When Fantasy Becomes Reality



Sarah Benson looked at the clock on the wall again, although she knew that only a few minutes had passed since she last checked the time. She was just so excited for her husband, Charlie, to get home from work. Sarah and Charlie had been married for five years and, as happens with most relationships, things had grown stale, especially in the bedroom. Then, while discussing her problems with her girlfriend, Marie, Sarah had received some very interesting advice.

“Have you two ever talked about your fantasies”, Marie had asked Sarah. “Not really”, Sarah admitted. Truth be told, Charlie had never seemed like the adventurous type when it came to sex. But, wanting to change what her marriage had become, Sarah followed Marie’s advice. To her pleasant surprise, she discovered that her husband did indeed have a kinky side.

Together they’d found out that they shared many of the same fantasies; both wanted Sarah to have a train ran on her, while Charlie watched; both of them wanted to have another woman join them in bed. But the one that excited Sarah the most was what was happening tonight, as soon as Charlie got home from work.

The plan was for him to enter the house and overpower her, while Sarah pretended she didn’t want it to happen. Sarah had always had rape fantasies, for as long as she could remember. She had just never expected to be able to act on them. But it was finally happening and Sarah couldn’t have been more excited. She felt her pussy getting wet at the thought of her husband “forcing” himself on her and having his way with her.

Sarah jumped a little as the alarm on her phone went off, letting her know that it was six o’clock. In her excitement, she had forgotten that she had set an alarm. Now it was time for her to get into character, and into position, for when Charlie came home. As Sarah went into the kitchen, she imagined herself as a single woman, alone and preparing her evening meal, with no idea that something horrible was about to happen.

Just as she got started on chopping up vegetable for a salad, Sarah heard the front door open. She did her best to conceal her excitement and continue with what she was doing, acting as if she had heard nothing. Moments later, she heard footsteps behind her and she had to force herself not to turn around. She wanted this to feel realistic or it would ruin the fantasy.

Suddenly her world plunged into darkness as a thick, cloth sack was put over her head and a drawstring was tightened around her neck. It wasn’t impossible to breathe, but neither was it easy. “Damn, he’s going all out for this”, Sarah thought. She hadn’t been aware that he was going to effectively blind her like this, but she found that it turned her on like crazy. “What’s going on”, she asked, trying to make her voice sound frightened.

Her husband didn’t respond, but she suddenly felt something cold and sharp press against her neck, just below the drawstring for the sack. “What the fuck”, she said aloud. “You brought a knife?” Sarah couldn’t believe that Charlie was actually using a weapon for this and she felt her desire to continue this roleplay drain away. “Get this bag off my head, Charlie”, she demanded.

“Shut your mouth, bitch”, she heard a voice say, a voice that definitely didn’t belong to her husband. Sarah opened her mouth to scream, but the man who held the knife must have anticipated this. An explosion of pain rushed through her as he slapped her, hard, then pressed the knife to her neck once more. “If you scream, I’ll cut you.” “What do you want”, Sarah asked, her voice little more than a whisper as tears spilled from her eyes. “Why, I want to give you what you wanted. You wanted to be raped, so I’m giving you that opportunity.”

Before she could respond, Sarah felt the man turn her around so that she faced him. Then his hand wrapped around her neck and he shoved her backwards, until she hit the refrigerator. He held her there and suddenly Sarah felt the point of the knife pressing against her throat, just below the strong hand that held her still. adıyaman escort Then he began to cut.

Sarah could feel cool air on her skin as he cut off her blouse and then her bra, baring her chest to his gaze. “Damn, those are some fine tits”, he said and she suddenly felt his mouth wrap around a nipple and begin sucking. Nausea welled in her stomach and she felt like she might vomit, but that wasn’t the worst part. Sarah couldn’t stop her body from responding to the stimulation, especially since her nipples had always been extremely sensitive.

As his tongue and teeth played with her hardening nipples, Sarah felt a bolt of desire shoot straight to her cunt. Moments later, the smell of her arousal filled the air. “Seems like you are enjoying this”, the man said, his mouth close to her ear now. “You must be desperate to get raped if you’re getting this turned on, just from me playing with those sexy titties.”

She vehemently wanted to deny his words, but her body betrayed her. Suddenly she felt his knife at her waist and he quickly cut away the yoga pants she wore. He also made quick work of her thing, leaving Sarah standing nude before him. “Well damn, I hit the jackpot”, the man said and Sarah could hear the hunger in his voice.

