White Gurl Pimped in the Hood



After Black Mike made me his bitch, showing up at motels all over town dressed like a street hooker, he sent me a text one day.

“Hey bitch. I need you to dress really slutty, get smooth and totally clean, and meet me at the motel at 6th and Los Angeles st.” I knew where that was, right by skid row. My pussy started to throb thinking about what black mike had in mind.

All week I was horny and finally, on wed afternoon, he texted me to meet him at 10 pm. “Be ready for some slutty fun,” his text said. I got a new blonde long haired wig, got totally smooth, and bought a new clean slutty outfit that really showed off my body, especially my ass. Mike loved my ass and I was hooked on when he had me be his white silly slut and spread my cheeks wide open while he gaped my pussyass open and bred me with that big black cock. There was nothing hotter than spreading my gaping ass open in front of the mirror so he could watch his nutt drip out of my gaping hole while he face fucked me and had me deep throat his cock clean.

I got really and did a few lines and a couple hits of really strong weed. Immediately I could feel my body tingle and my tight asshole start to open as I though about what was going to happen. He told me to show up dressed slutty so I stood on the corner of Santa Monica and vine and waited for a taxi. After a few minutes, a Lincoln pulled up with a thug looking man behind the wheel. “Want to pnp, baby doll” he said. I walked over to his car and looked in. His cock was out of his pants and was hard and huge. I licked my lips and he told me to turn around and show him my booty. I backed up a couple of steps, turned around and slid my mini skirt over my hips. I pushed my ass out and spread my cheeks open. Then I sucked my middle finger and put the wet tip against my tight hole and pushed it in. “Get in, baby,” he said and I did. I started to get in the front but he told me to get in back. He handed a glass pipe back and told me to take a hit. I thought it was pot but as soon as I sucked on it, I knew it was T. Meth. Crystal. I immediately became super horny and started to squirm on the seat. “Good stuff, baby girl,” he said as he handed me a thick black dildo. “Show me what a little white crack whore you are.”

I sucked it first while I lubed up my ass hole and worked my butt plug into me, stretching my tight ass open. Once the plug was in, I was deep throating the black dildo. He watched in the mirror as I took it to the balls. He pulled the car over. After he parked, he came around the side of the car and helped me out.

He walked me into a dark alley. He pressed against me from behind and I could feel his huge cock through his pants. I rubbed my horny ass against him then turned to face him. He pushed me to my knees and I unzipped his pants. His cock was huge and thick. I sucked on the head. He put his hands on my head and told me no hands. I put my hands on my asscheeks and worked the butt plug in and out of my ass as he pushed more and more of his huge black cock down my throat. I was drooling and gagging as he finally got the last two inches in and my mouth pressed against his pubes. “Damn bitch, u know how to suck a nigga dick. Let’s see that hot tight white pussy.

I stood up, turned my back to him, bent over the dumpster and reached back and rubbed my hands over my smooth ass cheeks. He pulled my thong aside and I rubbed lube and spit on my tight hole. He put his cock against my asspussy, grabbed my arms with one hand, put his hand over my mouth with the other and slid his huge cock into me to his balls. It hurt so much as fucked my ass hard telling me I was his nigga bitch. After 5 min of the hardest anal I had ever had, my ass was wide open. He pulled his cock all the way out, then slid it in to his balls. Gaping the hole wide open. He told me to beg for his nigga nutt. I did. I was bent all the way over when I felt his balls tighten and shoot a huge load in me. After he pulled out, he had me kneel and suck him clean while his nutt dripped out of my gaping hole. I felt so sexy and full as he walked me out of the alley.

We were at a park in west Hollywood. He took my arm and walked me in. As we walked, I noticed a lot of big black men checking me out. I moaned as I felt the black guy I was with slide his big hand under my mini skirt and work his long finger into my ass while I walked.

