“All right,” she replied, her hands trembling, “I’ll see you soon.”

Samantha hung up the phone, and ran her tongue across the top of her mouth, deep in thought. It had been a week and a half since she had seen her secret lover. Circumstances beyond their control made it difficult, she told herself, as she dashed around her small apartment, cleaning this and washing that. His place was in the city, and made for an exciting night out if they dared, but there was always the fear that the subtleties of their relationship would be noticed by those that should not see such things.

They couldn’t help but play with one another when they went out, him first slipping his hand up her thigh, pushing her modest skirt higher and higher, until her panties (or sometimes, lack thereof) were exposed under the table or the darkness of a show.

He would tease her, mercilessly. Casually wetting his finger with his tongue, he would circle her clit until she nearly cried out for more. This is usually when he would slow, look around to make sure the rest of the public was too far away to see, and whisper in her ear the most wicked and deprived things she had ever heard as he sped up for a finale. All the while, she would be forced to keep a straight face, keep from crying out as she so desperately would like to.

Whispering was frowned upon by The Powers That Be, the philosophy being that there should be no secrets between any two people. Anything one person had to say should be said before everyone else, and before The One.

The things he told her, she could not nor would not share with others. They were hers, and hers alone to keep for moments like these, as she savored his mind, wondering where these thoughts of his came from. They were like fuel on kindling, and it was not long before she was adding her own, turning his head to whisper in his ear. She was shy at first, really just able to moan incoherently at first while she touched him, but it soon changed. She still remembered the first words she had spoken to him in this way.

“Sean,” she had said, her voice rasping, her stomach knotted in equal parts terror and exhilaration, “I want to fuck another girl.”

She could feel the effect this had on him as she reached downward, and for the first time outside of an apartment she brought him to orgasm. She could remember it clearly; it was a movie theater of the older variety, using a large screen in the front rather than being surrounded on all sides by images.

She could remember the object he smuggled over, once, wondering what all the fuss was about as he turned off the lights and closed the shades. There, on the old television handed down to her by her parents, she watched in awe as sex came to life on the screen. This was the muse for her first fantasy that she revealed to him, the second scene of two women laying across one another so powerful she soaked through her underwear, instantly. She wondered, often, what it would be like to watch Sean’s antique video in one of the newer theaters, and shuddered with pleasure every time.

Finished cleaning, Samantha stripped off her clothes and started the shower, letting the warm water cascade down the subtle curves of her body. Her hand stopped as she caressed her breast, pinching the nipple ever so slightly, hardening it. She would need to do this again later, which excited her.

Her shoulder-length auburn hair was next, as the liquid formed droplets on her skin. She remembered the time that he took her there, in the shower, from behind. And then she remembered the time she took him, reaching around his body to play with his engorged cock, making him moan with orgasm as she pressed up against him from behind.

Showered and dried, Samantha stood naked in her bedroom, moving through her outfits. As always, there was nothing available beyond the modest and the drab, but she always tried to do her best. This time, however, she decided the best outfit was nothing at all, save for one set of items.

She opened up her jewelry box, and removed a false bottom in the lowest drawer. Taking the items carefully in her hand, she smiled as she pinched her nipples, making them hard. Sean, a jeweler by trade, had made them for her, though she had no idea how he had gotten away with it.

The clamps fit her nipples perfectly, feeling snug without biting too harshly. Set into the bottom of each, a single diamond glittered against each breast as she finished. Her body was aching with desire, her senses nearly overwhelmed by the pressure on her sensitive nipples pulsing through her. It was as though Sean’s mouth were on her, his teeth clamped down ever so lightly.

Samantha looked at the clock. She was early; he would not be here for some time. Reaching down, she touched herself with fascination, noting her pussy already soaked with anticipation. She shook her head, clearing her thoughts, though her hand lingered.

Waves of pleasure began to move through her body at the slightest touch of her fingers. Removing them gaziantep vip escort quickly, she lay down on the bed, breathing heavily. Taking a deep breath, Samantha closed her eyes. She couldn’t wait; she had to explore her fantasies. And with that, she drifted away.


