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Sophie was a woman who usually never noticed men looking at her. Of course, she would notice an outright leer, and would be turned off by it, but she usually missed appreciative glances. For one thing, she felt somewhat socially awkward, and consequently, her own gaze was too often turned inward on herself, judging her social self, and sometimes on social occasions imagining she saw her own dislike of her unease reflected in the eyes of others. Added to that inward view, was the fact that she was sure she didn’t have the face or body that attracted appreciative glances. Sophie didn’t know how wrong she was. While she would never be a centrefold model, her male colleagues at work were very aware of her large breasts, and always tried to sneak lustful glances at the way those breasts bounced and jiggled slightly as she walked around the office, and at the way her big, beautiful ass moved under her dress.

You would probably think that such a lady was rather withdrawn and quiet, but you would lose your money if you bet on that. She was actually something of a walking contradiction, and her work colleagues were mostly unaware of her social anxieties. Sophie was the Office Manager, and projected a certain air of authority. She was proud of her office and of the people working there. The staff all knew that they were expected to be conscientious in their approach to their work, that bad behaviour and incompetence were not acceptable, but under Sophie’s management, such problems were rare. Her mildly extroverted personality, natural to her despite her social awkwardness, and her friendly, encouraging way of dealing with staff, meant her colleagues enjoyed the excellent working atmosphere she had created. Sophie was more than confident as office manager, and in contrast to her feelings in social situations, was proud of her relationship with her staff.

Matt had been working for the company for three years now and had thrived in his job. In the beginning, he had not had a lot of contact with Sophie, but his outstanding work ethic had seen him promoted to a more senior position that required more frequent consultation with her. Like most of the other staff, he was unaware of his manager’s underlying shyness, unaware that she shared some of the anxieties he felt in certain social situations. Matt was not a virgin, but his experience with women was limited, because of his shyness. As a result, he was never sure if she was sometimes teasing him or not, was no good at trying to flirt in order to find out, and worried about losing his job if he upset her. Most of the time, this was not a big problem. Like some of the other male staff, he liked to catch glimpses of the way her breasts and ass moved if she was walking around the office, but such opportunities were not frequent. Occasionally Sophie would wear what Matt thought was called a camisole instead of a bra. The garment had some built-in support for her big breasts, but not as much as a bra, so that the bounce and jiggle of her boobs were a little more pronounced, and the outline of her nipples was visible. Sarah felt more feminine and sexy wearing that sort of undergarment occasionally, was vaguely aware of the occasional glance, but was not overly conscious of the effect on male colleagues. She always wore a cardigan or a blouse, etc. over the camisole, so in her mind her exterior appearance was always much the same, pleasant but unremarkable. For Matt, on the other hand, the opposite was true, because the camisole days were the highlight of each month for him, or at least they had been. Since his promotion, he and Sophie had been sharing the work on a couple of projects, and for that reason she often came to his desk to talk over an idea with him. She would stand in front of his desk, meaning that from his chair, he was looking slightly upwards and had to force himself to look at her face while they talked and not rudely stare at, and talk to, her boobs. On top of the strong sexual attraction to her, Matt really liked Sophie, would have loved getting to know her better, and the last thing he wanted was for her to think he was a rude pervert. Occasionally, she would bring a file with her, place it in front of him, and stand beside him while they discussed it, or looked at a file together on the computer. Both things required her to lean over next to him so that he could feel her breast touching his shoulder or arm, arousing in him a strong desire to feel, to see, to caress, to suck. Camisole days went from being days of tingling delight to being days of depressing torture, depressing because he knew that, even if he could overcome his fear of losing his job, he could never overcome his natural shyness and would never know what it was like to bury his face in tits like Sophie’s. On camisole days, when she stood in front of his desk for a chat, he could just make out her nipples, if she was wearing a blouse or shirt, and he tried to have a look when he thought she may not notice. The real torture took place if she leaned on his desk, bent over towards him as she talked, a couple of buttons open at the top of the shirt or blouse, a position that gave him a tantalizing look at the swell of her breasts. It also gave him a hardon. Fortunately, he was sitting in his chair, his legs under his desk, so his embarrassing hardon wasn’t visible. When the conversation finished and Sophie went back to her own office and desk, he was able to slide a hand down over the outside of his trousers and rub his erection as he pictured the glorious sight of her breasts. On camisole days, Matt was sure she was deliberately teasing him, and would decide he had to make a little move, flirt a bit, maybe pass a comment, a polite comment on how attractive her figure was in her camisole. However, after masturbating at home in the evening, he would feel silly, a bit of a loser, and tell himself that the teasing was only in his overactive imagination, and that he might end up losing his job if his flirting was too suggestive.