Suddenly she felt two large fingers shoving into her twat, stretching it out painfully. Her husband had a good sized cock, seven inches long and one and half inches thick. But these two fingers had more girth than her husband’s dick and it hurt like crazy. “Please, stop”, she begged, her pussy feeling like it was being torn apart. “Trust me, this isn’t anything, compared to what’s coming”, the man said.

Even as he spoke, she felt a third large finger force it’s way into her wet box. She cried out, mostly in pain; although she couldn’t deny that a part of herself loved how it felt to be stretched so full. Suddenly, as if he had sensed that she was beginning to enjoy the fingering, the man yanked his fingers out if her pussy. Her hole felt empty and she knew it had to be gaping wide after being stretched so wide.

The next thing she knew, she was thrown against the kitchen table and bent over it, her tits pressing against the cold wood. Suddenly she felt the unmistakable shape of a dickhead pressing against her wet cunt, although it felt much larger than her husband’s dick. Two large hands gripped her tightly around her waist and Sarah screamed as what felt like an enormous cock rammed deep inside her.

The pain was intense and extreme as she felt her pussy being stretched further than she thought possible. She had no idea how big the man’s cock was, but it was much bigger than anything she had ever experienced before. “Goddamn, you’re tight”, the man groaned. “And to think, you’ve only got half of me inside you.” Those words scared Sarah more than anything else. How could she possibly take more of this monster cock, especially when it already felt like it was ripping her apart?

She felt the man pull back and then thrust forward again and new levels of pain surged through her body as the dick inside her buried deep into her cervix. “That’s it, bitch”, the man growled, leaning close to her ear. “How does it feel to have twelve inches inside that tight snatch?” “That’s impossible”, Sarah thought, but she knew it had to be true. It was the only explanation for why her pussy was so full, stretched beyond any former capacity.

Sarah cried out in pain as the man started ramming his huge dick in and out of her cunt. However, pain wasn’t the only feeling she was experiencing. The sheer girth of the cock inside her meant that every place inside her was being affected. Every thrust of his dick rubbed against her g-spot, causing waves of pleasure to mix with the sharp bolts of pain. As a result, Sarah felt her juices flowing and her pussy beginning to contract, signaling an imminent orgasm.

The man must have been able to feel her cunt spasming, because he leaned forward again and whispered in her ear. “Getting turned akkent escort on, are you, slut? You enjoy being molested, like you’re nothing more than a piece of meat?” She wanted to refute his words, but Sarah didn’t trust her own voice. She became especially distrustful of her body when a low moan escaped her lips. The man laughed and she felt his large hand slap her bare ass cheek, eliciting a cry of pain from her lips.

As he continued to slam deep into her cunt, Sarah knew that she couldn’t stop what was about to happen. With a deep thrust, the man’s huge dick pushed her over the edge of orgasm. She cried out in ecstasy as a powerful orgasm tore through her body, waves of pleasure causing her to arch her back, even as the man continued driving deep into her womb.

“Fuck, that feels amazing”, the man said and she could feel his cock beginning to twitch inside her. “Please, don’t”, she started to say, but, as she felt his cum erupting out of his dick, she knew it was too late. His cock spurted his jizz straight into her cervix, the hot, sticky substance splashing against the walls of her womb. Sarah felt a sob welling in her throat as she felt him pumping his seed into her cunt.

She didn’t have long to cry though; she felt him slide his cock out of her pussy, leaving her feeling incredibly empty and hoping that he hadn’t wrecked her pussy permanently. For a moment, she dared to hope that he was done with her. Alas, it was not to be.

She felt his shaft, slick with the mixture of their juices, sliding up from her cunt, as he used his hands to separate her ass cheeks. Horror gripped her as she felt his dickhead resting against her asshole. “Please”, she begged, although she knew it wouldn’t do any good. I’ve never had my ass fucked. Please stop.” “I can tell”, the man said, his voice filled with sadistic delight. “It looks so tight and virginal, just the way I like it.”

As he pressed his rock hard cock against her sphincter, Sarah did her very best to prevent him from entering her hole. She couldn’t fight back, because of how he held her down. But that didn’t mean she’d make it easy for him. She clenched her ass as hard as she could, satisfied when she heard a grunt of displeasure come from the man. Seconds later, she cried out as she felt the sharp edge of the knife cut into her right ass cheek. The cut was small and quick, but she could already feel it bleeding.

“You either quit fighting or I’m going to use this knife to loosen up your asshole”, he growled and Sarah sobbed. She knew he was deadly serious and she didn’t want him to hurt her again. As she felt his dickhead pressing against her anus again, she forced herself to relax, despite knowing that it was going to be incredibly painful.

