled weather on this planet had grounded his transport. Tugging his gloves off, he tried to remind himself that it wasn’t the fault of the monastery either.

The planet itself was controlled by humans, Earth born, he was told. According to the report, they’d terraformed only a small island in the northern hemisphere, where making no plans on setting up a functioning colony, no military or trade growth. It was criminal, this waste of a good planet. However, the planet had a great wealth of ilradia, which Se’naren ships used for fuel. The greatest advantage to having to stop on Airos was that no one on Se’naren would need know that his ship had developed difficulties, stopping here would not put him in a disadvantage in negotiations with his brother.

Without looking he heard the members of his entourage take their places around him. Each made a distinctive tone, a clear soft whistle that said offered again their allegiance, gave their prince honor, and told him that they were unharmed. Only the healthy could offer allegiance. Madre, his first mate, leader of the Nariel Clan knelt on the side of his sword. She was a powerful fighter in her own right, baring demon blood that gave her speed as well as bringing a truce between demon, Nariel, and Qirlian Clans. Next back from her, knelt Vedra the physician, Nassa the karabük escort Livra’s technician and pilot, and Mirl who was running communications for the Livra even though he more frequently held a tech/pilot position. The first position on his sword hand was held by Nig, who was navigator on the Livra. The other four positions were held by security, cloned and reared for battle, Sa, Su, and Si. As each knelt and whistled their assigned note, Prince Karlirn felt relief. Each one of them was his responsibility. Losses in battle were unavoidable, if one came to battle, but to lose a retainer for something as ridiculous as ruptured fuel cell, over the sabotage of those who wished for war would have torn his heart.

He stood there pulling off his gloves, trying to decide what kind of place Nig had found for them, when someone finally appeared to greet them. Flowing blue silk covered a form that was likely human, though moved with enough grace to perhaps have carried a bit of elfish blood. A long braid of reddish hair flowed over the right shoulder and down, curving just a bit over one breast, and bouncing against the curve of muscular legs. Her arms were bare, covered only by iridescent blue tattoos, lines that swirled around, climbed her arms and disappeared under the blue silk.

Her eyes meet his and held. The hair stood up on the back of his neck. Her bare feet made little sound on the black and white marble. She circled him, so close that he could smell the scent of her, like bergamot, like sex, musky and strange. Her finger touched his shoulder, pressing against the silver coat he wore, before lifting a strand of his silver hair. Blue sparks danced over the tips, but he refused to move, refused to osmaniye escort respond to the inspection. Not a single one of his bondkin moved, responded. She released his hair, and moved to stand in front of him.

Of an equal height, his golden eyes returned the stare of her human blue ones. She leaned forward and touched her lips to his, pulling at his lower lip, the tip of her tongue flicking quickly against the still slightly blue with cold flesh of his lip. Without blinking, he watched her, giving no response at all, and she withdrew, a very small smile lifting her lips.

“Welcome to Airos, Prince Karlirn Qirlian,” she said, “We did not expect you, but you are worthy.”

At that, he tipped his head slightly. “I require shelter from the storm, and fuel for my ship. Repairs can be effected rapidly. How may I reward you?”

She laughed now. “This is the Temple of Airos, Prince. Even if you were not worthy, we would shelter and aide you. As you are worthy, you must pay, you must accept. But you may choose.”

Karlirn thought the ways of offworlders were odd, in the politest phrasing. The storm that had grounded them put polite etiquette at a low priority. “What choices?”

Her smile sent shivers down his back, raised goosebumps down his arm. “Fear not, Prince, for what you choose is the true choice of your soul.” She fanned out an array of jewel tiles, bringing them from nowhere to hold them out to him. All colors of the rainbow, paper thin jewels the size of cards. “To each is a door, within lay the gift which your soul will choose.”

“Are they keys,” he asked, tucking his gloves under his belt. They drew his fingers, these cards, as he moved his fingers over them, never marmaris escort touching, the surface of each transparent jewel lighted with a pattern, shimmering only a moment as his fingers passed.

“The one you choose is the room we will give to you.” She said, both hands holding the cards now. “Does one call to you beyond the others?”

It was blue, with silver lines, at the very edge, mostly covered by other cards. With the tip of his nail he touched it and a thrill went though him, singing through his skin, into his lungs, making the air too thick, and down into the pit of his stomach. He swallowed and then touched his finger tip to it, pulling it free. As he turned his hand over, to look at it, it spun free of his grip and rotated above his palm, blue sparks flew, and the card granulized, dropping into his palm like so many millions of particles of sapphire sand. The peace bringing prince of Se’naren’s mouth dropped open as sapphire sand dissolved into his skin. “What?”

But he knew already. Without needing to wait for the answer, he strode past her, up the stairs she had come down. In his mind he saw him, heard the soft music of his calling. He gritted his teeth and refused to run, no matter how badly he wanted to. Beyond the stairs, a long corridor of doors, dozens and dozens of doors, jewel tone colors, and he could hear, from within each a sweet song of invitation.. but none of them drew him. Half way down the hall it was all he could do to keep from running. He was the Prince though, and he would not run for pleasure, no matter that he could feel it boiling in his body, already rising and demanding.

Finally, the door came into view on his sword hand side, shimmering and translucent, like a door of the deepest water. Within knelt a man, muscular and balanced, like a dancer, but smooth and delicate like a woman as well. Blue hair, the same color as the door spread around him, a veil of living silk. Karlirn reached forward, the door accepting his fingers, folding around them like a kiss… and he stepped through to meet the choice of his soul.

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Naked and In Charge

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This is an entry in the 2012 Nude Day story contest, so please vote. Honest feedback is always appreciated. Copyright Foolstop June 2012. This is a work of fiction. The events, settings and characters described here are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons. For all scenes that depict sexual activity, all participants are 18 or over. Thanks to PhantomOp for his eagle-eyed proofreading.


Prologue: Poster Child

Allie, my chesty, redheaded wife is the poster child for National Nude Day here in Greenville, and I mean that quite literally. Last year, thousands of posters featuring her beautiful, nude body went up all over town to advertise the fifth annual event. The posters showed her looking back over her shoulder and smiling at the camera with a twinkle in her eye. Across her backside, a large tattoo read, “Follow Me for National Nude Day.”

Allie works for the mayor, you see. She’s the Manager of Special Events, so it’s her job to publicize National Nude Day, among other things. The poster budget included enough to pay for a professional model, but the photographer took one look at Allie’s gorgeous figure and suggested that she be the model instead. When Allie realized that the money saved could go towards the parade, which always came up short, it was all the incentive she needed to strip down and wiggle her ass for the camera, thereby becoming immortalized.


Chapter 1: Houseguest

Allie’s younger sister, Mercedes, flew in for an extended visit over the summer, and it was my job to pick her up from the airport. I staked out a bench in the baggage claim area and buried my nose in a magazine while I waited for Mercedes’ plane to touch down.

I became completely lost in thought, because the next thing I knew, the magazine was being pulled from my grip, and a husky female voice startled me by speaking my name. It took me a second to realize that the slender woman who stood before me wearing a tight-fitting top and a very short skirt was, in fact, Mercedes. The last time I had seen her, she had just turned 16, but three years had passed since then. “Wow! Look at you, all grown up and stunning! Have you actually grown taller?”

“No, but I lost about ten pounds.”

“And your voice has gotten deeper.”

She cleared her throat. “I think that’s just from the air travel.”

“Well, anyway. You look fantastic.”

She smiled at me. “Thanks. You’re just as handsome as ever, yourself.”

We collected her bags, and headed out to my car. When Mercedes climbed into the passenger seat, her short skirt rode up high on her hips and I was treated to a nice glimpse of her skimpy underwear. As we pulled away from the airport, I barely managed to keep my eyes on the road while resisting the constant urge to glance down at those enticingly bare legs.


Our next stop was to pick up Allie from city hall so that we could all go out to dinner, but my wife wasn’t in her office. She left a note on her whiteboard. “Wesley, my last meeting of the day might run long. Take a seat and I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Allie’s guest chair was missing for some reason, so Mercedes let me take the desk chair and she sat on the corner of Allie’s desk. I attempted to read my magazine while we waited, but I kept getting distracted by the way that Mercedes crossed one long, bare leg over the other, directly in my line of sight. I kept thinking, Damn, Allie’s sister is quite the hottie.

Allie and Mercedes are three-quarters Irish and one-quarter French, but where Allie inherited hardly anything from her French grandma, Mercedes inherited quite a bit. So, the two are night-and-day different.

My Allie is a redheaded vixen at five foot seven inches tall with an average build. Lately, her hair was cut short with bangs, and dyed a chocolate-red. I melt every time I look into her dark green eyes, and she smiles at me with those thick, sensuous lips. She has a cute, freckled nose and her large breasts are also dusted with freckles, which everyone knows because she loves to wear low cut tops that display plenty of cleavage.