He walked me up to a group of big black men. They looked me up and down and one of them told me to turn around. I did and spread my ass cheeks open. “She looks super tight,” he said as I slowly twerked my ass for them. I was so horny. My new pimp told them they could have me for $20 each. I groaned as I realized I was now his sissy ho. Two of the men stood and took me be the arms and walked me to the restroom. They opened the door and I walked in. One of the men pulled out a pipe and had he suck on the T inside. While I did it, the other man worked a big rock of crystal into my ass. I could immediately bayan gaziantep escort feel the rush and when they pulled out their black huge cocks, I bent at the hips and deep throated the first man while I stroked his friend. Once he was hard, he stood up and put the huge fat head of his cock against my ass and told me to work my bitch ass on it. I pushed back and felt his fat cockhead enter my ass. Then I pushed back as I could feel his big cock slide in me to the balls. He started to fuck me with long strokes, then pulled his cock all the way out before he plunged it back in to the balls until I could feel his nutt shoot in me while his friend filled my throat and belly with nutt.

The door opened and two more men came it. I put my hands up on the wall and spread my legs open while the cum dripped out of my still open pussyass. The men pulled out their cocks and took turns butt fucking me from behind until they came.

After they finished with me, my pimp led me out of the bathroom towards the middle of the park. A dirty mattress was on the ground and he told me to get on my knees and spread my pussy open for black cock. I got on my hands and knees while one of the men stuck a needle in my ass and another man poppered me up. I moaned from the sexy sensations in my body as they gangbanged me hard. Spit roasting me.

After they fucked me for awhile, my pimp pulled me to my knees and forced a thick black buttplug into my dripping hole. “Time to work for your play, bitch.” He said as he walked me back to his car. He took me to skid row to a sex shop and got me some clean clothes including a super tight red mini skirt, belly shirt and thigh highs with a bright red thong panty. He walked me out of the store and down the street.

The horny men watched my ass as I was walked down the street to a hooker motel. He brought me inside and got us a room. Then he took me in and partied me up some more and then had me spread my ass and let the cum drip into a cup. I almost filled it to the top. Then he had me get dressed again and walked me to the street. After showing me off for a few minutes, three very thug looking men approached him and offered to take me for a ride. He looked at me and I slowly nodded my head as they looked at my sexy little body.

They drove me to a crack house in Compton and within minutes, tied me off and shot me up with T. I just wanted to get fucked and they knew it. I was dancing slutty in a room in front of a bunch of hung niggers. Showing off my ass, twerking it up and down, sliding black dildos inside trying to get these men to make me their bitch.

I got on my belly, face down, legs spread wide open and spread my pussy open. Man after man went balls deep in me and filled my pussy with nutt. I was in a sexual frenzy. Then they brought in a huge black man and had him ride his big cock while I deep throated another man and stroked two more huge cocks. They wanted me to call them the “N” word. I said it quietly at first. They said louder. I moaned as another huge load filled my ass. “Fuck me with that nigger cock.”

By morning, all I wanted was black cock. They put me on the street and had me service men in seedy motels like a total whore. Eventually, they moved me to north Las Vegas and pimped me out there too. I was eventually arrested and made the sissy prison bitch for an entire gang of hung black men. I would get gangbanged every night and was soon taking enough hormones to grow big breasts and have my cock turned into a pussy.

After I got out, I immediately missed the constant hardcore sex. I had been fully feminized and turned into a BBC slut. I had a prison tramp stamp above my ass that said “nigga owned” with an arrow pointing to my asshole. What is a BBC sissy slut to do when she gets out? I knew what I needed and what I craved.

I went down to skid row, dressed like a street ho. I walked past lots of big black men who looked me up and down as I walked into one of the nastiest hooker motels in LA. I got in the room and partied, getting ready to be a total slut.

I put on my stilettos, thigh high fishnet stockings, a red lace thong panty, a super short white mini skirt, a black bra and a mini shirt that just covered my C cup fake boobs. A blond wig completed my outfit. I was really spun and horny when I walked out of the motel. I instantly noticed all of the men looking at me hungrily. As I walked down the street, my bubble ass jiggled under my skirt. I was so horny that I could feel my asspussy throbbing with lust.

One huge black guy came up to me. He looked me up and down, and said, “you look like a party bitch”. “I know what u need” as he reached in his pocket and pulled out a little Baggie of white powder. He also pulled out a white rock. I gazed at it as I remembered being blacked in prison. I was in a daze as he led me over to a portapotty and told me to get in. I did and bayan escort gaziantep he told me to face the wall and push my ass out and spread my cheeks open. He had me suck his big finger then used it to get my tight ass to open up. He worked the rock of meth deep in my hole. I could feel it make me totally horny. I kept my ass spread and opened and closed my booty hole.

