Watching The Wife



Coming home after four long months in hospital was indescribable. My wife, Robyn, fussed over me, ensuring my comfort. There was still a long road ahead with physiotherapy twice a week for at least the next six months would. The doctors assured me a return of 80% of what the drunk driver took from me when he hit me head-on. A good part of the 20% that would never be returned was my ability to achieve an erection due to damage done to that area. It was still too early to think much about that but it did seem to me that the loss of sex with Robyn was worth more than 20% but for the time being it was just terrific to be home.

As the weeks passed I gained strength and Robyn and I experimented sexually. I kissed her large breasts, tongued her wonderful pussy and explored every inch of her lovely body. She tried to excite my cock in ways that once brought it to instant granite hardness; lips, tongue, hands, strip teasing, displaying provocatively in erotic lingerie, nothing worked. My brain desired her but my body could not respond and although I never mentioned it, the accident had robbed me of a lot of my previous desire and I was running mainly on machismo. As frustrating as it was for me, it must have been worse for Robyn. Our life together had been full of sex and as we aged and the kids left to pursue their own lives our lovemaking did not diminish in intensity or frequency.

“Dildos are a poor substitute for the real thing,” she had said and as the months went by I began to wonder what the alternatives were.

Two years after the accident I was in decent shape despite a few physical limitations. I was now 56 and running our small business again. Robyn is four years younger and handles the financial end of things and manages the office. Regular exercise and a sensible diet have kept her in excellent shape and she could pass for 40 any day. I see my male employees eyeing her when she walks through the work shop. Sometimes I wonder if any of them are giving her what I can’t but soon hate myself for thinking that. I sensed her lack of sexual fulfillment sharply, however, and had come to terms with an idea I was about to put to her.

We were spending the weekend on our boat; the weather was sunny and warm. Robyn was in her bikini sunning on deck while I had just freshened up after three hours of unproductive fishing. I knelt between her legs, pulled her bikini bottom to one side and massaged her pussy and clit. She became wet quickly and I spread her labia apart with my thumbs and tasted her wonderful vagina. My tongue teased her clit and explored the neat clump of dark hair above before returning to the inner walls of her pussy lips. My hands ventured upwards and pushed her skimpy top out of the way and caressed her ample breasts and hard nipples. She climaxed and I lapped her juices while damning that drunk driver to hell forever. After dinner we cuddled on deck as the sun slipped beneath the horizon and I decided to tell Robyn about what I had been thinking about for the past few months.

“I know you miss a complete sex life as much as I do and have given this a lot of thought. I want us to look into finding someone to fill your needs.”

She froze in thought for several seconds before saying, “What, another man? No, I couldn’t do that; it’s out of the question.”

I went on to explain my thoughts, how we would do this together, I would always be present, that I trusted her and this was just to fill a sexual void. She softened her stance a little and said she would think about it for a while and we left it at that, I knew well enough not to try and push her in to anything and that was not my intention.

The subject was never very far from my thoughts and three weeks later Robyn brought the topic up and asked how I proposed go about it if she ever agreed to proceed. We discussed in great detail what amounted to a set of rules we were comfortable with but she made no commitment and even though she had obviously been thinking about it, I hadn’t a clue whether she would ever go ahead with it.

We were on the boat one weekend when she suddenly asked, “Are you sure you don’t mind if another man has sex with me?”

“Not so long as we follow the rules we talked about. I want to see you completely happy and I know how much you miss the genuine article inside you, I want to see that look on your face when you are being screwed, even if it’s another man doing it.”

She smiled briefly then said, “Well, I’m not promising anything….but let’s see what happens if we look into it.”

We signed up on an adult friend finding website and posted the following ad: Married couple in mid fifties, fit and attractive arap escort seek male partner for wife. She requires more attention than husband can provide. You are attractive, sincere, intelligent and looking for a long-term relationship.

