The Generation Game Ch. 03

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“She was fucking amazing,” Dan was saying. “I wanted to find a way to thank you properly for sharing her with me, so here it is. You’re going to the conference in Edinburgh next month and staying in the exec suite; and -” here he paused significantly and gave an exaggerated, Sid James wink “- you can take a guest.”

Graham grinned widely and high-fived his boss. Everyone wanted Edinburgh. The hotel was incredible – and it was three days off work. Tabi had earned him this reward by fucking his boss and transparently loving it, and he couldn’t wait to share it with her. He sent her a text: “Block out the week of the 9th in your diary. We’re going to Edinburgh.”

. . .

Tabi was beside herself with excitement. At eighteen years old, this was a week of firsts for her. She had never been to Scotland; she had never been away with Graham, or, indeed, stayed in a hotel with a man; she had never shared a bed with him for more than a night at a time; she had never, she thought wryly, told her mother quite so many lies. Now, here she was in a first class train compartment at Graham’s firm’s expense. She had packed and dressed carefully for the five-day break (he had laughed at the size of her bag, asking why she thought she was going to need any clothes) and today she was wearing nothing but a short, cream bodycon dress, made from some textured fabric, and high-heeled tan gladiator sandals that buckled up around her firm, tanned calves to her knees.

Graham watched her, amused. They hadn’t even crossed the border and already her pupils were hugely dilated and she was quivering with suppressed sexual excitement. The fabric of the dress continually grazed her bra-less nipples so they stood to attention, and the vibration of the train stimulated her clit and kept her in a perpetual state of arousal. She thought she could smell her leaking pussy and that everyone else in the compartment must be able to as well. Rarely at a loss for words, Tabi was silent. Graham, who had had his secretary just before leaving the office and therefore had no urgent need for relief, was nevertheless sorely tempted to fuck her in the toilet; but decided it would be more fun to make her wait but keep her on the edge. He amused himself by inching his fingers up her inner thigh under her skirt but just stopping short of her pussy-lips, feeling the goosebumps rising on her soft flesh and the burning heat radiating from her needy cunt.

By the time, hours later, they reached Waverley Station, she was fairly climbing the walls. He found a cab and, in the guise of guiding her into the back seat, cupped her arse cheek in his palm. Once inside, he finally fingered her hot, wet pussy while simultaneously making conversation with the Asian cabbie. Tabi, gripped by pent-up lust, squirmed helplessly, her tight passage gripping his probing fingers as she reached a shuddering, screaming orgasm, watched in the rear-view mirror by the impressed driver. At the hotel, Graham thrust a large banknote into his hand and took the cabbie’s business card, then unzipped Tabi’s dress, pushing it off her shoulders to free her breasts which bounced into view, taut and springy with hard, swollen peaks, and invited him to take his tip. The cabbie’s big hands kneaded and squeezed her tender, sensitive titflesh as she leaned through his window, Graham’s hard-on pressing into her backside and preventing her from backing away. The man sucked on her tits one at a time and then bit down so hard that she squealed and would have pushed him away had Graham not caught her forearms and pulled them behind her, thrusting her nipple deeper into the stranger’s mouth. She howled, juices gushing down her inner thighs as his teeth bruised her.

Graham refastened her dress before they went into the hotel lobby, but her erect nipples still strained against the cream fabric, so wet with the cabbie’s saliva that the material grew transparent where it touched them. As they checked in, the male receptionist’s eyes were glued to Tabi’s chest and he wrestled with the tongue-twisting challenge of welcoming Mr Swann and Miss Nichols without an unfortunate Freudian slip. Graham declined the offer of help with their bags and in the lift, as he kissed her, peeled off Tabi’s dress so she walked down the hall to their suite naked except for her sandals. Her inner thighs, he saw, were slick and glistening and her swollen labia were pinkly visible beneath her waxed mound.

Inside the room, he dropped his trousers and positioned her on all fours on the huge bed, slamming into her sopping twat from behind.

. . .

An hour later, Tabi was soaking in the huge bath tub, sipping from a large champagne flute as Graham Skyped Dan. He wandered in to the bathroom, wearing a hotel bathrobe, and perched on the lid of the toilet.

“Say hi to Dan,” he said.

Tabi smiled at Graham’s boss’s face on the iPad screen, pushing wet strands of hair away from her face.

“Hey sweetheart,” said Dan. “Are you enjoying yourself so far?”

