Life with a Lump Between My Legs Pt. 05

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– 23 –

Jessica was talking with Julie when I got back up to my desk. Immediately they both went silent as I approached. Jessica spoke first, “I got to know. Please tell me because it is killing me. Don’t lie or make something up, alright.” her words seem to bubble out of her. “Did you have a…,” she paused and looked around and continued in a harsh whisper, “a diaper rash?” Continuing in a normal tone, “because that’s what Julie thought.”

I looked from one to the other blankly. Then I sat down to work ignoring the question. “I’m sorry,” Julie said from somewhere behind me, “I’m really sorry.”

“What?” Jessica implored, “You wanted to know so I asked.” Jessica huffed off feeling betrayed.

I avoided contact with everyone the rest of the day. I snuck out a few minutes early to avoid any conversation with my co-workers. It was the weekend I still had to explain what happened at the doctor’s to my wife. I was feeling depressed. I must have had really bad karma because Julie was waiting for my at my car.

“I just wanted to apologize. I am really sorry. Jessica got out of hand and…”

“I have a prostate problem.” I said looking down at the pavement, “And yes it was diaper rash. The doctor says I have some other issues so if you would just let me go home, I’d appreciate it.”


“I know,” I interrupted, “please let me go home.”

Then she hugged me. That was the breaking point. All the emotions, all the problems, all the changes that had been happening to me, I broke down and cried.

Soothingly she said, “It’s all right. It will all workout. Shhhh now. Don’t worry.” Finally I composed myself and said, “I’m sorry. I’m sure it’s not that bad and everything will work out. It’s not like I’m dying I just have a few problems.”

“If there is anything I can do to help let me know and I’m sure Jessica feels the same. I hope you have a good weekend.” she took a few steps then turned back, “You’re going to want to go straight home.” She smiled kindly and pointed to my crotch. I looked down a saw a wet spot on the front of my pants, with the emotional release I had another release too.

At home I found my wife and her sister sitting at the kitchen table talking. When my wife saw me she jumped up and gave me a big hug. “I am so relieved to hear that you’re healthy. I was also glad to hear that you didn’t give Trish any problems.” I shot a glance to Trish but she didn’t react.

“Sis, I think he needs to get changed before dinner.” Trish said noting the spot on my crotch. Just then the oven started beeping. “Oh that’s my roast.” my wife exclaimed, “Trish could you help him out please?” When we were out of earshot of the kitchen Trish said, “I didn’t tell her everything. In fact I didn’t tell her much. She wanted to wait until we had dinner to talk about it. She just wanted to know if you were healthy.”

“Why didn’t you tell her that you gave me a spanking?”

“No point. You misbehaved and got punished. Seems to me it’s over.”

“Thank you.” I said greatfully

“Don’t think for a moment that I wouldn’t hesitate to spank you again if there was a need. Now come one and let’s get you changed.”

“I wondered,” my wife said from behind us. We both jumped from the surprise. She had quietly come up behind us and heard our conversation. Looking at me she said sternly, “Did you learn your lesson?” I nodded quickly. Then to her sister, “I want to hear the details to see if I need to take action as well.” Trish shrugged.

“The roast isn’t quite done so I’ll take it from here, Trish.” I couldn’t tell if my wife was mad or not but I knew that I was in for another spanking. “Do you want to tell me what happened?”

“I got upset because I didn’t realize the appointment was with a pediatric doctor.”

“That’s all?”

“I guess I was a little disruptive.”

“Seems odd to get a spanking for that.”

“And I stuck my tongue out at her.”

My wife laughed as she undid my pants and I stepped out of them. “That would do it.” she said shaking her head. Before taking off my training pants she said, “Looks like you’ve been peeing in these all day. I can tell by the rings of dried pee. I guess you big accident was on the way home.” I didn’t want to correct her because I’d have to explain the whole hugging thing with Julie.

“I think it’s best to let you dry out a bit so you don’t get a rash.” my wife said pulling my shirt over my head, “Let’s see if we can find a longer shirt so you can cover up a bit more.” She poked around my drawers and then in the closet. “Looks like this is the best we can do.” And she handed me an old shirt that covered my crotch if I pulled it down but if I did that my butt was exposed. “I can’t go around like this with your sister here.” I exclaimed.

“It could be worse.” she said.

“How could it be worse than me walking around bottomless in front of Trish?”