The replies came in thick and fast. Many were from young men that were of no interest to us. They professed their lovemaking prowess in a variety of immature ways with accompanying photos of their genitalia and not much else. There were also several responses from couples and one in particular caught our attention: Married couple, he 59, she 58 seek couple or female for long-term discreet relationship and friendship. He is 5′ 8″ fit with long, thick endowment and is a long-lasting lover. She has medical issues and cannot participate fully in sex. Personality most important; must be compatible. We’ve had a little experience with another but want to find that one special friendship. Not into multiple partners.

Their ad ticked many of our boxes so we responded and they replied the following day. We corresponded a lot over the next couple of weeks we discovered that in many respects their lives mirrored ours; empty nesters, medical issues impacting a full sexual relationship and wanting a long-term solution. Although we had never met Vic and Brenda, we felt we knew them and when they invited us to a family and friends barbeque we readily accepted.

It took only twenty minutes to drive to their suburban home and we were made very welcome. We met family and friends and came away with very positive feelings about our decision to respond to them. Robyn was taken with Vic’s sense of humour that Brenda played off and on our drive home she suddenly said, “I like them a lot, if you feel the same, why don’t we give it a try?”

“It does appear they are the perfect couple for us, even though we never considered a couple to begin with. If you are sure about it, then yes, let’s give it a go.” The following morning I invited them over for Saturday night and we were all happy that our relationship was moving ahead.

Thoughts of Saturday preoccupied our work week and I was glad to see the weekend arrive. Robyn and I had discussed how we would like the evening to develop and since we had home field advantage, so to speak, wanted to make it erotically interesting for our guests.

Vic and Brenda arrived on time and we led them into the family room. They settled on the sofa and I delivered wine and we chatted. Brenda looked very sexy in a short red skirt and blouse contrasted by black fishnet stockings. The four of us had discussed our problems and limitations openly over the past several weeks so I knew that Brenda had a condition that thinned the walls of her vagina making penetration unbearably painful. She still enjoyed clitoral and breast stimulation and I wondered if I would have the opportunity to sample those delights tonight. She was dressed in a way that suggested she was.

I could see Robyn was anxious to get going so I offered to refill our wine glasses and suggested that Robyn should, as the old adage goes, “Change into something a little more comfortable!” She excused herself and hurried upstairs.

I knew how much she needed a real cock inside her; she had commented several times about Vic’s description of his endowment in the posting…. long and thick ….and was eager to see it.

Robyn came downstairs and into the family room. She was wearing a sexy outfit: a very short, tight black micro mini, white blouse, black stockings and stilettos. The garter belt straps and a several inches of white skin were visible between the mini and stocking tops. It was a sight that once would have brought me an instant erection but now I could only gaze and fuck her in my mind.

She paraded around sexily as she had done for me alone many times. She bent over and touched her toes giving Vic a beautiful view of her backside and the tiny thong barely hiding her sweet pussy that I knew would already be wet in anticipation of what was to come. Brenda was massaging Vic’s crotch and a considerable bulge had developed, he obviously liked what he saw.

Robyn came over to me and we kissed, I took the opportunity to fondle her tits that were almost falling out of her blouse, the half-cup bra unable to control them. I then reached down to her pussy and felt her wetness. I teased her clit and whispered in her ear, “Now go over there and get fucked.”

She went to the sofa and sat between Vic and Brenda. Vic caressed her legs then moved up and slipped a hand inside her blouse. He fondled her breasts and pinched the nipples then undid a couple more buttons escort arap and fully exposed them. They turned their heads to one another and kissed, tongues exploring tentatively at first but soon it became passionate. Brenda undid the remaining buttons on Robyn’s blouse and removed it. Brenda fondled Robyn’s tits and squeezed them together and Vic moved his mouth from one to the other sucking hard on her nipples.

Brenda got off the sofa and knelt in front of Vic and unhooked his belt, slid down the zipper and pulled off his pants and shorts. Robyn and Vic were kissing excitedly as Brenda directed my wife’s hand onto Vic’s cock. It was fully erect, uncut and looked very hard. It was indeed long and thick, so thick Robyn could hardly get her fingers around it as she jerked and squeezed it. She broke away from Vic’s mouth to look at it, let out a sigh then returned her tongue to Vic’s. Her legs parted as Vic worked his hand to her pussy and when it reached its goal Robyn jerked the big dick frantically.

