What Happened That Summer Ch. 06



Next morning, I kissed Davy goodbye when the taxi came to take him to the airport. He’d been hired to play on an album on the west coast. When we’d made love one last time very early, I’d told him Claudio was coming over day after tomorrow and that I’d make his damn movie for him.

I had a bit less trouble focusing at the rehearsal that morning. Desperation for a musician is having the conductor’s notice – for the wrong reason. Somehow I stuffed what I was going to be doing in twelve hours into a small mental box, locked it, and threw away the key – at least doing the rehearsal. To aid me, I never once looked at Claudio and stayed well away from him during our break, staying in a cubicle in the women’s washroom.

As I was leaving the building just after noon, Claudio caught up to me.

“Is everything all right? Are we still on for Wednesday?”

I shrugged. “I guess so.”

“May I take you to dinner beforehand?”

I thought for a moment. “No. I’ll be too nervous. Why don’t I throw together a bit of munchies for before?”

“Great idea. And I’ll bring the Champagne. When one is about to make love to a beautiful creature like you, one should always ply her with Champagne.”

“Don’t tease me, Claudio, please. I’m nervous enough as it is.”

“See you at seven, then?”

“Yes,” I said as we separated at the entrance to the subway. As I went down the steps with my cello, I mumbled to myself, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”


What does one wear when her lover is coming over for a tryst? Every other time I’d been with someone in a situation like this (John, that guy in university who took my virginity, Davy, Claudio), I’d just been wearing what I was wearing and when things started happening, I removed my clothes – or they did it for me.

Tonight was no seduction. It was harshly premeditated – so I was dithering as to what to wear. Should I meet Claudio at the door in something slithery? Davy had bought me all kinds of “seductive clothing”. Or should I wear my normal, everyday clothes? No, too hard to get off. Or should I just be naked when I open the door? Somehow I couldn’t wrap my brain around being that blatant.

In the end, I decided to wear this lovely sort of sari-like dress Davy had bought me while we were on vacation a year earlier. It went down to my ankles, was very simple, just elbow-length sleeves, no waist, comfortable, and the the greens of the fabric really worked well with my skin and hair. Davy said that seeing me in it always gave him a stiffy. I think it was because my nipples really showed if I didn’t wear a bra. That night, I did leave off the bra, but had some lovely French panties on – another favourite of my husband’s.

When I opened the door to Claudio’s ring at seven sharp, I might as well have had nothing on the way he looked me over.

He was dressed in chinos and a nice light blue shirt, open at the neck. We’d both grown up since that summer, no longer kids. He looked to me like a male in his sexual prime, fit, handsome and very desirable. I could feel myself moistening. This might be a lot easier than I thought.

“God! I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind the past two days, Jill.” He shook his head. “You look absolutely divine.”

I walked forward and we kissed, not chastely, but not like two people who were going to fuck each other’s brains out, either. It felt natural and very familiar, and my heart-rate dropped a bit.

“I’ve got some wine and cheese and crackers,” I said.

He held up a one of those wine gift bags. “And I’ve brought the Champagne.”

“I’ll be right back,” I said as he hung up his jacket on one of the pegs by the door. “Make yourself comfortable.”

My hand was hardly shaking as I put down the food and Champagne flutes, sitting next to Claudio on the sofa. Across the room, I’d already set up the camera as Davy had directed. He wanted his movie to start in the living room and move into our bedroom later. All I had to do was turn it on.

We made small talk through the first glass of really excellent bubbly. The alcohol buzzed into my brain and further calmed me down. Claudio poured a second glass.

“Claudio, there’s something I want to say to you before we take this any further.”

“What’s that, Jill?”

“You know why I invited you here tonight. Well, it comes with a caveat.”


“Yes. I want you to know that I’m not doing this to cheat on my husband. I did that once with you and I will not do it again. He’s going to know every move I make. If he has any problem, I will stop and that will be it. Period.”

Claudio nodded.

“And another thing, I’m not doing this as a power trip over my husband. Ours is not one of those sub/dom relationships you hear about. At all times you are to be respectful to my husband – whether he’s present or not. Yes, you do have a bigger cock than he does. Yes, you do give me marvelous, toe-curling orgasms. We both know that. He won’t get off on you questioning his manhood or saying that you’re so much better than he is. If you are ever less than gaziantep escort respectful to David, that is it. We’re done and I will never so much as look at you again. Do you agree to that? If you’ve got a problem with those rules, then tell me now.”

