Young Man and Older Lady Ch. 06



Author’s note: Not everyone appreciates May-December stories that involve incest, so if that is you, this story isn’t you.

Pieter Strauss III, aka Trey, a young student who had a little over a year earlier lost his university Professor father, Pieter Strauss Jnr, himself son of another Professor, Pieter Strauss Snr, had a summer holiday fling with a mature lady, Sarah, then later learned, on his return to university in September, that the lady was in fact his father’s sister – his aunt – and his father’s replacement at the university. After some heart-felt discussions, they decided to live secretly as a couple while looking simply like Aunt/Nephew house mates to the outside world.

This story starts at the end of the third – summer – session of Sarah’s first year teaching and Trey’s third year as a student, almost a year after they met. The summer holidays have just started after the last few days of classes. Trey is coming up 24, his birthday being Aug 3rd, and Sarah is approaching 59. Trey was waiting to hear his exam results for his third year, although he had no doubt about his entry into the fourth year..

University is down for the summer, although faculty do go in there from time to time to check email, pick up real mail, and work quietly on new material for the upcoming year. Sarah had received some new data from NASA from the Hubble and wanted to go through it, so had gone in for the day.

She was sitting at her desk looking at pages of tables of new measurements when there was a gentle knock at her door. It was Liz – Professor Fotheringham – with whom Sarah and Trey had enjoyed some pleasurable time at the cottage about a week and a half before.

Liz was wearing shorts and a simple white spaghetti-strapped top that clearly revealed she had nothing on underneath. Her nipples were quite pronounced. Sarah stood up and walked towards Liz, saying “I can see you’re pleased to see me.”

Liz smiled and they kissed. “I saw your car outside, and popped in to say Charlie and I are going down to the Capital at the weekend if you want to join us. Call me tonight and let me know, and if you’re coming I’ll book a double suite.”

“Ok, I’ll talk to Trey. I do believe our weekend is free, so it could well be a go.”

They kissed again and Liz left.

Arriving home that night, Sarah told Trey about the weekend as he mixed a couple of martinis. “Really? I must say, I found Liz a surprisingly sensuous woman when we had sex. Completely the opposite of her reputation. And she has a bit of a dirty mind for an Arts teacher!”

“True, and Charlie was a somewhat pleasant surprise in bed, too, for an older guy, but they are wanting us to go to the swingers club with them. What do you think?”

“Well, despite what may or may not happen at the club, I find Charlie and Liz, when they are being Charlie and Liz and not Dean and Professor, actually really nice people. Charlie sure sheds his inhibitions as well as his stuffiness when he sheds his clothes. I enjoyed our time with them at the cottage, especially when it was just the four of us. I guess going once as guests doesn’t get us too involved. Just not sure how I feel about public sex with total strangers.”

So Sarah phoned Liz, and arrangements were made for the two couples to make their own way to the hotel and have dinner together.

“Charlie actually does have a meeting Friday morning, so we are going early. So when we get down there, we’ll text you the room number. Then we’ll go to the club Saturday evening.” And so the arrangements were made.

It was a couple of hours drive to the State Capitol, and Liz arranged a reservation for dinner at 7 in the hotel restaurant, and so, at that time, all four were enjoying a martini and looking at the menu. The food turned out to be pretty good, and the wine flowed, and by 9 p.m. when they headed up to the room, no-one was feeling any pain. As they entered the room, Sarah looked at Trey, who nodded back discretely, and then said to Liz “Feel like trading men for the night? After all, tomorrow night, there will be a lot more fish in the pond!”

Liz smiled. “It would be my pleasure to get Trey to myself again. Come Trey, let’s take this bed over here.”

It was classed as a suite, and in one sense, it was, as the sitting room was separate from the bedroom. However, both beds were in the same room, two Queen-sized beds. So Liz and Trey headed for one, while Charlie scooped Sarah up easily, and headed for the other, putting her down standing next to it. He turned her around and started to unzip the back of her dress.

Sarah was wearing a sleeveless summer dress, and it was soon apparent to Charlie that under it, she was completely naked. No bra, no panties, no pantyhose.

