What Happens While Hiding



Author’s note: this is my first time writing for Literotica, constructive feedback is very welcome. Also, this story is inspired by “Cramped in the closet” by Ampersandandme

“Come on in” I answered to the knock on my bedroom door.

In burst my sister Lilia and her friend Melissa, all smiles and giggles as they plopped down on my bed. Ordinarily I’d be a little peeved about them acting like they own my room but that day I was hoping for any excuse to pry myself away from my history homework. The fact that Melissa was smoking hot didn’t hurt either.

“Whatcha doooooin?” Lilia asked as they proceeded to shuffle through the piles of papers and notes spread all over my bed.

“It’s a project for school. Now quit touching stuff before you get me all messed up!”

Lilia stuck out her tongue and made a big show of moving her finger towards my book. I rolled my eyes.

“Very mature. Are you in here for some reason besides annoying the crap out of me?”

My sister flopped down onto her stomach, put her chin in her hands and flashed her “perfect, all American girl” smile at me.

“Actually yes. Have I told you lately that you’re the best brother ever in the history of brothers?”

I sighed. “What do you want?”

“Jayna invited us to a party in the city and it’s too far for a bus and we’re too broke to take an Uber and we really really want to go so could you give us a ride pleeeeeeeeease?” She blurted out rapid fire.

I made a big show of considering it before saying “Sure. The Penguins game is on tonight so I’ll go catch that at the closest bar while you guys party, then drive you home after.”

Both girls screamed at a pitch that sounded like it could break glass.

“I told you he’d say yes!!” Melissa said and gave my sister a little tickle on her rib cage.

Lilia screeched and jumped on Melissa, tickling her back. The two started rolling around wrestling and giggling trying to get an advantage. Even though one of the girls was my sister, I couldn’t help feeling a stirring in my cock while watching these two beauties roll around together in skimpy shorts and halter tops. My brain overrode my cock though and I hollered at them to cut it out before they screwed up my homework.

Panting a little the girls separated.

“I’m going to go get my phone and call Jayna to let her know we’re coming!!” My sister said before letting out another ear splitting shriek and running out of the room.

Melissa didn’t move to leave. She rolled over onto her stomach, then folded her arms up under her boobs and looked up at me. Melissa’s boobs were definitely on the large side, and her arms folded underneath pushed them up and made them look even bigger. I couldn’t help but stare.

“I really appreciate you giving us a ride tonight Jimmy.” She said. Was I imagining it, or did she emphasize “giving us a ride”?

I’ve always had a bit of a thing for Melissa but I could never be sure whether or not the feeling was mutual. She was one of those girls who was always a little flirty, but always in a way that made you wonder if she was serious or joking. That flirtiness, combined with her gorgeous body, made my insides flutter a little every time she was near.

Melissa had a little bit of a punk rock style to her, always favoring torn jeans, black boots, and low cut t-shirts for obscure bands. I’ve always thought that short haired girls were sexy and Melissa always kept a very sexy “faux hawk” hairstyle.

“No problem” I replied.

“Hey, how about you come to the party with us instead of watching some dumb game?” She said with a sly smile.

“Umm, I dunno, you guys probably don’t want me hanging around while you’re trying to have a good time…”

“No I want you to come. I would really love for you to come tonight.” This time she definitely emphasized “come”. She even licked her lips.

The sexual tension in the room was so heavy I felt like I was on the bottom of a deep, warm pool.

“Sure…I mean…if you guys are OK with it…” My breath quickened as our faces moved almost imperceptibly closer.

Just then, my sister burst in. “This is going to be so much fun!!”

The bubble between Melissa and I burst. “Yeah, definitely” I said.

Was the smile Lilia gave us a knowing smile?

“Oh Lils, I invited your brother to come with us. I figure we owe him so the least we can do is to make sure he has a good time tonight.” Damn, she was doing it again. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course not.” She said “We’re going to have so much fun!!”

“Where’s this party going to be anyway?” I asked.

“Some old warehouse downtown.” Lilia answered.

“We’re going to a rave?” I asked, a little surprised.

“Ugggh, no one calls them raves anymore old man.” Lilia teased.

“Old man?!? I’m only three years older than you!”

“Yep. Anything older than 21 qualifies you as ancient.” Lilia replied. “I’ve still got three years of wonderful youth.”

“We’ll see how young you feel riding in the trunk tonight. Now get out of here so I can get some work done before showing gaziantep escortları you light weights how to party.”

