We Should Do This More Often

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My senior year in high school, my parents divorced. My dad moved out of state, and I was left alone with my mom. She ignored me completely for months, so my best friends’ family invited me to stay with them until I went away to college.

My mom threatened me, but I was 18, and could live where ever I wanted to. So, about two days after I had recieved the invitation, I moved into the Sanders’ guest bedroom. Kayla [my best friend] was directly across the hall. Her twin brother Kyle was in the room next to mine. Her parents had the master suite two stories below us.

One evening, Kayla, Kyle and Mr. and Mrs. Sanders all went out. I was left alone in the house, completely bored out of my mind. So I decided to watch some harmless porn flicks. After about 15 minutes i was horny and restless, so I turned off the movie and went up to my room. I stripped hurridly, and lay down on my bed. I was so wet! My fingers hastily found my clit and began to rub it in circles. Oh, God, it felt so good. I moaned, and brought one hand to my breasts, massaging, groping, and pulling. Two fingers slipped inside of me and began to pump, while my thumb still circulated over my clit.

Suddenly I heard the front door open downstairs, and someone starte up the stairs. The idea of being caught, however, only made me groan louder. Self-fucking had sarışın porno never felt so good.

The steps on the landing sounded hesitant. Whoever it was must have heard me. I looked up at the door just in time to see Kyle push it open. He looked shocked to see me sprawled out on the bed, with one hand inside me, and the other groping myself.

I dont know why I did, what I did next, but I was actually quite shocked with myself. I slid my legs open futher, to insure that Kyle’s view was unobscurred, then I took the fingers taht had been in my pussy, and brought them to my lips. I then proceeded to lick my juices off of them. It was so hot, that i orgasmed right there.

I had never seen Kyle so surprised in my life. He shut the door after that and went to his room.

After I had recovered from that mind bogling orgasm, I went to Kyle’s door and knocked.

“Come in.”


“I’m not going to tell anyone, Julie, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“well, no, although, that is a relief, I wanted to know if you would finish the job for me?”

“What?!” Kyle spun around from his desk and saw me, naked in his room. His jaw muscle tensed, and I could see that he was getting hard.

“Please,” I said as I started closer. “Don’t you know that its you I imagine is sex hikayeleri fucking me, whenever I masturbate. Im sure you’ve heard me call out your name before…”

“Well… yes, but-“

“And havent I heard you call out mine too?”

“Yes, but, its just not proper!”


“Because you’re Julie. You live here, you’re my sister’s best friend.”

“So? That doesnt take away our sex drives.” I stepped closer to him, wrapped my hands around his neck, and brought his face close to mine. “I want you to fuck me, Kyle.”

It was all the encouragment he needed. He smashed his lips onto mine and ravished my mouth. His hands went up and down my sides, stopping to press my breasts together. then they traveled south, until he slipped three fingers inside of me. I cried out, amazed that he was actually pumping his fingers in and out of me. I began to ride his hand, to brign myself to another orgasm. When it hit me, it was devastating. I collapsed against him, so he picked me up and laid me on his bed. He stipped just as hurridly as I had earlier, and kneeled above me. I sat up then, and took his massive cock in my hands.

“You’re beautiful Kyle…I want to taste you.”

I placed my lips around the head of his big cock, and sucked on it like a lollipop for a few seconds. I şişman porno lickd from the base of his shaft to the top, where his precum was oozing out. I licked it away, enjoying the salty taste. Kyle dug his fingers in my hair, pulling it tightly. I took his entire manhood into my mouth then, and let him fuck my face. Oh, it was wonderful. He was panting and moaning, and I could feel him quivering, ready to cum. Just before he would have, I pulled away from his cock, and smiled up at him. I lay down on teh bed then, and opened my legs wide for him. He reached for a condom, but I stopped his hand, saying, “No, I want to feel you cum inside me.”

Kyle eagerly got back between my legs and poised himself.

“You ready for this?” he asked.”I want you to beg.”

“Fuck me.”

He shook his head. “Thats not good enough.”

“Kyle, Fuck me! Oh, please, I need your fat cock in me.”

Then he slammed into me, and I cried out in shock, and joy. He stretched me so well. He began stroking in and out, slowly at first. His mouth was everywhere on me: my lips, my eyes, my throat, my breasts, my nipples… it felt so good.

I felt his breath in my ear as he whispered, “Come on baby, make me cum. Make me spray my stuff inside you. Come on Julie.”

I bucked against him wildly, trying to make us both cum. Suddenly I orgasmed, and clenched myself around Kyle. “Oh, Kyle…” I cried.

Then he shuddered, and came inside me. His cum shot deep into my pussy, and I welcomed it.

Afterwards, he laid on top of me, just resting.

“We ought to do this more often,” he said.

“Yeah, we should.”

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