What Happens in Vegas… Ch. 05




*AUTHOR’S NOTE: Hello again, dear readers. This marks the final installment in this series; part 5 of 5. It is, of course, best read from the beginning, but if you’re looking for pure sex, check out part 2 and part 4. As always, I am not representing the MGM group, its parent, affiliate or subsidiaries. I’ve grown rather fond of Jake and Amy, and I’m thinking of continuing their escapades, especially if people would like to see where their adventure goes next. This story contains elements of D/S, light bondage, orgasm denial and overload. If these things aren’t your cup of tea, no hard feelings. Just put the cup down and walk away. Enjoy!*

*Synopsis* Jake and Amy were roommates and friends that decided to go on a bargain trip to Las Vegas to blow off some steam, only for Jake to win a multi-million dollar jackpot. This began a whirlwind of shopping, fine dining, and world-class entertainment, culminating in Jake and Amy hooking up. Although they truly enjoyed each other’s company, they were poisoned against each other by their own insecurity and the words of well-meaning friends. Amy fled Las Vegas, as well as the house they lived in. Jake’s attempts to try and forget about Amy were useless, though enjoyable, and he tasked his now-considerable resources to finding her. As though Fate herself had drawn them together, Jake learned that Amy was in Vegas, where their story had begun…


“I want to make you a deal…”

Amy stopped dancing in the middle of the floor. There was only one person who would say that, one person that knew exactly where to touch her to keep her interest. Gathering her courage, Amy pushed off from her mystery dance partner, whirling around to look at him for the first time.

“Hello, Amy.”

Amy’s voice caught in her throat, tears springing unbidden to her eyes. There, wearing a pensive, cautious expression was Jake. He was dressed impeccably, snug grey slacks with a matching blue shirt, one that reflected in those damnable eyes of his.

Damn him and damn those eyes. God, he looks good. Shaking her head, Amy snapped out of it. Who cared how good he looked? Who cared if she could see the muscles defined in his arms as he pulled away from her embrace? Who cared if those blazing blue eyes were boring straight into her soul? Tears starting to slide down her cheek, Amy took a tentative step forward.

Jake remained motionless, his face remaining a cautious mask even as his heart threatened to jump out of his chest. He knew in that moment that he had been the world’s biggest fool to ever let this magnificent woman, this goddess out of his grasp.

Amy took another step forward, then another. Her pulse thudded thick and heavy in her throat as she reached out, fingers brushing Jake’s hip in a manner reminiscent of their first encounter as lovers. She could feel him tense, his body warm to the touch. She stared up, for just a moment, into those gleaming sapphire eyes, so bright and full of an emotion she couldn’t quite identify.

Then she punched Jake as hard as she could, connecting solidly with his jaw.

Jake was caught totally off guard and stumbled back, falling hard and landing painfully on his side. Several onlookers immediately crowded around him, making sure he was okay. Jake hastily waved them off and stood, but it was too late. In the commotion, Amy had slipped away once again.

Jake was beside himself as he rushed out of the club. She had been right there. So close, so goddamn close! Angrily, he slammed the door on his limo, dialing Sarah.

“How are you this evening, Jake?”

“I’ll tell you what, Sarah; I’ve been a whole hell of a better. I need you to do me a favor.”

“What can I do for you?”

“I need you to talk to your friends in the other Strip casinos. Find out if anyone remembers seeing her.”

“I’m sorry, who do you mean, Jake?”

“Amy! Amy, the woman from my first trip with you.”

“I’ll see what I can do, Jake, but Vegas is a big place. It’s an awful long shot that someone I know has seen her.”

Jake sighed, head cradled in one hand as he squeezed the phone tightly.

“Just…just try. Please? It’s important to me, Sarah. Beyond important.”

“I’ll do my best, Jake.”

Hanging up dissatisfied, Jake looked out the window at the massive towers of the Strip hotels. There were thousands of rooms, hundreds of bars and clubs. To find one person in all of that…

Then Jake remembered the trump card in his jacket pocket. Pulling out his Vertu, he pressed the small ruby on the side of the phone that connected him directly to Celine.

“What can I do for you this evening, Mr. Williams?”

“Celine, I need you to call every person you know in Las Vegas. Get every private investigator you had tasked down here now. “

“I can certainly do that, Mr. Williams, but the cost will be significa-“

Jake cut her off dismissively. “I don’t care what it costs, Celine. Just make it happen.”