Lilia grabbed Melissa’s hand and started leading her out of the room.

“Come on Lissy, let’s get out of here before he changes his mind.”

I couldn’t help but watch Melissa’s ass as she walked out. It looked absolutely delicious in her tight short shorts. I tried to pretend that I didn’t sneak a quick glimpse of my sister’s equally delicious looking ass too. There was no way I was going to get any work done with my head filled with memories of her tits and ass, so I started putting my papers away and turned on SportsCenter.

A couple hours later, after a shower and a shave, I was dressed and ready to go.

“Are you guys ready yet?” I yelled down the hall.

“Almost!” Lilia replied.

“Why don’t you come in while we put on the finishing touches?” Melissa called out.

I didn’t bother knocking as I entered my sister’s room.

“Come on guys hurry…” I trailed off, too transfixed by the sight of two perfect asses bent over my sister’s tiny vanity. Melissa was wearing a school girl style outfit with an incredibly short skirt, so short that I could see the tiniest hint of the curve of her ass cheeks as she was bent over applying her make up. Lilia’s dress was more modest but not by much; her dress was a 1950’s style dress with a pleated skirt that wasn’t much longer than Melissa’s. Her shoulder length red hair was tied off to each side of her head. Once again I found my cock stirring from the view despite the fact that one of these girls was my sister.

“Just finishing now.” Melissa said as they both finished putting on their lipstick by making that kissy face in the mirror.

“How do we look?” Lilia asked.

If I was dumbstruck by the view from behind, the view from the front absolutely blew my mind. Lilia’s makeup and outfit perfectly balanced “innocent girl next door” and “sexy nymph”. She looked like a modern take on a classic pinup.

Melissa on the other hand decided to tilt the balance all the way to the sexy side. Her white button up shirt was tied instead of buttoned, exposing the tops of her tits and all of her midriff. She wore black, knee high boots and black stockings that stopped halfway up her thighs, exposing just enough of her creamy skin to get your imagination going.

” You guys look…just…wow…”

They both giggled.

“I think we broke my brother.” Lilia said.

“That’s OK, I think I know how to get him working again.” Melissa said as she pressed her body against mine.

“Cut it out you two!! I don’t want to have to hose you down before we get to the party!!” Lilia said, though she couldn’t hold back some giggles.

I cleared my throat. “On that note, how bout we get going?”

We all loaded into my car, a Cadillac coup DeVille about eight years old. Lilia in the front and Melissa in the back. My sister gave me the address to load into the GPS and we got underway.

“Is there a cover?” I asked.

“$50 but it includes a full open bar.” Lilia said.

“Damn, I guess I won’t need my flask.” I said.

“Like hell you won’t!!” Melissa called from the back seat, then reached over my seat and started feeling all over me looking for it.

“Hey I’m driving here!!” I cried jokingly.

“Awwwwww, am I distracting you too much?” Melissa said in a low, sultry voice as she proceeded to rub her hands all over me. This time I was feeling good enough to play along.

“It’ll take more than that to distract me. Do your worst!”

“Oooooo, I love a challenge..” she purred, moving her hands lower and rubbing my upper thighs.

“You guys are gross!!” Lilia laughed.

“I think she’s just jealous” Melissa said, then moved her hand on to my crotch. “I get such a hottie all to myself. She’s got to keep her hands to herself since you’re related.” She continued as she started rubbing my rapidly hardening cock through my jeans. My sister didn’t seem to notice.

“Psssh, haven’t you seen Game of Thrones? Incest is all the rage nowadays!” Lilia teased and stuck her tongue out.

“Ugggh” Melissa said laughing “That’s so…HOT!!”

Both girls burst out laughing. Melissa gave my cock one last squeeze and pulled the flask out of my pocket. She took a big swig out of it.

“Well, pass it on!!” My sister said.

“No way! You want some, you have to come back here and get some!” Melissa shot back.

“You asked for it!” Lilia said as she started to climb over the front seat.

I turned my head just in time to get a big eyeful of the view under my sister’s dress. My cock, which was already so hard it was throbbing, jumped involuntarily at the sight. My sister was wearing a tiny black thong that was so small I could see a little of her asshole and pussy lips. At this point I was so turned on I almost leaned over and gave those two winking holes a lick, even if she was my sister. The moment only lasted a second before she was all the way over the seat, but I watched her ass escort gaziantep in the rearview mirror the whole way.

“Now give me some of that whiskey!!” Lilia yelled.

