Waco Ch. 04



We slept until Sara came in shortly after noon; I awoke with her cool hand sliding over my side, down onto my hip-bone and then between my legs as she turned my head and kissed me, driving her tongue into my mouth. She was already naked, and she pressed her body against me as I turned toward her, my cock instantly hard.

I rolled onto my back and she slid her smooth skin slowly over me, spreading her thighs and driving her body down onto my cock; her cunt was hot, wet and slick, and I thrust easily all the way in until she breathed a long sigh and lay down on me, kissing me again.

“I… love… your… long… cock,” she whispered in my ear. “I couldn’t stop… ohhhhhhh… thinking about it… ohhhhhmmmm…”

She kissed me again, and I held her smooth, round ass with both hands as we rolled our hips, my cock pistoning slowly deep inside her.

“You know what I really want, don’t you?” she asked a few minutes later in another whisper, “and we don’t have much time… just open me up with your fingers… here, quick…”

Sara handed me a small bottle of lube and disconnected, getting on her knees beside me. I worked my fingers between her cheeks and into her puckered hole as she pushed back onto them, gasping and moaning softly.

“Now, Will, now…” she whispered, almost as soon as the third finger went inside her. I got behind her, holding her by the waist as I began to thrust my lubed cock into her ass. Jon was awake and watching us, now, stroking his hard cock as his wife drove her ass back onto my impaling pole. He reached out and began stroking her back, his mouth by her ear.

“Take it all, Sara- take it all the way in your ass, you insatiable whore… yeah, that’s right… ohhhhmmm…” She turned her head and kissed him, raising up slightly and rolling him onto his back. She looked in his eyes as she broke the kiss.

“Watch me, Jon… Look in my eyes while he fucks me… it’s goin’ deeper… deeper… he’s almost all the way, Jon… ohhhhhhunghhhhhh… It’s all the way in, John… all the way… deep inside where that itch lives… you know, that nasty cravin’ place your li’l slutty wife has… ‘way up there… ‘way up in her ass… Will is doin’ it, Jon… Watch him fuckin’ my ass, baby… his long cock feels… soooo… gooood… ohhhhhhunghhhhhh… mmmmm…”

Jon slid up the bed and raised her by her shoulders, getting on his knees and putting his cock in her mouth; she immediately started sucking as he gently held her head.

Denise rolled over and looked at us through sleepy eyes, then got on her knees next to us.

“Me, too,” she said, looking up at Jon, her face beside Sara’s.

He took his cock out of Sara’s mouth, sliding it into Denise’s, leaving Sara gasping for breath while she watched Denise suck. She let Jon go after a minute, though, turning to suddenly kiss Sara.

“I’ve got something you need,” she whispered to Sara as Jon moved aside. She got on her back with her knees open, her cunt directly below Sara, grabbing Sara’s head with both hands; she pulled it down between her legs, spreading them wider and rolling her hips up until Sara’s face was in her cunt.

With a small whimper that became a long, low scream, Sara put her arms around Denise’s thighs, pulled her body against her mouth and started sucking and licking manically. Denise caressed her head softly with one hand, holding it against her cunt with the other.

“That’s right, baby,” she cooed. “Love my cunt, Sara… That’s right… Ohhhhh… You do love it, don’t you, baby? Ohhhhyeahhhhh… You never knew it would turn you on so much, did you? Ohhhhhhhhhh… You love to eat cunt, don’t you, sweet baby? Eat me, Sara… Love my cunt, Mrs. Rogers…”

Sara’s body writhed on my cock, whimpering, both of her arms wrapped around Denise’s thighs as her head moved with her licking, sucking mouth. Jon lay down next to her, his head on Denise’s belly as he whispered to her.

“You’re such a whore, baby,” he said. “Make love to that pussy, you twisted little slut… Look in my eyes while bayan escort you shove your face in that delicious cunt, baby… Look up and show me the whore inside, the whore behind your eyes…”

Jon slid up the bed, then rolled onto his side, guiding his cock into Denise’s mouth as she turned her head to receive it.

“Ohhhyeahhh… ohhhhh, Denise…”

Jon moved slowly, rolling slightly on his side as his cock slid in and out of Denise’s sucking lips. Her eyes were closed, one hand holding the base of Jon’s cock, the other resting on Sara’s head.

Sara squirmed as I kept my cock buried in her ass, pulling it back tight against me with my hands around her waist, flattening her cheeks against my stomach, twisting her hips as I flexed the shaft inside her. She whimpered, undulating her torso, pushing her face into Denise’s cunt while Denise worked on Jon’s cock, sucking and stroking it with her eyes closed.

Denise let it go then and looked up at me, smiling, her mouth wet from her efforts.

