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Ass Slut: A Mom Becomes Submissive

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Summary: MILF is seduced and dommed by son’s girlfriend and….

Note 1: This is a 2016 April Fool’s Day Contest Story.

Note 2: Thanks for the original idea from Wes.

Note 3: Thanks to Robert, goamz86, and Wayne for editing this story.

Ass Slut: A Mom Becomes Submissive

It had been a long day.

A long frustrating day.

I showed houses all day and didn’t even get a bite of a sale.

My feet were sore and I was cranky as I got home.

I was walking up the stairs to my bedroom to get out of my business wear and stockings when I heard sounds that were undeniably the sounds of sex… coming from my son’s room.

As I got closer to the door, I heard Nancy, my son’s girlfriend, demand, “That’s it baby, ream my asshole.”

I froze.

Nancy took it in the ass?

My son fucked Nancy’s ass?

They were both eighteen and I had no delusions that they were still virgins, but this was shocking to hear.

Yet, I was curious… it had been a long time since I got fucked.

And although I should have turned back around and gone downstairs, or made enough of a racket for them to have heard me, I instead quietly walked to the door, which was slightly ajar and peeked inside.

I stared like a deer in headlights as my son was fucking his girlfriend Nancy, doggie style, apparently, in the ass.

“You love fucking Mommy’s asshole, don’t you, baby?” Nancy asked.

I gasped at the nasty talk and the stunning reality the pretty eighteen year old was pretending to be his mother… pretending to be me.

My son grunted, “Yes, I love that tight asshole of yours, my Mommy-slut.”

My pussy betrayed me, making my panties damp, and before I even knew I was doing it, I had lifted up my dress, and put my fingers inside my panties, thankful I always wore thigh high stockings.

I noticed that Nancy was wearing thigh high stockings too, which was a pretty big coincidence considering so few young girls today wore any type of nylons.

“Harder, baby, really ream Mommy’s shit hole,” Nancy demanded.

Forgetting briefly he was my son, I wished I had a better angle so I could see his cock.

Nancy turned back to look at my son and definitely saw me.

I froze, my hand in my panties.

Nancy moaned, even as she looked past my son and directly at me, “Oh yes, you mother fucker, pound Mommy’s asshole with that big fat dick.”

I should have left, yet it was like my legs were stuck in cement. And before I knew it, I had resumed rubbing myself as I watched my son sodomize his girlfriend, who was pretending to be me… and imagining it was me.

Nancy smiled at me as she asked, “Do you love fucking Mommy, baby?”

My son answered with a grunt, “Fuck, yes. I love your tight ass, Mommy-slut.”

Nancy moaned, “And Mommy loves your big dick in her shit hole. Mommy wishes you would fuck her every fucking day.”

I couldn’t believe their conversation. I couldn’t believe how hot it was making me. I couldn’t believe Nancy was having this conversation while staring at me.

I kept watching, I kept listening, and I kept touching myself as my son fucked Nancy while she pretended to be me.

Nancy moaned, a big smile on her face, “Do you want to cum all over your Mommy’s face, baby?”

“God, yes,” he grunted. “Get on your knees and prepare to get my full load all over your pretty face, my Mommy-slut.”

Nancy got off the bed and onto her knees at an angle I could see (clearly on purpose for my benefit), but Wes, my son, couldn’t see me.

Wes got off the bed and began pumping his cock… his long, thick, juicy cock.

I stared at it with lust. It had been a while since I got laid and a lot longer since I got fucked by a cock that big and forever since I had a real dick in my ass (toys aside). And as I stared at it, I completely forgot he was my son, I just saw him as a guy with a big cock.

“Come all over Mommy’s face,” Nancy said, her mouth wide open as she glanced back at me.

“You want my cum, Mommy-slut?” Wes questioned, as he furiously beat his meat.

“Yes, baby, paint Mommy’s face with your cum,” Nancy purred.

I was so intoxicated with the scene I was witnessing, the nasty incest talk, and the size of my son’s cock, I frantically rubbed myself as my orgasm built quickly.

Suddenly, simultaneously, as my son’s cum rocketed out of his cock and onto Nancy’s face as he grunted, “Take all my cum, Mommy-slut,” I came too.

My legs buckled as my orgasm seemed to usurp all the energy in my body. My head went light as the most intense orgasm in memory coursed through me.

Terrified of getting caught by my son, I quietly backed away from the door and weakly snuck out of the house.

Once in my car, I just sat there, my body feeling completely spent as I tried to recover from my orgasm and the reality of what I just witnessed.

Why did that turn me on so much?