Meanwhile, Liz was going great guns divesting Trey of his clothes, until he was left only in a pair of white briefs with a pronounced bulge in front. Liz’s dress was a bright blue button through, with 8 large white buttons running down the front, and Trey had those popped in no time. Under karataş escort it she had only a plain but bright-red G-string, which barely covered her vaginal slit. As she stood and shucked the dress off, Trey knelt down and removed the G-String, as well as his own briefs. They pulled the covers back and got into bed.

Naked, Sarah was enjoying undressing Charlie. Even though it was summer, holidays and Friday, Charlie was in full uniform. White shirt, blue tie, and a charcoal-grey suit. Sarah undressed him carefully, getting him down to a pair of plain black boxers. She knelt in front of him, and pulled the boxers straight down, which of course pulled his shaft down to his thighs, and then released it to spring right up, almost hitting Sarah’s face.

“I can see this could be a dangerous weapon, we will have to neutralize it in some way.” and promptly buried it in her mouth. Charlie stood there, gently holding Sarah’s head as she bobbed in and out along his tumid shaft.

“On second thoughts,” said Sarah, “there might be a more pleasurable way of temporarily disarming this thing.” She stood up, pulled the covers down and pushed Charlie back on to the bed. He got himself comfy, with his cock sticking up proudly. Sarah straddled him, grasped his cock and lowered herself on to it, slowly going up and down on her knees, each time going further down.

Charlie’s cock was actually quite fat and filled Sarah quite nicely. She leaned forward and put her hands either side of Charlie’s head, so she could tease him by dragging her nipples all over his face. As they went by his mouth, he would try and lick or bite them.

Trey had put Liz on her back with her bum tilted up by a pillow, and had straddled, kneeling, across her, one thigh behind her bum, the other beside her waist, so that his crotch was directly above hers. He got the tip of his cock into her pussy, and was now wriggling back and forth so as to work himself into her vagina. Eventually he would get his crotch right down to hers, with his whole length buried inside her.

“My God, Trey,” she managed to say between panting, “I’ve only ever been in this position with a woman. Oh God, it feels good!” Using her left leg that was pointing up in the air, Trey was able to raise and lower himself in and partially out of Liz’s pussy. Liz became really moist.

There were sounds of heavy breathing and well-stimulated moans coming from both beds. As Sarah held herself still for a few moments to feel the sensations of an orgasm, Charlie got her left nipple into his mouth and bit on it, quite hard. His tongue was playing with the hard nub of her nipple, and then to cap it all, she felt his thumb rubbing on her clit. In combination it all made her shudders go on for quite a while as she enjoyed a multiple climax. She could feel Charlie’s ejaculate leaking out of her.

Charlie released Sarah’s nipple, and she rolled off him on to her back. She and Charlie watched Trey scissoring Liz. Charlie laughed. “If I tried that, I would need a chiropractor or a crane to get me off her!. True what George Bernard Shaw said: ‘Youth is wonderful, it’s a shame it’s wasted on the young.’”

“I don’t know, Charlie,” said Sarah, ‘I don’t find his youth wasted when he uses it on me!”

Liz finally came, with a scream of pleasure and release, and Trey allowed himself to fall over on his side, next to Liz’s bum. He wriggled clear of her, and then he pulled away the pillow so she could lay flat. As Liz lay there, Sarah noticed that even though she was slim almost to being skinny, and was completely flat-chested, she actually had a nice pair of legs.

Charlie got out of the bed, and walked over to a cabinet in the sitting room. “Red or white?” he called out. Every one opted for red, so Charlie took out a bottle of Spanish Tempranillo and opened it, pouring the whole bottle between 4 glasses. There was a tray there that he used to bring the glasses back to the beds.

“So how does this work tomorrow evening, then?” asked Sarah, always ‘the arranger’.

“Well,” said Liz, “we are members, so when we get there, we will sign you in and pay your temporary memberships – we can sort out the money stuff next week, no problem – and then each couple goes into a changing room, undresses, and puts their clothes in a locker, and one of you wears the key on a band on your wrist. The key has a number on it, and they note that if you get a drink. You pay as you leave for those.

Some people like to take a shower before mingling, and on a hot day, it’s a good idea. Gets a bit warm in there.

Some people walk around naked, a few wear towels, and a few wear crazy costumes or exotic underwear or something. There is a wall where you can take a wrist band: red means you are hetero and will only play with the opposite sex, pink means you only play with the same sex, and blue means you don’t mind, whatever you fancy, whoever you fancy. Black means not in the mood to play with anyone.”