“Why is your husband willing to let me be with you again, then?”

“Because he knows I love a big cock, specifically yours. He likes the idea of me enjoying myself and he knows he doesn’t own me. I’m not his property, same as he is not mine. There isn’t a power struggle going on here. He’s willing to give me space to enjoy love in all its forms. And that includes you. You know how much I enjoy everything you bring when we go to bed. But I am David’s wife. I know how lucky I am to get this chance, especially since I did cheat on him with you. Do you get everything I’ve just told you?”

Claudio leaned forward and kissed the tip of my nose lightly. “I love watching your face when you’re being really sincere, Jill. I would agree to nearly anything in order to make love to you again. I will do whatever you say.” He smiled. “Now that we’re on the same page, can we move on to more… enjoyable things?”

Showtime. I downed almost the entire glass, then took a deep breath, crossed the room, and turned on the camera. One memory card would film for an hour and a half. Davy had left three. I could feel Claudio’s eyes burning into me as I crossed back to the sofa and leaned back.

“You are such a beautiful woman, Jill. The man who has your heart is a very lucky man indeed.”

I snorted. “You’re only saying that because you want to get into my pants.”

“No. I mean it. I have never seen a woman more beautiful and sexy than you.”

“That’s very flattering, but I stand by my original statement.”

“May I kiss you?”

“Certainly. I’d like that very much.”

Claudio put his glass down and leaned toward me. Our lips met and that spark of electricity that had been there the first time we kissed ran through me again, making me shiver.




“Yes. Very.”

We made out like two teenagers for a good ten minutes. Eventually our hands got involved, mine rubbing Claudio’s erection through his pants and his hands pulling and twisting my nipples, making them ache pleasantly.

He pushed me over and lay on top of me, dry-humping as we made out. I opened my legs as he buried his head in my neck, kissing and sucking. Now I was on fire and the thought of the camera recording everything suddenly didn’t bother me. I wanted Claudio – badly.

“Get off me,” I told him.

His kissing stopped. “What?”

“Get off me. Stand up and let me undress you.”

“Why didn’t you say so?”

Without making it obvious, I got Claudio into position, partially turned toward the camera. Davy was soon going to see exactly what was going to be inside me very shortly. Without rushing, I got Claudio’s clothes off in a hurry. By the time I got to his briefs, his cock was maybe halfway erect, flat against his stomach and peeking out the top.

Now it was time for the big reveal. The size of his cock, though I knew it pretty intimately, sort of took me aback. My memory had dimmed a bit about just how fat and long it was. Now it was right in front of my face again and the sight of it got my heart racing and my juices flowing freely.

“Don’t move,” I said with Claudio standing there in all his naked glory. His cock was now almost at full swell.

Retrieving my bottle of lube-her-cunt from next to the sofa, I squirted a good bit on my hands. As always, Claudio’s groin was shaved, making his erection look even larger and more imposing (I’d discovered his dodge from sneaking looks at porn on the Internet). Using both hands, I got his cock and balls slippery and shiny, working him up and down, squeezing, pulling to the point where Claudio’s arousal was turning everything red and pulsing with every heartbeat. My crotch was now throbbing, too.

I got to my feet. “Lift this off,” I told Claudio and held my arms up.

He grabbed my shift at the shoulders and pulled it off me smoothly. I bent over, taking off my panties and melted into him, pulling down his cock so I could slide it between my legs as we embraced.

We kissed some more as I humped the length of Claudio’s magnificent erection, my nether lips sliding along it easily.

I bent again and grabbed a cloth I’d also put beside the sofa. It was the work of a moment to wipe off his cock. I knew I would be wet enough for the both of us.

Laying back on the sofa, I threw one leg over the back and rested the other on the floor, just as I had in my dream.

Spreading my pussy open, I looked up at Claudio standing next to me. “I want you inside me – right now. Fuck me, Claudio. It’s been too long.”

He looked a bit startled, probably because I was being so blatant, but at that moment I really did want him quite badly.

Once he was on top of me, we kissed a bit more and I made sure the passion showed in the way I was responding. Then it was time.