“Make me!!” Melissa yelled back.

The girls started wrestling over the flask, falling down on the back seat in a tangle of arms and legs. I was barely able to keep the car on the road I was watching so intently. When Lilia grabbed her friend in a one handed bear hug and licked her neck I nearly crashed the car. That gave my sister the upper hand and she grabbed the flask from Melissa with her free hand. She pushed off to the other side of the seat and started drinking from the flask. Melissa jumped over to her friend and without a pause pulled the front of her dress down, popping her boobs out.

Lilia shrieked and my eyes nearly popped out of my head.

“Lissy!!” Lilia screamed, pulling her dress back up.

“HA!!” Melissa yelled. “I win!!”

“Oh we’ll see about that!!” Lilia said with a wicked grin.

“Get a room you two! Can you guys hold off on the lesbian love fest until later? I don’t want to crash the car and kill us.” It took more effort than I thought I was capable of to break up their teasing and playing.

The rest of the ride was uneventful. The girls huddled close in the back seat, chatting, giggling and sipping from the flask. Even though the girls behavior calmed down, all the sexual tension during the night made it difficult to keep my eyes on the road. I kept glancing back at them through the rear view mirror. I was so keyed up that my heart would speed up whenever one of them would casually touch the other. My mind was filling with images of them wrapped up in each other’s embrace, hands and lips wandering…

I had to shake my head to clear it. One of those girls was my sister, I wasn’t supposed to be having thoughts like that about her. Thankfully, the GPS said we were only two blocks away. We circled around a couple of blocks before finding a spot on the street not far from where the party was.

We were parked in a tiny side street paved with cobblestones. When my sister got out she looked warily at the uneven walkway.

“These heels are terrible for walking on cobblestones.” She said

“Yeah but they’re great for making your ass look sexy!!” Melissa exclaimed and give Lilia’s ass a slap.

“Lissy!!” My sister cried out in fake outrage.

“Come over here handsome. You’ve got two sexy damsels who need a strong man to hold them.”

I stepped between the girls and offered my arms for support. “Ladies.”

“Thank you sir.” Lilia said, offering a curtsy before hooking her arm in mine.

Melissa took my arm and pressed her whole body against me, squashing her tits against my biceps.

“It gets me so hot and bothered when you act so gentlemanly!!” Lissy cooed.

“Then I’ll have to do it more often.” I said as I leaned into her and wrapped my arm around her waist, my hand settling just above the curve of her ass.

“Blech!! Now who needs to get a room?” Lilia said.

“Well we can’t afford two rooms, so you two are just going to have to share me.” Melissa said and blew a kiss to her friend.

“I LOVE sharing” Lilia purred “And Jimmy, since we’re related…you can only cum on my face.”

There was a half second of silence, during which my cock started to throb again, then the girls exploded into hysterical laughter, nearly collapsing and dragging me down with them.

We started walking towards the warehouse, the two girls bubbling over with energy. Lilia and Lissy certainly attracted their fair share of stares from passersby, and, to be honest, I was enjoying myself more than I had in a long time. Despite the fact that one of them was my sister (certainly not BECAUSE of it), it felt great to have two drop-dead gorgeous women on my arms, walking down the street as they radiated that unique glow that comes from beautiful young women who are loving life.

As we approached the warehouse, I could hear the music thumping through walls. Small groups of party goers were scattered around the entrance, smoking and talking. Flanking the door were two guys so big it looked like they could tow a city bus with their bare hands. Silently, they collected our cover fee and stamped our hands. Both were blatantly staring at Lilia and Melissa, turning to admire their asses as we passed. My ego swelled a little more.

Stepping into the warehouse was like the moment Dorothy opened the door to Oz. The room was massive; a roughly square area about 40 feet high and a hundred or two hundred feet long and wide. The music, which had been nothing more than muted bass thumps outside, hit me like a physical force, enveloping and squeezing into me the same way the crowd was. The room was lit by an EDM style lighting rig that clearly cost a fortune. On the opposite end of the room there was a balcony about 20 feet off the ground, where the DJ danced and grooved in front of a massive viewscreen that cycled through a series of random pictures.

“Holy shit” gaziantep bayan escortları I thought to myself.

“WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” The girls threw their hands up, their screams just audible over the pounding of the music.

“Let’s get some drinks!!” Melissa screamed at us, then took both of our hands and started weaving through the crowd toward the bar.

“What’ll it be?” The bartender asked when we got through to her.

