Water Park Surprise


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I love swimming and the water in many forms, but it has been years since I have gone to a water park. To be honest I was a bit hesitant when some friends invited, no, cajoled me into going along with them on a trip to the water park with them and their nineteen year old daughter. This was the kind of thing that my wife and I used to do together with our kids, but since they have grown and with her out of the country, well, it just wasn’t high on my list of things to do. Maybe Mark and Joan knew that and decided they wanted to try to get me out of the house for some fun. Whatever the reason, I was still hesitant to go, but when Joan showed up at my door wearing a skimpy little bikini under an almost see through wrap, all that hesitation evaporated. I hadn’t gotten my suit on yet, planning on begging off at the last minute, so I had to scurry to the bedroom to change while Joan waited in the living room. I quickly stripped and then stood at the dresser digging for my suit. I had just started to pull it on when I was distracted by what I thought was movement in the hall. “Surely she wasn’t spying on me while I was dressing!” I thought to myself as I grabbed a t-shirt and pulled it on. I mean Joan was one of my wife’s good friends and had been a regular fixture in our house. We had even slept in the same tent many times on various camping trips. I hadn’t bothered to close the door simply because I saw no need. I shook my head at the silliness of the thought.

“All set!” I said, as I walked out, finding her in the living room with a cat ate the canary smirk on her face, busily adjusting the bottom of her suit and then smoothing the wrap around her waist.

“Great! You know…we really need to talk about a new swim suit. That baggy old thing really isn’t very sexy.” She said as she walked over and slipped her arm in mine and headed us for the door.

I was still trying to wrap my brain around her comment and behavior as she opened the left side mini-van door for me before walking around to the passenger side to get into the front.

While, most of my hesitation was gone, I probably would have reconsidered the whole thing if I had realized that in addition to Joan and Mark, their daughter Jenna had invited several of her girl friends along on the trip. I hadn’t counted on riding in the back of the mini-van with three college co-eds wearing bikinis that were almost non-existent. At least Jenna was in the far back so I didn’t have to worry about ogling my friends daughter, but the young lady sitting next to me, half turned in her seat to look at her friends in the back…..damn. That tiny red bikini she wore was little more than a few scraps of cloth and string. The top was filled to overflowing and my mind quickly wondered how she kept from bouncing out each time the van went over a bump.

The drive to the water park was almost torture, with the four girls going on about their usual girl talk and their tits wiggling and bouncing like crazy as they giggled and laughed. It was all I could do to keep my dick from raising a tent in my swim suit as I tried not to stare at the bouncing breasts next to me, almost popping out of her bright red top every time she got animated. On more than one occasion she bounced more than enough to expose her nipple, and had to tuck it back in. I was pretty sure that Joan knew it too, given the sexy looks she kept shooting my way when she looked back from the front seat. I was just glad that I was sitting behind Mark so he couldn’t see me staring at Joan’s tits every time she turned. I mean they were almost falling out of that top to start with and when the seat belt pulled on it, and several times all or part of one nipple was easily in view. By the time we got to the water park it was all I could do to keep from reaching out and grabbing for her tits. Damn I was horny!

They paid my way into the park, Joan insisting it was their treat, as if the show she had been giving me the last half hour wasn’t enough of a treat. The girls dashed off into the park, leaving the three of us to wander around on our own. I happily followed along to a few water slides, making sure that Joan went up the stairs before me, putting her tits or butt at eye level. At 50 I’m still in pretty good shape, although not as good as I once was, and have been told by a number of women that I look considerably younger. I don’t look anywhere near young enough to be alluring to the herd of young ladies that were walking around with almost nothing on. But it was still fun to check them out, especially the ones with a more developed chest and less than adequate coverage, if you know what I mean.

Eventually the three of us made our way over to the lazy river for a few laps of drifting around the almost quarter mile long twisting stream, sitting in a nice float tube and enjoying the shade and sprinklers that dotted the gently flowing stream. Mark was getting hungry and the two of them decided to go find some food while I did another lap tecavüz porno around the stream, enjoying the views and to be honest, allowing my almost perpetual hard on to subside a little.

