Finding Jasmine Ch. 03

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That moment changed everything for Jasmine. That moment when she felt Tristan’s cock click into place inside her, filling her so perfectly, kept playing through her mind as she drove home in the middle of the night. She couldn’t stop smiling, and as she drove, she could feel her pussy throbbing, wanting more.

Tristan couldn’t switch off. He had thought that giving Jasmine her orgasm would close this chapter and his debts would be paid, but he now craved her more than ever. She’d left, and all he could think was how he wanted her to still be there. To be able to wake up alongside her naked body would be heaven.

She messaged him to say she’d got back safely, and despite the lateness of the hour they continued messaging for a long time. They chatted about the events of the evening, and shared the incredible connection they had both felt. Tristan told her how he wished she could have spent the night, and Jasmine yearned for it too.

Over the next few weeks, it was clear that Jasmine’s feelings towards Tristan had changed. He was now the sole object of her desires, and behaved as such. She would sit next to him in meetings so should could touch him under the table, she would message him more and more explicit things at all hours of the day and night and would find opportunities to meet him outside of work and they would sit in the back of Tristan’s car and behave like horny teenagers.

It didn’t take long until an opportunity to spend the night together came round. Jasmine’s husband was away on business, so she agreed to meet Tristan at a country club carpark so they could go together in one car to a hotel Tristan had booked for his own “business trip”.

Jasmine chose her outfit carefully. She opted for a green dress with low cut neckline, which only enhanced her already impressive breasts. As always, she wore high heels; this time an elegant pair of green and black ones, with sexy, black stockings highlighting her long, athletic legs.

Tristan met her as she got out of her car with the intention of putting her case into his trunk. But such was the impact of her outfit, he stood transfixed, not quite sure of what to do or say.

“Is everything OK?” asked Jasmine. “Is what I’m wearing alright?”

“You. Look. Incredible!” Tristan was finally able to catch his breath long enough to talk. His eyes didn’t know where to focus first. Her dress was more revealing than anything she’d ever worn to work and the combination of green and black complemented her dark hair and light brown skin. It hugged her figure in all the right places, showcasing the curves of her femininity.

Jasmine flashed her wide and beautiful smile and put her own case into his trunk before Tristan had gathered himself sufficiently. She closed the trunk and gave him a peck on the cheek. “Come on,” she encouraged, “let’s get to the hotel.” and with that climbed into the passenger seat.

Tristan gathered himself just in time to help her with her door, and got in to take them as quickly as he could to the hotel.

They checked into the hotel, and Jasmine suggested they went for a drink at the bar next door. Despite his yearning for her, Tristan knew that he’d need some alcohol inside him for what was to come, and was happy to draw out the evening for a while.

As Jasmine entered the bar, Tristan could see the looks from the men as they saw her. As he walked her to a table in the corner with his hand on her waist, he could feel himself growing in his jeans.

After buying himself a beer and a Diet Coke for Jasmine, Tristan took a seat next to her and placed his hand on her thigh. He could smell her now familiar fragrance and smiled uncontrollably as she smiled back at him. She lightly stroked his hand as it rested on her leg and every movement raised his heart rate just a little bit more.

Tristan had noticed that Jasmine had two smiles. The first one was simply enchanting, and captured men and women alike with its beauty. The second, Tristan had initially seen before their first kiss and much more frequently over the following weeks. It was reserved for him, and was a deeper, almost serious smile, which Tristan felt drew him, through her sparkling brown eyes, into her very soul. As he looked at her now, he felt like every cell of his being was being drawn into her. His heart raced, his cock throbbed, and he needed to have her as soon as possible.

As much as Jasmine wanted to jump on Tristan the moment they were in the hotel, she also wanted to build the anticipation further. Their first time together had caught them both off guard, but this evening, she knew she was going to have sex with him, and wanted it to be about more than that. She wanted to have some time out in public with him, and being this far away from home gave them a rare chance to do this.

As they sat and chatted, Jasmine could feel herself tingling. She watched how he was looking at her with his bright blue eyes and she felt excited and wanted. The way he held her leg was purely a sign mersin escort of affection and she in turn wanted the physical contact so placed her hand on his. He hadn’t tried to make a move on her and looked like he was just basking in her company.

