Walking to Work Ch. 01



My embarrassment has finally ebbed to the point that I think I can share this story. Actually, I want to put the story in writing before too much time has passed, before I forget any of the amazing details. It all started with Earth Day, just over a month ago now.

The company I work for has a tradition, for Earth Day, of encouraging employees to think about ways in which they can reduce their carbon footprint, whether at the office or at home. I think of myself as fairly ‘green’ already – I recycle, I rarely eat take-out with all those wasteful styrofoam containers, I drive a hybrid car, all that good stuff. So I wasn’t really sure how much more I could do. But I’m always open to self-improvement, so I went to a few of the workshops at the office, and about a week before Earth Day, realized the answer was simple.

My apartment is only about a mile from the office, and yet I drive to and from work every day. After watching a presentation about how much of an impact can be made by people getting out of their cars – even cool new hybrid cars like mine – and choosing to walk, bike, or use public transportation, I was convinced. I would probably have to use the car in the winter, but for the rest of the spring and summer, at least, I would walk to work.

I shared my plan with my best friend at the office, Josh, who promptly teased me about becoming one of those women who wears tennis shoes and little white socks with their business suits as they walk to work. I laughed with him about what a silly look that is, and assured him there wouldn’t be any fashion faux pas involved in my Earth Day activities. It’s only a mile, after all, I can do it in heels. He smiled, and we went back to work.

Even though I made the decision a few days before, I figured I’d make a statement by starting my new routine on the morning of Earth Day. It was a Thursday this year. I set my alarm a bit earlier than normal, ate my usual healthy breakfast, and got out the door with plenty of time to get to the office. I chuckled as I looked at myself in the mirror before leaving, remembering my conversation with Josh. I have always been fairly fashion-conscious, and if I could say so myself, always looked good. Today I had chosen a white silk blouse, a flowing black skirt, and a red silk scarf and matching red pumps to add a little color. No way in hell would I repeat the foibles of my mom’s generation and mix that outfit with bright white tennies!

I waved to a few neighbors as I walked to the end of my block, and before I knew it was on the main street which would take me the rest of the way to the office. I had to laugh at how short the trip really was, and how reliant I’d become on my car, to cover even a distance as short as this. And even though I was close to downtown and there was quite a bit of traffic, it was still a pleasant walk, walking past shops, bending down to pet a cute dog that was tied up outside a Starbucks, actually saying ‘good morning’ to people. In addition to my environmental accomplishment, I was filled with civic pride. Yeah, I admit it, I really was that full of myself.

Honk, honk. I looked to see who was driving by, maybe a coworker from the office? But the car sped off before I could see inside. Another block later, a different car, with a higher-pitched horn, beep beep beeeeep! This car slowed, began to pull over, but once again, before I could see inside, pulled off. Weird.

Then, just about a block from the office, a third car. This time, the man inside rolled down the window and smiled as he slowed and pulled over.

“Um, can I help you?”

“I don’t know, honey, can you?”

“Look, I don’t need a ride or anything, I’m really close to where I’m headed.”

He winked, rolled his window back up, and pulled back into traffic, speeding away. Really weird.

Once in the office, I was quickly swamped with work, so didn’t have time to mention to anyone my strange walk to work. The walk home, though, was even weirder. Three or four different cars, again with the same pattern of honking, pulling over to look at me, then speeding away. The same thing the next day, Friday, both morning and evening. Was it that unusual to see someone walking to work? Were they slowing down to take in the spectacle of my profoundly ‘green’ activities?

I quickly forgot about it over the weekend, as I got together with some old friends to hang out on Saturday and then visited my parents on Sunday, so it wasn’t until Monday morning that I thought about it again. I was almost all the way to work when a blue sedan pulled over up the block from me, left the engine running, and rolled down the window just as I approached.

“Excuse me, miss?”

“Um, yes?”

I walked up to the open window and travesti porno bent down to see in. A nice looking older gentleman was smiling back at me.

“I’m wondering if you can give me some directions?”

“Sure, what are you looking for?”