Of course, Sophie never noticed her effect on Matt. To her, he was a highly motivated, reliable member of staff who took pride in his work, work that was invariably well done. She never suspected his underlying escort karataş bayan shyness at all. Like her, he seemed confident in his ability to do his job well, never cracked under pressure, had a ready smile for others. Matt got along well with all his colleagues, male and female, including sharing the odd joke with them, although Sophie had noticed one thing. Highly suggestive or aggressive flirting was frowned on in her office; on the other hand, a bit of lighthearted, flirtatious banter once in a while was par for the course, but Matt almost never participated in this. He might smile softly, give a little chuckle, but that is all. Sophie did not know the real reason for this was his shyness, and lack or confidence and experience around women. Matt seemed to have lots going for him——not bad looking, a pleasant, friendly manner, on his way up, a promising career ahead of him. She hadn’t been in a relationship for some time now. After she had broken up with her last boyfriend, she had had a “friend with benefits” for a while, but he had moved to another town. Like Matt, Sophie was getting hornier by the day, but, like Matt, her only recourse was her hand and her vibrators. Despite his apparent lack of interest in women, she fantasized about Matt dominating and ravishing her in a fit of passion, but then she wondered in passing if Matt might be gay. She was soon to find out that nothing could be further from the truth.

The deadline for one of the projects they had been working on was drawing near, and despite the hard work everyone had put in, especially that of her and Matt, they would not get it done without a bit of overtime. The project absolutely had to be completed by Monday, so on Friday, Sophie asked Matt to come to her house on both Saturday and again on Sunday to put the finishing touches on the submission. Knowing how important the project was to the company, he readily agreed, said he would bring some takeaway for lunch for both of them, but as much as he tried, he couldn’t get rid of the image that popped into his head of her naked and submissive, of him making her do every dirty thing he had ever thought of with him. His dick hoped it would be a camisole day, but his head hoped it wouldn’t be. He hadn’t touched a woman, never mind had sex, in so long that, if it was a camisole day, he was afraid he would at best embarrass himself, at worst get fired, that he would get an erection, or be unable to stop himself putting his hand on her ass or boobs.

Sophie decided that, since they weren’t actually at the office she would dress a little more casually, so she put on some casual, loose-fitting slacks and a loose sweater over her bra. Matt arrived right at the agreed time Saturday morning, loved the big smile she gave him on opening the door, and was both relieved and disappointed when he saw how she was dressed. “A disappointed, soft cock and a more relaxed, focused mind makes for better work”, he said to himself, although he observed with a touch of lust that he could still see the outline of her breasts under the loose sweater They worked hard for a while, stopped for a coffee break and a chat, then worked through till lunch. Sophie seemed to enjoy the Italian pasta and salad he brought for lunch, and he thoroughly enjoyed chatting, getting to know her. The slight air of authority evident in the office was not there. She was more relaxed. It was more like two friends exchanging bits and pieces about their lives than an office chat between a boss and her worker. He was feeling more and more drawn to, attracted to his delightful boss.

After lunch, they returned to the job at hand, worked through till late afternoon, and were delighted that they only had a bit left to finish. “We should be able to get this all wrapped up by lunchtime tomorrow”, Sophie said, “See you in the morning”. Matt thought about giving her a soft hug as he said goodbye, but worried that it might not be appropriate to hug your boss, so he just said how much he had enjoyed getting through so much work, and at the same time getting to her know better. Sophie was quick to say that she felt the same way, held out her hand to shake his, thought about giving him a little kiss on the cheek as she did so, but worried that it was something a boss shouldn’t do. They said a mutual goodbye and parted.

