Yard Work


The alarm went off with an annoying buzz and Eric’s eyes cracked open. His head hurt and his body felt heavy, he was slightly hung over from the night before. He wearily reached over and turned it off, then sat up. He tried to rub the sleep from his eyes and moved to his feet. Stumbling to his dresser, he pulled out a pair of shorts he had made from an old pair of sweat pants he had cut the legs off, his favorite long horns a tank top, and a pair of low cut sox. It was the first day of summer break, and his Dad had insisted Eric do yard work well his Dad was at work. The 18 year old had just graduated and would have rather been at the pool with his friends enjoying the view of all the girls in their bikinis, but instead he was going to be busy mowing the lawn, life was not fair he thought.

He pulled the tank top on coving his slim but well build torso. He had wanted to play football but want big enough. Football was practically a religion in Texas, and at only 6 foot and one hundred sixty pounds, Eric was never big enough to make the team. He had invested long hours in the weight room trying to put on weight, but it never panned out. It did however; result in him having a well-toned body, with strong arms, legs, and a washboard abs many guys would kill for. He went to pull on his shorts and laughed to himself, he still had morning wood and his meaty ten-inch cock was swollen and standing at attention. He had not been gifted with the size to play football, but he certainly was the envy of the locker room. Pulling his shorts on his member created a tent in front of him. He stroked it a few times, it had been a few days sense he had gotten any and it was aching for attention. He considered beating off for a minute and figured he’d rather knock out his yard work. It was going to be hot today, and he wanted to try and beat the heat of the day. With a little luck, maybe he could get to the pool still and find a girl there. Besides, by the time he grabbed a cup of coffee and breakfast its go down.

The garage door opened and sun light poured the garage in as Eric pulled out the lawn mower. It was already warm maybe eighty degrees and it was only 9am. Erick fired up the lawn mower and pushed it out to the front to begin mowing. He had only been at it a few minutes when he noticed the neighbor Ms. Turner out getting her paper. She was in her robe still, a short satin blue robe that didn’t quite reach mid-thigh. For an older woman Eric thought she looked good. She was a brunet in her mid-40’s and ever sense her husband had left her she had started running half marathons. She had a slim frame and stood about five foot six. After her husband left, she had also gotten a boob job and as a result had an amazing set of double D tits that stood up on their own. Eric watched as she walked down the sidewalk and bent over to get the paper without bending her knees. As she did, her robe crept up and he could have sworn he could almost make out the bottom of her ass. His cock started to react to the sight as he stared at her. She walked back toward her door but stopped mid-way and smiled at him.

Waving she called out “Looks like it’s going to be a hot one, today.”

“Huh, oh yeah.” Eric responded pulled from the daze he was in.

Her robe had slipped open a bit and Eric was trying not to stare at her ample cleavage that was on display.

“Mine needs a trim too. Would you be willing to do me too?” She asked.

“Huh?” He responded dumb founded.

“My lawn sweetie, could you mow it? I’ll make it worth your while.” Responded Ms. Turner

“Oh sure!” Eric replied, “As soon as I finish mine!”

“Cool, no rush Hun.” She called back.

With that, she turned and walked görükle escort back inside; as she did, Eric watched the saw of her hips and was being turned on. He started back to the task and noticed he was tenting his shorts again. He just hoped Ms. Turner hadn’t noticed.

It took a solid two hours for Eric to finish his lawn. He was just starting on Ms. Turner’s when she came outside again. This time she had on a small white bikini with little unicorns on it. It was smaller than most of the girls Eric’s own age wore. The bottoms sat low on her hips barley covering her ass and he was sure she must have shaved her pubes as it would have barely covered them if she had any at all. The top was struggling to contain her ample breasts and he could make out her hard nipples at the edges of the fabric. Her hips rocked side to side as she was walking up to Eric and she carried two large glasses with her. As she reached him, she handed him a glass.

“It’s so hot out here sweetie and you look like you’re working hard!” she said glancing down at his short as they were tenting again from the reaction his member was having to her.

“Oh thanks Ms. Turner.” He said taking the glass and feeling a little embarrassed.

“Nancy, sweetie call me Nancy. My Momma is Ms. Turner.” She said.

“Um sure thing, thanks Nancy.” Eric replied.

She winked at him and said, “I’m gonna be out back by the pool if you need me Sugar.”

