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Clayton Pulls a Train

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This story is a sequel to “Clayton’s Available Ass”, which was a sequel to “A Day in the Life of Dr. Smithers”. It is about a group of convicts standing in a line, or train, to have anal intercourse with another man. If you find this sort of thing offensive, I suggest you not read it.


“That’s him,” Snake Hanson whispered to his cellmate, Bill “Rocky” Rockport. “The new queen. I hear she really loves getting fucked.” He was gesturing to a short, plump man who was being escorted along the catwalk to the cell where he would be starting to serve his sentence.

“Look at that cunt!” Rocky whispered back. “I can hardly wait to get my cock in there.”

“Look’s like Old Goober’s gonna get first crack at her. Lucky bastard!” The two convicts watched as the guards stopped in front of a cell that opened on the catwalk directly across the twenty foot open space from them. The door opened to an electronic command, and the new man, new fish in the prison parlance, walked into the open cell. They stared with lust as her chubby, round ass was briefly turned toward them, and they watched until the steel-barred door closed behind him.

Old Goober, so-called because of his resemblance to the character on “Mayberry RFD” and because of his relatively advanced age, sat on his bunk reading a science fiction novel and ignoring the new fish. He waited until the door slammed behind his new cellmate and the guards’ footsteps receded. He got up to lecture him then, wanting to make sure the new fish understood the pecking order in the cell that would be his home for the next several years.

Clayton Smithers was already somewhat aware of the pecking order, and expected that it would be the same as it had been everywhere he had been confined since his phony psychiatrist racket was broken up. For a long time, he had enjoyed some great fucking and other sexual favors of his choosing from his “patients” while they were under hypnosis. The sex was great and the money was great, until the diploma mill that had sold him his degree and provided a cover for him was busted by the FBI. All the bogus professionals were exposed, and he was probably treated the most harshly of all.

Proudly but foolishly, he had videotaped all the hot sex he was having with his victims, and this evidence resulted in multiple counts of rape by deceit. After they were added to the fraud charges, his Public Defender strongly advised him that the seven year sentence being offered in exchange for a “guilty” plea was the best he could hope for. The fortune he had amassed, having been obtained through an illegal enterprise, was confiscated, and he was unable to hire a lawyer, meaning he had to settle for representation by the Public Defender, and he had to accept the prosecutor’s offer.

In between court appearances, since he was also unable to raise even a fraction of his bail, he waited in various jails. There he learned something about himself that he had never suspected. He loved getting fucked in the ass, maybe even as much as he had loved fucking his female victims there and other places. The first time it happened, he was beaten into submission first, and the pleasure of getting his ass filled by one hard cock followed by another, was almost overwhelmed by the pain he was suffering.

The next time, however, he made no resistance, and even pulled his pants off so the same two men could take turns with him again. They realized, almost immediately, that he was having as much fun as they were, from the happy noises he made and the way he fucked his plump ass back to meet the thrusts of their cocks. The 20 or so men who fucked him over the next few months, while he was being processed through the judicial system, carried the message with them to the penitentiary: The hottest, sluttiest queen in the world is on her way here, and she’s got a cunt ten times as good as the best whore in the world. The message was garbled somewhat, but it was an exaggeration, not an untruth.

Being rather out of the loop, Old Goober was not aware of the reputation of his new cellmate. All he wanted to do was advise the newcomer that he was relegated to the top bunk, and he’d better not fart too much, and if he, Smithers, gave Old Goober any shit, that he, Old Goober would kick the fat man’s ass. . He didn’t find out about Clayton’s reputation until about an hour after formally making his cellmate’s acquaintance.

“Hey, Goober? Did ya fuck her yet? How was she?” Snake yelled across the forty feet of open space and catwalk that separated the two rows of cells.

“I hear she really loves it,” Rocky added.

Old Goober, who enjoyed fucking a soft, plump ass as much as the next long-term convict, stood up and turned to Clayton to ask if the information was correct. His cellmate, soon to be sex partner, jumped off the top bunk where he had been brooding, smiled, nodded his head, and turned his back and bent from the waist to give Old Goober a better look at the ass that was available for his bursa escort pleasure. The latter was not really very bright, and he was rather slow-moving, but he was smart enough and quick enough to order his new queen to take off her pants and lie face down on the bottom bunk.

