Wish Come True



Sept. 27th

She did it.

She finally agreed to do it.

We’re having a threesome.

We found another girl willing to lick her pussy. Neither of us understands it really. Lesbians seem to gravitate to her. Even straight women want to fuck her. It’s very strange really. Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s the most beautiful creature on the planet. But, as she likes to point out, I’m biased. Jessica is 5’9″, 38F breasts with a very pretty china-doll face. Leslie, the hottie who’s agreed to join our bed, is also 5’9″, wears a 34C, possesses the most smokin’ hot ass you’ve ever laid eyes on and is naturally a strawberry blonde. She is totally straight but admits that Jessica has “something about her that I just want to fuck the ever living shit out of”. Leslie’s words, not mine.

Oct. 1st

Tonight is the night!

Already got the hotel room booked. Leslie told her roommates she was going back home for a few days and should arrive within a few hours. I’m so hot for this its killing me. I don’t know how much longer I can take it. I had to force myself to stop masturbating yesterday. I was starting to get rubbed raw…

Later that night.

Leslie just got here. We’re all just sitting around, talking about everything but sex, feeling a little embarrassed. I’m in the middle of some mundane story about something that happened that week at work when I paused to take a drink. As soon as I stopped talking, she started. “So-am-I-gonna-get-to-eat-some-pussy-or-what?” The words just fell out of her mouth. You could tell she had said it so fast to keep herself from thinking about what she was saying. Jessica just laughed and dropped her head to hide her face in her long nearly-black hair. Then, she surprised us all and stood up, taking Leslie’s hand and pulling her to a standing position as well. The girls stared into each other’s eyes for a few seconds before both leaning in to a passionate, tongue-twirling kiss.

I just sat back and enjoyed the show. They were so beautiful.

After a few minutes of tongue exercises, Leslie led Jessica over to the bed and sat her down, never breaking lip-contact. Leslie started rubbing on Jessica’s huge tits over her shirt. She reached up and started undoing my wife’s buttons, revealing large amounts of cleavage. Upon reaching the final button of the shirt, Leslie finally broke contact and pulled Jessica’s shirt off her arms and, in one motion, freed the monstrous tits from their lacy cage. Jessica’s nipples were already erect and begging for attention. Leslie leaned over and took one nipple in her mouth while gently pinching and rolling the other between her fingers. Then, cinsel bilgiler she switched. Licking the nipple that had just been teased by fingers, rolling the wet nipple with her fingers and making circles on her newly wetted sensitive nipple. Within seconds, Jessica was crooning along with Leslie’s labors.

Jessica pushed the bombshell away but only so she could pull the small vibrator from her pocket and hand it to the other woman. Leslie turned the little buzzer on while Jessica removed the rest of her clothing then lay back on the bed, fully nude. Leslie knelt down between Jessica’s legs, narrowing in on her clean shaven pussy. Jessica reached down and spread her cunt lips, exposing her already swollen clit so Leslie could tease it with the vibe. As soon as the tip touched her clit, Jessica nearly jumped off the bed and even I could see the juices begin to trickle out of her pussy. Jessica’s moans increased in volume and frequency as Leslie worked her magic with the tiny buzzing machine.

About this time, things started to lose focus and all I could see were the two beautiful women on the bed.

Leslie laid the vibe down and Jessica began to protest until she felt the tip of Leslie’s tongue touch her spread pussy lips. Leslie started lower, nearly penetrating Jessica with her tongue and slowly licked up and around Jessica’s clit, teasing the poor woman into a higher state of arousal. After Leslie had completed a few laps in this manner, Jessica’s pussy was coated in slick cunt juice and she was begging for more concentrated licking. Leslie happily obliged, diving into Jessica’s cunt like she was trying to fit the whole thing into her mouth and lick its entirety at once. Jessica began grinding Leslie’s face in time with her licking.

I reached into the box we had brought along that held a few of our sex toys and pulled out Jessica’s favorite curved glass dildo. I handed the glass member to Leslie who immediately put it to work.

Leslie licked the head of the dildo to ease the first inches, though from where I was standing, it looked like Jessica didn’t need much help. As soon as the tip penetrated Jessica’s pussy she cried out and forced Leslie to slam the fake cock fully inside. Jessica grabbed the back of Leslie’s head and pulled her lips down onto her throbbing clit. Leslie began pumping the glass dong in and out in an ever increasing rhythm. Jessica was bucking her hips in time with the thrusts, causing her pussy to coat Leslie’s face in sticky girl juice. Leslie began to reach a very fast pace and Jessica could no longer keep time so she simply tried to ram her pussy cinsellik bilgileri farther and farther forward into Leslie’s face, still holding Leslie’s hair with one hand and frantically squeezing a nipple with her free hand.