With that, she turned and walked around the side of the house. Again, Eric watched mesmerized as her hips racked back and forth, and he could not help but notice how her swimsuit bottom hugged the curves of her ass. Now his flimsy makeshift shorts did not at all hide the full hard on he had. It was hot and he took a sip of his new drink. As he did he was surprised, it was sweet tea, but there was the unmistakable taste of liquor in it as well. Maybe she had mixed up the glasses he thought, oh well it tasted good and so he downed the glass and went to work finishing the front lawn.

Finishing the front yard Eric pushed the mower into the back yard, which was surrounded by a six-foot tall privacy fence. Rounding the corner of the house, he caught the sight of Nancy pulling herself out of the pool. The world seemed to slowdown and everything was like a slow motion video for Eric. Her hair clung to her head and down her back, water poured off her, her tits bounced slightly, and he could clearly make out her dark nipples thru the now sheer white fabric.

Spotting him starting at her she just smiled and waved, then moved to a lounge char by the pool and laid face down. She then reached behind her back and untied the strings holding up her top to avoid getting tan lines. Eric stood mesmerized for a second more. His cock now standing at attention again, he cursed himself and went to work mowing the back lawn. Working in strait lines away from and toward the house, he found himself watching Nancy on each pass. He found himself day dreaming about her. He couldn’t help but stair at her long-toned legs and her firm ass. As he worked on the side of her, he kept trying to peek at what he could see of her large rounds breasts.

By the time he got to about the half way mark in the yard his mind was racing with the thought of getting his hands-on Nancy’s firm rear end and kissing her round tits, and sucking on her erect nipples. His cock was now rock hard and throbbing. It’s full ten inches standing tall and forcing his shorts out. That’s when she flipped over on to her back. He could not believe his luck. He how had a clear view of her firm round tits and could see her nipples dark and hard from the breeze. Her legs lay open and he thought he could eskort bayan even make out the outline of her pussy through the now semi-sheer bottoms she had on. His mind was in overdrive now as he imagined what it would be like to taste her sweet nectar, and lick her as she moaned in pleasure.

Eric was lost in his own mind when Nancy call out “Looking good sweetie, but do you need a break? Why don’t you join me for a few minutes and rest, besides I need more sunscreen, can you help a girl out?”

He stopped the mower and tried his best not to sprint over to her. With each step his heart pounded. He was nervous and slightly embarrassed by the state of his now turgid member, but the chance to rub sunscreen on this sexy cougar was too much to pass up. As he reached her, she handed him the lotion, sat up, and moved forward on her lounger so he could sit behind her. Taking a seat, he poured lotion onto his hands and began to rub Nancy’s shoulders and back.

“Mmm that feels good.” She said. “Nothing like a man’s touch to make a girl feel good”

“Happy to help Ms…. Um Nancy.” Eric stammered.

“Just Nancy, sugar, not Ms. Nancy.” She said.

“Sure thing Nancy.” He said sheepishly.

“You know you could use some lotion too Sugar. I can’t have you getting burned mowing my lawn for me. Let me put some on ya.” She said with a smile.

“Um sure.” Eric said reluctant to stop touching her.

With that, she took the lotion and turned facing him. Eric could not make eye contact but kept staring and her breasts, mesmerized by them, he could feel his pulse in his dick as they moved with each breath she took. Squeezing out a hand full of lotion she began rubbing his calf’s and worked her way up his legs. Eventually she reached the edge of his shorts and allowed her hands to slide up inside each leg working her way closer to his groin. There was now no missing his now pulsing hard cock. It twitched with each circular motion she made with her hands on his thighs.

“Why Eric sweetie, you seem tense.” She said.

“Uh no Ms. I’m fine” he stammered

“Now Eric, we’ve been over this it’s Nancy!” she said in a stern tone.

With a smile, she then grabbed his thick cock by the shaft and said “This does feel fine though!” and she gave it a stroke. All Eric could do was groan.

“Did I do this?” she asked coyly

“I, uh, I can’t help it Nancy. You’re just so hot!” Eric said.

“Well thank you Sugar!” she replied, “I did say I’d make today worth your while.”