I pulled back my legs way back and got Claudio to put his hands on the sofa’s arm above my head so there was a space between our bodies. I wanted Davy to see everything, leaving no doubt that Claudio’s cock was entering his wife’s pussy. I’d already asked Claudio earlier that day about STDs and he assured me I would be safe if I took him bareback. (Somehow that hadn’t entered my mind when we’d first spent that week fucking our brains out.)

I lined him up with one hand and he pushed forward. I made sure to remain tight so he’d have to push a bit before it would pop in. This was part of the show for Davy. When the pressure was hard, I loosened my pussy muscles and allowed Claudio to sink halfway in.

“Slowly, slowly,” I sighed. “I’m not used to you anymore.”

It only took him a good half-dozen thrusts for me to fully “encunt” Claudio’s cock. He rested more on my body and I brought my legs lower. We kissed passionately then I let him take over and do whatever he wanted.

“Oh Jesus, Claudio, don’t stop! You’re going to make me cum.”

“Cum all over my cock, sweet Jill. Show me how much you love it.”

I grabbed his hips, pulling him into my clutching pussy. I was moaning and swearing, lost in my rising passion.

“Claudio! Claudio! Oh sweet Jesus, you feel so incredible. I’m going to cum. All over your fucking amazing cock. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

With that, I just spun out like I hadn’t since the last fuck we’d enjoyed. I was aware of him with his arms wrapped around me, or bodies joined tightly as I writhed underneath him. Though he slowed as my orgasm ebbed, he never stopped thrusting his magnificent tool into me. Even as I returned to my senses, I could feel my arousal rising again.

I’d forgotten how good Claudio’s staying power was. Partially, it was that we changed positions relatively frequently (I also knew his trick now), but he could last long enough for me to orgasm in every one of them at least once. He flat out was driving me insane with lust.

By this point, I was no longer aware of the camera, completely swept away by my lust, but I knew Davy would be getting the show he wanted – at least, I hoped it would be what he wanted after he’d seen it once.

Eventually, we moved into the bedroom, where I only had a sheet on the bed. Again the camera went where Davy had directed, and after I’d turned it on, it was again forgotten.

This time the sex was more complete. I let Claudio eat me (as if that took any coaxing) and I did my best with a blowjob. That was mostly to get him super hard again, after which we fucked for a good half hour. The one time I did play to the camera was when I rode my stud backwards so my open pussy was facing the camera. Davy would really have a good view of Claudio’s massive cock thundering into me. We both came nearly simultaneously.

Afterwards, I lay back on Claudio as his softening cock flopped out, along with a flood of semen which the camera would also see. I looked directly at the camera then and mouthed, “I love you.”

It felt rather weird, considering what I’d just done, but I really did love Davy then for allowing me to indulge every erotic idea in my imagination. And now I had enjoyed it even more because he’d not only given me permission, he’d encouraged me to do it.

Getting off Claudio with my hands cupped to my genitals, I padded over to the camera and shut it off.

Before he left that night, we took a shower together. No camera, but we kissed a lot and I used the soap to jerk him off. My pussy was far too sore for any more action.

At the door, with me still naked, Claudio kissed me goodnight, telling me for about the tenth time how much he’d enjoyed being with me again.

“Can we do this some more before your husband returns?”

“We’ll see.”

He smiled. “I’d be happy to be your porn star anytime you say.”

“We’ll talk at rehearsal, okay?” I kissed both his cheeks. “Thank you for a lovely evening.” I grabbed his cock. “I’d forgotten how nice this thing feels inside of me.”

“You can have it anytime you want, sweet, sweet Jill.”

After closing the door, I leaned against it for a long time.

I hoped I’d done the right thing.

Two and a half hours later, after watching the entire evening’s videos, I packaged them the way Davy had shown me and uploaded them for him to find on his cloud site next time he checked in. Even though I was dead on my feet, I went to bed, spread my legs and used my fingers to diddle myself to one last gentle orgasm before drifting off to a dreamless sleep.


“I got the videos,” Davy told me the next morning. His voice sounded strained and my heart was suddenly in my throat.


“I was on tenterhooks all day yesterday, wondering what was going on back home. Last night at the studio, I could hardly concentrate.”

“Is everything…okay, David? Are you all right with what happened?”

I don’t know if he even heard my question. He just went on, obviously under the influence of some very strong emotions.

“I had no idea it would be like that. In one way I felt sick to my stomach watching you with him.”

