“I had decided I would not masturbate anymore. I was doing well, went 2 weeks and wasn’t thinking about it at all. So there I am, lying in the bathtub, nursing my sunburn and reading a steamy romance.” Sighing quietly, she pauses a moment to gather her thoughts.

“Go on,” he intones in a low voice, his interest avid.

“The man is of the Fae world, and is tempted by this woman with sun-fire hair; but he is determined to resist her, to resist the call of his world to mate with her and return to his world, leaving her with child, never to see her again…”

Trailing off, her eyes grow distant and dreamy, her body quivering almost imperceptibly. Unconsciously licking her lips, the motion seductive and innocent, she continues.

“He pulls her away from a masked ball to a waterfall, the fall in which he either draws his Fae strength, or fade, never to live in either world again. He is determined he will love this one woman for the rest of his life, but she refuses to trust him, knowing what he is, and unable to believe that he would give up his immortality for her.

“The woman is sure he is setting out to deceive her. To get her with child to meet his own selfish interests, while showing her the greatest pleasure possible – more than any mortal man can show her – leaving her wanting and empty for the rest of her life. No man able to fulfill the passions he is determined to awaken within her. Such is the myth. He is a man of legends, and she simply had to resist him, or yearn for him the rest of her gaziantep yavuzeli escort scandal-ridden life.”

“But still he bewitches her by the moonlight and the fall of water. They are both soon naked, he is kissing her passionately, and she is unable to resist. His cock is resting in her hot nest of curls, and the otherworldly voices as well as his every instinct is chanting for him to consummate this timeless union. She is so aroused, she can not resist… she is his for the taking, despite her screaming brain telling her it is wrong… her body betrays her and she can not resist its call.”

“What it might feel like to feel those things and then have me there with you to take it even further with my own body?” He intones, reckless with his own bourgeoning arousal.

Determined to finish her story, she forces herself to resist his determined distraction.

“She reaches for his cock to touch him, to encourage him to take her… and he spills his seed right there on the ground. Sending her away, proud of himself for resisting the urge to take this woman he loves… he is immediately sent back to the Fae realm to face his punishment. A trial for immortality, which he wishes to shun and become mortal; to take and keep this woman he loves forever.”

“The woman, meanwhile, is sent back to the masked ball, without ever having been missed… unsure if it was real or a dream. The only signs of her ordeal being the imperceptible throbbing of her gaziantep yeni escort clit, the heat of her pussy, the moistness between her legs, and the telltale blush on her neck from his kisses… Beyond all reason, she is inflamed with desire for this forbidden man.”

“The feel of the water against my own clit, the heat of the bath, the scent of the bubbles, and the entrancement of this story, sent me to orgasm without even a hint of its coming. So intense, so strong; leaving me both shaking and in tears. The power of the sensations, emotions ripping through me, shaking like I never have when alone and bereft of a partner. As if there was an invisible tongue lapping at my clit… pussy so wet that even the bath water could not wash it away.”

“Does your pussy and clit remember those feelings and the powerful rapture of your body as your mind unfolded so powerfully erotic an experience?” he asks, torturing her starved senses even more.

Shaky, she fights for breath, trying vainly to ignore him. “Stunned, and regaining control of my emotions, I feel my wetness through the hot water, the soft swollen folds of my pussy, and bring it to my lips … the taste sending me into a renewed bout of shaken ecstasy. Slowly I slide my finger around my clit, until my eyes close in pleasure until, unable to stop, I bring myself to the brink quickly, my ass taut, strong inner thighs clenching and contracting, the powerful muscles bringing even more sensation to gaziantep zayıf escort my pussy as orgasm rushes through me again.”

“The power of that orgasm… ripping free a moan — or maybe it was a scream — echoed off the bathtub walls, leaving me weak and unable to move. My only conscious thought is to remind myself not to drown in my own bathwater … water that is gliding over my highly sensitized body, bringing wave upon wave of pleasure the likes of which I had not thought possible when by myself.”

“Does remembering the sensations of the water against your body, the intense feeling of the orgasm and wetness of your gorgeous pussy and the intense pleasures it holds for you make you feel it again?” He asks incitingly.

Shaking, she moans with need, her hands unconsciously roaming over her own breasts… Teasing the nipples to an almost painful hardness. “I managed to drain the tub and take a shower, washing my hair, and giving myself one more highly charged, almost electric orgasm without even trying.. Just the slip of my fingers against my still very wet slit… the water still unable to wash it away, it is gushing so profusely at this point.”

“I toweled off, and luxuriously slathered myself with lotion of a scent to remind you of sex , and erotic nights, lust filled and passion inducing… unable to resist sliding my hands gloriously across my body, imagining it was my lovers caress… imagining that invisible lover was you.”

That’s what drove her beyond crazy. Beyond all reason. She couldn’t take it. She had to find a way to regain some more control over her very intense and hedonistic sensuality, because she could not stand such constant pain of desire for something she could not have.

“You should be here.”

She hung up the phone, content with the knowledge that she had finally managed to drive him over the brink, and settled down to wait.

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