Hot Week with Canadian Beauty


I was sitting in my seat 35,000 feet in the air, asking myself, I can’t believe I’m one of those people who does this. Britt…have you lost your mind? Halfway to my plane flight destination to south central Canada from my southern California residence, I heavily self-reflected on the sanity of my decision.

I was en route to Saskatchewan because of a woman I had met online. My friends and I would discuss that exact scenario on many occasions and scoff at the idea of anyone making such a decision. It just wasn’t practical and highly risky were the majority points of our arguments. I had always agreed with that rationale until I met Kristie. We were both writers who were also very sexually charged bisexual women with environmental differences. After receiving an email to collaborate on a story, we began to get familiarize ourselves with each other in a personal way.

With all of our contrasts, we learned we had many internal similarities. The further I dug, the deeper my affection for her and our bond grew. I found out she was simply amazing and I was smitten. As a twenty four year old female, I had experimented sexually with a few girls over the years and found women physically attractive but never formed an emotional attraction with them. So, even though I was bi in a sexual context, I considered myself straight with bisexual tendencies. Kristie and I began to have the most amazing online sex with almost spiritual connections in addition to out-of-body like orgasms. But our bond was more than just sex.

Sometimes two people just mesh and even though Kristie was ten years older than myself, it had no bearing on my feelings for her. Our age difference was actually an accelerant to my interest and because of her experience and wisdom, it was just another quality I revered. I began to take inventory of all the additional characteristics she possessed and dare I say, I had fallen in love with her? A female nonetheless? That seemed impossible for me. Yes, I know I loved her looks, personality, intelligence, writing, sass, and sexual prowess but there was something else there…something extra. The “it” factor was also present and I know she felt it too.

I needed to find out in person and as soon as I had wiggled a vacation from my job as a pharmacist, I booked a flight to see her. There I was, about to land on Canadian soil in the city of Regina, waiting on Kristie to pick me up at the airport. I wanted to look good for my arrival so I dressed in a cute one piece white shorts romper with suspender straps over my red blouse along with my matching cute red canvas tennis shoes without socks.

The plane landed and I could not control my excitement. After making my way down the airport hallway, I approached the escalator to get to baggage. Kristie and I had been texting so I knew her approximate whereabouts but as I reached the lower level, there she stood. My heart skipped a beat. She was even more stunning in person. From my distance, I could see her long thick beautiful brunette hair and a large smile on her face. I was shocked at what she was wearing. Kristie who was a jeans and tank top kind of girl was wearing a sleeveless dress with a pair of slip-on shoes. Both of us were tearing up as I approached for a full embracement.

I softly sighed while wiping my eyes in disbelief that I was actually standing with her, “Hey you.”

We hugged like one of us was leaving forever. At 5’9, she stood three inches taller than me and kissed the top of my blonde head while choking up, “Finally I have you in my arms.”

I looked up into her eyes, both smiling at each other and froze just to take in the reality. People were everywhere and that convolution mattered not as we locked into a passionate kiss that easily rivaled newlyweds on their wedding night. We kept our heads tilted and eyes clenched as our tongues danced together inside each other’s mouth. The kiss lasted for several minutes and not only did we have to breathe through our nostrils to keep from suffocating, I was surprised someone hadn’t called security.

When we broke off our kiss, both our lips were red and puffy from the traumatic suction and Kristie was now wearing my cherry lip gloss. Our heads slowly turned from side to side, scanning the area, and we witnessed several onlookers staring including a group of teenage boys about to travel on a school outing.

Kristie looked directly at two old men standing close enough to be invading our personal space and spouted, “What’s the matter…haven’t you seen two lesbians kiss before?” She then turned to one of their wives and chuckled, “He will bring that vision home with him tonight. You’re welcome.”

We both took a minute and sat at the airport lounge to get a drink and talk. I was so happy to be talking to her in person. We laughed and chatted like we had known each other for years. From opposite sides of the small table, Kristie reached her hand across, held my hand and I was all too eager to accept. It reminded me of a romantic scene from a movie. She was so beautiful and even though our bursa escort conversation was light hearted, I couldn’t remove my thoughts of my desire to have sex with her as soon as possible but I had to ask, “Wearing a dress huh? I didn’t expect that.”

