Why I Became an Escort


There is no one under the age of 18 involved in any sexual situations in this story.


An escort is, at its root, a fancy name for a call girl or prostitute. Although my dates don’t always include sex, let’s face it, most do and I’m okay with that. I always charge for the dates even if there is no sex so consequently that makes me a prostitute by most definitions. But depending on who, what or where, I might only be arm candy for a single or even a married man, a woman, or even a couple. If you happen to be in my area and need someone to accompany you for a party or event that you need a partner for, I could be your girl. Even if all you desire is someone to accompany you for dinner and intelligent conversation, I can do that. If you want to go to your hotel for some good old fashioned monkey sex, I can do that also, but any after date time is considered off the clock and I normally let the client tip me instead of having a set rate. It sounds more complicated than it actually is, the date costs a set price but like most people in the service industry, tips are encouraged. Bigger tips means better service between the sheets. And I am very good at what I can do between those sheets. My repertoire ranges from vanilla fucking and sucking to most kinks including anal. I don’t allow any pee or scat or bdsm or any form of restraints unless I know the client very well, and I don’t know anyone that well. No means no and if you aren’t satisfied, the date ends right there and you get a refund, you will never get another date as well.

So this is my occupation. My name is Gidgit Anderson and I’m a high priced escort. I date people for money and, if they want to, they will get lucky. I’m a sure thing. I’m totally free of any dating service or controlling pimp. I have my own client list so there is no one but myself or my best friend Debra Peterson to schedule my ‘dates’. I am also the one in charge of collecting my pay. My rates are controlled only by me. I do charge by the hour, usually, but if travel is involved I have a set daily and weekly rate that I adhere to.

So your next question is probably along the lines of; can I support myself? The answer is yes! I am doing quite well. I have been in the business for five years and I have a million eight hundred thousand put aside in various interest bearing accounts. I have a goal of two million before I will think of changing occupations, if I ever do.

Do I enjoy what I do? The answer is, mostly, yes I do. I love sex. I always have. My only issues have been with men that insist that condoms are not their thing, to which I always reply that they are not an option, period, end of story. STDs are too easily passed on and some could be with you for life so, no glove, no love. I cannot trust anyone with my health, even if I have to turn down several thousand for an after date shagging, and I have done just that.

Now for the big one and the reason for this story. Why did I become an escort? That’s a bit more complicated. First let me describe myself. I am now 26, long thick raven black hair and light blue, almost gray, eyes. I have been told that I am beautiful by many people but I think I’m just very attractive. I mean who can honestly self judge themselves? Im 5’8″ 120lbs. My measurements are 36-26-36. My breasts are a healthy c or modest d cup depending on the bra that I wear. There isn’t any sag to my breasts and my sensitive nipples still point skyward. I have a slim abdomen with a flat tummy. I like to dress sexy but not slutty but when I’m working I usually let the client and the reason for the date dictate my attire. I don’t have a big butt like is so popular today. My butt is nicely rounded and can and has stopped traffic. My legs are slender and nicely shaped. They look amazing when I wear a pair of four or five inch heels. I don’t smoke but I do drink occasionally and while I am working and never have I taken recreational drugs. I practice yoga, swim and exercise religiously at a health club near me. In fact I have gotten several dates from meeting people at the health club. But I digress.

I became an escort because of a failed marriage. I married my ex right out of high school. He was only the third man that I had been with sexually. He was 6 years older than me and thought he was some type of high powered attorney with visions of a partnership. One of the criteria for his advancement was that I would become a shared asset of the company. I disagreed. When the plan was explained to me the shit hit the fan so to speak. I made it abundantly clear to my then hubby that I was not going to be passed back and forth like a new toy by these men and women. Yes there were some women partners that wanted a piece of me too. At the time, I shivered at the thought of having sex with another woman.

