Wedding Night Virgins

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Annette Schwarz

My wife and I met during our sophomore year at college. We were both twenty years old and sexually inexperienced. While I had kissed and “necked” a few times during high school, Mira was one who confessed she had never been kissed. We dated for over a year without ever going farther than the petting stage. This was mainly due to Mira’s wanting to remain sexually “chaste”, as she called it, until she was married. The summer before beginning our senior year we got married. Mira always wanted a big, church wedding, and, since her parents were quite well off, financially, she got what she wanted. For my part, I simply wanted to be with Mira; it didn’t matter if the wedding were in a church or a corn field.

Once we shared our vows, at the altar, and were pronounced husband and wife, we had a reception that would have made an Arabian sheik proud. My new bride was busy socializing with all her friends and family. While I certainly wasn’t shy around anyone, my mind was wandering to what lay in store later that evening. As I thought about it, I felt a bulge begin to form in my pants. While I may have been inexperienced, I was still horny and couldn’t wait to satisfy my growing, sexual hunger.

Finally, the reception drew to a close. A few last-minute handshakes, hugs, and kisses with family and friends and then we were alone. We got in our car for the half-hour drive to our rented chalet in the Smokey Mountains. On the way, Mira did something that I never expected. She had always been so reserved during our time together that when she laid her left hand on my thigh, and began massaging me, my eyes grew wide with surprise. A pleasant surprise, admittedly, but a surprise nonetheless. She leaned over and whispered, “I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks.” With that she kissed my earlobe and continued massaging me.

I felt my face begin to flush, which was apparent to Mira. She moved her hand to my crotch, which was now aching in its stiffness. She began massaging my bulging member through my pants and the neurons in my brain began rapidly firing suggestions for a response. I turned my head and kissed her, our eyes met, and we both sensed the hunger in each other. At that moment samsun escort the sound of a horn forced me to return my gaze to the road, and the truck we were veering towards. I got our car back in the right lane just in time. The guy in the truck was screaming something at me, but I was too scared to pay attention to what he was saying. After a moment, I got my breathing under control and we continued our short trip to our honeymoon locale.

Mira insisted that, when we arrived, I had to carry her over the threshold. I did so, though I nearly stepped on part of her wedding gown (we were both still in our wedding attire) and fell through the door. Still, we were there, together, and our mutual desires once more came front stage. We started kissing, our tongues caressing each other. The heat was almost a solid force between us. My ultra-hard member yearned for freedom from my pants. While we kissed, I undid my trousers, kicked off my shoes, and let my pants fall to the floor. Immediately after, I helped Mira out of her gown. I took of my shirt, and we stood, silent for a moment, gazing at each other. I was now dressed only in my briefs, while Mira stood there in just her bra and panties. Her panties and my briefs each had a moist spot that was growing as we took in each other.

Since this would be our first time, I knew that I would probably not last very long. Since I wanted Mira’s first time to be as exciting as mine, I decided to make sure she achieved pleasure before me. I took her, nervously, in my arms, and gave her a slow, passionate kiss. While we had kissed many times, this time I could actually feel my toes tingle. I led her to the bed, where she removed her bra. It was the first time I’d seen her breasts, and she was gorgeous. She was about to remove her panties when I stopped her. I told her that I wanted the pleasure of doing that, but, first, I reached out for her breasts. I cupped her size 32’s and began massaging them. I kissed one of them, causing Mira to moan, softly. Her legs seemed to grow weak and she sat down on the bed.

Even now, I love the taste of Mira’s breasts. That night, though, it was like tasting ambrosia. I didn’t think anything could taste as good as my bride’s breasts. Just a while later, I found that assumption to be wrong. I ran my tongue over one nipple, then the other. I could actually feel her nipples become firmer with each pass of my tongue. Her moaning was growing louder, and I noticed her hand was reaching for her hot, wet nexus between her legs. I stopped her hand and replaced it with my own. My hand went to her soaked panties and began rubbing her treasure through her panties. She opened her eyes, looked at me, and said, “Take them off, now.” I slipped a finger under the waistband, she raised her hips, and I slid her sole remaining garment off her gorgeous body. The sight of her blond bush, though, neatly trimmed, almost made me cum right there. I had to taste her; I needed to taste her.

I slid down her body and inhaled her aroma. The smell of her sex was radiating a sweetness I had never known could exist. I guess if I’d been more experienced, I may have acted a little different; instead, I leaned my head down and kissed her luscious, pink lips, and then buried my tongue into her slit. I was literally lapping her juices like a dog. I had lost all pretense of composure. I worked my tongue in and out of her so much I thought it would fall off. Finally, I found her clit, though, as engorged as it was I had to be blind not to have seen it earlier. I ran my tongue over it, and began sucking on the nub. Her breathing was getting as fast as it was shallow. I heard her saying something about feeling like she was going to explode, and then she did. She yelled my name, saying, “Don’t stop!” as her climax hit and her juices erupted from her like a volcano. For my part, I was too busy drinking her eruption to think about anything else at the moment.

As her orgasm subsided, she looked at me, and said, “I want you in me, making love to me, NOW” Oh crap, I thought, and remembered that I was still wearing my briefs. They were soaked with pre-cum. I quickly took them off. At some point, while I was tasting my wife’s sweetness, I had had my own climax. It must have been several minutes ago, though, because I was already feeling the stirrings within my rod again. Mira gave a wry grin and said, “It’s okay, baby, take your time. We have all night, and a lifetime ahead.”

I couldn’t believe how fast I was growing hard again. Normally, after a session of masturbating, it could be hours before I’d feel aroused again. The sight of Mira’s naked body was doing wonders for me. Within just a couple minutes I was rock hard again. While waiting for my stiffness to return, we kissed, passionately for a few minutes, savoring each other’s tongue. Mira remarked that she never knew she tasted that sweet, as she tasted her own juices on my mouth.

Once my member was at full attention, again, I positioned myself over my beautiful bride, and began to lower myself. My rod found the opening to the treasure I had been wanting to be inside all night. I slowly allowed my throbbing member to open her slit and enter her for the first time. After a moment, I found her hymen impeding my further entry. I told her I’ve heard this may hurt for a moment as I break her “cherry”, she just nodded and gave me a look that said, “Well, what are you waiting for big boy?” I decided quick and painful was better than slow and painful so I gave a quick thrust, and felt her hymen break. I was now in to the hilt. I stopped and we just looked at each other; the raw passion had given way to sweet love. I began working my member around inside her. Being our first time, we weren’t always on the same page, rhythmically speaking, but, as we continued our love making, it became more natural.

Looking back, I’m glad I had climaxed before entering her, or else I may have exploded on contact. Instead, our first time together lasted several minutes. As we began moving in time together, the pace of our love-making increased. We were sweating, our breathing was deep, and we both had our moments of moaning. Finally, I could feel a tingle in my lower spine, which I knew signaled that I was about to cum. I told her I was going to even as my pace quickened more. Then, I released my sticky, hot cum into my bride, and, at that moment, another climax hit her as well. It doesn’t always work that way, so i thought it was a perfect way to conclude our first time. We rested in each other’s arms, and then opened the champagne we had brought with us. It was going to be a wonderful honeymoon, and, I knew, a wonderful life together.

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