The smooth, round, cunt that stared up at him, especially with his cellmate’s hands holding her soft, white cheeks apart, was the nicest one Goober had ever seen, and his cock quickly went from flaccid to as erect as it ever got. Soap and water applied to his erection and to the waiting puckered hole made an adequate lubricant. He guided the tip of his cock to her pink opening, gave a firm thrust, and sighed happily when he felt it wedge into her tight, slippery cunt. With two more strong thrusts, almost its entire length was inside, and his cock felt better than it had in years. Old Goober had no doubt that this would be the best piece of ass he had gotten since he started doing his current sentence, maybe even his best ever. Slowly, he pulled his cock most of the way out of her, and drove it all the way back in, until his balls bumped against those of the queen he was fucking.

Clayton Smithers absolutely loved the way the older man’s cock felt, as it opened up his ass and stretched the adjacent channel. The best part, however, was when it started to massage his prostate gland, sending bliss throbbing through his body. After just a few strokes, Clayton was moaning from the extreme pleasure, and writhing on the bottom bunk, wondering if he could get away with jacking off and cumming on the other man’s bedding. He decided against it, not wanting any hassle, and expecting to get fucked even better in a little while.

Old Goober was having the time of his life, and probably wouldn’t have cared about anything. With every strong thrust of his cock into his cellmate’s cunt, he grunted and sighed happily, forming a duet with her blissful moans. He didn’t care how noisy they were. Goober was getting to be the first one to fuck the new queen, and he would probably never get a chance to do that again. A real queen’s cunt like this one, and it was by far the best one he had ever known, was so much better than jacking off, as he usually did. His hands tightly gripped her pudgy shoulders, and he started driving his cock into her harder and harder.

Privacy is completely lacking in the cells of a penitentiary. Men in the cells on the catwalk across from the one where the action was going on could see and hear almost everything that was happening. Snake and Rocky looked across and saw the face of the new fish, grinning, and with her eyes closed in obvious bliss. They could see the hands of Old Goober gripping her shoulders, while the old convict’s smiling face moved back and forth over the queen’s head. Although they couldn’t actually see a cock going in and out of where they hoped theirs would soon be going, they could see her bare leg dangling off the bunk and swinging back and forth, synchronized with the movements of the man on top of her. Neither of them had any doubt at all about what was happening across the way.

Everybody in the neighboring cells, even if they couldn’t see anything, could hear the grunts and sighs and moans of pleasure, and they could even hear the new fish telling her partner how good his cock felt. Even those who were too far away to see or hear anything quickly became aware of what was happening, as the vital information was passed from cell to cell. A new queen, especially one with a nice, fat white cunt, such as that of the cutie who had just joined them, and a willingness to share it, was important news to the horny men in the prison.

The guards may or may not have heard the news, but they didn’t much care. The more time the prisoners spent fucking each other, the less time they would have for planning escapes or assaults on them. They didn’t even care if the sex was consensual, as long as nobody got hurt too badly. Their own comfort and safety were infinitely more important to them than was the welfare of the convicts they were guarding.

One man who did care was Knuckles O’Malley, accepted by all as the toughest guy in that tier of cells. He had heard of the new queen, of course, and he had been looking forward to being the first to break her in. He also heard that Old Goober, her cellmate, was actually being the first, but he didn’t mind all that much. Let the old man have a little fun, he wouldn’t wear out her cunt. Just as long as everybody else knew who got the first turn with her when the cells were open, which would be soon. Next after Knuckles would be his cellmate, KC, and he would decide later who went after that. And, nobody had better give him any shit about his designated place in line, either.

