What a Guy Won’t Do Ch. 04



It had been a few weeks since my nude show at the dunking booth. I can tell you that night was one of the most out of body experiences I have ever had. Surrounded by wild women, of all sorts, all admiring my nude body, openly taking photos, and talking about every square inch of me! My own mom and sister posing next to me for a picture while I had an erection! It was absolutely unbelievable. Not to mention, Jill seeing me in that state—her eyes constantly drifting “down there”—guaranteeing my continued state of arousal for the entire evening.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that I went home and sexually abused myself to a significant degree that night.

The next morning I went downstairs and my mom and sister applauded when I entered the kitchen.

“Thank you, thank you,” I said.

“Well . . . what can we say about that?” my mom said.

“I can’t believe it actually happened. I woke up this morning and thought maybe I just dreamed it.” I was having a real out of body experience.

“Well, you obviously had fun, I mean you liked it,” Cindy replied smirking.

“I wouldn’t say that.”

“I mean . . . part of you certainly liked it. You were pretty hard!” she laughed and my mom smiled too.

“Let’s not talk about that!” I cut her off.

“Just look at this picture!” Cindy continued.

She had already loaded the photo of the three of us onto the computer and there I was with my sister on one side and my mom on the other looking down at my erect cock!

“I can’t believe you wanted that picture! What are you going to do with it?” I asked pleading.

“I don’t know,” my mom said. “But if all those other women were going to have one, I felt I should have one too. Besides, it was for a good cause, remember!”

I was staring at the photo and the reality of what I had done started to set in. Cindy examined it thoroughly.

“It’s very nice. It looks powerful, masculine. It has a very nice arc. You should be proud you have such a nice one.”

“I am, I guess. It’s just a little weird talking about it with the two of you, having everyone looking at it. I mean . . . that’s my penis!”

“I think it’s cute!” mom said.

“I’m done. I have to leave now! This is too much. I’m going back to bed.”

“This could be our family Christmas card!” mom laughed.

“I’m going to blow this up into poster size and hang it in my office at work!” Cindy teased.

The two of them laughed hysterically.

My life had taken a very strange turn, my mom and sister were getting awfully accepting of my nudity and it felt weird to me. I am a painfully shy person and this was being as exposed as you can get! But I started to relax a little and realize that penis’s are funny apparently.

But once again I am yammering. Let’s get to the good part of this story.

Mom was working late that night and my sister was going to her book club so I invited Jill over to watch a movie. My sister Cindy was waiting for her friend Mary to pick her up so in the meantime she sat with Jill and I.

“So what book are you discussing tonight?” I asked.

“A Summer of Passion, it’s a cheesy romance novel, but it was kind of hot,” Cindy said.

“Do you like reading those books?” Jill asked.

“Not really they’re kind of dumb most of the time, but they can be pretty sexy too. What movie are you guys going to watch?”

“Something with a lot of female nudity!” I chimed in.

“That’s pretty much every movie!” Jill said.

“Guys and their boobs! What is the deal with that obsession anyway?” Cindy asked.

“They are so awesome. You really can’t understand it unless you’re a guy. They are just the most perfect things to look at. I love them!” I was starting to get a little worked up.

Mary arrived. When she walked in her eyes looked right at me.

“Hey, I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on!” She laughed.

My face flushed, I am never going to outgrow my embarrassment. I dropped my head. The three girls all laughed at my reaction.

“Hi. I guess you were at the carnival?”

“Yup, I have your picture as my wallpaper,” she smiled.

I looked at Jill she was smiling brightly and looking at me.


“Absolutely. You have a great body and I think what you did was very brave . . . both times,” she said.

Cindy got up and gathered her things. “He doesn’t like talking about it.”

“No, it’s not that I don’t like talking about it, it’s just that it’s a little . . . compromising.”

Mary watched me closely—I suddenly felt like I was naked all over again.

“What did it feel like to be completely nude in front of all those women? Was it terrifying, or exciting?” Mary asked.

“He looked pretty excited to me!” Jill replied.

We all laughed.

“It was exciting, but also terrifying. I don’t know. It’s a strange feeling that’s for sure. It’s not something I would want to do again. And I am surprised at how all these women have reacted to it. They’re animals!”

“Because it’s so sexy. Not just your body, but the reason you did it.” Mary tecavüz porno added.

