Wait Until the Wedding

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My family and I had come back to my mothers’ hometown after my dad had lost his job. He was going to open his own garage and used car lot. Mom was going teach in the junior high. I was playing football that season. I had turned an ankle in practice on Wednesday and was on crutches on the sidelines.

The cheerleading squad came running across the field in their little short skirts and this was the first time I had had a chance to do more than glance at them. Some were tall, some were short but there was one that took my breath away. She wasn’t any prettier than the others but something about her just made me want to grab her. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She finally saw me watching her and smiled at me and waved. I waved back and turned red but I couldn’t keep myself from watching her.

After the game as we all left the field she came beside me and ask, “How did you hurt your foot?” I told her I had turned it during practice. She stayed beside me talking until we got to the field house and told me she would see me later, as she left to catch up with the others. I forgot to even ask her name. I found it in a picture on the bulletin board.

Patty is a dark complected, smooth skinned person with dark blue eyes. She is about 5’6″ and weighs 115 lbs. Her jet-black hair hangs down to her shoulders in big curls. Her long legs are the prettiest I have seen. It is hard for me to keep my eyes off them.

I am 6’2″ and weigh 192 lbs. My skin is tanned and my eyes are a light green. I have been told I was handsome a few times but I know I am only average in looks. I am a shy, quite person and I don’t like to talk much but I do like to listen to others.

Patty and I starting talking to each other when we would meet in the hall at school and on the field. We started dating about three months before I graduated. She asked me out the first time and as I look back on it, I think it was because my dad had opened his garage and used car lot and I had a car to drive.

We would go to the mall and drive around the little drive-in that was still up and running. I think she just liked to be in the spotlight. It was around this time that she started talking about getting married and “The Wedding”.

She would never let me touch her in the way couples touch and hug and kiss. I did not kiss her until we had dated for two months and then it was a closed mouth kiss and lasted maybe ten seconds. Anytime I would try to hug her she would squirm away and shake her head and say, “No.”

After I graduated I started working in my dads garage and decided I liked it and would get some schooling in mechanics.

During the next year I fell deeply in love with Patty.

Patty graduated and started going to the local junior college. I knew I loved her and I told her all the time. She would tell me she loved me but she did not want to do anything until after we were married. She would tell me, “We are going to wait until the wedding.”

We were out one night, parked at the drive-in and I was trying to hug her and kiss her and she kept turning her head and slapping my hands.

I said, “Patty, we need to talk about us. I am not sure you love me and this may be a mistake.”

Patty said “Bob, I do love you more than anything but we are not going to do anything until we are married.”

I said, “Did you ever stop and think we may not be right for each other. You have never given me a proper kiss or let me touch you in any way. Do you realize that I have only touched your hand and your back when we did the little short hug. I want and need more than that. I want to give you deep kisses and touch your breast. I want to feel your legs. I want to caress your body and run my tongue into your mouth. PATTY, I want to make love to you. We don’t have to go all the way but we do need to know if we are comfortable with each other.”

She looked at me like I had slapped her and started crying and told me, “If that is what you want, you can take me home right now.”

I said, “Baby, why do you want to wait until we are married to do anything. We can hug and kiss and feel of each others body without going all the way.”

She said, “You just want to stick your thing in me and shoot all that old nasty stuff in me and on me and I am not going to let you do it. Until we are married that is.”

I said, “Well, Patty, I am a twenty year old virgin and I don’t want to wait for another year to lose that. I think this is a little ridiculous to not kiss, hug and do some of the things that couples do.”

Patty said. “Take me home. I am mad. I cannot believe that you could suggest that to me. You are crazy if you think I am going to do any of that before I am married. TAKE ME HOME.”

AS I drove her home I tried to to talk to her but she sat by the door with her arms crossed, looking out the window.

I said, “When can I see you again?”

As she got out out the truck and slammed the door she said, “I will let you know.”

I didn’t hear from her the next week and I had to leave to go to Atlanta for a three months mechanics course. I wanted to call but I wanted to give balıkesir escort her some time to think about everything. I didn’t want to upset her any more than she was already.