The first thing that Samantha could feel, in her mind, was the lurching of the ground beneath her. Her second thought was of the smell. Seawater, and lots of it. She looked around, the bedroom dissolving into the wooden planks of a ship. She tried to move, and could not. Looking down with confusion, she noticed her hands tied behind her back, against one of the masts. She was wearing a white gown, though she knew not where it had come from. Her hair was longer, more natural.

At least, she realized where she was. Her mind had chosen a new thought, a desire of her own making, not suggested nor inspired by Sean’s wicked whispers. As such, he was nowhere to be found, though there were others. Her desire mixed with healthy smatterings of fear.

She’d first heard of pirates as a small girl, and been captivated by the way these anti-heroes were worshiped in lore and the silver screen of old. She’d never thought, until now, that she would be here, surrounded by a dozen or more of them, their leader advancing on her.

“Well, seems we caught ourselves a good one this time,” he growled, bringing a knife near her face where she could see it very clearly. “I believe we can have some fun with this one.”

Despite herself, Samantha looked him up and down. Large and muscular, like the others, he stood out further by his demeanor, a sly smile across his lips as he looked back toward the rest of the men. He was tanned as well, no doubt from working in the hot sun that she could now feel beating down upon her as he came closer, stopping inches from her face.

She squirmed against her bindings, looking away, which made him unhappy. Grabbing her face in his hand, he forced her to look at him as his knife-hand caressed the weapon teasingly over her side.

“Now, you listen here,” he said to her, almost whispering. As he spoke, his knife began to cut through her gown, the material falling easily to the deck. “You are mine today. Fighting will make it worse. Besides, you might even enjoy it…”

The worst of it was that he was right. Samantha’s cheeks reddened, noting her nakedness and the sets of male eyes upon her, she was infuriated, and terrified. It made her wet.

Still, she struggled against the bonds, saying nothing as the leader ran his hands up and down her body, leaving small trails of grime from his work on the rigging. Her hearth pounded in her hands as she half-listened to the men in front of her, speaking.

“Hey Booth,” one of them shouted to the leader, “Hows about a turn for the rest of us?” With that, a shout came from the rest of the men, though Booth ignored them.

“When I’m good and ready,” he mumbled, her breast in his mouth, his teeth biting down on her nipple. His hands found her wetness, and it was all over. His knowing smile betrayed his knowledge of her hidden arousal, though she still struggled and cursed him.

His mouth moved downward until he was on his knees, and the bristle of his unshaved face against her skin made her try to turn away until his tongue found her clit. Samantha’s eyes went wide, and her head flung back. She let out a single, guttural moan too primal to be anything other than pleasure.

Again, his tongue flicked across her most sensitive area, and again a similar response. The men were becoming more and more boisterous, making dirty comments among them about how she would look after they were done with her. It should have sickened her. Instead, she moaned again.

Booth stood, grinning at his handiwork as she looked down, the pleasure replaced with embarrassment once more. His knife appeared again as he pressed himself against her. Through his clothes, she could clearly feel his arousal pressing against her crotch. In an instant, her bonds were cut, and she nearly fell against him had he not steadied her.

Holding her against him, he reached downward, taking her body in his hands and playing with her clit, causing her to bend slightly at her knees.

“Which one,” he said into her ear, his tone ironic. “Do you want first?”

She looked up. A dozen men stood, now naked, touching themselves lightly as they watched her every move. Confusion was replaced by realization, and then fear.

“I-” she began, and then stuttered. “I can’t do this.”

Booth lifted his knife for the last time. “Madam,” he said, his tone sarcastically respectful, “you don’t have a choice.”

Something came over her then, though she had no idea how or why. She looked among the men before her, and her eyes stopped at one of them. He was younger, but handsome, not quite as sunburned as the others, and by the look of him, he was new at this. She pointed.


The gaziantep yabancı escort crowd erupted as the young man moved forward tentatively, clearly almost as fearful as she was. Rather than wait for him, Samantha walked forward, though her wobbly legs gave out after just a few steps. She crawled to him and then stopped on her knees, looking up at his hardness.