Sophie was so happy that they had got through so much work, and was elated at the obvious quality and detail their work showed. She had no doubt they would get the contract. The original outline of the plan had been hers, but Matt had made a major contribution and she would be happy to share the credit with him. However, at the moment, the sense of accomplishment meant adrenalin and hormones were running through her body, making her feel sexy, and definitely on the horny side, wondered in passing if Matt would like to eat some pussy for lunch tomorrow instead of Italian pasta. After undressing for bed, she got her favourite toy out, “the triple treat”, as she called it, because it pleasured her pussy, clit and ass all at the same time. But as luck would have it, just at that moment her cell phone rang. She ran out to her kitchen to retrieve her phone, and on the way, put the triple treat down on a small table in the hallway. The call was from a friend in dire need of someone to talk to after breaking up with her partner of several years, and Sophie’s heart went out to her as she listened to the sad story. It was over an hour before she was able to get back to bed. Emotionally drained after the call, she decided to leave the session with the triple treat until tomorrow. “We’ll be finished by lunch and I’ll make up for it tomorrow once Matt has gone”.

Unfortunately for Sophie, the day’s work, followed by the phone call, had left her more tired than she realized, and she slept in. She had only just finished a quick breakfast and was still in her pyjamas, when Matt arrived ready for work. She opened the door to greet him with an embarrassed expression, apologizing for still being in pyjamas. While not normally conscious of men watching the slight movement of her breasts, she was certainly aware of the leers she got escort bayan karkamış the few times she had been in public without a good bra on, but then she thought to herself that Matt was probably gay anyway, and it would be rude to leave him immediately while she rushed off to get dressed. She invited him to the kitchen and made him a cup of coffee before doing so.

Matt felt embarrassed by the situation, both for himself and for his boss, but his embarrassment diminished and his lust grew as he quickly realized Sophie was naked under earth her pyjamas. Even though the pyjamas were relatively loose-fitting, he was mesmerized by the way her boobs bounced and jiggled under her top, making it evident why guys would sometimes call them “knockers”. He sat at the kitchen table as she prepared his coffee, wondering once again if she was doing this because she loved teasing him, loved seeing him staring, loved seeing that desire in his eyes. He tried to look up when she brought his coffee, but when she leaned over the table to put it in front of him, he couldn’t keep his eyes from dropping, looking straight down into the opening as her top fell forward and presented him with a clear view of her breasts, and her nipples, like dark red cherries, just asking for his mouth. Sophie couldn’t help but notice his look of embarrassment, desire, lust, all rolled into one, and, while she felt embarrassed too, she also felt her nipples harden and a tingle in her pussy. She quickly excused herself to go and change, while Matt, feeling aroused and agitated, sporting a semi-erection, couldn’t sit still, got up and walked around a bit to relieve the stress. As he did, he saw the the “triple treat” sitting on the small table in the hallway leading to Sophie’s bedroom. “Holy Fuck!”, he said to himself, “Is she teasing me or is she coming on to me?”. He wanted to find out, even if it meant losing his job.

As Sophie was returning, she noticed her triple treat on display, quickly grab it and took it back to her bedroom, then came back, wearing a very demure blouse buttoned right up, and a loose fitting pair of slacks. Matt was trying to decide the best way to go about this. He got up on the pretense of putting his empty cup in the sink, but as soon as he did, his now almost full erection became obvious. Sophie couldn’t help but notice it, and blurted out: “Did I cause that?”. Matt gave a nervous chuckle and said: “You must be joking! Much as I like coffee, it doesn’t give me a hardon!”. “I am really sorry, I should have been ready before you arrived, should have

been more careful”.