“Do you wear anything other karataş escort bayan than the wrist band?” asked Sarah.

“Charlie always goes naked. Sometimes I wear a G-string or panties, and sometimes I wear nipple clamps on a chain. They can hurt a bit sometimes, especially if someone grabs the chain, so I don’t wear those if its really busy. Most people do wear a simple mask, provided by the club for a dollar if you want it. Covers the eyes and nose and provides some anonymity. Did you bring anything to wear?”

“Well, we looked at the pics on that private internet site you told us about and saw what some were wearing, so Trey bought me a leather G-String and Bra set that leaves my nipples completely exposed. I think the whole effect is rather erotic, myself. The strap between my legs can be unbuckled easily, wink, wink.”

“Sounds fun, hopefully we’ll get to see it tomorrow evening. Mingling involves walking around. There are large rooms with mattresses on the floor for group sex. The big orgies, people just pile in, but check the wrist band first if you can. There are some rooms for private sex. If someone is in and the door is open, it means they are open to having people join them. Stand in the doorway and see if they beckon you in. If the door is closed, it’s a private session. So if you leave a room, and it’s empty, always leave the door open.”

“Do you have certain people you always play with?” asked Trey.

“We have some friends we sometimes arrange to meet there, but we haven’t for tomorrow as you are joining us. Sometimes I play with another woman, sometimes I play with couples or men. Sometimes I dump Charlie for a while and enjoy myself with total strangers. And then there’s the sling, where you get in, laying on your back, and people help themselves to your body, or you suck off men who offer their dicks to you. Only been in that once, and it was quite the experience. But the biggest rule of all is that No means No, and you should kick up a stink if someone disobeys that rule. Really bad behavior could get them banned.”

And so they took their time, drank the wine, talked about the upcoming visit and got back into bed with the same person they had just been with. Trey sucked on Liz’s nipples for a time, whereas Charlie took his time just running his fingers around Sarah’s nipples and breasts, but in short order, they all four fell asleep.


Trey awoke to Liz’s fingers stroking his balls and his shaft – quite a nice sensation. “Don’t worry,” she said, “I’m not going to make you come, we need to save everything for tonight.”

After each of them had a quick shower, they breakfasted, and then went in Charlie’s car to the club, so Trey would know where it was. That way they could each take their own cars in the evening, and if one couple wanted to come home earlier than the other, it wouldn’t be a problem.

After that, they did a bit of sight seeing and had a nice lunch, then went back to the hotel to have a nap. They had dinner about 6 and left for the club at 8.

Liz said, “In the summer, it gets lively in there earlier, for some reason, than in the winter. Maybe it’s out-of-towners or people who don’t like to travel here in winter that fill the place in summer, but if we leave it too late, it may hit the capacity and then we lose out.”

As it happened, they had no problem getting in, and they went into the changing rooms. When they came out, Sarah noticed that since last evening, Charlie had shaved off all his chest, belly and pubic hair. Even Trey had tidied his up. Liz had her usual landing strip, and was shaved around her pussy, and of course, Sarah was her usual hairless self, freshly shaved.

All four of them took blue wrist bands, and had a quick shower in the shower room, where the shower heads were low so bodies got washed but not hair or masks. Then they went through to the bar, dropping their towels in a basket provided. If they need a towel again, they would simply pick up another. Then they put on their masks. Modelled after masks often worn at Italian masked balls, they were held in place by elastic, and left the forehead and chin exposed.

Liz was quite taken with Sarah’s brown leather outfit. The straps had studs in them, and the crotch could be easily removed, as it attached at each end to the waist band with a buckle, to expose Sarah completely naked down below, except for the waist band. When removed, the crotch strap could be looped, one end to the other. The bra had a big triangular hole in each side, through which Sarah’s nipples protruded.

Liz had on gold lamé panties and her nipple clamps, linked by a gold chain. She also had a gold lamé collar, and Charlie had a leash he could clip on to it if he wanted, but initially, he had just wrapped it around his arm. Neither Trey not Charlie were wearing any clothing, just their masks.

They wondered through to the bar. Liz had previously warned them not to leave a drink unattended. escort karataş “Drink it or make sure one of us is watching it, or leave it be. It doesn’t happen often, thankfully, but there were a couple of drinks spiked some time ago.” The bar had, actually, a decent selection of wines by the glass, and was busy enough that the glasses they got were not spoiled by being open too long.