“Well, what can you show me?”

“Excuse me?”

Before he could answer, he looked up, became visibly nervous, and quickly sped away. I shook my head in wonder, glanced at my watch, realized I’d be late if I didn’t hurry, and walked quickly the rest of the way to the office, stopping only to let a police car with sirens blazing go through an intersection in front of me.

Josh and I met for lunch that day, and I decided to share my strange story with him, thinking he’d get a laugh out of it at least, and maybe have some idea what was going on with all these strange drivers.

“So, Holly, what you’re telling me is that as you walk down the street, a busy city street, dressed like you are right now, you were honked at several times, and a few cars even pulled over?”

“Yes, that’s the gist of it. Weird, huh?”

“And you really don’t see what’s going on?”

“You mean you do? Please, explain it to me, I’m dying to know!”

“OK, I’ll explain it to you. I don’t want to embarrass you, but it’s really pretty obvious to me what’s going on here.”

“Please, go ahead.”

“Alright, Holly. Well, um, you’re a very attractive young woman.”

I blushed, averted my eyes for a moment before looking up at Josh again, “Thank you, Josh!” I’d always had a crush on him which I’d kept secret because of the whole co-worker dynamic. Was it possible he felt the same way?

“Long blonde hair, big green eyes, a great figure, and you’re very well dressed.”

“But that’s just, I mean, that’s just for work. What does that have to do with anything… not that I don’t appreciate the compliment?”

Josh smiled, paused, then continued.

“Anyway, an attractive young woman – what are you, 24?”

“25, but again,” I smiled and playfully touched him arm, “thanks for the compliment.”

“OK, so work with me here. An attractive young woman, dressed up, walking alone on a busy city street.”

“Yeah, so?”

“What’s something people might assume about someone like that?”

“You mean, other than just that I’m walking to work?”

“Well, hmm… how to say this? What if they assumed you were already at work?”

“What the… oh my god, really?”

I blushed much hotter than I had before. How could I be so naive?

“I’m pretty sure, Holly. I mean, what else could it be? And didn’t you say that the one guy sped away right before you happened to see a cop car? He probably left so fast because he was worried he was going to get caught!”

“Yikes, you’re right. And I had no clue. Here I was, smiling and waving at some of these guys, obviously just making it worse!”

Josh was grinning at me.

“You can’t tell anyone, right?”

“Oh, of course not, don’t worry. Your secret’s safe with me. Hey, maybe you should have worn the tennis shoes after all!”

This time my touch wasn’t as playful, I actually kicked him under the table. Taking out my embarrassment on him.

“Hey, ouch!”


“Actually, Holly, I think it’s very sweet that you didn’t realize.”

Josh was looking deep into my eyes, and I once again was pulled in by his charms, as I had been so many times before. Maybe I was over-thinking the co-worker thing and should just go ahead and ask him out. After all, we’re both single, and obviously have a good rapport. He took another bite of his sandwich, and before he could finish chewing and say anything else, I realized I could take advantage of this situation.

“So, Josh, why is it that guys pick up hookers?”

He coughed, my question obviously surprising him enough that he swallowed his bite of sandwich a little faster than he intended.

“C’mon, what makes you think I’d know the answer to that?”

“Well, you know, don’t guys talk about things like that? I mean, for example, most of the guys driving past me were perfectly decent-looking, well-dressed, nice cars, they could certainly find a date without, you know, having to buy one?”

“Hmm, well, maybe it’s the thrill of getting caught. Or the idea that she’ll do something that you wouldn’t ask your girlfriend to do.”

“Yeah, I guess…”

Now Josh took a risk, escalating our conversation.

“Or maybe some guys like the idea of paying for it, you know, slapping a $100 bill on the dashboard and asking her to suck you off right there in your car.”

I blushed once again, but kept my eyes on his, shifting in my seat as the warmth grew between my legs.

“Wow, really?”

“Just alt yazılı porno a theory.”

I was the one to take the next risk.

“Does that interest you, Josh?” I leaned across the table towards him, putting my hand on his, daring him to take a peek at my cleavage.