“Shall we head back to the room?” asked Jasmine as soon as Tristan put his empty bottle down. She had made him wait long enough.

Tristan didn’t need asking twice, but tried to give the outward appearance of staying calm and relaxed. They held hands as they walked slowly back to the hotel and Tristan was glad he’d managed to adjust his cock in his jeans when she wasn’t looking, so at least had a level of comfort as they made the short journey up to the room.

Once inside the room, Jasmine felt nervous. She had grown to really like Tristan and didn’t want to do anything which would either put him off or make her appear as anything other than desirable. Playing on her mind was the significance of them spending the night. This wasn’t just going to be about sex. He would get to see her in her post-sleep state, without her usual make-up and her hair unstraightened. She suddenly felt very vulnerable.

Tristan could sense Jasmine’s nerves. He also felt scared himself. He desperately wanted to be good for Jasmine, but had deep-rooted self-doubt about his sexual prowess. His wife had made him feel inadequate and undesired for a long time, and he feared he would ruin the image Jasmine currently had of him. He had given Jasmine a good experience that first time, but there was a high chance he wouldn’t be able to live up to it again.

Tristan, very sensitively, brushed his hands through Jasmine’s hair in that now familiar way. He loved touching her, and her reaction to his contact confirmed that she enjoyed it just as much. He ran his hand behind her neck and slowly, but with slight pressure, massaged the nape of her neck. As she melted under his touch, Tristan leaned in and kissed her softly. Their lips met, and Jasmine parted her mouth. Tristan found her tongue there, waiting to receive his own and their tips danced together for a while as they kissed slowly and passionately. Their mouths opened more and let their tongues wrap around each other.

Jasmine let out a moan and Tristan began to try to run his hands over her. His right hand moved with purpose from her neck down her back tracing the line of her spine to her waist, lingering momentarily before moving onto her firm and shapely arse. His other hand, he placed on her hip, then moved it up her side and felt her shake slightly as he ran it up her body. His hand then met the side of her breast and began to caress it as Jasmine moaned out again.

Jasmine felt Tristan’s gentle hand run through her hair, and her nerves began to dissipate as she relaxed under his soothing touch. She felt herself drawn in and their lips and tongues worked in unison as their kiss increased in intensity. She then felt his hands appreciating her body, and she felt her pussy swelling with anticipation as he held her arse and breast.

She felt Tristan begin to move to undo her dress. She desperately wanted him to, but reluctantly blocked him. “Give me a minute,” she said, and begrudgingly pulled herself out of his arms and slipped into the bathroom.

Tristan wondered what Jasmine was doing and took the time to make himself comfortable. He slipped off his shoes and socks, and sat himself on the end of the bed with the TV remote and flicked through the different stations until he settled on a music channel playing music videos from the charts. He turned the volume down so it was little more than background noise and watched it until he heard the bathroom door open.

In the bathroom, Jasmine looked at herself in the mirror. She wiped off her lipstick which had been smudged slightly from the kissing, and composed herself. She had been so neglected of any attention or compliments from her husband that all of the body confidence she had previously had was gone. It had been over ten years since she had modelled bikinis, and in the mirror, she struggled to see the woman she knew Tristan saw. She had revelled in the attention this successful and handsome man had shown her, and wanted to feed his desires for her. She had considered how she could have sex with Tristan without having to have her body out on display. This she decided was the best plan, and had bought the outfit she put on specially for the occasion.

Jasmine nervously walked back into the room, with her arms partly across her body in a defensive position. She had changed out of her dress and was now wearing an emerald green silk negligee with black lace trimming the edges. It lightly hung over her body, skimming her thighs. It had a low neckline which showed off her perfect cleavage and her hard nipples stood proud through the silk.

Tristan stood up and walked over to her. Her nerves had once again taken a hold of her. He took hold of her hands and held them out slightly, deliberately kocaeli escort and obviously looking her up and down. “You look amazing!” Tristan said with absolute honesty.

“This has to stay on!” commanded Jasmine. Tristan nodded to show that he understood.