Mercedes, on the other hand, has long, brown hair and golden brown eyes that study the world through stylish, dark rimmed eyeglasses. Both girls have muscular legs that are topped by wide, rounded hips, but Mercedes’ hips taper to a very narrow waist, while Allie’s waist is thicker. Mercedes is a few inches shorter than Allie and she is not quite as busty as Allie.

While Allie is playful and feisty, Mercedes is much more reserved. I’m not saying that Mercedes is shy, but rather that she exudes an air of confidence. Mercedes will usually let others take the lead, but that doesn’t mean she’d follow blindly.

Mercedes stood and moved around me. I looked up and saw that a framed copy of the aforementioned “Follow Me” poster had caught her attention. Allie had gotten it signed by both the photographer and the tattoo artist and mounted it proudly opposite the door of her office. It was the first thing anyone noticed upon entering. karaman escort Mercedes pondered. “I wonder what they are going to do for a poster this year. I don’t know how they could top that one.”

“Allie won’t tell me. She’s keeping it a secret, but maybe you can pry it out of her,” I answered.

“Maybe I should be in the poster, this year.” Mercedes placed her hands above her head and emulated Allie’s pose. “What do you think, Wes? Would you like to see your sister-in-law captured like this? All I need is the tramp stamp.”

“I’m surprised you don’t already have one, you tramp.” I reached over and pulled down the waistband of her skirt to check.

“Hey!” Mercedes twisted around and stuck her tongue out at me. Just then, Allie walked in and Mercedes forgot all about me. Mercedes hugged her sister as if she had just come back from the dead.

When Mercedes finally let go, Allie asker her, “So, you’re going to be staying with us all summer, huh?”

“Yeah. Mom and Dad are remodeling the whole damn house and I don’t want to be anywhere near when dust starts to fly. I’d just be in the way, anyway.”

“So, since you’ll be here all summer, you know what that means, don’t you?” Allie smiled.

Mercedes answered with only a slight hesitation in her voice, “Yeah, it means I’ll be here for National Nude Day, which is about a month away.” She pointed back at the poster. “I assume the whole town’s going crazy again like you were telling me last year? I can’t believe some of the pictures you sent me.”

“We still have the same city ordinance that requires everyone to strip naked that day, if that’s what you mean.” Allie kept smiling.

“I don’t know how you guys can stand it, with everyone in the world looking at you.”

“Well, that’s why we passed that ordinance three years ago. When National Nude Day was merely clothing optional, there would always be some fully dressed creeps ogling everyone. But, after we made it so that everyone is required to get naked, the lowlifes all decided to go elsewhere and things got a lot more comfortable. Let me tell you, the day is much more relaxed when everyone is in the same boat.”

“Relaxed, huh?”

“Well, yes. Exhilarating and relaxing, both. You’ll see.”

“I guess I will.”

Allie shooed us out of her office. Our reservation was for six thirty, and we had just barely enough time to get there.


Chapter 2: Poster Unveiling

The two weeks leading up to the Fourth of July weekend were uneventful. Mercedes had no trouble settling in. She got a part-time job at a juice bar that was walking distance from our house and she made some fast friends.

So, it was happenstance that Mercedes was home on the particular Thursday that a large package arrived addressed to Allie. Mercedes couldn’t help but open it. Inside, she found this year’s posters for National Nude Day.

“Don’t go too far on National Nude Day,” was the headline. Below that, a sequence of images in five panels, like a comic strip, showed Allie in various stages of undress. In the first image, Allie was unbuttoning the blouse of her conservative business suit, revealing a lacy bra.

In the next, Allie was topless with her freckled, 38D boobs clearly on display, and her skirt was unzipped and lowered as if she was about to step out of it. This revealed lacy panties and a garter belt.

The third panel showed Allie seated on a padded bench. It was a side view with one of her knees pulled up to her chest. By this point, she had discarded her panties and the garter belt, and was down to just a pair of stockings, one of which she was rolling down her leg.

In the fourth image, Allie was again standing upright, fully facing the camera, and fully naked, striking a pose.

The fifth and final image showed Allie in the same pose as the fourth panel, except that her skin had been “unzipped” from her neck to below her belly button, and Allie was pulling her own skin apart to reveal the muscle and bone underneath. “Don’t go too far,” indeed.

The rest of the poster gave all of the pertinent details for National Nude Day, which was coming up on July fourteenth–a Thursday. It gave the schedule of the day, naming twice as many activities as last year and it promised a parade that would be “bigger and better than ever.” At the bottom, it cited the city ordinance requiring that everyone out in public that day must be naked, or face a hefty fine. Finally, it ended with the usual admonishment, “Remember: Be nude, but not lewd.”

Allie and I arrived home at almost the same time that evening. Mercedes was grinning from ear to ear. “Your posters arrived. I can’t believe you did that! Full-on frontal nudity. There’s no mistaking it’s you.”

“Well, why not? There are plenty of naked pictures of me floating around in the world already. What’s a few more?”

When I saw the poster art for myself, I whistled. Allie looked gorgeous in those sexy poses and the way that the photographer captured her mischievous attitude.

“Oh, honey. You’ve really kırıkkale escort outdone yourself. I already knew I had the sexiest, bravest, hottest wife in town, but this proves it.” I kissed her long and hard.

“Oh, get a room,” chided Mercedes. When we broke off the kiss, she then asked, “Should I put one up at the juice bar tomorrow?”

“Actually, if you could take a stack and hand them out all up and down the block that would be great.”

“I’ll do it before my 11 o’clock shift, tomorrow.”


Over dinner the next night, Mercedes couldn’t stop talking about the positive reaction she received every time she handed out a poster. It was unbelievable to her how much the whole town was looking forward to Nude Day. “It’s almost a cult thing,” she commented. “And I didn’t realize how much last year’s poster turned you into a minor celebrity around here, Allie. This new poster is going to send you over the top. My male coworkers already have dibs on half the posters I handed out for when they come down after the event. They made me promise to get you to autograph them.”

Allie was surprised. “Really? I was asked to autograph a few of the posters last year, but I thought those people were just being silly and goofing around.”

I said, “Keep this up, Allie, and some day you’ll become a real national celebrity. You know, one of those people who are famous for being famous, like Kim Kardashian or Lisa Marie Presley.”

“Gee, thanks.”


Chapter 3: Fourth of July BBQ

I love hot summer nights. It was the Fourth of July, about an hour before sunset. I had on a tank top and shorts and Allie was still comfortable in the bikini top and denim skirt she had been wearing all day. She was inside preparing for our guests while I started to clean the barbeque. Just then, I heard my sister-in-law, Mercedes, come home. Mercedes yelled from the front entryway. “Hey, Allie! There’s a bunch of naked kids right behind me.”

Well, that got my attention. I set down the scrub brush and hurried inside. Sure enough, three college students stood naked in my living room talking with Allie. They were some of the volunteers that Allie had recruited to help with the Nude Day parade logistics. The parade was, by far, the biggest and most complicated event of the day, so it required the most help to organize. But, Nude Day was still ten days away. So, why were they naked already?

The ringleader of the three was Martha. She was tall and skinny with long, black hair. Her friend, Cindy, was more compact with pert breasts, muscular arms and legs, and golden blond hair. I was happy to see that both girls had followed the current trend to shave their pussies bare, and neither girl was the least bit apprehensive about being seen that way.

Next to Cindy was her boyfriend, Dale. He stood halfway in height between the two girls at around five foot seven. He had curly brown hair, and brown eyes that were always smiling. Well, why not? With his runner’s physique, he had nothing to be shy about. I could see that Allie and Mercedes both especially liked what they saw between Dale’s legs. His circumcised cock was flaccid and dangled straight down three or fours inches.

As I came in, Martha was in the middle of explaining to Allie, “…how can you play beer pong without beer? So, I said, ‘Why don’t we just play with soft drinks?’ And he said, ‘What would be the fun in that? The whole point is to get tipsy and go crazy.’ So, I said, ‘Well, how about if we still go crazy–like maybe the losing team has to get a head start on Nude Day?’ And of course, we were the losing team, so here we are. We’ve been naked for three days and we’re not allowed to get dressed again until tomorrow.”

Mercedes pulled her attention away from Dale long enough to ask Martha, “Aren’t you afraid you’ll get arrested, running around like that?”

“Oh, we can’t get in trouble for that. Greenville doesn’t have an indecent exposure law. Never has. So, this town is technically clothing optional all year round. What’s special about National Nude Day is that nudity is mandatory for the day. Anyone who doesn’t care to participate is expected to stay home, or leave town for the day. So, it’s kind of a flip-flop from how other places celebrate Nude Day, or so I’m told.”

Mercedes said, “I knew about everyone having to strip naked on Nude Day, but I didn’t know that it was optional on other days, too.” She said it with a little trepidation and I could tell she’s still getting used to the idea of joining in on National Nude Day.

That reminded me. “I’m sorry. Where are my manners? Have you all been introduced? This is Allie’s sister, Mercedes. She’s living with us while her house is being remodeled.”

Cindy spoke up. “We traded names when she let us in, but I didn’t know how you were related.”

