Valentine’s Day with Vibes



As I was getting ready for our Valentines Day evening out, my hubby came in with a wrapped surprise. I was guessing the usual jewelry that he wanted me to wear. I was stunned when I opened the box to see a remote controlled vibrator. My hubby is usually pretty reserved in social situations. But he said to me, “hope I can talk you into a bit of fun this evening.”

I pondered if for a moment, and timidly agreed. I thought at worst it could be a bit embarrassing, but was willing to do it for him. As I was getting dressed, I took a good look at it and slipped it inside me. I could barely feel it, not too different from wearing a tampon.

With that we headed out for the evening. For a while, I was anxious to know what it would feel like. But he did not do anything during the drive. We got settled into the restaurant, and I lost track of thinking about it while we were getting seated and the waiter took our drink order.

We started talking about our days when I felt the vibrator turn on low. I hesitated my sentence for just a second from the surprise. My husband gave a small smile seeing me react. Then he turned it off again. We continued our conversation.

When the waiter was approaching to take our orders, I felt the low vibes kick in again. I gave him a look knowing he was about to have fun with me. We listened to the waiter recite the specials. I was not listening to any as I crossed my legs and tried to act normal. When he asked to take my order, the vibrations kicked up a notch. I was embarrassed he might notice and was probably blushing.

I was now enjoying the vibes, getting turned on and a bit wet. But after the waiter left, my hubby turned the vibe off again. I said to my hubby, “Aw, don’t be a tease.” But he just smiled and winked. My warm pussy was itching for more. I had to resist the temptation to reach gaziantep ucuz escort under the table and help myself.

We ate our appetizers and salads and no amount of flirting was getting me any more love from the toy. My mind was in full sex mode, scoping out the hot guys and fantasizing taking one home with us. I was also thinking about my hubby’s penis and whether he had an erection thinking able playing with me this way.

When the main course arrived, I finally got more of what I was wanting. The vibe gave a low steady pulse that felt good but did not distract me. As we ate, I could feel the warmth and wetness between my legs. Then suddenly, the steady vibes turned up a notch. I could feel my vagina clench from the stimulation putting more pressure in the vibe. I held me breath for a moment the enjoy the sensation.

Then I remember we were in public. I looked around but nobody was watching. I could tell my hubby was enjoying the show. I asked him to turn it down a little, and he obliged. The low vibes were again keeping me satisfied without making a scene.

The bus boy cleared the tables, and the vibe went off. My vagina was aching for more. I gave a sad face and only sympathy I got was a laugh. The waiter took our dessert order. It seemed like hours waiting. I realized I had put my hand over my crotch pressing on it. All I could think about was wanting to get a man inside me to finish the job.

With dessert hitting the table, the vibes started back up. But this time instead of a steady vibe there was alternation between slow and fast. The mix felt wonderful, with the fast giving me a jolt each time. My breathing pattern started to match the vibe’s rhythm. I also felt myself start to get flush and my vagina clench with the jolts.

I rubbed gaziantep ukraynalı escort my foot against my hubby’s leg to let him know I liked it. He put his hand on my knee. I put my hand on his and moved it up my thigh so he could feel the warmth and vibration. Then the alternations became faster. My muscles were now almost flittering. And I closed my eyes for a moment, trying to relax and breath easy.

Just as I was getting under control, the vibe went steady on high. My vagina clenched and would not let go. And then I started feeling the rest of my body starting to tingle. I looked at my hubby with a bit of alarm. I never thought a vibe would be able to get me off, but now I was starting to panic.

When he just grabbed my hand tighter, I knew what he intended. And I knew it was inevitable at this point. I put my hands to clench the chair, put my knees together, and closed my eyes. If others were watching and wondering what was going on, I did not want to know about it. As the sensations built, I held my breath and bit my lowering lip. Then I came.

When I opened my eyes the vibe went back down to low. I looked around to see if anyone was staring. Only my hubby with a bit fat grin on his face. I felt the after pulses of orgasm lingering. My panties were now also quite damp. The thrill of an cuming in public was also starting to settle in, and was making me a bit giddy.

I excused myself for a minute to the ladies room. I had to remove my panties fearing they would start to make a wet spot in my skirt.

With the inhibitions passed, I was now feeling more brave to follow my desires. I slid my hand under the table and up his leg. Pressing on his crotch, I knew he was hard as a rock. The vibe was still on inside me getting me excited again, gaziantep üniversiteli escort and touching his erection made me want nothing more than to take him right there. I whispered into his ear, “I have never wanted you inside me more than right now.”

He was in such a hurry, that he forgot all about the vibe still being on while we paid the check and walked out to the car. By the time we made it to the car, I was starting to build up again. Our place was about a 30 minute drive. For the first few minutes, I just tried to hold it in. I was keeping more and more excited, but the low vibes were not enough to bring me to climax. I was so needing another one to release the tension.

I finally had to ask, “could you turn it back up please, I need to cum again.” He just sat there in silence as though he did not hear me. “Please!” Still nothing. I could not resist. I put my hand up my now panties skirt and started rubbing myself. The wetness was running down my fingers. My hubby looked over in amazement. He had never seen me touch myself before.

I was so turned on, it took me almost not time at all to climax. But this time I could be as loud as I wanted. I screamed in bliss. After it passed and I opened my eyes, I saw we were at an intersection next to ops other car. I was now embarrassed wondering if they heard me, but the light quickly turned green and we moved forward away from then.

When we got home, I said to hubby, “Your turn now!”

He walked me over to the couch, turn me around. After bending me over, he rubbed my still vibrating pussy. It made me even more anxious to get his penis in me. He put his fingers inside to retrieve the vibrator. He said, “I’ve never felt you this wet.”

He quickly took off his pants and lifted up my skirt. I felt his penis slide inside. My vagina finally felt full, getting what it had been waiting for. As he thrusted, I remembered the feeling of the alternating vibes at the restaurant. The memories of the climax started to come back like a fantasy. I relived the climax all over again, this time with my muscles clenching around my hubby. Pure delight filled my body tingling from head to toe. My body, after being teased all evening, finally got what it wanted.

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