Jessica began cumming, belting out long, loud moans all while Leslie pounded her cunt with the dildo. After Jessica had her third huge orgasm in a row, she collapsed to the bed, panting.

While Jessica was trying to regain some semblance of sanity, Leslie stripped naked and started easing herself onto the bed. Jessica’s eyes popped open just in time to see Leslie’s dripping wet cunt being lowered to her face. Jessica had told herself that she wouldn’t ever be able to lick another woman but at that point, all choice had been taken from her. There it was, a pussy that was absolutely begging for attention was being forced upon her. I think Leslie would have fucked Jessica’s face whither she wanted it or not. Jessica debated with herself for a few seconds before admitting defeat and opened her mouth, letting her tongue explore between Leslie’s soft folds and over her engorged clit.

That was the signal for me. The moment I had been waiting for had arrived. I stood and disrobed quickly. Walked over to the bed with my cock in my hand, slowly stroking and enjoying the full effects of what I was seeing. Jessica, my wife of nearly 5 years was licking wet pussy. That alone nearly sent me over the edge. I quit touching my cock and positioned myself between Jessica’s legs and guided my cock into her drenched cunt. From my vantage point, I could see my own cock disappearing into my wife’s cunt and I could also see Jessica’s tongue darting in and out of Leslie’s pussy. Leslie began to rock back and forth on Jessica’s soaked face. Each time Leslie rode the motion forward just a bit farther, then a bit more. Finally, Jessica’s tongue contacted Leslie’s rosebud asshole. That instant, Leslie released a massive orgasm all over Jessica’s face. I’ve made Jessica squirt a few times but this was tremendous. Leslie kept rocking her hips, causing Jessica’s tongue to hit all three hotspots; her ass, her cunt hole and her clit. After Leslie’s huge orgasm, Jessica could take no more of me pounding her abused pussy and began moaning into Leslie’s still twitching pussy. As I felt Jessica’s pussy tighten around my cock, I couldn’t hold it any longer and dumped a huge load of cum into her slippery hole. This caused Jessica to moan even louder into Leslie’s vulnerable cunt. I kept pumping away, not wanting it to end. Leslie had the same idea and continued to make Jessica tongue her cunt and ass. cinsel bilgi After just a few minutes, my hard-on returned and I began fucking Jessica harder and harder while Leslie reached yet another orgasm and then a third.

By this time, the bed was in total disarray. I seem to remember nearly standing puddles of cum from both the girls and myself. Jessica had Leslie’s cum completely covering her face and Leslie was nearly the same. I decided to go sit in the chair and watch for a bit, do a few bong rips and let my cock recharge.

Meanwhile, Leslie flipped around into a 69 position and began to torment Jessica’s poor pussy. Jessica had acquired a taste for girl cum and continued licking Leslie’s ravaged cunt. They traded orgasms back and forth. Smaller, more manageable ones than the previous displays of nearly animal lust.

After a few good bong hits, with my head buzzing nicely, I rejoined the girls. This time Leslie was going to get my cock. Leslie was kneeling over Jessica’s face with her head buried between my wife’s thighs. I crept up behind Leslie with a vibrating dildo set on high and sank its full length into her hot cunt. A low moan escaped her lips. Her head was still buried in Jessica’s cunt and the vibration from her moan caused a shiver to run through Jessica’s body. Leslie couldn’t concentrate with Jessica tonguing her clit and me sliding the vibe in and out. Leslie was getting very close to her umpteenth orgasm of the night when I pulled the vibrator out and turned it off, much to her dismay.

I quickly redeemed myself by laying on my back with my rigid cock pointing up into the air. I motioned for both girls to straddle me. Jessica settled on my face while Leslie began working my cock into her hole. Both women began to rock their hips, Jessica grinding her cunt into my tongue while Leslie was trying to bury my cock ever deeper into her cunt. After being so tortured with Jessica’s tongue and the vibe stroking in and out of her cunt, it didn’t take long for Leslie’s orgasm to overtake her. Her cunt started squeezing my cock. Leslie’s moans seemed to fuel Jessica’s own orgasm. She pushed her cunt into my face harder and harder as her cunt began to drench my mouth and nose. I kept licking and trying to swallow the girl cum without pausing. Leslie was still riding my cock, harder than ever now that both girls had fucked themselves to contentment. She was kind enough to ensure that I had my fill. She began contracting her muscles, massaging my cock with her cunt. Each long, grinding stroke sent waves of pleasure though me. I still had my tongue buried in my wife’s cunt while Leslie’s masterful pussy was coaxing yet another load from my cock. At that moment, I began to explode into Leslie’s pussy and nearly screamed into Jessica’s soft flesh.

The last thing I remember is all 3 of us falling into a pile on the huge king sized bed. The next morning I awoke to 2 naked beauties on either side of me and all I could do is smile at my good fortune.

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