Old Goober was aware of what was going to be happening in a little while also, so he was enjoying himself while he could. Shortly after the cell doors opened and the prisoners were allowed to mingle, a line would form to fuck bursa escort bayan his cellmate, with Knuckles O’Malley at the head of the line and, by the time everybody was done, her cunt would be damn near worn out, at least for that day. He still had time, though, and he wasn’t rushing, because the delightful cunt he was fucking was better than most of the pussies of his experience. It not only looked inviting, it felt even better than it looked. With every thrust of his cock into her, his pelvis squashed against the queen’s ass cheeks, and they felt even better against his legs than fucking a young woman doggy style. The inside of her cunt was tight, and smooth, like oily silk, and his cock easily drove in and out, being squeezed and released by her muscles, and with no friction. This piece of ass had started out as the best Goober had ever gotten, and it was getting better with every stroke.

What made it even hotter than her soft cheeks and silky cunt was the way the queen was writhing and squirming on the bed under him, and fucking back to meet him, her legs kicking wildly and her arms swinging from side to side. She was having almost as much fun as Goober, and her whimpering and moaning from pleasure, in between proclaiming how much she liked getting fucked, let everybody within earshot know it.

It was too good to last forever, of course. Goober knew it, and he had felt his climax building ever since they started. It got stronger, and he started fucking harder and deeper, sighing and grunting and moaning more loudly from the intense pleasure. Clayton matched the stronger thrusts, and his loud expressions of joy echoed those of the man on top of him.

“Cumming! Cumming!” Goober blurted happily, and let loose with a big wad of his cum, squirting it deep into the queen. He continued plunging his cock in and out, pumping more semen into her succulent cunt, until he was done.

There was no romantic afterglow. Even if there would have been, and there wouldn’t, the bell sounded then, followed by the clanging of the cell doors opening. Goober quickly pulled his cock, almost flaccid by then, out of Clayton’s cunt and started getting dressed. He left his cellmate lying on the bunk with her pants crumpled on the floor, and her legs spread, figuring it would save time.

The tier of cells where Knuckles held sway consisted of two rows of twenty steel cages each, opening off two walkways, with twenty feet of open space between them. This particular tier was the third level, and there was one level higher. The two catwalks were connected by a walkway at one end, and a steel door led from there to the rest of the cell block, with access to the rest of the prison. Each of the forty cells housed two prisoners when the tier was filled to capacity, and it was close to that at the time. All of the men on the tier were aware of the new queen, and almost all of them hoped for an opportunity to fuck her.

Knuckles was the first into the cell where Clayton was waiting, with KC in his wake. Their cell wasn’t actually very close, but all the other prisoners had deferred to them, letting them enter first, and hoping to get an opportunity to fuck the new queen, who was already legendary, after those two were through with her. Not everybody would be able to have a turn, because the open period would end in two hours.

He smiled lewdly when he saw the new queen’s fat, white body, especially noting the dimples on the sides of her ass cheeks. Knuckles had always been attracted to dimples, on the body of either a woman or a queen. His smile quickly disappeared, however, when he stared at Goober, who was just finishing getting dressed. His scowl let the old man know he was not pleased that he would not be the first to fuck the luscious cunt that was now available for his pleasure. Old Goober considered himself lucky that Knuckles did no more than scowl, and he left the cell to get out of everybody’s way. The fucking had been great, and he might get some more the next morning, or some other time, and he was willing to settle for that. For the time being, though, he just made himself scarce.

“Put the fucking kip on the floor,” Knuckles ordered, unaware of the ironic accuracy of the adjective he used. KC and Snake Hanson, who had been lucky enough to be the third man into the cell, hurried to obey. Snake felt very gratified at being allowed to do this small chore, because it meant he would get to be third in line — fourth if you counted Old Goober – which was a lot better than he had expected.

The mattress from the top bunk was placed on the floor against the wall opposite the double bunks. Not much room was left to move around, but Snake and KC managed. They also wanted to take the mattress from the bottom bunk and pile it on top of the first one. They were thin, no more than canvas ticking stuffed with cotton, but it would be better than using the concrete floor. Knuckles didn’t want to just climb on top of the queen, because he bursa escort kız sometimes liked to move quite strenuously when fucking somebody, and he didn’t want to bang his head against the metal frame that would be above him.