“Ah…Well…this is a special occasion and I wanted to show you my feminine side but…don’t get used to it,” she responded while smiling broadly.

“I’m a special occasion, am I? I’m flattered.” I responded jovially.

She stood up, “I need to pee and we will head out.”

As she walked toward the restroom, my thoughts were running wild. We had always discussed an airport scenario so I felt as mischievous as ever. Leaving my bags next to the table, I quickly began walking behind her but far enough so that she didn’t notice while removing my credit card from my purse. She entered the bathroom and then into the stall. There were two other ladies in there washing their hands.

After giving Kristie a few seconds, I used the credit card to slide into the locking mechanism and in a flash, I opened the door and stepped into the stall. A startled Kristie sitting with her dress around her waist and her panties around her calves gasped, “Damn…you scared the shit out of me. What are you doing in here?”

I giggled and spoke softly so patrons in the restroom could not hear us, “You know why I’m in here. Go ahead and do your business while I get them ready.”

She half huffed, “Well I can’t with you standing there.” Then with a quizzical look asked, “Get what ready?”

I was so wet and had already transformed into my teasing nonchalant control mode as I began to unhook my front buttoned suspenders, “You know silly. I am getting my tits ready for your mouth.” I flapped both suspenders over the back of my shoulders.

Kristie watched intently and gulped. I smiled and kept looking directly into her eyes as my shirt was pulled up and I lifted my bra. The weight of my 36C perky boobs thumped against my chest. My nipples were hard and I whispered after she began peeing into the water below, “Look how hard my nipples are. You know you want em so you are going to suck them right here…right now.”

She was stunned to the point of being horrified at my brash behavior when I peeked my head out of the stall at the few women inside the bathroom and announced, “Ladies…I’m going to be breast feeding in here so we might need a little privacy.”

One woman responded who undoubtedly thought I was referring to an infant with me, “Oh…no problem Hun. You do what you need to do.”

I suppressed a chuckle and leaned over top of Kristie. She tilted her head back and look up into my cleavage. Without using my hands, I swung them back and forth while lowering them to her face. My boobs were not huge but enough to smack her face from side to side like I was denying her the privilege. I seductively stopped moving and aimed my nipple directly into her mouth. With a seductive, “open up” I continued my descent until the tip was inside her mouth. She may not have been an infant, but she latched on like a starving one. Her cheeks were sunken and the suction was so intense, I don’t believe I could have pulled my tit off even if had I wanted to.

Leaning sideways, I was able to reach down between her legs. When my middle and ring finger entered her tepid pussy, it was so wet, it dripped. My own slit was matching her wetness inside my shorts. I thrust my digits with force and she huffed and moaned in-between nipple slurps. Her entire pussy was slippery and extremely gooey and within seconds, Kristie grabbed my ass and pulled me to her so that she could mash my entire boob into her mouth while she spasmed. Her vaginal contractions around my fingers where strong.

With a loud whisper, I encouraged her release, “Ahhh. There you go. Cum for me baby. Deepthroat my nipple. We can’t forget the other one. You need to show it some love also.”

When I pulled my hand out of her, I looked at my fingers and they were covered in thick, creamy lady cum. It was so erotic that I sucked it off like I was giving my fingers head. It tasted tangy with a hint of pee and salt which for me was delicious. At that moment, I needed to cum.

I stepped back, took my romper off and hung it up on the door’s hook. When I removed my tiny thong, I used the elastic to wrap it around my wrist like lady’s corsage. I then popped my opposite nipple into Kristie’s hungry mouth while I put my shoe covered foot up on the toilet rim between her legs. I was positioned so we could masturbate each other while she feasted on my tit.

I slid three fingers into her slimy pussy and she did the same to me. Feeling her suck my boob while fingering me was extremely pleasurable so much that I could have sworn there was an electric current from my nipple to my g-spot. We were grunting and moaning much too loudly for a public restroom but we were powerless to our lust. If someone could have seen us, they would have thought we were playing a game of Twister with me standing to Kristie’s side, bursa escort bayan with one foot up on the toilet rim between her legs, me half naked, tilted sideways and our hands in each other’s twat.

When she shifted her fingers to my clit, I did the same to her. We both jolted from the sensation. We inadvertently began massaging each other’s hooded nub in unison. When I would speed up, so would Kristie or if she applied more pressure, so would I. It was as though we were subconsciously telling the other what we wanted and it was so hot.