I supposed it was time to climb out and find something more energetic to do before I fell asleep, I was so relaxed. As I came around to where the stairs in and out of the river were, I could see the line of people trying to get into the water, and I had to admit it was funny to watch. You grab a tube, hold it behind you and kind of fall into it, letting the almost waist deep water float you away. Getting out was a bit harder. You kind of had to fall out of the tube near the stairs and drag the tube out with you. I lined myself up with the stairs, planning on slipping gracefully out of the tube and onto the stairs.

Plans are good things, as long as you expect them to be messed up once in a while. In this case I didn’t do myself any favors by allowing my attention to be diverted to the extremely cute ass that was sticking out only a dozen feet or so from me. I mean it’s not every day you see a white bikini clad ass bent over and pointing almost straight at you, her pussy shape showing through her crotch of her suit enticingly. I mean she wasn’t young, maybe mid thirties or so, but from my angle, very well built and clad in that tiny white bikini bottom…how could I not be distracted?

As it turned out, my foot missed the stair almost exactly the same time as the tube behind me with some fairly rowdy kid slammed into mine. Instead of levering myself up and onto the stairs gracefully, my hands slipped off the tube and I splashed back down into the middle of the tube just as it was pushed down stream, and into the tube the cute white bikini was about to drop into. I saw her tube start to scoot away just as her weight started to pass that point of no return. Instinctively I reached for her tube, and realized that I was going to miss grabbing it. As the old saying goes, it all unfolded in agonizingly slow motion. Realizing that I couldn’t reach her tube, I reached for the next closest thing, the falling woman. I stretched my arm as far as I could hoping to arrest her fall, not out of any gentlemanly spirit or anything like that, just because my attention was still focused on that sweet ass and as it fell I realized that it was going to splash into the water, and somehow that didn’t seem right.

Your mind can do a lot of funny things at times like that, but to be honest, mine went totally blank aside from intending to catch that cute ass. With single-minded purpose I reached for that ass and managed to hook one hand around it and pull. The action had two effects, one was to propel my tube down the lazy river at a faster pace, and the other was to shift her falling weight toward me. I watched in total fascination as the white clad ass fell toward my tube, while my hands were still reaching to catch the woman. Her cute ass hit the tube and bounced into the air while her bouncing weight pushed the tube down into the water. The buoyancy of the tube made it rebound much faster than the force of gravity acted on her creamy body, and she was falling back down again as the tube hit the top of its rebound. Feeling like I was myself suddenly flying into the air, my confused mind grabbed for the first solid appearing thing it could see, which was of course, the cute ass I had been admiring only a few moments ago. Both hands wrapped around her hips and pulled, bringing our two bodies together in a wet slap, my swim suit hitting her hips wetly. Our combined momentum canceled, and we hung in the air motionless for fractions of an hour, or was it second, before the two of us, my hands still pulling us together, landed in my tube again with a wet bounce. Our bodies slid against each other again as I tried to hold on to the only solid appearing thing in range, as we bounced up again, a bit lower this time.

By the time the tube stopped bouncing in the water, with the two of us sitting in it, her ass in my lap, we were well on our way away from the stairs and accelerating into the main current of the lazy river, which at that moment didn’t seem any too lazy.

“I’m sorry, are you ok?” I asked her as the two of us gained our composure a bit, my hands still holding her onto my lap as the tube swung in slow circles, the stairs growing farther away by the second.

“I think so. Thank you for catching me.” She said as she wiped the water that had splashed into her face.

“That was some surprise. I didn’t expect a passenger.” I joked as I continued to hold her, only now realizing that while one hand was resting on her firm ass, in the bouncing and sliding, my other hand had slid up her body as was cupping one of her soft breasts, her top pushed out of the way in the process.

“Um… I hadn’t expected to be a passenger.” She replied as she looked around for her tube, which was nowhere to be seen at the moment. “I think you travesti porno can let go now.” She said as she began to realize that I was holding onto her fairly snuggly.

“Uh… Sure, but you might want to…um…I mean…you may need to ….you know, cover yourself when I move my hand?”

