Warrior Princess Ch. 03



As I was leaving the office before lunch I got a text from Flight Lieutenant Deepti Mishra, “Why don’t you come over to mess in the evening! We’ll have dinner together.”

“The officers’ mess?” I asked.

“Where else do you think I eat, Viren?”

“I don’t know what to say, you tell me,” I replied.

“Will pick you up at 7 pm from your place. Wear something formal, with a sexy underwear underneath,” she messaged and I could see her laughing through her SMS.

“Will wait for you beautiful,” I was sure she could see my smiling face through my SMS. I fucked her in my office in the morning and I was harsh. I wanted to hurt her as she behaved wrong. And here she was, again ready to spread her sexy legs for me.

“Bitch,” I muttered and drove away.

She was right on time. I saw her parking her car as I stepped down the last step from my building. I walked to her and got in.

“Good evening. Someone looks nice,” I complemented her. She was wearing a striped pink short skirt and a matching blouse.

“Yeah, I bet someone is,” she quipped back and we both laughed, “and do you mind unrolling your sleeves, sir. We have either full or half sleeves in dining hall. And no matter how much I want to see your strong forearms, you can’t fold your sleeves.”

“You are the boss,” I did as asked.

As we walked inside the officers mess, I got closed to her and whispered, “I am not used to the ways of officers’ mess Deepti.”

“You are used to the ways of eating. Right? Just have a drink, eat your food and talk if someone comes to you. Easy. It’s just a fancy hotel, no big deal,” she was comfortable.

She had a table for two reserved at the far end of dining hall. It was indeed a good place. Superbly decorated with all the mementos earned by men and women in uniform.

“Any preference in drink?” she asked me.

“I love drinking a thing which tastes like honey and flows from the pussy of a young Air Force officer,” I said in a hushed voice.

“Shut up Viren, let me focus,” she mocked herself.

“In that case I’ll drink whatever else you prefer, until you offer my preference” I smiled at her. She blushed crimson. Our drinks arrived and we began to chat normal stuff. She looked breath-taking. My cock stirred in my pants. I downed my drink quickly and gestured her for another. Second drink arrived and I began to sip talking to Deepti to ease the tension in my pants. We ate our food laughing on each other’s jokes. Food was good, company was even better.

As we were finishing our food Deepti wiped her hands and got up from her seat suddenly. I followed her eyes and saw sages man approaching us. He was a big man with shaven head. He had sharp moustache and held a cigar in his teeth. He looked like a battle hardened soldier.

“Hello sir,” Deepti wished her. I got up from seat as well.

“How are you little girl?” he shook her hand gently.

“I am good, sir. How are you doing?”

“Tonight, not that good but right now I feel great. Your presence work like a tonic on the old man,” he made Deepti laugh.

“And… young man?” he offered me his hand.

“He is my friend Sergeant Viren, sir. I asked him if I could host him for dinner,” Deepti replied as I took his hand, “Viren, he is Colonel Sameer, my CO here.”

“Good evening sir,” I wished him.

“How was the food, Viren? Did you order your choice?” he asked, still shaking my hand.

“Food was great sir, ma’am does have a great taste.”

“Ma’am! I remember her calling you her friend. This is my den boy, you speak here what you feel,” he almost announced. Deepti laughed and I seconded her.

“She is a lovely girl, be nice to her,” he pressed my hand and gave me a knowing look. I nodded in a yes for no reason at all.

He placed her palm on Deepti’s cheek and caressed her, “have a great evening kid,” he walked away.

“You too, sir,” Deepti replied.

“So what’s the deal with Colonel here? He touched your cheek!” I asked sitting down.

“He is not like those perverts in uniform. He behaves like a father to every young officer. Good man,” she sounded sure.

“Smart as well, he knew our equation already,” I began to admire his experience. Deepti smiled.

We left the dining hall after sitting there for something. We were walking to her car which was parked at a distance. It was a beautiful evening indeed. She then took a turn instead of getting to the car.

“Follow me Viren.” I followed her. She entered the accommodation block took hd porno a key out of her purse and unlocked a lock.

“Welcome to my humble home, Viren,” she said as she gestured me to walk in before her. I complied. My could feel my rock hard cock pushing against my ‘sexy’ underwear. She offered me a seat and went in her room. She returned a moment later. As I turned to look, I almost choked. She was out of her dress and was wearing a silky red underwear with matching bra. She had her heels on and she looked sultry. She walked to me and made me stand up. She pressed her naked body to me. As I looked at her naked self she pressed her finger against my lips, and feeling my cock throb against her stomach, and she took a deep breath and said, “I need my pussy kissed and licked,” she whispered against my lips.

“You need what?” I said as she instantly thought that she never said anything like that before to anyone let alone a junior officer.

“You heard me, Sergeant Viren,” Deepti said, hardly believing she was saying what she thought she had said, but slowly brushing her body against mine. “I want you to lick and suck my clit,” she repeated.

She sat on the couch and crossed her legs. When my stare hit her, she knew it could cut glass. Lifting her bare foot to my chin, she exposed more of her thighs and panty covered crotch. Her eyes darted down to my massive erection just crying for release as it already began to show precum.