So my ex-hubbys career was suddenly stalled. I stood my ground. So what did ex-hubby do? He found someone else to fill my little black dress and cfm heels. When he found someone with fewer morals görükle escort bayan than I had and no problem spreading her legs for the partners, he promptly had me served with divorce papers. When his shark got done with my shark we were broke, at least I was. The only asset that I was able to keep was my parents’ old home that was willed to me before I married in place of any spousal support and a few thousand dollars. The man had no moral compass other than what pointed to what he wanted. I am happy to be rid of him and I have never regretted the separation from that dirtbag. I’m obsessing now.

After the divorce was final I did a quick accounting of my assets. With no further income, I was a 20 year old divorcee living in a home with a modest mortgage, (I took out a low interest loan for some home improvements and updating the kitchen to bring it into the 21st century.) But I also had no job. My ex-hubby was adamant that his wife wouldn’t have to work. I had a mortgage payment, taxes, upkeep on the property, car payment and insurance, (insurance, what a racket!) My attorney couldn’t get any spousal support so I had to get a job and fast. Then came my hero to save the day, my oldest friend Deb

============= Debbra Peterson=============

Debbra was my age, maybe five foot eight, hair the color of a copper penny, smoking hot body with big breasts and curvy hips, single and apparently very successful. Although, until that night, I had no idea what she did for a living. She was over one evening shortly after my divorce was final. We were drinking wine as I told her about my problems with money and we were kicking ideas around with no progress.

“You know Gidgit, you have a lot going for you if you use what you have the right way,” she slowly said.

“What are you talking about Deb? What job skills do I have to use? I don’t have a college education. My work references stopped while I was in high school. I have essentially been a kept woman since my disastrous marriage began. My work experience includes shopping, cooking, cleaning, looking good and fucking. Shopping just costs more money. Cooking and cleaning pay minimum wage at best. That leaves looking good and fucking. While I do admit to being fairly attractive and pretty good in the sack I’m not going to stand on a street corner waiting for my next paycheck.” I said while in my maudlin mood.

“Don’t sell yourself short Gidgit. For one thing you have an amazing body and the sultry looks to go with it. I would love to have your hair and those legs.” She stopped in thought, “Gidgit what if I showed you how to not only pay your bills but put money away. Lots of money.”

“How much money are we talking? And what do I have to do for it? I’m not going to get involved in any type of drug deals or anything illegal. My ex would have a good laugh if he knew I got myself in trouble with the law,” I said.

“Would you consider being a professional escort? What would you do for a thousand bucks? Would you date a stranger and maybe show him a good time after your date if he wanted some pussy? How about eight k for a two day weekend. Would you be up for that? How about ten large for accompanying someone on a three day cruise or a week in Vegas, all of your expenses paid by your client? Would you be up for that?” She smiled again. “How would you like to have a walk-in closet full of designer labels and a new luxury car in your garage? You have the assets to accomplish all those things. Here is another thing. When was the last time that you got laid? Was it good or just boring married vanilla sex?”

She had me there. It had been six months since I had any type of sex with anything but BOB, (my battery operated boyfriend.) “Ok, I get your point Deb but I don’t know the first thing about being a call girl or hooker or, what did you call it?” I asked.

“Professional Escort is the proper term but don’t get ahead of yourself just yet. First, are you even semi articulate? Do you know anything about sports? Politics? Fashion? Can you spend an afternoon or evening or even an entire day with a perfect stranger, then fuck them for half the night and then walk away with no feelings for that person? Because that’s what you would have to do. Strictly sex with no commitments. What if you know that your client is married? Would you have a problem fucking a married man? What about if it’s a married woman? Would you spend an evening and a night with her for two thousand bucks?” She finished.

“Deb, is that what you do for a living because you seem to know an awful lot about the mechanics. But before you answer that I will tell you that for that kind of money I would do most of that, if the money was as you say it is,” I said.

“Oh the money is there all right. In fact if you want, I could set you up with just my overflow and pay your bills. Yes, I’m an escort. I date men, and sometimes women and even a few couples. We don’t always have sex but I’m not complaining because I have several repeats altıparmak eskort that can rock my world. Gidgit, just think about it for a few days. I know it’s a big jump from your old lifestyle. You won’t be a kept woman anymore though. You would be in control and no one man controlling your life ever again. I’m not gonna lie, there are a few assholes out there. But put up with them and their money spends the same. What do you think?”

