Wild Ride


Black Cock

So I’ve always thought that it kind of sucks that my Birthday falls on the Fourth of July. We are usually up at my parent’s cabin by the lake, and everyone is so caught up with fishing, boating, and boozing that the fact that I’m turning a year older just happens to become an afterthought. The only person who ever seemed to care even a little bit was Jezirah, my older sister by three and a half years, who’s birthday just so happened to land on December twenty-fourth.

Jez was a badass, she had my mom’s long blonde hair, and rocking figure, and even though she was the oldest, she had still found a way to be the black sheep of the family. I on the other hand have my dad’s brain, and lack of fashion sense, but since we had grown up in a family of accountants; I somehow became the wonder child.

After I had eaten my cake, blown out seventeen of my eighteen candles, put up with the questioning about whom I was in love with, and tore open the lone package on the table, I headed back to my tent to play with my new tablet, while everyone else lingered around the bonfire, sipping drinks and telling ghost stories.

I had just finished downloading a handful of epic apps, when I heard a commotion outside the tent, as a motorcycle pulled up. I figured by the silence that followed that it was my sister.

I’m not going to lie, unlike everybody else; I was very excited for her to come. I’ve had a boner for Jez since the first time I saw her in a bathing suit, and it didn’t help matters at all when I walked in on her last year in the shower. Sure there was a Plexiglas door between us and all I could really see was shapes, but I haven’t stooped pleasuring myself to that memory ever since.

Jez is tiny, almost a foot shorter than me, and very slim, except in the places that matter. She’s got huge breasts that shoot out over a rock hard belly, and an ass that fills every inch of the seat of her jeans.

After a few overly unenthusiastic “Hellos.” She unzipped the flap of my tent and poked the dark shield of her helmet inside.

“Hey Zeke.” She said, and once again I marveled at how she could make my name sound so sexy. “Do you think mom’s going to freak?” She asked as she took off her helmet and revealed her cherry red locks.

I nodded, but couldn’t stop starring at her ocean blue eyes, full lips and the ring in her nose. “You’re crazy Jez.” I said rolling my eyes and pretending to be unimpressed, but when she took off her leather jacket, and I saw her unrestrained, rock hard nipples pressed against the soft cotton of her white tee shirt, I couldn’t help but squirm. Then she turned around and bent over to slip out of her boots, and I saw the gaziantep escort numaraları top of her thong sticking out above her jeans, and as embarrassed as I was, I knew she heard the “Gasp” that slipped out.

When she was done, she peeked over at the tablet. “Surfing some hot porn?” She asked with a smile.

I smiled back. “Nah, just working on building my credit and shit like that.”

“You’re such a nerd.” She said reaching out for me with one hand, and scooping up my Star Wars blanket with the other. “Come keep me company by the fire. I think you’re the only person here that doesn’t hate me.

Apparently she was right, because everyone else had wondered off, mom and dad were the only two sitting there, and they were busy arguing about how to make the perfect S’more.

Jez led me to a spot on the opposite side of the fire, pushed me down to the ground, and threw the blanket over our laps as she cuddled up close to me. She tossed another log on the fire, and after a few moments of admiring the wood crackling under the flames, and enjoying the tension as the sparks flew up around us, she said. “I have a surprise for you.” She undid the snap on the top of her jeans and I heard her unzip her fly, then she grabbed my hand and guided it down inside. My heart stopped, my mouth went dry, and I could feel my hand tremble as it rubbed up against the smooth skin of her crotch on one side, and the silky material of her panties on the other. My dick was like a rock by the time my fingertips brushed against the steel of the barbell in her hood.

It was awkward enough knowing my fingers were on her clit, but then she started to moan. I tried to pull my hand away, but she stopped me. “Flick it!” She begged.

I moved my fingers back and forth slowly as her moisture welled up around them. It felt awkward, but the dreamy look in her eyes and the sight of the tip of her tongue sliding seductively over her lips, made my hard on twitch with pleasure.

Mom jumped up, and was waving her hands back and forth. “Jez…Zeke… You coming with us to watch the fireworks or what?”

Jez seemed disappointed that I had finally succeeded in pulling my hand away, but she gathered her thoughts in time to speak coherently. “You two run along.” She said. “Zeke is coming with me.”

Mom gave me a knowing look, came over and handed Jez her version of the perfect S’more, then lead Dad to the car. “You kids behave.” She said with a crooked smile.

Jez pressed the chocolaty treat against my lips. “You wait right here.” She said. “I’m going to slip into something a bit more comfortable, gaziantep escort bayan numaraları and then you and I are going for a ride.

