Whips and Licks

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The outfit she wore was a little more lose, than she had remembered. It was a soft beautiful leather corset, a long flowing black leather skirt with slits up both sides to her hips. A jacket that was like the one from the matrix movies. form fitting. Her boots were her favorite piece of the outfit. Black leather.

And go up to her knees, and are joined at the back of her legs by chains. The whip was made of a leather also and had nine smaller whips coming off the end of the stick they were attached too. A cat of nine tails was what people called it. She applied her makeup all black, including the lip stick. Because he asked for her to be that way. He was only allowed to ask for one thing, and she felt it was reasonable.

They had their safety word. She wore her bracelet, all six of her rings and a necklace that she ordered him to buy. All silver her favorite. She enjoyed dressing up like that, gave her a sense of power, took her back to her goth days. The room was ready.

Black roses in vases in each corner, candle light only, vanilla scent flowing through the room. There he was as ordered, sitting in the middle of the room, blindfolded, wearing only underwear and hands tied behind his back. She entered the room slowly letting the click of her heels make the only sound.

She walked up to him, bent down to his face, inches from his lips and slowly blew. He moved his head to try and kiss her, she backed up and softly smacked him in the leg with the whip. He whimpered then took a deep breathe.

He was her slave that was the deal. he did only what she told him to do, not what his body told him to do. She walked around him to his back and placed the whip across his back. She told him to spread his legs open, he did as told and she placed the end of the whip on his cock, giving it a slight smack


“What do i want you to do? She asked.

“Fuck you” He replied voice quivering

The crack of the whip, the feel of the air moving beside him made him hard instantly. She hadn’t hit him but the sound was all he needed to be excited.

“Well, we are going to be bad tonight aren’t we”

“What do I Maltepe Anal Escort want you too do?” she asked again”

“Please you” was the reply.


She reached down his body to just above his cock which was straining through his underwear.

She untied his hands and told him to get on all fours. He did more willing than he should of. She smacked him, hard, the whip connected with his ass and balls at the same time. He fell forward onto his arms, ass in the air, letting a small whimper come out of his mouth.


” Now”

He did so and was ready for another hit. Nothing. She wasn’t moving barely breathing and he figured she had gone.

Crack…..Right beside his body again.

He jumped slightly, harder than ever, he started to beg her to make him cum. To release his aching.

She took a hold of his hair and pulled, yanking his head up

” Beg more”

He began telling her what he wanted to do to her, how he wanted to fuck her pussy, make her scream his name. He wanted to cum all over her boobs and lick it off.

She laughed, the ultimate rejection. She knew that, and it shut him up real fast.

She removed he blindfold, looked him in the eyes and told him what she wanted to do to him. She was going to talk him to climax. He hated that and on the same coin loved the way she could.

He loved her voice, the way he got lost in the sound of it.

She began telling him about her lover, the one that was 10 inches long, the way he fucked her body, making her cum, licking her pussy sending her into orgasm time after time.

The way she licked his cock, lightly flicking the tip with her tongue, rubbing, massaging the shaft swallowing his cock as far as she could. Slowly rubbing her pussy, teasing the clit, fucking herself with two fingers getting it nice and wet for him.

He started to grind his hips into the air, breathing slightly harder, moaning a little.

She stood walked around to his ass and smacked him with her hand.

Over and over increasing the strength from each hit.

She removed his underwear and went back Maltepe Yaşlı Escort to his face.

What do you want? She asked

“To cum” was the reply.

She lifted his face to met hers. Looked into his eyes and said

“Picture me slowly moving my hands on your cock, pulling it to hardness, licking the tip, teasing your balls with my fingertips. Rubbing your thighs, taking your cock fully into my mouth sucking harder and faster.

“Please Mistress Please”

“You can feel me flicking around your cock as i move my head up and down”

She stood at this point walked around to his side and took her nails and raked them down his back, leaving small lines on his back.

He exploded all over the floor, panting and moaning her name, begging her to touch his cock. While he recovered she went to the chair behind him sat down and placed her heels into his ass, using him as a foot stool.

After a while he recovered from the ordeal and asked permission to stand. She removed her feet and stood giving him permission to stand and go get cleaned up.

He returned wearing nothing and stood in front of her. His body was beautiful to the naked eye and she loved watching him walk around naked. She stood and went to go get the small whip , like the one you use on a horse.

“Sit” she demanded.

He didn’t move fast enough for her liking and he was hit hard with the whip on the back of his leg leaving a welt on his upper thigh he sat quickly. She walked slowly over to the radio and turned on music. It was her turn to be satisfied sexually and he would have to do everything proper in order for her not to get up and walk away.

She removed her jacket and walked towards him slowly, crossing her legs in front of each other. She reached him turned and told him to undo the corset, he did and she walked forward turned still holding it in front of her breasts. She let one hand drop down to the waist of her skirt and pulled it down on one side showing she wasn’t wearing any undergarments.

“Come” she said he began crawling across the floor to where she was standing, looked up at her and Maltepe Zenci Escort smiled. The whip hit him on the back causing him to jump slightly. Smiling was not allowed and he payed for that mistake. She dropped the corset and dropped to her knees in front of him.

She pushed his head down to her nipples. He slowly started licking the nipples flicking his tongue across her breasts slowly caressing her with his tongue, his hands by his side. She places her hands on both of his shoulders, and slowly starts tapping him with the whip.

She begins to lean back bringing her boots around and slowly lowers herself down onto her back and he is now above her. She pushes his shoulders down so his body has no recourse but to do what she is telling it to do.

He is kissing his way down her body reaches her belly button and stops. He knows going any farther would cause him to get hurt, at least with out permission. She puts the whip on the back of his head raises he hips and pushes his face into her pussy. He lifts the skirt exposing her boots and her pussy, she whips him, directing him to her pussy.

He begins to lick and suck her clit while she pushes his face into her pussy fucking his face, covering him with her wetness. She grabs his hair and yanks him up her body.

They are face to face now lips as close as before he tries to lean in to kiss her and she yanks him over and down to his back. She stood at that point and told him to follow. He crawled after her, she stood with her legs apart and against a wall. She lifted her skirt.

“Stand up” She said He did so and closed the distance between them still not touching but close enough to feel the heat between them. She lifted her leg and he reached for it, she placed her hands on his shoulders and lifted herself on to him. He lifted her up so that she was straddling him, and leaning against the wall.

” Fuck Me” she said

He entered her fast and she began riding his cock, having him push into her push her against the wall. She begins to moan,

“Fuck me harder”

He grabbed her harder and began fucking her faster, making her cum, she leaned forward and kissed him. He came fast after all the waiting for a kiss it happened and he could not control himself. He came in her, they stood there like that for a couple of minutes until she ordered him to drop her and get cleaned up. He walked away, legs shaking and she smiled………………

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