“Well, yeah, frankly, it’s getting me a little excited right now, just thinking about it.”

He glanced quickly down my blouse, then looked back into my eyes.


“Excuse me?”

“Oh, please, like you’re not already hot and bothered, just thinking about it?”

“Alright, fine, you’re on!”

“OK, it’s a deal. I’ll follow you home tonight after work. If I don’t stop, just know it’s because it wasn’t safe, and I’ll try again tomorrow. Hey, Holly,” he said, looking at his watch, “we’ve stretched our lunch out a little, better get back to work.”

“Alrighty then. See you later.”

I could barely concentrate on work that afternoon. I felt a combination of tingling excitement and numb disbelief that I’d actually just agreed to such a naughty scenario. Premeditated prostitution. I’d end up in jail, no doubt. Lonely, since my family would be too ashamed even to visit me. And yet, in spite of my nervousness, the excitement won out. Perhaps it was finally time for such a good girl to break out of her shell.

As I said ‘good night’ to the folks at the office and set out into the brisk evening air, it occurred to me that I didn’t know what kind of car Josh drove. We’d spent lots of time talking at work, gone out for drinks on a few Friday evenings, even to a few company outings around town, but I’d never actually seen him in his car. Shoot, this would be even riskier than I’d thought.

I was wearing black that day. A fitted black skirt that reached just below my knees with a slit which showed off a bit more of my right leg as I walked. A black sweater buttoned over a low-cut red silk blouse. A few of those buttons had been undone while I ate lunch with Josh, but they were all fastened now, as I walked through the chilly air. I was wearing my favorite pumps – black, but with a stripe of red along the edge which matched my blouse. Before the last week or so, I never saw this outfit as anything but professional – stylish and flattering, but professional. But now, conscious of every inch of my skin, I felt the fabric of my skirt move over my ass as I walked, felt my breasts move under my silky blouse as I breathed, a little more heavily than normal. Naughty.

Honk, honk.

Oh, god, please be him, please be him. I turned to see a fat, rather hairy guy in a pickup, a naked-lady shaped air-freshener hanging from his rear-view mirror, smiling at me. It was so obviously and ridiculously not my friend Josh, that I found a confidence I didn’t know I had.

“Seriously, dude? I don’t think so. Move along.”

I had to laugh to myself as I kept walking. I’d never rejected a crude proposition so bluntly in my life, and I had to admit, it felt great. It was an interesting power to have, to be the object of desire for so many, but to choose just the one you want.

A few minutes later, I heard another car slowing behind me. Honk, honk.

It had to be him, please, let it be him. I heard the power window as he rolled down the passenger side.

He didn’t use my name, but I immediately recognized the voice.

“Hey, sweetheart, can I give you a ride?”

I turned, quickly took in the fact that Josh drove a BMW, instinctively looked both ways to make sure I wasn’t being watched, and then leaned down, resting my forearms on the passenger window frame. “What can I do for you, honey?”

“How about you get in and suck my cock for a while?”

“It’ll be $100, you sure you got that kind of money?”

“Oh, yeah, baby. Get in.”

I stood up, opened the door, and got in next to him, immediately placing my hand on his crotch, feeling his cock already hard.

He reached out to touch me, but I slapped his hand away.

“Patience. First, pull around the corner and park. Then, I want to see that money of yours on the dashboard.”

He smiled, and promptly did as he was told. He checked his mirrors, then quickly darted out into the street, squealed to a stop at the next intersection, turned right, and pulled over to the curb. He rolled up the passenger window, then turned off the engine and unfastened his seat belt. He then reached into his pocket, pulled out his wallet, found a crisp $100 bill, and slapped it on the dash.

I reached for it, folded it neatly, hiked up my skirt, and slid it underneath the garter that was holding up my stockings, giving him a momentary glimpse of my sexy red panties. He moaned in pleasure as I quickly üvey baba porno unzipped his slacks, fished his cock out of his boxers, and began stroking him.