Brenda sat back on the sofa and returned her attention to Robyn’s tits. She clearly didn’t mind the attention and I thought of the possibilities this could open up. Like most men, girl-on-girl action is fine so long as one can watch.

Vic stood up and removed the rest of his clothes. Robyn lay back on the sofa and stared through lust-filled eyes at the giant erection twitching in front of her. He stretched out his arms, took Robyn’s hands and lifted her up. Robyn is taller than Vic and towered over him in her stilettos. It was the perfect height for him to feast on her large breasts. Robyn masturbated his big dick; exploring every inch of its length and his balls that were also large and hung low and loose. My wife caressed them gently then lifted the entire sack up as her other hand continued to jerk him. Vic’s hands were not idle either. They roamed over her shoulders and back then down to squeeze her ass and finger her pussy.

Vic murmured, “Yes, ooh yes, you’re so wet” as his hand worked feverishly between her legs.

Brenda, meanwhile, had hiked up her skirt, pulled her panties aside and was playing with herself as she watched the performance in front of her. I took her glances toward me as an invitation and went to the sofa and knelt between her legs. She looked at me through sultry eyes as her fingers exposed her clit. I rubbed it between my thumb and forefinger before bending over and tonguing her most sensitive part. She climaxed quickly sending her juices over my mouth in several convulsive movements.

“Please, do that again in a little while,” she gasped and I felt quite proud that even though my cock no longer worked, my tongue was still in A-1 shape.

Robyn was on her knees sucking Vic’s cock. She slurped and occasionally choked on the huge thing but was enjoying every second. I knelt behind her, kissed the back of her neck and slipped a hand under her ass and fingered her wet pussy. She lifted the massive dick and licked and sucked Vic’s bag, mouthing each testicle before gorging on his erection again. With my head just behind Robyn’s I had a close view of Vic’s cock. It was incredibly hard, the huge knob filled with blood, thick veins standing out along its length. Robyn’s pussy was more than ready for it and I so much wanted to see her sexually fulfilled again and filled she was definitely going to be.

Brenda came over and jerked her husband’s cock while my wife tongued and sucked it.

“I think it’s time you fucked Robyn, dear. I’m sure she wants you to and I’m sure we want to watch, don’t we,” she said looking at me.

“Yes,” I replied, “her pussy is as wet as can be and ready for a hard cock. She needs a good fucking and I think Vic is the man to do it. Are you ready, darling?”

“Ooh yes, I’m ready…I’ve never been more ready. His cock’s so big and thick!” she gasped looking at me with wild-eyed anticipation and lust. I would have thought it impossible but our talk seemed to make Vic’s erection bigger and it twitched violently.

I lifted Robyn up, hiked her mini around her waist and laid her on the sofa. I removed her thong and spread her legs wide. With one hand I fingered her sopping twat while massaging her breasts with the other. Brenda jerked Vic’s cock then bent over and sucked on it. She led him between Robyn’s splayed legs and my wife stared up at his cock as Brenda fondled it.

“Jerk it, Brenda, make it as big and hard as can be,” moaned Robyn.

Vic leaned over Robyn and Brenda rubbed his big knob back and forth from her ass to her clit. It shone with pussy juice and he pushed it into my wife. Brenda arap escort bayan let go and sat on the sofa to one side and I sat on the other. Vic’s cock slowly began to disappear and Robyn emitted a loud groan of pleasure as it reached the hilt. My wife’s face was one of pure delight as Vic began forcefully stroking his huge penis in and out. I bent over, kissed my wife and fondled her tits. Brenda reached around and played with Vic’s nuts as he pounded Robyn’s pussy. My lovely wife screamed and squealed as the giant cock drove into her and I saw once again that look of sexual excitement and satisfaction on her face that I had sorely missed.