He drained gaziantep escort a glass of champagne as the limo rolled up to the private entrance at Aria.

“I need to find her.”

Amy had panicked after she hit Jake, rushing out of Hyde before realizing that her credit card was still at the bar, along with Ashley and Nicole. Thankfully, she still had her purse, and texted them both that she wasn’t feeling well. She asked if they could get her card and meet her back at the hotel once they were done. Fortunately, their room key had been in Amy’s purse, as well. The girls agreed and Amy walked dejectedly back to Excalibur, mind ablaze.

Did it mean anything that we ran into each other again? Or that I kept dancing with him longer than anyone else? Or that I…

A million thoughts flew through her head. Amy was past the point of confusion. Jake had said vile things to her, horrible things. But despite that, Amy knew that she had loved every minute she had spent with Jake. She stopped dead in her tracks as something dawned on her, a stunning epiphany that may have come minutes too late. Amy had loved every minute she had spent with Jake. That was the thought that had gone through her head a moment ago. Amy sobbed, tears streaming down her face as the truth became more obvious than the sunrise.

Every minute.

Ashley and Nicole had their fun at Hyde, dancing the night away with random men, plying free drinks where they could, ending their evening giddy and drunk. Clutching each other for support, they ran into a man outside the club that was asking people about a woman in a photo. Looking at it, Nicole brazenly slurred that “That’s my friend”. Ashley just grinned dreamily at the attractive, yet nondescript man talking to them.

The man asked where they were staying, and Nicole drunkenly told him. The polite man offered them a ride in a towncar, citing the high cost of cabs. Too inebriated to question their fortune, the girls slid into the back as the man closed the door and pulled out a cell phone.

“Celine? Tell your client I found her.”

Sarah, despite her best efforts and extensive network of friends and business contacts, had no leads for Jake’s fervent quest. She knocked tentatively on the door to Jake’s villa, and heard his booming voice bid her to enter. Jake was standing at the windows, the panoramic views of the glittering city below nothing but a distraction. As Sarah entered, Jake turned to the bar and poured himself a drink, the scotch pouring from the bottle in a rich amber color. He had just put the drink to his lips when Sarah addressed him.

“Jake…Jake, I’m sorry, but no one I’ve called can tell me anything. Either she’s not staying in one of the MGM hotels, or she’s just flying below the radar of the concierge staff.”

Jake slammed the glass to the counter, shattering it and sending shards of crystal spinning across the floor.

“Of course she’s ‘under the radar,’ Sarah! She’s not here spending millions of dollars, she’s probably in a budget room just like we-” He trailed off.

Just like we had originally planned before I went and fucked it all up, Jake finished in his head. As he continued, his tone softened and his broad shoulders slumped.

“I’m sorry, Sarah. None of this is your fault. It’s actually almost entirely my fault. I shouldn’t be taking this out on you, but this whole…thing; this whole travesty of a soap opera has me on edge.”

Sarah, who had shrank back at Jake’s violent outburst, came forward now, reaching up to pat him awkwardly on the shoulder.

“Jake, it’s okay. You’ll catch a break soon.”

He snorted derisively. “Hate to say it, Sarah, but I think I used up all my good luck the first time I came here. Let’s face it. You’re one of the most connected people in Las Vegas, and even with your help I can’t imagine I’ll get any kind of result this quickly.”

As if to prove him wrong, his phone rang.

“It’s Jake.”

“Mr. Williams? It’s Celine. One of our associates believes they have located your friend.”

Jake’s heart lurched.

“So soon? Is he sure?”

“Our private investigator canvassed the outside of the club you were at tonight, hoping your friend might have come in a group. It seems as though her and two female friends are staying in a room at the Excalibur.”

Jake’s body flooded with adrenaline, hands trembling as he called for a car, nearly knocking Sarah over as he practically ran out of the villa.

The knocking on her door jolted Amy out of a tipsy doze. Realizing that Ashley and Nicole must be back, she threw on a robe and opened the door without bothering to check.

“Please don’t hit me again.” Amy looked on in confused shock. Improbably, impossibly, Jake was standing before her again. This time, he was backed up almost to the far side of the hallway, though whether he wanted to seem unthreatening, or was actually afraid, Amy didn’t know.

“You deserved it, Jake.”

