Wet at the Top End Ch. 02



In the previous story I was trapped in the far north of Australia during the ‘Wet’, a time when it rains in monsoon proportions. After saying my farewells to the Aboriginals on Groote Eylandt, and to the lovely Polynesian girl Rebecca, I was able to make it back to Surfers Paradise in Queensland.

On my return I was advised by the Hotel Corporation they had a new job for me – Manager of a brand new high rise tourist apartment block right in the heart of Surfers Paradise.

So with my wife and two young children we moved into a three floor apartment looking out towards the sea.

The Top of the Mark was centred above a 4 storey shopping mall and car park and had 12 floors of 6 apartments on each floor. Its entry was right in the centre of Orchid Avenue, one of the main tourist centres.

On the 5th floor was about an acre or more of artificial turf. At one end a large pool and Jacuzzi was flanked by a communal B-B-Q area. Behind this were a large games room and a sauna.

5 town houses on each side completed the right angle, with the seaward side ones leading to the main apartment block. It was still in its final stages of preparation when we moved in.

Just before it opened we decided as a family to test out the sauna. As there was no one else in the place we stripped off in our unit and wandered about 150 yards over to the sauna. About 10 minutes later there was an almighty bang on the door which burst open to reveal 3 firemen. They were as astonished as we were to find other people in the building. Evidently a faulty fire alarm had gone off in the car park below, with duplicate alarms going off right through the whole tower.

It took a week to get the place cleaned up, especially the water left by the sprinkler system in the car park that was reserved for guests. There were already guests due to arrive on opening day so we had our work cut out.

In addition each apartment was privately owned by individual or corporate investors and there were about 10 units still unsold.

Realtor licences are handed out like confetti in this town, so we became real estate agents as well. And as I was to find out that not only gave us commission but other benefits as well. When a unit was bought we were commissioned by the owners to furnish it ready for occupancy.

Various agencies also vied for the rights to undertake interior decorating, fit drapes and any other accessories that might be needed, offering us as managers a percentage of the sale.

A major supplier of furnishings for apartments, such as beds, dressing tables, dining tables and chairs, crockery and cutlery etc. allowed us to build up % credits for everything that was bought. That meant we never paid for a thing for our own use like TV’s, stereos, Manchester and the like. Our back pockets were also full of spare cash as a result.

It soon became apparent to me that various female buyers also wanted personal attention of the sexual kind while being shown what we had provided in their units. To say I walked around totally knackered most of the time was an understatement.

We had been operating nicely for about 6 months when a general strike of cleaners and house maids left us in a bit of a mess. But one day a nice lady came in and asked if there was any casual work available. She was in her early 50’s, nicely dressed and spoke with a European accent.

My wife decided to hire her and between them they got an excellent team of workers together. It was approaching Xmas when Carmella, our now chief housemaid asked if we would like a night out on the next Saturday. Her husband was holding a party for some friends and had said we would be welcome as he would like to meet us.

The party house was on the elite island of Capri, right opposite the main town and part of a major canal development. We were asked to dress up (as against the usual shorts and shirt) as there would be some dignitaries there too.

At the appointed time we got into our old midnight blue Ford Falcon station wagon and motored over the bridge connecting to the island. Our directions were to drive down a private road at one end of the island and someone would meet us and park the car for us.

As we drove along and passed an assortment of flash Bentleys, Ferraris and other expensive toys, I began to get a bit apprehensive. We arrived at a pair of massive wrought iron gates and were stopped by a giant about 9 feet tall. OK, I am exaggerating a bit but he was dressed in an ill fitting suit that almost encompassed his massive body.

“Are you Mr and Mrs Higginbottom?” he asked politely. When we nodded yes he said, “If you would care to disembark here we will park the car for you. Carlos here,” pointing to what could have been his twin brother, “will escort you to the front entrance.”

So we got out and followed Carlos through the gates to an enormous Spanish type villa of about 5 square miles. Sorry for the exaggeration again, but this place was massive compared to onwingiris.biz other mansions owned by the rich in this playground of Queensland.

