Worth My While

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“Hey, you up for some fun tonight?” Ryan elbows my ribs, bouncing around me with more energy than a puppy on crack. “I know where the party’s at” he promises, hazel eyes flashing.

“You always know”

Ryan was the type to know everyone’s names, knew every party date and place, got the girls throwing their numbers at him easily. He also happened to be the horniest guy on campus. Even with classes, and staying up all night, he somehow seemed to bounce off the walls even in the morning. It was like someone put new batteries in him every night.

“So, you in?” Ryan asks, winking at a girl walking past.

“No, I’ve got an assignment due tomorrow,” I grumble. I still don’t know why I’d decided college was a good idea. Too much work. Maybe it was the chicks, all gloried up and wild when night fell.

“Maaaaaaan,” Ryan groans, shaking his head. “You’re pathetic. Come on, just tonight! It’s gonna be wild!”

I hesitate. Maybe it would be okay to just let go for one night, get a few drinks and watch the women shake their asses, the lights flash over their sweaty skin, smell the mix of liquor and sex hanging in the air. Movement in my pants makes me snap my mind back to the present. “It’s not one of your…wild parties, is it?” I didn’t know what to say. Ryan sometimes had crazy parties. Too many crack heads and alcoholics crammed into one room full of sluts and minxes with just as much skin showing as Miley Cyrus. It wasn’t a party, just one thick group sex.

I wasn’t really keen on them. I’m happy with just one chick opening her legs for me, not every man and woman who attended the party.

Ryan rolls his eyes, slapping me on the back. “Nah, not ‘that’ wild,” without waiting for a reply, Ryan winks and makes a shooting motion at me. “I’ll text you the details later, see ya there”

I shake my head. He was such a swinger, probably going off to knock some poor, unfortunate chick senseless and laugh when she comes crawling back tomorrow, begging for more. Otherwise he’ll be stealing some other man’s girl and screwing her as the guy watches.

During the day, the college was a sleeping beast, with mice scurrying around at its paws. But when night falls the mice turn into vultures and the beast awakens. The smell of arousal falls over the grounds, alcohol running like blood through people’s veins as bodies become everyone’s craving. Like Halloween, either you hid inside, hoping everyone stays away, or join the party, dressed up and looking for a new treat to try.

But that Saturday the night seemed still, sleeping and silent as the pale moon cast a silver light on everyone. ‘Maybe they all turned to werewolves’ I think sarcastically, glancing around. No music reverberated in the distance, and no one was squealing in the shadows as they’re ravished.

I could drop a pin and hear it hit the concrete.

I follow the path none the less, letting my feet lead me further from the main campus dormitories to the houses bordering the campus. Ryan had once said a group had ventured into the house, looking to see if it was inhabited.

Obviously they found very little. I duck under a tree branch, wishing some of Ryan’s friends had lit the way with lights or something, because as the darkness closes in the shadows thicken. It seemed very possible to take the wrong path or just trip over some roots and into a huge hole. I didn’t really want to hobble into the party with a bloody knee and scrapped hands; although, maybe some girl would be willing to be my nurse for the night.

A muffled scream comes from the trees, jerking my head in the direction. The figures laugh as they stumble through the trees, sticks crunching. “Fuck me” someone whispers, words slurring. “I want it to hurt” she purrs, the figures shoving themselves against a tree.

I might have stayed and watched if I hadn’t walked into a tree about that. “Fuck” I grumble as I press my hand to my head. They REALLY needed lights. Feeling a little annoyed, I continue following the path deeper, welcoming the signs pointing me in the right direction, even if it was hard to read them.

I hear the music before I see the lights. The bass thumps as I make my up to the porch. Bright light flickers Kadıköy escort bayan through the lace curtains, casting reds and blues over the grass. “Hey baby” a girl greets, letting me get a good look at the valley between her boobs as she leans over the rails. They’re big, and sweat glimmers on the exposed skin.

The smell of vomit and beer slaps me in the face, wakening me from my perve at her breasts.

Getting inside, I’m relieved to not find people fucking every which way. Bodies grind together in the hallway, skin exposed as they dance. I make my way through the crowds, letting the music become a drug. Soon my hesitation wanes and I get more in the mood. My blood rushes hot in my veins, my heart beat drowning in the beat. Sex and liquor lingers in the air, sweat sparkling on skin as others press against me. Soon I’m handed a cup of beer, and just as quick I’m tossing it aside as it’s now empty.

My pants tighten as a girl grinds into me from behind, and another takes up my front, rubbing her ass against the bulge in my pants. Sweat glistens on her flesh as I drag her close, hands roaming over the exposed skin of her stomach. I pull her close, letting her enjoy herself as she moves against me.

Hands explore my body, but I don’t mind. My pants feel tight, and all I want to do is pin someone to a wall and shove my dick up her pussy. A blonde grinds against me as she wraps her arms around my neck. Every inch of her is smooth and wet, sweat making her skin slick. Boldly I run my hands down her sides to her thighs. My hand slides under her skirt. “You’re not wearing underwear” I whisper in her ear. I could feel the liquor in my veins, blurring my vision on the edges. The girl’s green eyes meet mine, and as I watch, they become more vibrant, her skin melting from red to pink, to orange than green.