Sophie looked genuinely sorry, and Matt began to think that he had been wrong, that she had not been deliberately teasing and tormenting him. And if she had been enjoying that gadget on that table before he came, maybe she was as horny as he was. “Look”, he said, “we got along really well yesterday, got lots of work done, and got to know each other a bit too. But this morning, thanks to you, I am too horny to concentrate on work. All I can think about at the moment is your gorgeous tits and nipples. So, if you want to finish the plan today, you’re going to have to do what I say. You’re to blame for this hardon; it’s hard for you, and it would be rude of you not to welcome it, give it a good home in your pussy. I am going to sit in that chair and I want you to stand in front of me and slowly, but not too slowly strip to the waist”. Matt was convinced she would fire him and throw him out on the spot, but after a slight hesitation, he saw her hand reaching for the top button on her blouse, and he knew this was going to be his dream come true.

For a brief moment Sophie was astonished, taken totally by surprise at his words, but at the same time, she was excited beyond belief. All her unsatisfied horniness from last night came back. She was aroused too by the way Matt seemed to be taking charge of the situation. She could see the desire in his eyes, and was ready to just let go, do whatever he wanted, relieved that she didn’t have to make decisions, that pleasure would come from the paradox that in submitting to his wishes, she was actually in control of her own pleasure. She slowly unbuttoned the buttons of her blouse, pulled it out of her slacks.

Matt watched the buttons come undone, savouring the sweet torture of anticipation. He rubbed his hardon through his trousers, not wanting to get too aroused too fast, wanting to make this last, but when she had started to take her arms out of the blouse, he undid his fly to free his dick. He told her to stop for second, let him look at her in her bra, so he could see what he had only been able to steal a glance at in the office, those tits being hugged by her lucky bra, spilling out a bit from the top. After a minute, he couldn’t wait any longer: “Take the bra off”. She reached behind her, unhooked it, bent slightly to let it fall forward onto the floor. Once he saw those big beautiful breasts in all their glory, crowned with dark pink nipples and areolas, he just had to move his hand to his cock and stroke. It was all he could do to stop himself from rushing to feel them, caress them, suck on them, squeeze her nipples, but instead he told her to stand with her hands on her hips and pull her shoulders back, which made it look as though she were saying: “Well, here they are, all for you!”. Next he told her to put her hands under her breasts, hold them up as though she were offering them to him, telling him that they were for his pleasure. “Squeeze, pinch your nipples…pull them, stretch them out…”. Sophie was totally caught up in the moment, felt so free, indulging in her desires, losing herself in them, and at the same time, was so turned on by the effect her body was having on Matt. Seeing the desire in his eyes, seeing him lightly lick his lips, seeing him stroke his cock made hard by his desire for her, was such an incredible turn on.

“Take off your slacks and panties”, he instructed her, pointing to her slacks. He thought for a second he would tell her to leave her panties on for a minute, but he was too aroused, he needed to see her pussy NOW. He stroked his cock kilis escort bayan a little faster as she stepped out of her slacks and panties, and told her to spread her legs so that he could get a clear look at her pussy. When he saw the lips of her bald pussy, he got up, quickly removed his clothes, told her to turn around and show him her ass. He came up behind her, reached under her arms and took a breast in each hand, fondled them, felt their weight, pinched her nipples, put a hand over each tit and pulled her tight against him, planted soft kisses all across and up and down her neck as he caressed each breast. She could feel his hardon pressing into her, as his hand went down to her pussy. He slid his finger up and down her slit to open her up, slipped his finger inside, couldn’t believe how wet she was, loved the feeling of her wet pussy walls on his finger, slipped the finger out and up to her clit, rubbing his finger wet with her juices all over it. Her pussy wanted his hard cock in her NOW, but instead he told her to walk towards the bedroom so he could see how her ass moved as he followed behind. He watched her tits bounce and jiggle as she got on the bed. He stood at the end of the bed, taking in the delights of her breasts, focusing on that pussy that would soon be welcoming his cock, stroking his cock, rubbing precum up and around its head for sharper, more intense sensations, anticipating how her pussy would feel. He got on the bed, knelt beside her head: “Suck my cock, lick my balls”, he ordered as he caressed her breasts, squeezed her nipples. Her mouth drove him crazy, providing all sorts of exquisite sensations to his cock, as she licked up the underside, around the head, slipped down and sucked her way back up. “Ah…Oh…fuck, that is so fucking good”, he panted. He stopped his play with her breasts, held her head at the back and fucked her mouth slowly a few times, but then withdrew, not wanting to come yet. His head was in a whirl now, he wanted to do so many different things all at once.