Cindy looked at Jill, “That’s right, you did it all for a girl. That’s what gets women so turned on. You didn’t do it for your own sexual gratification, but out of love for your woman.”

“That’s right,” I looked at Jill and smiled. She looked down smiling too.

We’re such a cute couple!

“Well, we have embarrassed him long enough, we better roll or we’ll be late,” Cindy said. “See you, enjoy your movie.”

They left. Jill and I sat on the couch looking through the On Demand choices and they weren’t too great.

“There’s nothing on. Five Hundred channels and there’s nothing to watch.” I said.

“So what do you want to do?” Jill asked through a devilish grin.

“Well we could . . .” I moved in and kissed her. We started making out. Her tongue tasted so good in my mouth. Her lips were so soft, so warm, so wet. I pulled her onto me as I lay back on the couch; my boner was in heaven being crushed by her body as she writhed on top of me.

Then I said something, between kisses, which would change everything for me, although I didn’t realize it right then. “Let’s go for a swim,” I said.

“I don’t have a suit,” Jill replied.

“I know, that’s why I want to go for a swim!”

“I could run home and get one.”

“Or you could just take your clothes off and go for a swim now.”

Jill stopped kissing me and looked me in the eyes. This time she was the one who was blushing.

She giggled, “I don’t know if I’m ready for that.”

“Why, we’ve both seen each other naked. We have the place to ourselves. It could be fun.”

I could see she was considering it and I’d have to play this carefully so as not to scare her away.

“It’s not like we’re going to have sex or anything. It’s just swimming . . . maybe a little groping.”

She thought for a moment longer.

“I’ll go first if you want.” I threw that in.

She smiled at me. “I would like to see it again. This time all for myself.”

My cock surged at that and she felt it. Her eyes went wide and she kissed me hard then jumped off.

“Okay. Strip.”

She stood in front of me in the living room and waited. I suddenly felt panicky again.

“You’re definitely going to do it too, right?”

“Maybe. First I want to see you naked, up close, and in good lighting.” I undid my shirt and dropped it to the floor. I took my shoes and socks off and threw them across the room. Then I unzipped my jeans and stopped. I laughed a nervous laugh.

“What’s the problem? I’ve already seen it.”

“I know, but it’s still intimidating.”

“This was your idea, Mark.”

I dropped my pants to the floor. I looked down and saw my wiener standing up as much as it could against the fabric. There were several spots of pre-cum on my underwear.

“Sorry. There’s sperm everywhere!”

Jill’s eyes never left my underwear. “Why, did you already pop off?”

“No. It’s just, you know, my pre-lube. I’m a well-oiled kind of guy.”

I stuck my fingers in the waistband of my boxers and started to pull them down then stopped.

“I don’t know why I’m so nervous.”

“Oh come on, you’ve done this in front of tons of women already!”

“Yeah, but I wasn’t in love with any of them.”

She walked over to me and slowly pulled my boxers down. My dick sprang up already glistening with man juice. Jill studied it intently. She reached out and ever so carefully—ever so gently—closed her soft fingers around my penis. This sent a surge of energy through my body.

First contact! At least that I was awake for and from none other than Jill Bergman the woman of my dreams.

Her other hand went to my balls. She kneaded them with great interest; she seemed astonished at their pliability. I stood there and watched her play with me. The look on her face was priceless. I think she almost forgot I was there and she only saw a penis to play with!

I put my finger under her chin and pulled it up to face me. Her eyes were glowing with excitement. I kissed her.

She tightened her grip on my erection and pulled me toward the pool. The feeling of being walked by my dick into the outside air was amazing.

She led me right to the edge of the pool and pushed me in. I surfaced and looked up at her. Jill’s cheeks were crimson; she was sweating a little. She pulled her T-shirt off in one movement. She had on a black bra. Her stomach was even flatter and harder than I remembered. She pulled her sneakers and socks off, then undid her tight shorts. She slid them down with quite a bit of effort. She had on a thong that almost came down with her shorts they were so tight. My heart was racing; my lungs were so full of air it was hard to breathe. She unclasped her bra and turned away from my gaze. Jill dropped her bra onto the ground, then effortlessly slid her thong off. Her beautiful heart shaped ass appeared before me. Her skin was silken, soft, and beautiful. She stood up and her butt cheeks took shape. Firm, tight, travesti porno amazing.

