Unplanned Moments With Jonas



Her day had not begun too well, her husband, Lothar, needed to rush out of the house and get to his work which was almost an hour’s drive away. A Schröder family reunion had seen many of them the worst for wear and that making the most of the fine autumn weather, walking and cycling through the forest nearby failed to fully ease away. She was seen to be a calming influence on her nephew, Jonas, a nineteen-year-old man who was powerfully built and agile but had character traits that had been diagnosed, in his early teens, as a variant of autism. He was at work and as independent as his condition allowed.‘I’ll get Jonas over to the others,’ she had told Lothar, and on kissing him goodbye with little more than a peck on the cheek. ‘Ring me to say when you’ll be home so that supper won’t spoil.’Lothar lacked the patience, and tender heartedness, to deal with Jonas and she had offered to ease the strain on her sister Carla and her husband. She would take Jonas in for the three days they were all together. As if pre-ordained, many of them lived in one of the residential districts of Hamburg with only Carla living beyond the city’s boundaries, in Bremen.‘We should take Jonas off your hands and drive home tonight,’ she had said on their last afternoon, ‘but it is nice to have had a few days break from it all. Jonas is so much calmer when he is around you. I’ve noticed that before.’‘I’m glad it has helped you, but I  have been a nurse, so it comes easier to me,’ she had answered with a shrug. It was true, however; Jonas had a bond with her that she could not readily explain. She could coax him into talking of other things and not the few subjects of immediate interest to him and that he had made a study of. He possessed an artistic streak and deployed that in his job for a signwriting and print company.‘Here, I made this of you,’ he had said gaziantep minyon escort in his deep, but faltering, voice and handed her an image scrawled on a napkin. It accompanied others he had drawn of the group seated around the table for lunch on one of the days that they had been together. It had soon become clear that he had devoted more time to her image than the rest of the family.Now, in the early morning and with the mists wreathing the garden of her home she prepared two croissants, set out berry jam in a small dish, a glass mug, and a small jug of hot chocolate. It was all placed on a tray and, on a final look in the mirror, to check that her body was modestly covered by her silk dressing gown, her blonde hair parted and as neat as she could manage without a brush, she went into the hall and up the winding stairs to his room.‘Jonas? I’ve brought you some breakfast!’ she called out and knocked. Receiving no reply, she opened the door slowly and saw that the bed was empty, the duvet pushed aside. She was dismayed by what she soon witnessed and put the tray, she still carried in her hands that were now trembling, on the upholstered chair by the door.Where am I to go with this, she wondered, seeing how his attention was focused on the screen of his iPhone that lay on a small table set into the bay window of his room.♥He had his back turned to her, but she knew from the movement of his body, and one hand, that he was working on himself. Jonas failed to notice her presence and jumped away feeling a slow sliding touch to his bare back. It was more a caress than to admonish him for his behavior.‘I didn’t hear you…sorry,’ he muttered with a distracted look in his eyes as he gazed at her. He would see that his aunt was in her nightclothes, her gown cinched tight, nizip escort her figure shaped just as he had been looking at until she had interrupted him.‘I know that Liebchen,’ she whispered, dismayed to have seen all that he gripped in one hand, his pouch briefs soon pulled up. But the swell of his penis was impossible to keep from her sight. She had seen enough of its monstrous, uncircumcised length as one hand had worked it and the other held a wad of tissues. The box they had been pulled from lay on the floor at his feet. ‘Were you looking at this while you touched yourself?’He nodded dumbly as she pointed to his iPhone. On its screen was an image of her in a pale orange tank top and black shorts that were only too flattering on a woman of her age. She had chosen to wear them as they spent the day out walking through the woods and had then sat down for a light lunch at a lakeside restaurant. Even Lothar had commented on her appearance, wondering about the effect it might have on the young guy; how the ribbed cotton fabric had shaped her breasts, and that her nipples were just to be seen pressing against it. ‘It is wrong what I was doing, I know, but I liked being with you yesterday…how you looked.’ He had confessed to it all, quite openly, and yet in some embarrassment. ‘I say too much, don’t I?’She reached out to him, lowered her voice, and sought to offer reassurance. ‘No, you don’t say too much and I now know how it is. I am glad that it has helped you.’‘Not enough,’ he answered in heart-breaking honesty to her ways of hearing it.How they had been with each other had registered, quickly enough, with her and she had sensed that he had come out of whatever shell he often lived in, behind his handsome face and always questioning, wondering, considering blue eyes. He was a well-made, nurdağı escort physically beautiful young man, but a man with a fragile mind. And still, despite all that, she had broken in on him masturbating and with an image of her on the screen of his iPhone. He made no excuses, neither did she press the issue.She should go, leave him and not get still deeper involved with him; to succumb to further moments of shared depravity, but she did so.‘Sorry, Hanna,’ he sighed, looking up at the ceiling as she brushed the fingers of one hand lightly over his back, the skin so warm. ‘You…you are in my mind.’‘I know that, now, and I will stay with you, do that before we have to get ready and I take you to where your mother and father are staying.’‘You don’t have to…it’s okay now.’ He was startled by how she pressed against him; the image of the woman seen on his iPhone’s screen was now made only too real.‘Yes, I do. I need to help you with this, with what you are feeling about me.’ People with his condition could not deal with rejection, or denial of what they wanted, so easily. ‘Take off your pants and let me see you…touch you…and I will let you see me.’‘And touch you, please?’ he asked in an uncertain voice.She nodded against his chest as she pursued him, drove her hands under the waistband of his briefs, and grabbed for his penis.‘I will show you, Jonas…I will.’ She pushed him back on the bed and tore loose her thin dressing gown before shrugging it off. She felt his straying hands upon her as the silk nightdress was lifted away and thrown onto the floor. He gasped and reached out to touch her naked body. ‘Yes, can see me now…all of me!’Clumsily, Jonas reached out to grab her swaying breasts as she knelt over him, trailed kisses over his belly, and rubbed his penis against her cheeks. What a young wonder he was; how generously endowed he was; how was she to live with what she was now intent upon pursuing? She, his lustful aunt, would be his mentor as she sought to claim him through unplanned moments of sex, the sight of his young body, and what she now began to do with her hands and mouth, making the blood hum in her veins and arousing little snaps of longing in her pussy.

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