With her seduction going full on, she finally opened her legs to show her silky thong. Using only her foot, she guided me to my knees like she was a snake charmer. My eyes were on her as she knew I was under her spell. The courage that coursed through her now boiled over into an erotic show.

With a slow tug to her panties she revealed her soft hairless sex. She wanted to show it off now to me. My hands then caressed the smooth skin there, and my mouth was watering from it all. It was not the first time a man was so under her control, but it was the first time for me to be controlled in bed.

Deepti opened her legs wide showing me her sex and gave a smile of lust. “Eat me.”

She could feel the moisture in her sex and my hot breath on her inner thighs. I then slowly licked at her inner thighs and purred at her taste. She then pulled me closer, controlling the situation and forcing me to eat the pussy that I so demanded to have.

I then parted her legs more giving me full access to her pink treasure as I then flicked my tongue at her love button to get it wet and ready. Deepti gasped, and used her manicured nails to lightly scrape my scalp as she felt her clit being teased like that.

When I started to suckle her hardened clit, her back arched and her lips parted. “Mmmmm,” Deepti moaned with a sultry purr.

She unclasped her bra from the front, and let her generous breasts bounce free. I was not stopping and was furiously licking and sucking her sensitive nub as if I was starving for it.

Deepti rolled her hips into my skilled tongue and lips, and she squeezed her breasts and pulled her nipples. “Yes! Ohhh God, yes!” she moaned when she felt my tongue in-side her now.

I turned my tongue to the side as I flicked her clit like a punching bag only to stop and lick downward the length of her slit until I slipped my skilled tongue right in her slick entrance. Not stopping there, I did the entire manoeuvre again and again.

Deepti gave in quickly to her quick orgasm. “I’m gonna cum! Oh my God! I’m… I’m… OHHH YESSSS!”

I darted my tongue in and out of her entry and was capturing every drop of her female passion that leaked and then gushed from her stimulated sex. Her quick initial orgasm was still lingering and another one was building as my tongue was swirling around her clit over and over.

Deepti gasped deeply, and shuddered strongly. She gripped the leather of the couch and moaned loudly when her brain cleared enough to let herself remember that her room was soundproof. My mouth was back to sucking on her clit and her body was now recovering from the intense pleasure and ready for another.

The sight of her cum on my face actually turned Deepti on, and she gave me a lustful smile as I finally pulled away. “Good?” I asked with a lift of my brow.

She nodded and parted her thighs for me, assuming that her sex was wet enough to accept my large size again. It was now also a matter of needing it too, as she felt her body crave the large male organ to be inside of her.

I japon porno began to stroke my member and she could not help but want to have it fuck her like before. She knew she was mentally drunk on my cock and needed it inside of her as her sex pulsed with desperate need for more.

She still thought about her behaviour towards me in the day, but she could not stop thinking about the fact that this man had just eaten her silly, and now, was about to fuck her into oblivion. Her physical needs was like a drug that needed to be taken and when she watched I aim my tip towards her ready entrance, she knew she could not stop it.

Suddenly, she felt the sensation of being stretched and filled as I pressed my hard cock slowly inside of her. I slowly rocked in and out to enter her as gently as I could, and I slowly caressed her soft cheek to try and help relax her. She clenched her teeth and held her breath as my cock opened her to the maximum. Her young pussy was red from pressure.

When I filled her completely, I paused, letting her get used to the feel of me. She slowly moved her hips to reposition herself, and groaned when she felt pleasure instead of pain. I looked at her with a slight hint of a smile, and started to slowly rock my hips into her.

She wrapped her legs around my waist which made me go in even deeper. The sensation of her tight love canal being stretched by my enormous cock only added to the intensity of pleasure that was washing over her.

I paused just as I fully entered her love nest, kissing her like she was a love interest and not a common slut. When my thrusts began as my member began to slosh through her vaginal sheath, all notions of remorse in her mind was gone. And she felt just pleasure. She rolled her hips into me, making me groan and break away from the kiss. With a look of lust, she smiled at me and then began to match me stroke-for-stroke as she pushed back against me.

I was now pounding away as Deepti gave up trying to keep up. She gripped the couch as she felt her sex hole take the willing and pleasurable abuse of my hard deep thrusts. Giving into the pleasure of it, she returned the love with giving my manhood a coat of wet girl cum as her sex contracted on it.

“Ohhhh yes…yes…yes,” she moaned as another body quivering orgasm gripped her.

She looked at the intensity in my eyes and then felt my cock twitch inside of her, signalling that I was about to cum. She remembered that I was inside her, again, without a condom.

She wanted to tell me not to pull out, but I needed not to hear that. I wasn’t going to pull out. She loved my cum inside her and I loved giving it to her. We both knew she could cheat by taking a pill the next day if something goes south. Deepti could not stop wanting to feel the sensation of another orgasm. My thrusts got a little faster, and Deepti’s moans got stronger as did.