“Yes, thank sariyer escort you,” replied Tabi, the champagne warming her from the inside heightening the flush from the hot water. “It’s awesome.” She stretched luxuriously, setting her glass down, and the movement lifted the tips of her breasts above the surface of the bathwater, streams of water cascading down their smooth slopes, marred slightly by tooth marks. Dan groaned in arousal.

“I wish I could fuck you right now,” he said, bluntly. “Will you masturbate for me?”

Tabi grinned and her torso sank beneath the water again as her knees bent and she planted the soles of her feet on the rim of the tub, her thighs spread wide. She sucked the fingers of her right hand and used her index and little fingers to spread her outer labia wide, displaying the gleaming pink flesh of her pussy. With her middle finger she caressed her wet inner labia and traced circles around her clitoris. Her head fell back, her long hair floating around her face, her eyes closing and her lips parting. Her pink tongue flickered between her small white teeth to moisten her dry lips and she moaned, enjoying her own exhibitionism.

Dan and Graham both gripped their cocks in furiously-moving fists as they watched her get herself off.

“Cum for me, baby,” Dan begged.

She panted and gasped as her middle finger worked at her nub then slipped inside her pussy, pumping in and out before emerging glistening with thick juice. She added a second finger and both men groaned at the wet, sucking sounds her cunt made as her fingers sawed in and out of her. Her left hand kneaded her breast and tweaked the engorged nipple as her right worked between her legs, then trailed up her body, smearing lubricating juices in its wake, to her mouth and disappeared inside.

Watching her sucking her fingers clean of her own secretions as she met his eyes on the screen was too much for Dan, who came explosively into his own hand, and for Graham, who said abruptly, “Sorry, mate, got to go,” before terminating the call and lifting Tabi, dripping and shuddering as her climax built, from the tub and carrying her through to the bed, where he dropped her onto a huge, fluffy towel.

“Hadn’t you better call your boyfriend?” he asked her, passing her her phone and shucking off his robe.

Tabi obediently selected Jack’s number from her contacts list and set the phone to hands-free. As Graham crawled between her legs and forced them wide he heard his son’s voice say, “Hi, Tab. Miss you, babe.”

“Hi,” Tabi replied, her breath catching as Graham blew gently on her swollen pussy-lips and then forced the tip of his tongue between them.

Jack was still talking, but his words were a meaningless babble. Finally, his focus shifted from himself to her and she realised an answer was called for: “What’ve you been up to?”

“Oh, just sight-seeing with Mum,” Tabi lied, fighting to keep her tone even as the flat of Graham’s expert tongue pressed on her clitoris. “It feels incredible …. to be here.”

The tip of Graham’s tongue teased at her most sensitive area as Jack asked her more questions that she struggled to muster a coherent response to, and slid along her intimate folds. He sucked gently on her labia and then on her clit, circling and flicking it with his tongue. Then he sucked his index and middle fingers and eased them into her swollen cunt before renewing his oral assault on her nub.

“I have to cum now,” she gasped, “I mean go. Go to dinner,” and groping blindly just managed to locate the ‘end’ button before her orgasm overwhelmed her and she screamed and thrashed, Graham’s laughing face clamped between her spasming thighs as her pelvis bucked.

“I’m glad you found that so amusing,” Tabi said, some minutes later, when the tremors that had gripped her had eventually subsided and her breathing had returned to normal. She reached for his phone. “I think it’s time you spoke to your wife.”

She planted her palm on his breastbone and pushed him back on the pillows while dialling Claire’s number, then balanced the phone on the springy black hair of his belly. When Claire’s voice said, “Hi, darling. Good journey?” she was already tracing the seam on the underside of his cock with her wet tongue and cupping his balls in her hand.

He fought for composure, describing the hotel for his wife – he had taken the risk of asking her if she wanted to come with him, knowing she would refuse to leave the twins alone – as Tabi’s tongue described circles around his engorged shaft. She sucked on his cockhead, looking up at him through her lashes, and then slid her lips down to take his entire length into her hot mouth. She drew back again, making loud slurping noises that Graham both feared and hoped Claire could hear in their kitchen back home. Tabi moved lower, sucking his sac into her mouth, rolling his balls around and caressing and separating them with her tongue. He gasped and panted. She bathed his perineum in spit, pushing his eskort legs apart and lifting his hips to rim his arsehole. Since Rachel had always found it entertaining to go down on him while he spoke on the phone to clients, he was practised at keeping his voice steady while a woman blew him, but there was a special frisson in talking to his wife with his cock in his son’s eighteen year old girlfriend’s mouth. Tabi’s tongue retraced its route and soon he was inside her again, the tip of his cock pushing at the back of her throat as she gurgled.