Without a word, she took him in her mouth. He gasped as her lips enveloped his cock, already the salty taste of pre-cum dripping down her throat. Her own moans mingled with his, and she grabbed the base of his cock, moving herself over him in deep, slow rhythms.

He began to push back, and it took everything she had not to gag on his cock as it pushed deeper into her throat. She realized, vaguely, that the cheers and insults had died down, and the sound of her moans was loudest on the deck. A pair of hands grabbed her ass, and soon she could feel the rough lips of a man against her wetness, eliciting even more feverish blowjob for the man in front of her.

The tongue behind was teasing her pussy, getting her going and then backing off. Meanwhile, other cocks were moving in front of her, and she was obliged to take another in her mouth, servicing the young man and another as a finger pushed into her pussy.

Samantha’s body was on fire, quivering with lust as she tasted more pre-cum. It wouldn’t be long now, she knew, and even as the thought crossed her mind the young man in front of her began to spasm, his cum shooting down her throat as the tongue behind her resumed its attack on her clit.

Two more cocks were in front of her in a flash, and she alternated between sucking one and jerking off the other. She yelped in surprise when she felt the finger from her pussy pressing against her ass, and looked back to see Booth, a smug grin on his face, wet his finger once more and press it further in this time. In the same instant, he renewed his attack on her clit, and pleasure regained the upper hand as she allowed herself to be violated in every way.

Another man came in her mouth, and she swallowed it eagerly, only to be replaced with another. Samantha was just reflecting on her depravity when someone shouted from behind her. She turned to see Booth, who had temporarily stopped playing with her, gesturing toward a man lying down on the deck a few feet away.

Samantha needed no more encouragement. She got up, walking slowly to the man, and fell to her knees over him, impaling herself on his cock. Her wetness lubricated him instantly, and she arched her back in pleasure as she moaned against him. She rode him like that as other cocks appeared in front of her once more, and she took turns with them, enjoying the different shapes and feels, the taste of their pre-cum, and the spurting of their semen down her throat.

A hand pushed down on her back, and she complied, her lips locking with those of the man in front of her. He was slightly older, but had a somehow gentlemanly manner to his face, which she enjoyed as their tongues intertwined. Something pressed against her ass, though this time she was not surprised. She allowed Booth to slowly push himself inside, filling her with two cocks at once. Lips still locked with the man she was riding, Samantha could feel her entire body fill with pleasure as the two men pushed into her simultaneously, finding a steady rhythm that made her entire body shake.

“Cum for me,” she whispered, breaking her kiss with the man in front of her. “Please,” she begged. They complied, erupting inside her together, each man filling her with his cum until she felt as though it might very well overwhelm her.

She paused to breathe, and as she did her vision became blurred. The rocking of the ship seemed to cease, and all faded to darkness.


The steady rhythm of the ship seemed to be mimicked with a new sensation. Music was playing around her, loud. It was dark, and her body felt constricted, difficult to breathe.

Samantha rubbed her eyes, and was amazed. She had read histories of these places. Sin was everywhere here in an industrial nightclub, created out of the remains of an old warehouse.

Her mind had taken her somewhere else, and she knew this place. Instantly, she looked around. The dance floor was dark; it was difficult to make out the figures. The bar was crowded…and there he was. Sean was on the next floor, looking down at her through a glass window decorated with bright neon lights. This was her fantasy, but he was her muse, and so he would be the voyeur in this scene.

Samantha looked down at herself. Her fingernails were painted black, her hair dyed to match. Her breathing was constricted because she wore a dark leather corset, which pressed her substantial breasts upwards and nearly revealed her areolas for all to see. Her nipples pressed against the material, feeling almost as though someone were biting them lightly.

She was dancing to the rhythm gaziantep yaşlı escort of the music, or at least she had been before she stopped to examine herself. Neon lights were everywhere, cutting through the darkness along with the smoke and the warmth of humanity around her.