She felt the warmth of me releasing inside of her, and her heat started to spasm strongly, milking and receiving every drop of my fertile male pleasure. The orgasm was mind blowing, and she kissed my lips for loving the idea of my cum coat her vaginal muscles with a creamy sensation.

I pulled out and she gave me a look of satisfaction. “I hope you got what you needed?”

“I have a shower, let’s clean up.”

“Shower would be great. But just to clean up? Are you sure?” I smirked as we entered her washroom. She could see my again hardening cock and she slapped my arm.

“Does it ever go down?”

I turned her around to face the mirror and cupped her young breasts from behind, “just have a look at yourself Deepti. If you had a cock, you would fuck yourself.”

She blushed. She turn d around and hid her face in my chest. My hard cock was pulsating against the skin of her tummy.

“Well, it’s my turn to take care of it now.” She guided me back to the tile seat at the end of the long shower and motioned me to sit.

“Welcome to my home, baby,” she said as she got on her knees on the shower floor, pushing my knees farther apart as she moved closer to me.

At first she just stroked it with a loose grip, slowly up and down. She then alternated her glance between my cock and my eyes, smiling.

She opened her mouth big and took the entire girth between her lips. I felt like I was in a dream. The best dream I ever had, no doubt, but I knew it wasn’t as I reached out and pushed her wet black hair out of her face, watching her lips slide up and down lezbiyen porno my shaft.

She took it out of her mouth, but continued to stroke and she said, “You took care of me for the last two days, now it’s my turn to take care of you,” returning her lips to take it back in.

When I first moved to this city there was a waiting list on apartments, so I rented a room like many others do who are just arriving to the area. I rented from a widow in her late forties. In the short time I was there we had sex seven or eight times near the end of my stay. I was inexperienced sexually, but in those few times of being with her she showed me how to please a woman. I was so turned on by my boss there was no way I could last without cumming, so I moved her face away from my cock and lifted her to her feet. I then moved her back under the running water and positioned her against the wall. It was my turn.

“Oh, baby, shit that feels good!” she gasped. I saw her eyes close and felt her hands on my head as I brought her clit between my lips and felt the water run down her torso and mix with her juices in my mouth. She had a freshly waxed pussy, so I guess she had thought about the possibility of this scenario.

“You make my pussy feel so good!” I then inserted my index finger and felt her body quiver and watched her knees shake. After she finished shaking I came up to kiss her again, letting her taste her own juices on my lips.

We both wanted each other so badly it must have been like watching a porn movie. I shut the water off and grabbed a towel for both of us to use as I led Deepti by the hand back into the bedroom. She started as the aggressor, but had no problem following my lead as I transitioned to the dominant one. I bent her over the bed with both of our feet on the ground and paused.

“Are we ready for this, ma’am?” I asked.

When she replied, “Give it to me now, sergeant,” there was no doubt and no turning back. Her eyes followed my cock with an animalistic desire as I placed my hands on her hips and inserted my dick in Deepti’s soaking wet pussy. We both moaned with pleasure at the same time. I felt her pushing back into me, wanting to go faster. I knew I was so hot that I had to slow down or I would explode immediately. I began slow stoking, still holding her hips down on the bed with my feet planted firmly on the floor, forcing my cock in deep and slow.

“FUCK ME!” she shouted, not seeming to care if anyone else in the building could hear her.

At the moment, I really didn’t care either. I began to ram her harder, shoving my cock deep into her pussy. I grabbed her still damp hair and pulled her head back toward me, as I fucked her faster and harder. She cried. I wasn’t going to last long this way, but I didn’t care and Deepti didn’t seem to, either.

I continued to ram her pussy as hard and as fast as I could, until I could feel I was ready to explode. I released her hair, removed my hand from her waist and slapped her ass twice. She instinctively responded by quickly sliding off the bed and sat up on her heels, leaning back against the bed. She guided my cock into her mouth and as she did, I erupted, holding her head against the mattress, forcing her to take it. She did so willingly. My semen released, and again, from the tip of my cock into Deepti’s mouth. I shot six or seven ropes of my hot sticky cum into her throat. She closed her mouth and had a mixed reactions of pleasure, lust and disgust as the tried to swallow my load. She gagged as she did but she downed it all. She took a moment to control he vomit and then she opened her mouth proudly to show me that she swallowed it all. She then took control of my cock in her hand and milked out any remaining cream from the tip and lapped it up with her tongue. When it was obviously all gone, she rose to her feet to kiss me. I could see a little of my juice on the corner of her mouth, but I didn’t care. I kissed her as passionately as I did when I made her cum in my mouth, only ten minutes before.

My sexy boss took my hand and led me onto the bed and we climbed under the covers. I never realized her desire for me and mine for her were so powerful. We both were emotionally and physically spent after all that pent-up sexual energy. We laid down, her spooning on the inside and I held her tightly.

“Stay with me tonight, don’t leave me, he held on my hand tightly.

“I am here baby,” I kissed her neck from behind.


A lot of research and input from right people goes in writing these stories and getting the terms, events and places right. This story is a combination of real life experiences and writing liberty. Kindly reach out to me through your comments and feedback. You can reach me through my profile.

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