Welcome to the Neighborhood



The house next-door had finally been sold. Lonnie had seen the moving van pulling into the driveway as she left for work that morning. “It’s about time,” she thought to herself, “Maybe they will fix the eyesore up.”

The house wasn’t really run-down that badly; however, since her husband had ran-off with the slut that used to live there, Lonnie harbored hard feelings about the place. She earnestly hoped that a nicer class of people were moving in.

When Lonnie returned home from her modeling gig that afternoon, the van had already been emptied and had left. A late-model Lexus and a sporty, foreign convertible were now parked in the driveway. “Hmmmmmmmmm, this is looking promising already!” she thought to herself, “I think I’ll go over and welcome them to the neighborhood.” As she got out of her BMW, she smoothed her tight, form-clinging, short skirt down over her firm, pear-shaped ass and checked her stockings to make sure they were straight. Walking across the lawn and passing by the large picture window in front of her house, she couldn’t resist looking at her reflection to assure herself she was presentable. The session today had been particularly erotic and she didn’t want to look like she had just gotten laid.

The image that greeted her eyes was one of a stunning, auburn-haired beauty. Her straight, shoulder-length hair was lustrous from careful grooming. Her eyes were wide set and large with an exotic, Asiatic slant; which she inherited from her father. Although her legs were long and curvy enough to be a dancer’s, she only stood about 5’3″; and a generous portion of that was between her pert, up sloped breasts, and her erotically flaring hips. She proudly admired her athletically trim waist and provocative posture. It was no small wonder that she was one of the most sought after adult magazine models in Canada. The light blouse she was wearing was clinging silk, and allowed a hint of the sexy, lacy lingerie she favored to be glimpsed, and excited her nipples enough to make their outlines visible.

Lonnie made her way carefully up the wide granite steps to the front door of her new neighbors home. She pressed the doorbell and waited for her first view of her new neighbor. She did not have to wait long before the door was opened and she was greeted by a woman of about her own age of 28, and an instant, heart-warming smile.

“Hello, may I help you?” The woman’s voice was slightly accented and very melodious. It fit her stunning European features and deep, dark eyes. Lonnie guessed that she must be of Italian or possibly Portuguese descent. She was immediately aroused by her attractiveness and voluptuous body. One of the things that had bothered her the most about her ex-husband’s desertion was the fact that he had also taken her closest lover.

“Hi, I’m Lonnie, I live next-door and wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood.” she said with the slightest hint of shyness in her voice. It rather surprised her to hear it, as she was normally quite used to meeting new people.

“Hello, I’m Alexandra, won’t you please come in?” she was greeted warmly by her hostess.

“Well I don’t want to keep you from getting your home in order,” Lonnie replied, “I’m sure you must have a lot of unpacking to do.”

“Not at all,” replied Alexandra, “I’ve hired someone to do most of the unpacking and arranging, and if you’d like, you could help me handle my delicate things.” Alexandra pointed out a small pile of boxes that were marked FRAGILE set aside in bakımlı gaziantep escort the corner.

Eager for the opportunity to get to know her lovely new neighbor, Lonnie gladly accepted the offer.

“Are you new to this country, Alexandra?” Lonnie inquired. “I couldn’t help but notice your accent.”

“Yes,” Alexandra replied, “I’m originally from Venice, but moved here with my husband and his daughter; whom I met while they were on vacation there.” “But please, call me Alex, for I have a feeling we may become close friends.” Lonnie caught a mysterious gleam in the woman’s eye that made a tingle run through her body.

“OK, Alex it is then,” Lonnie smiled, “but even my most intimate friends call me Lonnie.”

Alex walked over to the pile of boxes and bent over to lift one from the floor. When she was bent over, the very short skirt she was wearing rode up her thighs and exposed a glimpse of her ass and lightly furred pussy. When she straightened up and turned to Lonnie, she caught the look of astonishment in her eyes. “Grab a box and follow me.” she winked as she turned and walked up the stairs with a delicious swing in her walk.