“I could put you in a dress.” I couldn’t tell if she was serious or not.

We rejoined Trish in the kitchen and I did my best to try and cover myself Gaziantep Üniversitesi Escort up. Trish did her part by making fun of me. My wife found it funny. “A bit breezy there, Honey,” Trish teased.

I sat down at my spot but my wife put food for me on my plate and cut up my meat. She also gave me a sippy cup with dinner. The only saving grace with the humiliation was the cup was filled with beer. My wife turned to Trish and asked, “Why don’t you tell me how the doctor’s visit went?”

I interjected, “Well the doctor said…” My wife put up her hand, “You need to be quiet and eat while Trish talks.” This brought a smile to Trish’s face.

“Well the doctor said,” she began fully empowered, “that he is relatively healthy but there are a few problems.” She went on to explain that my wetting was because i had weak muscles and that the doctor was able to make me wet by pressing on my stomach. Trish tried to explain the measurement thing but my wife wasn’t seeming to get the meaning until Trish said, “He’s more like a girl than a boy.” My wife look over at me but seemed to be still talking to her sister, “So is that why is penis is small?”

I decided that I wanted to get drunk. I finished my beer and got up to get another. My wife and her sister both giggled watching me try to keep myself cover under the watchful eye. I filed my sippy cup and sat back down. As I quietly ate my food, Trish continued,”The doctor also said that he has an enlarged prostate. Isn’t a problem now but you want to make sure to drain it from time to time.” I was quickly finishing my second beer when my wife asked me to come stand by her. “Sweetie, please come here.” I finished the second beer and headed for the fridge for my third. Her hand connected with my ass completely. “Please come here.” she said firmly. I stood beside her and pulled my shirt down in the front. My ass was still stinging from the little correction I just received. “Trish? How did the doctor know his prostate was enlarged?”

“Well I guess it was when she rubbed his perineum.” Trish replied eager to see what her sister was up to.

“Sweetie, can you please lift your shirt up a bit?”

I was two beers into a good buzz and this was killing it. I complied and lifted the hem of my shirt exposing my penis to both my wife and her sister. My wife snaked her finger under my balls and rubbed the spot where the doctor had hours before. “I see what she meant,” my wife said. Although I was humiliated, her touch brought my penis to life and I started to get hard. Trish laughed and said, “He did this at the doctor’s office too.” My wife looked up at me with a grin

“Oh yea, I almost forgot,” Trish got up and guided my left thumb to my mouth like the doctor did before. “He’s got this psycosexual connection between thumbsucking and masturbation.” I stood there sucking my thumb for a moment until my wife said, “Ahh… he looks kind of cute like that.” I came back to reality and pulled my thumb out of my mouth. Pulling the shirt back down I got myself another beer. I was determined to find my happy place.

My wife got up and poured herself and her sister a glass of wine. Returning to the table she said, “Ok sister of mine, I want to hear with happened that got him a spanking.” I was trying to get as much alcohol in my system hoping that would take the sting out of the impending punishment.

“Well Sis,” Trish started with a devilish grin on her face, “After I got him checked in and we were waiting to be called back he started to get loud. I tried to quiet him down but the he stood up and stuck his tongue out at me. I tried my best to remain calm and handle the situation without causing a scene. I asked the nurse if we could wait in an examination room. I’m sure they didn’t want problems in their waiting room either.” Her recollection of the events seemed to be quite different than mine but I wasn’t about to interrupt to call her a liar. She continued, “While in the exam room I decided that we needed to deal with this before the doctor arrived so that he wouldn’t cause a scene for the doctor. When he asked me to take him to the potty…”

My wife looked to me, “You asked her to take you to the potty?” she was almost laughing at that point. I hung my head. “Did you make it in time?”

“Yes he did but just barely. Since his pants were down already I decided that was the best time the address his attitude.”

“I said sorry before that, ” I added pleadingly

“That true,” Trish acknowledged, “and that’s why I only gave you five swats. And we didn’t have anymore problems for the rest of the visit”

“Well, sounds like you were able to handle the situation appropriately.” My wife said to her sister, “But…” she continued, “You did lie to me about it at first.”

“I was trying to help him out. He’d had a rough morning.” Trish retorted.

“But you still lied to me.” My wife was insistent.

“Okay. I did leave out that part. What are you going to d? Spank me for it?” Trish said in a mocking tone. My wife pushed her chair away from the table and patted her knees.