He slipped down off the bed, went to kneel at the end of it, told her move down the bed a bit so that he was looking straight at the object of his cock’s delight. Her arousal meant that her pussy had already opened up a bit, but he leaned in, dove in with his tongue, licking just below her pussy’s opening, up and down, around and around, then, going right up between her lips, up and down, to open her up fully. He sat back for a second to take in the delights of her beautiful pink flower, glistening with juices, open, inviting, then went back to his feast. For 30 seconds or so, her licked and kissed all around her pussy, noticed her hips squirming to get his tongue right on it, raising her arousal, desire, need, even more. He licked all around her outer lips, then her inner lips, up to her clit, by now swollen, engorged, flattened his tongue against it for a couple of licks, began flicking quickly back and forth across it, as he reached up and squeezed her left breast, pulled and pinched its nipple. He changed hands, caressed, squeezed, pinched her other breast and nipple, while placing his mouth over her whole pussy and sucking, loving the taste of her juice. Replacing his mouth with his finger rubbing on her clit for a moment, he got up on the bed, knelt at her side, replaced his finger with his mouth, inserted the finger inside her pussy to rub on her g-spot, sucked her clit while managing to get a light flick across it with his tongue at the same time, then alternated between sucking and licking her clit, all the while rubbing inside the top of her pussy on her g-spot. Sophie was moaning, groaning, lifting her hips up and down, mumbling incomprehensible words, squirming with intense sensations of pleasure, felt the orgasm building, and finally the trigger went off and she came and came and came. Because his only sex partner for months and months had been his right hand, Matt knew he might not last long once he got his cock in her gorgeous pussy, so he had wanted to make sure she had as good an orgasm as he could give her first, but now it was his turn.

She hadn’t fully come down when she felt Matt at the side of her head gently pull her towards his cock, pushing it at her mouth, wanting her to suck. She opened her mouth, took him in, sucked and sucked, stroked his balls with her fingers. He soon stopped her, told her to get on her hands and knees, and entered her with a huge sigh and moan. He rested for a second, savouring the warm, wet feeling of her pussy walls on his cock, her tightness enveloping him. He began to move in and out slowly at first, relishing the agonizingly exquisite sensation of her pussy trying to hold onto him as he withdrew and welcoming him as re-entered. He had not been inside a pussy for so long and hers was just so fantastic that he was having trouble hanging on, making the intense pleasure last. He stopped, bent over her, reached under and felt her tits, whispered in her ear in little gasps: “Your pussy…just amazing on my cock. Heaven…having my cock in you…feeling your tits at the same time”. His words and his cock were exciting her again; she reached down under and began to rub her clit as he resumed fucking her. “I love the feel of your ass against me”, he groaned, and he gave her ass a slap, arousing her more still. After a few more strokes he gave the other side of her ass a slap, then squeezed that superb flesh of her ass, ran his hand around it: “I love your ass so much!”, he said with a groan. Matt looked down and rubbed his finger around her asshole as he fucked her, gently inserted a finger. The added sensations brought Sophie to the edge again. She could tell from his breathing that Matt was going to come any second. She rubbed her clit furiously, felt that trigger again, then it hit her and she came. Matt felt her pussy squeezing his cock, providing him with incredible pleasure, he slammed into her, overcome with a mixture of lust, gratitude, and a feeling of closeness. He felt that incredibly intense pleasure in his cock, the kind you get just before you come, and then the ultimate pleasure of his orgasm as he shot into her over and over. A groan came from deep down in his throat: “Oh! Ah! Ah! Ah, Ah”. He collapsed on her and they both rolled over onto their backs.

When they had both recovered, they leaned toward each other and hugged and kissed, then she lay her head in the crux of his shoulder with his arm around her. “That’s my idea of working from home”. “Mine too”, she giggled.

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