He winced. “Yeah, yeah I did. If you really want, I deserve more than one. But honestly, I’d rather just talk to you for a few minutes. Can I come in?”

Amy bit her lip as though deciding, then nodded. She quickly backed away from the entrance and retreated to the far side of the room. Jake closed the door and sat by the side of the bed, the silence in the dark room stretching out for minutes on end. Finally, Jake broke it.

“I should never have said those things to you, Amy. Never. I can’t believe that I thought about you like that for even a second. I was just so afraid the entire weekend. I was afraid that the whole thing was a dream that was going to come crashing down around my head if I breathed wrong, and that fear caused it to happen.”

Jake paused, steeling himself with a deep breath. “If you’re really done with me, I understand. I said some things that can’t really be unsaid. I’ll walk out this door and be out of your life forever. But I had to explain myself. I had to talk to you, to see you one more time. I owe you goodbye.”

The silence stretched on again as Jake’s last words fell, heavy in their finality.

Five minutes passed. Then ten. Amy remained silent. As Jake stood to leave. He turned, and each measured step he took towards the door made his heart sink further. By the time his hand was on the handle to leave, each step away from her felt like physical pain in his chest. Refusing to break down, Jake turned the handle and opened the door.


Jake froze. Had he heard that? Had it been real?

“Jake, stop.”

He pushed the door shut but kept his hand on the handle, head hung low. Amy turned on a lamp, casting a feeble light into the room.

“Jake, that weekend…that weekend was a fairytale. It was so much fun, and you were so different, that by the end I was really scared of losing my independence. The things we did in bed…that was new for me. It really had we weirded out that I liked being dominated like that. Then you kept talking about the deal we made, and it made me think I was just some doll for you to dress up and play with. I freaked out, and I said some pretty bad things, too.”

Jake winced, the memory scarred into his mind. I wasn’t really attracted to you before we came here, and I don’t know if I will be once we leave.

“It’s okay, Amy. You were just being honest with me.”

“No, I wasn’t.”

Jake’s head lifted as he heard Amy get off the chair. He turned around.

“What do you mean?”

Amy had stopped in the middle of the room, and Jake’s need carried him the short distance to meet her. He could see by the weak light of the lamp that tears had filled her luminous, chocolate-honey eyes.

“I wasn’t being honest with you, Jake. I wasn’t even being honest with myself. I don’t think I really understood until I was walking home tonight. My mind was racing; I was going over what happened in Hyde, then it hit me.”

“What?” Jake whispered. He was sure his heartbeat was audible, loud as it was.

Amy blushed, her small hand trailing up Jake’s arm, deftly skipping over where she had struck him. Her gentle fingers came to rest on his jaw, with her thumb on his cheek and her fingers stroking behind his ear.

“The thought that kept going through my mind was that I loved every minute I had spent with you. Not just when we were in Vegas. When we were cuddling. When we were drinking and watching bad movies. When I kicked your ass at Mario Kart.” Amy used her hand to tilt Jake so she could look into his eyes for his reaction.

“Every minute, Jake.”

Then Amy was pulling his head down, and Jake let her, their lips meeting for the first time in weeks. The world dropped away in silence as they kissed, Amy throwing her hands around Jake’s shoulders even as Jake encircled Amy’s waist. Every emotion, every worry, every ounce of fear and pain and doubt gathered over the past weeks evaporated like mist.

Jake kissed Amy as though she held the last breath on Earth in her lungs, not bothering to press for more, not needing to. Everything he needed he had in his arms. Amy pushed him back gently, the bed taking his knees out and making them both fall. Her hands trailed seductively around Jake’s face, paying special attention behind his ears and along his jaw. Jake gasped into her, his own hands already fumbling with the sash of her robe. As Amy’s hands began to work the buttons on Jake’s shirt, her lips began tracing their way along his jawline. That was the moment that Jake finally undid the sash, sliding his hands around Amy’s waist, leaving lines of pleasure bursting through her skin.

Then she had flung the robe across the room, Jake’s shirt following close behind as Amy triumphantly removed the last button. Hungrily, she kissed her way from Jake’s full lips down to his neck, sucking and nibbling a trail of sensation down his skin. She kissed her way to his collarbone and bit down sharply, causing Jake to hiss in pleasure and pain simultaneously. Amy continued her tantalizing path down, biting each of Jake’s nipples, crisscrossing his body with feather light kisses and teasing nibbles, taking her time with her skillful lips as her hands made quick work of Jake’s belt and pants. Amy left Jake for the few precious moments it took to toss the tailored slacks aside, and then she was straddling him again.