Looking into her eyes, I whispered louder, “Let’s cum together. I’m so close. Oh…God…I’m going to explode.”

She stopped sucking my boob and leaned back to enjoy the perfect friction. We were both close. I was trying to hold in my moan but Kristie was getting louder and louder, “Ohhh! Yes! Yes! Ohhh! Ohhh!”

Her voice was echoing throughout the bathroom. I tried to put my free hand over her mouth but she would just move her head away. We were close to the ultimate climax but I didn’t want arrested in the process so I quickly improvised. Desperately, I removed my thong panties from my wrist and shoved them into her mouth. Once my hand found her clit again, she screamed immediately though the muffled obstruction, “Mmmmmmm! Ooooooounnghhhhhh! Mmmmmmm!”

Her powerful orgasm accelerated mine and I let out an even louder screech, “Eeeeeeahhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!”

The patrons talking in the bathroom had ceased while Kristie and I succumbed to our seizure-like orgasms. Our bodies were clenched and shaking. Once we had recovered, we looked at each other and began laughing at our bold antics. She spit out my panties so I could put them back on. After we dressed, we walked out of the stall together slightly sweaty to the surprise of the women.

Taking a page out of Kristie’s book, I giggled, “Ladies, those toilets are very refreshing. The best I have ever experienced.” We casually washed our hands like nothing had happened then exited the restroom.

We rode in Kristie’s red Mustang to her home. After the hour long drive, we took my bags into her house and into her room. We walked down to the nearby local bar and ordered hot wings while enjoying a couple of drinks. She lived in a small conservative town but we didn’t allow that to slow us down with our affection. We sat next to each other on our stools and held hands much of the time while periodically leaning over for a sweet kiss not caring about the opinions of any of the customers. Less than an hour later, Kristie’s good friend Wade joined us for a nice conversation.

We were laughing and Kristie then revealed what she had planned for the week, “Tomorrow, Wade here and a bunch of my friends are coming over for big bonfire party. On Wednesday, we are going …tada…” She then pulled out two tickets to the Arcade Fire concert, “We will be heading back to Regina for this. I cannot believe they are coming here.” She continued with a smile on her face and using air quotes, “Thursday will be a chill and ‘recovery’ day before we head up north on Friday for a canoe trip.”

Wade laughed at Kristie’s sexual innuendo, “Recovery day, huh? Is that what you are calling it?”

I leaned over and stuck my tongue inside her lower lip and sensually licked back and forth before chiming in, “Yes…we will probably close the blinds and ‘recover’ all day.”

We sat and had fun throughout the night and in our drunken state, stumbled home. As we walked, I could not stop thinking about how horny I had become and wanted to have sex when we got back to her house. Online, we had shared and acted out many of our fetishes with each other and a strong one of mine was taking control. Kristie was bigger, stronger, and older than me who worked a labor intensive job and even though was quite the alpha female, often loved it when I took control. It was her way of letting go and becoming free and I was all too excited to do it.

As soon as we walked in the door, I grabbed and pressed her up against the door while we kissed and shared our alcohol tainted breath. It was steamy and I wanted to take her in every way imaginable. After breaking our kiss, I took her by the hand and tugged her with me into the bedroom. As soon as we entered, we were kissing again while trying to remove clothing. A shoe would hit the wall, a shirt would float across the room, and pants were kicked onto the floor. We basically fell into the bed with our naked bodies entangled as one. Her hard nipples poked the top of my breasts as we made out. I was so wet!

I ended up on top of her putting my thigh between her legs up against her wet labia. As I grinded my leg on it, her juices were forming a puddle on my skin. I was out of my mind with lust and dug my face into the side of her neck and continued to kiss a trail down to her chest. My long blonde hair was scattered all around her face like a mop. Just to hear her moan was the erotic validation I needed.

She had the most amazing breasts and I sucked them like she had done mine escort bursa earlier in the day. I would raise my head, take a fist full and gently squeeze before attacking the stiff nipple. She would take the back of my head and press me harder into them. With my thigh rubbing her pussy, Kristie lifted her ass off the mattress and exploded in a powerful orgasm while moaning loudly, “Mmmmmmmmm!” Her juices were flowing and I needed to eat her.

