Working Relationship Ch. 05

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Big Tits

Sarah now headed upstairs for a shower and to get changed. She hoped that Mrs Smith from across the street hadn’t noticed the state of her tights. When David had torn the hole in them, they had laddered down both legs. She needed fresh panties as well, because hers had got soaked with her juices when he had finger-fucked her to a climax. She thought back to what they had done in his car, parked behind the ‘Harmony in Life’ shop.

She knew none of it was David’s doing. Although he had kissed her first, she had responded to it in such a way that any man would have followed up on. Even though he had cupped her breast and used his thumb to massage her nipple, that had only happened after she had intensified the kiss and put her arms around him, holding him so he wouldn’t break away. She was the one who had moved his hand to her leg, pushed it under her skirt and told him to rip her tights open. He had only done what she had wanted him to do. She had definitely been the instigator of what had happened. She realised she was actually hoping that John wanted her to take a lover, because she knew for certain, if he did, who that lover was going to be.

Her pussy was getting wet again as the thought of actually going to bed with David was beginning to take shape in her mind. She realised that it wasn’t really going to matter much whether John wanted her to be a ‘HotWife’ or not. Marriage vows or not, she was going to take David as her lover. It would be so much easier if John wanted her to, but if he didn’t, she knew it was only a matter of time before she and David finished up in bed together. The convention was only three weeks away, and they would be staying in two connecting rooms. She knew that, because, as his P.A, she had booked them herself. She had asked for connecting rooms to make it easier for them to work in the evening, as she had done before. This time would be different. He had professed his love for her and now she had told him that she loved him. The company might be paying for two rooms, but she knew without any doubt that only one bed was going to be slept in, although she doubted if much ‘sleeping’ would be going on.

After her shower, she dressed in fresh clothes and got ready to go out. She was going to pop round to see Lorraine and Bill. She needed to get some firsthand knowledge of what had gone on last night. As in any delicate negotiation, it was best to know the answers to the questions, before you ask them. It makes it easier to see when you are only getting part of the story. Taking her soiled panties and ruined tights downstairs, she put the panties in a bucket of hot water and detergent, to soak. Her tights she put into her bag. She would dispose of them in a waste bin, well away from home. Opening the box which held her new phone, she plugged in the charger and connected the phone to it. She thought about the conclusions she had reached and wondered if she really had got it right. She would know soon enough, but if John did want her to become a HotWife, she wanted no doubt in anyone’s mind that it was his idea. Then if it went wrong he wasn’t going to be able to blame her.

It was a 20 minute walk to Lorraine’s house and about half way there she disposed of the tights in a wheelie-bin at the kerb, which the bin men hadn’t got round to yet. Even if John had known where to look, by the time he finished work, the bin would have been emptied and her torn tights would be on their way to the municipal tip as part of several tons of rubbish.

Over a cup of tea, Sarah explained to Lorraine why she had come. ‘Lottie’ as Lorraine liked to be called, hadn’t been in the club last night and although Bill had said there had been some trouble, she didn’t ask and he hadn’t told her it had concerned Maltepe Fetiş Escort John. She called Bill in from the garden, where he was doing some weeding, and asked him. They soon found that, apart from breaking up the scuffle between John and Mick, he didn’t know much more than Sarah already knew. Sarah asked if Mick was married, and what was his home address, because if he was, Sarah thought bringing his wife up to date on what Mick had said, might be a way to give him the ‘kick in the nuts’ he deserved. While Bill looked up Mick’s membership details, the girls chatted about things. Lottie insisted that if Sarah was going to confront Mick’s wife, she was coming along, which Sarah was glad about. She felt in need of some support and Lottie wasn’t a person you messed around with.

Bill came back with the news that Mick was married and he had written the home address down on a piece of paper. Lottie took the paper, and glaring at Bill, said “You knew this concerned John and Sarah and Sarah is my friend. You should have told me about this last night, or first thing this morning. I will speak to you about it when we are alone.” Then she said “Come on Sarah, we have an idiot to sort out.”

They drove to the address in Lottie’s car. Outside the address was Mick’s pick-up, so it seemed he was at home. Sarah wasn’t sure she wanted to confront him, but Lottie pulled up and said, “I’ll deal with him if he starts anything, you talk to his wife.”