I bought a cell phone to take with me so mom could call and we decided I would turn it on only when I was in the room at night. Mom would call every night between six and eight. The second week I was there the phone rang about seven fifteen and I said, “Hello, Mom how are you?”

There was a moment of silence and this voice said, “Why didn’t you tell me you was going to be gone for three months? Are you coming home at all during those three months? You don’t love me. Do you?”

After I got over my shock I said, “You said you would let me know when you was ready to talk and I haven’t heard from you either.”

Patty said, “Well you should have called and you would have if you loved me.”

I didn’t say anything.

She screamed, “Well, are you going to tell me you love me or not?”

I said, “Patty, I am not going into this on the phone. Call me when I come home and we can sit down and talk this out. I will be home in a little over two months.”

She said in a much nicer tone of voice, “Bob, I love you and I want you home with me. I miss you and we need to talk about some things I want to do for the wedding. OOH it is going to be so nice. Bob, can I call you every night? I want to see you so bad. I really have missed you. I don’t know if I can go two months without seeing you.”

I said, “What have you missed about me? You sure didn’t miss my kisses or my hugs. I think all you miss is me carrying you all over town.”

“Bob, Why are you being so mean? I love you but I want to save myself for marriage.”

I said “Yeah whatever.”

She said, “BOB, don’t talk like that. Don’t you love me? What is wrong with you? Have you been running around on me with another woman?”

I said, “That might not be a bad idea as I have only dated a girl up til now.”

She said, “I am a woman, not a girl.”

I said, “Well, You couldn’t prove it by me.”

Patty said, “BOB, you are mean. What has happened to you? You are not the same shy sweet boy that I know. Why are you so bitter?”

I said, “Patty, I want a woman that I can kiss and stick my tongue in her mouth and she will stick hers in my mouth. I want to kiss her body all over. I want to suck her tits. I want to eat her pussy until she cums. I want a woman that I can make love to and enjoy her body. I want a woman to kiss me like she means it and rub her body on mine. I want her to suck my cock and let me cum in her mouth and her swallow my cum because she loves me.”

I stopped when I realized I was talking to a dead phone. I called mom and told her I would call her tomorrow night. I told her that I was not feeling good and wanted to lie down. We told each other “I love you” and she said, “By the way I gave Patty your number. She sounded upset. Is everything okay with you two?”

I said, “I don’t know, mom. I will talk to you later. Bye”

The phone started ringing and I saw it was Patty. I didn’t want to talk so I turned the phone off. I decided I had some thinking to do and some decisions to make.

The rooming house I was staying in had about twelve rooms and we got two meals a day. There were only four older men and myself, plus a woman that looked to be in her late thirties and her 18 year-old daughter. The mothers name was Ramona and the daughters name was Judy. Judy and I would set on the porch after supper and talk. We would set in the swing and I had told her about Patty and how frustrated I was about things. She had a boy friend but they didn’t get along because he would come to their house and drink beer with her dad and then try feeling her up. Judy’s father drank a lot and beat on her mother. That was the reason they were in the rooming house. They had left home to get away from her dad. Remonas aunt owned and run the house.

After a few nights on the swing we started to hold hands and kiss. She would let me feel her breasts outside her clothes and run my hands up the outside of her legs and over her butt. We would both get worked up and she would stop me and say, “I am a virgin and can’t do this.”

Her mother caught us one night and made Judy go to their room. Ramona sat down in the swing with me and said “Bob, How many women have you had sex with?”

I was stunned, but I told her, “None.” She was silent for a minute and said, “We need to have a little talk about this later.”

I said, “Okay.”

The next night Ramona took Judy and me to their room and told us that she knew we were old enough to do what we wanted but she wanted us to know what could happen if we were not careful.

She said, “I want to teach you about sex. Bob I want to show you how to make love to a woman, to teach you how to please a woman. How to caress her body and use your hands, mouth, tongue and lips to drive a woman wild.”

She told Judy she would teach her how to please a man.