Allie invited the volunteers to stay for barbecue, but Martha said, “Oh, we can’t stay. We still have a couple more errands to run tonight. Plus, part of our beer pong dare is that we have to eat dinner in the commons, in front of kırklareli escort as many people as possible.

“Anyway, we’re just here just to drop off a key for the padlocks we put on the two storage containers. The same key works for both locks. By the way, thanks again for having them arrange the storage containers to form a small privacy area for us to use as a break room. We even found a couple of old couches and a carpet remnant to throw back there. You are so cool, Mrs. K. You think of everything.” She handed Allie a key that was attached to a stretchable coil meant to be worn on the wrist, which was thoughtful since Allie wouldn’t have any pockets on Nude Day. Cindy went on, “Everything is in place, including the tables, awnings, traffic cones, et cetera. The only thing I’m worried about is we may not be able to bring enough ice with us the day of.”

Allie, turned to me, “Wesley, let’s remember to pick up at least four bags of ice on the way in ourselves.”

I nodded. “Sure thing.”

Allie, Mercedes, and I then escorted the kids out to Dale’s car. One of our neighbors gawked openly at the naked college kids, while the garden hose he was holding filled his potted plant to overflowing. The two girls just smiled at him and waved as if their exposure was perfectly normal.

Dale drove an old Ford mini pickup, so the three of them had to squeeze in across a single bench seat. Martha sat on the passenger side and Cindy sat in the middle with one bare thigh on either side of the floor shifter. With Dale’s hand on the shifter being in such close proximity to Cindy’s charms, I wondered if the car would be the only thing shifting into overdrive before their errands were complete.


Our dinner guests arrived twenty minutes later. Bill and Stacy Evans were the owners of two produce stores and they also regularly ran some farmer’s markets in town. That’s how Allie got to know them, in her official role as the manager of special events. The Evans’ brought along their son, Bill Junior, and his wife, Lucinda, who are also involved in the family business. They came bearing crudités and fresh pineapple for the grill.

“I’m sorry we missed that,” commented Stacy when Allie told them of our naked visitors.

Mercedes commented, “I can certainly see why those three volunteered to help run Nude Day. They seem like natural born exhibitionists.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that.” Allie said, “I think what you saw is nothing more than that they all three had the experience of attending last year’s Nude Day. You mark my words. By lunchtime on Nude Day, you’ll be just as carefree as they are about being nude in public. It’s amazing how liberating it feels when you get to a certain point of acceptance.”

“We’ll see,” Mercedes said as she blushed slightly and wandered off.

Later, as we all sat down to eat, Lucinda asked Mercedes, “I take it that this is your first time in Greenville for National Nude Day, then?”

“Yeah, I don’t normally visit my sister during the summer. Tell me, am I the only one here who hasn’t been naked in public before?” She looked around; nobody said anything. “I guess so.”

Allie then said, “I have an idea. What do you say the eight of us disrobe right now? That way, for the rest of the evening, it’ll give Mercedes some time to get used to just us seeing each other before the big day.”

Everyone smiled at the idea and we all looked to Mercedes to answer. “Okay, yeah. I guess.”

Allie didn’t hesitate. She stood up and walked over to a lounge chair. She took off her bikini top and draped it over the back of the chair. Then she wiggled out of her jeans skirt and placed it on the seat of the chair. She wore nothing underneath, so this quickly rendered her nude other than a pair of pink flip-flops.

Allie stood in place for a moment, obviously inviting all of us to take in the sight of her fabulous body. Then, in three quick strides, she returned to the picnic table and resumed her seat on the bench. She said to me, “It’s your turn, Wes.”

I didn’t hesitate, either. I stood and unselfconsciously removed my shirt, shorts and underwear and piled them on top of Allie’s skirt. I don’t consider myself a hunk, by any means, but Allie certainly likes what she sees in me. I’m of British and Eastern European descent, 5’10”, with a hairy barrel chest. I have dark hair, dark eyes, a slightly crooked nose and a two inch white scar on my arm that Allie says makes me look rugged. I work on computers all day, but I’m no slouch. I make it to the gym at least twice a week, especially during the spring and summer months.

Even before I sat down, Mercedes bravely stood up and took her turn. Maybe she figured she was a co-host of this party and so it was only right that she went before our guests, or maybe she was just anxious to get her part over with. Regardless, she quickly dropped her khaki shorts and removed her spaghetti strap top to reveal a matching set of bra and panties. With only a slight pause, she locked eyes with me and reached back to unclasp the C-cup bra. As it fell away, I saw my sister-in-law’s beautiful, firm breasts for the first time. They were lovely–pert with flawless skin. The quarter sized areola were dark red and puffy. Mercedes’ nipples were growing hard with excitement right before my eyes as she continued to expose herself to us.

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Power Plays Ch. 29

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Author’s note: I’d like to thank those who have written and followed this storyline so closely. It’s because of you this continued for 29 chapters rather than 10. I wish I had the time to do more. Most of all I would like to thank my own personal Alayna who I will love forever, she has made me a better person and a better writer.

Ch. 29 Epilogue

Alayna stood naked staring out the back window of the manor’s office. Being naked here just seemed to fit. She had spent her first week here completely naked having her limits and boundaries pushed and stretched beyond what she previously thought imaginable. There were several stark differences between the last time she was in this office and today. A year ago when she had been here she was in love with Michael and would do anything for him. Now Michael was the last person she wanted to be with, her heart belonged completely to Joe and being without him would devastate her. A year ago she had been naive about sex and love, over the past year her sexual limits had been pushed beyond comprehension. During that year she had enjoyed women, men and multiples of the two, she had been bound, spanked, teased and tortured to find that she enjoyed almost all of it. With the exception of one person, that psycho George, she had found that bondage and domination was far more than sex, it was trust and understanding, power and submission, and she loved it. Over the past month she had been very popular with the membership just as Shauna said she would be. Everyone wanted their last “shot” with her before she became their peer. One of the other differences was that this day Alayna was even barefoot where in her time training here she wore heels every waking moment of her day. Today all she had on was the necklace she had earned when her training and initiation had finished.

Luckily this time Alayna was more prepared for what she would face. Shauna had taken her to lunch earlier in the week and told her what she could expect. Of course to “pay” for the information Alayna licked her friend through several orgasms later back at her home. In a little while Alayna would be called into the conference room, which she had never seen before, there she would stand before the board and other members and those who wanted Alayna for themselves would announce their intentions. At this point Alayna had no idea who would lay claim to her but she knew that Joe would, and ultimately that is who she wanted. She knew that he wanted her as well. Ideally Alayna hoped that no one else would claim her but some part of her ego wanted a little competition. The one thing Alayna was thankful for was that Michael had taken an interest in Faye, who also seemed to enjoy him, because he had the first choice because she was the woman he brought in.

“They are ready for you,” Shauna said leaning in the door, “nervous?”

“Just a bit,” Alayna replied turning and walking towards Shauna, “were you nervous too?”

“Oh my God was I!” Shauna replied taking Alayna’s arm and guiding her down the hallway. “And I knew that I would end up with Chris in the end but I was still nervous about it. Almost as nervous as I was the night you came over that first time and were my maid for the night.”

“I just realized,” Alayna said turning to face Shauna, “that means I’ll have to do something like that with Faye. What am I going to do? I don’t know how to be a Domme.”

“Let’s get you through today,” Shauna said looking softly into Alayna’s eyes, “and then we can worry about how you’ll enjoy your new powers.”

They walked around the large staircase and to the door of the conference room. Shauna turned and faced her friend one last time before she walked in for her final judgment. Shauna looked as if she wanted to say something but instead she wrapped her arms around Alayna and hugged her tightly. They squeezed each other for a moment and broke their hug slowly. Without another word Alayna opened the door to the conference room and walked in.

As Shauna had told her the room was set up with a seating area for the audience which was made up of other members. There were at least 20 of them and Alayna knew them all. Shauna had warned her that Michael had to be there so Alayna was not surprised when she saw him out of the corner of her eye. Alayna walked to the front of the room and faced a large oak table with 5 leather chairs facing her. Despite she knew what to expect Alayna’s heart was pounding so hard she could hear the blood rushing past her ears through her carotid arteries. She stood feet together with her hands at her sides waiting for the board members to file in. According to Shauna the 5 board members were the founders of this society and their word was final. Alayna was searching her memory to see if Joe had been in the audience. Of course he was here but she would have been more comforted to see him. She heard the door open but did not raise her eyes beyond the edge of the table a mere three feet in front of her. Alayna listened to the board members take their kırşehir escort seats and fought to not lift her gaze.

“I will be opening this meeting,” Alayna recognized John’s voice as he spoke, “as the board president has stepped down for this ascension.” A gavel tapped twice on the table and John continued. “The subject for today’s ascension is Alayna. Michael you brought Alayna to us, do you lay claim to her?”

Alayna’s heart pounded harder and she found it difficult to breathe as she awaited Michael’s answer.

“I lay no claim to her.” Michael replied with amazing succinctness.