“Let’s see how u suck nigga cock” he said as he pulled his monster cock out. I slid to my knees and started to suck on the head of his cock. My mouth barely fit around the head. He slid a little brown bottle of poppers under my nose and told me to breathe in deep. I did and he put one hand behind my head and forcing his cock down my throat. I was drooling spit as he forcefully face fucked me. I put my hands behind my back and fingered my tight ass with the spit.

After 10 minutes of brutal facefucking, he pulled me to my feet and pulled me out of the potty. I told him my motel and he walked me down the street. The other men whistled and made comments about what a little white ho I was. Then another man walked up. I think he recognized me from the joint. He said he knew what a total white party slut I was and wanted to bring some other men.

5 huge black men walked me into my motel and to my room. The first guy told me to get cleaned out and into something “appropriate”. I knew what I wanted so I look off my mini skirt and belly shirt. I douched my asspussy again and pushed a big black buttplug in. Then I came out and saw there were now 10 black men in the room. Looking at me intently. One of the men made me some lines and another man tied off my arm and shot me up with meth. I instantly got really horny. I danced around them, slowly shaking my tight smooth bubble ass for them. Then I rubbed oil all over my body and sucked my fingers. I bent over the dresser and did a big line as I twerked my ass for them. I could see all those huge nigga cock and was ready for breeding. I got on the floor in front of them on all fours. Then I put my head down and put my ass up high. I reached back with my painted nails and spread my asspussy open and lubed my hole up. Working one, then two fingers in. When my hole was loose and open, one of the men pushed another big white rock in. I was reading for a nigga creampie.

I begged them to breed my white ass. To make me their party bitch. “Please, masta,” I moaned. “Fuck me like a total whore.”

My masta took his huge cock and put the head right up against my throbbing hole and with a grunt, forced it in to his balls. Fourteen inches opened me up and I moaned when he bottomed out. He pulled it all the way out, then forced it in again. Fast and hard. While he fucked me like that, the other men took turns facefucking me hard.

After 20 minutes, this is what my ass looked like. He nutted in me deep and filled me with nigga cum. Then it got crazy as they bred me hard, keeping me partied up the whole time. I was constantly cumming as they brutally sodomized and face fucked me. By morning, I was still high and horny. They walked me out to the street and back on skid row.

I was a little dizzy and still really horny when they walked me out to 6th street from the motel. It was so obvious that I had been used as a whore all night and I could feel cum dripping out of my ass. I wasn’t wearing much. Just black high heels, a red string, a tight black mini skirt that barely covered my round smooth ass, a red frilly bra and tube top with a long blonde wig. I looked totally out of place.

A big thug looking guy approached me. He looked me up and down, then told me to turn around and show him my back. I did and pushed my ass out, then slowly reached back and slid my mini skirt up. “Let’s see that pussy, bitch” I slid my thong over then opened my ass up. A little nigga cum dripped out. He slid his finger in then had me suck it. “Sexy little white ho,” he said. Gonna make you my bitch today. I pulled my skirt back down. He took me by the arm and walked me back to the motel. He told me his cock was 13″ and thick and that I was going to take him in both of my bitch holes then he was going to pimp me out all day. I moaned with anticipation. He took me to an hourly motel and got a room on the first floor. We went inside and he opened the curtains. U r going to put on a show, slut” he said. I could just moan.

When we got in the room, he pulled out a crystal pipe and had me take a big hit. Then he had me stand against the wall and spread my ass so he could work a big rock into my ass. While the meth and crystal started to work, he pulled out his huge cock and started to stroke it. I had never been fucked by a cock this big and I was scared. But so horny. I got on my knees and started to suck his big head. He had me sniff poppers and that opened up my throat. I reached back and spread my asscheeks while he started to facefuck me. His huge cock went escort bayan gaziantep deeper and deeper in my throat until he had the whole thing in to his balls. I could see some men looking in the window. He went to the door and let at least 5 big men in the room. They partied me up some more and I was getting so horny stroking their big cocks through their pants and pressing my ass up against those hard dicks. My new black pimp told the men they could have my mouth for $20, my ass covered for $50, bareback for $100 and ATM for $150.