Laughing she lowers her ass, my fingers sliding over her wet slit. Her skirt lifts as she runs her hands down my chest and lets her breast brush my stiff manhood. As she comes up she grinds into my front, licking her lips. My hands again go to the area between her legs.

Suddenly another girl appears, the lights flashing on her body. Wearing only a thin slip of cloth over breasts and ass, it was clear that’s all she was wearing. Nipples point out of the fabric as she gets behind the girl and grinds into her from the back. My dick hardens as the new girl dances, pressing the blond girl between us. “What’s your name!” the brunette shouts, groping the blond girl from behind.

“Eris” she laughs casually.

I jerk as hands grab my dick through my pants. “What about you?” I shout to the brunette, trying to ignore Eris playing with my cock.

“Cameron” she answers.

Eris’s hands are working magic through my pants. Painfully I wince, drawing Eris’s hands away. I needed to free my dick before it ripped my jeans open. “Come on” I yell, shoving them towards a room. I need to nail them, make them scream. I don’t even care when I open the door and don’t find a bedroom or that another pair was already occupying part of it.

Mercilessly, I shove Cameron onto the pool table, pulling down her skirt in one movement. I’m not surprised to find she isn’t wearing underwear either. Opening her legs for me she meets my eyes, daring me to look, touch and enrapture. My eyes slide down her body. Between her legs is soaked, running down her thighs. Her pussy stares at me, slightly open and hairless.

Cameron’s body squirms as I stick my fingers into her cunt. Instantly my fingers slide in and out easily, and I rub her walls, coaxing a shuddered breath from her. As her breathing hitches and she squirms on the table I press my thumb into her clit. “Deeper!” she demands, arching her back on the table. Refusing to give her what she wants, I reach up, removing the ‘shirt’ from her as I continue the tortuously slow pace.

Eris jerks my zip down, pulling my pants to my ankles swiftly. Freeing my cock, she instantly takes it into her mouth. I bite back a groan. My nerves catch on fire, and my dick swells as she licks the underside. Her tongue slides over the glans slowly. I’m not shocked by her experience however, and soon she’s tickling my balls Escort Kadıköy and deep throating my hard manhood in her wet slick mouth.

Continuing to stroke Cameron, I grab Eris’s head, coaxing her to take more of me in.

“Please! Just fuck me!” Cameron groans. Her fingers touch my hand briefly before she pulls away, shuddering. Her back arches, her round breasts bobbing. Trembling in delight, her moans of resent are stark contrasts. I can no longer keep up the slow pace of touching her softly, intimately.

I do as she says, driving my fingers in harder, deeper. “You like this?” I ask, bending over slightly, rubbing Cameron’s clit fast and hard; enjoying the way she jerks and trembles. She lets out a chocked moan, arching her back again. I ask again, slowing my movements so she can regain her composure, at least a little. She doesn’t cum, but she’s tipping, every muscle holding tight and her breath uneven. My fingers tangle in Eris’s hair, and I have to suddenly stop myself from shoving it deep down her throat. This was her fun, just as much as mine.

“Yes,” Cameron huffs, squirming on my hand. Juices coat my fingers from her cunt, and her lips are wet. “Keep going!”

Eris pulls my dick from her mouth, licking the tip once before she moves out of the way. Groping my ass from behind she pushes me forward, but I don’t need any encouragement. I pull Cameron closer to me, shoving my cock inside her pussy easily. As she jerks and claws at the table, I slowly impale her, watching as her folds suck me in as I try to pull out, and welcome me as I shove in.

I grab Eris from beside me, almost throwing her on top of Cameron. “Kiss her, and show me your ass,” I demand, thrusting in to make Cameron squeak.

To my surprise, Eris quickly undresses before sliding on top of Cameron. As the two girls kiss, they touch each other, groaning and moaning. Completely turned on, I fuck Cameron harder, watching Eris’s gorgeous ass. Her punker hole peeks at me through the round ass cheeks. It’s pale, but so smooth, begging to be touched and slapped. Unable to resist, I grab her butt, kneading the flesh. I pull her skin aside, admiring her ass hole staring back at me.

With the finger I used on Cameron’s cunt, I force it into Eris’s anus. I drive into Cameron harshly, increasing my tempo as my balls tighten, my dick sliding in and out of her tight, wet hole. I insert a second finger. With a little difficulty I hold them close, finger-fucking one and just screwing the other senseless.

Eris gasps, trying to pull away. “Ugh, uh” I discipline, pulling her back with my free hand. Shoving my fingers in hard, I grab her breast with the other hand. I hold myself back from cumming, letting the pressure build as I finger fuck Eris. Sweat beads on Eris’s back, gleaming in the pale light. Her breathing comes short and sharp as she starts to grind onto my fingers, letting me push harder.