Alayna breathed a small sigh of relief. Ever since the night he painted her pink, put a pig’s tail butt plug in her ass and a matching nose and ears on her and had her walk home like that Michael had been decidedly hands off with her. Alayna hadn’t minded that at all.

“Very well,” John continued, “as her sponsor has not claimed her is there anyone else here who will lay claim to Alayna?”

“I do.” Alayna didn’t recognize the voice right off the bat but knew it wasn’t Joe’s. “I lay claim to this woman.”

“Enter into the log that George has expressed interest in taking Alayna.” John said evenly.

Alayna’s heart sunk. George had been the one who had treated her worst of all the members and whipped her to the point where she had welts days later. She felt her knees buckle but amazingly remained standing.

“Does anyone else lay claim to Alayna?” John asked.

“I do.”

Alayna immediately recognized the voice. It was the voice of the man that had brought her so much pleasure over the past year, the one that had whispered huskily in her ear during some of the most erotic moments of her life. It was Joe. For some reason Alayna heard Joe’s voice more in front of her than behind where she had heard Michael and George.

“Please mark in the log that Joe has expressed interest in taking Alayna.” John said hardly able to contain his thoughts.

“Does anyone else lay claim to Alayna?” John asked once more.

Alayna stood motionless while her insides raced. She found it hard to believe but she was getting excited and felt the wetness growing between her legs.

“Anyone else?” John asked again.

“If I may ask for the board’s indulgence for a moment.” A female voice asked from the back. “It seems to me that quite a precedence has been set today with the president of the board stepping down to lay claim.”

Alayna finally recognized the voice as Camille’s! When Shauna told Alayna what to expect Shauna had said that Camille never came to these. It was all Alayna could do not to turn around and look back at Camille. Plus, she was confused. Who was the president of the board? Was it Joe or George? Alayna’s mind raced.

“We all know the reasons behind the formation of this community,” Camille continued, “until he lay claim to Alayna it was my intention do lay claim to her myself.” Alayna heard a low murmur pass through the room at this revelation before Camille continued. “As you all know I have never claimed anyone in my time here. I had hoped to claim Alayna but instead defer my claim to the president of the board.”

Alayna was reeling, she had no idea what was going on at this point. Camille was going to claim her but was now deferring! To who? Alayna was having trouble containing herself. It was agonizing having to stand there while everyone else discussed her fate. She knew it wouldn’t last much longer though, soon her voice would be heard. Her mind was racing so fast Alayna could no longer hear the conversation going on around her. When the gavel struck the table two times Alayna snapped out of her day dream.

“Unless anyone has something to add the decision is made.” John said.

Alayna lifted her head looking around. She had no idea what had just happened. The thoughts raging through her head had drowned out everything else going on around her! She wanted to scream but couldn’t open her mouth to do it. Suddenly she saw Joe moving towards her out of the corner of her eye. Hopefully he could make sense of what was going on for her! There was a tear in the corner of his eye and he had an odd look on his face. He almost looked sick but that wasn’t the right word. Alayna struggled to find the word to describe how he looked. Nervous! She thought to herself. But why did he look nervous? He continued to approach and stood in front of her. The board members behind him were on their feet looking on. Alayna had no idea what to make of what she was seeing. Suddenly Joe dropped in front of her down to one knee and took her left hand. When he looked up both of his eyes were full and the most brilliant blue she had ever seen.

“Alayna you have taught me so much about myself and life,” he started softly, “you’ve opened my eyes and my heart to all life has to offer. Thanks to you I feel complete again and I would like it if you would spend the rest of your life with me.”

Alayna looked down into Joe’s eyes. She could niğde escort feel the tears streaming down her face. What he said made sense but it somehow wasn’t adding up in her mind. The words continued to rattle around in her head over and over but it only caused more confusion.

“I’m sorry,” Alayna said weakly, “what did you say?”

“Marry me Alayna.” Joe said slipping a marquis cut diamond with a pair of bright blue sapphires on either side ring on her finger.

“Oh my God!” Alayna burst out.

Alayna fell to her knees yanking Joe’s body into hers. She buried her head into his shoulder and sobbed. Joe wrapped his arms around her pulling Alayna close as she wept.

“Do I take that as a yes?” Joe whispered in her ear.

“Yes, oh dear God yes!” Alayna cried nodding her head as she spoke.

The room filled with applause. Alayna could feel the members in the room moving closer to them.

“Ready to stand up?” Joe asked softly.

“I can stand.” Alayna replied gradually moving to her feet.

It suddenly dawned on Alayna that she was still naked. While it hadn’t bothered her when she walked into the room now she felt out of place. Out of now where someone from behind her placed a long white silk robe on her shoulders. Alayna quickly pulled her arms through the sleeves pulling the robe closed around her. Joe reached around her sides grasping the robe’s tie and gathering it in front for her. Alayna quickly tied the robe but had her hands caught in the front when Shauna hugged her tightly.

“I’m so happy for you!” Shauna squealed as Alayna freed her hands and hugged Shauna back.

“My head is spinning,” Alayna replied, “it still hasn’t hit me yet.”

When Shauna moved away Alayna found that everyone in the room wanted to extend their joy to her as well. Even George gave her a hug and wished her the best. Alayna was shocked by his sincere words. Camille followed closely behind gently kissing Alayna’s cheek and pinching her butt as they hugged. Shauna and Janice held Alayna’s hand and stared at the ring. Alayna couldn’t believe how beautiful it was either. Eventually the other people began filing out of the room leaving Joe and Alayna alone.

Alayna leaned against the edge of the table and tried to collect her thoughts. Since she walked in the door to the conference room she had been riding an incredible wave of emotion. Joe sat on the table next to her and rubbed her back with one hand.

“You okay?” He asked leaning forward a bit.

“I’m still trying to figure out what happened,” Alayna replied softly, “it just happened so fast.”

“What do you need to know?” Joe asked.

“What happened after Camille spoke?” Alayna asked. “I thought I’d have a chance to say something.”

“Camille said her peace deferring her intentions to me,” Joe replied, “she did such a wonderful job of it that George followed in kind.” Joe stood up and moved in front of Alayna wrapping his arms around her. “So it ended up that the only one with any claim to you at all was me.” Joe lifted Alayna’s chin with his right hand and looked into her eyes. “I certainly hope you don’t mind.”

“How could I ever mind?” Alayna asked leaning up and kissing Joe softly. “You are the only one I’ve ever wanted.”

“I’ve taken the liberty of planning a small ceremony in our back yard tomorrow.” Joe said as their kiss broke.

“But I don’t have anything to wear!” Alayna said leaning back.

“Do you trust me?” Joe asked looking her in the eyes.

“Of course I do.” Alayna replied staring back into his eyes.

“Then you don’t need to worry about a thing.” Joe said before leaning forward and kissing Alayna hard.

Alayna sat back on the conference table and wrapped her legs around Joe’s. She loved the feeling of his hands gliding over her back through the silk. The two lovers clutched each other’s bodies tightly. Joe’s hands eased down Alayna’s back where he hooked his thumbs into the silk tie around her waist. The knot had been tied quickly and loosely, after a nimble tug the knot came free. Alayna felt Joe pull the tie completely away with his left hand while he slipped his right around her side and inside her robe. Soon Joe’s other hand moved inside her robe as well and began working it off her shoulders. Alayna lowered her arms allowing the robe to fall completely off her body leaving her naked again.

“Now that I am yours for good,” Alayna said breathlessly, “what will you do with me?”

Joe leaned back and smiled wickedly. When Alayna noticed that he still had the tie to the robe in his hand she had a good idea what he had in mind. Alayna extended her arms placing her wrists together for Joe to tie them. When he wrapped the tie around her lower thigh just above her knee Alayna was very confused. Joe wrapped the tie around Alayna’s lower back before tying a loop around her other thigh. In order to get the loop tied Alayna not only had to lift both thighs but she also had to arch her back more than normal.

“Are ordu escort you ready?” Joe asked looking into Alayna’s eyes and placing his hands on the back of her thighs by the loops.

“I am all yours,” Alayna replied staring back into his eyes, “and ready for anything you want to do with me.”

Joe smiled and leaned down. His hands move along the silk tie underneath Alayna’s calfs and around her back. With his hands on her back and upper arms pressing against the backs of her knees Joe hugged Alayna practically folding her in half as he did. The hug was slow and deep. Joe had Alayna pull her arms inside the tie as he slid it up her back. He then worked it over one shoulder and then the other until it was anchored behind her neck. Joe released his hold on Alayna but she remained folded. Joe held her in place with a single hand behind her neck which he slowly eased back lowering her body onto the table. Alayna felt like a turtle on her back unable to right herself despite the fact that her arms were still free. Moving her arms around Alayna tested the limits of her restraints. Due to the position of her legs it was possible to play with her breasts but reaching her pussy proved to be tougher. She could touch herself but could only teasingly so. Instead she was forced to wait patiently for Joe who was still fully clothed.

