He came home from work, earlier than normal. His wife, to his surprise was standing in the kitchen… Nude, except for her apron, going about her business cooking dinner. She did not realize he was home yet…

She was wearing headphones, sing to the music that was playing in them and slowly dancing… Gyrating her hips. He loved the fact she did not realize he was there so he could enjoy the display… But so she didn’t know he was home yet, he quickly took off to the shower. He stripped and got in, but to his surprise as he was washing his hair, she had quietly snuck in with him (after shutting off what she was “cooking”).

She was on her knees in front of him, and the reason he realized she was there is he had felt a warm wet mouth around his cock. She had a tongue ring and knew he loved it when she used it while giving him head. She slowly slid up and down his cock, wiggling her tongue back and forth so her tongue ring would rub the underside of his shaft. He let a low moan of ecstasy escape his lips, as he held the sides of the shower to keep from falling. She gently caressed his balls and then circled each with her marvelous tongue and tongue altyazı porno ring, taking each in her mouth in turn, and gently stroked his taint.

Then to his surprise she grabbed the soap and started washing him. First lathering his arms and chest, his stomach, then scrubbing his legs and feet and finally washing his very prominent and erect manhood. He thought she was finished! To his delight she did not rinse the soap off, but rather proceeded in giving him a hand job. Back and forth her hand went, and the faster she went the more suds were created. Just when he thought he could take no more, she slapped his ass and turned him around in the shower. She started washing his back and massaging it as well. 10 minutes she massaged his back when she slapped his ass again, giggled, and got out of the shower. Perplexed, he rinsed off and considered finishing himself off when he heard, “Don’t you DARE finish yourself honey, I have more in store for you.”

Upon hearing this, he quickly finished rinsing himself, grabbed the towel, and all but ran from the bathroom to the bedroom where he found her spread eagle on the bed wearing amatör porno nothing but high heels and a seductive smile. “Come here my love,” she said in a low sultry tone. He could of came just standing there listening and looking at her, but he didn’t because curiosity got the best of him. He threw himself on the bed next to her and was about to touch her when she said, “Ah ah ah,” wiggled her finger at him as if she were scolding him, “You go sit on your computer chair right now mister! You have to watch.”

He reluctantly obliged and to his amazement she produced a toy. He sat stunned at what she was doing to herself, and when she brought a second toy out… Oh boy! She was penetrating herself voraciously with Mr. Bumpy (we affectionately named the toy) and working her clit with a mini bullet. Both were on a rather high speed considering the humming sound, and soon she was moaning and squirming on the bed… And watching him. He subconsciously started to stroke himself when she stopped playing with herself, scolded him (yet again), and handcuffed his hands to each arm of his chair.

Looking at him, she felt a tiny animasyon porno bit sorry for him… But then her impishness got the better of her. Since he could not touch her, she started to give him a slow sexy dance to music only she could hear. She started lighting candles she had stashed around the room, dripping wax from each on various parts of her body… Her nipple, stomach, leg…

After half a dozen were lit, she strolled back over to him, turned around, and gave him a lap dance. He could feel how warm and wet she was, obviously she was enjoying his torment. She then turned around and kissed him deeply, hotly, passionately and put a blindfold on him. He could hear her rustling around the room and he felt a liquid drizzle over him, then her hands as she massaged his thighs. She stopped as suddenly as she started and then he was feeling another liquid drizzle on him, this time on his cock. She rubbed this liquid in and blew… The heat was amazing, but not as amazing as her mouth which was circling just his head. Around and around and around her tongue swirled, just under the edge when he’d been circumcised.

She was driving him SO crazy. Again he was on the brink of ecstasy when everything stopped. She started kissing him again, and to his surprise he was free. She’d released his hands and removed his blindfold. He picked her up, put her on the bed and decided it was her turn for torment…

(to be continued)

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