The object of everybody’s lust was still lying face down on the bottom bunk, and Snake took hold of her arm and pulled her off. He was not at all rough with her and was, in fact, almost solicitous of her comfort and safety. He didn’t want her to get hurt by banging against anything, at least not until after his turn. With the queen no longer lying on it, KC pulled the mattress off the bunk and piled it on top of the other one.

“Lay down and spread your legs,” Knuckles ordered the queen, who was about to get the fucking of her life. “No, not that way. Face the door.”

Clayton hastened to obey, rolling his jacket up to place under his waist so he could better present his ass for the best fucking. He had been looking forward to this for some time. The first man, his cellmate, had been better than nothing, but he knew his ass was about to get the workout he had been fantasizing about for almost three months.

Knuckles knelt between her legs and gazed at the lovely white cunt before him. He was not very much into aesthetics but, if he had been, he probably couldn’t have remembered a prettier one during his many years in prison. Before doing anything else, he stared at KC and Snake, who took the hint and stepped out of the cell. He didn’t really expect any privacy, and Knuckles knew that at least a dozen men would be watching him fuck her, but he didn’t want anybody standing over him while he was doing it.

“Reach back and spread your cheeks.”

Once more, Clayton did as he was told; he was as eager as anybody else to get started. Old Goober’s cock was rather small, and hadn’t been as hard as Clayton would have liked. The man who was about to fuck him was much bigger and younger and stronger, and was probably hung a lot better too. He held his cheeks open and anticipated a much better time from the man he had heard others addressing as “Knuckles”.

Before that could start happening, though, the man pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees, and around them down to his ankles. He had some Vaseline, which had been stolen from the infirmary and supplied to him by somebody who wanted to curry favor. The lubricant was used only to coat his erect cock. He could see the queen’s cunt was already smeared with soap and shit and Goober’s cum, and didn’t need any more lubrication, so Knuckles leaned forward and held the tip of his cock against the hole that she was holding open for his pleasure. With a firm push, the head wedged inside, and Knuckles grimaced in delight from the way her slick, tight cunt was already squeezing his cock.

Clayton did more than just grimace. He closed his eyes joyfully, and breathed in sharply between his teeth. The hard, thick cylinder had just barely started to make entry, and already pleasure was throbbing out from where his ass was being stretched open. He had turned his body to look back while the big man was getting ready, and had been extremely happy to see that his cock was long and thick and hard, just what Clayton was hoping for. Eagerly, he arched his back, presenting himself better to the man who was starting to fuck him. He wanted every inch of that gorgeous cock to be buried in his ass.

The convict boss wanted the same thing. He held onto the queen’s hips with his strong, rough hands, enjoying how her skin there was soft and smooth, just like that of a young woman. Pulling back and thrusting forward, he gave a hard shove, and most of his cock slid into her cunt, letting the tightness squeeze that much more of the long shaft. Knuckles smiled, both at the great things the queen’s cunt was already doing for his cock, and at her reactions to it.

Those reactions were already quite pronounced. The man being fucked moaned at the intense pleasure, perhaps as great as any he had yet experienced in his brief career as a prison queen. As more of Knuckles’s thick cock plowed into Clayton’s ass, it stretched the entrance wider, and expanded the attached channel. The head and shaft massaged his prostate gland, and the pleasure from all three places made his body writhe and squirm under the burly torso of the man who was causing it. He felt Knuckles’s big giver of pleasure recede and, when he felt it surging back into him, he fucked his ass all the way back to meet it, until he felt coarse pubic hair tickling the insides of his ass cheeks.

In no hurry, even though he knew others were waiting, Knuckles fucked Clayton’s cunt slowly, driving his cock all the way in and reveling in the cute, chubby queen’s movements under him. The writhing and churning of her body while his cock was imbedded in her sent extra thrills of pleasure coursing through his body. Not only did her movements make it just that much better, feeling her fuck back to meet his thrusts made him feel good on another level. Knowing in advance of her pending arrival, he had refrained from jacking off or any other sexual activity for a few days, wanting to fully enjoy her sexual favors, and he was glad he had. She had the best cunt he had fucked in a long time, maybe ever.

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