Jill turned to face me, but first covered her boobs with one arm and her womanhood with the other. She stood looming over me completely nude and gorgeous covering herself, but showing me enough to make my cock scream!

She hopped into the pool and surfaced next to me. She swam right into me and wrapped her nude slick body against mine. My dick slid up and was squished between her stomach and mine. We made out passionately rubbing our smooth naked bodies together like crazed horny dolphins.

My hand instinctively went to her breasts. They were so soft, softer than I ever could have imagined. I rubbed my thumb against her hard nipples, then slid my hands around her form. I found her butt and squeezed it, pulling her into me even more: the friction of this on my pounding cock was incredible.

Jill shoved her tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it. She pulled back a little a grabbed my dick again. The feeling shot through me like a bucket of cold stinging electrical shocks being dumped over my head and soaking down my body making me feet tingle.

She stroked it.

For two amateurs we were doing pretty well.

My finger made it’s way down past her belly button and lightly caressed her mound. I slipped my finger up and down the front of her and she seemed to respond. I entered her. She gasped. Her rock hard nipples slipped up and down my chest. I was in absolute heaven. I continued fingering her, but then I think she lost her nerve.

“Wait. Wait.” She whispered. I stopped and moved my hands back to her breasts. She seemed more comfortable with this so I continued fondling her.

I sank below the water and gently rubbed my lips over her nipples. I took her nipple into my mouth and carefully flicked it with my tongue. The feeling of her skin was so soft, so incredible that it was making me into a madman; I was wild with the need to feel that soft flesh! To have it, touch it, taste it.

Then it all went bad!

Jill grabbed me and pulled me up out of the water.

“What!” I said.


Then it hit me. There were voices in the living room. My sister, Mary and many of her friends had come in and were talking, laughing, setting things down.

“Oh shit!” I whispered.

“What do we do?” Jill was panicked. She quietly jumped out of the pool and put her clothes on over her wet body. I got out and realized my clothes were in the living room! I grabbed Jill.

“Did you drive here?”

“No I walked. Mark, if they see us they’ll know what we were doing!”

“It’s okay, just go quietly out the side. I’ll just say you left early. I’ll see you tomorrow,” I said.

I kissed her quickly. She tiptoed along the side of the house and away.

Okay, so she was safe, but what was I going to do? There was no way of getting into the house without being seen and there was nothing to cover myself with.

“Why are there clothes all over the floor?” I heard Cindy ask.

There was no time to think so I dove into the pool making a loud splash. When I surfaced Cindy was in the kitchen along with several of her friends. In fact, with her entire book club! They came outside to the pool one by one.

I moved up against the side of the pool facing them so they couldn’t see anything.

“Mark, the place was crowded so we decided to come back here to have our meeting. I wanted to do it out here, is that a problem?” she asked.

“Kind of.” I sheepishly replied.

“Why? Where’s Jill?”

“She left so I decided to go for a swim.”

“Isn’t he the one!” one Girl asked.

“That’s him, the one and only, the Naked Swimmer!” Mary told the girls.

They all howled and whistled at that.

“Can everybody just . . . kind of go out to the front of the house for a minute, please.” I asked.

Cindy looked at me, “Why?” Then she looked back at the clothes on the floor. “Are you naked?” she asked.

All the girls stopped and looked at me with surprise.

“A little.”

Laughter, excitement, noise, applause, broke out amongst the ladies.

Cindy laughed “Why are you naked!”

“I don’t know . . . I was alone . . . I wanted to take a swim, and I thought . . . you know . . .”

Mary moved in closer. “You’re really naked?”

I HUGGED the wall of the pool with the front of my body. “Yes, could you not look please.”

“Why? Are you embarrassed? How is that possible?” She asked.

“Look how red his face is!” one Hot Girl said.

“Yes, I’m embarrassed.”

We all just stayed still for a moment wondering what to do. Nobody moved.

“So let’s see it!” a Girl with an amazing rack said. Everybody laughed including me.

“No thanks. I’m not doing anymore shows.”

“Hey, you’re the one who decided to swim naked, now you must have known there was a possibility of being seen.” Mary told me.

“Who was going to see me I’m at my house!”

Cindy looked at me. “You might as well just get it over with, Mark. They aren’t xhamster porno going to leave, I know these girls. You’ve been the talk of the office for weeks now and they really want to see it, I mean you. Plus we’ve all just finished a romance novel, which is the female version of porn, so we are all already fired up.”