They bred me all day, mostly on my belly with my ass up and my pussy gaping open. Load after load was shot in my pussy or down my throat. I was insatiable. It was just like prison and being a slut for these men who wanted me to be their full time bitch.

My pussy was constantly coming from the rough and nasty ghetto gangbang I was getting. I still was horny so they had me put on a really slutty short outfit with a black gstring and drove me down to Watts. They sold me to a crack dealer after they had me work his black baseball bat into my stretched out asspussy in the back of their van on a mattress.

My new master wanted me to treat his customers right. I had all the snow I wanted and would do anything the men wanted. Right on a mattress in the middle of the room. I’d beg for them to breed me and treat me like a whore. And they did. After a week, they took me to Tijuana to a really dirty club that catered to men who liked slutty tranny’s. I had to audition for the club owner and I put on such a hot show that he wanted me to be exclusive for him. I deep throated his big black cock then got on the couch and opened my legs wide. I reached back and lubed up my hole and worked first one, then two, then three fingers in my backdoor. He was watching intently and told me to put my fist in. I pushed hard and my whole hand slid into my pussyass. I deep throated him while I fisted my pussy then spread my pussy open wide for his big cock. He got behind me and brutally sodomized me and I begged for it. “Fuck me baby, fuck my little pussy,” I moaned as he slammed his cock in and out. After he came, he told me to go dance on stage. I could barely walk as I climbed up and saw that over 200 men were watching. I was wearing a really hot outfit as I twerked and danced for these men. I spread my asspussy and they could all see how stretched and open I was. The club owner announced that I’d be taking on all comers in the back room for a hardcore bareback gangbang.

I sexily walked off stage with my ass moving back and forth. About 50 men followed me back. They moved a mattress to the middle of the room and I oiled my body up. My booty looked so sexy as I humped it up and down. One of the men put a big plate of Coke in front of me and I instantly became crazy horny. I did a huge line then greedily deepthroated the first cock in front of me. I reached back and spread my ass doggy so these men could dominate my sissy slutty little Coke whore body.

I did. I let over 200 men breed my horny little pussy that night on a mattress on the floor. By the time they were done, my ass was wide open. Men were dp’ing me with huge cocks while I sucked other men off.

At dawn I got up, put on a tiny little outfit and walked out of the club. Lots of men were watching as a big 18 wheeler pulled up and a huge black man got out. “You are perfect,” he said as he looked me up and down. “I need a horny little bitch I can pimp out from the back” “climb up here baby.” Within a minute I was deep throating him then started riding is cock until I bottomed out. I felt a stab of a needle in my ass and a hot glow all over my body. “Time to go hardcore” he said as the drugs washed over my body. I was in a daze as he led me back to the sleeper and had me get on the bed. He asked me what I wanted and I told him. “To be a silly slut for niggers.” He took me to a tattoo parlor and tattooed a tramp stamp that said “sissy nigger bitch” with an arrow pointing to my ass. He constantly sodomized me and made me beg for his big dick. He would bring groups of thug gang members in and train and gangbang me. I was kept partied up constantly. Then he brought me to a warehouse and they filmed me doing Bbc gangbangs. I loved being their white sissy slut and the constant sex and drugs. I’d fuck and suck anyone he said. I learned to deep throat huge black cocks 14″ long and thick and take dicks that big all the way in my pussyass. I loved getting spit roasted and grunting and moaning as I would be subjected to the roughest and most hardcore sexual domination.

One time, my master had me wear a really short dress, a black gstring, big boobs, and a black lacy bra. He walked me into an all black club with a leash around me neck. The first cock I took was right at the bar with a big man pushing his cock in me and fucking me from behind like that. I was led into the bathroom and serviced men all night while they gave me as much Coke as I wanted. I had become a total party bitch and would do anything for Coke.

After awhile, I tried to clean up my car but I was too addicted to black cock. Men could sense it and I was constantly getting fucked everywhere. Back of cars. Alleys. Adult book stores. Portapotty. It was so hot all the time. I loved fucking in the middle of the day and feeling my hot pussyass black bred.

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