With that, she tugged Eric’s shorts off him. She when grabbed his stiff member by the base and began to stroke it. She worked slowly at first making sure to rotate her hand at the top as her hand slid over his sensitive head. Soon his hard cock was oozing pre-cum. Nancy scooped up a drop with her finger and tasted it.

“Yummm!” she exclaimed.

Then she lowered her mouth to the head of his cock and took it in. Sliding it past her lips, she savored his taste and musky smell. She made fast shallow passes, bobbing her head up and down. When Eric started to moan, she quickly impaled herself as far as she could on his huge cock. A few long deep strokes and he was in heaven. She felt his balls contract and felt his shaft throb, knowing what was coming she sat up and stoked him quickly. In seconds, he was shooting like a fountain as cum exploded from his cock. Thinking they were finished, Eric stood up.

“Thanks a lot, I’ll finish the yard!” he said.

“You’ll do no such thing! Nancy cried. “You had your fun, now I want mine!”

With that, she stood as well and pushed him down on the lounger. Standing over him she removed her bikini bottoms and altıparmak escort proceeded to straddle his face.

Lowering he hairless wet twat on to his face and said, “Be a good boy and lick!”

As his tongue slid along the folds of her lips, she let out a moan, and lowered her full weight onto his face. She ground her wet twat against his chin and probing tongue.

“Mmmm yeah, eat that snatch and make me feel good, stud.” Nancy groaned.

He had only gone down on one other girl, but Nancy seemed to be really enjoying this, so he took his time probing her, eventually his tongue made contact with her clit and she howled in pleasure.

“Oh yeah that’s it stud, work Momma clit!” she howled

He loved the taste and smell of her wet twat; he was tonguing her for all he was worth. The sensation coupled with her dirty talk was quickly making him hard again. He was holding her by the hips as she ground her full weight onto his face. His chin was getting soar from the pressure and his tongue had gone numb, but he loved the whole thing. After a few minutes his chin couldn’t take it and he had to move her. He moved them so she lay on her back and he was on the ground between her legs. Bending Nancy’s legs Eric placed her feet on his shoulders and continued the oral assault on her. Soon he had her writhing in ecstasy as orgasm after orgasm rolled through her. Eventually he moved lower allowing his tongue to move in tight circles on her asshole. This seem to really drive her crazy as she was now simply thrashing about crying and telling him what a dirty boy he was. By now life had fully returned to his cock and it was again aching for attention. Now he had an idea. He had always wanted to fuck a girl in the ass and he decided it was time to try. Standing up he pressed the head of his dick against her pink rosebud and slowly pushed against it. At first it was resistant, but eventually gave way and he watched the bulbous swollen purple head of his cock get swallowed by her tight pink asshole. As this happened Nancy howled, and Eric couldn’t tell if it was pleasure or pain causing her to sound like an animal.

“Are you OK?” He asked nervously

“Oh fuck yes sweetie, just give me a minute.” Came her response.

After a short pause he could feel Nancy start to rock back and forth slowly against his firm member. With this he began to push in rhythm against her and with each collision he moved deeper and deeper into her rectum. Before long all ten inches was buried deep in Nancy’s rear end. Bottoming out, he paused again. Then slowly started to slide his rock hard member in and out of her, every time he did, he withdrew further, and pushed back in with more and more force. Within minutes, he was hammering her for all he was worth. Holding her hips, he pounded her repeatedly from behind. Each time he landed home his heavy ball sack slammed against her wet pussy and clit. She was screaming at him telling him to go harder, deeper, to fuck her like a man. Soon it was more than he could take, and he felt his balls start to tighten, his pulse throbbed in his ears, he breath quickened and grew ragged, and he exploded inside Nancy. He felt like it would not stop, he felt the pulsing move from his nuts down the shaft and out the head in each pass. Pulsing like a water pump he filled her and pounded in and out of her until it was painful. Finally he stopped. After a few seconds, he withdrew himself and stared at Nancy’s now gapped asshole filled with his jizz. His cock throbbed at the site. She stood up and cum dribbled down her legs on to the pool deck. She kissed him tenderly on the lips.

“Thanks Sugar, told you I’d make it worth your while. Could you finish up the yard? I have to get ready for a date. She said.

“Sure.” Eric said dumbfounded “You’re going on a date tonight?”

Nancy just smiled “He’ll be home soon so you might hurry.”

With that, she picked up her bikini and walked into the house her hips swaying the whole way.

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