I slowly smooched my down to her pussy and buried my face into her wetness. I wanted to bathe in it and desperately licked all around while putting my nose inside the lips after I sucked them. Kristie was squirming and when my tongue began to swirl her ringed puckered asshole, she flinched. I was in heaven and could not stop devouring her gooey pussy. I loved the taste…I loved the smell …I loved the wetness and could not get enough. She pulled my hair several times as she approached another orgasm. When my lips sucked her clit, she let loose again and screamed even louder. I needed that cum in my mouth so I stayed down between her legs and licked it up for several minutes. It was delicious and I needed to fuck her.

In anticipation for my arrival, her adult toys were sitting on the table next to her bed. I finally had my chance to use her purple strapless dildo and I couldn’t wait to try it. When I inserted the thick vibrating nubs into my pussy, I quivered in ecstasy. On my knees, the rubber dick pointed upward and I felt so in control and alive as I was about to fuck my girl.

I climbed on top of her and put her legs back while instructing, “You need to put my dick in you.” Kristie was all too anxious and reached down to guide the girthy seven inch phallus into her slit. I hooked my elbows under her knees to push her legs back as I sunk every inch into her while I moaned, “Oh yes baby. You took every inch on the first try. Get ready, I’m going to pound that stretched hole. God, I have waited so long to pound my pussy. You do know it’s my pussy don’t you?”

Kristie gasped, “Yes it is! Pound it! I fucking dare you.”

My hips began to move slowly and eagerly watched it go in and out. The nubs were creating an amazing sensation on my own vaginal walls as I fucked her quicker and quicker. Pressing my weight down on her suspended bent legs, I got onto my tip toes with my legs straight in a semi-pushup position. My hips were thrusting that rubber dick in her like we both needed. My hair hung down and my breathing intensified.

Our bodies were slapping loudly as I held back nothing. My earrings were swinging and I watched her head thrash back and forth. In my controlling dirty talk, I commanded, “Take that dick you slut! Fuck yeah…you are taking every inch like the dirty slut you are! Cum all over it! I know you like having your pussy reamed so just admit it!”

With her face contorted and jaw clenched she screamed, “Yessss! Britt, fuck my slutty pussy! I love it! I love having it reamed! Make me cum you Bitch!”

I was pounding so hard, the bed shook and squeaked. When I tilted my head to the side, kissed, then licked the side of her ankle, she yelled, “Auggghhhhh…I’m cumming! Aughhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh!”

Holding her legs tight, I stopped pumping to allow her to enjoy her orgasm properly. Her body shook underneath me and I was close to my own climax. When she finished, I smacked her ass, “Flip over. I want to fuck you doggie style.”

Once she was positioned on all fours, facing the foot of the bed, I was quickly behind her about to slide my dick in her pussy when I noticed it. Smeared all over the purple dildo was her creamy, thick white cum that looked like glue. It was so incredibly sexy that I removed the strapless and licked around the base to clean it off before sucking the dildo to consume the rest of Kristie’s lady nectar.

She had just bought a beautiful large mirror at a yard sale and it was the perfect height on the dresser. I stuffed the dildo’s end back inside me before sliding the thick shaft back into her pussy. Holding her hips, I fucked her doggie style as we watched each other in the mirror. We both were breathing erratically and our tits swayed together in rhythm. The jarring was too much for me and I was the first to cum in one long grunt, “Mmmmmmmuuuohhhhhhh!”

Kristie watched my face in the mirror and blurted, “There you go! I love watching you cum! Now fuck me like you mean it and make me cum!”

Once I recovered, I began hammering her pussy like I was angry with it. The squishing and the slapping sounds filled the room until she added her own squeal! Once she orgasmed, she flopped her read down to the bed and shivered. When I pulled my cock out of her, it was covered again in her thick cream. I immediately pulled it out of me and licked it clean like I was trying to keep a melting ice-cream cone from dripping.

Our final position was me standing on the side of the bed and Kristie on her back with her ass hanging over the edge. Her legs were straight up in the air propped up on my shoulders. I was humping and pumping and every few minutes either she or I would cum in a seizure-like fashion. She was normally not a squirter but when I used my thumb to massage her clit, she began to spray my stomach with each climax. It was so hot as it dripped off of me.

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