Did my son really want to fuck me?

Why did Nancy get Casibom even nastier when she saw me watching?

Why was my pussy still tingling as I recalled what I had witnessed?

These and many other questions bounced around my head as I waited fifteen minutes, enough time for my body to calm down, the orgasm refusing to completely leave me, and hopefully for them to be done.

When I went back into my house, I saw they were watching television.

I greeted, a little nervous that Nancy might have told my son I watched them fuck, “Good afternoon, Wes, Nancy.”

“Hi, Mom,” Wes greeted looking up, with no hint of anything out of the ordinary.

“Hi, Mrs. Golden,” Nancy greeted with a smile that spoke volumes.

“Are you staying for dinner, Nancy?” I asked, as she often did.

“Yes, Mrs. Golden,” she nodded, before adding, “if that is all right.”

“Of course,” I nodded. “The more the merrier.” I then realized the sexual implications of my words.

Nancy nodded, “I couldn’t agree more.”

“Great,” I nodded, as I went to the kitchen to begin dinner, my head still spinning with the consequences of every word.

I was cutting lettuce, a couple of minutes later, when Nancy walked into the kitchen.

I froze, completely nervous.

She went to the fridge and I resumed making the salad, praying she wasn’t going to mention anything.

Suddenly, I felt a hand reach around me, under my dress and directly to my pussy.

I gasped in shock as she whispered, “Your panties are still very wet.”

“Nancy!” I protested, even though I didn’t actually attempt to physically stop this sudden molestation.

“Don’t move,” she ordered, as she rubbed my swollen clit over my panties.

This was even more shocking than what I had witnessed, and yet had me equally aroused.

“Did you enjoy the show?” Nancy questioned.

My head was swarming with confusion as I stammered, “I-I-I don’t know.”

“Your cunt says you did,” she countered.

“Nancy, please,” I whimpered, worried my son would walk in and catch us.

“Please let you eat my cunt?” She questioned, but before I could answer she asked, “So are you wet because you want to munch my cunt, suck your son’s big dick or take it up that sweet ass of yours?”

I didn’t answer for a couple of reasons. One, I didn’t have an answer, although until she mentioned it I hadn’t considered eating her pussy, something I hadn’t done since my wild college days. Two, her fingers were making it hard to think straight.

“I mean, your son has a great cock and really knows how to use it,” Nancy continued, as she rubbed my pussy.

I involuntarily moaned at her description as well as her fingers.

“And God, I didn’t know I was an ass slut, but your son ordered me to give it up to him and, well, once he plowed my shit hole I was addicted,” she explained, continuing to tease my pussy.

“Oh God,” I moaned, my second orgasm in half an hour rising quickly.

“Do you take it in the ass, Mrs. Golden?” She questioned.

I didn’t answer as I enjoyed the pleasure she was giving me.

“Answer me, slut,” she ordered.

I stammered, shocked at being called a slut by my son’s girlfriend, as she tapped my clit roughly, “I-I-I used to.”

“I bet you’d bend over and take your son’s cock up your asshole right now if he walked in here,” Nancy nastily said.

“Ohhhh,” I moaned, the idea that was so wrong suddenly seeming so right.

Suddenly, she spun me around, pushed me to the floor and lifted up her skirt.

“Eat,” was all she said.

As I stared at her completely shaved, slightly glistening pussy, I was completely at her whim. I hesitated for only a couple of seconds before I leaned forward and licked my son’s girlfriend’s pussy.

Shame and hunger collided inside me. Shame at eating my son’s girlfriend’s pussy, especially in the kitchen while my son was in the next room; yet hunger at the lust that overwhelmed me and the need to obey that consumed and took control… overriding common sense, decency and moral righteousness.

And once her unique pussy taste hit my taste buds I was back to being in college and munching away at my roommate’s pussy.

I had forgotten how distinct an exotic pussy tasted.

She moaned, “This is not your first time.”

I didn’t answer as I kept licking, forgetting I was a mother, that my son was in the other room and that she was my son’s girlfriend.

Suddenly she pushed me away and smiled, “That’s just a sample, Mrs. Golden.”

I was surprised at being pushed away and even more surprised by my disappointment.

I wanted to bury my face back in that pussy.

She looked down at me and smiled, as if seeing my hunger, “Don’t worry, Mrs. Golden. I’m not cinchy with my pussy, but I also want you to earn it.”

I was bewildered. Was she really going to not let me finish what I started?

She added, “Do you like the thigh highs? They’re yours. Your son has a stocking fetish because of you.”

