Vulnerable Older Women – Teen Boys

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Vulnerable Older Women- Teen Boys

Vulnerable Older Women desire teenage boys in Lee County.


My intention is not to insult or offend you. However, if it does, there are many other stories on Literotica you may want to read instead.

Please be warned that my stories contain elements of incest, anal, interracial, and mild aspects of BDSM and non-consensual sex.

I write fantasy/fiction stories for my enjoyment – hopefully, you will enjoy them too.

All characters in this story are at least 18 years old.



It had been a horrible time for 53-year-old Mrs. Mona Ryan.

Her 62-year-old husband had been abruptly fired one year ago, along with hundreds of other men that were 50 years old and older, at his nightshift position as the distribution manager at one of the businesses at Parker Corporation and Subsidiaries.

The loss of his job propelled the family’s financial situation into chaos – as well as all the families of the older men that had been fired.

The Parker Corporation had instituted an immediate 50-year-old maximum age policy for all the men it employed in a massive cost cutting measure.

It was not known why this policy did not apply to the older women. However, their pay was dramatically reduced by half.

The Parker Corporation was owned by the Parker family in Lee County since before the Civil War in this deep southern socially conservative part of the country.

A considerable number of people of diverse racial backgrounds moved to Lee County over the last three decades because of the lure of good jobs, low taxes, the weather, and a socially conservative reputation.

The racial demographics of the county had dramatically changed over the years to the current more diverse population that was now 55 percent White, 20 percent Black, 20 percent Latin and 5 percent Asian.

While the demographics had changed over the years – the politically powerful status of the Parker Family had stayed the same.

The Parker Corporation had been able to stay in existence over all those years by the manner it ruthlessly delt with any competitors or financial issues.

It was the major employer in Lee County – about 90 percent of the working age residents had historically been employed at its various companies and businesses.

It owned manufacturing plants, shopping centers, farms, real estate operations, all the local media outlets, motels, bars, and many other businesses.

The Parker family had tremendous wealth and political influence in Lee County and there was no chance of the older men retaining or being rehired.

A person needed the Parker family’s blessing before being hired for any municipal job in Lee County – securing a judge position or becoming a police officer.

The family’s control over the police and courts was the reason that its little-known hidden ownership of some of its illegal businesses was never investigated or shut down – some of those operations being involved in prostitution, porno movie production, gambling, and its use of extortion.

After being unemployed for almost a year, Mr. Ryan unfortunately could not find a new job within Lee County because of the new policy of not hiring men 50 years old or older.

The stress on Mr. Ryan led him to abandon his wife a few days ago and abruptly move away from Lee County.


The result of the mass firing of the older men quickly led to many breakups of couples that had been married for over 25 years.

This situation unfortunately played out similarly within hundreds of families in the county – that left hordes of older married women and their children in a desperate financial mess as their available funds dwindled and was about to evaporate.

It had forced these older married women to frantically look for jobs to pay for their family’s basic needs.

It had intentionally not been reported by the Parker family-controlled media that a new management team at the Parker Corporation had implemented the new policy – after the patriarch of the family, 62-year-old Mr. Roger Parker, had been in a serious car accident and was now bedridden and relegated to the 600-acre old plantation mansion that the family had owned for many generations.

The police were ordered not to report that Mr. Parker was found drunk at 2 AM in the morning in his demolished Rolls Royce after it smashed into a tree along a lonely dirt road.

It also was not reported that he was found with two naked 18-year-old girls that were sitting in the front seat with him. Thankfully, the girls were not injured, but were paid handsomely not to discuss the matter with anyone.

Those who knew Mr. Parker well were aware of his sexual fetish and would not have been surprised by the type of girls he was with that night.

The new management team of the corporation now consisted mostly seks hikayeleri of the youngest male members of the Parker family- ranging from the age of 18 to 24 years old.

The new management team immediately started hiring boys their age at a much lower wage than the older men had been earning.

The lower pay of the boys was still much higher than paid to the slashed wages of the older women.

It led many of the estranged older married women to become very frustrated with their changed social status as they were drowning in financial quicksand.