Cameron’s walls contract, pushing me towards the edge. Forgetting Eris, I remove my fingers, pulling Cameron to me harshly. She lets out a scream, pulling on Eris as an orgasm rocks her body. She screams in pleasure, meeting my thrusts with her ass until she’s trembling too much to move. I drive in hard and fast, not allowing her to recuperate. I shove in to the hilt, hammering her pussy relentlessly. The sound of skin slapping is music to my ears, and her pussy makes squishing sounds as I thrust in. Tightening her legs around me she tries to pull me closer, letting out moans of ecstasy, squirming on my dick weakly. Her cunt tightens, pulling me in. With one last hard push, I let myself cum in her.

Gasping for air, I lean over Eris’s ass, reminding myself to breath. I let myself stay there for a minute. I could feel the juices on my cock, hot and wet, sticky. Cameron’s pussy spasms every few seconds as she comes down from her high, muscles slowly relaxing. Carefully I pull out of her cunt, watching the lips holding my thick shaft as I remove myself.

“Fuck,” Cameron mumbles, curling up under Eris. “Ryan was right. You do have a big dick.”

“What?” I ask absently, rubbing my stiff cock. Still hard, I rub it against Cameron’s slit, teasing her cunt with the pretence Kadıköy Rus Escort of another fuck.

Her breath hitches. “Ryan said-you-we-re big,” she huffs, grinding on my tip slightly.

“Perve,” I growl. Just because I walked around my room with only a towel on, didn’t mean he could watch as I got dressed. Annoyed, I pull away from Cameron’s waiting cunt. Without hesitation, I grab Eris and shove my hard shaft into her pussy from behind.

She lets out a scream, trying to push me away. “Be gentle!” But I don’t listen. Driving into her hard, I push her forward, flattening her chest against Cameron’s.

“Did he tell you, too?” I ask, trying to suffocate my annoyance.

“Yes, stop, it hurts,” she whines, squirming around.

I pull out without warning. I push her aside, onto her back, staring down at Cameron, who cowers back slightly, legs still open. ‘Slut’ I think sourly, wanting to shove my cock down her throat just to see if she could still say I’m big again. Don’t get me wrong, it was a complement, but I don’t want girls throwing themselves at me only for my dick. It’s great and all, but I don’t want to be like Ryan, only here for a few great fucks. I have work to do. “You better make this worth my while” I snap, grabbing Eris before she can move away.

Ruthlessly, I thrust myself back into Eris, welcoming her scream. She trembles, trying to wriggle free. Pressing her down, I assault her cunt, shoving into her to the hilt, my balls slapping her ass. Pulling her legs onto my waist, I fuck her hard. She screams, wall contracting, her juices squishing audibly.

Cameron suddenly appears in front of me, kneeling over Eris’s face. “Eat me,” she instructs, moaning softly as Eris complies.

Grabbing Cameron’s face, I pull her lips to mine, kissing her roughly. I shove my tongue into her mouth, almost surprised as she doesn’t put up a fight. Her boobs bounce on her chest, so I grab one, kneading it as I fuck Eris silly, impaling her continuously. Eris’s cunt contracts as she squirms onto me, her screams muffled under Cameron’s pussy. Plunging into her wet core, I hold back a new round of cum. ‘Just a little longer’ I tell myself as Eris climaxes, shuddering uncontrollably. Her pussy squeezes me as she squirms.

“Stop!” she screams, grabbing Cameron’s hips. “I can’t take it; you’re going to break me!”

“Shut up,” I snap as I pull away from Cameron’s lips, forcing her hands down near Eris’s clit. She meets my eyes briefly before setting to work, regardless of Eris’s scream for reprieve. I thrust in sharply, pulling out only to shove myself back into the hilt. Eris screams again with every thrust, walls spasming around my fat cock. Unable to stop myself any longer, I cum, letting my semen fill her, slowing my pace and becoming less forceful. As Eris calms down, Cameron gets off her face, sitting on the pool table like a small girl waiting to be scolded.

“Clean it,” I demand, presenting Cameron my semi stiff dick.

Hesitating, she glances at me. Then she lowers her mouth and dutifully licks my cock clean, licking up all the juices that had come to coat it. She pulls away, looking at me from under her eyelashes.

Reaching out, I take her face in one had gently. “Hey, just remember, you asked for this” I remind, glancing down at Eris too. She still trembles, curling into a ball as she shakes. It would suck if she turned out to be traumatized.

Without another word, I pull up my pants and leave the room, wondering through the crowd in search of more beer and maybe a few more girls willing to have fun.

‘Just for tonight,’ I remind myself.


Cameron gasps as I drag her from the main hallway, shoving her into the janitor’s closet. “What are you doing!” she whispers harshly as I close the door.

“Hey, you came to me remember.” Under those flashing lights, with sweaty skin and with hardly any clothes on. Jeez, it’s not like it was that long ago. Only two days, more than enough time for her to recuperate.

“What are you-” she starts, a frown creasing her forehead.

“Shh,” I demand, pushing her against the table that was ‘conveniently’ placed in the room. Pulling her tights down, I smirk at her lack of underwear. I look up, meeting her eyes.

“Easy access?” she offers.

“Well, you did want this,” I prompt. “Now, you have to make this worth my while.”

Without a fight, she opens her legs for me and leans back. “Hurry up then, I have a class soon.”

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