Tristan put his hands on Jasmine again, and through the smooth silk, her body somehow felt even better. He gently ran his hands around her waist and rubbed her back with his right hand, resuming their kissing from earlier.

Jasmine gradually unbuttoned Tristan’s shirt and slipped it off his shoulders before pulling his t-shirt over his head. Her hands gravitated to his toned physique and she let her own hands run over and appreciate the soft, white skin of his athletic body

Tristan held Jasmine and guided her to the bed, and broke the kiss to lie her down with her feet still touching the floor. He stood over her and positioned himself between her legs. He leant over her and kissed the side of her neck sensitively, breathing in her delicious fragrance. He worked his mouth down her neck to her chest, and felt her gorgeous breast with one hand through the silk negligee. He could feel her pronounced nipple with the palm of his hand as he caressed her.

Tristan continued to move his mouth down her body and, through the silk, kissed her midriff then the area just above her opening which was swollen from her arousal. He knelt down on the floor and took hold of her lace panties, slipping them down her legs and off her feet. Then, gently easing her legs apart, he licked his tongue up her leg from her ankle, up her calf, up the inside of her thigh until he reached her already soaking wet pussy. He gave her one long slow lick from the bottom up towards her clit, parting her lips as he did so. Jasmine’s body shuddered as she reacted to his tongue.

Tristan settled into a position so he could lick Jasmine’s pussy while reaching out to handle her breasts at the same time. The taste of her fresh juices was intoxicating and he began lapping at her, burying his tongue into her as deeply as he could. His hands fondled her large, firm breasts, and he ran his thumbs over and around her hard nipples, brushing them through the silk of her negligee. The smooth feeling of the silk made them feel even better than they ever had and his balls ached as his throbbing hard cock restricted their space in his jeans.

Keeping his mouth on her pussy, Tristan slipped off his jeans and underwear as quickly as he could and returned his hands to her breasts. With his cock finally free, it felt so much better and he felt it straining with arousal.

As Tristan continued to drink her in, Jasmine began to grind herself against his face. “Hold still!” Tristan instructed her, and then started to appease her desires by attending exclusively to her clit with his tongue.

Jasmine was lying back with her eyes closed, allowing herself to relax, as much as she was able, to enjoy the attention he was giving her. On the rare occasions she did have sex with her husband, there was never any foreplay, and she couldn’t remember him ever going down on her.

She began to feel frustrated as Tristan was taking so long. She desperately wanted to cum, and subconsciously started to grind her pussy up on his face.

Dancing his tongue over and around her clit, Tristan brought his right hand down from her breast, under her leg, and slid two fingers into her pussy. Jasmine moaned out with the pleasure and he slowly but firmly began to fuck her pussy with his hand while sucking and licking her clit. Her moans grew louder as Tristan gradually increased the intensity. He felt her pussy pulsing against his fingers and he knew she was close. Her entire body was trembling with the anticipation of the orgasm he could feel building inside her.

He brought his left hand down from her breast and swapped it for his right hand, wet from pussy. He moved his index finger of his right hand down to her anus, and Jasmine moaned and writhed even more as he attending to her opening. He applied firm pressure and felt his finger enveloped as it enter her. He went in further and further until he could feel a small pulse and Jasmine’s entire body spasmed. He sucked hard on her clit and massaged the upper wall of her pussy with his left hand while holding his right index finger firmly against her pulsing anus. Jasmine screamed out at the top of her voice as the spasm seemed to increase even more, her back arching off the bed as her orgasm went on and on.

Finally as wave after wave of the orgasm subsided, she lay back on the bed. Tristan removed his fingers, wiped her juices off his hands and face and climbed up alongside her.

Jasmine reached out and took a firm hold of Tristan’s cock. “I need you inside me now,” she said, and moved herself up the bed, guiding Tristan on top of her as he moved up with her. Opening her bent legs to position him between them, she pulled him close to him and kissed his mouth samsun escort passionately, tasting herself with every pass of her tongue.