They disengaged and Robyn knelt on the sofa with her arms draped over its back, her legs apart and her pussy easily available to Vic’s throbbing erection. He stood behind her and the pounding began again. His balls swung back and forth slapping against her clit as he sank his entire length inside her. Brenda and I sucked Robyn’s nipples that now stuck out like bullets. Vic withdrew once more and helped Robyn to her feet, they kissed and fondled one another before he sat on the sofa and Robyn straddled him and guided his dick into her pussy. She bounced up and down on his cock as he squeezed her breasts and nipples. Brenda knelt and played with Vic’s balls and caressed Robyn’s ass. I got behind Brenda, opened her blouse and fondled her braless tits then lifted her skirt and caressed her ass and teased her clit. Robyn squealed to a noisy climax, pressing her pussy down onto Vic’s cock as she convulsed. She rolled off and lay, out of breath, on the sofa, legs apart and pussy still stretched open. Vic had not ejaculated and his cock was still fully erect and lay on his stomach covered in Robyn’s orgasm and Brenda wasted no time in taking it into her mouth. I moved to my wife and tasted her just-fucked pussy.

The ladies straightened their outfits and went to freshen up. I got Vic a bathrobe and we chatted over a drink. “Robyn is amazing, you must really miss…you know,” Vic said.

Yes, I do but watching her with you and seeing how happy you have made her makes me happy. She just loves your big cock.”

“I miss sex with Brenda but I can tell she is enjoying what’s going on tonight, you must have a very talented tongue.”

The girls returned looking fresh and sexy and sat down beside us and I got them a drink.

“Phew!” Robyn remarked, “that’s some weapon you have there, Vic, that was wonderful.”

“He hasn’t finished with you yet,” chimed in Brenda. “He likes a little break before the finale.”

We all laughed and Vic excused himself to freshen up. I sat between the ladies and caressed their nylons. As my hands crept higher they opened their legs and allowed me access to their pussies. When Vic returned he stood watching us a significant bulge his bathrobe. He let it fall exposing his huge cock, as hard as ever. He stroked it for a while then moved to the sofa and stood on it allowing Robyn to gorge on it. My manipulation of Brenda’s clit brought her to another climax and Robyn’s pussy was, again, soaking wet.

My wife disentangled herself and said, “Come, I want you to fuck me upstairs,” and led him by his cock to the staircase.

Robyn lay on the bed with her legs spread wide apart and fingers in her wet slit. Vic took her by the armpits and pulled her across the bed so her head was hanging back over the edge and fed her his dick. He stroked back and forth while she gurgled and spluttered. Brenda went down between Robyn’s legs and she must have very talented because my wife was soon squirming with intense pleasure. She clasped Brenda’s head tightly to her pussy with both hands and squealed whenever the big cock in her throat would allow. She writhed in climax but Brenda kept going, I lay on the bed between Brenda’s legs and tongued her clit and fondled her tits.

Our ladies lay side-by-side and my tongue continued its work on Brenda’s clit. Vic climbed onto the bed and mounted Robyn. He lifted her legs back and drove into her, using the entire length of his cock with every stroke. Brenda climaxed again and appeared highly aroused as we watched our spouses. “Fuck her! Fuck her with your big dick…give it to her. Do you like it? Do you like that big cock deep? Fuck her Vic, fuck her and fill her pussy with cum,” Brenda cried excitedly.

Robyn could only cry and whimper unintelligibly as Vic hammered into her but it had an erotic effect on both of them. She screamed to a powerful orgasm just before Vic groaned and sent his load of hot cum splashing deep into my wife. His cock lay buried for a while then he moved his semi-hard prick, covered with cum and pussy juice into Robyn’s mouth. Brenda quickly licked her husband’s cum from my wife’s pussy and Robyn sucked that big dick for many minutes more not seeming to want to let it go.

We meet with Vic and Brenda once a week and continue to enjoy very erotic evenings together.

I love watching the wife!

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