Before I could say anything, although I’m not sure Casibom Giriş what I would have said, she walked away leaving me alone on my knees with pussy juice on my face.

I weakly got off my knees and moved back to the counter.

I stood there for a moment to recover from the surreal excitement before resuming making dinner with my head spinning in a million directions.

The entire time I made dinner I was on cooking cruise control. I made dinner robotically as I tried to come to grips with both bizarre situations that had happened today.

Why had I got turned on watching my son ass fuck his girlfriend?

Why didn’t I leave when Nancy caught me watching?

Why did I allow myself to be molested by my son’s girlfriend?

Why did I obey and lick Nancy’s pussy with my son in the next room?

Why was I craving that sweet pussy taste?

Why was my pussy leaking into my panties as I replayed the last hour?

These questions and others swarmed me as I couldn’t understand my arousal other than chalking it up to massive withdrawal symptoms.

Dinner came and went without incident, although I ate on pins and needles worried that Nancy would out me.

That night, alone in my bed, I pulled out my magic wand, which was indeed magical, and began to get myself off.

As I closed my eyes, I recalled vividly my son’s huge cock, Nancy’s nasty words as she role played being me, her shocking touch on my cunt and the sweet aroma and taste of her pussy.

My orgasm rose quickly as I imagined being back on my knees, licking Nancy’s perfect pussy… my long lost submissive lesbian past suddenly coming rushing back.

As the vibrations drove me wild, I recalled my college years and the many times I had pleasured my dominant roommate Jessica, who trained me as a submissive pussy pleaser.

I recalled eating her out while she studied.

I recalled eating her out while she was in the shower.

I recalled eating her out almost every morning… She loved being woken up with a slow pussy licking.

I recalled her fucking me with a strap-on, making me beg to be allowed to come.

I recalled her taking my ass and turning me into an ass loving slut who had my biggest, most intense orgasms from taking it up my butt.

I imagined it was now Nancy I served.

And yet, as my orgasm erupted out of me, the last vision was me on all fours getting fucked by my son.

I lay there enjoying my intense orgasm, my head spinning as my body pulsed.

Once my orgasm finished its lengthy journey through my entire body from the tips of my fingers to my toes, a sudden guilt washed over me.

I had just fantasized about being my son’s girlfriends’ submissive.

I had come while imagining that my son was fucking my ass.




The next morning, feeling refreshed after my multiple orgasm day, I was dressed and getting ready for a showing in a couple hours when there was a knock at the door, which was rare for a Tuesday.

I went to the door and opened it, not thinking to use the peep hole that was more for show than use.

A chill went up my back when Nancy was standing in front of me wearing her cheerleader outfit and my thigh highs.

When I didn’t say anything, Nancy asked, “Are you going to invite me in, Mrs. Golden?”

“What? Yes, please come in,” I said, unsure why she was here.

She walked in and I asked, “Shouldn’t you be in class?”

“Probably,” he nodded. “But Mrs. Walker doesn’t question me when I’m not in class.”

“Why?” I asked, knowing Mrs. Walker to be a strong-willed, no nonsense English teacher.

Nancy smiled, “Let’s just say I am the student in her class, but she’s the student between my legs.”

“Nancy!” I gasped.

She shrugged, “Mrs. Walker is a completely submissive pussy muncher.”

As I tried to understand this new revelation, Nancy walked directly in front of me and added, “Just like you, Mrs. Golden.”

Another chill went up my spine at her pretentious, but accurate, assumption.

“Be honest, Heather,” Nancy continued, using my first name for the first time, “You want to eat my pussy right now, don’t you?”

Although the truth was yes, I answered as a morally upright woman should, “Nancy, this is ludicrous.”

Nancy’s smile faded. She sighed, “Heather, your feeble attempt at denial is ludicrous. You’re a submissive cunt licking slut who has been craving my pussy since you saw your son reaming my asshole.”

Truthfully, I was more craving an ass fucking from my son, but I sure wasn’t going to say that. Instead, I said, “I was just shocked you took it up the ass, you seemed like such a sweet girl.”

“So sweet girls can’t take a cock up their ass?” Nancy questioned.

“It’s just, I didn’t fathom you doing that,” I said, feeling very uncomfortable in the situation I found myself. Part of me wanted to just drop to my knees and bury my face in that sweet pussy, yet I knew I needed to be the adult here.

“Didn’t fathom what? Me taking your son’s massive Casibom Güncel Giriş prick up my shit hole?” Nancy questioned bluntly, clearly enjoying being so frank and nasty in front of me.