Tristan lay over Jasmine, and felt the soft silk of her negligee on his body as she pulled him closer to kiss him. Their tongues moved in unison and he presented his hard cock to her pussy. With no hands needed to guide him in, his swollen head penetrated her, and her pussy consumed him a little at a time. Their bodies moved as they kissed to help his cock inch into her tight pussy, until once again, they had found that perfect connection where he filled her completely. Jasmine moaned, feeling his cock pulsing inside her, and he began to make small movements, withdrawing and returning, while her pussy adapted to his girth.

“You can cum inside me this time,” Jasmine got out between moans. “I want to feel you explode. I need to feel you cum!”

Tristan somehow felt himself grow a little more and lengthened his thrusts, using the entire length of his cock inside her now slick pussy. He was taking his time, wanting to draw it out as long as possible, but Jasmine was getting impatient. “Do you want me to go on top?” she asked.

Tristan straightened Jasmine’s left leg, held onto her right and rolled them both over so she was now straddled over him. She knelt up and began riding up and down the full length of his cock, almost pulling herself off his head, before slowly lowering herself down again. She kept repeating her long slow movements, rising up before driving herself down on his cock, each time with increasing intensity.

“I need to cum now!” she demanded. “Sit up against the headboard!”

With that, they moved up the bed. Then with Tristan sitting almost upright, and her hands gripping his shoulders for leverage, Jasmine began to grind on him. Her breasts were directly in front of his face, with the thin silk of her negligee unable to hide her hard nipples and the fullness of her breasts. Faster and faster she moved, moaning out with pleasure with every thrust of her hips. Tristan closed his eyes and focused on his breathing, desperate to hold out for her as he felt himself building again. She felt perfect, her smell was intoxicating, and her moans of pleasure made it almost impossible to contain himself any longer.

In this position, Jasmine could feel Tristan’s pulsing cock hitting her in just the right spot. Her clit rubbed up against him with every grinding movement, and she could feel her orgasm building. She moved harder and harder against him, enjoying the feeling of his cock filling her pussy completely. Then like a volcano, her climax erupted from deep inside her and she leant back, screaming out uncontrollably. She dug her fingers hard into his skin as her orgasm seemingly tensed every muscle in her body.

Tristan felt a warm gush from Jasmine as she screamed out and her pussy gripped his cock tightly. This sent Tristan over the edge too. As Jasmine had wanted, he exploded. He pumped load after load into her, while her contracting pussy juiced every last bit of cum from him. He grabbed her and held her close to him as they rode out their orgasms, their sweat-soaked bodies shaking as one.

When their orgasms finally subsided, Jasmine took herself off Tristan’s now deflating cock and fell back onto the bed, her body still spasming every now and again from the aftershocks. Tristan slid himself down next to her, and placed an arm across her. He just needed the contact.

After what seemed an age, Jasmine broke the silence. “I guess we should try to get some sleep now,” she said.

A short while later, they were both settled down to sleep on opposite sides of the bed. Tristan lay completely still, wide awake, but trying not to disturb Jasmine. He ached to be holding her and contemplated sliding up behind her to put his arms around her.

Jasmine, her back to Tristan, was also wide awake. The energy that had exchanged between them had packed her full of adrenalin and there was no way she was going to sleep anytime soon. “Are you awake?” she enquired, hoping she’d get the answer she wanted.

“Yes!” came the reply. “I’m wired. I’m not ready to sleep.”

“Same here!” said Jasmine, as she rolled over to look at Tristan, a smile breaking out as she saw him gazing back at her.

“Do you want to watch TV for a bit?” asked Tristan, and he flicked on the television with the remote and began flicking channels. The third channel he came to had a romantic comedy that was just starting.

“Let’s try that,” suggested Jasmine, and she cuddled up to Tristan, her head on his chest, as they settled to watch a bit before they slept.

Other than the affectionate touching of Jasmine’s fingers on Tristan’s chest, and the sensual rubbing of Jasmine’s back by Tristan, they didn’t move throughout the film.

As the final credits rolled, they moved as one to kiss once again. Slowly, softly and in complete sync with one another, their lips and tongues danced.

Without any conscious control, they gradually undressed one another, Jasmine no longer concerned about covering her body. Tristan embraced her now naked body for the first time, and as they kissed, their bodies became one as Tristan entered her again, this time in one smooth movement. He stared down at Jasmine and his chest felt like it would explode.

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