Trish laughed, “You don’t have it in you to spank me.” My wife just patted her knees again and raised her eyebrows. “Don’t I?” she replied

“Fine, I’ll play along.” Trish got up and laid across my wife’s lap to except her spanking. Looking at me she asked, “How many swats for a lying?” I wasn’t about to answer.

My wife went on not waiting for a response from me, “How about five. That seems to be a popular number these days.” My wife didn’t seem mad but she did have a glint in her eye.

Trish was laying across my wife’s lap facing away from me so I had a view of her butt waiting for the spanking to commence. She was playing the part by squirming around and pretending to fuss. I was a bit disappointed that all my spankings were on my bare ass while Trish was allowed to get her spanking over her skirt.

My wife drew back and administered the first swat, “Now, lying is a bad thing and will lead to a bad character.” Her lecture began in a playful tone. Her next swat landed, “Expressially to adults. That is very naughty” I was starting to feel cheated. When I got into trouble my butt ended up sore but this seemed to be just a game to them. Well at least it wasn’t me this time.

“So that you really remember this lesson, ” my wife began, “I think I need to raise your skirt up and smack your bottom.” I couldn’t believe my ears. I quickly finish my beer and hurried to get the next one. My wife watched with amusement but waited for me to return before proceeding.

“Oh no you don’t,” said Trish in a serious tone. “I played along when it was over the clothes but…” and she tried to get up. My wife is surprisingly strong and was able to keep her sister in position.

“Oh yes dear sister,” my wife’s tone had gone serious as well. “You lied to me about spanking him. And you tried to hide it from me. I had to eavesdrop to get the truth.” Trish quit her struggling and said, “I guess you’re right but at least send him out of the room.”

“No, I want him to stay and see what happens when you lie.” My wife drew up her sister’s skirt exposing her panties. I had seen them earlier but from a completely different angle. The memory of that and the event I was now witnessing was eliciting a notable response in me. As I watched my wife rub her sister’s pantied ass I was getting tromendusly hard.

SMACK. My wife landed her first swat and Trish’s bottom responded by turning pink.

“Ouch!” Trish responded. My wife pulled back a second time and hesitated. Trish looked back over her shoulder looking worried. “Come on, just get it over with.” My wife smile slightly and brought her hand down. Trish’s whole butt shook with the impact.

Without thinking my thumb made it’s way to my mouth. My wife smiled at me. “Now,” she said resuming her lecture, “If I am going to ever trust you again to watch over him I have to know that you have learned your lesson.”

“Oh I have,” pleaded Trish, “I’ve learn my lesson.”

“Well I think I should just pull these pantes down and spank your bare bottom.”

“Please no. I won’t lie to you ever again. Please don’t pull my panties off.”

But it was no uses. My wife slowly pulled her sister’s pantied down, exposing her red butt to the cool air and to my view. My wife looked at me again and smiled. I couldn’t help looking at Trish’s naked ass and from the angle she was across my wife’s lap I could see her ‘private’ parts. I couldn’t help it, my hand went for my cock and I started masturbating. I felt so dirty but there I was sucking my thumb and masturebating while watching my wife spank her bare assed sister.

My wife quickly administered the last of the punishment and Trish popped up and rubbed her butt. Before Trish couldn’t turn her attention to me my wife told her to stand in the corner with her face to the wall, holding her skirt held up to her waist and her panties at her knees. Coming over to me she lightly smacked the hand I on my penis. I quickly let go and started to take my thumb out of my mouth. “No you can leave that in.” And I did. It wasn’t a good substitute for cumming but it still felt good. I was still pretty keyed up from what just happened and I guess my wife didn’t want Trish to see my reaction because it wasn’t until after my erection subsided that she let Trish out of the corner.

I was still sucking my thumb when Trish turned around; she glared at me. She quickly got all her clothing in place and downed the glass a wine. The look on her face indicated that I might be in for some retribution for the humiliation she had to endure. My astute wife said as she poured more wine for her sister, “Now Trish, this was all your own doing. Behave better next time.”

I was finishing my third beer and feeling pretty good. My wife and her sister were chatting again and like they were friends again. They weren’t including me in their conversation so I decided to wander off. At that point I didn’t pulled my t-shirt down to cover myself. I got up and milled around the kitchen finally ending at the fridge to get another beer. I could tell Trish was watching me as I moved around the room so I decided to give her a little show. I’d pull at my penis for time to time, grab at my balls and once I bent over to expose my butt. There was l bit of shame on her face from watching. Trish finally said to my wife, “Can you get some clothes on that boy?”