Alayna knew that Joe loved teasing her and would be more than happy to take his time. She attempted to be patient as Joe unbuttoned his shirt but it wasn’t easy. There was a look in Joe’s eyes that Alayna recognized. Alayna loved how expressive Joe’s face could be, she was sure he wasn’t aware of the several looks he could give her made her react automatically. The look on his face earlier just before he proposed was one that tugged at her heart; it was completely different than the look now. His look was of a greedy lover but more. Maybe it was the same way a lion looked at its prey after capturing it. The look on his face only made Alayna more excited and wetter.

Finally Joe moved towards Alayna after removing his clothes. Alayna could feel the hair standing on her arms as he approached. She wanted him so badly she could scream. Joe pressed his thumb against Alayna’s asshole wiggling it back and forth. Alayna strained against the tie and squirmed.

“It might help if you hold the backs of your legs with your hands,” Joe said softly as he continued to tease her ass, “and pull them into you just a bit.”

Alayna grasped the backs of her thighs with her hands as Joe had said and pulled them into her body further. Of course by pulling her legs down it lifted her lower body further exposing herself to Joe. The look in his eyes burned even more intensely. With a mere look and the pressure of his thumb alone Alayna was near orgasm already. Her breathing stopped when Joe lowered his head to her exposed pussy. Alayna groaned loudly feeling Joe’s breath on her wetness. He made her wait keeping his mouth hovering over her pussy watching and feeling her squirm under him. Alayna was on the verge of screaming.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh!” Alayna moaned as Joe pushed his tongue into her pussy. “Ohhh YES!”

Joe rapidly moved his tongue in and out of Alayna fucking her with his tongue while still wiggling his thumb against her asshole. The wetness oozing from Alayna as he licked her trailed down and over Joe’s thumb coating it slowly

“I’mmmm cummmming!!” Alayna groaned deeply digging her fingernails into the backs of her legs. “Oh my GOD!!”

Alayna’s body rocked back and forth as Joe continued his tongue assault on her. As she was coming down from her orgasm Joe turned Alayna’s bound body to the side and crawled up onto the table. Her breathing had almost returned to normal when Joe impaled her with his cock. His hips pressed against the backs of her thighs as he pushed deep inside her. While Joe’s weight was supported by his hands and knees Alayna felt as if his entire frame was pushing his cock against her. He started slowly at first pulling his shaft halfway out before pushing it back in all the while staring into her eyes. When Alayna closed her eyes and bit her lower lip Joe buried his cock deep inside her.

“Mmmmm you do love torturing me don’t you?” Alayna cooed.

“Torture?” Joe said raising an eyebrow. “That wasn’t torture, but this is.”

Joe pulled his cock out quickly so that just the tip was still pressing against Alayna. Then he slowly reinserted the full length of his cock back inside her pushing hard when she was fully impaled again. Joe rocked his hips from side to side moving his cock inside her driving her crazy before pulling it all the way back out as quickly as possible. He did this several more times before letting his cock slide all the way out. Leaning up on one hand Joe used the other to hold his cock against Alayna’s clit while letting the soft underside glide over it. Alayna could barely control herself. She strained and squirmed but it didn’t help. Joe pushed his cock back inside Alayna laying his body down on top of hers. They kissed deeply before Joe began to drive his cock repeatedly into her pussy like a jackhammer. Alayna could barely form words; instead she continued to grunt loudly with each deep thrust. Joe was merciless in his ramming of Alayna’s pussy.

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Twins in College Ch. 13

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“Sorry, Dad,” I said, “but I really need to stay here for Thanksgiving and help out at the video store.”

“Okay,” he said through the phone. The letdown was clearly evident in his voice. “I understand, although I know your mother will be disappointed. But I’ll soften the blow for you somehow. What about your brother?”

“Actually, he was planning to stay as well,” I replied. “He’s got a major paper due at the end of the semester, so this is a good time for him to focus on research, plus he doesn’t really want me here by myself for Thanksgiving Break, which I guess I can understand.”


Weeks later, Thanksgiving had finally arrived. Yes, my big brother had research to do during Thanksgiving Break. Yes, he did not really want me to be here on my own while the rest of the family would have otherwise been together. Yes, I had planned on putting in a significant amount of time at the video store, primarily picking up closing shifts.

Yes, we both wanted to have one day entirely to ourselves. In fact, almost everyone in the building was gone, headed to various places across the country to spend Thanksgiving with family or with a friend’s family, and since we lived in what was largely a student neighborhood and thus virtually everyone for blocks around was gone, we were very much alone.

That was exactly what we wanted.

I awoke first that morning. No classes, no job, and purposely no homework or research to mar the day. I awoke in my big brother’s arms as usual, feeling protected and loved and cherished, with my nude body pressed snugly against his underneath the covers. After a gentle kiss to his cheek, I rested my head upon the pillow and closed my eyes, inhaling my big brother’s natural scent.

I thought of the day ahead. The only true plan we had was dinner, plus our parents would almost certainly call sometime during the day. Other than that, we had plenty of DVDs we could watch, we had a small collection of games we could play on the PS2, or we could take a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood.

Or, of course, we could spend the day loving each other, engaged in a sexathon. I had read more than a few erotic tales online of lengthy sexathons, and had fantasized about it for several weeks, but certainly had no expectations that it would happen today, especially not with the likelihood of our parents calling at some point during the day.

My mind drifted. I imagined my forbidden lover cloned multiple times, multiple horny “copies” of him surrounding me, all of them spewing their illicit love çankırı escort upon me while I was on my back across a table, another copy rutting violently into me while my head tipped backward off the opposite edge of the table and another forbidden phallus filled my throat and my hands squeezed and pumped other identical manhoods.

A soft moan brought me back to reality, and I realized that there was indeed a manhood in my hand. I gently stroked my big brother’s sex, reveling in the lengthening and the hardening, taking great pride in knowing that I was the cause of his arousal. He still seemed to be asleep, however, which was particularly thrilling to me.

I stroked his head as I stroked his sex, and he whimpered again. He had already almost reached his full length and hardness, but seemed to be lost in that hazy phase between sleep and consciousness. His lips moved, and I thought he was lipping my name, but I was not certain.

My big brother’s arms tightened around me, yet he still did not seem to be fully aware of what was happening. I hugged him close with my free arm while I continued to stroke him, my ears finely tuned to his breathing, which was becoming a little more ragged by the minute, as he moved against my hand.

“Vicki!” he suddenly gasped, and my heart nearly burst from the overflowing love at hearing my name in this particular moment. Even though he was “stuck” between sleep and consciousness, I still filled his every thought – could there possibly be any greater evidence of his love for me? I rolled him back to his back, kissing him fiercely as I rolled upon him. Something took over my body, and I began furiously humping his hot sex, my own sex dripping upon him as he groped me, fully awake now as our kisses continued to spiral skyward in intensity.

I swallowed his groans, and I knew that he was about to erupt between us. Lifting myself up on my arms, I quickly found the perfect angle to rub back and forth along the illicit manhood while also pleasuring my own clitoris. My big brother’s hands gripped my ass, driving me back and forth with even more power as his face contorted with need.

Underneath the thick layer of covers, we had already generated so much heat that we were both sweating, further enhancing the intimacy of the moment. I was panting unabashedly, trying to hold back my approaching orgasm as I wanted this moment to actually be all about my big brother, not about me.

But I did not need to hold back for very long. With a short primal cry, I felt his fingers burrowing into düzce escort my lower cheeks roughly as he held me still upon him. Then his voice caught, and he did not breathe for nearly a full second before I heard him wheeze and gasp again. I knew that his white-hot love had been spilled upon his front, even though I could not see it from the position of my body.

Even as he was still shuddering from the aftershocks of his sister-inspired orgasm, I pulled back the covers and slid between his legs. Brushing my hair out of the way, I took the meaty phallus into my mouth, feeling my big brother lurch at the feel of my mouth surrounding the bulbous head. His fingers toyed in my hair as my tongue worked slowly, gently, caressing him as the erection slowly faded. Only then did I finally release him from my hot mouth and start cleaning the spilled contents from his stomach and chest with my own tongue.

In my admittedly-biased opinion, it was a most excellent breakfast.


Our parents called as we made dinner together: a small turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and salad. We ate while watching football, then put away the leftovers and went out for a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood.

Although virtually everyone was clearly gone, I resisted the temptation to link my arm with his. I had read a story online once about a guy who had met a girl in a club and she was taking him back to her apartment, her hands wrapped around his arm in a manner that constantly pressed his arm against her breast. I wanted to do that: I wanted to feel my big brother’s touch upon a socially-unacceptable area of my body even as we walked along the empty public streets. But I knew deep down that I could never have that, that as soon as we made such forbidden contact in public, our love would be doomed, our lives changed for the worse as we were “outed.”

Each of us with our hands in the pockets of our jackets, we walked along, chatting quietly, sharing jokes, sharing dreams, sharing memories. We did see one other couple as we walked, a pair of senior citizens on the other side of the street, their decades-long love evident in the way they walked, their grip as they held hands, the regularity with which they looked into each other’s eyes.