Melissa leaned in and shouted over the noise. “Three shots of whiskey, two Smirnoffs and one lager.” I couldn’t help but notice that the bartender’s gaze locked involuntarily on Melissa’s cleavage, then lingered as she moved away to get the drinks. I couldn’t blame her.

I paid for the drinks and Lilia handed them out.

“To the best brother EVERRRRRRRR!!” She shouted, Melissa’s screaming accompanying her until we downed the shots.

“Another round!!” Lilia told the bartender.

We downed the next round and the girls started gyrating as we sipped our drinks.

“This place is insane!! It must have cost a fortune!” I yelled. “How did they get the DJ up there?” I couldn’t see any doors, stairs or ladders that led to the balcony where he was spinning.

Lilia screamed in delight when she noticed it as well. “I have no idea!!”

Melissa grabbed Lilia’s hand and shouted “Let’s go find Jayna!!”

Lilia reached for me, but I waved her off.

“Go have fun! I’ll hang out here!”

“OK! You’re the best”

I watched the girls melt into the massive crowd, savoring the sight of them every second until they were gone. I leaned against the bar, sipping my beer, watching the crowd and nodding my head to the music. I was incredibly horny already, and being surrounded by young girls dressed in skimpy club outfits wasn’t helping. Sometime during my second drink, Lilia and Melissa reappeared with their friend Jayna in tow. Jayna was dressed in a bright orange and teal outfit, with a matching teal wig. It looked like some kind of anime cosplay outfit. The colors blended perfectly with her dark caramel skin.

“Jayna this is my brother, Jimmy!” Lilia screamed.

Jayna ran over and gave me a big hug, kissing me on the cheek.

“Easy girl!! We have dibs on him tonight!!” Melissa yelled. “What do you want to drink?” She pulled Jayna towards the bar and ordered another round.

Lilia pulled me slightly away. I noticed the nervous look on her face.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Jayna has some ecstasy and wants to know if we want some but I’ve never done it before and I don’t want to take it alone and I’m worried that some creepy guy will take advantage of me so can you do it with us and stay close to us so we don’t get into trouble?”

I raised my eyebrows and considered. I’d done E before and was planning on staying here for at least a few more hours, so I’d have some time to sober up.

“Sure. It’ll be fun.”

Lilia squeeled and wrapped her arms around me. Before I knew what was happening she planted a kiss on my lips. I had barely registered what happened before she bounced away towards Melissa and Jayna. I couldn’t hear what Lilia told them but I assumed she filled them in on my consent because I heard them squeel too.

Jayna led us to a corner that wasn’t so busy and handed out the tablets. We each downed ours with a drink, then made our way to the dance floor.

“Remember you’re our date tonight! Stay close!” Lilia yelled.

The dance floor was packed. There was barely any space between the four of us as we started dancing. As my buzz increased and the E kicked in, the space between us started shrinking and shrinking. I moved towards Melissa until our bodies were touching. She brought her face close to mine and started grinding against me. My cock was instantly as hard as an iron rod. I could feel her soft body gyrating against me, smell the sweet, fruity scent of her. She turned around and grabbed my sisters hand, pulling her close. My hands slid up and down Melissa’s side and hips as she ground her ass against me. She pulled my sister against her and Lilia eagerly started grinding against her friend. I could feel the energy flowing between the three of us. Lilia’s leg brushed up against mine as she pushed her thigh between Lissy’s legs, the dark haired girl alternating grinding her ass against my cock and her pussy against my sister’s legs.

“I’m going to get another drink!!” Jayna’s scream brought me briefly out of the trance I’d been in. She disappeared into the crowd.

Melissa suddenly spun Lilia around to take her place, then pressed in against us. My rock hard cock was nestled right in between my sisters asscheeks. I briefly backed up, but between Melissa pushing into Lilia and the crowd behind me, I was pinned. Lissy squated, then slid her body up my sister, licking from the top of her breasts up her neck as she rose. Lilia leaned her head back against my shoulder and wrapped her arm around my neck, moaning as her friend licked her neck up to her ear, then nibbled her earlobe.

Any logical thoughts that were left fled my brain when Melissa pulled my sister’s face to hers in a deep, sensual kiss. I was no longer able to register that it was my sister’s tongue dancing with her friend’s. I was only able to see two hot women sharing a kiss. I involuntarily started to grind my cock between my sister’s ass cheeks. I was so far gone that I wasn’t even surprised when she pushed her ass back into me.

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