“It sounds brilliant,” Claire was saying. “I wish I was there with you. I love you.” And Graham felt the spunk boiling in his balls, cupped in Tabi’s hand, grabbed handfuls of her damp hair and released his load into her with a strangled cry.

“What was that?” asked his wife, confused.

“I love you,” he replied, looking down at Tabitha.

Slowly, Tabi crawled up his body, straddling him, and opened her mouth. Inside was a viscous, cloudy pool of semen. She looked him right in the eye, holding his gaze as she swallowed twice and ran her tongue over her teeth. Then she opened her lips wide again and stuck out her pointed, pink tongue. Her mouth, now, was quite empty. Graham groaned.

“Is everything OK?” Claire’s voice crackled, concerned.

“Erm, I’m not sure,” Graham stammered. “I can’t find my wallet. I think I might have left it in the bar. I’d better check right now. ‘Bye, love.” And he rolled Tabi onto her back, climbing on top of her and seizing her lower lip between his teeth.

He kissed her long and hard. She had gulped down every drop of his cum and tasted only of her. He reached for his glass from earlier and took a mouthful of champagne, kissing her again and squirting it between her lips. She swallowed and coughed, laughing. He tipped his glass, trickling the contents over her breasts and into her belly button, lowering his mouth to suck it from her hard nipples and navel. It was still cold and she wriggled and squirmed, so he had to chase the trails of liquid as they ran in irregular paths down the contours of her body. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and kissed him back, long, hard and passionate until, breathless, he was forced to break the kiss or suffocate. His cock was already rock hard again at the thought of continually fucking her tight, young body all day and night – barring breaks for sleep, food and total exhaustion, and an occasional appearance at the conference for form’s sake – for another four days.

Graham rolled her over onto her belly, pulling the wet towel from beneath her, and pulled her arse cheeks apart, tipping more champagne into her arsehole and then licking the length of her crack before stabbing at her anus with his tongue. She sighed happily and lifted her hips, trying to suck his tongue inside. He squeezed her cheeks firmly and moved between her legs. Gently, he eased two fingers inside her and swirled them around, stretching her arsehole before spitting inside. She rose onto her knees, her face pressed into the pillow as his fat dick pushed at her back entrance. Her sphincter resisted him and she pushed back to admit him. His cockhead popped through the ring of muscle and he sank inside, deeper and deeper, until his balls slapped against her pussy.

“Oooooohhhhhhh,” Tabi crooned, breathlessly. “Your cock feels so fucking good in my arse.”

He began to rock into her rhythmically, slowly pulling out of her until only his cockhead remained inside her rectum, then sliding slowly back inside until he was buried inside her. Her stretched anus seemed to clutch at his flesh, reluctant to let go. She was becoming more vocal, begging him not to stop, to fuck her deeper and harder. She lifted her head from the pillow, craning her neck so she could look at him, her eyes round and her pupils huge and black. He dug his fingers into her hips as he rammed into her over and over.

“Oh God!” Tabi howled, incoherent now. “Oh God! Don’t stop!”

He reached around her with his right hand and groped for her clit. There it was, swollen and hot. He rubbed it, gentle but firm, and she put her hand over his. “Yes!” she cried. “Oh yes, I’m cumming!” and he came with her, thick ropes of hot semen spurting into her depths.

Her thighs were shaking, unable to hold her weight, and she collapsed beneath him. He lay on top of her, spent and shattered, his cock shrivelling inside her. He smoothed her wet hair from the back of her neck and kissed her there, feeling the soft down against his lips. Rolling off her, he closed his eyes and felt sleep tugging at him.

. . .

He felt he had barely drifted off to sleep when he felt her fingers tugging gently at his chest hair and her tongue laving his nipples. “Gray,” she whispered. “Will you fuck me?”

He opened one eye and looked at her in disbelief.

“Seriously, Tabi? You came in the cab, then I fucked you when we reached the room. You came after masturbating for Dan and when I went down on you beyoglu escort as you spoke to Jack. And then again when I fucked your arse. I’m forty-five, sweetheart. I haven’t the energy to go again.”