“Davy, love, I was playing to the camera for you, your very own porn star.”

“At the same time, I was so turned on, I could barely stand it. My heart was going a mile-a-minute when you took his cock and then pulled him into you. It was the raw passion of it. And my God, his cock is gigantic. How did you get that all into your little pussy? Yet you took it and I knew how much you were getting off on it. You fucked him as much as he fucked you. I came without even touching my cock!”

“But are you okay, David? That’s all I really care about. Say the word, and I will never so much as look at Claudio again!”

“You’re not going to leave me for him?”

“Good heavens, no! With Claudio it’s just sex. Very good sex, it’s true, but what you and I have together transcends that. I could never live with Claudio. It would all go wrong very quickly. He drives me nuts with lust, but it just doesn’t work the way it works with you, my love.”

We talked about everything for quite some time, and I felt reassured by the end that Davy was indeed okay with what we’d allowed to happen. Actually, he was as enthusiastic as ever.

“Are you going to see him again before I get home?”

I got the feeling he might like me to play him a bit. “Maybe.”

“As long as you give me all the juicy details. Or you could send more videos.”

“We’ll see. I’m pretty sore today. My pussy took quite a pounding last night.”

“Christ! You’re giving me a hard-on, talking like that. Jill…”

“Yes, love?”

“Do you think I could be part of it when I get home? Do you think you could handle two stiff cocks?”

“I don’t know. It would be a bit weird, having my husband and my lover in the same bed…”

“But you could do it, couldn’t you?”

“I’d have to also talk it over with Claudio. I’m not sure how he’d feel.”

My husband laughed. “If I know anything about males and their response to being able to fuck a gorgeous woman like you, he’ll do anything you ask. It’s not as if you’re chasing him around. He has no power in this equation.”

“You may be right…”

“I know I’m right. Ask him. You’ll see.”

I looked over at the clock. Time to get moving. I had a lot of practising to do before rehearsal in the afternoon.

“I gotta go,” I said.

“Me, too.”

“I love you so much, even if I did just fuck another man.”

“You are so gorgeous with that massive cock inside you. I especially loved that last scene. Maybe when I’m back I could film a session with the two of you.”

“We’ll see.”

“Be good – but not necessarily too good.”

“I’ll do my best.”

Talking about the video had got me a bit worked up, so I padded to the computer, fired it up and turned on the first clip.

My God, it was hot! Seeing myself in the act of extreme sex really turned me on no end. The way Claudio put everything into his thrusts, the way his beautiful butt clenched as he drove his cock home soon caused me to put my heels against the edge of the computer table, flop my legs open, and get my fingers busy. With two of them circling my clit, and three fingers of my other hand buried in my pussy, I soon gave myself a very nice cum.

In the middle of my practice session, my need caused me to return to the computer and watch a segment from the second session in the bedroom. I found myself becoming addicted to watching Claudio and me, and I began to understand what my husband found so attractive about watching me. It was very obvious how much I enjoyed fucking Claudio.

The idea of having Claudio and Davy together began to grow on me.


I lasted six days before my itch got too much to bear. This time, Claudio took me to his apartment after rehearsal. The door had barely shut behind us before we were pulling off each other’s clothes.

Once we were naked, Claudio lifted me up, pushed my back against the wall, still kissing me fiercely. His cock was trapped between us. Once I was nice and juicy, he pulled back a bit, I grabbed his cock and held it in the right spot while he pushed forward. The damn thing went in one long push, making my eyes cross in the process.

“Your pussy was made for this cock,” he whispered into my ear. “You have no idea how good you feel.”

“How about now?” I asked impishly as I rippled my inner muscles, a trick I’d learned since we’d last been together.

Claudio groaned in answer.

I began flexing my pussy differently. “And now?”

“It feels like you’re sucking me, you minx!”

“Turn us around.”

Now Claudio’s back was against the door. He quickly saw where this was going. With him cradling my rear end, and my arms around his neck, I could put my feet against the wall on either side of the door jamb and use my legs to push myself up and down. I’d seen this on a video and imagined it might feel pretty good, but stuffed to the gills with Claudio’s massive cock, it was earth-shattering. He felt incredibly huge, and that turned up end and large mushroom head were rubbing me just the right way. I plastered my mouth to his and sucked on his tongue as I drove his cock home again and again and again.

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