She did teach me how to kiss using my tongue, how to kiss a woman’s ears and balikesirmetroturizm.com neck, how to use a firm touch and a light touch using just the finger tips. She taught me how to go all over her body with my mouth, tongue, fingers and lips. I was instructed how to caress her breasts and nipples, up and down her sides, how to caress along each side of her clit, the firm and soft touch on her legs and up to her pussy. How to use my fingers inside and outside her pussy and ass. She taught me how to eat pussy and lick around her asshole, how to find the G-spot and caress it to bring a woman to orgasm.

She taught Judy how to kiss, lick and feel a mans body. She taught her how give a blowjob and how to jerk a mans cock. She taught her how to kiss and lick an ass-hole, to swallow cum, to move her hips when being fucked and how to ride a cock. I was a more than willing subject.

She taught us how to be lovers and respect our bodies and the bodies of others. Yes, I fucked each of them and made love to each of them the rest of the time I was there. I will never forget either of them as long as I live.

The school came to a close and I left to go back home. Patty had called a few more times but it was the same old thing. She seemed to want to control me and all she wanted to talk about was the wedding. The last six weeks she never called and I figured she had got tired of not getting the response she wanted from me.

I said goodbye to Ramona and Judy and told them that I loved them. I told them if they ever needed car repairs or to buy a car to get in touch.

I got home on a Friday afternoon. Mom met me at the door and I could tell she was upset. I asked what was wrong.

She said, “Bob, what is wrong with you? Why haven’t you called Patty? She has called here every day crying.”

I said, “Mom, I have tried to talk to Patty but all she wants to talk about is the wedding. She doesn’t want to talk about our feelings and us. She wants to wait until the wedding to do anything. I can’t even get a proper kiss from her. When she hugs me it lasts for three seconds and then she pulls away. I agreed to wait until the wedding to go all the way but I need some hugs and kisses and a little intimacy. I don’t know what to do. I am about to give up the whole idea and tell her to find her another patsy.”

Mom said, “I don’t know what to say but I will help you if I can. You and she needs to work that out on your own.”

I called Patty Saturday evening and asked her to come over for supper. She came over at six. She walked into the house and gave me a peck on the cheek and whispered, “We need to go somewhere and talk.”

I said, “Okay, Later.”

As we ate supper all she wanted to do was talk about “The wedding”. Her mother had dropped her off, so I told her I would drive her home. We left and started to her house when she said, “Lets go to the old lake and park.”

It surprised me and I said, “What?”

She said, “Lets go to the old lake and park.”

She had never let me take her to the old lake. As soon as we left she slid over on the seat and placed her hand on my thigh and said, “I have a surprise for you tonight.”

I didn’t know what to say. When we got to the lake and stopped she was all over me. I had to fight her off.

I grabbed her hands and said, “What has got into you?”

She said, “I want you to fuck me.”

I said, “WHAT?”

She said, “I want you to stick that big ole dick in my pussy and fuck the shit out of me. I have changed my mind about having sex before we get married. I want us to do all the things you talked about, plus I want to have sex.

It shocked me so bad I had to get out of my truck and walk off. She ran after me and tried to grab my cock.

I said, “What the hell is going on with you?”

She told me she loved me and she wanted to fuck my brains out. I was so stunned I could not think straight. I told her to get in the truck. I said, “I am taking you home. Are you on drugs or something?”

She said, ” No, I just want you to fuck me. That is what you want isn’t it?”

I said, “No. I just want to able to love you and hug you and kiss you.”

She said, “What is it with you and your hugging and petting and kissing and all that shit? You are being an asshole. Did you meet someone while you was gone? All you wanted to do before you left was paw my tits and stick your dirty tongue down my throat. Now I want you to fuck me and you get all righteous on me. Take me home, Motherfucker.You had your chance and blew it.”

When I got her home, she jumped out of the truck and slammed the door. As she walked away she said, “Kiss my ass, Bastard.”

Now I was in turmoil. It had floored me and I did not sleep much that night.

When I got to the garage Monday morning all the gang was glad to see me and wanted to know how the school was and did I get any pussy while I was there. I told them the school was great and “no” I didn’t get any pussy.