Sarah saw a very tall, well-built woman, with long blonde hair well down her back, looking at her. She turned to Trey and whispered, “That woman looks like an Amazon. Those breast look enormous and are not sagging. Think they are real?”

Trey casually looked up and then turned so as not to be facing the woman. “I think there’s half a beach of silicone in there,” a comment that almost caused Sarah to choke on her wine.

Liz said “Rumor has it that she and her friend, who is almost the same physique, have a pair of fantastic tongues between them, as well as skillful fingers, and use them on males as well as females.”

After they had finished their wine, they decided to explore. Charlie attached Liz’s lead, to make a statement to others about them entering anything as a pair. Off the bar was a big playroom, dimly lit, with the floor covered in rubber-covered mattresses. Around the room on three sides were sofas, and some people were sitting on those actively involved with other people, or just watching the people on the mattresses. There were people in all conceivable combinations, same sex and hetero. Not everybody had a slim and attractive body.

Sarah said “It reminds me of the nude beaches in Europe, always full of people who should never be nude in public.”

Sarah saw the Amazon girl on one of the sofas, chatting with her friend. She beckoned Sarah and Trey over to her. As Sarah got there, the blond stood up and kissed Sarah, full on the lips. Sarah was initially surprised but kissed back. Out of the corner of her eye she caught the blonde’s friend grab Trey by his cock and pull him towards her. When Trey was close enough, she took his cock and started to deep-throat it.

Amazon girl turned Sarah so she had the back of her legs against the sofa, and then pushed her down on the seat, knelt in front of her and started to lick Sarah’s thighs, working towards her pussy. She unbuckled the front buckle of the strap under Sarah’s crotch and let the strap just fall down. Within minutes, Sarah was perched on the front edge of her seat feeling a very large and stiff tongue invading her pussy, and a thumb rubbing her clit quite firmly. It was quite erotic. Not a word had been said, she had no idea who this woman was, and yet here she was, rapidly approaching a climax in a room full of sexually active people. Soon the tongue was on her clit and fingers had found her g-spot.

As Sarah watched Amazon girl bringing her to a climax, Charlie started to play with one of her nipples, while Trey reached across from where he was being sucked to play with the other. Liz was on her knees, caressing the Amazon’s breast. It was not long before Sarah had a full orgasm. As soon as she did, Trey pulled out of the other girl’s mouth. He pulled her to her feet, kissed her, and said, “Maybe again later, but we’ve only just arrived and haven’t looked around yet.” The girl smiled and nodded. Sarah removed the crotch strap completely and fastened it around her thigh to store it out of the way.

But in the meantime, Amazon girl had laid Liz on her back, pulled her gold panties down, and lowered her own pussy on to Liz’s mouth, and now they had a very active 69 going on. Charlie had knelt down next to Liz’s head and was caressing Amazon’s buttocks. Liz is pretty good with her tongue too, as Sarah had already experienced, and so Amazon and Liz were not long coming to a climax. The tall girl rolled off Liz, and they both lay there, the difference between their busts when laying down being somewhat extreme.

Trey whispered to Sarah, “The mountain and the mole hill,” drawing a good laugh from her. Charlie tugged on Liz’s leash and she got up from the floor.

As described, the sofas were on three walls, the two end ones, and one long wall. The opposite side of the room had a whole series of doors leading into the small private rooms. As they walked away from Amazon and her friend, Liz said “That girls breasts were so firm, it was ridiculous. Like caressing a rock on the beach. I much prefer your natural breasts, Sarah.”

Not wanting to play again just yet, Sarah looked through a couple of open doors. One had a naked transvestite laying on the bed, who beckoned Sarah in, but Sarah just shook her head. Another room had a pair of beautiful naked girls lying there in an embrace and they too beckoned Sarah in. Again Sarah shook her head.

In the corner of the play room was access to a staircase that lead up to another floor. This was a similar layout, but not all of the floor was covered by the mattresses. At the end with the staircase was a clear area. On this was a low table, and laying on the table was the lowered sling. Anyone wanting to use it could get on the table and have their wrists and/or ankles bound to the support ropes with Velcro and then be hoisted up, and the table pulled out of the way. The sling supported the rider from neck to bum, and all limbs were lifted out of the way, or just legs if that was preferred..

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