The social conservative fabric of Lee County slowly began to crumble after the draconian policy had been implemented.

As the older men began to drift away from their families, many of the estranged older wives found that the solution to address their problems was to share their once marital bed with the higher paid boys that were decades younger.

The social conservative culture in Lee County began to unravel into the acceptability of sexual relationships between older women and boys that could be as young or younger than their sons.


As for Mrs. Ryan, it was days later that she was further shocked when she discovered that Mr. Ryan had absconded with most of their savings from their joint bank account.

Yet, it only got worse for Mrs. Ryan.

Last Night with her lusting son:

It had been a challenging time for 53-year-old Mrs. Mona Ryan to cope with what had transpired over the year – and the recent abandonment a few days ago of her husband.

She reluctantly pushed herself out of her empty bed after having only a few hours of sleep. The recent events had cast a feeling of sadness over her.

She slowly walked to the window and looked at her driveway and noted that her 18-year-old son, Ronald, had taken his car back to State College that was about fifty miles away at the border of Lee County.

Mrs. Ryan now felt guilty standing in only her panties and bra as she peered out the window.

She began to second guess herself about refusing to allow her son from fucking her in the same bed she had shared for thirty years with her now recently estranged husband – – and the same bed that Ronald and his older brother were conceived.

Mrs. Ryan felt that she was to blame for her 18-year-old son from acting crazy last night. She thought she may have had too much wine last night and had given her son the wrong impression or possibly she and her husband hadn’t devoted enough time to him while he was growing up.

The attractive 53-year-old fiery dyed red-haired mother then walked over to the full-length mirror on the bedroom wall and stared at her well-preserved 5’4″ and 120 lb. mature body in her skimpy bra and panties.

She felt that her ample round breasts and now wider curvy hips after having two children looked pretty good for a woman her age. However, despite what her son mentioned last night, she had no plans to get sexually involved with any young teenage boy – and certainly not with her son.

Mrs. Ryan then thought back as to what had transpired last night with her son.

Last Night with her son:

Mrs. Mona Ryan was grateful that Ronald was able to comfort her during the weekend after finding out she was abandoned by his father.

Mrs. Ryan’s older son, 22-year-old Dennis, lived across the country and was unable to travel to comfort his mother.

Mrs. Ryan and Ronald had talked for hours on the living room couch about how her husband abandoned her. It was very comforting that her son understood her pain.

She thought it was nice of her son to buy a bottle of her favorite red wine to enjoy together while they spoke on the living room couch.

Ronald was not of legal age under the state law to buy alcohol, but his mother decided not to ask him how he was able to acquire it.

As usual at their home, Ronald typically was shirtless that revealed his lean 6’1 and 190 lb. young fit body. He also wore his tight underwear briefs that highlighted that he was no longer a little boy.

Mrs. Ryan as usual had on her thin terry cloth robe with the sash tightly around her slim waist that concealed her skimpy bra and panties that were under it. They were mother and son and it was typical for them to be around the house that way.

She proudly wore her necklace with the pendant that read “Best Mom” that Ronald had given her earlier in the day.

“I am glad you like the “Best Mom” pendant I bought you,” smiled Ronald as he peered at the pendant and her ample breasts that pushed up against her robe.

“I love the pendent. I am going to wear it all the time, and it also makes me feel so good that you took the time to be with me this weekend,” responded Mrs. Ryan with a motherly smile as she leaned over and gave him a kiss on his cheek as her slender manicured hand balanced herself on his bare muscular leg.

“Mom, any teenage boy would have loved being all alone with you this weekend,” responded Ronald sex hikayeleri as his cock began to throb.

Mrs. Ryan responded with a puzzled look on her face at what her son just said.

Ronald quickly corrected his words, “I mean any son would appreciate having a mother like you.”

“Oh, that’s what I thought you meant sweety,” responded Mrs. Ryan as her motherly smile returned to her face.

At times during their conversation, she would naturally cross and uncross her legs that would push the hem of her short terrycloth bathrobe to slide midway up her mature voluptuous thighs and legs.