I couldn’t find any negatives in her argument.

“Give me a few days to mull it over Deb. That’s a huge lifestyle change for me and if my ex ever got wind of my new occupation he would be on me like stink on shit.”

“Listen Gidgit, so what if your ex finds out. You are a free woman now. You are divorced. That means you don’t have to listen to him anymore. He doesn’t own you nor can he control you. In all likelihood he is too busy banging all the other worn out wives where he works. He also is probably too occupied with who his new slut is banging to worry about you. Listen, you are old news to him. Just keep a low profile and everything will be fine. So what do you say sweetie?”

“Okay it sounds like what I’m looking for Deb. One final question though. How much money are we actually talking about here? Nothing specific, just in general, a normal year.”

“How about if I show you instead.” she said as she reached into a coach purse that was worth several thousand dollars. She pulled her new I-phone out and started tapping on the screen. Several taps later she showed me the screen. “This is current as of this afternoon. I started this account six months ago and it is one of three.” She showed me the screen that was an accounting of her investments along with the total. It was worth over 500k.

I was speechless.

“Obviously I have been very busy this year and I have tried to maximize my take home by concentrating on my most profitable clients but I’m starting to get burned out to be honest. I haven’t taken any time for myself in weeks. That’s another reason for you to join me. I have to turn down one out of three clients now and I turn down all of the referrals but together we could really clean up. Also, I can’t tell you how many times someone has asked me if I have a girl to partner with. Someone that’s up for a threesum or to join with another couple in a foursome. I had one client recently that was ready to triple my rate if I could bring in another attractive woman for the night. She tapped my arm with her phone. I charge a minimum of 2k per 8 hours and no bdsm or kinky shit like pee or scat. Just straight up hot nasty sex. You could live comfortably with just the clients I turn away. So what do you say? Are you in? We can partner for a while until you build your own client list. Please baby, I really could use the help.”

I was amazed. She had 500k in her investment account? Did she say she had three accounts? To be brutally honest I was broke and had not gotten laid since weeks before my asswipe of an ex hit me with divorce papers and I was horny. My BOB, (battery operated boyfriend), was nearing his expiration date also. So sex wouldn’t be an issue from here on out, if I did this. Did she mention travel? Cruises?

I didn’t want to make a snap decision so I wussed out for the moment.

“Can I sleep on this Deb? I will call you first thing tomorrow, promise.”

“Sure Gidgit. But don’t keep me in suspense. I have an idea, how about if we go shopping tomorrow. If you’re in then we can start on your new wardrobe. If not, you can help me with mine. Sound good?”

“Sounds perfect. What time will you be here?”


“Great! See you then sweetie”

With that I saw her to the door and she wrapped her arms around me, smashing her boobs onto mine as she hugged me very close, kissing me somewhere between my cheek and my lips. Ten minutes after she left I was still touching my buzzing cheek.

I tossed and turned for hours that night, thinking about her proposal. Deb was one of my oldest and dearest friends. We had been friends since grade school and had graduated from high school together and, while she went to college, I became a sex object for my asshat ex-hubby. How could he even consider pimping his wife to those dirtbags he worked for?

Old news. Anyway, when Deb got her degree in business, the economy was in the tank in our part of the world. That must have been when she hatched her escort idea (I found out later that she was in the business way before then. Before college even. I never knew.). She had always seemed busy and until tonight I had always wondered why. Now I knew. My bff was a hooker. No not a hooker, an Escort, a high priced call girl, or Professional Escort to be precise. Could I do that? Could I hook up with a strange man or a woman or even a couple with my pussy being a sure thing? What would be the protocol for an escort? Would I be wined and dined at the very least? What about STDs? Condoms would be mandatory for sure. nilüfer escort Should I get a depo provera shot instead of taking birth control pills just to be safe? I had so many questions. Finally I closed my eyes and slept.

At 8:00 am my alarm sounded off. I felt like I had not slept much but I suddenly felt excited. Sometime during the night I had decided, I was going to do this. I was going to be a partner with Deb. I was going to be an escort, and if I could stand faking an orgasm, like with my ex, I would be perfect at my new job.