Mick answered the door, and when Sarah asked to speak to his wife, he said “What do you want to speak to her for? It’s me you really want to see. Come to arrange for me to help you out with your bedroom needs, have you?”

Lottie stepped in front of him, “We don’t want any trouble, we have come to speak with your wife, so if you wouldn’t mind calling her, we can say what we have to and leave.”

Mick laughed, “What’s up love?” he said, “Are you jealous that your friend might be getting some of this and you are not?” He grabbed at his crotch in a disgusting manner. “There is plenty to go around, I can help you out as well.”

The scream as Lottie’s knee connected with his balls, was the most satisfying sound Sarah had heard all day. It also brought a lady from the kitchen to see what was going on, just as Mick collapsed in the hall, holding his privates. Lorraine stepped into the hall and placed her foot on Mick’s hands where they were wrapped around his crotch. “I can provide you with some more incentive to listen if you need it Mick,” she said sweetly. Looking at the woman, she said, “I take it you are married to this piece of filth, who is currently praying I am not going to grind his balls into his own hall carpet?”

The woman nodded. “Has he been up to his old tricks again?” she asked.

Sarah spoke directly to her, ignoring Lottie and Mick, “If his old tricks include making disgusting insinuations about me and my husband. Suggesting, that for some reason I cannot imagine, I would welcome a repulsive Neanderthal idiot like him into my bed, then Yes! He has. I can think of zoo animals I would rather have in bed with me, than him. Now, if you can’t control your monkey, please don’t let him out around civilised people. He is an embarrassment. I work for a firm of legal advisors and solicitors. This kind of thing is not part of our usual work, but if I ask my boss to look into your husband’s business dealings and accounts, THAT IS! If this over-sexed, under-brained clown comes anywhere near me or my husband again, I will set investigations in motion with Companies House, the Inland Revenue and anyone else I or my boss can think of. So he had better be absolutely certain everything, and I do mean everything, connected with his business and Maltepe Gecelik Escort his company, is ‘squeaky clean’, because I will set the dogs on him. What is left when they have finished, you can keep, but I assure you, if he runs his business with the intelligence he has shown so far, there won’t be much, so make sure you have a stockpile of food in your larder, because when they have finished with him there will be precious little left to buy more. I am sorry to drop this on you like this, but when I hear that your husband referred to me as ‘a sexy little bitch’ and said that my husband is incapable of providing me with a child, or that he is not enough of man to satisfy me in bed, so he is going to come and do it for him, I became a bit upset. It is me who cannot have children, my husband is perfectly capable of providing me with them. Now! This is me being ‘a bit upset’. My friend has only come along to provide moral support. You do not want to see me when I am really angry, and believe me, you do not want to see my friend if she feels even slightly upset. Good day to you.”

Lottie gave a little push with her foot, bringing another groan from Mick. “Don’t even think about dropping into the club again,” she said, “You are barred, and the formal notification of the cancellation of your membership will be sent through the post.” She looked at his wife, who was standing with her hands on her hips, glaring at her husband. “Sorry for having taken up so much of your time, but we did feel you ought to know what he was trying to get up to, He had no chance, but he was making a nuisance of himself, trying.”

In the car on the way home, Sarah burst out laughing. “I don’t think, from the way she was looking at him, he is going to have a comfortable few days, do you?”

Lorraine grinned, “He might be spending the next couple of days in hospital, because I really connected with my knee you know. I don’t think he will be bothering anyone, not even his wife, in bed for a while.”

“From the look on her face,” said Sarah “I don’t think he will dare ask for any favours there, for quite a long time. No wonder Bill runs for cover if you get annoyed, he is probably scared you will dish out that treatment to him.”

“No, he’s safe enough,” said Lorraine, “I am not going to cut off my nose to spite my face. If I did that to him, I would have to go without for a couple of weeks, and I don’t think I could manage for that long. I have him well trained. He knows, if I miss out for two days, he is getting raped on the third. I do like my ‘home comforts’. Mind you, if its size you are looking for, matched with a lot of ability using it, if you ask me very, very nicely, and only because you are my best friend, I might consider lending you Bill for an evening. I can tell you, he really would leave you with ‘that stuffed up feeling’. Well, either that or clear the rust out of your tubes for you. Why do you think I married him?”