At one point Mrs. Ryan asked, “I’ve meant to ask you. How did you get those deep red scratches on your arms and shoulders? “

“I guess I got those scratches when I fell in my dorm room,” responded Ronald with a chuckle.

“I doubt that’s how you got those scratches,” responded his mother with a giggle knowing it was probably the result of her son being with a college girl.

“Maybe you are right mom,” responded Ronald as both laughed as he refilled her wine glass.

Ronald had made it a point to repeatedly refill his mother’s wine glass during their entire conversation as he urged her to enjoy the alcoholic drink and relax.

Unbeknownst to Mrs. Ryan because of the amount of wine she had drank, her 18-year-old son’s young cock was now rock hard as his eyes took in his mother’s flawless thighs and legs.

She had no idea that Ronald, her 18-year-old son, devoted considerable time at the bars around State College picking up attractive older married women in their 40s and 50s – and enjoyed their motherly talents at the motels that prominently promoted “Mom and Son” nights.

The so called “Mom and Son” nights had become extremely popular at the college town since the new policies had been implemented at the Parker Corporation.

The motel bars were filled with women in their 40s, 50s and early 60s mingling with boys that were barely 18 years old and little older. – many of them winding up in one of the motel rooms for the night.

It was noteworthy that all the motels and bars were owned and managed by the Parker family.

When it hit 11 PM, Mrs. Ryan said, “It’s time to go to bed my sweety boy, I know you must get up early tomorrow and head back to college. And I must start looking for a job since your father nearly cleaned out our joint bank account” she declared.

They got up from the couch and faced each other as Mrs. Ryan smiled, “Ronald, I appreciate you took this weekend from school and decided to be with me after your father abandoned me. It’s obvious you’d rather be with those young college girls than with your old mother,” said Mrs. Ryan with her loving motherly smile as she knowingly looked at the red scratches on his arms and shoulders.

“I’d rather be here alone with you, mom,” replied Ronald with a broad smile.

“Oh, that’s so sweet Ronald. Give your mom a nice big hug,” Mrs. Ryan responded with her motherly smile as she then kissed her son’s cheek as he tightly hugged his mother.

However, during his hug that seemed to linger for a while too long, she thought she felt a stiff boner pressed against her flat trim stomach. However, she promptly dismissed her thought as she rationalized, she had drunk too much wine.

After the long lingering hug, Mrs. Ryan asked in her concern as a mother, “Sweety, can I make you something to eat before you go to bed?”

“No mom, there’s nothing in the kitchen I’m interested in eating,” responded Ronald with a sly smile that she had never seen on his face before.

“Okay sweety,” she replied still not understanding that sly smile on his face.

Mrs. Ryan then unsteadily walked around the first floor and turned off all the lights for the night.

Ronald could clearly tell that his mom was wobbling as she walked because of all the red wine that was now circulating through her body.

He then followed his wobbling mother toward the base of the staircase as he admired her swaying wide motherly hips. “Damn, there’s nothing hotter than wide motherly hips of a well-preserved older woman. Their vintage wide hips are tailor made for a wild fucking by a teenage boy with raging hormones” he chuckled to himself as his throbbing young cock seemed to sniff out the ultimate taboo for a teenage boy.

Ronald had been in this situation many times with inebriated attractive older married women that he had met at bars around State College. He knew from experience that this was the time to get what he wanted from a vulnerable older woman.

“Mom, I see you have had too much to drink. I will help you up the stairs and get you ready for bed,” said Ronald with a broad smile as his arm wrapped around her waist and guided her to the staircase.

“That’s not necessary sweety,” responded the inebriated mother.

“I insist mom,” as Ronald guided her up the stairs, while his arm slowly slid down from around her waist to around her hips with his young strong hand palming her soft firm ass cheek.

“I guess I did have too much to drink tonight,” responded Mrs. Ryan with a giggle in a slurred voice not realizing that her son was assessing the firmness of her mature ass.

As they got up to the second-floor hallway, Ronald had a broad smile on his face as he guided his mother toward her bedroom door with his young strong hand still on his mother’s firm ass cheek.