Deb rang me from her car when she arrived then she showed up at my door looking delicious. I’m really not into women per say but even I would fuck her looking like that. She wore an electric blue, short, tight, I mean skin tight dress with the neckline plunging nearly to her navel and almost no back. Of course she wouldn’t be able to wear panties or a bra with this dress because of everything showing.She wore a pearl necklace and matching pearl earrings. Her cfm heels had to be five inches with straps around her ankles, open toed powder blue satin. I was wearing a button up top, skinny jeans and sneakers and felt like an underdressed waife next to her.

“God Deb! You look good enough to eat in that outfit.” I exclaimed. “Where do you want to start?” I figured we would be leaving right away.

“Gidgit girl, you need to dress up for today. Do you have an LBD? You know, a little black dress? Anything but jeans and sneakers. In fact, let’s see what your closet is like before we leave.

I was so embarrassed to show Deb the pitiful state of my clothing selection. Did I mention that my ex was super cheap along with being a creep. Well he was. I had several nice outfits but nothing in the category that Deb was wearing.

“Hmmm, not much here though this might work for today.” Deb pulled a dress out that I hadn’t worn in a long time. Salmon colored chiffon, the top of my boobs would be on display because it wasn’t designed to be worn with a bra and it was very short. My ex had picked it out right before the end of my marriage and I always suspected that it was my ‘bait’ costume for the partners. He had always liked to show me off and showing everyone the goods was going to get him the partnership, he felt. ‘Well surprise, surprise you dirtbag,’ I thought as Deb was digging through my shoes.

“Here these will do for today,” Deb handed my tan 2″ heels. “No bra and no panties though. You don’t want the lines to show and judging by what I see in here you will need a complete wardrobe. When we get back today you will look and feel like a new woman.”

“Deb, I can’t go out dressed like that. My titties will bounce all over, my nipples will show and as short as this hemline is I will probably be taking someone’s picture every time I bend over.” I laughed as I said it.

“Look sweetie with a body like yours, you NEED to advertise. You are going to be very popular when you start in the business, you are going into the business aren’t you? You never said outright that you would help me out.”

It was crunch time. Go into the escort business with Deb as my mentor or live a life of poverty and need. I had no job, no boyfriends and no prospects for either. My mortgage payment was due next week and most of my other bills were piling up. I was at a crossroad. I pulled my top and sports bra off and slid my jeans and panties down and off then stood up naked in front of my friend and looked her in the eye.

“Yes Deb. I’ll help you out but, I’m going to lean on you heavily for guidance until I get my bearings. I mean, yes, I’ll do it but you will have to show me the ropes. I assume that there are some things that I’ll have to learn since you are the pro and I’m the newbie.”

“Don’t worry about it, honey. Whatever you want to know, all you have to do is ask. For now we will work as a team and I’ll keep your schedule light until you feel comfortable going out on your own. Then as long as we stay in touch, we can coordinate our dates in case one or the other of us needs a wingman or double. By the way, I’ve never asked and you have never told me, have you ever been with another woman? I know that, in the past, we have never fooled around.”

“Ummm, no. Is that part of the job? I mean do I have to actually kiss another woman or lick her pussy? I feel kind of embarrassed to admit that. I mean don’t most girls experiment in high school or college? I guess I never felt the urge or had the opportunity. Debra, I have so much to learn!”, I said as I slid the dress over my curves. It took some shifting around but I soon had my girls mostly under wraps. At least my areola and nipples were out of sight. I felt so naughty to be going out in public commando though.

While I was briefly naked Deb was checking me out critically. “Sweetie with a body like that you won’t have any trouble getting dates with men or women. Don’t worry about being with another woman, I’ll take care of that for now, just remember the rules. Make sure that he wears a raincoat, get paid upfront for a one night stand, make sure that your client is satisfied when you leave them and most importantly get really good at faking an orgasm. Most men think they are super studs but very few are. That’s the high spots for now so let’s go hit the town baby!”

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