That was denied us, and it always would be denied us – at least, it would be in public. I thought of the repeatedly-shown clip of Tom Cruise jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch, proclaiming his love for Katie Holmes. While that had been a most excessive expression of love for someone, gümüşhane escort I also wanted to be able to show the world that I loved someone. For some reason, it was important to me to be able to publicly proclaim to the world that my big brother was the one who had captured my heart.

For some reason, a thought came to mind. There are a number of “Property of…” t-shirts, typically related to a sports team. For just a second, I tried to imagine myself with a “Property of…” tattoo, perhaps on my arm just below my left shoulder so it would be visible whenever I wore a sleeveless top, indicating the I belong to my big brother. That thought excited me, but I also knew that it, too, was unrealistic, and that notion saddened me.

“You’re rather quiet all of a sudden,” my forbidden lover said, purposely nudging my arm with his.

Quietly, slowly, I explained my thoughts to him. He never said a word, but it was not necessary. I just sensed that he understood my concerns completely.

Our heartfelt conversation finally reached its natural end as we approached the apartment complex. I looked up at our narrow balcony, thinking of all the memories we had already created within our apartment. While we were not free to share our love publicly, within that apartment, we created the world and its parameters, only allowing outside concerns to penetrate our world whenever we turned on the TV or spoke by phone with family or friends.

When we finally stepped back into our world and closed the door to seal away the outside concerns, my previous distress began to melt away. Yet before I could even unzip my jacket, my big brother stood before me, hugging me tightly, and that perpetuated the melting process.

“Thank you,” I whispered simply, clutching him fiercely. “Thank you, big brother.”

Thanksgiving is a time to think about and be thankful for all the good things that have happened in our lives. What I was most thankful for was that hug. That one simple act may have been something “strange” or “unusual” for which one should be thankful, but the history behind that hug was what made such a simple act so significant in my life.

That night, with tall pillar candles burning throughout the living room and soft, slow jazz music playing on the radio, my big brother and I spent a long time giving thanks to each other, but without words. We traded lengthy oily massages and alternated with short interludes of lovemaking designed to slowly arouse each other before returning to the massages. And when we finally reached a blissful, simultaneous climax sometime around midnight, I was so touched by the intimacy of my big brother’s love and understanding and admiration and respect that I cried openly, simply whispering “Thank you” over and over again as he kissed away my tears of joy and love.

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Two Horny Ch. 05

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This should be the final part of this story, so I hope you all enjoy it.

* * *

As I expected, the Mercers’ pool was filthy. The bottom was covered in leaves that had probably been there since autumn, and they had choked up the genie and the skimmer box. It was quite warm, and of course there was no shade near the pool area, so it wasn’t long before I was hot and sweaty.

While I scooped the leaves out of the pool and into the bin, I quietly fumed. My annoyance with mum hadn’t abated, and I only kept cleaning for two reasons. The first was because if I didn’t, I would look petty in front of Mrs Mercer, and I didn’t want that. She was actually really nice to me and when she’d answered the door I couldn’t help but notice she was upset. I knew it wasn’t about the pool, but I didn’t want to do anything to make her any more upset.

The second was that, with the pool cleaned, we’d hopefully be coming over a bit more. I always looked forwards to summer, because it meant pool parties at the Mercers’, which in turn meant seeing a lot of attractive women in tight bathers. In the past I admit I used to enjoy looking at my sister Jess more than the others, but it was always nice seeing Mrs Mercer and Amy. Mrs Mercer in particular actually had an amazing body, shorter than my mum and sister but so much curvier, with huge boobs.

I paused in my work, scowling, and adjusted myself in my shorts. While I had gotten erections over Mrs Mercer and Amy before – the first time I’d jerked off had actually been after seeing Mrs Mercer dry herself off – getting one over my mum and sister was fairly new.

This was Jess’s fault. While I’d always thought she was hot, to the point of occasionally thinking about her as I jerked off, I’d never thought of my mum in that way. But after Jess had jumped me and we’d had sex, and then I’d seen dad looking at her ass, I seemed to have sex stuck on my mind. Mum pretty much looked like an older version of Jess, but slightly larger with greater curves and blonde hair.

And I was partial to blonde hair.

I was still thinking about it when mum came out and told me she was leaving. I was surprised: she never left the Mercers’ early, and considering how upset Mrs Mercer looked I figured we’d be here for a good four or more hours. But here she was, saying a cursory goodbye and telling me that Mrs Mercer would drop me home when I was done, and then she was gone.

A little while after mum left Mrs Mercer appeared, walking up to me with a cold glass. She had gotten dressed, and was wearing a red shirt that was partly undone, exposing a large amount of creamy cleavage. I immediately stiffened in my shorts, but Mrs Mercer was so close that there was little I could do about it without making it more obvious.

“Lemonade,” she said, offering me the glass. I smiled gratefully and took it.

“Thank you Mrs Mercer,” I said, and took a sip. It was deliciously cold. “It is quite hot out here.”

“You don’t say,” Mrs Mercer said, her eyes flicking down to my crotch. I felt my face go red, but she didn’t say anything. “And please, call me Alice.”

“Okay, Alice.”

Mrs Mercer – Alice – walked past me, and looked down into the pool. As she did I couldn’t help but notice the roundness of her ass, and I felt the sudden urge to reach out and grab her. She turned to me and smiled, and I looked up guilty, expecting her to be annoyed to find her best friend’s son gawping at her behind, but she simply said: “It looks good. Do you have much more to do?”

I shook my head. “I’m almost finished scooping all the leaves out of the pool, and after that I’ll clean out the filter. That should only take another twenty minutes or so. Your pool was pretty clean; it was just filled with leaves.”

“That’s good,” Alice said. She paused for a second and smiled at me. “I’ll leave it to you then. Just let me know if you need anything, okay.”

She walked off and I watched her go, wondering.

* * *

The filter was dirtier than I expected, and it took a good twenty minutes with the hose to clear out all the gunk collected between the various meshes. When I was done I put the filter cartridge back in its housing, screwed all the valves shut, and turned it on to make sure it all worked smoothly and there was no air in the pipes. Alice came back out as I was turning the system back off.

“Are you all done?” she asked.

“Yes, it’s all finished.”

“Thank you so much,” Alice said, and wrapped her arms around me in a tight hug. Her warm body pressed against mine, and the feel of her full boobs pressed against me caused the inevitable. I tried to shimmy away, but she didn’t loosen her sinop escort grip, and so my half-erect dick pressed against her.

As I pressed against her, I heard Alice exhale quietly near my ear. She pulled back slightly and looked at me – then suddenly her lips were pressed against mine, her tongue was forcing its way into my mouth and I staggered backwards as she pushed herself against me. She forced me against the pool fence, her hands roving over my body. I cupped her ass in my hands, squeezing, and she moaned into my mouth. She started grinding against me, and then I felt one her hands slide into my shorts.

“Mrs Mercer,” I gasped, and she suddenly stopped, one hand still in my shorts, and looked at me.

“This isn’t right,” she murmured, and stepped back, suddenly looking panicked. “This would have been a mistake, okay,” she said suddenly. Her boobs heaved as she breathed, and my dick, which she had pulled out of my shorts, jerked reflexively. She licked her lips briefly then shook her head and stepped back again.

“Mrs Mercer,” I tried, but she cut me off.

“You are my friend’s son, and this never happened, okay,” she said firmly. I opened my mouth but she shushed me again. “I think I should take you home now. Thank you for cleaning the pool though, Andrew.”

I tucked myself back into my shorts and followed Alice to her car in tense silence. She back to my house without a word, and pulled up on the verge outside rather than turning into the driveway. I looked at her uncertainly, and she looked back at me sadly.

“See you later, Mrs Mercer,” I said as I got out of the car. I paused for a second before closing the door, but she still made no reply and drove off.

I walked up to the house, confused. I wasn’t quite sure what had happened with Mrs Mercer, but it was clear that she was having some serious problems. But whatever her deal was, she’d left me with a lot of pent up frustration, and I found myself hoping that mum and dad would be out, leaving Jess and I home alone.

“Hello?” I called as I headed through the kitchen. The house was quiet, but as I went to head up the stairs I passed mum sitting in the living room. She looked up as I walked by, and then I heard her footsteps behind me on the stairs.

“Drew,” she called as I reached the top of the stairs. I sighed and turned around.

She was standing a few steps below me, looking up with a strange expression on her face. For a moment we just looked at each other, and I couldn’t help but notice the fullness of her boobs.

“I’m going to a shower,” I said, tearing my eyes away from her. I walked away, resigned to having to use my hand rather than having sex with Jess again, and stepped into the bathroom. I turned and went to close the door, but to my annoyance mum stepped inside before I could, and closed the door behind her.

“What’s going on?” I said suspiciously. She was standing with her back to the door, stopping me from leaving, and the situation felt very weird.

“I’m sorry for making you clean the Mercers’ pool,” mum began carefully, “but I think I have a way to make it up to you. But first I want to explain why I made you go over there today.”

Mum hesitated and I looked at her pointedly. “Why?” I asked, after a few quiet seconds had passed.