As Ronald was about to open his mother’s bedroom door he said, “Mom it is time to get you ready for bed. I will help you remove your unnecessary robe.”

“No Ronald!” responded his mother as she suddenly burst out of her stupor and became cognizant of what was about to happen and pushed him away from her bedroom door.

Ronald quickly reacted as he spun his mother around and plunged his tongue deep into her mouth giving her a passionate deep kiss as his young strong hands tightly grabbed the cheeks of her mature ass. His nice sized young cock pressed against her flat trim stomach – her body only being shielded by her thin robe.

“Stop Ronald! I am your mother!” Mrs. Ryan yelled at her son as she tried her best to push him away.

“You are so hot mom. I am going to fuck you whether you like it or not. I am going to show you that dad was a fool for leaving you,” said Ronald as his hands quickly ripped the sash off her robe that then revealed his mother’s bra and panties that barely covered her ripe ample motherly breasts and mature pussy – the pussy that he had emerged from 18 years ago.

“Stop! I am your mother! What has come over you!”

“You look so hot mom! I am going to suckle on your nipples and cum in your pussy on your marital bed,” said Ronald as he marveled at his voluptuous mother’s ripe mature body.

“Ronald! You are talking crazy! I am your mother! Are you taking drugs?” Mrs. Ryan cried out to her son.

Ronald did not respond to his mother’s question about the drugs. He simply responded with that broad sly smile on his face, “Mom, I know you loved the feel of my hard young cock pressed on your nice flat stomach. Let’s test whether I can make your nice flat stomach grow over the next nine months,” responded Ronald as he laughed in what seemed to be an uncontrollable manner.

“Ronald, you are talking crazy. I can no longer get pregnant. What has come over you! This is not consistent with the proper upbringing we taught you. You must be on drugs!” Mrs. Ryan cried out to her son.

“Mom, I have gone to bed with several married women your age recently. I know you need a stiff young cock stuffed in your pussy – just like them. All women your age love a pulsating young cock slamming into their lonely ripe pussy -especially the way the situation is here in Lee County,” responded Ronald as he was about to grab both her ample breasts with his young strong hands.

At that moment, Mrs. Ryan somehow gained the strength to push her son’s body away from her and rushed toward her bedroom door.

Ronald grabbed onto his mother’s robe as he watched her round mature hips sway as she ran in her skimpy bra and panties into her bedroom and then slammed and locked the door.

Mrs. Ryan was shocked at what her son had tried to do. She could not emotionally grasp that her youngest son had attempted to fuck her. “He is probably taking drugs. What else could it be,” she thought.

“Open the door, mom!” Ronald yelled as he banged his fist against her bedroom door.

Mrs. Ryan refused to respond to her son.

“Mom, I want to show you something that I know that will make you forget about dad and our financial problems. Open the door!” Ronald shouted as he looked down at the mushroom shaped head of his bulging cock that was now peaking above the elastic waistband of his underwear briefs.

“Please go to your bedroom and go to sleep! Please! You are acting crazy!” Mrs. Ryan cried out at the top of her lungs.

Mrs. Ryan tried her best to contain her emotions as she pressed her ear against her locked bedroom door- until she felt comfortable when she heard her son walk away and return to his bedroom.

She then walked from the door to her once marital bed and laid down and continued to mull over what had just happened.

The unthinkable act of a teenage boy lusting to go to bed with his mother a woman in her fifties was ruminating through her mind.

She could not believe that he even mentioned that he had gone to bed with older married women her age that he met at the bars near State College.

“Is that possible that women my age go to college bars to be picked up by young boys that could be their son – or even grandson?” Mrs. Ryan thought as she shook her head in a totally confused way.

Mrs. Ryan tried to deny to herself that the feel of her son’s young rock-hard cock with its full load of fertile cum that he had pressed against her flat stomach had not altered her repulsive thoughts about having sex with a boy – especially her teenage son.

She also began to feel envious of the older married women that her 18-year-old son had fucked.

As these thoughts ruminated through Mrs. Ryan’s head as she lied on the bed, two of her fingers instinctively found its way into her lonely ripe pussy to create a body shaking orgasm that put her to sleep.

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