Sure enough, as Sarah’s asshole stretched wide around the man’s dick, she felt searing bolts of pain tearing through her entire body. She screamed as it felt like he tore her open, his large cock forcing itself deeper into her bowels. “Goddamn, that feels good”, the man said when, nearly ten minutes later, he bottomed out inside her ass. Sarah had never known she could feel so full, but she had also never had twelve inches of hard cock deep in her rectum.

As the man pulled backward and then thrust forward again, Sarah screamed once more. The friction of his thrusts coupled with the intense pain of her freshly ravaged asshole to send her into a state of agony that she hadn’t known existed before that very moment. The pain was horribly intense that she almost blacked out, but she somehow remained conscious as he rammed his dick into her asshole over and over again.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Sarah could feel the man speeding up his thrusts as his cock began to twitch. He thrust forward hard, going as deep as possible, and then Sarah felt him explode. He groaned as he sent spurt after spurt of white, hot jizz deep into her bowels. The feeling was strange and, although she was loathe to admit it, not altogether unpleasant. If he had gaziantep anal yapan escort gone slower and been more gentle, and perhaps had a smaller dick, she might have even enjoyed having her ass fucked.

As it was though, Sarah breathed a sigh of relief as she felt him sliding his cock out of her hole. She could feel his cum leaking out of her ass, running down to her cunt, and she knew both of her holes must be gaping messes. She felt the man moving moving suddenly sensed that he was standing in front of her. The next thing she knew, the tip of the knife cut a slit in the fabric of the bag over her head.

Seconds later, the man’s dick poked through the hole. “Open your mouth, slut. And don’t even think about biting me or I’ll slit your throat.” Sarah didn’t want to risk death, so she obediently opened her mouth. The man shoved his dick into her oral cavity, stretching her lips wide around the girth of his shaft. “Suck on it, slut”, he ordered. “Use that tongue to clean your filth off of my dick.”

Sarah nearly gagged as she tasted the blood and the sour flavor of her ass that coated the man’s cock. It became even worse as he pushed his dick deep, going into her throat. For several minutes, he slowly slid his shaft in and out of her mouth. Finally he stopped and she wondered what else he was going to do to her. As if he heard her thoughts, the man spoke.

“For now, I’m done with you”, the man said. “But just know that, if I get bored, I’ll be back to visit you again.” Sarah was completely still and silent for several moments, until she heard the front door to her house open and then close again. After she heard nothing more, she reached for the drawstring of the sack and pulled at it, loosening the sack and quickly pulled it over her head. Even though she was sure he was gone, Sarah looked around for the man. Seeing no one, she breathed a sigh of relief as she realized that her ordeal was finally over.


The next week passed quickly for Sarah. After she had gotten dressed that night, she had found Charlie, bound and gagged, on the floor of their garage. He had been horrified when she told him what happened. At first he had wanted to call the police, but she stopped him. After all, she couldn’t explain to the police why she hadn’t tried to stop the man from the beginning. So she told him that it was better to just try to move on.

The truth was, though, that Sarah was unsure how she felt about what had happened. She knew that she had been in very real danger and the man had done things to her that were incredibly painful and humiliating. But, in a strange way, that had made it incredibly hot. Every time she thought about the experience, along with a sharp pang of fear, she felt her pussy growing wet.

Sarah’s emotions and feelings about the man who had raped her were a complete and messy jumble. Until she sorted them out, she decided to just try and move on as if life were normal. Then the envelope came.

Exactly one week after her ordeal, Sarah came home to find a large manilla envelope leaning against her front door. There was no indication of where it had come from, only the word “Sarah” written on the front. As she entered her house, she opened the envelope and found nothing but a single USB stick inside. Curious, she went to her laptop and inserted the drive in one of the slots on the side.

A video immediately began playing and Sarah recognized it within seconds. “He was filming the whole thing”, she said as she watched, from the rapist’s point of view, herself having a sack pulled over her head and then the knife held to her throat. As Sarah watched the man use her body, caring only about his own pleasure, she didn’t feel the pain and anger she had expected. Instead, she felt herself growing horny and, as the man on the video forced his cock into her then virgin asshole, Sarah found her fingers slipping into her pussy.

Three times Sarah watched the recording that afternoon, stopping only because she heard Charlie’s car pulling up. And each time, she brought herself to orgasm at least once as she watched herself being violated. It was, in fact, one of of hottest things Sarah had ever seen. And, as she hid the USB drive and started preparing supper, Sarah hoped that the man would, as he promised, visit her again.

The End.

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