“Paul has been having an affair, and so Alice is divorcing him,” she said and I felt a moment of shock. They were mum and dad’s best and oldest friends, and had been together for my entire life. I liked the Mercers, and the idea that their marriage was over suddenly filled me with concern over my parents. They hadn’t been getting on that well lately, and I wondered if this was her attempt to ease me into the idea.

Mum waited a few moments before continuing. As it was, I was barely able to pay attention to what she was saying. “I didn’t know for sure until today, but I knew something was wrong, and I thought having you clean the pool might help stop Alice and Paul from fighting so much. It was silly, I know, and wrong of me to make you, but I was worried about her.”

“I understand,” I said neutrally, and mum smiled at me weakly.

“That’s good,” she said.

There was another pause, and I waited expectantly for mum to leave, so I could have a shower and maybe relieve some tension. But instead she frowned at me and said: “I also wanted to speak to you about Jess.”

I felt a tightening in my chest, and I struggled to subdue my rising panic. “What do you mean?” I asked dryly.

Mum looked at me, and something in her face told me that she knew. “I know you and your sister had sex, Andrew,” she said, and I felt a weight land in my stomach.

“I tokat escort can explain-“

“I know about you and your sister,” mum interrupted, “because I know about Jessica and your father. And I am not angry about them either.”

When she mentioned Jess and dad I mentally reeled, and I almost missed what she said afterwards. But enough of it penetrated that I glanced at her in confusion, not sure I had heard right. “You’re not mad?”

“At first, yes, but not any more,” she said. She paused for a second, and then continued quickly. “Which brings me to how I can make up to you for what you did today. I thought that, since you didn’t mind sleeping with your sister and she is busy with your father, I could help you out a little bit.”

I almost wasn’t sure what I was hearing. “You want to have sex with me?”

Mum smiled uncertainly at me. “If you want to, then yes.”

There was a tense moment between us, and I suddenly realised mum was uncomfortable, unsure of whether I had rejected her or not. I wasn’t sure what to do, and opened my mouth to say so, but instead said: “I’ve always preferred blondes.”

We looked at each other for a second, and then mum stepped close and put her arms around me. She hesitated briefly and then pressed her lips to mine, and for a moment it was weird and I almost pulled away. Then her tongue slipped into my mouth and she pushed her body against me, and suddenly I was hornier than I can ever remember being.

We kissed passionately and it felt as if mum’s hands were everywhere, and I cupped her ass in my hands and lifted, pressing her against the door. She grunted and I felt her hands pulling my shirt over my hand. I pulled back to let her, and then tore her shirt off, exposing her boobs in a plain light purple bra. I immediately grabbed them, squeezing them and feeling the warm flesh as she unhooked it, and then I had her left nipple in my mouth.

“Oh, my little boy is so hard,” she moaned, her hand fondling me through my shorts. She pulled my head off her boob, her nipple hard and pointy, and began pulling down her shorts. “I need you in me,” she said.

I tore off my shorts and pressed against her. She was wet, even wetter than Jess had been, and I felt my dick slip as I tried to push in. Mum giggled nervously and reached down, positioning me and then pushed herself onto me. She was looser than Jess but the difference was slight, and she was so much warmer and there was less resistance. I began thrusting in and out of her slowly, relishing the heat around my dick and even the slight squelching noise as I moved.

“Oh shit,” mum said hoarsely. She started humping away at me frantically, grabbing my face and putting her mouth on mine. She panted and moaned into my mouth, and I held her hips tightly as I bucked into her.

I was nearing boiling point when she suddenly stiffened and grunted, clenching around me tightly. Her legs were wrapped around me like a vice, and I she clawed at me feverishly.

“I’m going to come,” I grunted as I thrust into her rapidly, struggling to hold it in.

“Come in your mother,” she yelped. “Come in your filthy cum-slut mother. Mummy wants you to spurt inside her.”

Mum begging me to come in her was the final straw. I grunted and came hard, harder than I had with Jess, harder than I ever had while masturbating. I pumped into her furiously, and when it was over collapsed against her, breathing hard.

For a while neither of us moved, and then mum licked at the corner of my mouth. I looked at her and she kissed me quickly, then again with more force and urgency. Then we were kissing each other madly, and I held one hot, heaving boob in my hand, my semi-hard penis still balls-deep in my mother’s dripping pussy. She ground herself against me slowly and sensually, and I felt my dick slowly start to come back to life.

“Enjoy that, did you?” mum breathed in my ear.

“Very,” I replied softly. “Although the ‘come in your mother’ stuff was a bit of a surprise.”

Mum stretched, rubbing herself against me, and cooed as my dick twitched inside her appreciatively. “I like my sex to be dirty,” she said. “As you will come to realise.”

I looked at her and grinned hopefully. “Is having your son fuck you in the ass dirty enough?”

Mum looked at me with wide eyes, and I wondered if I’d gone too far. “Do it now,” she said huskily, pulling off my and getting on all fours. “I want you in my ass now.”

Hearing those words from my mum caused my dick to make the full return to life. I stood behind her, rubbing my dick in the liquids seeping from her pussy, then gathered a handful and slowly yozgat escort dripped them into her arsehole. She flinched slightly, but then relaxed and the liquid slowly oozed into her.

I’d never done this before but had watched many anal porn videos, so I knew enough to start slow. I began with a single finger, and she quivered as I slowly pushed it into her. I slowly eased it in and out, and then looked over her shoulder at me.

“Just shove it in,” she said, panting. I could fresh fluid slowly dripping out of her pussy and was surprised. I had no idea mum was this kinky. “I want my boy to take my arsehole and make it his.”

I rubbed my dick against the outside of mum’s pussy a final time and then pressed it against her arsehole. She moaned slightly, and then I slowly pushed inside her. It was so tight it was almost painful, and mum’s back arched as I forced my dick into her. When I was as deep as I could go I paused, then slowly eased it out, and then back in. After the fourth or so time she was noticeably looser, and I started to enjoy the sensation.

Grabbing mum’s hips I started pumping into her faster and faster, until the bathroom echoed with the sounds of my thrusting in and out of her. She grunted, and I could see her rubbing her pussy with one hand as I fucked her arsehole. I pounded faster and faster until it almost hurt, too lost in the feeling to care if mum could handle it or not.

“That’s right,” mum panted as I thrust desperately. “Fuck your mum in the arsehole. I want you to make this your arsehole, I want you to fill it with your cum.”

All too soon I was overwhelmed, and I felt myself blasting spurts of cum into her. It wasn’t a lot, but the tightness of her arsehole meant it was quickly filled, and when I pulled out a spurt of cum came with it, dripping off my dick and splattering against her cheeks. Mum panted and slowly rolled over, looking at me with flushed cheeks.

“Was that good?” she said in between breaths, and I nodded tiredly as I helped her to her feet. She stood shakily in front of me, blobs of cum dripping from her pussy and arsehole.

Mum leaned against me tiredly, and I put an arm around her, cupping her boob instinctively. “So,” I said carefully, “what do we do now?”

Mum looked up at me. “Well, since we know about Jessica and your father, there’s little point hiding this from them. So I think we just have sex whenever we feel like it.”

“That sounds good,” I said inanely, but I felt slightly annoyed. I doubted mum would want it more than maybe once a week, and while that was more than I was getting before, I had tried sex now and I wanted more. I could probably get with Jess maybe one or two times a week, but I had a feeling she’d always been more focussed on dad than me.

“Yes,” mum said lazily. “It will change depending on how we feel, but I think once or twice a day should be good, don’t you?”

* * *

I woke up feeling drained but satisfied and stretched, before getting quietly out of bed. As I stood up I looked over to make sure Jess was still asleep, and after making sure she was walked down naked into the kitchen and made myself a bowl of cereal. I was just finished when dad stumbled into the kitchen, wearing only a pair of boxers, and began making coffee.

“Not bothering with clothes, I see,” he said and I merely grunted.

Things between dad and I had become slightly different since he’d started fucking Jess and I’d started fucking both mum and Jess. I don’t think he particularly liked that his son was having sex with his wife, but since he got to have sex with his gorgeous daughter, he never said anything. The subtle tension remained, however.

“Jess is in her room asleep,” I said casually. Dad looked up at. “And you know how horny she gets in the morning.”

Before I even finished my sentence, dad was gone. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. It had been nearly three months, but he still couldn’t get enough of her. That said, I thought as I opened the door to my mother’s bedroom, I was barely any better.

Mum was lying on her side under the sheets, facing away from me. Unlike Jess’s room, which smelt of recent sex (as dad would soon discover), mum’s smelt fresh and clean. She and dad rarely had sex any more. This was probably because each of them preferred their children, but I wasn’t complaining. They still loved each other, they just enjoyed sex more with other people.

I slid under the sheets, pressing against her and rubbing a hand along her side. She moaned appreciatively and stretched, pressing her round ass against me. I rolled on top of her and kissed her deeply, pulling up to find her looking up at me hungrily. She was already slightly wet, but I’d learned that sometimes mum liked it a little rough, and from the look on her face I knew this was one of those times.