“I love your friends, baby,” she said softly. “And I love bein’ a whore for you…” She looked down at Sara as she ran her fingers through her blonde hair. “Ohhhhhhhhh… Eat me, sweet Sara… love my cunt, baby, make love to it like you need to… ’cause I know you do…

“I love it when you’re watchin’ me, Will… watchin’ me be a whore, suckin’ this cock… Mmmmmmmm…”

She sucked it back in as Jon held her head with both hands and began to fuck her mouth. She worked with him, holding the base of his cock as he pulled her head on and off it, gurgling and moaning.

“I’m gonna come in your mouth, now, baby,” he said gently. “Suck on daddy’s cock and swallow, sweetheart… here it comes… here it comes… ohhhhhhhhh… yeahhhhhhhh…”

Denise began stroking the base with her hand, the other one letting go of Sara’s head and coming up to hold Jon’s ass-cheek and pull his cock deeper into her throat. She started squealing around it as she came, too, rolling her cunt up against Sara’s wildly working mouth, sucking Jon’s climaxing shaft. She gagged but kept milking and swallowing, mewling as his come ran down her chin.

Still gasping after he let her go, she turned to look at me again, holding onto his cock as come ran down her face.

“Your wife really loves your friends,” she said, licking her lips lasciviously.

“Get up here and kiss me,” I said.

Denise got up and knelt next to me, kissing me, shoving her come-coated tongue into my mouth; I licked the rest of it off her cheek. Pressing herself against my side as I drove my cock slowly in and out of Sara, Denise slipped her finger inside my ass. Jon had gotten down and raised Sara’s head up, kissing her as Denise’s fingertip slid inside and over my prostate. My orgasm began almost instantly.

“Ohhhhhhuhhhhh… Here it comes, Sara,” I said, pulling her back tightly again. Denise held me against Sara while I came, Jon continuing to kiss her as I shot my load into her squirming ass.

We lay back on the bed after we disconnected, laughing for joy and hugging. I got up and washed myself off, then got back on the bed. Sara sat up next to me.

“That was unbelievably hot,” Denise said. “Your come is delicious, Jon…”

Denise and I both noticed that Sara had her hand between her legs; she was moaning softly.

“Ohhh… you don’t need to do that alone, baby,” Denise whispered, sitting up and leaning over towards her. “You never need to feel left out…” She nuzzled Sara’s ear, gently taking her hand and replacing it with her own, then pulling her down next to her, pressing close against her and kissing her. Their mouths stayed locked together for awhile, and I watched as their tongues wrestled inside their cheeks, tendons and muscles moving in their necks as they squirmed against each other…

“Let mama take care of you, honey,” Denise said, her voice low and hoarse, sliding down and sucking on one of Sara’s nipples.

Sara sighed, tears starting in her escort bayan eyes as she held onto Denise’s head.

“Ohhhhhhh… let me take care of you, too, baby,” Sara said. “Your taste is… ohhhhhhh… let me… let me… I need to taste it again…”

Denise acted like she hadn’t heard, sucking Sara’s nipples, moving slowly, deliciously back and forth, from one to another, holding her close, both arms around her. As soon as Denise released her, though, Sara slid down and began sucking on Denise’s breasts, moaning softly and caressing her ass.

Soon, Sara turned around head to foot and opened Denise’s legs, a whimper escaping even before her open mouth clamped over Denise’s cunt. Wrapping her arms around Denise’s hips, Sara pulled her cunt against her face, slowly turning her head back and forth as she licked and sucked noisily, moaning and sighing.

Barely a second later, Denise’s face was between Sara’s thighs; soon they were lost in each others’ bodies, arms around each other, writhing together…

I felt Jon’s hand on my leg… When I turned to look at him, his mouth was suddenly over mine; it opened gladly to receive his thrusting tongue. Our bodies rolled together, hard-ons pressing into each other’s stomachs, our tongues now slithering around inside each other’s mouths. We each moaned as our hands simultaneously grabbed each other’s cocks.

I broke the kiss and looked into his eyes. “Like the girls,” I said.

I grabbed some nearby lube- just in case- while Jon turned around. Our mouths simultaneously slid over each other’s cocks as my hands held Jon’s smooth ass-cheeks and we pulled our bodies together. My fingers ran across, and then explored his puckered hole, and I could feel him doing the same to me. I took some of the lube on my fingers, then passed it to him. Our squirming increased as we began to finger-fuck the other, sucking and gasping until we’d each worked three fingers inside.

I removed mine first, rolling Jon onto his stomach and then pulling him up on his knees as I smeared lube on my cock.