As we reached the door Carmella appeared. Some house maid – she was wearing a dress that must have come from a major fashion house and enough jewels to sink a battleship.

She took my wife’s arm and said “Do you mind if I use your first names for introductions?” She always called us Mr or Mrs at the hotel. My wife Helen said “Carmella, this is your house and we would love you to use our first names.”

Carmella smiled and said “OK Helen you come with me. Carlos will take Jimmy to meet my husband and some of his friends. He will be away for quite a while – this is almost two parties in one; one part for the males ,and the other for us women.”

Carlos motioned for me to follow him along the patio to another wing of this palace, through a door into a long corridor and up to a pair of massive oak doors. By this time I was giving the rear of my underpants a hard time and my sphincter muscle was working overtime. I don’t scare easily at any time but it was not the heat that was causing me to sweat.

Carlos knocked and there was an exchange of words from inside in a foreign language and the doors swung open. The room was huge and in the centre rear a large Victorian style desk. Behind it sat a fairly elderly man with greying hair, not only on his head but on the back of his great big crab hands.

“Jeeemy.” he said with what I assumed was an Italian accent. “Welcome. I am Luigi, Carmella’s husband. Please sit in this nice guest chair. What would you like to drink?”

“Rum and coke thanks.” I squeaked. He nodded to another big goon type over by the bar and the drink was in my hands in seconds. Then he dismissed the ‘staff’ with a wave of his hand.

“I want to thank you and your wife for looking after my wife so well. She has never been happier and that makes me happier too.”

With that he handed over a large envelope. “Go ahead – open it, Xmas is a bit early this year.” I opened it a fraction to uncover a wad of $100 notes.

As I started to protest that it was entirely unnecessary he put up his hands and said “As you might guess I am very rich and that is because I am the head of the Costa Nostra here. You know what that is?”

I gulped ” Is that what we know as the Mafia?”

“Si, we are not gangsters as portrayed by the news media. In this tourist centre we control and prevent mob and gang violence. As you know anyone can walk these streets at any hour without fear. We also carry out legitimate business. In the main hall later on I will introduce you to the Mayor, the Commissioner of Police and others who benefit from our community protection. How does that fit with your previous perception of us?”

My answer came from somewhere else “Well Sir, if your wife is anything to go by you must be very nice people.”

He laughed. “That is why my friend there is $5,000 in that envelope. The way you treat my wife must be rewarded – you pay her well, you are kind to her and you treat her like family; you are also very nice people.”

I was still shaking my head with amazement when he said, “I have one more personal gift for you. Not long ago you helped a young lady up North when she was in trouble. We sponsor and pay her costs and she told us not only what you had done for her, but she also wanted to see you again.”

Now I was stunned. The reach of these people was almost beyond belief and I had not thought for one minute how the work of Rebecca was funded.

Then it hit me: “Is she here now?”

“Yes my friend, very close and you can spend as much time as you need with her.”

“Luigi this is a bit awkward, my wife is here and if she finds out I’m a goner.”

He laughed out loud. “There is no worry. Carmella will keep Helen circulating through many interesting guests for many hours. My wife is also a very understanding woman. Now go enjoy yourself you lucky man.”

And with that he pressed a button on the desk and Carlos entered with a smile on his face. “Take care of Jeeemy.” said my host and I got up and followed Carlos.

We walked only a short distance back along the hallway then turned into an alcove with a door.

Carlos said “Just knock.” Then he was gone.

I walked to the door and knocked softly. The door opened a fraction and then was thrown open.

Standing in a see through negligee was Rebecca. Then she was in my arms, kissing me furiously all over my face, lips and neck.

“Oh Jimmy it is so wonderful to see you again. You look very heated so I think you need another swim – just like last time.”

We backed into the room locked in our embrace and once again the opulence of this place was in stark contrast to our last shared ‘bed’ in a pool. Rebecca broke away from me and went into the en-suite bathroom where she turned on a shower.

“Come on lover, let’s get you out of your nice clothes so they are fit to wear again later.”