“OK, baby, here are the rules.” I was as surprised as he was at the confidence of my voice. “You can touch me anywhere you want, but no clothes come off. Same for you. Your cock is the only part of you that needs to be undressed right now.”

“You got it.”

I leaned over and took him entirely into my mouth, and his cock quickly grew to full size, forcing me to back away for a moment before finally relaxing to take him deep into my throat. I then began a very slow and steady up and down motion, taking several seconds to let his full length out of my mouth, the tip of his cock escaping from my lips with a pop, before taking the same amount of time to suck him in once more.

“Oh, god, that’s so hot,” he groaned as his hands began exploring my body. With his right hand, he moved from one breast to the other, slowly kneading and then pinching my hard nipples through the fabric of my blouse and bra. I moaned in pleasure, rewarding his touch with increased tempo on his cock.

Soon, he let his hand fall to my lap, where he let his fingers trace a route up and down my inner thigh. Before long, I knew I’d need to shift positions – I was limited in my motions on his cock, and his fingers were unable to reach where I most wanted them to reach. Keeping my left hand on his cock, stroking firmly and evenly, I got up from my seated position, putting my knees on the passenger seat so that I could more easily face his cock. While shifting positions, I hiked my skirt up so that it wouldn’t be trapped under my knees, and his fingers could explore underneath.

After taking just a moment to free his balls from his boxers so that I could give them more direct attention, I once again took him deep into my throat. He needed no instruction to reach his right hand up my skirt, trace up my inner thighs, and come to rest at my wet pussy, slowly working my panties to one side so that he could touch me directly. When he finally reached his goal, I panted with intense pleasure at the touch of his fingers, and had to let his cock out of my mouth long enough to catch my breath. Realizing I was being paid to do a job, though, I used the opportunity to give his balls a thorough licking and sucking, which seemed to inspire him to give me even more attention.

After a few more moments of playing outside my pussy, teasing my clit, he slipped first one, then two fingers inside of me, the angle of our position allowing him to reach just an inch or so inside me. From this position, he was also able to rest his thumb on my clit, applying pressure now and then.

I pulled away from his cock one last time, just long enough to whisper in his ear, “That’s it, baby, fuck my dirty little pussy with your fingers. Come on, harder, squeeze another finger in there, make this worth my while as I suck you off.”

“Oh, god, yeah, suck me, suck my cock until I cum….”

I went back to work, panting with my own pleasure as I sucked his entire length into my mouth once again. I kept him there, deep in my throat, for a few moments, fondling his balls, tickling them, rolling them between my fingers, before picking up my up-and-down rhythm once again. He was pounding three fingers into my pussy with increasing intensity, and I matched his pace, feeling like a dirty slut as I bobbed up and down on him in his car, my long blonde hair bouncing with each motion.

Without slowing my rhythm, I reached down with my left hand, grabbed him by the wrist, pulling his fingers from my pussy and pushing them towards his mouth. He groaned as I forced his fingers into his mouth so that he could taste my juices, and I quickly returned my hand to cup his balls. I stroked and sucked him furiously now, and after just a few moments more, I felt him begin to jerk beneath me, before finally shooting his load deep into my throat. I caught as much as I could in my mouth, before a few drops escaped my lips. I quickly reached up and caught them, forcing his cum back into my mouth, knowing that any hooker worth her $100 wouldn’t spill a drop.

“That was incredible.”

“Well, that’s why you hire a pro.”

“Money’s not an issue, sweetheart, any chance I could hire you for something more?”

“Absolutely, but it’ll have to be another time,” I said as I sat back down in the seat and straightened up my clothes. “I’ve got another date waiting for me tonight.”

“When, then?” His desperation seemed real, as if he’d bought fully into the fantasy, forgetting our real identities, the fact that he’d see me at work the next day. Did I pick up on some jealousy? Was he worried that I really did have another date that evening?

“You know where to find me. I walk that same street about the same time each evening. See you around, honey,” I said, opening the door and getting out. Without another word, I turned and walked back towards the main street, and turned towards home.


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