“Is he not behaving?” My wife asked rhetorically, “Sweetie, come with me.”

We went to our bedroom where she pulled out a skirt. “Since you are messing around so much you’re going to have to wear this, it’s called a gypsy skirt and it should be comfortable for you.” And expect that I was now wearing girl’s clothes it was comfortable. “Why don’t you find something to watch and we’ll join you in a little bit.” She patted me on my butt and I was on my way. I didn’t much feel like watching TV so I just walked around the house. The feel of the skirt swishing against my legs was a new sensation. I could feel it rubbing against my dick but the alcohol in my system prevent me from getting an erection. I remembered that my beer was still sitting on the counter in the kitchen so I meandered that direction. The moment I entered the kitchen Trish started to laugh. “Cute skirt, Honey.”

I looked at my wife for support. “It is cute on you.” she said joining her sister’s teasing, “my be you should wear it more often.”

“I could bring over some of my girl’s old things and maybe you could see if some if it fits.” Trish was on a roll, “I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if I asked her nicely.”

I just got my beer and left.

“Sweetie? Could you get the diaper bag for me?” my wife asked, “That’s your fourth beer and I’d like to get a diaper on you before we have a mess to clean up.” I paused briefly and then went looking for the diaper bag. As i walked around looking for it I became increasingly aware that I needed to pee. I searched harder. I couldn’t seem to find it anywhere. Desperate I went back to the kitchen to find the two of them laughing. “I have to go potty really bad.” I whined “And I can’t find the diaper bag anywhere.”

Trish started to laugh harder and my wife said, “Sweetie it was right by your chair. You were in such a hurry to leave you didn’t look in here. I felt embarrassed that I had overlooked such an obvious place but I really needed to pee. “Can you take me to the potty?” I pleaded

Trish slowly stopped laughing and said, “I’ll take you if you like.” She stood up and took my by the hand. In just a few steps I knew we wouldn’t make it, “I’m going to pee my skirt, I’ll never make it.” This wasn’t my finest hour. “You sure?” Trish stopped.

“I can’t hold it” I cried.

I didn’t know Trish could move that fast. She grabbed a diaper from the diaper bag, opened it up and thrust it up under my skirt, cuping it around my penis. As soon as I felt the diaper I released. She held the diaper in place until I was completely finished. “That felt like you were peeing on my hand.” she said with disgust.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized, “but thank you for doing that.” She softened and said, “Lay down and we’ll get you cleaned up. My wife brought the diaper bag over and watched as her sister wiped down my crotch and diapered me.

“Well what was a bit of excitement,” my wife said when I was all done. I was getting drowsy so I told them I was going to bed. “Why don’t you sit with us a little while longer on the couch,” my wife insisted, “I’ll get your drink and we can sit and talk some more.”

Trish and I sat down on the couch and my wife retrieved drinks from the kitchen. She returned with two glasses of wine for her and her sister and a baby bottle for me. I sighed resigned to having to drink from the bottle. The two women sat on the ends forcing me to sit between them. The couch was big and comfortable I was able to lay on my wife’s lap and stretch out a bit while she feed me my bottle. I really was tired so I was soon fast asleep.

– 24 –

I woke up slightly when my wife slid out from underneath me. I watched as my wife and her sister went off to our bedroom. After they were safely out of sight I reached into my diaper and started to jack off. I wanted to finish what I started before. With thumb in month and pumping way I was soon close to cumming. I heard an odd sound from the bedroom. I tried to ignore it but it happened again. I stopped masturbating thinking they were coming back. After a moment, I decided to investigate. I opened the door just a crack only to see both my wife and her sister completely naked on the bed. My wife was on her back and Trish was on top in between her legs pumping away. Trish was wearing a strapon and my wife was biting down on a pillow trying not to make a sound. The sound that I heard what Trish hitting up against my wife’s thighs.

I didn’t know what to do. I was mesmerized and confused. I found sucking my thumb and jerking off as I watched. I was soon cumming all over my hand. I stumbled back and sat on the floor. I must have nudged the door because as it swung all the way open. My wife cried out in ecstasy even as she saw me sitting sucking my thumb. Trish pulled out and closed the door. Soon my wife and Trish reappeared with bathrobes on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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