She unbuttoned my shirt while I wrestled with the belt buckle and zip of my trousers. I kicked off my shoes as she started to pull my trousers down. Within seconds I was standing in my underwear and socks.

“Come on slowpoke,” she said with a laugh. “I need you in that shower fast. I have been waiting for this moment for a long time.”

We managed to get my socks and underwear off somehow without my falling flat on my face, and already I was starting to rise to the occasion. Her young, fully developed body, plus the memory of our earlier encounters soon had me in the right frame of mind as she dropped the negligee and we stepped into the shower together. It was big enough for at least three people.

The water temperature was perfect; warm enough but not hot. Rebecca soaped a large soft sponge and began to wash my back and neck. Then she soaped me down across my buttocks, down each leg to my feet.

I couldn’t see her but the soft touch of the sponge and the soft caress of her hand every now and then had me aching to take her.

She turned me around and we shared a long soft tongue exploring kiss. My hands were glued to her breasts and I leant down to taste and suck on her nipples.

She hadn’t been standing under the shower so it was fascinating to watch as moisture trickled down each leg. She was already flowing with love juices from her pussy and I started to ooze fluid as she took the sponge and washed between my legs.

It had been a long 6 or 7 months and I was finding it hard to stay in control. I had thought about her so often over the past months, and now this.

In the end it got too much for me so I knelt down and started to lick the inside of each leg. She almost went ballistic the moment my tongue touched her skin but I said “Not yet sweetheart, let me build you to a massive climax.”

She leant backwards so that her mound was easier to get to. I took the hint and brought my tongue up to her sweet female entrance. She tasted like cinnamon with a musky after taste that set my tongue on fire.

I licked her pussy lips that were so wet they were already opened up and then drove my tongue in as far as it would reach.

She moaned and grabbed my hair, trying to get my face deep inside her. When my tongue curled around her clit she started to buck so I stopped.

“Oh no my love,” she moaned,” don’t stop, I want more. It feels so wonderful please keep going.”

“My dearest Rebecca, I haven’t even started to do all the things our bodies are crying out for. Trust me darling, I want you to experience the true meaning of being a sexual woman.”

With that I turned her around and began to lick her anus, drifting down every so often to her pussy. She was panting and scratching at the shower wall as each new feeling caught her unaware and increased the mounting desire in her body.

“Jimmy fuck me now – I need to feel you inside me now, I am about to explode.” She pleaded frantically.

So I pushed my hard cock deep into her vagina, then pulled it out again. She bucked her hips so again I slowly fed it into her, inch by inch. She was almost buckling at the knees.

Then I put one hand to her breast and the other on her clit and began to ram into her very hard. Within seconds my cock was flooded with her hot come and I exploded into her. I kept up a steady stroke as her vaginal walls trembled and squeezed the spunk from me.

It was a joining of two bodies that had been living on memories for some time. It was short, frantic and very satisfying but there was still a need to explore what our bodies could achieve with each other.

We rinsed ourselves off, dried each other tenderly with large towels then walked hand in hand into the main room. Sitting on a table was a large covered platter and I realised that I hadn’t eaten for hours.

Rebecca pointed me to a chair and pulled another one right next to me.

We uncovered the platter to discover a range of succulent seafood and for the first 10 minutes there was no need for a word as we feasted.

I was still chewing on a crab leg when her hand glided into my lap and took my soft manhood into her fingers. As we sipped on our wine she began to raise the almost dead.

I looked around to see where we could continue our love making but couldn’t see a bed or sofa anywhere.

Rebecca said “If you are ready for dessert, follow me.” We stood up and I followed her towards what I had thought was a full length window curtain. When she pulled it aside it revealed a queen size bed with a couch and chairs around it.

She walked over to the bed, bent over to pull back the covers and I slid up behind her. My manhood slid between her butt cheeks as my hand felt for her nipple. She bent down further and offered me the full view of her pussy framed in a heart shaped set of cheeks. Her pussy was glistening with love juices and without thinking I just slid myself into her.