“Lottie, you are a very naughty girl,” said Sarah, “But I will keep it in mind, if I ever feel the need of being really filled. Somehow though, I don’t think John would go in for wife swapping.”

“Swapping be buggered,” said Lorraine, with a giggle, “After Bill, with anyone else it would be like using a 22mm fitting on a 15mm pipe. I’ll have to stick with Bill, I mean, where am I going to find another really nice guy with the same ‘home benefits’ that he gives me? Not that I am looking, I hasten to add. We suit each other too well for either of us to play around.”

“I am glad to hear it,” said Sarah, “You two have been inseparable since the fourth year at secondary school. If you break up, what chance is there for the rest of us?”

“Shall I let you into a secret?” Maltepe Genç Escort Said Lorraine, going all serious, “By our second date, I realised that Bill was the most caring person I had ever known. He didn’t care about himself, only me. I went out with a nice looking, if a bit rough, lad, and found a diamond that would get up from his death bed to bring me a glass of water if he even thought I might be thirsty. I don’t have to shout at him or threaten him. I only have to ask. No Sarah, I am not looking around, I have my man.”

Sarah blushed, “I am happy for you Lottie, I hope I have too, but sometimes I wonder if John really is who I think he is. Sometimes he can be … sort of strange. This thing last night, he spent so much time dodging around telling me, that I lost my temper with him and finished up sending him to sleep in the spare room. That’s why I came round to see you, to see if you or Bill knew what had happened, but of course Bill was behind the bar and their row happened in the toilets. The only one who really knows what was said is John, and he is being very shy about telling. I expect we will work it out, although unless he comes clean, I might be spending a lot of time in my lonely bed while he is looking at the wallpaper in the spare room.”

Bill was waiting for them when Lottie turned into their drive. He looked relieved they were all right. He put his arms around Loraine as soon as she got out of the car, “Are you all right love,” he said, “I was worried about you.” Lottie laughed and kissed him. “Yes I am fine, he offered to let me play with his dirty little toy, but I think I managed to convince him I wasn’t interested, didn’t I Sarah?”

Sarah laughed, “Oh yes! I am sure he got that message, loud and clear. I don’t think he will have got round to rubbing them yet, he will still be trying to count them, to make sure they are both still there!”

“I had his wife on the phone a few minutes ago, she asked me to apologise to you both for his behaviour” said Bill, “She said to tell you he has taken himself to casualty. He wanted her to take him but she had something in the oven and couldn’t leave it. Apparently he slipped on a jobsite and has injured himself, in a rather delicate place, on a length of scaffolding pipe. Otherwise he would have phoned to apologise, himself.”

The girls looked at each other and burst out laughing. Lorraine patted her knee, “A length of scaffolding pipe ‘eh? That sounds painful. Come on in Sarah, I think we both need a drink.”

Bill fixed them both quite strong mixes of their favourite drinks, and they sat and chatted until Sarah said she had to go, because she wanted to be home before John got in. They had things to talk about and she had to be ready to go out at 7, she had a meeting over dinner with her boss. Lorraine offered to drive her home, but Bill said she wasn’t driving after the amount she had drunk, so he would take Sarah home.

Lottie went into a fit of giggles, and said “Remember now Sarah, we might be best friends, but we are not that good best friends. 15 goes into 22, but 22 won’t fit into 15.” Sarah blushed, and replied, “Surely that depends on how good the plumber is?” This sent Lorraine off into another fit of giggles. “We shall have to see if the plumber decides to risk that slippery scaffold plank then, won’t we.”

Bill stood there looking at them as both girls dissolved into fits of laughter. “Women!” He said, I will never understand them.”

On the way home Bill asked what all that about pipes and plumbers was about, but Sarah told him he would have to ask Lorraine. Then, on impulse she said, “She really loves you, you know.” Bill looked at her and very quietly said, “Yes, I know. Every day I wonder what she sees in me, but I thank my lucky stars that she does. Sometimes I lie awake beside her, just to watch her sleep, and I try to think of new things to do to make her happy.”

Sarah felt a tear welling up. She said, “Just keep being you, Bill. That’s what makes Lottie happy, being with you.”

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