“Open wide for daddy,” I said quietly, pushing my cockhead inside him before grabbing him by the waist and pulling him back onto it; he cried out a little, then pushed back as soon as I pulled, twisting and undulating on my cock, groaning and trembling, impaling himself. I grabbed a couple of pillows and held them under him, driving deep into him and pressing his hips forward and down, spreading his thighs, his cool cheeks flattening against my tightened stomach wall. I drove deeper, pressing his hips into the pillows,

“Ohhhhunghhhhh… Fuck me, daddy, fuck meeeee… ohhhhhhh… nothin’s ever felt like this… ohhhhhunghhhhhh… fuck me, Will… I love your cock… so… far… up… in… me… Will… ohhhhhhunghhhhh…”

I lowered myself to his back, my mouth at his ear. “So… Pastor Slut goes crazy when a cock’s ‘way up in his ass, huh?” I flexed inside him, making him whimper and push back onto it. “Tell me how much you need my cock, Jon… tell me how much you need to be fucked…

“Ohhhhhh… I do… I do… I need to be fucked… and you’re fucking me the best it’s ever, ever been… fuck me, Will… fuck meeeee… ohhhhhhunghhhhhhh…”

“I want to watch, Jon,” I said after a little. “Come on- over by the mirror…”

I pulled out of him and led him over to kneel with his right side facing the glass. The pillows were where Sara and I had left them, and we got them under our knees before I thrust slowly back into him. We watched ourselves move in the mirror, two androgynous, long-haired bodies squirming against each other.

“You’re incredibly sexy as a flat-chested girl, Jonny,” I said as I held his ass tight against me, hands around his waist, cock buried in him. “Can I be your evil step-brother while I fuck your pretty ass?” I asked, flexing again. He groaned, then was silent for a moment.

“Can I dress up?” he asked quietly. I stopped, suddenly seeing where this was going. I pulled out.

“Show escort bayanlar me,” I said.

In a minute, he was wearing an incredibly believable bra, a short, tight skirt, and thigh-high boots- all of them in black leather. Without a word, he handed me a small leather bag with cuffs, a blindfold and a ball gag in it.

This was all new to me, but it made my cock throb. I immediately blindfolded him, led him back close to the bed and cuffed him, kneeling on the carpet, his arms behind his back. Then I tied the gag around his head, the small red ball in his mouth. He began to breathe harder.

I raised his leather skirt enough to work three lubed fingers into his open ass, exploring while slowly twisting and shoving them in to the last knuckle. He pushed against my hand, whimpering.

I slid my lubed cock back inside him, holding his hips still with both hands around the waist of his leather skirt. Jon groaned, undulating his torso slowly, his hips rolling against mine.

“That’s a good girl,” I said quietly. “You’re a delectable cunt, Jonny, but you’re a horny little bitch… and I think you need another cock… and you do, don’cha? Well, you’re gonna get one, like it or not… Now, wait right here,” I said, as if he had a choice…

I washed off my cock at the bathroom sink, then went back, lubed the dildo and slid it into Jon’s open ass; he squirmed and moaned, gasping after I removed the gag. I put his hand on the end of the dildo.

“Hold it in,” I said, simultaneously pushing and lowering him over onto his right side; he held on to the base of the dildo with a cuffed hand. I lay in front of him, sixty-nine style, pulling his head over to my cock; he sucked it in, whimpering.

His leather skirt had been pushed up nearly to his waist, and I rested my head beside it on his thigh, removing his hand from the dildo and replacing it with mine. His cock was soft, shrunken… I began moving the rubber one slowly in his ass as I held his head with my other hand, slowly fucking his mouth. He sucked hard, trying to pull my cock deeper in his throat with only his mouth…

“It could be anyone in your ass right now, couldn’t it?” I said. “And you really don’t care who it is, do you? You’re such a cock-slut, Pastor Jon… Suck and squirm, baby… suck and squirm…”

He obeyed, obviously slipping into his zone. I unfastened the cuffs and his hands immediately came around in front of him, one holding onto my ass and the other to the base of my cock. Seconds later, his chin was pressing into my stomach as he pulled my cock all the way into his throat. He kept it there, long low groans emanating from him as I gently moved my hips in sync with the dildo in his ass.

We held each other, hands caressing, kneading, as our bodies writhed, skin sliding on skin. An orgasm began to appear on my horizon, my cock feeling like a steel shaft as it slid in Jon’s hungry mouth and throat; he used his lips to suck and caress the base as I held his head. I began to pick up the tempo, pulling the dildo further and further out before driving it back into him, and he squealed around my cock, pushing back with his hips.

“We’re going to come in you now, leather girl,” I said, releasing his head. “Are you ready, suck-baby?”

He pulled his head off my cock long enough to let out a low moan, then sucked it back in- this time only to the back of his throat as his hand returned to the base, milking it. My climax rose and exploded, and I drove the dildo deep into Jon’s ass and held it there, wiggling… He sucked, swallowed, and milked my cock, his moans changing to whimpers, his ass squirming against the dildo I kept buried in his ass.

My cock slowly softened as the orgasm faded; he sucked on it until it was completely deflated, pulling my hips against his face when he released it, kissing all the skin he could reach.

“That’s a good girl,” I said. “You sucked daddy really well…”

Jon held me close, moaning and continuing to squirm on the dildo.

“Fuck me, daddy, fuck me… I love you, daddy… and I need it… I need you to fuck me…”

I moved the rubber cock in him until the lube started running dry, then pulled it out, turned around and kissed him. Our tongues slid lazily around as we held our bodies together, hands on asses. I could feel his cock swelling…


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