Despite our earlier efforts I could only marvel at the feel of her soft vagina adjusting itself around my hard and throbbing cock. It was heaven and I just wanted to stay there forever.

Her hand came around to feel my balls and slide up to the base of my cock. It would have been so easy to just pump her until I came but I sensed she wanted something more.

“Rebecca, will you allow me to give you something that you will always remember?”

“Oh Jimmy,” she replied, “you have already given me so much I have never experienced before and my knowledge of sex was very limited before we met.” “Whatever else you can teach me, will be a bonus. And my first love, this will probably be the last chance I will ever have to be taught by someone so tender and loving.”

“I’m not sure what you mean,” I said. “While I am somewhat restricted by my new job for free time, I am sure we can arrange to meet somewhere. It may not be the best arrangement for either of us but it will be the only way I will be able to appease my desire for you.”

“Unfortunately, as much as I would be happy to make love to you whenever we could meet, it won’t be possible.” she replied with a sad catch in her voice.

“Tomorrow I am being relocated to a small group of islands in mid Pacific to continue my work.” And then she began to cry.

“Oh bugger.” was all I could say as I turned her around and took her into my arms as she started to really sob her heart out. I held her tenderly for a long time and my heart was breaking again. My rampant cock was bowing its head in sympathy and I wondered how we could get back to where we were only minutes before.

I lowered Rebecca onto her back on the bed and stooped over her so that I could kiss her face, her eyes and those wonderful soft lips. She put her hands up behind my neck and pulled me down to her breasts. Those wonderful proud mounds still had hard nipples so I took each one in turn into my mouth and gently rolled them with my tongue. She stopped sobbing and pulled my face deep into the valley between those female symbols.

Wondering where to take the situation from here, she solved the problem for me by moving both hands down to my crotch.

“This is such a magic thing.” she sighed. “I wish I could take it with me when I leave.”

“Dearest heart, the best I can do for you is to fill your heart and head with its memory. At your age you have a life time to experience other men and in time, find the one man who will be your love and father of your children for the rest of your life. My privilege is to be your first love, and that is something we never forget.” I said with much tenderness.

“I could never forget you but we have only now. Is there more I need to remember?” she asked.

“Let me show you what little I know.” I joked.

Lifting myself off her body I knelt on the floor between her legs. My tongue softly stroked her moist love cave. Every now and then it moved down to her anus, up to her clit and also darted in and out at an increasing pace.

Her hands were on the back of my head as she lifted her hips to get my face smothered in her pussy. I kept up the pace until finally she began to feel the climax rising, then using one finger I traced it between her pussy and anus, finally pushing it into her relaxed sphincter.

She moaned and began to writhe on the bed as her body responded to this new feeling.

All of a sudden she screamed and began to buck her hips wildly as her orgasm hit.

“Oh Jimmy, don’t st – o – p .” she squealed. And then the rhythm of her orgasm took over as successive waves hit. My other finger went into her vagina and found her G-spot. This sent her into more waves of passion. She was sweating and rivulets ran down between her breasts and across her stomach to mix with the flood of juices from her pussy.

I could only marvel at the intensity of her climax compared to that of my own. She shuddered in slowly diminishing intensity as her climax subsided. But my need to join her in a climax caused me to rise up and position my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I pushed it in as far as I could but the angle wasn’t right for me to go very deep, I began to fuck her with a steady stroke.

However my mind was on another goal so I pulled out and turned her over.

She was now lying with her torso on the bed and her knees on the floor. I spread her legs and entered her from behind. This allowed me to reach right up to her cervix. This added pressure inside her began to rekindle the remnants of her previous climax.

At the same time my finger was working into her anus with more intensity and depth. Her buttocks were rising in time with my fingering so I inserted a second finger. The sphincter muscle relaxed and her anus opened up wide.

“Rebecca – this is for me as much as for you.” I grunted as I took my cock out of her pussy and guided it to her anus. Slowly I pushed until the head was just inside and allowed her time to become used to this stretching. After a few seconds her body relaxed enough for me to push more flesh into her.

She winced a little as the width and length slowly glided in to full depth.

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