She looked down at herself and let out a startled squeak and quickly tried to push my hand away and fix her suit at the same time, which gave me a very brief but unobstructed look at her B cup breast, her nipple long since hardened against the palm of my hand. “I hope you enjoyed your grope!” She snapped almost sarcastically as she tied the strings of her white bikini top back in place.

“I really am sorry. I had no intention.” I said, realizing that she was glaring at me. “Hell, I suppose I could have just let you land in the water!” I said slightly irritated all of a sudden. I mean it wasn’t like I planned this all just to grope her, although the softness of her breast and the hardness of her nipple had been pretty damn sexy in my hand.

“I’m sorry.” She said, her voice softening a bit. “I suppose I should be thanking you instead of blaming you. I mean it wasn’t exactly your fault. You were just trying to be nice.” She finished.

“Well, maybe partly my fault.” I said with a crooked grin. “If I hadn’t been so busy staring at your sexy butt sticking out it might not have happened.”

She laughed and shook her head, her long brown hair shaking and her dark green eyes twinkling. “Well, at least you’re honest!”

I laughed back as we floated farther and farther down the winding river. “Well, unless you want to swim the rest of the way, you’re welcome to share my tube the rest of the way around.”

“Well, thank you kind sir.” She said with a giggle as she wiggled her but on my hard on, which had recovered significantly in the last few moments. “I think I might enjoy the seat I have for right now. So if you don’t mind, I’ll take you up on your offer.” She said as she reached for my hand and pulled it into her lap from her leg, where it had come to rest after she pushed it off her tit. “Now I’m beginning to wonder if I was a bit hasty at throwing your hand from where it was. I have to admit that it did feel pretty nice there.”

“It felt pretty nice for me too.” I answered as she looked around to see who else might see as she pulled my hand up and pressed it against her tit again, this time on the outside of the material.

“Hmmm yeah, felt a lot nicer under the top though.” She giggled as she pulled her cup up, momentarily exposing her tit to the trees in front of us before clamping my hand to her breast and then pulling the cup down over both her breast and my hand. “Oh yes, much nicer, how about for you?” She asked as she crossed her arms to try to make my hand position a bit more discrete while the tube slowly turned back so her front was visible to lots more people.

“I have to say, very nice.” I answered as I gently squeezed her breast, a wide smile on my face. “Very nice indeed.”

“Uh huh.” She said as she closed her eyes for a moment, obviously lost to the sensations and some far away thought. “I hope you don’t think I let just any stranger have his hand under my top.” She whispered almost so quietly I could barely hear her. I wondered for a moment if she was talking to someone in that far away thought. “But I’ll make an exception in this case.” She said louder as she wiggled around on my lap and then leaned, ending up curled up on my lap and tube with her head on my shoulder, one hand on her ass and the other trapped between her arms pressed against her bare breast.

We floated the rest of the way around the river and right past the stairs. “I think we missed the stairs.” I whispered, breaking the quiet trance she seemed to be in.

“That’s ok.” She whispered back. “We have plenty of time.” I felt her hand work its way down into my lap until she had the leg of my suit pulled up and her hand wrapped around my hard cock, just out of sight of everyone around us. Almost as an afterthought, she lifted her head enough to look at me. “We do have time don’t we? I mean I didn’t mean to assume….”

“Relax. It’s fine. I’m in no hurry.” I answered as I moved my hand from her firm ass to her shoulder and pulled her down again.

“Good.” She whispered as she settled back down. “Have you ever made love to a total stranger?”

“No, I can’t say I have. Have you?”

“No.” She whispered back as she continued to play gently with my hard cock.

“Have you wanted to?”

She was silent for a long time before she whispered. “Twice. Once before and once now.”

“Well, you are a good looking woman. I’d love to have the chance to feel your pussy around my shaft.” I said, getting a squeeze on my dick in response. “But where would we do it here?”

“I know just the place.” She whispered with a giggle. “I caught a couple of kids making out there one time.”

“Well, xhamster porno we’re just bigger kids.” I answered as I squeezed her breast in response to the squeeze she gave me on my hard cock.

