Lipstick Fantasy

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I am to have dinner with a mature woman that I’ve met on-line. Her photos have shown her to be a few years older than myself—attractive, with blonde hair and a buxom build. I have always been interested in the allure of older mature women, so I am very excited for our meeting. I arrive early, take up a position at the bar, order a scots whisky, and wait for her.

Soon she enters the restaurant and my heart and loins stir. She is wrapped in a puffy pure white down coat with white fur trim. Wearing tight white jeans, her blonde hair makes her a perfectly sexy vision in white. She has metallic gold heels on her feet and I also notice pale blue metal-flake nail polish on her fingers and toes. Her hair is styled in a playful, youthful fashion (perhaps an attempt to make her look much younger than she really is). She recognizes me, smiles and walks over to take the seat next to me at the bar. We exchange opening greetings, I order her a Martini (“Dirty, please!”) and we are off and flirting with one another.

I immediately am enveloped in her scent. The fragrance that she wears is an earthy one—not sickeningly sweet, but pungent and arousing to me (pachoulli?) I have experienced this fragrance before, but on her it takes on an addictive quality. She wears it well and I quickly find that I cannot get enough of it. As she takes off her coat, she reveals that she is not just buxom, but voluptuous. Not slim by any means, she has a “hunky” body that she seems to strut a bit. Her blouse is a tight-fitting leopard print lycra. She wears makeup like that of a Cougar, with pale blue shiny eye shadow casino siteleri and fleshtone metallic flecked lipstick. I find her to be attractive for her age and very slutty – her slutty appearance seemingly just to show me a thing or two. Her look and behavior just hypnotizes me. She already has her hook into me and she knows it.

As the line in a song goes, “We had a drink or two, well, maybe three …” and we are chatting away and laughing at one another’s playful and flirty comments. I am really finding that my sense of humor is “hitting the mark” with her, as she is laughing and smiling throughout our exchanges. It has been a raucous and steamy first encounter.

She then asks if I’d come back to her apartment for another drink and continued conversation. Once at her place, she leads me inside and I am engulfed in this lingering sexy fragrance. It is the scent that she wears, but her apartment smells just like her. Her apartment décor also looks like her – soft fabrics, white leather sofa and chairs, on white carpeting. We share another drink and she asks me what my favorite aspects of sex are. I tell her that I am extremely aroused by any chance to romance a woman’s pussy – with my hands, fingers, lips, mouth, tongue, and face. With that she looks into my eyes, slowly leans back on the white leather couch in a feline way, and says, “Your offer is accepted. Romance me, David.”

She reaches around my neck and pulls me down to her reclining body. My hands do a survey of all of her hunky curves and she kisses me softly. I get the sweet taste of the fullness yüksek bahisli casinolar of her moist lips. Her pale shiny lipstick glides over our lips as we explore each other with curious tongues. Sweeping my hands down to her waist, I unzip her tight white jeans and slide my hands inside. I find her panties (again, leopard print satin) are soaked and I slide my hand down across her moist panties, cupping her puffy sex in the palm of my hand. As I fondle and stroke her sex inside her wet satin, I begin to hear her moan and she starts to stir a bit. This woman is very sensitive to my touch and she is encouraging my approach—urging me on. “Mmmm, romance my pussy, Lover.” She purrs into my ear.

Once again, I am assaulted by her earthy fragrance and I submit to the addictive state that it offers to me. I simply cannot get enough of her scent, her taste, the feel of her smooth ample body. I then slowly sweep my hands down around her ass and ease her jeans and panties off of her. Her pussy is beautiful. She has puffy labia lips and is shaved smooth for me. As she opens herself up to me, I immediately smell the strong scent of her insides and it turns me into an absolute animal. I spend the next 45 minutes fingering, licking, sucking, and mouthing her puffy pussy and swollen clit. She is very sensitive and orgasms frequently. When she tells me she is going to cum, I press my face deep into her as she releases wave after wave of warm cum. Her juices moisten my face and mouth and I am getting off on having her all over me.

She has just cum mobil casino in a very hard spasm all over me and, after recovering a bit from the sexual daze, she takes my hand and leads me to her bedroom. Her bed is a place of white satin and smells just like her. It smells strongly of that earthy fragrance that she wears – the scent that I am addicted to – like a Pavlov’s Dog. She then takes a lipstick tube and reapplies lipstick to her lustrous lips. It is that pale fleshtone lipstick with metallic flecks and it makes her look like the sexiest slut I have ever dreamed about.

I tell her that just watching her apply her lipstick is a sexy turn-on for me. She then looks right at me, narrows her eyes, and puts even more to her lips – she loads it on! Then she leans over and kisses me and our lips slide across each other in such a sexual way that I become even extremely aroused. I want to eat her, to consume every bit of her. We keep kissing each other and her lipstick is enveloping both of our lips. I love the way her lips feel and how she tastes. My tongue swirls across her lips, sweeping up some of her sexy lipstick.

Then, she takes the lipstick tube and leans over and applies it to her pussy lips. She has this lustrous creamy lipstick all over her labia and I cannot believe it! I immediately drop to my knees and find her pussy with my mouth and penetrate her with my tongue. The lipstick that she has creamed onto her pussy lips is such a visceral turn-on. She then places her hands on the back of my head and presses me home inside her. I explore her insides with my tongue and rub her clit, covered in lipstick with my fingers. Soon she cannot stand the pleasure heights and explodes again in a wave of cum. I have achieved a sexual high with this woman that I couldn’t have even imagined. I am now truly addicted to her – I’ll need to have her again and again, like a drug that enslaves me.

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