Later on Russ walked up beside where I was taking a distributor off a car and told me he needed to talk to me. Russ was a very good friend of mine who had started working for dad when he opened the shop.

I said, “Let me get this starter off and I will meet you in the break room.”

When I got to the break room, Russ and I talked about how things had been going and then he said, “I know this is none of my business and I don’t want you to get mad at me but I have seen Patty around town a couple of times with Derek Brown.”

I said, “Who is Derek Brown?”

Russ said, “He was the quarterback the year before you started to school here. I don’t want to get anything started but he is known as a “cunthound”. He likes to brag about all the pussy he gets.”

I told him, “Thanks. I appreciate your concern and I might need your help later on.”

I didn’t know what I was going to do or even if I wanted to do anything, but I knew something was not right.

Later that week Derek Brown brought his car in with a minor problem. He was bragging real loud about this really hot chick he was banging the shit out of and every once in a while he would glance over at me.

He said, “I am getting some of that tonight, buddy.”

All of a sudden it hit me that here is a chance to see if something was going on with him and Patty. I walked over to Russ who was working on Derek’s car and told him my plan. He looked at me and got a big grin on his face and said, “You asshole.”

We told Derek that we would have to order the part and it would take a week to come in, but we would get a part out of a wrecked car and get him on the road until then. There was nothing wrong with the car except a line had come loose. We told Derek to come back late that afternoon and it would be ready.

Russ is an electronic whiz. Russ went home and got two miniature cameras and a voice recorder. We put miniature mikes by the steering column and between the side of the back seat and the door. We hooked up one of the cameras in the dashboard to pick up what happened in the front seat. The other camera was put in the back of the front seat to pick up what happened in the back seat. The cameras had to be turned on within 500 feet of the car by remote control, so we would have to follow them if what we planned was to work. They were all hooked up to a recorder in the trunk of the car. This was all hid under some clothes and other stuff. We would be in trouble if Derek found it.

That night Russ and I got one of the cars off the sales lot and drove over to Patty’s street and parked where we could watch her house. Just after dark Derek drove up into her drive, got out and went to the door. Patty came out in a little cheerleaders’ outfit with a snug fitting top that showed she was not wearing a bra. The skirt was pleated and just did cover her ass. She twirled around one time and we saw her purple panties. They got in the car and drove off.

Russ flipped a switch on this little black box he had and said, “Let the fun begin. I turned the front seat camera on and the voice recorder also.”

Russ and I followed them at a safe distance. They drove by the drive-in and made two trips around the lot and then left. We had parked down the street and waited on them. They drove to a popular make-out area for teens (the old lake). After they parked we got as close as we felt comfortable with and waited. We drank a few beers and ate the sandwiches that I had made.

After about twenty minutes they got out of the front seat and got into the back seat. Russ changed to camera two setting and we waited some more. We could see the car moving and faintly hear noises but we were too far away to distinguish words. This went on for about half an hour before they got back into the front seat and drove off.

We followed them to Patty’s house where she got out at the curb and went into the house. We decided to follow Derek just to see where he lived. We were surprised when he went to a house in the upscale part of town. When he drove up to the house a young woman came running out and got in the car and they drove back to the same place. The old lake.

We decided we had enough tape time left and we would see what was going on with this scene. The same thing happened as before. They stayed in the front seat for a while and then moved into the backseat. He took the woman home and drove to another section of town. He stopped at a run down house, got out and went in. We waited about fifteen minutes and figured this is where he lives. We left and went home.

The next morning Russ called Derek and told him we had found the part and to bring his car in. When he got to the garage Russ told Derek that he would have to leave the car and he could pick it up about 4pm. After he left Russ took all the equipment out of the car and put it in a cardboard box and put it in his pick-up. We could hardly wait until the day was over to see what we had.

As soon as we got off work that afternoon we went to Russ’s house. He took the box into the house and started to set up the videotape and voice tape and hook it up to his TV system. I got us a beer from his fridge and we settled down to watch what we had. It took a few minutes for him to get the video and voice in sync. What happened then just about floored me. The cameras were low-light cameras, but if the moon had not been full I don’t think we would have gotten very good images.

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