She strutted over to her bike, and I licked the sweetness from my lips as I watched her bend over and dig around in her saddlebags. I tasted marshmallow, but I craved the pleasure of her pussy against my tongue.

I was sure by the glow in her eyes that she knew exactly what I was thinking. She blew me a kiss as she walked past, then started to slide her jeans over her hips, just far enough for me to see the top of her crack, as she disappeared into the tent.

I couldn’t help but smile. My birthdays were usually a drag. I spent most of them in the tent, fantasizing about what might be, while everyone else was out blowing shit up. I had a feeling that this year just might be a bit more exciting.

When Jez reappeared she was wearing a light green sundress, with eight inch heels, and was sucking on a cherry lollipop. “You ready for this big boy?” She asked, as she tossed me her helmet. “If you’re going to run with wild women, you gotta wear protection.”

I chased behind her, hoping to keep up. I definitely wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew I was looking forward to it. She grabbed the handle bars with one hand and fired up the bike with the other. I stood there awkwardly, wondering if I should hop on, when she swung her leg over, exposing her tight round cheeks and neatly trimmed slit.

My dick was pushing against the front of my shorts, and I tried to readjust myself subtly, but I knew she caught it and as I tried to straddle the seat behind her I poked her dead on in the middle of her crack.

“My God!” She exclaimed, and for the first time she seemed a bit intimidated. The look in her eye told me she wanted to turn around and find out exactly what she was dealing with, but instead she hit the throttle and we were off. My body rocked back, and then slammed into her, sending a shiver from the top of my spine down to the tip of my cock. I tried to wrap my arms around her stomach, but she was so small. She sensed my predicament, grabbed my hands and guided them to the one part of her that there were plenty of, her large, supple breasts.

As her nipples perked up under the palms of my hands, and my crotch continued to slam into the crack of her ass, I wondered where the hell she was taking me. I had no idea, but one thing was certain, we couldn’t get there fast enough.

She slowed down to turn onto the main highway and I slid close to her feeling her whole body crash into me. When she sped up again escort gaziantep numaraları a gust of air lifted her skirt, and breathed knew confidence into me.

I dropped my hand from her breast down to the tender flesh of her thigh. This time I felt my heart stop, but not out of fear. I smashed my crotch into her ass and slid my fingers between her legs. I was pleasantly surprised at how eager she was to receive me.

Even though she was very wet, her pussy was tighter than I had imagined, and she squirmed as I pushed my pointer finger up inside her slick hole. She let out a pleasure filled moan as I nibbled on her ear, and wiggled my finger deep inside her.

Jez reached back with one hand and unzipped my fly. The bike swerved slightly as she reached inside and yanked out my cock. I looked down and saw it standing at full attention against her back.

She pulled off on the first exit she saw, and I imagined she was going to pullover on a side street and give me the most mind blowing blowjob known to man. Instead, she stood up and pushed herself back engulfing the tip of my dick in her pussy lips. My knees quivered and I gasped for air as she gunned it and slid down slowly, forcing me all the way inside her.

We entered a small town and were cruising down the Main Street past a crowd of people on the sidewalk, dressed in red white and blue, and waving little flags. I was a bit self-conscious, but it didn’t seem to bother her one bit as she slammed up and down on my cock, and screamed my name.

“Fuck me Zeke!” She screamed as we stopped at a stoplight in the middle of town. I raised my hips and attempted to match her thrusts, but she was bucking wildly. When the light finally turned green and she took off around the corner, I felt her insides tighten around my dick, and a gush of fluids splashed over my cock, sending a hot sensation through the core of my body. “I’m coming!” She screamed.

Our legs were trembling, almost in unison and we were both breathing heavy, but she hadn’t stop thrusting.

She pulled into a small, empty parking lot at the top of the hill and eased the bike into a spot at the front, near a walking trail. She hasn’t even killed the engine, when she stood up and screamed, “I’m coming again.”

I pushed my feet against the pegs and lifted myself, grabbed a fistful of her hair and pushed her forward against the hand bars. She lifted her ass just enough for me to see her tight little asshole peeking out.

I pulled my dick out of her pussy with my free hand and slid it between her ass cheeks, causing her to scream even louder, as her body shook with pleasure. I felt my own pleasure rising, as I rocked back and forth inside her, stretching her tender ass with every inch of my dick, as my balls slapped against her sopping wet lips.

After she came the second time, we dismounted and lay down in the grass, trying to regain our breath, and watching as the sky started to turn black. Then she got on her knees and took my cock in her mouth, sucking and licking my shaft, head and balls…and then the fireworks started.

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