“Good morning, mother,” I said, and then thrust into her in one swift motion.

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Presently Tied

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(Thank you LadyShianne for the editing)

She came out of the bed room and began walking down the hall. She was dressed in her sexy lingerie, of black stockings and garter belt. Her long black hair was pulled taut into a pony tail. A leather vest that laced up the front and was half open. She leaned in and kissed him deeply as they met in the hall. This was her usual attire that she wore when she wanted to play in a sexual way.

“Happy Birthday, lover.” She said as she ran a finger across his lips, down to his masculine nipple and pinched it lightly.

“Hum, so are we going to play tonight, Mistress?” He asked, his deep voice bellowed in the acoustics of the long corridor.

“Oh yeah, honey. Matter of fact you go on in and I’ll be back with the wine.” She replied as she kissed him again and rubbed his cock lightly. He smiled as she went down the hall with a sexy little walk, slapping her ass and looking back at him.

“Woo hoo,” he sounded as he went on in to their bedroom. As the door opened he heard a light moaning. So he cautiously opened the door the rest of the way. And there he saw a little petite woman in the middle of the floor. Naked with a bow wrapped around her. She was all tied up in a formal fashion with a gag around her mouth. As her short blonde hair barely graced her shoulders. She was squirming a bit at the restraints. Her arms were tied behind her and her legs were tied together. Other than those ties, she had nothing on but the scarf that was around her head and mouth. She had a card stuck to her breast.

Well, he was at first shocked but the bow and card seemed to ease this sight some. “Well, what has my wife done now?” He said chuckling. Walking over, he took the card from the bound woman’s breast. She continued to squirm and moan as she looked up at him in what seemed to be fear almost. He sat on the bed, opened the card and read:

“Happy Birthday, honey, here’s your present. Your fantasy come true. I paid her already. She’s yours for the taking. Have fun, love.”

He liked to play rough and always did this with his wife but now he had a new playmate, thanks to his wife’s present. He let out a little laugh as he looked at the damsel that was fighting her binds. He reached down and pulled her hair back hard as she let out a loud moan.

“You’re mine, bitch.” He said as he leaned down and licked her from her neck to her ear. “Hum, I’m going to eat you up.” He said as he reached down and pinched her nipple real hard. The tied up lady let out a loud cry muffled by the gagging scarf.

He stood up and removed his robe and let it fall as the lady bayburt escort looked at his enormous monster size cock and started fighting the restraints. He reached down and pulled her hair back. Her head whipping backwards. Then he pulled her head to his cock that was now starting to grow as he took his dick in his hand and slapped her lightly across the face with it.

“Want this, little lady?” He asked. She was shaking her head no. That fired him up as he threw her to the floor and stood over her tied body and spanked her ass hard.

“The correct answer was yes.” He said as he swatted her ass some more. She was whaling out muffled cries. As he knelt beside her he reached down and put his hand at her pussy and pulled her pubic hairs, then fingered her hole. His wife had chosen well. Her cunt was sopping wet with desire. She really enjoyed this. He raised his finger to his mouth and tasted of his present.

He was a large man with a large dick. And this lady’s eyes kept getting wider every time she looked at his cock which was growing by the minute.

He bent his present over and slapped her ass. Then he fingered her pussy again. Playing with it, he noticed she was getting even wetter as she fought the ties and wiggled on the floor. He laid his heavy weight on her and licked her lower back as he fumbled to put his dick in her. But her fighting made it hard so he decided to put it at her ass hole.

“Now, if you don’t quit moving around I’m going to put it in here.” He threatened. He put his dick in just a bit in her ass. She quit moving around.

Grabbing her hair, he pulled her to him and she let out a loud moan. He reached down and took her gag off. She started gasping, as he still had a handful of hair.

“Honest, mister..” She paused with a cough. “I didn’t know ya’ll were going to….” She stopped talking as he pulled her hair back again and shook her.

“Did my wife pay you for sex?” He asked.

“Yes, but…” She started again as he jerked her to him and putting his dick in her mouth, he pushed her head into him. “Then sex it is, bitch.” He said.

She fought to pull her head back but his strength was greater. His dick was getting harder in her mouth and he pushed it deeper into her throat. He felt the back of her tongue as she started to gag on is cock. This just made him push it deeper. He took her head in both his hands and face fucked her until he saw tears in her eyes. He let up and threw her back on the floor. “Fucking cunt, can’t even give a good blow job.” He yelled. He reached down and grabbed her hair and pulled her to the bed. bilecik escort He picked her up some and bent her over it.

“Mister, no, please I…” she started as he yanked her hair back and put his dick at her ass hole.

“One more word and this dick is going to fuck your tight ass.” He yelled.

She got quiet. He put his rock hard cock at her pussy and pushed it in. Still holding a handful of hair as he started fucking her. Pounding his cock into her as she groaned from his enormous size.

The door opened and his wife walked in with a big smile and a bottle of wine and three glasses. He looked at her as she strolled over to the bed. He never quit pumping his big dick into her pussy. His wife put the bottle and glasses down and walked up behind him with her fingers lightly trailing along his back.

“Thank you, baby.” He said as she was kissing his back and running her hands around his body.

“You like?” She asked.

“Oh yes, nice present,” He replied as he slowed his pace.

“I want a taste.” She said. As she then slapped the tied lady’s ass. He pulled his dick out as his wife went to her knees and started licking his cock. The tied girl was relieved but he still had a handful of her hair as his wife licked his wet cock.

She got up off her knees and laid next to the tied lady. He put his huge cock back in and stretched her pussy as he entered her and started pumping again. His wife trailed her fingers up and down the petite lady’s body. He embedded his cock deeper and pushed into her madly as he finally let go of her hair and grabbed her waist. He pumped her full of his hot cum and slowed his stride as the last couple squirts entered her. He pulled his dick out and slapped her ass with his sensitive cock a couple times before falling on the bed from exhaustion.

He looked at his wife and said. “Thank you, honey, that was a great present.”

She smiled as the tied woman relaxed and laid still, obviously relieved it was over. When the wife finally let out a devilish grin and said. “I knew you wouldn’t last the whole hour so now it’s my turn.” As she grabbed the restrained woman’s hair and pulled her in for a kiss to finish the hour she had paid for.

The woman’s eyes widened as she saw the wife put on the strap-on.

“Hey, you never said anything about that…” The lady spat out.

The wife looked at her and said. “All we agreed to was one hour of sex with my husband and me.” She replied as she put the plastic cock against her pussy and pushed in.

The tied gift moaned from the drive into her. The wife set her pace burdur escort of in and out thrusts. Then she tired of the position, withdrew the strap-on and came around to her face. Holding her hair taught, she pushed the strap-on into her mouth and humped at her face. Her fingers found the latches and unbuckled the strap-on. While it was still in her mouth the wife walked away from it as it hung there at the tied woman’s face.

The wife reached down, pulled it from the present’s mouth and licked it. Taking a handful of hair, she placed the lady’s mouth at her pussy. The tied woman’s mouth was closed as the wife ground into her closed lips. With both hands she now held the tied woman’s head and mashed her pussy into her face.

She got wilder as she began to vigorously push her wet cunt over the restrained woman’s lips and nose. The woman tried to spew some words but every time she opened her mouth the pussy would focus in on the opening and grind into it more. After a moment, the lady opened her mouth and her hot tongue feasted on the wife’s soaking wet pussy. Her tongue and lips seemed to find the perfect spots, making the wife gasp in pleasure. Finally the sound of a wetness came from her pussy as she groaned out her pleasure and fell next to her husband, who was now fast asleep.

Un-tieing her husband’s present, she slowly rubbed her hands down her freed arms and legs, bringing the circulation back into them. Leaning over her, the wife gently kissed the lady. “You were very good. Now it’s my turn to reward you.” Moving down, she slowly, sensuously, kissed her way down the woman’s body. Taking a nipple into her warm mouth, she suckled ravenously, then bit it hard. “Ohh, yes.” The gift moaned, enjoying the pain/pleasure.

“You like that don’t you, bitch?” The wife asked as she ran her fingers down to the somewhat abused pussy. Fingering the wetness she found there, she pinched the lady’s clit, causing her to gasp at the pain. “Don’t you?”

The lady nodded. “Yes, ma’am.”

“You like anything I do to you, isn’t that right?”

Again, she nodded.

The wife finger fucked her for a while as she suckled and bit at the woman’s breasts, then she moved down to the wet cunt before her and began her feast. Her lips, tongue, and teeth pulled at the lady’s pussy. Using her teeth, she bit her clit hard enough to cause pain. The woman arched her body, pushing her pussy closer to the punishing mouth. The wife’s mouth and teeth worked harder, enjoying the taste and power she had over this woman. Licking the opening and the clit, she ground her mouth against the wonderfully wet cunt until the lady finally tensed with a powerful orgasm.

Laying back on the bed, they both caught their breath.

“Oh dear. We never even got to the wine.” She looked into the woman’s wide eyes and licked her lips. “Or maybe we did.” She said with a giggle.

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