As the stairs came into view again she removed her hand from my suit and I eased my hand from under her top, giving her time to fix herself without being obvious. It took a little coordination, to get off the tube, and in the process both of us ended up standing in the waist deep water, so that when we got out my hard cock was pretty obvious.

“Well, if nothing else, everyone is going to know just how sexy your cock looks!” She said as she led me across the park toward a more out of the way corner of the park. There was a picket fenced area that held a huge number of blown up tubes, obviously overflow for those really busy days. She stepped into the fenced area and led me around back of the several feet high pile of tubes. She pulled out a double tube and then turned around to face me, wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling her mouth to mine.

We stood for long minutes, our arms around each other, our tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths in a complexly choreographed dance of passion and desire. I felt her hands leave my neck and run down my body, soon pushing my suit down over my hips until I felt it slide wetly to the pavement, pooling around my ankles with a wet “squish”. Her hand wrapped around my hard shaft and stroked it slowly while she continued to kiss me. With a nervous intake of breath she pulled from our embrace and dropped to her knees, my hard cock now at her face level.

Slowly, tentatively, she moved her face closer to my cock and then gently wrapped her lips around my engorged head. I felt her tongue slowly slide back and forth across the underside as she pressed more of me into her mouth before pulling back. With just my head still in her mouth, she pressed forward again, a little faster, taking me as deep into her mouth as she thought she had room for. Time and gain she stroked her hand and her mouth on and off my saliva coated shaft, driving me slowly up the mountain toward climax.

“You want me to cum in your mouth?” I asked her quietly, knowing I was getting closer to the point of no return.

“Oh God no…I want you to fuck me with it!” She said as she pulled from my shaft and looked up at me. “Do you want to fuck me?”

In response I knelt down in front of her and reached for the strings of her suit top. I gently pulled the strings and pulled her top off, exposing her naked tits, each a perfectly formed soft mound tipped with a rock hard nipple as big around as my pinky, centered in a pink, oval areola. With the two of us still squatted down, I let my hands slide down her sides to her hips and pulled both strings together, undoing the white suit bottom. I continued to pull the strings until the suit came off in my hand, sliding between her legs until her brown curls were fully exposed. I dropped the suit bottom, and last bit of clothes she had been wearing, aside. I moved one hand to her cute tits and let my fingers trace back and forth across them teasing first one nipple and then the other while my other hand slowly stroked her wet pussy lips. At first I allowed my fingers to just tease her extended soft lips, only after several long slow strokes, allowing it to dip between them and draw some of her juices along her slit to her hard exposed clit. For what seemed like an hour, I teased her clit and pussy while gently squeezing and pulling her nipples, her eyes closed and her breathing becoming more and more ragged as I gently teased her closer to an orgasm.

Finally I pulled my hands from her and eased her back until she was lying on the double tube, her butt on the part that joins the two tubes together and her back on the far end. That left the near side of the tube for me to kneel on. I lowered myself toward her as she stuck her legs out wide, her hands reaching for my cock as I found a balance on the tube. She guided my rock hard shaft toward her wet pussy, working the head briefly around her wet lips before pulling me down toward her with her heels on my ass.

“OH yes!” She hissed in pleasure as I sunk slowly into her hot tunnel. “Sooo good!”

“Uh huh.” I grunted in agreement as I felt my head hit the end of her tunnel. I pulled slowly back, feeling every ridge and ripple of her pussy with the mushroom head of my cock, enjoying each inch that I drew back before pushing just as slowly back in again. When I felt her tunnel end I pulled back again, this time quicker, and returned even quicker.

“Oh yes.” She whispered as she pulled my head down toward her.

It took a little coordination to not bounce us both off the tube, but I was soon stroking into her with abandon, our bodies slapping together wetly, my mouth wrapped around one of her hard nipples. We bounced and moaned on the tube for several long minutes before she squeakily announced that she was cumming, as if she needed to tell me what the trembling and shaking of her whole body meant.

I felt her tunnel ripple with contractions, squeezing and coaxing my own climax, which was only moments away. “I’m going to cum!” I grunted, letting go of her nipple and looking down at her face.

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