To her left, a couple grinded against one another in such a sinful way Samantha did a double-take, trying to imagine watching this in the world she knew. Instead she continued her circle of the area, stopping upon a figure several feet away.

The other woman was blond, and wore a white corset to match. Over the top of it was a thin lace gown, cut open at certain points to reveal more of her. A voice was singing along with the electronic beat, but Samantha paid it no mind until a single sentence cut through her daze.

“I want to fuck another girl,” said a seductive, feminine voice over the speakers. And then it was gone, and the beat of electronic music continued.

Smiling and noting her already aching pussy, Samantha took the hint. She walked over to the other woman, admiring her blond hair and feline body, and pushed their lips together, kissing her forcefully.

The blond did not hesitate nor falter as she kissed Samantha back, their bodies pressing against one another so fiercely that Samantha could sense the blond’s heavy breathing, and could feel their breasts pressing against one another.

Their hands were all over one another and Samantha took in the other woman’s body, enjoying every piece of it even as she ripped the silk gown clear. If the blond was fazed, she didn’t show it other than to press her own hands against Samantha’s breasts, feeling her body as they embraced tightly, grinding against one another to the rhythm of the music.

And then the electronic beat settled to a low drawl and the feminine voice spoke once more:

“I want to fuck another girl,” it said, and laughed seductively over the speakers as the dance music once again took over.

Samantha’s body was shaking against the leather that constricted her as she tasted the blond once more. Quickly, without thought, she pushed her hand under the blond’s small white skirt. There were no panties, just wetness. Samantha’s finger found her new lover’s clit, and she began to circle it with her finger as the continued to move with the music. If others noticed, they said nothing, only watched the display of primal need as Samantha took control of the other woman’s orgasm, bringing her nearly there and then down again, timing perfectly with the tone of the music to which they fucked.

At long last, the finale. The music came to a crescendo, and the two women locked lips once more, their lipstick spearing all over one another as Samantha pressed her fingers into her lover, using the palm of her hand to massage the woman’s clit.

Wave after wave, the blond came against her, moans echoing outward despite the decibel of the music. Samantha took just enough time to look upwards, noting Sean still standing where he had been before, a smile of satisfaction on his lips.

The song faded, and Samantha’s vision faded to black.


Samantha’s found herself in a familiar place, her bedroom. Candles were lit; though she wasn’t sure she recalled lighting them. Something pinched her nipples, though it was ignored next to the sense of longing coming from between her legs.

She looked down, realizing that her hand was on her crotch, and that she was naked. Slightly embarrassed, she looked toward the door, and jumped when she saw the figure there, standing silently.

“You have no idea how sexy you look, laying there like that,” Sean said to her, and then realization hit her.

This was one of the many fantasies he had whispered to her, though in retrospect she thought she had forgotten it. “I want to come over and find you masturbating,” he had said. “I want to watch you pleasure yourself as you imagine the most wicked things you can.”


Samantha opened her eyes. There were no candles lit, and the bedroom was the same as when she had drifted off into her fantasies. But sure enough, there was Sean, standing in the doorway just as she had pictured him.

He was naked, his hardness evident. Who knows how long he had been there, watching, listening to her moans and admiring her puckered lips as she played with herself.

Her cheeks were red with embarrassment; her entire body was flushed with desire as he approached her, his hands taking hers in them as their bodies connected. He wasted no time, pushing himself inside her as Samantha’s fantasies met with reality. The feel of the pirate’s cocks melted into the man taking her now, the blond’s lips became his as their fantasies intertwined. He fucked her, their eyes never parting as he pushed deeper and deeper inside, her moaning becoming more and more desperate. She hadn’t had the chance to cum yet, and she needed it, more than anything.

His own cock was pulsing inside her, penetrating her as he moved his lips down to her ear.

“Touch yourself,” he instructed. “Cum for me, as I cum for you.”

She needed no further encouragement, and allowed her hand to reach between them, circling her clit as he continued to fuck her pussy in a steady rhythm. The nipple clamps ached, but they ached of pleasure as her body quivered and contracted, closing in on her orgasm.

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