“You are a romance novel. I mean you’re living it!” another Attractive Girl said. “You stripped naked to prove your love for a woman in public twice. They should write a book about you.”

“Yeah, and we want to see what the cover looks like!” Mary added.

I shook my head I was starting to become resigned to the inevitable.

Mary continued her tease. “What’s the matter Mark? Is there a reason you’re so shy? Are you maybe a little worked up? Is it standing up right now, Mark? Is your hard cock going to break the surface of the water? Show us your backstroke, it will look like the fin in Jaws!”

“Damn, Mary!” my sister said. “Give the kid a break!” she couldn’t help but laugh.

Then the front door opened and this is where my story gets even more humiliating.

Remember when I said asking Jill to go for a swim would change everything for me? Well here’s why—my mom walked in the front door with Barbara, her friend from work and Barbara’s daughter Lisa.

“Hey, Mom, come here. Look what we found when we came home!” Cindy yelled and I just looked at her knowing she was once again enjoying my situation.

“What’s going on?” mom said, then she saw me in the pool. “What are you doing?”

“Swimming.” I replied.

“Naked!” Cindy added.

“Buck naked!” Mary added.

“As a jay bird!” someone else added.

“Nothing but smooth wet skin!” the Girl with the amazing boobs added.

“Why are you naked?” Mom asked.

“I don’t know!” was all I could come up with.

Barbara looked at me in the pool and laughed, then she looked at my mom and said “Why Alice, you have the Naked Swimmer swimming naked in your pool!”

Everyone laughed.

Barbara looked at her daughter “Lisa this is the boy I was telling you about.”

“Hi.” Lisa said.

“How are you?” I pretended this was a normal meeting.

My mom chimed in “Lisa is a photographer, Mark. She wanted to meet you. Barbara was telling her about you and all that’s happened lately and she was interested in maybe having you pose for her, for money.”

I didn’t know what to think about that.

“You know, money for college I mean.” She tossed that in as if that made it okay.

“So what, I’m a porn star now?”

“We wouldn’t be shooting anything other than the male body; nothing too sexual. I can show you my portfolio and you can see what you think. I was thinking of putting a calendar together like a beefcake calendar to sell and make some money. I have some start up capital, but I need a model. After what I’ve heard about you, I think if you’re interested, it could help us both out. You have a certain celebrity that can help sell the calendars and maybe we can make some money.” Lisa told me.

Lisa looked at the other girls “Would you want a calendar with him in it?”

They all said yes, very enthusiastically I might add.

“I can’t really think straight right now, especially in this state!”

“Yeah, all the blood isn’t running to his head at the moment!” Mary said.

Mom looked at me a little shocked then suppressed a smile. This was all just a little too much for me and I needed release VERY BADLY.

“Okay, I have to leave now. Since you aren’t going to give me any privacy I might as well get this over with.” I said.

I walked to the other side of the pool and climbed the ladder. Catcalls filled the air as my naked shiny butt came out of the water. I climbed out fully and cupped my balls and I covered my hardon best I could, then I turned to face them.

They were all very excited at my boldness. I scanned the crowd and every one of them was looking right at my hands—trying to see through my hands.

I walked past them. I tried to pretend to be angry, but their reaction was too wonderful and I felt so good, I couldn’t help but smile. I walked past them and into the doorway of the house. I turned and faced them.

“I guess I’d be interested in seeing your stuff.” I said to Lisa.

She enthusiastically replied “I’d be interested in seeing yours!”

Without thinking I released my hands. My hard dick swung out and pointed up at all of them. They reacted as I have found girls will react—like a pack of hungry wolves! They cheered.

Lisa looked right at it and smiled. “That will certainly do!”

I smiled brightly, I mock bowed and walked slowly upstairs giving them all ample time to take in my nude wet body.

I could hear the rumble of voices downstairs as I walked into my room. I picked up my phone and saw a text from Jill.

It read: Well?

You won’t believe it if I tell you: I texted back.

I put the phone down and started stroking myself hard. It wasn’t long before I finally found the release I needed. I shot hot cum all over my chest. Then I walked into the bathroom totally naked with my own baby-batter glistening on my chest. I was almost hoping one of the girls was upstairs to catch me, but no dice—probably for the better—I wasn’t thinking clearly and I felt a little too unrestrained like I was a different person.

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