She pouted and bit her thumbnail and he sighed, “You know that saying about the spirit being willing but the flesh weak?”

She kissed his mouth, his chin, his throat and further down his body, sucking his limp penis into her mouth. It twitched slightly but couldn’t rise.

He propped himself up in his elbows and asked, “You really want to fuck again right now?”

“Right now,” she agreed.

He lifted the receiver of the phone next to the bed.

“Hello? Reception? It’s Mr Swann in the Stewart Suite. Was it you who checked my girlfriend and me in earlier? …. Yes, you couldn’t stop staring at her tits …. No, don’t apologise. I wondered if you would like to have another look at them? …. Can you excuse yourself and come up here now? …. Great. See you shortly.”

Tabi stared.

“What are you waiting for?” Graham asked, innocently. “Give your hair a brush, put a robe on. He’s on his way up.”

She leapt off the bed and ran to the bathroom, frantically repairing her tousled appearance. When, scant minutes later, a knock came at the door, Graham motioned her to open it.

The receptionist was tall and well-built, with dark brown skin. Tabi smiled up at him nervously.

“Miss Nichols,” he said, formally.

“Tabi,” she corrected, closing the door behind him and leaning on it.

He smiled. “Hi, Tabi.”

She dropped the robe. He glanced over at Graham who nodded, and he was on her.

His hands squeezed and kneaded her tits, pressing them together as he lowered his head to take both her nipples in his hungry mouth. He sucked, bit and chewed at them then released them to gaze in frank admiration. “So beautiful,” he said.

She took him by the hand and led him to the bed. Graham sat on a couch, legs crossed casually. She sat, naked, on the edge of the bed and unbuckled the receptionist’s trousers. She realised that she didn’t know his name, and had no particular desire to know it.

When his erection sprang free, she gasped. It was both longer and thicker than Graham’s and the veins on the surface stood out like thick rope. She drew her tongue tentatively along its length and he groaned, burying his hands in her long, blonde hair. She sucked it into her mouth, running her tongue around the rim of his cockhead and dipping the tip into his pisshole. Already his girth was stretching her lips. She began to suck more of his length into her mouth, one hand cupping his fat testicles, the other encircling the thick root of his cock. She pressed the flat of her tongue against the underside and inched closer to his belly. When she could take no more, barely half of him was inside. He held her firmly by her hair, tipped her head back and began to force the tip down her throat. She gagged and choked, tears coursing down her cheeks, saliva escaping from the corners of her mouth. Relentlessly, he pushed and Graham watched, transfixed, as his entire length gradually disappeared inside Tabi.

Once he was fully engulfed he relaxed his hold on her head and began to throat-fuck her, pulling out and then ramming into her again, slowly to begin with then increasing the pace. Graham wondered if he would cum in her throat, denying her the orgasm she craved, but at length he withdrew from her completely, only strands of saliva and pre-cum still connecting them. She looked up at him through streaming eyes, coughing and drooling a little.

Hurriedly, he undressed and lay back in the bed, pulling her on top of him. Tabi grabbed his shaft and guided his helmet between her labia. She mewled as she sank down, impaling herself on him. Watching his dark cock disappear inside his girlfriend’s pink, slippery flesh, Graham’s own dick stiffened in response, rearing up from his crotch towards his belly button. She was whimpering as his cockhead bumped at her cervix, rotating her hips to find the most comfortable angle to accommodate his length.

Graham joined them on the bed, pulling Tabi off the receptionist. She knelt between them and the men exchanged glances before, by tacit assent, each taking one of her nipples in their mouth. Tabi gasped, “Oh my God,” and put a hand on each head, holding their faces to her heaving breasts. In unison, they exerted suction on her tits and her head fell back as she felt the sensation tugging at her clit. Her back arched in ecstasy. When they broke the suction and her nipples popped from their mouths she groaned in disappointment.

Graham lay back and pulled her astride him, thrusting his cock up into her cunt in one motion. She rode him smoothly, their bodies fitting comfortably together. The receptionist stood, awkwardly, looking around for his clothes.

Tabi looked around. “Don’t go,” she said. “Please. Will you fuck my arse?”

Startled, he hesitated until Graham deftly tossed him a tube of lubricant. He caught it and began to laugh.

“Please,” Tabi repeated.

He shrugged and knelt back on the bed, smoothing lube onto his dick and Tabi’s anus. He squatted astride her and fed his cock into her elastic arsehole.

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