Lonnie somewhat regained her composure and, taking up another box, followed Alex up the stairs. She couldn’t take her eyes of the long, tanned legs and full, round ass of the seductive woman ahead of her. Every step upward that they took, Lonnie would get a good view of the exquisite folds and contours of Alex’s pussy. She felt her own slit begin to moisten in response to the obvious seductions of her new found friend.

When they reached the top of the stairs, Alex went to the first door on the left, lightly tapped on the door, and went in the room. Lonnie followed her in and was stunned to see a girl, about 18 or 19 yrs. old, emptying a box clad only in a bikini bottom. She was a flaxen-haired compliment to the ebony-headed Alex. Her figure was slight, compared to the older woman, but well-proportioned. Her flawless pale, clear complexion gave her an ethereal beauty. Her B-cup titties were low on her chest, and she had a dancer’s wraith fullness. Her eyes were a pale shade of blue, and her lips were full and pouty. Lonnie knew of several producers who would pay enormous sitting fees for someone like her.

“This is my step-daughter, Marielle.” presented Alex. “Please don’t be offended by her attire, she normally wears less than that around the house!”

“Oh I’m not offended at all.” replied Lonnie, “In fact I find her self-confidence refreshing.” she laughed.

“Marielle, this is our new next-door neighbor and I hope good friend, Lonnie.” Alex introduced Lonnie to her step-daughter. In true European fashion, Marielle stepped forward and embraced Lonnie, kissing her lightly on each cheek.

“I so glad to meet you,” Marielle exclaimed, “I was afraid we would have a lecherous, old man for a neighbor!”

Lonnie and Alex both burst into laughter at the girl’s unabashed statement. “Well if you’re worried about being leered at,” Lonnie confided,”watch out for the teenage boy on the other side of you.” “He is, however, quite popular with the girls around here.”

Lonnie was starting to feel right at home with her new neighbors. Something told her that anything she might talk with them about would be taken warmly and openly. “How does your husband feel about his daughter walking around so scantily clad?” she asked.

“Oh we are bakımlı gaziantep escort bayan a very open-minded family.” Alex replied with a grin, “We rarely wear clothing around the house, do we Marielle?” She reached out and tenderly caressed the young girl’s cheek.

“By the way Lonnie, I can’t help having the impression that I’ve seen you before, but I can’t imagine where.” Alex puzzled. “Have you ever been to Venice?”

Lonnie told her that she was a model and that she had travelled to locations all over the world, including Venice. “But I doubt that you would have seen me, my sets have all been closed sets and I don’t think you would have seen any of my photo’s.”

“Who do you model for?” inquired Alex. “I read several periodicals and fashion magazines.”

“Well, mostly men’s magazines like Penthouse and Playboy.” Lonnie shyly replied. She wasn’t ashamed of her work but was afraid the women would get the wrong impression of her.

“Ahhhh, Michael subscribes to both those publications!” Alex exclaimed. “Marielle and I both enjoy looking at the beautiful photo layouts and having him read the stories and letters to us.” “I’ll bet he’s even got the issue with your layout.”

“Your husband reads to you and his daughter?” Lonnie was taken aback.

“Yes,” Alex replied, “I told you we are a very open-minded family.” “Michael and I feel that Marielle is mature enough to explore her sexuality and needn’t be hesitant to do so around us if she desires.”

As her step-mother was saying this, Marielle slipped her arm around Alex and kissed her lovingly on the lips, slipping her hand under the woman’s mid-riff top to fondle her full DD-cup breasts. Alex leaned her head back and sighed.

“I think she is getting a little impatient, we were about to play together a little when you rang the bell!” Alex explained Marielle’s behavior. “Would you be offended if we asked you to join us?”

Lonnie couldn’t believe this was happening! She had been getting more and more aroused as they talked and was almost ready to excuse herself so she could go home and masturbate while thinking of these two exotic creatures, and now she was being asked to indulge in her most intimate fantasy; a threesome with a mother and her daughter. At first she thought about declining, but when Marielle reached to her and grasped her hand saying, “PLEASE!?!”; she willingly took the girl in her arms and began to kiss her passionately.