Since their initial encounter, Jake and Amy had been intimate in a number of ways, from their frenzied first time to the stern dominance Jake had introduced Amy to. This was different. There was no rush, no need for control, no curiosity for submission, no desire to prove anything. This time there were no trappings of splendor, no expensive champagne or decadent food to sway the mind and senses. It was the way things should have been the first time. The two of them together in a cheap, bargain buy Vegas hotel.

Amy had waited long enough, the tension and desire between the two replacing any need for foreplay. She took Jake into her mouth, loving the way she could feel him swell as her lips sank over his sizable dick. She took her time, whipping her tongue quickly around the thick, turgid head, then ever so slowly sinking her mouth deeper. Jake could only let out an inarticulate cry, throwing his head back as the pleasure of both their reunion and Amy’s breathtaking lips mingling in his mind and body to an intoxicating degree. Amy was nowhere near finished though. Now that Jake was hard, she had something else in mind.

Amy gave one final languid lick before clambering up to meet Jake’s burning blue eyes. It took her only a moment of adjusting before she sank back, mouth forced open in a gasp as Amy felt herself stretch. She leaned down to kiss Jake fervently, slowly working her body onto him. It had been weeks since she’d been with him, and although Amy had tried to use other lovers as a replacement, she had yet to meet anyone who could fill her so pleasurably and completely as Jake.

As she settled down, fully impaled, Amy wasted no time, gyrating her hips, swinging them in a smooth, slow circle. The motion drew small sounds out of Jake, visually mesmerized by the seductive sway of her body. Amy placed her hands on Jake’s chest to get more leverage and then began to circle faster, occasionally rising up only to fill herself to the brim with his dick once more. The unpredictable pattern had Jake grasping at whatever he could reach. Taking pity, Amy took Jake’s hands in her own, hips swinging the entire time, and placed them firmly on the magnificent globes of her ass. Jake moaned as he felt his hands come into contact with the treasures once again, and wasted no time reacquainting himself. He kneaded her ass forcefully, encouraging Amy to ride him harder, her hips undulating in waves as she rocked back and forth in ecstasy.

Amy’s rhythm began to lose its elegance as she became caught up in the pleasure, the wicked fullness taking her right to the edge, the weight of her orgasm curling up inside her as though it were a living thing. Jake reared up, hands still tight on her ass, his sensuous lips latching on to Amy’s nipple and pulling hard. This last bit of stimulation was all Amy needed, and her orgasm hit her hard, pleasure surging through her body as she unconsciously rocked her hips faster and faster until they were a blur. Her release was far too much for Jake, the cacophony of sight, sound and touch overloading his senses. As Amy’s warm, wet pussy clamped down, it triggered his own orgasm, pulsing as jets of cum exploded out of him, causing Amy to shriek in both surprise and joy. She managed a few more spasmodic bounces, trying to prolong her pleasure, before falling to the bed next to Jake.

They stayed like that for some time, satisfied to be in each other’s company again. Amy wiggled her way under Jake’s arm, feeling safe and protected as she curled against him. Jake was content just to be near her; the dark cloud of his mood lifted merely by her presence. He was idly tracing circles on her hip when Amy found the wherewithal to speak.

“What now, Jake?”

It was a good question. Jake had been so focused, so completely consumed with finding Amy, that he hadn’t really given great thought to what would happen after he did. Their reunion had been much the same as their entire sexual relationship: passionate and intense, with no regard for what came after. But now they were in the same place they had been weeks ago, their insecurities a wall that neither could seem to completely overcome. Jake tried for playful.

“Well, there’s a good show at the Wynn tonight, or we could always sate your inner fat kid and go…to…” Jake trailed off as he saw Amy’s normally angelic visage contort into a scowl.

“Jake, that’s where we were weeks ago. We still can’t stay in Vegas forever. We still have to live a real life at some point!”

“I get it, Amy. I mean it this time. We don’t have to stay here. We don’t need to go gallivanting around the world. Hell, if you want me to, I’ll go bet $30 million on double zero at the roulette table, lose, and be penniless again. I don’t care about the money.”

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