“Nancy, enough,” I firmly said. “I don’t appreciate that language from anyone, especially an educated young lady like yourself.”

“Heather,” she sighed. “First off, its 2016. A woman can be a lot of things. A scholar in the classroom, a pussy munching lesbian in the cheerleader change room and a three hole cum slut in the bedroom, or boy’s locker room, or back of the bus coming back from state championships or at the beach or… well you get my point.”

The long list made my cunt gush in my panties as I just shook my head and said, “Well, things have changed then.”

“You never got gang banged in your youth?” Nancy questioned.

Truth was, one drunk night in my freshman year of college I had taken on five guys, but they only fucked my mouth and pussy. Although I liked anal sex, a lot, I had never been double penetrated other than a cock in my pussy or ass and a toy in the other.

Nancy laughed when I didn’t answer. “Reminiscing are we?”

“What? Yes, well, maybe things aren’t as different now as back then,” I laughed jokingly.

“So you have been a nasty slut before?” Nancy questioned, as her hand went under my skirt and to my already wet panties.

“I suppose,” I answered, with a moan… not wanting to admit my past, but also not pushing her hand away like I should have.

“Your cunt is wet again, Heather,” Nancy pointed out, as she slid her fingers inside my panties and to my pussy.

All I did was moan… as it was impossible to refute the obvious evidence that she was right and my head was spinning as I tried to figure out what to say next. The reality was I felt nineteen again and unable to say no… just like when I was in college.

“Were you submissive to your husband?” Nancy asked, as she slid a finger inside my fevered cunt.

“Nancy,” I moaned again.

“Answer the question,” Nancy ordered, as she tapped my g-spot.

“Ohhhhh,” I moaned, my legs buckling.

Nancy pulled her finger out and pushed me to the ground as she said, “You look pretty natural on your knees, Heather. Now one last time, were you submissive to your husband?”

Oddly, my first feeling as her finger left me was disappointment. My second was a compelling desire to obey. I couldn’t explain it, but when I looked at Nancy, I saw Beth, my Mistress all those years ago. I answered, “Yes.”

“And you took it in the ass?” Nancy questioned.

“Yes,” I admitted, shame and excitement bouncing inside me.

“And you have munched on cunt before?” she asked, as she lifted up her skirt revealing she was sans underwear.

“Yes,” I repeated, like a submissive parrot.

“And you want to munch on mine right now?” she questioned.

“Yes,” I nodded, her pretty pink pussy lips so enticing, glistening ever so slightly as if beckoning me in.

“To make this clear,” Nancy said, as she moved her fingers to her pussy and slid two inside. “You want to lick your son’s girlfriend’s cunt?”

I didn’t appreciate the reminder about my son, as it instantly made me think of his big cock slamming into her yesterday. The reminder also made me instantly feel guilty about doing such thing with my son’s girlfriend… even if she was the one taking the aggressive initiative and clearly revelling in it.

“Answer me, Heather,” she demanded, as she moved her fingers out of her pussy and to my lips.

I’d like to pretend that I protested, that I at least hesitated for a moment, but I opened my mouth and took her pussy juice coated fingers in my mouth. I sucked on the two fingers like they were a cock as I eagerly savoured the sweetness of her cunt juice.

“Your son loves munching on my pussy too,” Nancy announced, before adding, “that said, he doesn’t have the patience of a woman.”

She pulled her fingers out and asked, “Want to taste it directly from the source?”

“Yes,” I nodded.

“And what does a submissive Mommy slut call the one in charge?” Nancy asked, as she grabbed my head and guided it right in front of her pussy.

“A mistress,” I mindlessly answered, just like I did back in college, as I stared at her pussy like it was the Mona Lisa.

“So is that what I am?” Nancy asked, parting her pussy lips with her fingers.

Wanting to taste her pussy again, wanting to be her submissive and wanting to reclaim a part of my sexuality I had long ago left behind, I answered, “Yes, Mistress Nancy, how may I serve you?”

“You understand I can be a very demanding Mistress,” she continued, as her finger slid back inside her pussy.

“Yes, Mistress,” I nodded, completely in a trance as I watched her finger go in and out of her pussy, my mouth watering.

“You will obey without hesitation?” Nancy questioned.

“Yes, Mistress Nancy,” I nodded never taking my eyes off her finger moving in and out of her pussy like a hypnotist’s watch.

“Anything?” she asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” I answered, at the moment meaning exactly what I said.

Nancy turned around, bent her ass over and ordered, “Eat my asshole, Wes’s mom.”

I wanted to taste her pussy.

I wanted her cum to flood out of her like wine onto my lips.

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