As she explored the girl’s warm mouth with her tongue, she felt Alex pulling her skirt off her hips and letting them puddle around her high heels. then Marielle began to unbutton her blouse and slide it from her shoulders, breaking their kiss to trace her tongue down the side of Lonnie’s neck. Alex had pulled her top off and was rubbing her hard nipples against Lonnies’s back and cupping her tits; tweaking Lonnie’s sensitive nipples with her fingers.

Marielle slowly began sinking to her knees, letting her tongue trace a wet trail down Lonnie’s body; pausing briefly to suck one of her nipples then continuing down til her breath was stirring the hair on Lonnie’s mound. The rest of Lonnies pussy was waxed and smooth, the hair on her mound cut in a heart-shaped design. Her clit was pierced with a sterling silver ring which gave her intense vibrations when it was moved.

Alex had moved around to the front of Lonnie and was rubbing her full tits against her. Lonnie reached escort gaziantep bakımlı bayan down and cupped Alex’s mound which was nice and lightly hairy and discovered the woman was dripping.

Alex maneuvered the triage over to a large four-poster bed, where they all fell in a tangled heap of delightful, perfumed flesh; licking and pushing fingers into tight openings. Lonnie got on top of Marielle, her tongue feverishly lapping the lovely girl’s shaven cunt as Marielle responded in kind, pulling the older woman’s labia with her lips and scratching her ass with her nails. Alex had moved around to lick Lonnie’s ass and probed at it delicately with her tongue.

Lonnie came quickly, screaming so loudly that noone noticed Alex’s husband Michael entering the room. For several minutes, Michael stood and watched the spectacle before him. The stunning red-head that his wife and daughter were ravishing was very hot. His cock became rock-hard in a few seconds, filling to it’s full eight inch long, three inch thick capacity. He practically ripped his expensive, Italian suit from his powerful frame; his tight stomach rippling.

He approached the bed quietly, but his wife finally noticed him. He motioned for her to keep quiet and bent down beside her to lap at Lonnie’s ass. Marielle moved aside and allowed him to snake his long, thick tongue into Lonnie’s quivering pussy. She responded immediately to his explorations, not fully realizing that another member of the new family had joined in. So when Marielle got out from under her and moved around to lay in front her, thrusting her dripping cunt upward for Lonnie to continue, she thought that Alex had taken up where Marielle had left.

Imagine Lonnie’s surprise when Michael got up behind her and began to ease his massive member into her burning, tight pussy! She hadn’t had a man inside her since a couple of months before her husband left and the feeling of that intense warmth filling her and stretching her open drove her into a mind-numbing orgasm. Alex had laid down under her cunt and as her cum dripped out around the cock inside her, Alex began to suck on her pussy and lick her clit. Lonnie came for several minutes, all the while driving her tongue deep into Marielle’s tight, sweet cunt. Her pussy was clutching and squeezing Michael’s cock of its own accord; milking at it, trying to draw the hot thick cum from his balls and make it jet inside her.

Marielle was moaning and saying,”Make me cum Lonnie, make me cum hard!” Lonnie responded by shoving two fingers into the girl’s tiny cunt and taking her clit in her teeth, lightly pulling at it and flicking the tip of her tongue against it rapidly. Marielle began to buck and scream,”Fuck, Oh God yesssssssss, Oh fuck I’m cummmmmmminggggg! Fluid squirted from the girl’s pussy in copious amounts, drenching Lonnie’s face and flowing into her eager, sucking mouth.

Finally, Michael’s cock seemed to swell to twice it’s size, and when Alex saw his balls begin to draw up she quickly took them into her warm mouth and sucked on them as he fired a hot, thick spurt of cum deep into Lonnie’s cunt.

When Lonnie felt that first, hot squirt, she quickly pulled away from him, turned around and swallowed his cock, letting him push it far into her throat. She sucked hard and swallowed, letting him feel her throat muscles massaging his spasming cock. Then she began to draw her tightly suctioning lips slowly up his shaft licking with her tongue, drawing all the cum she could get from his cock. When he popped from her lips with a wet sounding smack, she turned to Alex and began to kiss her, letting her tongue push traces of Michael’s cum into her new friend’s mouth. The foursome continued their games for several hours, using tongues and fingers, cock and tight wet cunts. Lonnie knew that this was the beginning of a fantastic new relationship and that many sexual adventures were to come.

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